The Right Way To Ask

"Don't you have a girlfriend?" she asked curiously when he showed up again at sunset.

"Of course I do," he replied stoutly.

She was furious. "Are you an idiot? Aren't you cheating on her if you keep coming here?"

"She doesn't care," he replied back, smirking.

She gaped in disbelief. What kind of girl, in her right mind, would allow her boyfriend to meet up with another girl? She thought. "Who is she?" she asked.

"You," he deadpanned. Her jaw dropped. "That is. . .if you agree."

Still, the girl could only stare at his pleading, hopeful eyes as numbness overtook her. "What. Did. You. Say?"

The boy took her hands in his. "Please, be my girlfriend."

She stared at him for only a moment longer before rushing into his arms, breathing in his scent deeply. "I never knew that the day when you said that would come true," she whispered, almost in tears.

He returned her embrace, hugging her tightly. "I'll say it over and over again, if it makes you happy," he murmured in her ear. Their eyes met, and they leaned in for the kiss. . .The first one for both of them. And as soft lips meet, a short, sweet, innocent kiss was born.

~Many Years Later~

"Why are we here?" she asked, as he had led her to the beach where he had asked her to become his girlfriend so many years ago.

"I have something to tell you," he replied, solemnly.

She felt her stomach lurch. As they sat, watching the same sunset just like that day, years ago, she wondered what bad news he was going to tell her now. . .

With his back to her, he stared out at the sea. "I'm getting engaged."

She felt like the world had crumbled beneath her feet and her lungs had collapsed on her. As she struggled to breathe, she managed to choke out a response. "Oh."

Disappointment and sadness stung in her eyes as she blinked rapidly to stall the tears. He was from a rich family, and he was bound to get married off in some political marriage, when she was just an average girl with no noticeable family lineage.

She gathered up her courage, and swallowed. "With. . .with who?" she asked, timidly.

At this, he turned around, strode over, and clasped her hands in earnest. "You," he replied, in the exact same sort of tone he had used so many years ago.

She felt like she really couldn't handle more that one surprise a day. "Wha. . .what?" she repeated.

He knelt down on one knee and produced a small velvet blue box containing two diamond rings. They caught the last rays of the sunset, sparkling brightly in the dying light. "Please, marry me."

Her breath caught in her throat, rendering her unable to speak, but the happiness shining in her eyes was all the answer he needed as he slid the ring on her finger.

~Extended Ending/Sentence~

But her smile soon turned sour. "I swear, the next time you do something stupid like this, I'll—!"