Who needs a "Prince Charming"
When I have got you?
When Allah makes a match
Don't need a fictional shoe

And friends begging the date
The time, every detail
Yet I can't picture it
Simply pushed and retail

I see our nikah day
In dreams from Allah Wise
But all I can focus on...
Your smile, your eyes

Emotion engulfs me
And I can't think straight
And my love-devoured heart
Almost can't take the wait

Every dream that I have
My hand is in yours
We make dua together
As a gentle rain pours

Then I wake all alone
See the ring on my finger
Touch it and breathe
Will the dream's feel to linger

I long so much for it
For your touch, your embrace
And to wake in the morning
Your breath soft on my face

I miss you so much
And you're so far away
Close my eyes and focus love
Hope you feel it some way

I pretend when I cook
Clean or through halls I roam
That I am just waiting
For you to come home

You know if I could
I'd go to yo right now
Abandon consequence
If I could just figure how

To sooth my tired soul
'Til we are together
I write love poems for you
Imagined us in all weather

I can't wait until we
Are 'we' not 'he' and 'she'
Feel for you so much
Aami tomake bhalobashi*

Author's note- "Aami tomake bhalobashi" said like "AH-me TOE-may BALL-oh-bah-she" is "I love you" in Bangla (Bengali, the native language of my fiance, who is from Bangladesh).