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Maimun and Meisha

Written By: Krystal Jo-Lynnelle and Jasmine Marie

The Flame of Love

-Book One

"They are wrong who say that love is blind. On the contrary, nothing - not even the smallest detail - escapes the eyes; one sees everything in the loved one, notices everything; but melts it all into one flame with the great and simple: I love you."


There was a group of teenage girls standing at the coffee shop in town sipping at their coffee. One of them elbowed the other and they all looked at Maimun as he came in. He looked like a cute nineteen year old boy to them.

Maimun: glanced at them but continued walking.

The girls gathered their things and then followed him, a few feet behind.

Maimun: stopped and turned, "Can I help you with something?"

Girl 1: nodded, "Yes we were wondering if-" she stopped to giggle.

Girl 2: elbowed her and then cleared her throat, "We were trying to find..."

Girl 3: "The train station." she finished quickly.

Maimun: pointed east, "It's that way."

Girl 3: "Are you sure?" she looked.

Girl 1: "We might get lost."

Girl 2: "Would you be able to take us there?"

Maimun: sighed, "I guess. Follow me." he started to walk east.

Girl 1 and Girl 2: stepped beside him and put their arms through his.

Girl 1: "Such a gentleman." she smiled.

Girl 3: walked beside Girl 2.

Maimun: "It would probably be best if you didn't do that." he moved his arms.

Girl 2: "Why good sir?"

Girl 3: "Perhaps he has a girlfriend."

Maimun: laughed, "That's funny." He looked to girl number 2, "It's just for your best interest."

Girl 1: "But what if we don't hold your arms, and we get lost?"

Girl 2: "Or worse, kidnapped. Or killed."

Maimun: sighed and held out his arms to them. He started to hum an old Latin song.

Girl 3: "That's pretty." she commented.

Girl 1 and 2: held his arms again.

Maimun: "Thank you." he said to the girl and continued eventually though he just started singing it quietly in perfect Latin.

Girl 3: "No one speaks Latin anymore these days. I took it for school but, no one was ever able to converse with me. I think I lost the ability to speak it."

Girl 1: "Latin is an ancient language that's why."

Girl 2: "But coming from the gentleman's mouth it seems beautiful and timeless." she said softly.

Maimun: "My name's Maimun by the way, what's your names?" he said switching to English but having the Latin accent still.

Girl 1: "Jacinta." she was a long blonde haired girl with light skin and dark brown eyes.

Girl 2: "Tainn." she was a long brown haired girl with light blue eyes and dark skin, Native American.

Girl 3: "I don't have a name." she said after a moment. Her long black hair had bright green tips at the ends.

Maimun: looked at her suddenly, "What do you mean you don't have a name?"

Tainn: "Her parents never gave her one." she shrugged. "We just call her Tips, because of her hair."

Tips: "What she said."

Maimun: "Interesting." he looked forward. "Nice to meet all of you then." he started to sing softly again in Latin.

"In the time of the spring,
In the time of the summer,
We seek to understand,
What we're here for,
Day comes pass,
While we are sleeping."

Tips: "You act like you knew something about me, not having a name. Do you?" she asked interested. She watched him from the side.

Jacinta: "It is kind of weird. I mean, what about your birth certificate?"

Tips: shrugged.

Tainn: listened to him sing and felt inclined to rest her head on his shoulder, "You have a beautiful voice."

Maimun: "I used to know a girl who had no name as well, but she looked much different. It just reminded me of her, that's all." he looked to Tainn. "Thank you Tainn." he looked her over trying to figure out things about them, picking up the littlest details. "So where are you three from?"

Tips: "Used to? What happened to her? Did she die?" she asked alarmed, her bright green eyes that matched the tips on her hair flashing.

Jacinta: "I just think that Tips has amnesia and can't remember things from her past. And that includes her name."

Tainn: smiled, "We are all from here. Well, Jacinta and I are good friends. We just met Tips at the coffee shop a few days ago. We meet there every day now."

Maimun: "You have very interesting eyes." he said looking at them. He looked to the other two. "That's interesting and so when someone walks by you ask them to take you to the train station even though they are complete strangers? That's not exactly safe for you three know I could be a psycho killer or something."

Tips: "Thanks." she blushed slightly.

Jacinta: shrugged, "We have protection."

Tainn: pulled out pepper spray from her purse, "It's not like you could over power three girls' anyways." she put her pepper spray away.

Maimun: laughed, "I wouldn't doubt my skills."

They could see the train station ahead.

Jacinta: rubbed her hand up his arm, feeling his muscle, "Yea, I wouldn't doubt your skills either."

Tainn: kissed his cheek, "Thank for bringing us here."

Tips: smiled slightly, "Like we didn't already know."

Maimun: "Sure." he took a deep breath. "Is someone bleeding?" he wondered.

Tainn and Jacinta: looked at each other, then at Maimun.

Tips: "No." she said. "Why?"

Maimun: "Just curious." he looked ahead.

Tainn and Jacinta: kissed his cheek at the same time then let go of his arms.

Tainn: "I guess this is bye, Maimun."

Jacinta: "We will miss you. Such a gentleman. Perhaps we will see you around town sometimes."

Tips: patted his shoulder, "Bye Maimun." she pulled a gold coin from her purse and held it to him. "For you."

Maimun: smiled at the gold, "Thanks." he hugged her. "Perhaps." he said to the other girls.

Tips: hugged him back. She kissed his cheek and then released the hug.

Jacinta and Tainn: walked to the train, showing the conductor their tickets and getting on.

Tips: "It is real gold," she whispered, "You just might have to have it melted down first before anyone will accept it."

Maimun: "Trust me for my purpose I won't need to have it melted down." he whispered back.

Tips: "Oh, why? What do you do with it?" she asked him, her voice normal again.

Maimun: "Read the story of Rapunzel and you'll figure it out."

Tips: "Just saying..." she opened his hand for him to look at the gold he held, "Cuz it's got your face on it." she smiled and blushed slightly again.

Jacinta and Tainn: "Come on Tips!"

Tainn: "You'll miss the train girly!"

Maimun: "I'm still trying to figure it out why I am there. But this person." he pointed to the coin. "Is not all of me." he took out a number and placed it into her hand. "I don't know if your kind has cell phones or not but if you ever want to talk text me or call."

"You should go before you get left behind, unless you just teleport."

Tips: looked at him confused, her face bewildered. She held the paper with the number in her hand limply, not moving. She wondered how he knew...

Jacinta: hopped off the train and grabbed Tips arm and yanked her back to the train, "Let's go." she pulled her up the steps.

Tips: was still staring at Maimun.

Tainn: ran off the train real fast, "You were exchanging numbers?" she asked Maimun, "Did you want mine and Jacinta's? Did Tips give you hers? We each have cells but then we also have a single dorm room number."

Maimun: nodded, "Yes." he handed her his number. "Or you all could just text me so you won't miss the train. Actually I might come with you."

Tainn: smiled, "We've got it covered." she handed him a paper with all their numbers on it. She called as she ran back to the train after handing him the paper. She climbed on, "Come with us?" she wasn't expecting that.

Jacinta: looked at Tainn, "Did you just ask him to come with us?"

Tainn: "No, he said he was going to." she answered, glancing at Jacinta then back at Maimun.

Maimun: pulled a paper out of his pocket and showed the attendant and got on.

Jacinta: yanked on Tainn's arm for her to sit.

The way the seats on the train were set up was like booths at a restaurant, only without the tables in between. Jacinta and Tainn sat on one booth, which faced the booth that Tips sat on.

Maimun: sat beside Tips.

Jacinta: "What made you want to come on the train with us?"

Tainn: "Yea, we are just going back to our college dorm."

Maimun: shrugged, "Just checking out the surroundings."

Jacinta: smiled, "Cool."

Tainn: "Oh, you mean like...girls as the surroundings?" she smiled slightly, looking at him with her blue eyes. The brushed her brown hair behind her shoulder smoothly.

Tips: "I think I am going to use the computers. Be back soon." she got up and left the booth.

Maimun: "I mean all kinds of surroundings."

Jacinta: "Where will you stay?"

Maimun: shrugged, "A hotel probably."

Tainn: elbowed Maimun and leaned forward, "We know plenty of girls who sneak boys into their dorm rooms on campus."

Jacinta: smiled, catching the drift, "We could do that for you, if you didn't want to waste your money."

Maimun: smiled slightly in amusement. "That sounds very interesting."

Tainn: "Unfortunately though," she moved to sit beside Maimun since Tips was gone, "We only have three beds in the room."

Jacinta: "Two single, one double."

Maimun: shrugged, "I can sleep on the floor."

Tainn: "No silly. You can sleep on a bed."

Maimun: "Actually I'll probably be more comfortable on the floor."

Jacinta: looked sad, "Why?"

Maimun: "I don't have a bed where I'm from."

Tainn: "Oooo Ooo I have an idea! We can all sleep on the floor!"

Jacinta: "Like a camp out?"

Tainn: smiled widely, "Yea."

Maimun: "Are you sure all of you will be comfortable there?"

Jacinta: "It will be fun. Who cares about comfortable?"

Maimun: "I just don't want you to be tired for your classes."

Tainn: "Just for a few nights."

Maimun: "I'm not exactly sure how long I am staying though, my, 'father' might want me back home."

Jacinta: "Father?"

Tainn: "I thought you were old enough to live on your own."

Maimun: "Trust me I am but the dude I live with is all annoying like a father."

"Not that I would know what that is like."

Jacinta: was immediately at the other side of Maimun, "Oh you poor thing."

Tainn: held his hand comfortingly, "No father?" her voice had sympathy in it.

Maimun: "No father." he confirmed and shrugged. "That's alright though."

Jacinta: rubbed his arm lightly, "It's okay Maimun." she kissed his cheek and then just held onto his arm and leaned her head on his shoulder.

Tainn: "Of course it is Maimun." she patted his hand, holding it lightly. "You are a wonderful man all by yourself. Who needs a father, right?"

Tips: came back in and sat on the opposite bench. She looked out the window of the train.

Maimun: "Exactly."

Tainn: "You're very warm." she snuggled close to him and lifted his hand to her cheek.

Jacinta: "He smells nice." she said, her eyes closing as she rested her head on his shoulder.

Maimun: smiled slightly, he looked to tips. "Figured out the mystery yet?"

Tips: shook her head slightly and looked at him, "No...well you aren't a girl so I can safely say you aren't Rapunzel. That just leaves the prince."

Tainn: "I think he is a knight in shining armor."

Jacinta: "I agree. Mystery solved."

Maimun: "You are leaving something out. I'm the other side of the coin." he reminded her.

Tips: "The tail?" thinking there was a head of a coin, and a tail of a coin.

Maimun: "I'll let you figure that out. Actually I can show you." he looked at the other girls. "If you'll excuse us." he stood.

Jacinta: opened her eyes and leaned up, "Sure."

Tainn: waved, "Bye." she yawned slightly and then laid down on the booth.

Tips: "Show me?" she watched him.

Maimun: nodded, "If you will be kind enough to show me where the computers are and I will show you."

Tips: "Oh. Sure." she got up and walked out of the booth and down the hall.

Maimun: followed her.

Tips: "In here." she opened up a door to what seemed like another seating area, but inside were four computers along the walls, two on each wall opposite each other. Four seats were tucked under the computer monitors for someone to sit and use it comfortable.

Maimun: walked in, "Do you know why it is my face is on your money?" he got on the computer and was typing in some things while talking.

Tips: walked over and stood behind him, then ended up pulling out another seat and sitting down, "Yea." she smiled a looked down at the table in front of her, "I put it there." a blush crept onto her cheeks.

Maimun: "Oh I see." he smiled slightly, and then turned back to the computer. "See this is your problem you are only looking for a human type but what animals can you think were in it?"

Tips: "Dragons...cats..."

Maimun: "Exactly." he clicked on the dragon. "See not so hard."

Tips: "I don't understand." she looked at him, "What?"

Maimun: stood he back away and then changed to dragon form. "This is 1 third my size."

Tips: her hand went to her mouth and she pushed the chair instinctively back away from him, a small yelp escaped her lips, but it was muffled by the sound of the train on the tracks and her hand over her mouth, "Oh my." she managed to say.

Maimun: "I am part dragon and the other side of me isn't human either. That's why I said we weren't so different." he shifted back to his 'human' form.

Tips: dropped her hand, "Well, here. Give me the coin and I will fix it." she held her hand for it.

Maimun: "No that's alright. It's fine really it is. I just figured that you should know what I can become. To let you know that you're not alone."

Tips: put her hand back on her lap, "Do you know what I am?"

Maimun: "I do not know the name nor anything else. I just know of it. I don't even know what the name of it is. Just that they have no names."

Tips: "If you see this other person of my kind, would I be able to talk to her?"

Maimun: "If she is still alive then yes. If she even stayed around long enough to talk."

Tips: "Why wouldn't she be alive?" she asked, her bright green eyes turning a dull green.

Maimun: "She was a thief. And I believe that the people she stole from caught up to her."

Tips: "I steal things all the time...can you really get in trouble for that?"

Maimun: nodded. "Huge. Do all your people steal?"

Tips: "Oh, here then." she pulled a golden pocket watch out of her pocket and held it to him from the golden chain. It dangled back and forth, "This is yours."

Maimun: took it from her hand. "Thank you."

Tips: "I don't know. I don't know anyone of my kind like me. I think Jacinta is right. I do have amnesia."

Maimun: "Do you know people who are blind? I don't know what's up with these people but they get bored easy I think. They rhyme a lot."

Tips: shook her head, " one from around here I don't think. I know a few blind girls in college but they don't rhyme..." she paused, "Wow, I thought stealing stuff was just an obsessive habit of my own."

Maimun: "It's not seeming that way."

Tips: smiled slightly, "Yea. Why are you asking about blind rhyming people?"

Maimun: "Curiosity sakes."

