Sweet Vanilla – Based upon the Song 'ITOKO'

Jingles of the night heralds the transition between my conscious mind to the land of my dreams. I don't know where this sequence of dreams will take me, but I've seen through many of these vivid imageries; the view of falling snow down the streets, zoomed out to the point I could see the entire city. Now my field of vision gets panned towards the winter sky, without me feeling even a bit of cold. I gasped in awe as I watched these crystalline snowflakes falling before me in slow motion.

I realized my body wasn't there, where I'm supposed to look. There's just a hollow space where the body was supposed to lie.

"Onee-chan!" I've been awakened by the sweet voice of a girl, this endearing sweet aroma I smell as I woke up doesn't felt real at all. I stayed still, cuddling myself in this warm and comfy blanket, letting lose of all my body weight again towards the pillow and the bed. The sunlight rays that gleams about makes my closed eyes hurt, looks like she already opened the window because I'm still stiff in drowsiness like a log.

"Rise and shine!" I felt all of these sense of comfort suddenly got taken away as she snatched the blanket from me. This feel of warmth from before has all but gone, since the cold breeze from the air conditioner starts to freeze my body.

I guess I have no other choice than opening my eyes up.

"Ah, you finally awake Nee-chan." this sweet, cute voice belongs to a girl with a somewhat athletic stature, her energetic behavior just now seem to give me some energy just by watching her. For a moment I thought I just saw a goddess, immersed by the morning sunlight, her bluish hair and shiny sapphire-colored eyes glimmers elegantly like an exotic gem in the ocean.

"Uuuuu..." I managed to lift my drowsy head, but my drowsiness kicks back again, I ended up slumped back to my bed.

"You're such a snob Nee-chan, wake up...wake up!" I could felt both of my hands being pulled with such force. It does feel nice when I keep coming back to bed every time she pulls me up.

"!" I lost my guard when she did pulls me up with such unexpected force, it causes me to fell down to the floor.

"Ouch...why are you..."

"..." disregarding the stinging pain on my back due to falling, I got up from the floor into a sitting position. When I took a glance of this noisy goddess, I could she her face blushing heavily, and she's staring hard at me...no not at my face. It was a mixture of expression, both embarrassment and pleasure. Where exactly does she stare at, that makes her so embarrassed?

"I'm so sorry!" before I could figure it out, she quickly dashed outside the room. Hmm...I just realized that my pajamas has slid down quite a bit, it reveals my skin from the shoulder up to my chest. Ah so that's where she's staring so hard on, but that's pretty odd...why did she got embarrassed and excited by looking at another girl's body? I thought about that as I fixed my pajamas up, looking at my reflection in the mirror.

The girl reflected in the mirror definitely looks like the usual me, she had a tall stature and a tough athletic build with prominent chest and shapely legs, with a shoulder-length silky black hair, and the grey eyes which seem to reflect back the visage of whoever looks into it. From a glance she looks cool and elegant...just like a stereotypical onee-sama in various eroges, but in my case when I think of this girl as myself well...

She certainly does look like a snob with no life, duh. Nothing unusual, time to move on...

"Huh?" I exclaimed, as I felt someone's stalking me by the door.

"Nee-chan...breakfast's ready...please go downstairs." with a heavily panting voice and blushing face like tomatoes, the blue-haired annoying goddess shyly peeks from the door. This way she does look more like a cute hamster, pretty adorable.

"Ah okay, I'll go downstairs soon so don't worry 'bout me."

After I washed my face in the bathroom inside this room, I began to recall all of things happening in the past. This is not a dream, but it seems too sweet to be a reality.

My name is Ao Usagi and I'm an university student, I moved here about a year ago because it's located pretty close to my university that I could just walk few distances in order to reach it, that greatly saves the transportation issue when I have to attend class regularly.

The family living here are also my relatives. They're quite a bunch of busy working peoples that they often left their only daughter, Emily Stanford, all alone. Emily's the name of that girl who's waking me up earlier, she's so energetic and friendly when she's with me I didn't realize she's been really lonely for so long.

I've been taking on a role as her big sis for over a year now that she's grown attached to me a bit too much, I guess it can't be helped though regarding her past conditions. Plus, I heard from her parents that she tend to get bullied a lot and they couldn't seem to do anything about it since their daughter just tend to isolate herself from them, never told them anything. I've seen this side of her a few times so i could somehow understand.

