Assuming You Know

I assume you know the reason

Why I talked about him all the time

I assume you know the reason

Is because I really wanted you to be mine

I assume you know

What I was thinking

I assume you know

How close I came to loving you

The way you looked at me

And the way you put your arm around me

But then you went

And did what you did

You didn't think of me

And I assume you know

How much that hurt me

I assume you know

That all I wanted was you

I assume

You failed to believe

That I was over him

And I was into you

Because you didn't know

All those poems were about you

But they were

And now I'm just assuming you know

How much I don't want to be over you

But I have to

Because everyone disapproves

Everyone says

Everything you say isn't true

And now I assume you know

I like him

I can't turn back

You missed your chance

And now I assume

You'll pay me more

Than just a passing glance