Tips: "Oh." she stood, "Are you going to tell Jacinta and Tainn about your dragon self?"

Maimun: "It's probably for the best that I don't. But do you mind if I try one thing to see if it works?'

Tips: "Sure." she said.

Maimun: let his fangs come down, measuring her reaction.

Tips: "Dragons have fangs?" she asked, all the surprise gone from her since she saw him shift form.

Maimun: "I do because this form is Snyde."

Tips: "Oh...then how are you warm like a human?"

Maimun: "My blood and some hot tea."

Tips: tilted her head to the side, "So there are a lot of people around here that aren't human?"

Maimun: "There's some." he moved her hair and tried to bite her.

Tips: "What are you doing?" she asked in alarm and tried to push him away. She let her legs drop so she fell and sat on the ground, getting her face as far away from his as possible. She looked up at him, her bright green eyes fearful and the little green tips on the end of her black hair were glowing. Her heart was hammering in her chest.

Maimun: nodded, "Well now that answers that question." he retracted his fangs. "Sorry about that."

Tips: took a deep breath and got up and left the room.

Maimun: looked around then left and closed the door behind them.

Jacinta and Tainn were sleeping on each of the benches.

Tips: sat on the floor between the benches, her back against the wall, looking at the ground.

Maimun: came out. "Really I am sorry." he sighed. He was really starting to hate himself.

Tips: "Just stay away from me." she said, her voice still scared. She didn't look at him.

Maimun: "Fine I'll go. Tell the two of them it was nice to have met them for me please. Though you probably want the gold back." He took it out of his pocket. He mentally healed the bite mark on her as well so no proof existed.

Tips: shook her head no, but said nothing.

Maimun: "Right, well, good bye." he vanished.

Tips: wrapped her arms around her knees, and rested her chin on her knees. She sighed and closed her eyes.

Attendant: she walked by, "Is everything alright?" she looked concerned.

Tips: shook her head slightly, "No. But it's alright."

Attendant: nodded slowly, "Ok, but if you need anything let me know." she walked off.

Tips: sighed again. She felt like crying and she didn't know why. Maybe it was because the only other person she knew who was different like her had left. Or maybe it was because she was frightened of the only other person who was different like her. She just ended up falling asleep after so much thinking.

When the train came to a stop, she woke up Jacinta and Tainn and got off the train with them.


Maimun: back in his castle he felt so stupid. Why was it everything that he did turned out bad? He growled, annoyed at himself. He had lost her, this new one of whatever kind it is. He was so stupid. He should have just said nothing, not tried anything then it all would be better. He hit his head against the wood floor breaking it.

The coins of which had fallen all over the house were still scattered. If Maimun compared the one from Tips and the one from Person, Tips coin only had the picture of Maimun on the front and nothing on the back. Person's coin had the picture of Maimun and the front, and a dragon's tail on the back.

Maimun: sighed, he stood and started collecting all the other gold coins together and took them to the basement. "I wish I had just one more chance with either of them." he muttered to himself.


Jacinta: "Where is Maimun?"

Tips: "He left right after we got off the train."

Tainn: gasped, "Left? Without saying good bye?"

Tips: nodded, "Yea. It's alright. I found out some things about him while you two were sleeping anyways. You wouldn't like it."

Jacinta: "Oh really?" her eyes widened, "Like what?"

Tips: "Like he tried to bite my neck and I have no idea why."

Tainn: giggled, "That's kinky." she looked at Tips, "You do have a pretty neck. I am surprised other men haven't tried to bite it."

Tips: sighed, "Let's just go to our dorms." she walked into the building.

Tainn: "I vote call him."

Jacinta: "I second that. It was rude for him to leave without saying good bye anyways." she pulled out her phone.

Tainn: pulled the paper out of her pocket which had Maimun's number on it, reading the number to Jacinta.

Jacinta: dialed Maimun's phone number from her cell.

Tainn: folded the paper back up and put it in her pocket again, and then pressed her ear to the other side of Jacinta's cell phone, listening.

Maimun: answered the phone, sounding human. "Hello?"

Jacinta: "Maimun, Tips tells us you left without saying good bye."

Maimun: "I'm sorry girls but it's true."

Tainn: "But Maimun I thought you were a gentleman. Gentlemen don't do that." she sounded like she was pouting.

Maimun: "I just didn't want to disturb you from your beautiful sleep."

Jacinta and Tainn: "Awww..."

Jacinta: "Well do come down and visit please?"

Tainn: "We aren't that far away. Just a couple hours by train."

Maimun: "I will." he assured them.

Jacinta and Tainn: "Thanks Maimun. Have a good night." they chimed.

Maimun: "You too."

Jacinta: hung up the phone.

Maimun: hung up and landed outside of Grace's house.

Grace: was talking to her mom from the kitchen in hushed whispers. "Mom how could you?"

Grainne: "I don't know it just seemed right."

Grace: "Seemed right!" she exclaimed, "Mom I don't like him."

Grainne: "But Grace I love him." she played with her old wedding band and engagement ring, which she had put back on her left hand.

Maimun: snuck in the house.

Grace: "You said he didn't even show up for the date."

Grainne: "No, but he told me the reason why, and proposed to me again over the phone. I am moving to his location tomorrow, and we are going to be a family again."

Grace: "MOM! You can't be serious!"

Grainne: "I am Grace." she told her daughter sternly, "I don't want to hear your negative criticism anymore." she turned and left the kitchen.

Arsenrios: sighed and looked to Grace. "She can't even get there either. She can't teleport and doesn't have a ship. With what he has done to Anne he deserves death."

Grace: looked to Arsenrios, "She has to. It'll break her heart if she can't. I didn't even know he did something to Anne."

Arsenrios: "You don't think it's peculiar that all of a sudden she's acting strange?"

Grace: "I didn't know it had something to do with Nairne. What did he do to her?" she asked worried.

Arsenrios: "Anne has been through some tough times and some...things happened to her that she would love to forget. Here." he took her hand and showed her.

Grace: "He acted like he was going to bite her." she scrunched her eyebrows trying to think, "But he's human now?"

Arsenrios: nodded. "Did you notice how he wrapped an arm around her? All of that, even what he called her, brought back those old memories of hers. Not so much the biting but what that entails for a human. He's been a human ever since he hurt Yuki."

Grace: "What happened to Anne before?" she asked softly.

Arsenrios: he paused for a moment, "Raped, abused, all the stuff that went along with that."

Grace: put her hand over her mouth, she looked down, "I didn't know that." she leaned on the counter.

Arsenrios: "Now you know why she was acting the way she was. Right now she feels lower then dirt because in the past that's exactly how she was treated."

Grace: "What can I do to help her feel better?" she asked Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "Basically just keep him away from her. He's dangerous Grace and if your mom gets close to him then I fear he will only hurt her."

Grace: "I know that. But I don't know what to do." she put her head in her hands. "My mom doesn't listen to anything negative about him. And even when she knows, she believes he will change. I fear there is no hope for her."

Arsenrios: sighed, "Well if you can't change one change the other."

Grace: "What do you mean?"

Arsenrios: "I have an idea but we can't discuss it here."

Grace: looked up at him, "Why not?"

Arsenrios: "Because if your mom hears she may try to stop it." he whispered in her ear.

Grace: "Okay. Well, wherever you want to go then, let's go."

Arsenrios: "Unless I just whisper in your ear."

Grace: nodded slightly, "Sure. That will work too."

Arsenrios: "There is this serum that will change a person and make them fall madly in love with someone else. Where they will protect them and love them until they die. We could inject him with that. Then we know he won't hurt her because he loves her." he whispered in her ear.

Grace: "Or what if we use it on my mom and make her fall in love with someone else? I seriously don't like Nairne, whether he loves her or not. Anyone would be a better husband and father than him." she whispered back.

Arsenrios: "That's good to."

Grace: "But then that would leave Nairne still...himself."

Arsenrios: "But see at that point she wouldn't care and we just kill him off. Or just let him kill himself off."

Grace: "That's mean."

Arsenrios: "He's done mean things and hurt tons of people to."

Grace: "But he is also my dad. And Neil's dad. I don't want to kill him, or let him kill himself."

Arsenrios: "Then what do you want done with him?"

Grace: "A blue ball?" she suggested, "Like Cheri's parents?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Fine, which speaking of her, what are we exactly going to do with her?"

Maimun: walked in.

Grace: "I don't know. Let her live with you like Anne does?" she looked over, "Hi Maimun. Why the long face?"

Maimun: "I believe I must be the worst person in the face of the universe."

Arsenrios: "I don't know if that's the life for a kid being alone and no one helping her or being real parents."

Grace: "Oh, that's not the truth. Nairne is the worst person in the face of the universe." she said seriously to Maimun, "Maybe my mom could be her mom, and whoever my mom marries be her new dad." she told Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: nodded, "But will your mom take on a kid that is not her own?"

Maimun: nodded, "Alright the second worst person in the universe."

Grace: "She adopted Yuki like her daughter. Sure, why not? We just have to mention it to her first, and not just drop people off at her house randomly." she looked at Maimun, "Why?"

Maimun: "Because I met this girl and now she hates me."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Then that's settled."

Grace: "Person hates you? Nah, I can't see that. She's annoying but I don't think she hates people." she looked at Arsenrios, "Good."

Maimun: "Not Person. Tips."

Grace: "I don't know who that is." she said, looking back at him, "But what did you do?"

Maimun: "I revealed I was a Snyde."

Grace: her eyes widened, "You're a Snyde too!"

Maimun: sighed, "That's how I have fangs. I thought you knew that."

Grace: shook her head, "No I just thought you were a dragon and human. I didn't know you had fangs."

Maimun: "Nope but I've got it." he stood. "Bye Guys." he let his fangs come down and headed for the door.

Grace: "Got what! WAIT!" she held her hand out to stop him.

Maimun: stopped and turned, his eyes were a dull gray, "Yes?"

Grace: "Were you the one who bit Cheri?" she asked about the bite marks that were on Cheri's neck.

Maimun: "No. I was not."

Grace: "Who did then?"

Maimun: "I don't know. They were there before she was brought to me."

Grace: "Oh okay." she dropped her hand. "Bye Maimun."

Maimun: "Bye." he turned and walked out the door.

Arsenrios: sighed.

Grace: "What?" she looked at her husband.

Arsenrios: "He's gonna do something stupid I have to go talk to him."

Grace: "Do what?" she asked.

Arsenrios: "Let's just say it involves a stake." he ran out the door.

Grace: "Oh." she gasped in realization and ran out the door after her husband.

Arsenrios: was battling with Maimun

Grace: "What is going on Maimun!"

Maimun: "What is the point of living if all people do is tell you to leave them alone and to stay far away from them. What is it! I am so sick and tired of not being wanted anywhere."

Grace: "Person told you that?" she asked confused.

Maimun: "No. I don't even think Person exists anymore."

Arsenrios: took the stake and broke it in half.

Grace: looked at Arsenrios, "What happened to Person!" she asked alarmed.

Arsenrios: "The people she stole from came after her."

Grace: "Is she okay? Did you go after them?"

Arsenrios: "I can't go after someone that I have never seen or anything. There was nothing to go on."

Grace: "So she's dead?" she asked, her face paling.

Arsenrios: nodded slowly.

Grace: put her hand over her mouth, "Oh my." she whispered, she had just saw the girl a few days ago. Things changed fast. She felt bad for the girl, even though she hadn't known her a long time.

Arsenrios: tossed Maimun the pieces of the stake. "Fine you want to kill yourself so bad Maimun, do so but you have to kill me first." he ripped opened the front of his shirt exposing his chest.

Maimun: looked at him, his hands firming around the pieces.

Grace: her eyes widened, "You'd leave me to spare him?" she whispered her voice even softer now, looking at Arsenrios.

Maimun: sighed and threw them down. "No. He knew that I can't kill him so therefore I can't kill myself." he turned away from them. "It's like I lost her twice now."

Grace: was still looking at Arsenrios, "What if he did kill you? You want to leave me that badly?" she felt tears in her eyes now.

Arsenrios: "No hon. I wouldn't let him kill me. But I knew that he wouldn't even try. I was trying to get him to reason please don't cry." he hugged her.

Grace: she cried anyways, not feeling at all comforted by the hug.

Arsenrios: "My darling what can I do to prove that I will never leave you willingly?"

Grace: "I don't know." she sobbed into his open shirt, "I just think I'll always be afraid you'll leave one day."

Arsenrios: "Never will I leave you. Never." he pulled her closer.

Grace: nodded slightly, she sniffed.

Maimun: "Well..." he faced them. "Grace if you don't believe a word that I say just listen to me now. Love him like you've never loved before. He deserved that for he is nothing but kind. Treasure everyday that you spend with him. Every moment that he is there to hold you, to comfort you. With those things you can never go wrong. Let him into your heart and your mind and you will find peace of mind that you will know he is always there for you. To do anything that you need and that he will never be too far away. If you don't then you will regret it later. Trust me. Now good bye." he jumped into the air and changed forms and flew off.


Maimun: was just sitting in a dark cave, he was tired of this. He knew what he had to do but he couldn't do it without killing Arsenrios first which was something that he couldn't do. He couldn't hurt Arsenrios too bad no matter if he even wanted to which at the moment he didn't so this was going to have to be good enough. To stay in the dark and never hunt and just sit around and do nothing.


Tips: sat twirling her cell phone on the desk in her room. She sighed. She guessed he was never going to call to apologize. Maybe she was right to be afraid of him. Maybe he had been right when he said he was a psycho killer.

A letter fell onto the floor from where it had been sitting for about an hour or so which she hadn't noticed.

Tips: set her phone on the desk and bent down and picked up the letter, opening it. She read it.

