I had known him sense were eleven years old. But there was a lot about my friend that I couldn't even begin to figure out.

He was the human lie detector, but I couldn't even begin to tell you where he picked up the skill. He was an artist when it came to competitive ballroom dancing, and a mastermind at chess. He was brilliant beyond brilliant when hacking systems. His singing was astounding, although he refused to believe that last one. His mind was like that of the fictional character, Sherlock Holmes. Although he lacked all of the qualities, he sometimes even said there was the possibility of him being a high-functioning sociopath. I didn't really see it, but apparently, he was a brilliant manipulator, and his lying abilities were extraordinary. I blamed his ability to detect lies and his amazing spy craftsmanship on the other attributes. After all, he doesn't lie to his friends. And he's married, quiet happily, so there isn't a problem there.

Mortimer Rider was the quiet type. He liked to read, rather than talk. He was fascinated with the literature arts. He loved listening to classical music, rather than punk rock. Although, some of his favorite songs were by U2 and the Beatles. He would rather stay at home and hang around his sister, than go to a wild party. He was a mischief maker, but wasn't one for pulling loud pranks, or causing a ruckus. He liked his pranks pulled on those lucky enough to be considered a friend. His lie detecting abilities caused him to trust very few. Being a spy hadn't helped either.

Mortimer was the type to love someone with his whole heart. His beautiful wife, Martha, could give great testimony to that. She found that they were great together, once they got past their awkward sexual inhibitions, and actually consummated the marriage (two years later, weirdly enough). Mortimer was the type that you knew he liked you when he introduced you as his friend. You knew he trusted you with his life when he said "Call me Mo." There were three people besides me I could think of that were allowed to call him that; his parents, and our other friend, MI5's top hacker, Jedidiah Wilkinson.

Today, I was visiting him, as he evidently had big news for me. He had seemed surprisingly excited. His parents were also coming in, s was his sister. As he quite often referred to me as his "adopted brother" I was to be part of this family reunion. Alisha, my significant other, and I were going to take our beloved daughter Emily to my other best friend's house. Eight years my junior, and with three kids himself, young Remus Carter would be in kid heaven (he loved kids.).

I will let this prologue go for now. It's best to get on with the actual story. I mean, an introduction can only last so long.