Chapter 5

"Be quiet and don't move." I heard him spit as he lifted me above ground by the throat, leaving the screams behind me while I struggled for air.

"Please-why are you doing this?" I gasped, continuously pulling at his hands to release the hold he had against me.

He didn't answer as I watched him peer down the hall, listening for my mother. I tended not to think of my family, but now more than ever I wished that my father hadn't left last year. Or that my little sister could sleep one night without me and mom fighting. I could feel the tears stinging my eyes long before he tightened his grip around my neck and moved through the house, slipping my dad's old watch and a few of mom's jewels into his pocket. Desperately I began to scream again, kicking and thrashing just to escape for a moment.

"I said quiet!" He growled, throwing me onto the tiled floor before shoving our hard earned money into his coat sleeves. I tried to stand but my ankle had twisted and was swelling fast. Using what little strength I had left I went through the door and ran out onto the lawn. Despite the pain I pushed forward, phone in hand. Stopping at the fence in front of my yard I dialed for police.

After one ring a women answered, "911 what is your emergency?"

"I would like to report a brake in." I stated, pacing around the yard as if I didn't know he was watching me.

"What is the situation?"

"There is a man who has followed me and my girlfriend before, now he has broken into my house with my mom and sister still inside."

"Can you describe him?" She asked, her voice seeming more intense.

I began to panic, checking the darkened windows for any sign of him. Nothing. I spoke quickly, trying to get in any word I could, like any breath would be my last. "I-I don't know, it was dark and he doesn't look the same as before, I mean he does but not with the same clothes and I don't know what to do can you just please help me!"

"Sir, you need to calm down and tell me your location." She pressed, forcing me into a breakdown.

I cried, letting my body sink low against the fence.

"Your location." She repeated more sternly.

"Wait." I whispered, covering the phone with my hand. "He's here."

"Tell me your location now and we can help you."

"He's here. He sees me." Is all I could say. I was shaking now, stuck in that spot, begging that he wouldn't come here.

"Goodbye Sir."

I hung up the phone, stuffing it into my jeans pocket I looked with tear stained eyes at the man who had listened to the entire conversation.

"You think the police will help you?" he smirked, stooping down to make eye contact with me. Remaining silent I looked away as he cocked his head to the side, waiting for a response.

"Don't feel like talking?" he asked, placing a knife along the side of my jawbone. "I can make that happen."

He dug the blade hard into my skin. I winced as blood ran down the handle.

"What are you going to do with me?" I breathed, pressing my head back against the fence.

"That's part of the surprise. You like surprises don't you?"

I felt my pulse rise; I had to get out of here. I had to run away, but I couldn't leave my family here, not like this. I waited, because I knew there was more to this. He wanted more.

He spoke softly now, so no one else could hear, "I'm not asking much, just come with me. I mean, it's not like all those people love you anyway. Your family? No, I see how your mother treats you. And your sister doesn't even notice you exist."

"Don't touch them!" I screamed, breathing hard as each slight movement slid the blade further along my skin.

"I haven't done anything to them," He paused smiling to himself, "yet."

"Besides, I don't want your family. I only want you."

I struggled against the fence, blood seeping into the grass as he held his position there, torturing me with his words. I looked him in the eyes, they were dark, hiding away many lies and secrets.

"I visited your girlfriend today." He chuckled, enjoying how much pain this was causing me.

I pounded my fist into the planks of the fence, closing my eyes as I was forced to listen.

"She didn't even see me." he went on, moving closer to me as he whispered, "None of you have."

He took me then, dragging me across the yard into his car. Removing the knife he set it in the glove compartment, trading it for a gun.

"Get down!" he yelled, pointing it at my head. Immediately I stretched across the back seat, praying that someone would see us. That someone would stop him. I started to cry as he drove further and further away, I was so scared that no one would find me, that no one cared. I was scared that he was right.

After a few hours the sun had risen, and still no one had seen. Being very careful I brought my hand up to the door; if I could just open it, then I would run. I watched him, and ever so slightly I reached up to the handle. My hands were shaking as I touched the rim, all I had to do was pull and the door would open.

Do it. Do it now! I told myself; my heart racing as I pulled so softly, not a sound was heard. I looked back at him, our eyes meeting as he cocked the gun. Quickly pulling my hand back I began to plead.

"Please, please don't." I begged, tears running down my face. He placed the gun on the side of my temple, one finger on the trigger.

"Please!" I screamed, gripping the edge of the seat, clawing into it like I could get away if I dug deep enough.

He moved fast, so fast that I hadn't noticed. He had turned the gun to point at the seat of the car, and fired. Cupping my hands over my ears I fell back, hearing a muffled voice speak before the car stopped.

"Nick, we've only just begun."