It read:


I don't know how many times I must say that I am sorry for what I did. I didn't mean to startle you like that. It was wrong of me to do such a thing and I am most gratefully sorry. I do not regret meeting you. In fact it was one of the high points in my life. I know you probably won't care but this is the last that you'll hear from me. I have decided that it would best for you and the other girls if I stayed away. On second thought to hear this news must make you happy. I hope that you find others of your kind out there. Our non-human world is better than I am, please don't judge them until you get to know what it is they are like. I'll think of you often and treasure this piece of gold always. Farewell.


Tips: folded up the letter while looking at the clock to see what time it was.

It was 9:30.

Tips: put the letter in the envelope and put it away in the top drawer of her desk. She flipped open her phone and dialed Maimun's phone number.

Arsenrios: heard a phone going off, he opened it. "Hello?"

Tips: " this Maimun?"

Arsenrios: "No, but can I help you with something miss?"

Tips: "Uh, yes. I just wanted to get a hold of him. Apparently he gave me the wrong number?"

Arsenrios: "No this is his number but he isn't here. He left."

Tips: "Oh, well, would you happen to know another way to contact him?"

Arsenrios: "Other than through mental contact there is no other way."

Tips: "I don't know how to do that. Well, thanks anyways." she sighed, "Can you just tell him Tips called? I got his letter."

Arsenrios: "Sure, do you want me to have him call back if he comes back?"

Tips: "Yes please. Thank you. Bye."

Arsenrios: "You're welcome. Good bye Tips." he hung up.

Tips: shut her phone and set it back on the desk. Then she gathered all her books and study material together, shut off her bedroom lightly, and climbed in bed.


Arsenrios: came into a cave to get a rest when he stumbled upon Maimun. "Maimun?"

Maimun: looked up. He stood ready to leave again.

Arsenrios: "No wait. Just listen to me a moment."

Maimun: stopped. He turned to look at him. He couldn't see well anymore. His eyes were gray, almost black.

Arsenrios: "Tips called. She wants to talk to you Maimun. She is not dead. You didn't lose her. Just give her a change. She is not mad at you anymore. You can come home."

Maimun: "You came all the way here to tell me that?"

Arsenrios: "Please Maimun." he handed him the phone. "Just give her a call."

Maimun: "No thanks. I am tired of being hurt Arsenrios, I can't take it anymore."

Arsenrios: "If you get hurt again you can kill yourself no strings attached."

Maimun: "Promise?"

Arsenrios: nodded and teleported them back to the house.

Grace: looked up, "Hi guys- wow, Maimun, you don't look so good."

Maimun: "Thanks, nice to see you too." his grey eyes looked around. He sighed, and walked to his room and then dialed Tips number.

Tips: answered the phone on the third ring, "Hello?" she said, slightly distracted as it was lunch time and she was talking to people. Her voice sounded cheerful though.

Maimun: "Hi Tips this is Maimun. Arsenrios said you called."

Tips: "Oh hi Maimun! I didn't think you'd ever call me back." her voice was soft, "I thought you were mad at me for being mad at you, or something like that."

Maimun: "I could never be mad at you. I just figured I'd call and see what was up."

Tips: "" she paused, speaking to someone at the table and you could hear her getting up and walking away somewhere, "I have a question." she whispered into the phone.

Maimun: "Alright." he laid back on the floor leaning now against the wall.

Tips: there was another pause before she spoke, "Why did you...try to bite me?"

Maimun: "I was just seeing if it was possible to bite your kind. I wasn't going to drain you or anything. I was just curious. But it doesn't matter anymore."

Tips: "Why wouldn't you be able to bite my kind?" she whispered.

Maimun: "With some kinds I can't bite them."

Tips: "Why?"

Maimun: "I don't know."

Tips: "Well, apparently you can bite me, right?"

Maimun: "Yea."

Tips: "Oh." she sighed and paused again, "Well, anyways, I just wanted to call. You can feel free to visit anytime you want. Jacinta and Tainn have been missing you a lot."

Maimun: "I don't want to force my presence on you so like I said in the letter I think if it's better if I just stay away. I know that you have told them all that I have done and said."

Tips: "Yea, well, they like the idea of being bitten. But I never told them you were anything but human." she assured him.

Maimun: "Maybe you should, and then they will know that I should be avoided at all costs."

Tips: "I was just scared, okay? You imagine just meeting someone an hour ago and then walk up to you and try to bite your neck. Wouldn't you think of them as a creeper too?"

Maimun: "You don't have to explain. I understand Tips. I know what I did was wrong at the time is seemed somewhat logical. I'm never doing something like that ever again. In fact I'm not even hunting anymore."

Tips: "Do you need to hunt to eat?"

Maimun: "Yup."

Tips: there was a pause, "Maybe you are crazy."

Maimun: "Psycho killer remember? Though not so much killer anymore. Just psycho."

Tips: "I didn't know you were anorexic Maimun. Perhaps you should get help."

Maimun: chuckled softly for a moment and then stopped himself. "I'm not anorexic."

Tips: "Seems like you are if you aren't eating." she said a bit sternly. "I don't need to be having friends who are like that."

Maimun: shrugged, "That's what happens when one doesn't care about anything anymore."

Tips: sighed, "I'm going to go Maimun. Perhaps you are psycho. I was calling to ask to hang out with you and stuff, but you are acting rather weird. Bye Maimun." she hung up the phone.

Maimun: sighed and threw the phone against the wall and watched it break.

A few minutes later Anne came into Maimun's room with a plate of food for him.

Anne: "Here. Mistress Grace and Master Arsenrios bid you to eat, sir." She set the plate on his lap before leaving.

Maimun: "Thanks." He muttered to Anne before he ate the food she had brought him.

Anne: "You are welcome." She curtsied before leaving his room.

Maimun: a few minutes later he came into the room where Grace was, looking better. His eyes were no longer grey. They were just their normal color. He grabbed a drink from the fridge.

Grace: "You look better." she complimented him, taking a glance. "Everything must be good now."

Maimun: "I had food. I look fine but I'm not actually that way." he sighed.

Grace: "Oh." she looked at him now, "Sorry...for whatever happened. Though I don't know what that is."

Maimun: shrugged, "Whatever. Losing the person you've been waiting for happens all the time. This is like my third time." he shrugged, "No biggie."

Grace: "Third time?"

Maimun: "Person, when I told Tips I was a Snyde, and just now when I'm acting 'psycho'."

Grace: "It wasn't your fault about Person. Do we even know for sure if she is dead? Perhaps you can, you know, not act psycho. That would fix that problem right there. And it seems she got over the fact of you being a Snyde."

Maimun: "And how do I do that?" he drank what he had taken out from the fridge.

Grace: "Well what are you being accused of being psycho for? Act the opposite."

Maimun: "It's not like one can just turn off pain."

Grace: "Then find a way to fix it." she suggested.

Maimun: nodded, "Alright." he sighed and sat down.

Grace: "Do you know how to do that?"

Maimun: "Nope."

Grace: sighed, "I don't know. Girls like flowers. Bring her some of that. Or if you know what she likes, do something she likes for her. Do things that a normal...human boy would do. And then put your own dragon/Snyde twist to it. That will really get her going."

Maimun: nodded, "I'll go get some flowers then." he stood and walked out the door.

Arsenrios: collapsed in his chair.

Grace: "Just don't do anything scary!" she called after him, "I was scared of Arsenrios for awhile there. Just keep trying. Arsenrios did. And now we're married!" she glanced at Arsenrios and smiled slightly, and then looked back down at her work.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly back. "I think we adopted him." he said amused.

Maimun: "Got it!" he yelled back in.


Maimun: he appeared at the college where Tips, Jacinta, and Tainn went to. Heading through the hallways he saw the three girls chatting away as they walked out of their classroom and onto another part of the campus. He walked up to them.

Tips: lifting her eyes she spotted Maimun and stopped talking. She just rolled her eyes and walked past him into the hallway with her books in her arms. She didn't say one word.

Maimun: he looked from Tips to Jacinta and Tainn, and the two girls started to eagerly start up a conversation with him, asking him if he was staying and if he needed a place to stay. They offered to make him a bed up so he could spend the night in their dorm if he wanted to. Agreeing to them, Maimun excused himself and ran after Tips until he caught up to her, placing his hand on her shoulder. "Tips." He said softly, stopping when she turned to face him. "I wanted to talk to you about our conversation on the phone. I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. Do you think we can start over?"

Tips: she thought about that and her expression softened. She nodded a bit, "We can try." She told him.

Maimun: "Thank you. I'll let you get to class before you're late. Fare thee well." he walked back to the other two girls.

Tips: watched him go and sighed and then walked the other way.

Tainn: "What happened?" she asked Maimun when she spotted him.

Jacinta: "Is something wrong?" she worriedly walked over to Maimun's side.

Maimun: "Nope. I thought there was, but I was wrong. Better safe than sorry."

Tainn: nodded, "Of course." They pulled him up the remainder of the stairs and into one of the rooms.

Maimun: he went willingly, letting them pull him along.

Jacinta: she smiled inside the room, "This is our room." She announced to him.

Maimun: "It's very nice."

Tainn: "Thank you. Come sit on Tips bed while Jacinta and I set up the camp out." She walked away.

Maimun: he sat on Tips bed as instructed. "Thanks.

Tainn and Jacinta went to work.

There was a small book peeking out from under the pillow on Tips bed.

Maimun: pulled it out and looked through it.

It was her diary. The note that Maimun had gave her fell out of between the pages and onto the bed.

Maimun: picked it up, glanced at it, and then put it back in between the pages as he continued to look through her diary.

There was an entry from just a couple days ago.

Dear Diary,

It's stupid. He's crazy. But why is it I can't stop thinking about him? Maybe if I never see him again then I'll just forget about him. I can only hope. I've found my…stealing is getting worse thought, now that he is gone. And with that comes my lying. Oh god…maybe I'm crazy too.


Maimun: he smiled slightly as he read another entry in her diary.

There was one from last week.

Dear Diary,

I took something today. After I got off the phone with him. Something…big. After our fight. It's one of those things I think, like he told me, I could get in trouble for. But for some reason…I don't care.


Maimun: he put her diary away.

Tainn and Jacinta were still setting up the stuff.

Maimun: he looked around for the stolen stuff.

There was a box under her bed, locked.

Maimun: he unlocked it.

It was full of jewelry and other shiny things. There was also an ancient sword with jewels on it. Something that seemed to have come from the history room, or a museum.

Tainn: she leaned over the bed, looking at him, "Whatchya doing hun?" she smiled.

Maimun: he quickly closed the box, "Just looking around."

Tainn: "Well, Jacinta and I have to go to class in about ten minutes. You can stay in her if you wish, or walk around the school as long as you are careful."

Maimun: "That sounds good."

Jacinta: "Your bed is set up." She gathered her things.

Tainn and Jacinta each kissed his cheek and then left the room to walk to class, and they talked about Maimun on the way there.

Maimun: he closed his eyes and relaxed on Tips bed once Tainn and Jacinta left the room.

A few minutes later Maimun heard footsteps approach.

Tips: "WHAT are you doing on MY bed!" she exclaimed, dropping her books hard on him.

Maimun: "Oww…" he groaned, "Watch it. You could kill someone or seriously hurt them doing that."

Tips: "Good! Maybe that's what I want. Go sleep on someone else's bed." She yanked his head up by the hair and pulled her diary out from under her pillow, dropping his head again. She did not want him to reach this.

Maimun: he just watched her calmly. "So, how's your stealing been?"

Tips: "Fine, thank you." She tapped her foot, waiting for him to move as she kept her eyes on him.

Maimun: "I believe it'd been getting worse. Did you visit a museum?"

Tips: "No…what gave you that idea?" she said slowly and then quickly got on her knees and took her box out from under the bed, checking the lock.

Maimun: "Worried I looked in your box?" he smirked.

Tips: looked up at him. "It's rude to go through peoples things. Get out!" She pointed to the door, glaring at him.

Maimun: "I'm staying the night. Oh, there are flowers for you on the dresser."

Tips: looked to the dresser and pushed the box back under the bed, "From who?" she got up, walking over there.

Maimun: "Does it matter?"

Tips: "I just want to know." She smelled them.

Maimun: "Just so they could be hurt as you throw them away? I don't think so." He stood.

Tips: looked at him, "Whatever. I'll have Jacinta or Tainn just tell me."

Maimun: "They have no idea."

Tips: "Only you know?" she looked at him.

Maimun: "Yep."

Tips: sighed, "Whatever." She repeated in a mumble and went to the bathroom, taking the flowers with her. She put them in a cup with water.

Maimun: "They're…from me." He finally said to her.

Tips: she shut off the water and looked back at him, "Why?"

Maimun: "Because I really like you."

Tips: she glared at him, "Don't." she walked past him and set the flowers back on her dresser.

Maimun: "Don't what?"

Tips: "Don't say that." She sat on the bed, putting the pillow on her lap and looking down at it.

Maimun: "Why?"

Tips: "Because you're a crazy person."

Maimun: "I'm not crazy."

Tips: "You act like it."

Maimun: he sighed, "I'm sorry, okay? But the only reason I did that was because I thought I lost you forever."

Tips: "Still a crazy person." She muttered, her eyes still downcast.

Maimun: "Love's like that."

Tips: she looked up at him now with a sigh, "What makes you think you love me?"

Maimun: "I've lived a long time. I know what love is."

Tips: she was quiet as she looked back down.

Maimun: sighed.

Tips: "Thanks for the flowers."

Maimun: "Sure. I'm sure the crazy me will like that since that's what I am." He walked to the door.

Tips: "Maimun, don't go." She said softly.

Maimun: "I'm just a crazy Snyde dragon, remember? I'm sorry that I bothered you." He looked at her.

Tips: "Fine, leave." She got off the bed and pulled her box out, unlocking it.

Maimun: "Well, what else do you want me to do?"

Tips: "I want you to not leave." She sighed.

Maimun: he walked over to the bed Tainn and Jacinta set up for him and sat down on it. "Alright."