Their parents mostly heard about their daughter from her schoolmates and homeroom teacher, who knows that she might suffer even more than what they know. Nah, I don't want to ruin the start of this beautiful day by thinking such grim things, meanwhile I gotta keep doing my best to make her happy.

"Uh, I think I should go get some breakfast too." I said to myself as I walked downstairs to find Emily sitting in the dining table with bunch of delicious looking foods lined up. If I remembered correctly, she's also a terrific cook, and I like eating her cooking very much.


"Thanks for the food." the salad meal sure is really great, I never thought that I could love vegetables in such a way I want to eat them more. I gulped down the warm milk she prepared to me on the table and smiled at her.

"You're welcome, Usagi Nee-chan." she raised her face after finishing another sip of her hot chocolate, her vibrant expression makes me seen a visage of a shining aura around her.

"Come to think of it, you don't seem to call me by name that much huh Emi?" I tried to keep myself reserved by acting calm in front of her, although my heart beats so hard it makes me really nervous.

"Unyuu...?" she tilted her head to the side, looking dumbfounded. Her long hair fell down elegantly towards her sides and those sapphire eyes of hers gets fixated towards me, freezing me in sight with its beauty.

S-so cute...

"N-nothing at all! By the way, nice weather today isn't it? Ahahaha..." I frantically waved my hands to her, giving a gesture that I'm ok. Then I just realized my mouth gets open wide when she was acting so adorable earlier, I reflexively closed my mouth and put both of my hands down. This is getting really awkward and embarrassing.

I wonder why am I so mesmerized by the way she acts today? How did she get this adorable, or am I just being totally dense all this time?

"Nee-chan, you're acting really strange." said Emi, watching over me with the same puzzled expression. My heart nearly jumps out as she gets closer to me to the point I could feel the heat of her body and her heavy breathing, the adorable blushing face in front of me. For a moment I felt our face gets really close together that our lips almost met, I let out a surge of relief when she pulled her face inches away shortly after that.

Then I got this surge of excitement rushing through my head when her slender yet beautiful hand touches my forehead. "Nee-chan doesn't seem to have a fever, I wonder why? Nyuu.."

I took off her hand for my forehead because I'm really embarrassed with her doing this to me "It's okay Emi, I'm alright. Well, aren't you the one acting really strange today...usually you're so shy and reserved..."

"Eeekkk!" realizing what she's doing to me, she quickly pulled her hands from me, filled with bewilderment "I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry...!" her face was so red and I saw a glimpse of tears on the corner of her eyes. Oh I see, she must have been pushing herself..but for what reason?

"Nah, it's okay. I don't really mind." taking a deep breath, I tried consoling her with a calm voice, patting her head as I do so. She finally goes back to her usual self when she finally settled down. I wonder why both of us gets really awkward with each other today?

"Nee-chan's scent..." I heard Emi muttering something, she seemed to be short of breath...

"Emi, what's wrong?"

As I moved her hand towards my shoulder...

"STOP IT! Nee-chan, don't touch me...if you keep doing that...I..I'm going to..." she pushed my hand aside and backed off a few steps from me, with a faint sign of resentment on her face.

"Huh? You seem to be alright all this time, what's going on with you today? I just don't understand..."

At first she seemed to be my usual little sister, cute and energetic, and the next time I noticed her she becomes so seductive and adorable, then she becomes a paranoid girl who does seem to exaggerate everything.

"T-that's because you're so dense, Nee-chan. And I've been trying so hard to hold myself back whenever I'm around you...don't you know that my heart starts beating like crazy whenever you're around?" she finally broke out from her sulky state, raising her voice as she yelled at me.

These words, I'm truly shocked. My heart...is melting...

"I just can't hold it back...any longer, it hurts so much. Nee-chan, I must be a nasty girl, right? Longing for you like this...I know that I'm not normal...I have no interest in guys...at all...and I'm deeply attracted to other girls, that they keep bullying me, because I'm weird..."

"Heh, are they really bullying you because you're weird? Not because you're just too cute? Anyone wouldn't resist teasing you if you're this adorable"

I tickled her earlobes after I finished my words


"Are the people bullying you...were some bunch of cute girls?"

I don't know why did I came up with that conclusion. It's just my intuition, I guess...

"Very...very cute...but they're really mean...I don't like them dressing me up in such embarassing outfits...they also found out about me being into girls..."

