My mind awakens and I feel a plush mattress under my body, holding me up. My head sunken into a pillow and my ebony locks spread around me. A light, silky fabric covering my porcelain skin, one of my legs bare, making me believe I am wearing some kind of robe.

I slowly open my hazel eyes to my surroundings, darkness still enveloping my sight. I blink a few times and register the time as night, but no specific am or pm. Wooden poles above my head with chiffon like fabrics wrapping around them, and some kind of dots in them. As my eyes adjust and the moon light shines through I define the color as a peach-pink and the dots as petals, though I cannot tell of which flower at my vantage point. I feel a rather strong breeze from my left and I sit up to see why, and where exactly I am.

The room furnished with a neutral-sex decor in mind, some things relatively feminine like the elegant vanity of white and the bed, while others are a bit more distinctly male like the hard wooden floors and the solidly colored sofa's and chairs. Above the fireplace a beautiful picture of a garden, painted perfectly and capturing a peaceful emotion.

My sleepy, hazel eyes trail over to the balcony, the thin drapes finish blowing in the wind and a man standing there. His hair dark, I believe the color to be brown but I could be wrong, a mask covering his eyes, and his clothes almost princely looking with a cape, white and gold seeming to be the theme while his mask is gold, white and has, I think, to be a bit of blue in it. I lean towards him, my cheeks pinked by the fact there is a man in the room and my soft pink lips parted a bit, hazel eyes glimmering with curiosity and want of knowing.
"Who are you?" I whisper softly, hoping my eyes are meeting his.

I crawl towards him on the bed, slowly and carefully, entranced by him, "Please, tell me." He remains perfectly stoic and silent, a statue that will not reveal any secrets.

I watch him, my heart beat picking up speed while butterflies just erupt in my stomach. His gloved hand raises up and he holds it out to me. Although I know not where I am, I do know that I want to know him. I want to know everything there is to know about this man. I finally step off the bed carefully and I step carefully towards him. My feet light and dainty, being as silent as possible, but also as fast. I do not want his hand to retract, to take back his offer of whatever it is he is going to give me. I slip a bit when I get close to him, "Ah-" My hand reaches out and grabs his and he tugs me forward and straight into his arms.

He holds me there, making me feel smaller than usual. My cheeks turn a more red color and I tilt my head up to see his face, but all I am capable of seeing is his nose and lips, his eyes a mystery to me. He pulls away a bit, my eyes on his full, soft lips, a scar rather clearly, now, shown.

"What happened?" I ask softly, my fingers instinctively moving to his lips and feeling along the scar line.

He remains as silent as ever and his hand covers mine and instead moves it to his cheek. His gesture sends electricity through my body, my heart almost stopping for I had not expected him to touch me at all. My eyes trail up to where his should be, and it's as if he can see into my soul, even if I can't do the same. I know my blush as deepen, and I know my eyes are likely to be hazed over with lust and want of anything from this man, and I also know it is highly likely he will give none of it to me.

He brings his right hand down to my chin and he tilts it just a bit more while his left moves more firmly around my waist and he pulls me a tad bit closer. 'Is he going to kiss me?' I think to myself, a hope emerging from I'm not sure where and I wait for the contact to happen. But we just stay there. In that pose. For a long, long moment. Finally I just need to feel something, anything.

"Please." I almost whimper to him, my heart ready to burst from the wait, from the endless teasing.

He stares into my eyes, peering into my very essence for a few more seconds... then I blink and his lips are covering mine. A bit on the rough side and covering mine perfectly, a fire is kindled in my heart and passion surges through my body. My hands place themselves on his shoulders while my head loses itself in the mist of the kiss. I lean up towards his lips and kiss him back, moving towards my tiptoes just so I can continue to feel him.

My eyes slid shut and all I can see is him. Suddenly all I am is his, everything I own he will own, I am his and it can never be changed. I swear I feel a spark of an emotion from his side, if only for a second, before his lips leave mine. Regret perhaps? Could it be something bad? Perhaps love or passion? I let my eyes slide open again, lips parted and wanting to be kissed again, but within seconds his body is torn from mine. I gasp as my eyes widen and he leaves via the balcony. I quickly try to follow, not even sure where I am while he goes to the edge to jump off.

"Wait! Please! Don't go!" I reach my hand out to grab him but fate is on his side.

A strong wind blows through and I retract my body and curl it up to avoid getting blown away, my eyes shutting and losing sight of him. As soon as it dies down I run over to the edge and look over it, my torso hanging over while I try to see if he is around. There is nothing but green grass, a few flowers and bushes, and a path. He is gone.

I pull away, feeling like crying. I look up at the moon, she who is more lonely than I, and I feel pity from even her. A tear slips down my cheek while I slink back inside. I flop onto the fluffy mattress and sink into it. I stare into the darkness for what feels like forever before my eyes slide shut on their own and I sleep again. My dreams are little more than vague memories of him, of his touch and how he was. Of the kiss that felt like eternity could pass and we would not care.

But when my eyes open again I am in my room. Safe and sound. The mattress less plush, the room smaller and with little more than trinkets from childhood that mother barely lets me keep. I sit up and wonder if it all was just a dream. Perhaps I had just let my imagination get the best of me and it had indeed been my room. There was no man. There was no kiss. It was just... sleep walking. I toss the sheets aside and get ready for the day, no longer knowing what is real, and what is not.