Tips: opened up her box and looked through the objects inside.

Maimun: "What are you looking for?"

Tips: "My necklace." She sighed and sat back when she couldn't find it.

Maimun: "What does it look like?"

Tips: "Silver chain with a red heart on it. I must have lost it." She put her box away.

Maimun: "Is it in your pocket?"

Tips: she checked her pockets and then shook her head when she felt nothing just as she expected. "No." she felt even worse now.

Maimun: "Could you have dropped it?"

Tips: "If I did it could be anywhere." She stood and got her things. "I have to go to my next class." She left the room quickly before she started to cry.

Maimun: he stood after she left and started to search her room for it.

It wasn't in the room.

Tainn and Jacinta came back a few minutes later.

Tainn: "Hi Maimun!" she smiled at him.

Maimun: he smiled at both Tainn and Jacinta, "Hi girls."

Jacinta: "What are you looking for?"

Maimun: "Tips lost her necklace."

Tainn: "Aww…her necklace."

Jacinta: set her books down, "The heart one?"

Maimun nodded, "Have you seen it?"

Jacinta: "She had it earlier today. No, I haven't seen it anywhere but when she wore it."

Maimun: "I have to think. Wait."

Tainn and Jacinta: "What?" they asked in unison at the same time.

Maimun: "I think I know where it's at."

Tainn and Jacinta: "Where?" they said again together and looked at each other, "Don't do that." They sighed and looked back at Maimun.

Maimun: "I'll be back." He ran out the door.

Tainn and Jacinta: watched him go.

Maimun: he searched for the man.

He was standing in the yard outside of the school talking to a group of other men. They were all wearing black and had black hair.

Maimun: he scanned the man.

The necklace was in a small metal case in his front pocket.

The man was a Sjourn; a species that had the ability to control technology.

Maimun: he thought about that as he walked back to the room. He searched on his data pad all he could about Sjourns.


Generally a peaceful creature, easily blended in with humans, can shift forms to match electronic items. Favors silver and metals of that color. Easily angered by any species but humans. Naturally liked humans because of humans love for technology.

Each Sjourn has one natural enemy of the Acak.

-Link For Acak Description Here

Maimun: he pressed the link for the Acak description as he walked into the room.


This species is best known for their two toned hair colors, the eyes matching the tips of their hair. They have no name, most species are known by sounds, not actual words. As children, each one has a tendency to steal things that catch their eyes. Most children die early in their young stage of life; Sjourns finding them as the Acak are drawn to them for the shiny technology. It angers the Sjourns for their items to be stolen and in return the Sjourn takes the Acaks life pendant. As the Acak grow older, they learn not to steal as much, and channel their compulsions into doing other things, like their lives with their mates or their jobs or their family. Parents of the Acak try to teach their children not to steal, but it's an inborn tendency. Naturally they are a kind people and at a young age are very into testing their new emotions. Easy to take advantage of. Some parents like to travel a lot because of this and start new. Their planet is made of shiny things and mostly metal- which attracts Sjourns for wars of the technology a lot, as Acaks hate to give up their stolen items. If they take something from you and return it, it means they trust you.

-Link For Sjourn Description Here

Maimun: he quickly clicked on the life pendant link as he sat down on his bed again.

It was a picture of a silver chain with a red heart on it, just as Tips had described to him.

Life Pendant

Sustains the life of the species Acak. Without it, the heart slows to a stop in ten hours.

-Link For the Acak Description Here

Tainn: "Welcome back Maimun."

Both of the girls were dressed for bed now, since the school day was over and they planned on staying in their rooms to finish up homework and to study.

Maimun: "There is no way." He shook his head, "Oh my god."

Jacinta: "What?" she asked him while she braided her hair.

Maimun: "Grace…no, Arsenrios would kill me."

Tainn: "Kill you? What?" she asked confused.

Maimun: "I need someone." He called Grace.

Grace: answered the phone, "Hello?"

Maimun: "Grace, I have a huge problem."

Grace: "You need my help?" she guessed.

Maimun: "Yes, advice wise. If I asked you to help me with anything more than that, Arsenrios would kill me."

Grace: "Okay…go ahead then. What do you need?"

Maimun: "Okay, so you know how Person liked to take things?"

Grace: "Yes…huh? Hold on." She put the phone on speaker phone, "Arsenrios is listening." She told Maimun and then spoke to Arsenrios, "He said something about Person taking things."

Maimun: "Okay. I guess they have this life pendant and they have this enemy the Sjourns."

Grace: "I'm confused."

Maimun: "How are you confused?"

Grace: "I don't know what you are talking about." She asked Arsenrios, "Do you understand?"

Arsenrios: "No entirely."

Maimun: "Look up these." He gave a description code.

Grace: "Okay." She looked it up, "Hold on." She said as she read.

Maimun: "Okay." He tried to keep his calm.

Grace: a few minutes later she spoke up, "I understand a bit more. So what's the problem you need help with?"

Maimun: "It's Tips."

Grace: smiled, "Your girlfriend. How'd it go?"

Maimun: "You're missing the point."

Grace: whispered to Arsenrios, "Do you know the point?"

Arsenrios: "Tips is Acak. Her necklace was stolen."

Maimun: "Thank you."

Grace: "Oh my." She said into the phone, "So, a Sjourn stole it? Do you know who has it at least?"

Maimun: "Yes and yes, but I need a human to get it. Going dragon would not be ideal this time."

Grace: "I'll come to help. Tell me where. Arsenrios can teleport me there."

Maimun: "You're not coming."

Grace: "Maimun, tell me where." She said firmly.

Arsenrios: "You're not going to be in danger." He told Grace sternly.

Maimun: "Track my location. I have no idea. Germany somewhere I think."

Grace: she connected her cell to the computer and tracked his location.

It beeped when it found him.

Grace: she looked at Arsenrios, "Just come with me."

Arsenrios: he sighed and teleported them into the campus room.

Maimun: he stood and shut his phone.

Tainn and Jacinta: stopped what they were doing when they saw two people appear in the room.

Jacinta: "Wow."

Tainn: "Am I sleeping?"

Grace: "Where's Tips?" she kissed Arsenrios cheek and whispered to him, "Thank you hun."

Tainn: whispered to Jacinta, "Maybe it has something to do with what they looked up."

Jacinta: nodded slowly. "Let's look it up too." They both stood and went over to the desk with a laptop on it.

Maimun: "She said she was going to her classes. We have nine hours."

Tainn and Jacinta: checked the laptop.

Grace: "Let's go find this guy then."

Arsenrios: "This is ridiculous."

Maimun: "Group of dudes…well, here." He took her hand and showed her mentally.

Grace: nodded, "Okay. You need me to get the pendant from him?"

Tainn: "Maimun what's the code?" they couldn't find any information on their laptop.

Maimun: "Yes, if you can. If not then I might as well die." He held up a wait a moment finger to Tainn.

Jacinta: turned around, "Die!" she exclaimed.

Tainn: "Are you serious!"

Grace: "Let's go then. I'll get it."

Maimun: "Thanks Grace. I owe you."

Arsenrios: "And if she gets hurt Maimun…" he voice carried a warning tone.

Maimun: "Then you'll grind my bones. I got it."

Tainn: ran between Arsenrios and Maimun glaring at Arsenrios, "You will do no such thing." She pointed at him defiantly.

Jacinta: she stood by Maimun, also glaring at Arsenrios, "Or we'll grind YOUR bones!" She threatened.

Arsenrios: he chuckled.

Maimun: "It's alright girls."

Tainn: looked at Maimun, "Where are you going?"

Jacinta: looked at Maimun too, "Can we come?"

Maimun: "I think it's best if we stay here."

Tainn: smiled, "Good. You said 'we'. That means you too."

Maimun: nodded.

Grace: pulled Arsenrios from the room.

Arsenrios: he went with her with a sigh.

Grace: "Okay…don't be alarmed when we find him. I mean…what I do to get the pendant from him."

Arsenrios: "As long as you really are mine and unharmed."

Grace: "They're nice to humans, so." She looked around for him.

Arsenrios: nodded softly.

Grace: "There. That looks like him." She pointed.

Arsenrios: scanned for the necklace.

Grace: hesitated, "There's a problem." She looked at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "What's that?"

Grace: "I smell like you. And you are not human."

Arsenrios: shook his head, "That's not good."

Grace: "I guess I could go anyways."

Arsenrios: "No, I'll think of something."

Grace: "Less than nine hours left, so…hurry." She watched him.


Maimun: "What class does Tips have right now?"

Jacinta: "English, but her classes are over in ten minutes."

Maimun: "Can you show me?"

Tainn: "You can't wait ten minutes?"

Maimun: "It's important."

Tainn: "Okay." She took his arm.

Jacinta: she took his other arm and led him to the English room.

Maimun: looked for Tips.

She wasn't in the room. The teacher was still teaching the class. Her seat was empty.

Maimun: "Oh no." he searched for her mind on campus.

She was in the nurse's office.

Maimun: "Where's the nurse?"

Jacinta: "Down the hall to the right." She pointed.

Maimun: "Thanks." He walked quickly down the hall.

Tips: was lying on one of the beds in the nurse's office.

Nurse: was in the entrance room, "May I help you?"

Maimun: "I was just worried about my friend."

Nurse: "Just a little headache is all. No need to worry, sweetie." She smiled at him.

Maimun: "Can I see her please?"

Nurse: "Sure. Head on back."

Maimun: "Thanks." He continued into the Nurses office and knelt beside Tips bed. "I'm going to fix this." He told her.

Tips: opened up her eyes and sighed, "You're following me everywhere." She turned over.

Maimun: "I know what's wrong with you and I know about the necklace. I know where it's at even."

Tips: "I just have a headache." She paused and then sat up on the bed and looked at him, "Really? You know where my necklace is? Where?" her voice was hopeful.

Maimun: "With the man that was in the hallway.

Tips: she narrowed her eyes, "I'll get it." She got up slowly.

Maimun: "No." he held her down, "You two are enemies. No."

Tips: she sighed, "You're crazy."

Maimun: "No. He's not human. Listen to me, please." He whispered to her.

Tips: her eyes were curious, "More non-humans?"

Maimun: "Yes, but the number one enemy of their kind is your kind."

Tips: "Who says?"

Maimun: he pulled out his date pad and showed her.

Tips: "Internet…has false stuff sometimes." She said slowly, not sure if she believed it herself. She laid back.

Maimun: "It's not the internet. It's an encyclopedia of sorts."

Tips: sighed and closed her eyes, "My head hurts."

Maimun: "We'll get it back before ten hours is up." He promised her gently.

Tips: she wasn't crying, but at the same time a few tears slipped down her cheeks as her eyes were closed. She turned away from Maimun again so he wouldn't see.

Maimun: "Please don't hide from me." He stroked her back.

Tips: "I used to have a sister and a brother. Both of them lost their heart necklaces…" her voice was soft.

Maimun: "I'm sorry." He brushed hair away from her face. "And your parents?"

Tips: "They don't make contact much from home." She opened up her eyes and turned her head to him, seeing him right there. "Just…go away." She said, not really meaning it. But it was hard…the fact that she liked him and didn't want to admit it because he was crazy.

Maimun: nodded softly, "I don't think you really want that. I'm always here for you Tips."

Tips: "Yea…" she said quietly. "For the next eight hours."

Maimun: "I don't let you die and if you do, I'm soon to follow."

Tips: "You're a crazy person." She said softly, her eyes holding more tears at the thought of him dying if she died.

Maimun: "Maybe I am, but I am serious. I love you so much. I will die for you if necessary."

Tips: took a soft breath, just looking at him.

Maimun: looked right into her eyes.

Tips: "Whatever." She mumbled, closing her eyes again. She was going to die without ever kissing him too.

Maimun: he leaned down and kissed her softly.

Tips: she opened up her eyes in shock for just a second, kissing him back; putting a hand on the side of his face as she did. Her eyes closed again.

Maimun: he kept kissing her.

Tips: sat up and found her kisses automatically get more aggressive. She gripped Maimun's shirt and pulled him closer.

Maimun: pulled her to him, putting both of his hands on the sides of her face.

Nurse: she cleared her throat, "Hmm…umm…well, I don't really deal with this in the infirmary…" she wasn't sure what to do for a moment.

Maimun: "Well, I think she's felling better. You're very good."

Tips: "Thank you." She said breathlessly, thinking he was talking to her. She climbed on his lap. "Make out with me."

Nurse: "Thanks…well…you can go then…"

Maimun: "Not here." He picked her up.

Tips: "Don't…care…" she held his face to hers and kissed him more.

Maimun: kissed her back, pressing her against the nursery bed.

Nurse: "Guys…out…or…I'll call…" she thought about what she would threaten. What scared college kids? "The principal!" she walked slowly closer to the bed.

Arsenrios: leaned in the doorway. "Maimun."

Maimun: looked up, "Crap." He stood, "Come on Tips."

Nurse: looked over, "Who are you?" she asked Arsenrios, "You don't look like a student here. Are you a substitute?"

Tips: "Mmm…" she groaned from the kiss being broken and opened her eyes to look at Arsenrios, glaring at him.

Maimun: "Sorry about that." He quickly walked out the door with Tips.

Arsenrios: "Carry on." He told the Nurse and walked back out.

Nurse: "Umm…" she sat back at her desk.

Tips: "Maimun…" she giggled and pushed him against the wall, kissing him again as soon as they were out of the office.

Maimun: he kissed her back. "You're gonna get in trouble." He flipped and pushed her against the wall now, still kissing her.

Tips: "Don't care. Dying anyways." She breathed and looked at him. "Make my last hours good." She pulled him to her, kissing him again.

Grace: sighed, "Well, at least their relationship seems to be fixed." She smiled at Arsenrios, "I give great advice."

Arsenrios: sighed and shook his head, "Maimun." He sighed again.

Maimun: "I will." He continued to kiss her deeply.

