and the craziest thing was that they could've fallen in love.


It's crazy. Life's insane to her, her head keeps spinning (o, coffee, coffee, wherefore art thou coffee? she wonders), and her heart, against her rather weak will, keeps racing and her face is as good as a tomato when she sees him. Her thoughts compared to her words are tootoo fast, and though she doesn't like talking at all, she keeps telling herself to shut up.

And she hated contradicting herself.

Even her dreams, she begged the heavens, he even appeared in her dreams. She wanted all this madness to stopstopstop for her to thinkthinkthink and figure out what's actually happening when all of it was just zooming by so quickly.

It was all too much for her, just her, to handle.

Maybe it was justjust her or justjust him but if anything, she blamed it on the craziness of it all.


To him, she's sort of pretty. Her eyes shift with her ever-changing moods but they're really pretty when she's happy. He'd die to see her rare, oh-so-rare smiles.

He thinks she acts like she's got a split-personality disorder and her mood swings control her. Undeniably, her pout's reallyreally cute and he can't stand the sight of those other guys that try to get close to her, though she acts like she doesn't care.

He knows full well she's a mad, emotional wreck but still loves her anyway.

She's insidious and diabolical and would do anything; anything to those idiots she would prove wrong in life. He's died and gone to heaven manymany times because of her death glare that would never ever fail to shut him up for a while. He really likes her sparklysparkly eyes and her smile and her lamelame jokes which he can only laugh dryly and facepalm to and her stupid attempts not to be 'weak' in front of everyone.

To him…she was different. In a good way.


She thought he was perfect[ly imperfect]. After all, who wouldn't like a guy with a stupidstupid grin on his face all the time and liked everything, EVERYTHING she hated and would treat her like some princess while all she ever did was deadpan?

She hated that dumb smile he had only for her, the way he was , and how she got reallyreally jealous when he talked to that other really prettypretty girl.

He could be reallyreally dumb at times, but she knew he was better than her anyway.

He was the person she could talk to for hours and hours and hours on end and never get bored, the person who seemed to kind of understand and shut up when necessary, and the person whom she trusted her life to.

He was her confidante, a sore winner, and pretty much everythingeverything that she could ever ask for. Though she would never ever admit it, his existence became sort of necessary for survival.

And vice versa.


It was reallyreally crazy how they came to sort of want/need/breathe on each other's existence. It was stupidstupidstupid how suddenly, everything they had wasn't enough. It's like they were flying too high, they fell too hard, and…they didn't even know anymore.

And the craziest thing was that they could've fallen in love.