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So that's how, in about three years, I went from happily closeted to happily married to Luka Nikolai Kolya Kovalevsky.

Kristopher Clayton Kovalevsky. I love it.

Of course you do.

… Actually I love it also. But I suppose I lied when I told you guys that my name was "Kristopher Clayton Morris." It was, but no longer. But I still respond to 'Morris' so the part about you being able to call me that wasn't a lie. The only thing you're not allowed to call me is Krissy.

No one's allowed that nickname but me.

Yeah, him calling me that sort of grew on me…

But we are happily married, living in the house Kolya's parents bought us—yes, I said they bought this place for us. That was our wedding present from Vaska and Andrea. A freaking house.

Although it is rather nice, not needing to worry about disturbing the neighbors.

But yes. Last spring I graduated, six months later I got married to my wonderful asshole of a husband, and now here we are. Talking to random people we've never met.

Oh well. I'm working on a novel and I'm stuck. I might as well talk to someone.

Something else you don't know, Krissy.

What are you talking about?

I got a call at the office today. We've been approved for a surrogate.

Really? Kolya, that's fantastic! But wait. We've only been together for about six months, we're only in our twenties and we're gay. Why would they approve us so quickly?

And what's that face for?

You should know by now that my father isn't above making 'donations' to speed up and 'encourage' the approval process. And you know he wants us to get an heir as soon as possible.

Yeah, I suppose.

Why didn't you mention this as soon as you got home?

You kept yelling at me to shut up.

Oh fuck you.

Yes please.

Hmm… later. I'm still mad at you for not telling me immediately. But celebratory sex is in order.

Phase thirteen: molest him while he's trying to blame me for everything, even though coming out of the closet was entirely his decision.

Kolya! They're watching! Stop! Kolya, I told you, later!

Mm, Krissy, I love you.

Oh god. Kolya, not now!

Kolya, give them five minutes to leave!

I don't want to. I want you now, Krissy.

Uhhhh. Kolya. Kolya, please. Just… just long enough… for them to leave…

You heard him. I'm tired of sharing my man with a bunch of random strangers.

Yeah. It's best if you leave. Kolya… mngh… oh god. Kol—Kolya, just like… ungh… please… Just like… like that…