Grace: "I feel embarrassed." She grabbed Arsenrios' arm after another moment of watching Maimun and Tips, and pulled him away with her down the hall.

Tips: wrapped her arms around Maimun's neck and continued to kiss him.

Maimun: wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing her more against the wall with his body.

Arsenrios: "Well," he waved a hand over her and stepped back, "There."

Tips: groaned softly with pleasure.

The bell rang as class ended. The halls flooded with students.

Grace: looked at Arsenrios, "What'd you do?" she looked up at him.

Arsenrios: "Took my scent away from you."

Maimun: continued to kiss her.

Grace: "Oh, people." She pressed close to Arsenrios as people walked by.

The students glanced at Maimun and Tips, but just kept walking. This was college…nothing new. They'd seen it all before.

Arsenrios: stepped back.

Maimun: continued to kiss her.

Grace: took Arsenrios' hand and pushed through the people to find the man in black again.

Tips: her kissed grew more passionate and hard. She had been wanting this a lot…forever. No matter how much she had kidded herself before.

Maimun: picked her up. He was still kissing her as he walked down the hallway carrying her in his arms.

Tips: "You're…extremely cute…no matter…how crazy you are…" he said between kisses.

Maimun: "I'm glad." He took her into a dorm and laid her on the bed.

Tips: broke the kiss for a moment as she looked around, "Where…are we at?" she swallowed and looked back at him.

Maimun: "I signed up, and this is my dorm."

Tips: smiled slightly, "Oh…" she brought him to her, kissing him again.

Maimun: kissed her back.

Tips: continued to kiss him again.

Maimun: while he kissed her, he started working on her shirt.

Tips: laid back and watched him as he did so. She looked up at his face.

Maimun: took her shirt off and kissed her. As he took off more articles of clothing he kissed her whole body.

Tips: "Enough…Maimun. Please. I can't take it. Just…love me." She managed to say breathlessly.

Maimun: loved her completely outside and as much as he could inside.

Tips: let him love her and she enjoyed it. She found that she craved it. As he did his thing she kissed him back. She'd keep him here until she died. A great way to spend her last few hours.


Arsenrios: "You're going to get my scent again." He told Grace gently, looking at her as she held his hand.

Grace: glanced back, "Oh." She let go of his hand and wiped her hand on her pants.

Arsenrios: "You're making it worse."

Grace: "Sorry." She crossed her arms, keeping them there.

Arsenrios: "It's fine."

Grace: walked outside. "He wouldn't be out here, would he? It's late now."

Arsenrios: "I'm not sure."

Grace: "We have to find him."

Arsenrios: "He's not out here."

Grace: "Do you know where?" she asked him.

Arsenrios: "Where haven't we checked besides the dorms?"

Grace: "Hallway? Food court?" she walked back inside.

Arsenrios: "Let's try the food court."

Grace: walked to the food court. She spotted the man at a table all alone, looking through his cell phone. She turned to Arsenrios, "Okay. How's my hair? How do I smell?"

Arsenrios: "Perfect, and like a normal human."

Grace: "Okay." She skipped over to the man and stood behind a chair and asked, "May I sit here?" motioning to the empty chair in front of her.

Man: looked up and smiled, "Sure."

Grace: "Thank you." She sat down, pulling out her cell phone. She pretended to be looking at some texts. She gasped.

Man: couldn't help it. He looked over. "What is it?"

Grace: shook her head and pretended to text back. She waited for a 'reply'. When she got it, she pretended to grow really sad and a few tears even fell, "Oh my." a hand went to her mouth.

Man: "What?" he asked again, this time more concerned than curious.

Grace: looked at the man, "My boyfriend just broke up with me through text message." Then she really burst into tears, the thought of if Arsenrios had done that. She dropped her phone on the table with a clank.

Man: "I'm so sorry." He hugged her.

Grace: hugged him back. As she did, she reached for the necklace in his pocket. Something shocked her hand.

Man: pushed her back, "What are you doing?" he said, getting angry.

Grace: "I need the necklace for my friend. I'm sorry." She tried to explain softly, fake tears still on her face.

Man: "You lied to me, didn't you?" he growled.

Grace: didn't say anything. She failed. Good at advice, not action.

Man: "How do you even know about the necklace?" he stood.

Grace: "I…umm…my friend…" she tried, not sure how much to say.

Arsenrios: stepped up behind her, "Alright calm down. How about we make a little…trade?"

Man: looked at Arsenrios, "Who are you? Why should I trade with a Snyde?"

Arsenrios: "Arsenrios is my name, and because I've helped your kind before and I'll do it again if I can have that necklace."

Man: "Alright. Get me what I want then for this trade idea of yours."

Arsenrios: "You'll have the teeth within thirty minutes. Where do you want to meet?"

Man: "I don't know how you knew I wanted those. Just meet here." He was calm again, and sat down in his chair again.

Grace: stood.

Arsenrios: "Very well." he wrapped his arm around Grace and pulled her back with him to Tips room.


Maimun: had his arms around Tips, holding her close to him. He kissed her, "I love you."

Tips: "That's sweet." She kissed him back, happy. She cuddled close to him.

Maimun: pulled her closer still.

Tips: smiled slightly, "Let's do it again." She kissed him passionately.

Maimun: "You should rest." He told Tips.

Tips: "Yea, right I'm resting. I'm dying, remember?" she pushed him on the bed, kissing him, trying to get him to love her again.

Maimun: kissed her back like before.

Tips: "Come on…" she urged.

Maimun: kissed her more passionately.

Tips: "Faster…I mean, we are already naked." She kissed him harder as a shiver of pleasure ran through her body.

Maimun: loved her even better than before.


Tainn: looked up from her book when she saw Grace and Arsenrios come in without Maimun, "Where's Maimun?" she asked them.

Jacinta: was already sleeping.

Arsenrios: "No clue." He got the box from under Tips bed, "Ever broke a lock?" he asked Grace.

Grace: she took a bobby pin from her hair, "Can't you just crush it?" she whispered as she knelt by the box and started to pick the lock.

Tainn: "What are you doing?"

Arsenrios: "That'll be too obvious. Hold on, I might be able to do it." He took his nail and put it in the key hole and unlocked it. "Not a dragon claw but it works." He looked through the box for the teeth.

Tainn: "Hey! Get out of her stuff!" she closed her book.

Grace: "I was getting it." She told Arsenrios as she put the pin back into her hair.

They were under the museum knife.

Arsenrios: grabbed the teeth and closed the box, locking it again. "We're saving her life." He told Tainn as he stood with Grace by his side, "Cool it." With that he vanished with Grace and appeared in the cafeteria.

Tainn: "Vanishing people again…" she put her book away and decided she better get some sleep.

Man: he was sitting at the table with his phone still.

Arsenrios: came up behind him. "I have them."

Man: handed the necklace back to Arsenrios, holding his free hand open for the teeth, all without turning or setting his phone down.

Arsenrios: he took the necklace and placed the teeth in the man's open palm at the same time.

Man: "Pleasure doing business with you." He said as he looked at the teeth, and then put them in his pocket.

Arsenrios: "Likewise." He turned and walked with Grace to Maimun's dorm and knocked on the door.

Tips: "Tell them to go away." She whispered to Maimun, kissing him again.

Arsenrios: "What? You want to die? I have your necklace, Tips."

Tips: she pushed Maimun away when she heard that, keeping the blankets around her as she jumped up and opened the door, "Necklace?" she said, holding her free hand out for the necklace. She shook her hair back from her face to see Arsenrios better.

Arsenrios: handed it to her. "Tell Maimun he better be back at the house by tomorrow evening. Since you two are having a party in there."

Tips: "He goes to school here. He's not leaving. Thanks for my necklace." She shut and locked the door in Arsenrios' face.

Maimun: "Yea, I know." He called through the door.

Tips: put her necklace on and then took it off a moment later and looked at it. Her face fell, "This is not my necklace." She whispered.

Maimun: sighed, "I have an idea but you'll have to come with me."

Tips: nodded and quickly dressed, holding the necklace in her hand the whole time.

Maimun: got dressed, "Ready?"

Tips: "Yes. What's your idea?"

Maimun: "Hold on. We're leaving Earth."

Tips: "Okay." She waited. She was getting a stomach ache now, and since she wasn't having fun with Maimun she realized just how bad her head hurt. "Or maybe…" she said slowly, "We can just say here, you know. And like your friend said…have a party." She sat back on the bed.

Maimun: "I'm not gonna let you die."

Tips: "Well, I'm not letting you leave tomorrow them either, if I live past tonight."

Maimun: "Then live with me, but I can't let you die. Please let me take you elsewhere."

Tips: "Let's go." She stood. "I can't live with you. I have school here."

Maimun: he took her hand and teleported her to Arsenrios' house. He walked quickly to the basement with her.

Tips: followed him, "What are you doing?"

Maimun: "Going to my castle get a flower." He smiled when he saw his gold, "This way." He crawled through the burrow.

Tips: hesitated and then followed after him.

Maimun: came to his castle. He shifted forms to dragon and picked her up and flew to the garden.

Tips: held perfectly still, sort of frightened.

Maimun: he set her down and changed back to human. He searched the garden.

Tips: waited. She looked around from where she stood.

Maimun: found the golden flower and wished that Tips had her necklace back and that it couldn't be taken away and that the owner of the necklace that Arsenrios had gave to Tips had it back.

Tips: she felt the necklace around her neck and started to immediately feel better. She smiled.

Maimun: smiled slightly, "Better?"

Tips: nodded, "Yes." She breathed. "Thank you."

Maimun: "Anything for you."

Tips: hugged him, "Well, since I am not dying, I guess I better get back to my dorm."

Maimun: "So soon?" he was a bit disappointed to hear that.

Tips: "I have classes in the morning."

Maimun: "Oh."

Tips: "What?"

Maimun: "Well, I guess I better get you back."

Tips: "Not like you weren't going to leave tomorrow anyways." She accursed, then being compelled, walked towards the castle.

Maimun: "I was going to come visit you every day."

Tips: "I thought you enrolled for school there though."

Maimun: "I tricked the office lady into giving me a room for the night." He followed after her.

Tips: sighed, "Oh." She entered his castle, looking around at it from the inside.

Maimun: he stepped into the castle after her, "So, this is my castle."

Tips: "I love it." She complimented, walking around. She was intrigued by all of the shiny objects.

Maimun: "I'm glad."

Tips: ran her fingers over the little objects and pictures in the castle.

Maimun: watched her.

Tips: "I better go…now." She said slowly, resisting the urge to take things.

Maimun: "Go ahead and take what you want." He told her.

Tips: shook her head, "Don't tell me that. You wouldn't know what you'd be getting yourself into."

Maimun: "Here." He took three golden spoons out of his pocket, "Take them."

Tips: she was entranced by them, "Oh, I love them. Golden spoons." She took them, "Thank you. How'd you know?" she looked at him.

Maimun: "They were eyeballed before."

Tips: nodded, "Okay." She was content with them now.

Maimun: teleported them back to her dorm and lay down in his makeshift bed.

Tips: took his hand, "My bed can fit us both if we sleep close. It is a double bed."

Maimun: smiled, "Alright."

Tips: climbed in bed.

Maimun: climbed in after her.

Tips: set her spoons on the dresser and then cuddled close to Maimun, closing her eyes.

Maimun: he wrapped his arms around her as she fell asleep.


Tainn: "Oh."

Jacinta: "My."

Tainn and Jacinta: "God."

Maimun: pulled Tips closer to him in his sleep.

Tips: she slowly opened her eyes, seeing Tainn and Jacinta, "Umm…hi."

Maimun: opened his eyes instantly, "Hi."

Tainn: "Tips how could you!"

Jacinta: "You hated him!"

Tips: "I was dying?" she tried for an excuse.

Tainn: scoffed and walked to the bathroom, slamming the door slightly behind her.

Maimun: "Sorry hun." He kissed her, "A Snyde dragon wants what a Snyde dragon wants."

Tips: kissed him back. "Yea, I guess." She smiled slightly.

Jacinta: "A what?"

Maimun: "Can I show her?"

Tips: "I guess."

Maimun: "Sweet." He got up and stood in the middle of the floor and changed formed to dragon, bringing forth his fangs.

Tips: pressed her lips together tighter when she saw his fangs.

Jacinta: her eyes widened. "Tainn!" she called.

Tainn: opened the door, "Wha-" she stopped when she saw the dragon, "Oh my."

Jacinta: she smiled, "That's so cool!"

Tainn: "Wow he is…hot…literally." She walked closer.

Jacinta: "I want my own Snyde dragon boyfriend!"

Tainn: stepped closer to Maimun, "Since you're taken, do you have any…friends?" she asked.

Tips: sighed.

Jacinta: "This is so cool." She repeated and touched Maimun in awe.

Maimun: he shifted back into his human form. "Not any that won't eat you."

Jacinta: she backed up a bit.

Tainn: "Why are they so mean and you are so nice?" she questioned.

Maimun: "Because my 'fathers' wife threatened to kick me out. And I love them, so I promised to be more calm."

Jacinta: nodded, "I understand."

Tainn: "We understand you, Maimun."

Jacinta: pouted, "Are we still friends?"

Maimun: "Sure thing girls."

Tainn: smiled and hugged him.

Jacinta: "Do you eat dog food?"

Maimun: "No, I don't like dog food."

Jacinta: "Cat food? Have you tasted dog food, and that's how you know you don't like it?"

Maimun: "No and no. I eat human food, but prefer raw meat."

Tainn: "That's what dragons eat? Raw meat?"

Maimun: he nodded.

Tips: "Do you eat meat a lot?"

Maimun: "Just sometimes."


Tips: "I don't want to lose another boyfriend." She said to Maimun softly, holding onto him.

Maimun: "You won't lose me." He promised her.

