My name is Alice Machine. Yes, this is my real name. I am fifteen years old, and I am a freshman. I may sound young, but I tend to act older. I have black hair with blonde highlights that reach down to the middle of my back, and my eyes tend to switch from blue, green, and grey, depending on what I wear. I normally wear black skinny jeans and a band tee or a colorful shirt. It depends on my mood.

I live with my father, my mother died in a car crash that took her and my sisters life. My sisters name was Carly. I miss her...she was three years older then me. I was nine and she was twelve at the time of the accident. My father loves me very much, but he is never home. He works in the science lab a few hours away from where we live. I've been basically caring for myself these last five years. The first year was tough, we had lost two family members, but it's easier now. I can't really talk about it with my friends, but they haven't really asked about it since it happened. Thankfully. I still get teary eyed thinking about it..

So anyways, today wasn't so special. I woke up like every other day and got ready for school. I straightened my hair, put eyeliner on my waterline and covered a few blemishes with cover up and I was out the door. My book bag was slung over my shoulder as I walked to the school. It wasn't very far, only a few blocks from my house. As I opened the school doors the hallways were bustling with freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

I pushed my way through the crowd of kids and got to my locker. I put my combination in and opened my locker, only to have it be slammed shut again. My eye twitched and I turned to the asshole who did it.

"Well hello there, my dear Alice." I turned towards Theo and growled in aggravation as he smiled brightly.

"You're an ass. Why must you piss me off?"

"Because you are my beautiful friend Alice and I am Theo." He said cheerfully.

"That doesn't even make any fucking sense."

"Language my dear friend. And yes it does. You are Alice and I am Theo, therefore I did indeed just make sense." I narrowed my eyes at him.

"I guess, but you didn't even answer my question."

"What was the question?" He asked, tilting his head.

"Forget it. What's with the good mood?" I asked, putting the combination back into my locker and opening it. I saw him shrug out of the corner of my eye.

"I don't know, today feels like it is going to be a good day." I nodded my head thoughtfully.

"I suppose. I did kinda wake up in a good mood."

"Really? I could not tell." I let a small grin cross my face at his teasing.

"Shut up, you're so mean." He laughed and we proceeded to class.

As we walked inside Mr. Nelson's class, the desks were arranged in a circle. Its probably a day for group discussion. I saw Theo scratch his flippy red hair out of the corner of my eye. His deep brown eyes seemed to be focused on something. I shrugged, he was always thinking about something.

"Alice!" I heard my name get called and I turned to see my friend Wynter waving at me. I twitched at the attention the cheerful blonde attracted, but I walked over to her anyways and me and Theo sat in the two seats she saved for us. I tugged one of her long blonde locks as my greeting and she frowned, her green eyes showing fake hurt.

"That hurt you meanie!" I shrugged and rolled my eyes as she kissed my cheek as her greeting. She leaned forward to see Theo and waved at him.

"Hello Theo!"

He smiled at her and waved back.

"Hello Wynter!"

I clicked my tongue in annoyance, wondering what Mr. Nelson had planned for us today. Theo and Wynter chatted animatedly as I watched our teacher prance around the room, looking disheveled. I smirked when he dropped a stack of papers.

"Oi, Mr. Nelson. Why are you so on edge?" He jumped slightly, startled. Then he smiled at me. I flashed a toothy grin at him. I was his favorite anyways.

"Ahh~ Alice! I'm just trying to organize the classroom. We have a new student, I would like to make a good impression!" He said as he leaned over, shuffling the papers into a neat pile.

"New student, hm? What's his name?" I watched Mr. Nelson place the papers on his desk, close to the edge. Not a good idea. I jumped over my desk and pushed the stack of papers towards the middle. Mr. Nelson thanked me, and went to his cabinet for...I don't even know.

"Nathan I believe. The last name slips my mind." I nodded my head, leaning on the chalkboard with my hands in my pockets.

"Cool." More students started to pile into the class, and I took my seat as the bell rang. Theo jabbed my side, and I flinched.

"Shit! That hurt! What is it?"

"There's a new student?"

"'s Nathan."

"Oooh~! A new student in the middle of the year?"

"I suppose. Now hush."

Theo complied, pulling out a sheet of paper to doodle on. I looked over at Wynter, she seemed to be deep in thought, chewing her nails. I shrugged, and averted my eyes to the front. Mr. Nelson scribbled something on the board, our Do Now. I rolled my eyes. The task was Write a haiku about anything. We will read them out loud in ten minutes.

I thought for a few seconds before I scribbled something down. Ten minutes passed before Mr. Nelson picked a random student.

"Wynter, you may go first." She nodded her head.

"Introduce me now,

tattoo my name to your throat

never forget me." Wynter smiled as the class clapped their hands, then she turned to me and laughed at my puzzled face.

How does that even make any sense? I shook my head. I would never understand poetry...

"Alright, good job Wynter. Theo?"

He smiled and cleared his throat before speaking.

"Have you ever seen,

tall black hats and long trench coats?

A thing of the past." The class clapped and Theo stood up to bow. I smirked at his behavior and pulled him back into his seat.

"Wonderful Theo, how about you Connor?" I sighed and grinned. Thank god he skipped me. Connor stood up and kept his eyes lowered to the paper. He was kind of a shy kid.

"She was beautiful,

but her breath was disgusting

that ruined the night." Everyone paused for a second, then everyone laughed and giggled. That was a good one, especially coming from the well mannered shy kid in the class. I clapped my hands and smirked, and when his eyes connected with mine he broke the contact and sat in his seat. I raised an eyebrow at that, but decided to drop it.

"Good job Connor! Meghan, how about you now?"

Meghan was one of those annoying perky blonde girls with blue eyes, the cheerleader type. And she pissed me off. I threw her a bored look as she looked at me and glared, and she put her eyes on her paper tand read.

"I feel so serene,

underneath this willow tree.

Maybe I will nap." She smiled as everyone clapped for the pretty girl that apparently knew poetry. I rolled my eyes at her.

"That was beautiful Meghan, what about you Alice?" I groaned and stood up.

"This is annoying.

I will never understand

what's called poetry." Everyone clapped as I took my seat. The rest of the poems weren't really interesting, I kind of just zoned out. A soft tapping on the door caught my attention. Mr. Nelson seemed to not have heard.

"Someone is at the door Mr. Nelson!" Theo sang. Mr. Nelson walked to the door and opened it.

I think all the girls died. A boy with black hair that reached his neck and side swept bangs entered the room. Piercing green eyes examined the room, and his pouty pink lips stayed tightly together. I watched as he looked around the room, and his eyes fell on me. A small smirk crossed his lips and I ripped my eyes away from his. I felt Theo elbow my side and heard Wynter giggle. I looked at them and glared before staring at my desk.

"Hello class. We have a new student. Why don't you introduce yourself to us?" Mr. Nelson said, giving a curt smile to the new kid in class. He looked at our teacher and nodded, turning around to face the board. I watched him curiously as he picked up a piece of chalk.

Hello everyone, my name is Nathan Daniels.

Mr. Nelson gave him a strange look.

"It is nice to meet you Nathan. Why did you write your name on the board? You can talk, we don't bite!" Mr. Nelson joked with him. I saw Nathan flinch. Then, he turned around, and again picked up the chalk to again write on the board.



So, I decided to start a new story! I hope the beginning caught your attention. Stick around for chapter two! =)