She actually did make a harem of herself without knowing anything 'bout it. And misunderstood her fans as bullies, she might have a truly wonderful school life if only she didn't misunderstood them. By the way, she's currently studying at an all-girls school so you get the picture.

"I guess they're into girls too. I also wanted to see you do cosplays sometime."

I tried changing the topic because I'm not really comfortable about the current matter...I just wanted to have a normal sisterly relationship.

"Nee-chan you dummy, don't change the topic all of sudden! It's your fault that I've been marked as a lesbian! Remember the time you came by and delivered my bento?"

I think I came to her classroom and delivered it last Wednesday, and today's Sunday, so..

"If I remembered correctly, I added some hamburgers to it."

"NO! It's not about the hamburgers...you don't realize how excited I am, how my heart beats really fast when you are here. All of my classmates thought you are my lover! The rumors spread and that's how these bullies find out about me..." then she continues with a low voice "Though I'm happy about how envious they were, when they thought Nee-chan was my lover..."

Emily, I don't know you could mutter those cheesy lines with a straight face like that. You must be reading too much hentai these days...

"So yeah, about that pink golfball last Thursday..."

I had a dream about myself playing golf with a pink elephant, we went throughout the course with a rainbow caddy, the driver was a skinny hipster who drank gasoline with a radioactive symbol on it. Suddenly there's a shower of pink golfballs in the court, we had to take cover behind a black tunnel when suddenly...

"Nee-chan..why do you keep dodging the topic? The bullies are threatening me..."

Again? I like where this stuff is going though...

"Well, it's so damn predictable like your typical yuri manga. So they told you they might broadcast to whole school that you liked girls unless you try to seduce me? Wait a minute, didn't they thought of us as lovers already?"

"Let me finish first...Onee-chan..." she clenched her fist in irritation, but since it's her, she looks really cute even though she's angry.


"I see..." I took a sip of the mineral water on the table.

"So the truth is...wait are you even listening to me..Nee-chan?" there she goes back to her usual meek yet adorable state again.

"All of them did ask you out or something?"

Again, it's just my intuition that makes me reach out to this conclusion.

"Nope, actually...they're asking if you have loads of porno to lend them."

"PFFFFFTTTT—" the sense of absurdity creates an abrupt change towards my mental state, making me spat my drink, drenching Emi's shirt over.

"Onee-chan...no...you're making me really wet..."

"Hey, the readers will misunderstood this dialogue you know..."

Though she's not totally wrong either, yes she's literally wet because of my fault, she's also drenched with liquids down there...oh my the water does seem to drench her pants too.

"Ahhhnnn...yes...please make me even wetter, Nee-chan."

I don't understand what the hell is she thinking about at the moment, but she seemed to hold her legs together like holding her bladder. And the expression of her face turns ecstatic like a kid who's been playing video games too much...

"Okay." I complied with her request and emptied my contents to her shirt, splashing my glass of water towards her.

The glass I'm holding is now empty, then I could see her shirt getting fully drenched to the point her undergarments are completely visible...

"H-hey...Emi...go change your clothes, you'll catch a cold!"

I suddenly became too conscious of her body, what is this pounding feeling in my heart when I realized that she's kinda flat? And why does this flatness made me want to dress her up in a school swimsuit and I want to chase after her dressed in a Pedobear suit. This might be the proof that magic exists. Yes, feel the magic of flat chests, for it already became a status symbol!

"If you say so, Nee-chan." she reluctantly left me here alone in the dining room, with her clothes drenched, directly went upstairs towards her room to change clothes.

Another thing that really bothers me today is, why didn't she use her favorite mustard as the salad dressing when we're eating salads together. In addition to how she glances at my chest every so often, okay I have to admit they're pretty big but I don't really feel anything about it, yeah...you can say that I'm lying but that part is not intended for regular audiences so let's just skip this one right away..

Well she might be envious because of the size, but in my opinion she's fine just being like that. But if she insists so much, I think we might end up shopping for pads...especially those made with aluminum coat-...ok I'm just kidding. Come to think of it, maybe an additional attachment of Rocket Launchers and Blaster Turret would be nice. Though some breast padding will ruin the curve flatness, making her moe level suffers greatly, which I don't really want to see if I could choose.

Let's see if I could convince her to be proud of her chest, how about

"I like you because of your flatness!"

Sounds nice, let's go with that one, even though there's some icy piercing stares behind me as I thought about it.

