There were many in her form,

Making men go after her;

She was created to allure men,

To allure,

And, yes, to destroy men.

It was all part of the elaborate plan

Of a particular woman-

A woman who had been abused,

Betrayed, deceived, and hated

By the infamous 'man'.

But, worst of all,

She was cursed to never learn to love.

It was with bitter vengeance

That she decided to destroy men.

It had been months, years, decades,

But time was never of any essence

As she was immortal.

She lived with the living

But was dead, in a sense.

She had everything,

But enjoyed nothing.

She was called a vampire by some,

But she wasn't one.

She was damned; cursed to be like this.

He was like her; immortal,

But, unlike her, he enjoyed his life.

He knew what it was like to be liked, loved even.

But he also knew where to draw the line

For not going too far.

He had a secret; a deep void

In his heart.

He needed it to be filled,

Desire for it to be filled was his constant aim.

He dated, went out a lot

But never could he quite fill the void.

He knew that when the void was full

He had found the right woman; his mate.

He decided to host a party.

She decided to go out; but only once.

She just wanted to feel like a whole person

And nothing she did could make her feels like that.

So she went to the place she vowed she would never go again;

A party that she was, surprisingly, invited to.

It was hosted by a man.

So she went.

Their eyes met across the room

And the world fell away,

There was nothing between them.

And, for the first time in a long time,

She smiled, her heart melting.

He smiled back, the void filled.

They had found each other, at long last.

The curse was broken, and the void was filled.