I didn't want to kill her.

The moon shone cold, hard and white like the white of someone's eyes. The wind screamed, blowing through the trees' contorted arms. Rain ran down the side of the building like blood trickling off skin. I shivered, every muscle in my body tensed… and I ran.

Crouching, I hid in the trees. All my senses were heightened: every movement caught my eye, every falling leaf, every flying bird; I could hear my heart-which already seemed to be in my mouth- pounding to get out of its cage; I could smell her blood and her fear as she stepped from the building; I could taste the stale night air; I could feel the tension and the mist as it snaked around me.I watched her walk from the building, pulling a coat around her. I followed.

She had black hair-darker than the night-cut short and jagged like the blade of a knife. Her skin was pale and cold like shards of ice. Her eyes (although I couldn't see them now) were hollow and emotionless. The kind of eyes that stared right through you and sent shivers down your spine. I'd seen the enough times, not that she'd ever seen me. I think some part of her had always sensed I was there, just never known. Like now, she knew something was wrong. Her body was clenched, drawn in on itself. I could tell she had that paranoid feeling that someone was watching her, that prickling in the back of her neck. It was time to have some fun.

As I grew silently closer and felt the anticipation building up inside of me I had to remind myself that I didn't want to kill her, just scare her. It was still dark but it seemed like morning was about to come. She always came out at this time, I don't know why, I'd never had the courage to follow her this far. Not until tonight. I wasn't scared, I just didn't want to ruin it all in one go.

'Sarah' I crooned in a singsong voice, my black lips curving up around the word. She turned, slowly, stiffly. My eyes bore into hers. I watched the fear manifest behind them. For a second it looked like she was frozen in place but then she turned to run. I was in front of her in a second. The confused look on her face made me laugh out loud.

'It's ok, I'm not going to hurt you, everything's going to be fine' I spoke slowly and softly, I'm sure my voice sounding more condescending than reassuring, then again I wasn't trying to make her feel better. I was a lion playing with its prey-taunting it.' I might even let her run, just to go and catch her again, although I couldn't hurt her, couldn't kill her. Just scare her. She looked like she wanted to scream but couldn't. I smiled, I could see it made her want to curl up and die but I didn't care.

She bolted, her feet hitting the floor like gunshots. Her breath came in shallow gasps. She looked like she was about to faint. I let her run, the moonlight bouncing off her dead black hair. The rain dragged her down with every step. Everything would terrify her now. Lights in the distance would seem like eyes watching her. The feel of her coat would be a claw trying to keep hold of her, the wind, a knife slashing at her face. Fear would already be taking over, and I'd barely even done anything.

Only now did I start to follow her. I was fast-lethally fast- I could catch her. I didn't know where she was going-It didn't matter, I could still catch her- not back to the building wherever it was. Maybe she didn't know either. Maybe she was just running. People act irrationally when they're scared. They don't think. They feel. They run…

She was running surprisingly fast given her size, no doubt working purely off adrenalin. I could smell it pounding through her veins, practically taste it in the bitter night air. She was disappearing further and further away into the distance like a flame about to burn out. The mist was enveloping her into darkness. There were no lights in the direction she was heading. I smiled. That was a good thing.

I caught up to her in just a few seconds. This time she screamed, lashing out at me with perfectly manicured claws. They ripped my skin causing two single petals of blood to float towards the ground. I held her wrists still in my hands. Her bottom lip quivered and her voice cracked, sharp and high like a whip.

'W w what do you want?' she stuttered. I laughed again, she sounded so small and pathetic. It was the only noise that broke the menacing silence. Suddenly she tensed, trying to run is some last ditch attempt at escape. I kept hold of her wrists in a vice like grip and smiled at her. She twisted and I grabbed for her body. She wasn't meant to run. She fell limp and lifeless to the floor. She wasn't meant to run. I'd forgotten how strong I was, what I was. She wasn't meant to run. This wasn't meant to happen, this always happened. They were so weak. They weren't meant to run. I just touched her. She wasn't meant to run. I didn't want to hurt her. She wasn't meant to run. I didn't want to kill her. She wasn't meant to run. It was an accident. Wasn't it?