Tips: "If you are worried about Jacinta, go follow her. She's my friend too. If anything is wrong I want to help her and Tainn." she sniffed and still had her face to his chest.

Maimun: "Not if it hurts you."

Tips: shook her head no, "She's my friend too." She repeated.

Maimun: "YOU are my most important concern."

Tips: "I believe you, but you are concerned about Jacinta too, I know."

Maimun: "I just don't want to lose you."

Tips: "I am attached permanently to you. The only way you'd lose me is if you wanted to leave. Not my decision but yours."

Maimun: "That would never happen."

Tips: smiled up at him. "Good."

Maimun: smiled.

Tips: "Now what do you want to do? Hang out with me, or check on Jacinta first?"

Maimun: "I'll hang out with you."

Tips: "Do you mind if we go to your dorm together?"

Maimun: "I don't mind." he teleported them to his dorm.

Tips: smiled and started to look around at his things. She brushed her hair behind one of her ears as she looked at some pictures on his dresser.

Maimun: they were of some different people one was of Arsenrios and Grace together.

Tips: "These are cute. I like Arsenrios and Grace."

Maimun: smiled, "I'm glad; they're like parents to me."

Tips: nodded, "You told me before." she looked at him, "We should get a picture of us together. You know, like those ones you get in a photo booth where theirs five pictures on a strip."

Maimun: smiled and nodded, "We should."

Tips: "Cool. When?" she sounded excited a bit.

Maimun: "Right now if you want."

Tips: smiled, "That'd be awesome!"

Maimun: smiled, "Then let's go."

Tips: "Okay." she skipped to the door again.

Maimun: followed.

Tips: "Your car or mine?"

Maimun: "I'll drive."

Tips: "Where's your car?"

Maimun: snapped his fingers and the car drove itself around. There was only one of these in existence. He opened the door for her; it was blood red with a black stripe.

Tips: smiled, she touched her hand to the paint lightly; "This is spectacular." she climbed in, "Thank you Maimun."

Maimun: smiled, "You're welcome." he shut the door then got in. He pressed some buttons and the car started off.

Tips: "You don't need to drive it?"

Maimun: "Nope."

Tips: smiled, "That's so cool. Where'd you get it?"

Maimun: "I made it myself actually."

Tips: put her hand over her heart, "You're so smart and talented." she said awe struck.

Maimun: shrugged, "I like cars but I wanted a car that had only things that I wanted. Personalized if you will. So I started doing research and here we are."

Tips: "Is this the first and only car you ever built?"

Maimun: "Nope, this is actually the fifth or so."

Tips: "Where are the others?"

Maimun: "Arsenrios' garage."

Tips: smiled, "Can I see them sometime?"

Maimun: "Sure, if you want one then you can have one even."

Tips: "Have one?" she asked in an unbelieving tone.

Maimun: nodded, "Yea, unless you want me to build you one so then you can have one personalized to you and not me."

Tips: "That's too much work, and I don't mind having something of yours."

Maimun: smiled, "If you want I can take you by his house and we can check it out."

Tips: "I'd like that. Do you want to do that now, or our pictures first?"

Maimun: "Well we are already here at the pictures." the car parallel parked.

Tips: smiled, "Cool." as soon as the car stopped moving, she opened the door and got out.

Maimun: got out then too and locked it.

Tips: spotted the photo booth and then ran to it, climbing inside and sitting on the seat behind the black curtains, making the place inside dark when the curtains were closed.

Maimun: got in too.

Tips: snuggled close to him. She put some coins in, small golden ones she had made and knew them to fit. She smiled.

Maimun: wrapped his arms around her and smiled down at her.

The camera shot went off. They did one happy picture, one goofy picture, and a crazy picture, a silly picture, and then Tips kissed Maimun so she'd have that as a picture as well.

Maimun: kissed her back then moved out of the booth and waited for the pictures.

Tips: got out and took the two sets of pictures. She handed one to Maimun, "There you are."

Maimun: smiled, "Thanks."

Tips: "To your house then?"

Maimun: nodded, "If that is your wish ma-lady." he opened her door again.

Tips: smiled and blushed slightly and climbed in.

Maimun: shut the door behind her, and got in on his side.

Tips: smiled, looking at the pictures as she sat there.

Soon the stars were visible through the front of the car.

Tips: "It's dark already."

Maimun: "We're in space hon."

Tips: put her hand over her mouth, "I need air to live."

Maimun: "Don't worry this also has a life support in it so it is pumping oxygen in here."

Tips: moved her hand, "Cool."

Maimun: smiled, he put an arm around her.

Tips: "So where do you live?"

Maimun: "Inside of Arsenrios' house."

Tips: "I know, but on what planet?"

Maimun: "It's called Shamenla."

Tips: "That's a beautiful name. I bet it's a beautiful planet too." she looked out at the stars. "They're so pretty."

Maimun: smiled and nodded, "But you're most beautiful."

Tips: "You make me feel wonderful about myself, Maimun." she said softly, and looked at him.

Maimun: smiled, "I'm glad, that's my goal."

Tips: smiled slightly.

Maimun: kissed her, "Besides one cannot deny the truth."

Tips: "What truth?"

Maimun: "How beautiful and wonderful and perfect you are."

Tips: "I may be beautiful and wonderful, but I am not perfect. I have made many mistakes, I know that."

Maimun: smirked, "So I'm a mistake, I'm heartbroken now."

Tips: "Maimun, you are not a mistake." she kissed him, "You are my one correct choice. And without you choosing me, I wouldn't even have made the choice."

Maimun: chuckled, "Yea cause you would hate me still."

Tips: "Correction, I would pretend to hate you. I never actually hated you."

Maimun: "You're a good actress."

Tips: "I'm sorry." she said softly.

Maimun: chuckled, "It's alright."

Tips: "I'm glad you still didn't believe me though, no matter how good of an actress I was."

Maimun: smiled, "I knew what I wanted."

Tips: "And I am glad you did."

Maimun: smiled, "Me too."

Tips: "How close are we to the planet?" she said, inching closer to him.

Maimun: "Very close." He smiled at her as she inched closer, "You know…I should give you a name."

Tips: "A name? Why? I thought everyone just called me Tips."

Maimun: "That's more like a nickname then a name though. Would you like a name?"

Tips: "I never really thought about it. I guess if I had one I'd like it to start with the same letter as your name, because I like your name a lot."

Maimun: he held back a soft laugh, "I thought you'd say something like that. I was thinking of naming you Meisha."

Tips: "Meisha?" she paused to think about that and smiled, "I like that name a lot. Alright." She clapped her hands once, "From here on out I shall be henceforth known as Meisha."

Maimun: he chuckled, "Alright." Leaning over to her he softly kissed the top of her head.

Meisha: "Maimun, I was thinking, maybe it would be better if you and I stayed off campus, in an apartment or something, since you aren't actually going to the university. Then you won't have to leave." She really didn't want him to go.

Maimun: "That might work…" he nodded, "We would leave Jacinta and Tainn at the campus dorm however?"

Meisha: "I don't know. Knowing them they would probably come with us."

Maimun: "True. I don't think I'd be happy in an apartment though. If you do move out of the dorms, I'll get us a house."


Maimun: he appeared in Meisha's room of the house he had bought for Meisha, Jacinta, Tainn, and himself to stay at. It was close enough to the university that Meisha, Jacinta, and Tainn could still get to their classes if they wanted to, yet far enough away that it was off campus so Maimun didn't have to worry about anything. He looked worried right now; however, because he had just gotten back from a swim in the lake where Jacinta had told him her boyfriend got the small pearl from. It turned out that the pearl he gave her was a small dragon egg, and Maimun had been curious as to where the egg came from, so he went to check it out for himself. He dove deeper than normal and had come across a cave under the lake. Curious, he had swam to it and found that inside the cave there was an air pocket that kept it dry on the inside, and near the back of the cave a sleeping dragon that was being held hostage by a man. He even saw baby dragons in cages in the place, and anger coursed through his body. He needed to save them.

Meisha: "Maimun, what's wrong?" she asked, noticing him in her room after a moment.

Maimun: he walked up to her and placed his hands on her upper arms, "Meisha, I had to come back and tell you that I found some other dragons. They aren't in very nice conditions and I have to save them."

Meisha: "Dragons? What? Where?"

Maimun: "I can't tell you that, but I just needed to come back to tell you that if I do not return for a long time, this is why."

Meisha: "How long is a long time?"

Maimun: "I am not sure."

Meisha: "Hurry back, please." She told him softly, and kissed him. She was starting to get a bit worried too, seeing that look in his eyes. "Be safe."

Maimun: "I'll try." he promised before he kissed her back.

Meisha: "Thank you."

Maimun: "You're welcome." he kissed her again.

Meisha: kissed him back. "Bye...then."

Maimun: his eyes sad, he vanished and swam back to the cave.

The mother dragon was still sleeping. The man was now putting the mixed liquid, more of it that he had made while Maimun was gone, into a tube which he stuck into a small freezer to let it freeze over night. He put the needle away and then he took off his gloves, as he was done for the night. Now he just needed to wait until morning to continue with the experiment. He threw his gloves in the trash and walked over to another freezer and pulled out one mini steak, like Maimun had given to the baby dragon on the surface, except the man gave it to feed all of the many dragons that were in the box by the wall. Afterward he went and washed his hands, dried them, and then he shut off all the monitors.

Maimun: turned invisible and watched.

The man went over and pet the mother dragon on the nose as she slept and kissed the tip of her nose, his eyes were sad, and Maimun saw that right before the man shut off the lights to the cave, making it completely dark. In the darkness the man whispered something to the dragon, but to Maimun it made no sense. But the words weren't harsh. They were sweet and they went something like this;

"Her head of crowned horns crowned

drifted down my trembling body

of tanned glistening flesh

She breathed blazing fiery gasps

Of air on me then took my soul

With her forked tongue caress

My beautiful she dragon..."

He whispered, "Once so tall and now so beastly." he added and then he left the room, closing and locking everything up behind him. He left the opposite direction where Maimun was. Because the way Maimun came from led to water, and the way the man went he went to more land and air, which was where he lived now.

Maimun: waited for the dragon to wake.

The dosage was enough to keep the dragon sleeping throughout the night and she did not wake even though the baby dragons were crying all night.

Maimun: tended to them.

The baby dragons were hungry. So many of them and only one little steak to eat was barely anything. And they wanted their mother.

Maimun: gave them something to eat a little for all of them. When he felt morning approaching and he knew the dosage the man gave the dragon to keep her sleeping was about to wear off, he walked up to the mother dragon and roused her, seeing the shocked look in her eyes when she opened them. "I'll save you and your babies. The man who is keeping you here has his time limited." He knew that the dragon knew Maimun was like her, and so there was that small trust in her for him, even if she did not know him well.

The sapphire dragon stared at Maimun for a moment before she nodded, 'You'd have to catch him while he's sleeping.' She told Maimun mentally.

Maimun: nodded. "I'll be back." he teleported into the man's room he was invisible and looked around for the man.

It was a small home on the inside of the cave, a small sleeping area, bathroom area and a small kitchen area. There was a little TV and couch set up so he could sit down and eat as he watched TV. The man was dressed and in the kitchen making breakfast.

Maimun: came up behind him, silent, and broke his neck; and then just to be sure put him in a cube that as soon as it touched skin, it sucked him up. Sure that they were all safe now, he went back out to meet the sapphire dragon and told her all was well. He undid her chains and then let her baby dragon's loose.

All the children gathered around their mother as soon as they were let out into freedom.

Sapphire Dragon: she nuzzled her children, counting them one by one. 'I am missing one.' She looked at Maimun worriedly.

Maimun: "I think I may know where it is, and I can try to get it back, but you might have to come with me."

Sapphire Dragon: 'I can't leave without my babies. I barely got to see them before. And...' she sighed, 'I am not sure if I have the ability to be human form anymore.'

Maimun: "She thinks it's neat about dragons."

Sapphire Dragon: 'Who?' she asked, confused.

Maimun: "The girl who has your baby."

Sapphire Dragon: 'I am too large and will attract attention. Can she not come here?'

Maimun: shook his head, "I can teleport us there. My house should be big enough to hold you. Just as long as my friend doesn't see you."

Sapphire Dragon: she nodded slowly, 'It's not safe for dragons to be on the surface with humans. I don't see how I could get from here to your house and back without being detected. I can't risk my baby's lives. They've been through enough already.'

Maimun: he nodded, understanding, "I'll try to get it back."

Sapphire Dragon: 'Thank you, Maimun.'

Maimun: "I'll return." he assured her, before teleporting to his house and looking for the baby dragon and Jacinta.

Jacinta: was in one of the bedrooms where she had put her things, laying on the bed, cuddling the dragon to her side as she slept softly.

Maimun: sat on the floor, watching.

Jacinta and the baby dragon slept soundly together.

Maimun: waited till they awoke.


Jacinta: opened her eyes, even on the verge of awareness as she felt eyes watching her. "Maimun?" she asked, confused.

The sound woke up the little baby dragon. It uncurled at Jacinta's side and looked over at Maimun also.

Maimun: was lying back on the floor. He turned his head and looked over at Jacinta, "You're going to hate me."

Jacinta: "I...already kind of do because you picked Ti- Meisha and not me." she yawned and sat up slowly, petting the baby dragon's head softly.

The baby dragon yawned.

Jacinta: she glanced down at the baby dragon and then looked back over at Maimun and smiled, "Why will I hate you now?"

Maimun: "I need the baby back."

Jacinta: "No." she said quickly, her smile gone, voice defensive. "The baby dragon is mine. My boyfriend gave him to me."

Maimun: "The mom wants her baby back."

Jacinta: she frowned, "No," she protested, scooping up the baby dragon and holding it close to her again.

Maimun: he growled, "Jacinta, give me the baby."

Jacinta: she whimpered a bit, both from fear and the idea of losing her baby dragon, "No."