I went upstairs towards her room, knocking on the door, awaiting her response.

"Nee-chan? I'm coming...unyuu...I'm coming!"

You don't have to reply in such a weird way, Emi. The readers might get the wrong idea when you speak like that, but what's done is done, sigh...

I heard faint sounds of footsteps from behind the door. By the time the door gets opened , I cannot believe what's in front of my eyes. She's currently wearing a frilly dress, a bit thin like the ones you use for sleeping. The thin layers of clothing makes the outline of her body quite opaque, she gave me the vibe of a goth loli with a nice body proportions, minus the chest. But wait a second, her chest looks a bit more prominent...probably around B cup? So I think my eyes were fooling me the last time...because I only had a brief glance of her chest.

"Ah...Nee-chan, I...I..." realizing me staring hard at her body, she starts quivering and trembling as both of us stood by the door. I notice the aura around her start to change, the next moment I felt her pulling me inside the room with such force and shut the door.

I didn't pay much attention to it but, she's actually a pretty strong girl, to be able to exert such force when pulling me just then. Though she put too much force that makes our bodies collide with each other, losing our balance, ma me lay on top of her down the floor.

It feels really funny when my chest starts pressing against hers, I tried to get back up but she restrains me back with both of her hands. Her embrace was pretty weak but it's her seductive smile that leaves me motionless.

"Please don't go...Nee-chan, I want you so much."

"If you say so then..." we stayed with our bodies pressed together, with my body heat that keeps escalating as the moment goes, to the point I could feel my face blushing hard.

From this point on, life will never be the same again for me. When I looked down I could see her naughty smiling face, enjoying this moment to the fullest.

"Onee-chan, you actually liked girls too...I'm so happy..."

Because I felt kinda uncomfortable with this heat, I raised my body a little so it reduces the pressure my body gave towards Emi's, who seemed to be breathing heavily, desperately trying to held herself back, I don't want her to lose control right now.

Sorry Emi, but I must break your spell on me no matter what, for your sake...

"Don't be stupid! I-it's not like I'll react like this towards every girl I met."

Right, we shouldn't do this after all, it's not right for two girls...even more...sisters to be indulging with each other. Although I have to admit, deep inside...I desired her too. But this story might be read by minors so I must persevere...

"Emi, please calm yourself down, it's not right for us to directly jump out to this point. Besides, there's lot of things you want to tell me, right? Why don't we talk about it here?"

"Ummm...okay." she finally settled down, although I could see a glint of disappointment down her face.

I just realized that both of us were already back towards a sitting position against the floor. Emi stood up first and sat on her bed, then she patted the bedside with her hands, gesturing me to sat beside her.

"They actually did confessed to me, all three of them." said Emi

Pink flamingos are floating in some tropical sunset beach, I imagine myself eating roasted coconuts while Emi was...

"So did you go out with three of them? Congratulations!"

The pink flamingo turns into a really beautiful blonde girl in latex suit, but since she speaks in fluent Russian I can't really discern what the heck is she saying.

"Yep and we kiss-no nevermind, by the way nee-chan...can we finally get a bit closer?"

And the coconuts finally turned into a cookie monster that vomits cupcakes, from the cupcakes spawned dozens of diamond ingots.

"Is it really okay to do this?" the magnetic force of the same ion, sometimes, might yield an attraction towards each other, we are a part of these anomalies that causes Mr. Fahrenheit, Gauss, and Lebesgue to get mad and throwing insults at Lord Ctulhu for trolling them.

She laid her body on the bed in the position as the receiving end, then I slowly crawled my way towards her. It would be really romantic if she just said 'please touch my trololo' and put out a creepy smile. It's okay, I just want to cuddle her like a teddy bear and gave her a light kiss.

"I love you Nee-chan."

"I love your chicken bagel, Emi."

Lemurs might die from being ticked and cockroaches probably survived a nuclear radiation. But I think our love will be like a trojan virus because we like to create backdoors for each other. I close my eyes as I sealed her lips with min-


"TOOOOOOORRRRRRRUUUUUUUU! Wake up you lazy son, it's almost time for school!" I abruptly awakened from my slumber as I heard my mom screaming on top of her voice downstairs.

Aww mom, you finally ruined the best part of my dream. You're such a troll.

At least I still remember, although brief and short, the extraordinary feel of Emi's lips.

It was soft and warm, genuine.