Sorry this took so long getting posted XD We've had it done for a while but I was too lazy to organize it correctly, then type it and all that shit. So here it is, Straight Boy Lessons 101. It's already completely written, so it should be updated every Tuesday, and if not on Tuesday for some reason, then either Monday or Wednesday XD Also Fuck Wednesday for being too hard to spell while doing math homework. This chapter is really short. Most if not all of them are, so don't hope for overly long chapters XD; 'm sorry. Enjoy!

Warnings: Um…slash, language, underage drinking at some point or another, and Peter being a bitch.


Straight Boy Lessons 101

Lesson 1

Deny, Deny, Deny

This is my school. It's located in the town of Redrock, Ohio, in the United States.

I don't like it here much, but it's pretty okay. I guess.

My name is Peter Martian. I'm fifteen, and a freshman at Redrock High School.

I'm redheaded, green-eyed, and freckled across my nose and cheeks and I'm around 5'6.

And just so you are aware. I'm straight.

"So how'd your date with Peter go?"

This is Ashton.

I've known him since I was about three. He's tall and attractive, with strawberry blond hair and sparkly blue eyes. He's seventeen years old, and a junior. He's also 5'9 and gets straight B's.

He's straight too.

"Ashton…" Allistar muttered warningly.

"He and I didn't go out. I'm straight." I glared, calming slightly when Allistar wrapped his arms around my shoulders playfully.

This…This is Allistar.

He's my best friend, since I was three, and Ashton's older twin brother.

Allistar is definitely Not straight.

"It didn't go well. We didn't click."

Meaning Alli wasn't happy.

"'m sorry." I murmured, looking up at him.

I hated when he was unhappy.

He snorted, grinning at me in that toned down way of his.

"I'm okay. I still have you, don't I?"

I blushed, smiling.

Alli still had me.

It didn't matter that he was gay and I was straight, and he'd had a crush on me when we were really young, or that we were just friends.

We had each other.

That's all we needed.


"I'm home!" I called out, closing the door as Breaker, my dog, galloped into the room.

He barked loudly, knocking me into the door and placing his giant paws on my shoulders, licking my face rapidly.

I laughed happily, shoving him off of me.

"Down! Down, boy!" I cried, laughing softly and petting him.

"Hey, Peter!" My Dad, Bill, cried from the kitchen, probably working on his 'reports'.

He was an editor for Redrock's daily newspaper.

Janette, my step-mother, appeared in the doorway, holding my younger half-brother in her arms and smiling brightly at me.

"How was your day, honey?" She asked, rocking Leon gently.

"Fine," I smiled, humming as my older sister, Chelsea walked down the stairs, pulling her jacket on.

"'gonna go meet Carrie. 'see you later. Hey, Twerp." She ruffled my hair, then disappeared out the door to go see her best friend, and Ashton's girlfriend.

I smiled slightly, hurrying up the stairs, to my room. I waited for Breaker to come in, before closing the door and going to my bed to flop down. And then I began to practically purr in comfort. My bed was so soft…

My bag dropped from my hands and I closed my eyes, falling asleep with the thought of my day and the usual sound of Allistar's voice running through my head.