They Will Reach Heaven

Riku was at school staring off at the sky as he always did when it was break time, lying on the ground under the same tree as usual, away from the other kids where he could be calm. He slowly closed his eyes, seven years had gone by since that fateful day, when his parents were taken away from him and Himeko, the day the liveliness in his eyes disappeared.

-Big brother!

A voice he knew very well made him open his eyes, leaving his thoughts aside, he smiled a little and slowly sat up.


-What are you doing here all lonely? -She pouted and kneeled next to him.

-I just needed some time to think -He said, looking at the sky again.

-You always say the same thing -She said, puffing her cheeks.

-Because I have many things to think about -He said, placing his hand on her cheeks and pressing them to her teeth, making the air come out, he laughed a little at the sound it made- You should go play with your friends Himeko.

-But I don't want to leave you alone -She said, looking at him sadly.

-Don't worry, I'll be fine -He smiled at her.

-You promise you won't feel lonely?

-I promise.

-Hmm…Fine -She smiled before standing up and turning to where she came from- See you after school -She said as she walked away.

Riku sighed and laid back down looking at the sky. He always pushed Himeko away, because she had the same eyes as their mother, and if he spent much time together with her, he wouldn't be able to keep the secret long enough, the secret he had locked deep inside his heart, not letting anyone know, only his aunt and himself.

The bell rang. He stood up and walked back into the school building with his hands in his pockets, he headed for the classroom walking around the hallways as most of people stared at him and whispered about him.


One of the guys called him from behind. He silently turned around and stared at him.

-Answer me when I call you -The guy said glaring at him.

-I'll answer you when I think it's worth my time -Riku replied and kept staring at him, looking directly into his eyes.

The girls gasped, everybody knew that guy was one of the guys with highest ego in the school, he was one grade ahead of Riku, but since he repeated a year, he was two years older than him.

-Tch… Just because your parents abandoned you and your sister doesn't mean you can take it out on everybody else -He said, with a slight smirk on his face.

Riku clenched his fist, but then he took a deep breath, calming himself down, after all, getting angry at that guy was not worth it.

-Why so angry? You're supposed to be two years older than me, and you are still picking on people? Grow up and learn your place... all you seem to know is how to bug people -He said with a calm tone, still looking into his eyes.

-Why you little brat! -He said charging towards Riku.

Riku pulled his hands out of his pocket and protected his face as the guy swung his fist towards it. The guy kept hitting him with a lot of strength, since Riku was more of the resistant type of person than the strong one, he took the hits, protecting himself with his arms, waiting for a chance to attack. One of his friends tried to hit Riku from the side, but Riku saw this from the corner of his eyes and evaded the hit, but he let his guard down for a moment, giving the guy a chance to sneak behind him and grab his neck with his arm.

-It's your lost… -the guy said as his friend walked in front of them and punched Riku's face with all his strength, making Riku's lip bleed.

-You really thought you could beat me that easily? -Riku said, not showing any bit of pain in his face- You were wrong, you would never be able to beat me using brute force.

Riku placed his feet behind the guy's and jumped, putting all his weight behind him, pushing the guy backwards, but since his feet were behind his', they both fell to the floor. The pain from his back hitting the floor made him loosen his grip of Riku. Riku took the chance and escaped from his grip, and turned to him as he started punching his face as hard and fast as he could.

-You know… -He spoke as he kept hitting him- You should learn to keep your mouth shut when you know nothing about your foe -The guy had a wound on his cheek and his lip was bleeding, his eye was getting swollen, Riku stopped hitting him and looked at him, with the same calm expression in his face as he got up and turned to his friend- Do you really want to keep bugging people just to feel you are superior to them? Grow up, or you will always be hated by people, and they will hold a grudge against you.

The guy's friend stepped back a little, afraid of him. Just then a teacher walked by, and saw Riku standing as he wiped the blood off his lip, looking down at the guy.

-Riku, Kurou, come with me to the principal's office please.

Riku nodded as he kneeled down and tried to help the guy named Kurou up, but he just pushed Riku away.

-I don't need help from trash like you.

-As you wish -He replied smiling and stood up.

Kurou stood up and the teacher started walking as they followed.

-Please sit down -The teacher said as they walked inside the principal's office.

The teacher told the principal what he saw and the principal nodded, then turned to the guys.

-Who started the fight? -She asked.

-I did -Said Riku without hesitating.

-What? That's not true! -Said Kurou angry, thinking he was doing that only to bother him.