Maimun: "Jacinta, I'm not joking around."

Jacinta: "Neither am I." she said softly, "It's my baby."

Maimun: "Fine." he got up and picked up Jacinta, throwing her over his shoulder, "Then you'll explain that to the mother dragon."

Jacinta: "What! Hey! Put me down!" she accidently let go of the baby dragon, letting it drop to the bed, "Run! Hide!" she said urgently to the baby dragon.

The baby dragon sat there.

Maimun: he scooped up the baby dragon, holding him, "No, Jacinta. I told you I wasn't joking." he walked into Meisha's room; Jacinta still over his shoulder and carrying the baby dragon in one hand.

Jacinta: "Meisha!" she yelled to her.

Meisha: scrambled off of the bed and ran to the door, "Maimun you're back."

Maimun: "Hey babe, yea though I'm going to leave again in about a minute."

Meisha: "What? Why? If Jacinta is going with you I want to come too." she looked at Jacinta.

Jacinta: "No I don't want to go! He's taking my baby dragon away from me!"

Meisha: nodded. She didn't care about the dragon leaving...but for good measure, "Why?"

Maimun: "The mom wants her baby back and she refuses to give it to me so she is going to explain to the dragon why she will not give it back."

Meisha: looked at Jacinta, "Jacinta it's her baby and apparently the mom wants it back."

Jacinta: frowned, "But I want a baby dragon!" she whined and kicked her legs to get out of Maimun's grip.

Maimun: just held on tighter, "Selfish, selfish. I'll see you in a bit hon." he walked out of the room.

Meisha: sat back down on the bed, "Bye." she said, not going to be able to sleep again.

Jacinta: "Maimun I hate you!"

Maimun: "Told you. See you could have made this easy on yourself if you would have just gave it to me in the first place."

Jacinta: "You have it in your hand! You told me nothing! If you are taking that dragon from me give me another! I'M TELLING MY BOYFRIEND!"

Maimun: sighed and set her down but held the baby away from her so she couldn't get it. "Jacinta," he sighed, "Why is it you are trying to separate a mother and child? Do you want to kill her? Do you want a dragon to come after you? Do you want to be like humans past that just take what they want from us?"

Jacinta: "No I just want my baby dragon. I love it." she said softly and looked down at the dragon. "I want a pet, that's all."

Maimun: "Then why can't you get a dog or a cat, those won't bite or blow fire and you will not being hurting a dragons heart if you do so. If you let me take it back I will search for a little dragon for you that will not be taken away, but if I can't then you have to find another animal okay?"

Jacinta: sighed, "Fine I'll let you take the baby dragon if you promise to look for another for me. Okay. And maybe I like animals that bite and blow fire."

Maimun: "I will look for another one for you. I promise."

Jacinta: "What am I supposed to tell my boyfriend if he asks about the pearl? And what if he knew it was a dragon and now I gave it away?"

Maimun: "Tell him it's so precious that you put it in safe keeping."

Jacinta: "Alright, I will." she pet the baby dragon, "Good bye." she blew it a kiss then looked at Maimun, "Bye." she walked back down the hall.

Maimun: teleported to the cave and looked for the mother dragon.

She wasn't hard to spot. She was the largest thing in there.

The sapphire dragon looked over to Maimun, and saw her baby. It looked like she smiled.

The baby dragon jumped out of Maimun's hand and ran to his mom chirping happily.

Maimun: "Well, there you go." he smiled a little.

Sapphire Dragon: 'Thank you Maimun.' the mother dragon said in relief, 'The dragons owe you.'

Maimun: "You're welcome, I'm not owed anything, I found a dragon, well a few of them here that aren't trying to kill me, that's payment enough."

Sapphire Dragon: 'I hope to see you around then, Maimun. Take care.'

Maimun: "You too." and with that being said he teleported back to the house and went to his room and collapsed on the bed.

Meisha: smiled, "Welcome back." she snuggled to him.

Maimun: wrapped his arms around her, "Thanks..." he said trailing off as he went to sleep.

Meisha: finally, she was able to fall asleep too.

Maimun: slept until late in the afternoon.

Meisha: slept until the next night.

Maimun: just watched her sleep.

Meisha: opened her eyes and smiled at him, "Hi."

Maimun: smiled, "Hello hon." he kissed her, "Good...night." he said thinking about it, he shrugged.

Meisha: laughed, "Yea, good night. But I am not sleepy which is a bad thing. I've thrown off my internal clock."

Maimun: smiled, "Well I could always tire you out." he smiled.

Meisha: "Oh yea? How?"

Maimun: pressed her into the bed and started kissing her.

Meisha: happily kissed him back.


Jacinta: "Meisha wake up it's time for school. Maimun do you have my baby dragon yet?" she said outside their room door.

Maimun: "No, now shh...we're sleeping."

Jacinta: "Like heck you are. I'm not stupid. You've missed a day of school already Meisha let's go."

Maimun: "I'll get her a doctor's excuse."

Meisha: smiled slightly, "I like that." she whispered to him.

Jacinta: sighed, "Fine." she walked off.

Maimun: smiled and kissed her nose, "Now the question is, what kind of excuse do you want?"

Meisha: closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them again. They sparkled, "Well what sickness is going around?"

Maimun: "Flu, Hesponicutious..."

Meisha: "Hesponicutious? What is that? That sounds more dangerous than the flu. Let's say I have that." she smiled slightly and kissed him.

Maimun: smiled and kissed her back, "Oh yes, it is so dangerous, you know people have died from it and it takes at least two weeks to get rid of it."

Meisha: "Oh my, so, I can have two weeks off, doctor's excuse?" she smiled.

Maimun: "Or more if you want I know a guy."

Meisha: chuckled lightly, "I bet you do, but," she shook her head, "I just can't. I'll fail college if I do and I am so far done as it is I don't want to have to start all over."

Maimun: "No you aren't, you're ahead."

Meisha: "Says who?"

Maimun: "Says the school."

Meisha: looked at him suspiciously, "What did you do?"

Maimun: "I didn't do anything."

Meisha: "Then how am I ahead?"

Maimun: "I don't know. Maybe a foul of some sort..."

Meisha: "Aha!" she pointed at his chest and poked him, "You admit to foul play!"

Maimun: "But not by me I assure you."

Meisha: "Better not be. But if not by you then by whom?"

Maimun: "I have no idea."

Meisha: "Sure."

Maimun: "I don't honestly."

Meisha: "Fine then I'll have to find out who is."

Maimun: "Why?"

Meisha: "Because I don't want people toying with my school grades! I want to make it on my own? Do you understand that? Do you respect that?"

Maimun: sighed, "I guess."

Meisha: "Good. Now I need to find out who is toying with my school grades. If it is not you, I want to know who else it can be."

Maimun: "I don't know."

Meisha: "Well now I'm curious and now I need to know."

Maimun: "I might...have some friends in the school..."

Meisha: "Who? Like Brick?"

Maimun: "No. Friend is not exactly the word I would use for Brick."

Meisha: "What would you call him then? It didn't seem like he was mean to you."

Maimun: "An Acquaintance."

Meisha: "Well maybe after you two get to know each other better you can be friends."

Maimun: "I doubt that."

Meisha: "And why is that?"

Maimun: "He seems to have the view of all the others at the school."

Meisha: "And you don't think that view of his can be changed?"

Maimun: "I don't know."

Meisha: "Well, when I go back to school, then we can see." she smiled slightly, "Start a revolution."

Maimun: laughed, "We could."

Meisha: "And if anyone protests you can throw fireballs at them." she smiled wider.

Maimun: laughed, "True."

Meisha: "That'd be a bit scary to see. I've never seen it before."

Maimun: "Only for those that went against me."

Meisha: "Remind me never to do that. And never to let our kid do that either." she paused, "Will I give birth to a little baby dragon like the one that was here earlier?"

Maimun: "I love both of you too much for that. That I don't know, it could just be an egg or something quite frankly I have no idea."

Meisha: nodded, "Oh." she smiled.

Maimun: "Do you have any idea how much longer it will be till it's born?"

Meisha: "I'm sorry...I'm not an expert on dragon/Snyde/Acak babies...and apparently neither are you." she kept her smile.

Maimun: smiled, "Nope, I just wondered, some people can feel when they are going to have children soon I just wondered if you felt it."

Meisha: "Not yet. How long has it been? Not even two weeks."

Maimun: "Oh your right."

Meisha: "How long is a normal dragon baby? Like, with full dragon parents, in egg form before hatching?"

Maimun: "About two weeks."

Meisha: "Then...then it should be any day now I have the child and we aren't even ready at all for it. Are we keeping it?" you could tell she was worried and nervous.

Maimun: "Of course, if you want to...I'm ready to take care of the child."

Meisha: nodded slowly, "Well as long as I am done with school...I think I should be too."

Maimun: "Well while you're at school I'll take care of the kid."

Meisha: "That could work."

Maimun: nodded.

Meisha: kissed him again.

Maimun: kissed her back.

After school, Jacinta went to find Maimun.

Maimun: was at the house.

Jacinta: knocked on his room door.

Maimun: "Yes?"

Jacinta: "Where's my baby dragon do you have him yet?"

Maimun: "No not yet." there was a growl from inside the room; he looked back and then looked back out at Jacinta

Jacinta: "What's that?" she peeked around him and inside the room.

There was a woman and had her hands on her hips and an irritated look.

Maimun: "Nothing. Bye." he shut the door.

Jacinta: gasped, "TIPS!" she yelled and ran down to Tips room and knocked on the door, pounding until finally she just opened it and walked in. "Tips, did you know Maimun has a WOMAN in his room?"

Meisha: was looked at Jacinta, a book on her lap, open as she had been reading, "He said he had a visitor." she shrugged slightly.

Jacinta: "Yea! But in his ROOM?"

Meisha: "I'm not so worried-" she began.

Jacinta: cut her off, "She's pretty. Come here and look." she walked over to Meisha and grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her out the door and back to Maimun's room, "Shhh." she whispered to Meisha and made her look and watch through the key hole. She stood close to the door and listened through it, pressing her ear against the wood.

Woman: "Maimun, have you become terminally ill? First asking my for one of my babies and now living with pitiful humans? I swear they were right, you have lost your dragon mind."

Maimun: "Maybe I have gone out of my mind but you do owe me. Which is why I came to you in the first place."

They spoke in a language neither Tips nor Jacinta understood.

Maimun: "No. There's no way."

Woman: "You want it so bad, yet you're afraid your wife is going see? Come on Maimun you are being stupid here. You know my price."

Maimun: "And me saving your life should be enough for you." he sighed in a growl.

Meisha: "Maimun wants one of her babies?" she looked up at Jacinta from peeking through the keyhole.

Jacinta: smiled and whispered, "Oh, maybe it's a dragon baby she doesn't seem like human."

Meisha: "That's SAD! Why would she do that and just give one up like that? Does she not love them?"

Jacinta: waved her away with her hand, "Shhh! I'm listening. Go back to watching. Tell me if anything happens."

Meisha: sighed and went back to watching her husband and the unnamed woman.

Woman: sighed and pointed to the door.

Maimun: walked over to the door and opened it. "Can I have some privacy please?"

Meisha: stood, she blushed, "I'm sorry." she said softly.

Jacinta: stepped back, "Why do you need privacy? Hmmm? What are you hiding from MEISHA? Hmmmm?"

Maimun: "Jacinta just go do some homework."

Jacinta: looked at Meisha and gave her a suspicious look and walked away.

Meisha: "I guess I'll...go too." she turned away, a bit embarrassed. She wouldn't even be there if Jacinta hadn't told her to come see.

Maimun: shut the door and talked to her again.

Meisha: went back to her room. Now she was curious of what he was hiding. She sat on the bed and brought her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them; her book was forgotten.

Jacinta: snuck back to the keyhole and watched quietly.

Woman: "Maimun when you are not being watched like a hawk then we'll talk." she vanished.

Maimun: "JACINTA!" he yelled and slammed opened the door.

Jacinta: stumbled back, "So at least I stopped you from kissing other women!"

Maimun: "I am not cheating on Meisha!"

Jacinta: crossed her arms, "Of course not now." she said annoyed.

Maimun: "Jacinta do you want a baby dragon or not? Because right now you are ruining any chance of it."

Jacinta: "Why do you have to be so secretive?" she sighed.

Maimun: "Because my kind doesn't like your kind."

Jacinta: "UH! How rude! My boyfriend likes me!"

Maimun: "Well he is not a dragon."

Jacinta: "Well my baby dragon will love me. Fine I'm leaving to my room." she walked off.

Maimun: sighed and set in a chair.

It was quiet.

Maimun: got up when there was a knock on the door. When he opened it though he didn't see anyone so closed it again, wondering what was going on.

Meisha: stayed in her room. She eventually fell asleep as it got late.

Jacinta: finished her homework.

Maimun: went into his room to find a note. "Oh no." he started to look around quickly.

Tainn: walked by the room.

The door was open so she could see, if she wanted to look inside, that he was completely turning his room upside down looking for something.

Tainn: looked in, "Missing something?"

Maimun: "I suppose you could say that." he started lifting up furniture.

Tainn: walked in, "Can I help? What are you looking for?"

Maimun: "Two baby dragons."

The blue and red blurs flew out and bit her feet.

Tainn: yelped, "Hey!" she jumped, "Ouch!" she almost fell.

Maimun: caught her and grabbed the dragons off her feet and healed them, "Tainn I am so sorry."

Tainn: "It's okay." she balanced herself, "No big deal. At least you found them."

Maimun: nodded, "Yea, they were dropped off." he looked confused but said nothing. He pet the dragons.

Tainn: "Why do you look confused?"

Jacinta: ran in, "Did I hear a scream and talking about-" she gasped, "BABY DRAGONS!" she ran in the room.

Maimun: sighed and held them up so Jacinta couldn't reach them. "There was a knock on the door I checked it no one was there I came up here and here they are with a note."

