Smile to Hide

Just me trying to figure out my life. I must be in some kind of hole where I keep on digging.

I find it strange that even when there is nothing wrong in my life, I still feel sad. I have no reason to. That's what frightens me.

I think it's because I want to be sad. I want my life to have something interesting happen.

But I suppose that isn't the answer.

I keep blaming it on things that don't really matter.

I've always wondered, is there something more?

What's wrong with me?

I don't understand.

I would be angry at someone like me.

"What are you upset for?"

"You have no right"

"Your fine, you shouldn't be crying."

I guess it's safe to say I put on a mask

Smile to hide

But the problem is, I have nothing to hide

I'm generally an open book

Except when it involves my mind

The place no one can enter

A lonely place

Maybe that's why I am sad

I hope so, but I'm blaming again

I have no reason, none whatsoever

To be sad or depressed

The tears I feel like shedding

Never come

That's why I think I'm kidding myself

But there's doubt in my mind

Maybe one day I'll figure out why

Smile to hide

Smile to hide

I have no purpose

For the tears that I have never cried.