-Kurou was just spending time with his friends and I just walked to him and hit his face as hard as I could, he was just trying to defend himself.

-Kurou, is that true? -Asked the principal.

-… -Kurou hesitated for a few minutes, then spoke- Yes ma'am, it's true.

-You can leave then.

Kurou nodded and walked outside the office.

-Riku, I'll have to talk to your aunt about this -She said looking at him.

-I know -Riku said- What must be done must be done.

-I'm glad you understand -She said as she told the teacher to go to Riku's house and bring her aunt.

They waited for about 30 minutes until his aunt arrived with Himeko, Himeko's classes had just finished and she was heading out when she found her aunt and followed her, curious about where she was heading.

-Riku, why did you do it? -His aunt asked, with a look of disappointment on her face.

-He insulted me a few days ago, so I took revenge today -He said, looking at her.

-Big brother… -Said Himeko, looking sadly at him.

-Stop that arrogant attitude! -Said his aunt as she slapped him.

Riku looked at her, then looked down and stayed silent.

-He will be in detention four hours after his classes finish for the next two weeks. -The director told his aunt, then turned to Riku- You can leave now.

-Thank you -His aunt bowed and they walked out, Riku stayed silent until they reached the house.

-Big brother, was it really for revenge? -Himeko looked up at him with sad eyes.

-No, I might just be too forgiving -He said and sighed- I lied, he started the fight, but I forgave him, so I said I did, tht way the one in detention would be me -He said and smiled at her.

-Dummy -She said hugging him- I'll wait for you until your detention finishes every day.

-No, you can come back home, it'd be mean if I accepted your offer. Do it as a favor to me -He said and ruffled her hair.

-Fine… -She said and let go of him- Thank you for not getting hurt -She said before heading to her room.

Riku sat on the couch, staring at the window.

-Riku… -Said his aunt, had just came into the living room after cooking dinner.

-Yeah? -He turned to her.

-Revenge isn't good, you shouldn't hav-

-Don't worry aunt Tsuki, I lied -He said before she finished talking.

-What? -She said, confused.

-I didn't start the fight.

-Then why did you say it was you?

-Because I forgave him.

-Why did you forgive him?

-I don't know, I just don't like holding a grudge against people.

-Why did the fight start?

-Because he said my parents abandoned me and Himeko, and they didn't abandon us… God just needed them in Heaven, so he called them, and I told Kurou he should grow up and stop picking on people when he didn't know anything about them, and then he just charged at me -He said as his voice cracked and his eyes got teary, but he kept smiling- I don't like it when people talk about our parents like that.

-I see… -She looked down, realizing it was unfair to have slapped him, since it wasn't his fault- Riku… I'm sorry for slapping you… I should have asked you before doing it...

Riku grinned as a few tears slid down.

-I deserved it, don't worry -He said and wiped the tears with his hand.

-Riku! -She gasped and ran to him, she took his hand and walked with him to the bathroom, his teeth had blood on them, when Kurou's friend hit his face one of his teeth fell, making his gum bleed.

-What? -Riku asked, confused.

She turned the sink's water on and made Riku wash his mouth, he didn't understand until he spit the water out and looked at the blood. After he finished washing the blood they walked to the dining room and they all had dinner.

-Riku, promise me you won't get into a fight again -Her aunt said.

Himeko just stared at them.

-I promise -He smiled at her and kept eating.

He then headed to his room and laid on the bed, looking at the ceiling, he sighed.

-Mom and dad didn't abandon me… I abandoned their love on the last moments of their life -He mumbled to himself- I have to keep a lie to protect Himeko from the truth until she's old enough to accept it, I'm not a good son, nor a good brother, I should be dead, not them -He slowly reached for his pocket and took the feather out- Still so white… I held it in my hand through during the fight as a reminder of my way of living… Never back down, no matter how big your foe is, but never hit a foe who does not attack first. Blood slipped into my fists… yet, the blood didn't stain it… It's mysterious, yet it's so beautiful…

He put the feather back in his pocket as he closed his eyes and sighed once again, deep in thought about everything that happened in the past five years, the way he got distant from everybody, how he has to mature faster than his age so he can take care of Himeko properly when aunt Tsuki leaves. He was doing it not only for Himeko's sake, but also, for his parents' sake, so they could rest assured as they made their no return trip to Heaven, because he would take care of himself and Himeko doing the best he could, it was the least he could do to make up for abandoning them, and to thank Himeko for always being there for him, no matter what he did. He prayed one last time for his parents' souls before falling asleep.