There are days you avoid me
And then there are days we can't spend apart
So tell me how to proceed exactly
For there is yet no cure to a broken heart.

Right now, I'm miles away
And that seems to be your solution
"I'll e-mail you once a week,"
Were your final words. Your resolution.

And I hate that you are doing this to me
I hope it's not because you don't care
Because after all the stuff that we've been put through
I was by your side. Always there.

I'm the one whose heart is broken though
My heart is the one that is victim here
And although it pains to think of you,
The future of us is what I fear…

For I know what you want
You want me to move on- "its fate!"
But you've thought this through all wrong-
For the opposite of love is indifference – not hate.

The only result to your 'plan' is enmity
And that is what we are going to end up being
For you are forcing a chapter in our lives to end
Without even trying to understand what you are feeling.

There is a possibility that you are right:
Maybe getting back together would be bad
But you are still the only person who knows me inside-out,
And shutting me out is only driving me mad.

I understand the reason though
The reason you try to enforce your plan
For you know I'm jealous of the girls you talk to
And it's wrong - 'specially 'cause you are no longer my man.

And jealousy could only mean one thing, right?
That I'm still in love with every fibre of your being?
But here, you are wrong for once
For you haven't yet understood what I am feeling.

Yes, I love you,
But it's not your love that I fear will be misplaced
I am scared because you are constantly on your phone
And I'm just scared that I'm being replaced…

It's happened before, it'll happen again
Who's to say it won't?
And I know here's the part where you'll jump in-
But there is no point, so please don't.

Because here, I can finally vent my hurt
I no longer need to hold back my tears
But now I must go back to reading your weekly e-mail
To which I will respond, hiding my fears.

But how does that make you the person
With whom I have no secrets at all?
And now you see, don't you?
Your plan has backfired after all…

Is this the fate you were talking about:
Me losing you, you losing me..?
For we started and now we end as strangers
So I suppose strangers is where we are meant to be.

© HalfPast12

Tuesday April 10, 2012

4:00 AM