Wrote this earlier in class. Just needed to vent, is all. I don't even know what this is exactly, just a few insignificant little feelings, perhaps. I didn't know whether to classify this as a story or a poem. It kind of sounds like a poem, so that's what I'm making it. Reviews are ever welcome (:

Oh, and I listened to Who Am I to Say by Hope while writing this.


It's like you-

Eyes soft. Voice soft.

-it's like. Like you care. And-

Soft fingers, dancing, burning a path of fire.

On. My wrist.

All "Come here" and "thank you,"

Teeth sliding over the tip of your tongue


pulling, chest against chest, soul against soul, hearts pl-


playing a correlated rhythm, all their own desire, out of control.

It's like you-

It's kind of like you love my fingers sliding across your smooth back,

love my soft hair splayed against your broad shoulder


blue (nice-girl-nice Christian-girl) and

brown (harsh-words butsosoft to me, faltering hope) eyes

keep meeting, gasping, drowning.

Saying everything, nothing-

Look deep into me. Find. Me out.



Arms tight. Loose.

Smile just


for me. And that's all it takes

to make me believe that you-

that maybe-

that you care.

I think you do. I think you're just afraid of our shadow.