Jacinta: frowned, "Please! Do I get both? Or just one? If so I like the blue one."

Tainn: "Where's their mom?"

Maimun: "I don't know, she didn't say. Hold on Jacinta do you want them to bite you?"

Jacinta: "No." she smiled at them just taken by them.

Tainn: "Where's the note can I read it?" she asked Maimun.

Maimun: picked it up and handed it to her.

Tainn: read the note.

Maimun, I need you to take care of my children. I don't know if or when I'll be back. I know that they will be safe with you.

Tainn: "She sounds like she's in trouble." she looked up at Maimun and handed him the note back.

Maimun: "I know but the only thing is, I don't know who it is." he put the note in his pocket.

Tainn: "You've got all that spiffy alien technology. Even humans can look at handwriting and locate a person like that."

Maimun: "All dragons have the same handwriting."

Tainn: "Boys and girls?" she asked, thinking that was a bit weird if so.

Maimun: "No the girls are all the same and the guys are all the same."

Tainn: "And there isn't any evidence on the paper of who it could be?"

Maimun: shook his head sadly, "No."

Tainn: "Then just ask the dragons."

Maimun: "They're to young but I can try." indeed he did tried but he didn't get anything.

Tainn: "Suddenly where are all these dragons coming from? I thought you said they were extinct? Is this all because you helped that one mother dragon?"

Maimun: "I have no idea."

Tainn: "O...kay. Well you should find out."

Jacinta: "Can I have a dragon now? Please?" she asked nicely, looking at Maimun again.

Maimun: "Be careful, they bite." he handed her the blue one.

Jacinta: took it, "Thank you." she said, petting the dragon, "Hello baby." she said softly, holding it. She sat down on Maimun's bed.

It wrapped its tail around her thumb then bit one of the fingers that was petting it.

Jacinta: "OUCH!" she exclaimed as she pulled her finger out of its mouth. She took its tail and bit it in return.

The red dragon looked to Maimun and they both started to laugh.

Jacinta: looked up, "What? He bites me I bite him back."

Maimun: "You really want more dragon bites don't you?"

Jacinta: "Well on the movie Eight Below the guy was told to bite the ear of the dog that bit him, and he wouldn't be bitten anymore. So that's what I am doing for the dragon. Lesson learned."

Maimun: sighed, "You shouldn't have pet him, dragons are not tame animals. They don't like to be restricted."

Jacinta: "But he's cute. I want to pet him. I pet the other dragon and he never bit me."

Maimun: "The other one hadn't been trained yet."

Jacinta: "I don't get it."

Maimun: "These are old enough that they have been trained to hate humans. The one you got from your boyfriend wasn't though when they are newly born they like to bite things."

Jacinta: "Well then my other dragon must have liked me because he was newly born and he never bit me." she sighed and set her dragon down on the bed, "It's fine." she said sadly. "I'll never have a baby dragon who likes me. Not like that one did. I miss that one." she got up and left the room so no one would see her cry.

Maimun: set down the red baby and told it not to bite Tainn then after quickly talking to the blue one he ran after her.

Jacinta: slammed the door behind her as she went into her room. She locked it so Maimun couldn't follow her, "Like you told me earlier Maimun, just go away."

Maimun: rolled his eyes, "Human." he said to himself and breaking the lock he walked inside. "Listen to me. They have to have time to adjust. They've lived with a dragon mother since their birth and now they have to get used to the idea humans won't kill them. They're little they don't know any better, a young dragon bites when they feel threatened. You said you wanted one and now when it is somewhat like the old one you'll just toss it aside." he shook his head, "Unbelievable."

Jacinta: "You broke my door."

Maimun: "Is that really all you care about?"

Jacinta: sighed, "You don't think I should have a baby dragon anyways. So why do you care?"

Maimun: "I just don't think that you know how to properly take care of him, it's not like they have Dragon upbringing 101 in school and it's a tough job especially for someone like you."

Jacinta: "Especially for someone like me? What's that supposed to mean, Maimun?" she narrowed her eyes at him.

Maimun: "I mean for someone that has to worry about homework and is gone most of the day with school, a baby dragon needs constant attention and assistance. I'm just saying it would be difficult."

Jacinta: "I was planning on secretly carrying him around in my purse or something anyways. I could manage. But not if the baby dragon hates me."

Maimun: "He doesn't hate you like I said before bite things is what baby dragons do. It may not be a practice in this world but sometimes a dragon will bite someone if they like them."

Jacinta: a smile broke out on her face and her eyes lightened, "Really? Well why didn't you say so! He can bite me all the time!" she got up and walked past him, going back to her dragon.

Maimun: followed her out and released a breath that was unheard.

Jacinta: went and sat on Maimun's bed again, "Where is my baby dragon?" she looked around. "He was right here..."

Maimun: sighed and looked under the bed. He brought it up and handed it to her.

Jacinta: took it from him and cuddled it, "Thank you."

Maimun: nodded, "Don't forget to give it some space." he warned then got his. He snapped his fingers and room was all clean again

Jacinta: "Yes." she put it on her shoulders and stood, "What do I need to get to make it feel like home? Like what food, what bedding...stuff like that." she asked Maimun.

Maimun: "Just some raw meat, usually dragons have gold as bedding I can let you borrow a few little things of gold for him if you want."

Jacinta: smiled, "That would be cool."

Maimun: "Ok, down in the basement is a big pile you can take up to ten pieces."

Jacinta: smiled, "Cool." she carried the dragon down to the basement with her.

Indeed just as he said there was a HUGE pile of gold it filled up the whole room.

Jacinta: picked out ten pieces of gold. Then she spotted a golden and ruby necklace. She put a small coin back and took that instead. That one would be for her. She went back upstairs.

Maimun: he gave the red dragon some meat.

RD: chirped in happiness.

Jacinta: went back to her room and made the small bed for the small dragon. She set it on top of the pile; "Do you like that?" she smiled.

BD: chirped and circled then laid down and set its head down.

Jacinta: "Are you hungry baby dragon?"

BD: chirped and nodded

Jacinta: "Okay." she got up and went to Maimun, "Do you have food I can get?"

Maimun: "Down in the fridge."

Jacinta: "Thanks." she went down and found her baby dragon some food. She went back up to her room and gave it to him.

BD: got up and sniffed it and then devoured it. It burped and then chirped.

Jacinta: laughed and pet its head, "You're cute. What should I name you?"

BD: rubbed its head against her hand and purred.

Jacinta: smiled, "I don't know what to name you." she thought about it, "What about Longwei? It means, 'Dragon Greatness' in Chinese."

Longwei: smiled and chirped.

Jacinta: smiled and patted the dragon's head and then shut off the light, "Good night Longwei." she climbed in bed and laid down.

Longwei: chirped then circled then buried himself in the gold.

Jacinta: fell asleep.

Longwei: fell asleep too.


Jacinta: in the morning, when her alarm when off, she got up and got ready for school.

Longwei: yawned and watched her.

Jacinta: after she got dressed she grabbed a small bag and put a small piece of meat in it and walked over and knelt by Longwei, "Here climb in if you want."

Longwei: flew in quickly and devoured the meat.

Jacinta: put a few coins in the bag and lifted it, putting the straps over her shoulder. She grabbed her books and walked out and went to school.

Maimun: came down to Meisha's room to see if she was up.

Meisha: she was up. She had been up all night. She was still sitting on her bed.

Maimun: "Please tell me you slept."

Meisha: looked over at him, her eyes were slightly hard and tired from the night. She climbed off the bed. "No, I didn't." she was dressed for school and she grabbed her books, "I'm leaving, Maimun." she said quietly, but her voice was as cold as ice.

Maimun: "Meisha I'm sorry. But what did I do?"

Meisha: "I don't...know." she walked past him, almost not even seeing him and barely acknowledging him.

Maimun: followed her, "Then what's wrong?"

Meisha: "I have to go." she shut the door behind her and caught up to Jacinta going to school.

Maimun: followed them.

Tainn: came out and was going to catch up to the two girls and just stopped beside Maimun, "You going to school today too? Where are your books?"

Maimun: "T'here's no point I'm not going to pay attention. Meisha's mad at me." he looked sad.

Tainn: "Why?"

Maimun: "I don't know."

Tainn: "I'm sorry." she said softly. "Maybe I can talk to her today and find out for you."

Maimun: "I'd appreciate that."

Tainn: nodded, "Well I better hurry off to make it to class in time." she caught up to the girls as they walked through the entrance doors.

Maimun: went home, he gave up.

After school, Tainn and Jacinta came home.

Maimun: "Where's Meisha?" she asked them.

Tainn: "I tried to talk to her but she said she needed to stay after school for work or something. She wouldn't tell me anything. All she said was to tell you she wasn't going to live here anymore and got a dorm at the school again." she looked apologetic.

Maimun: nodded. "Then I'll just go and find death then. It's been nice knowing you." he gave a weak smile then vanished.

Tainn: "Huh?" she said confused. "I don't understand why he just doesn't go to the school." she said to Jacinta. "One fight and he's going to die, or something?"

Jacinta: "Who knows? Tips always did say he was crazy." she walked back to her room, "I'll get the other baby dragon now!" she said almost excitedly, dropped the blue dragon back in her room and then going to get the red one from Maimun's room.

Maimun: he did stop by the school, "Hon?"

"She's not here." another female student voice said, knowing who Maimun was looking for. "She said she didn't feel so well and was going for a walk."

Maimun: sighed, "Do you know where?"

"I suspected she walked home but I don't know. She was acting strangely."

Maimun: "How was she acting?"

"I don't know...just not like herself. She seemed distracted. She couldn't do her work."

Maimun: nodded, "Thank you miss." he left and teleported to Meisha.

Meisha: was in the forest outside of the school on the walking path many school mates take for a short cut to town. She was doubled over in pain on her knees on the ground, coughing up blood violently on the ground beneath her, groaning in pain, one hand sprawled out in front to hold her up and the other clutching her stomach.

Maimun: "MEISHA!" he teleported them to the doctor and got her in the emergency and made sure she was taken right away.

Meisha was in the emergency room for many hours. She had to go in for a c-section.

Maimun: was right beside her.

At some point she had lost so much blood from what happened earlier she passed out.

The small baby dragons were taken out of Meisha's womb. There were two. She had twins. They both looked just like Maimun when he was in dragon form, save for a small red heart birth mark on each of them on one of their scales.

Meisha: slowly opened her eyes after hours of being passed out.

Maimun: hugged her.

Meisha: hugged him back, "Hi." she said weakly, "Where are the babies?"

Maimun: showed them to her. "I'm sorry hon." he looked down.

Meisha: looked at the kids and instantly felt a connection with them. Dragon or not she wanted to hold them, "They are so pretty." she had Maimun give them to her and she held them close. "What are you sorry for?" she looked up at him.

Maimun: "That I couldn't be good enough for you." he looked pain as he looked down at her.

Meisha: "I don't know what you're talking about." she watched him concerned. "What did I do?"

Maimun: "You said I'm leaving then went to school moved out of the house and then that's it. You moved back into the dorm. I'm glad I found you when I did so that I could help you, but I guess I should go now." he looked down and kissed her softly.

Meisha: kissed him back, "I don't want you to go. Please don't go." she said softly.

Maimun: "Alright, I'll be here as long as you want me."

Meisha: "I need you. I don't know how to take care of baby dragon's either." she said softly, looking down at the sleeping baby dragons in her arms, "I don't know what I was thinking earlier."

Maimun: "You just realized the truth, that's all. I'll get over it. But for right now I'll help you."

Meisha: "I'm serious, Maimun. I don't even remember doing that stuff." she looked at him, her eyes sad and a bit confused.

Maimun: sighed and showed it to her in her mind. "There, now you are caught up."

Meisha: "I don't know...why."

Maimun: "Well in any case what is done is done."

Meisha: looked sad, "You want me to stay away?" she didn't want to.

Maimun: "No, of course not. I love you."

Meisha: "Then I have to fix what I have done. I didn't even know I did it. I'm sorry. Forgive me." she looked at him, pleading with both her eyes and her voice.

Maimun: "Well you caught me before something bad happened…" he smiled slightly, "You don't have to be sorry and there is nothing to forgive you for."

Meisha: "I caught you? Apparently you caught me before something bad happened to me...thank you." she wanted to kiss him but he was too far away. She looked down at her babies. Their babies.

Maimun: "You're welcome. I'll do anything for you." he kissed her forehead and looked at their children.

Meisha: "We need to name them." she said softly, looking at them still. Her eyes were loving as was her touch.

Maimun: "I'm not sure if they are boys or girls." he admitted.

Meisha: "They are both girls." she said quickly, "I can tell."

Maimun: smiled, "Well what shall we name them?"

Meisha: "Apparently since we favor 'M' names I was thinking something that started with an 'M', of course."

Maimun: smiled, "I do like M's."

Meisha: "There is Melissa or Melanie...or Mary or Marge..."

Maimun: "I like Melanie and Melissa."

Meisha: "Unless you have other names in mind. Give me some of your ideas. They need middle names too." she looked up at Maimun.

Maimun: "I'm not really sure of a lot of M names for girls but the two that I can think off hand are Mairi and Mali."

Meisha: "I actually like those better than Melanie and Melissa..." she admitted softly, not sure what to name the children now...

Maimun: smiled slightly, "I think I just made your life a little harder."

Meisha: "Alright Mr. Smarty Pants you pick the name for one and I'll do the other."

Maimun: "I like Melanie for a first name best."

Meisha: "I like Melissa, actually. Or Mali...I don't know."

Maimun: smiled slightly.

Meisha: "Choose a name for a middle name."

Maimun: "Mairi. So Melanie Mairi."

Meisha: " you like Melissa Mali? Or Mali Melissa better?"

Maimun: "I like Mali Melissa better."

Meisha: "So Mali Melissa Malix, and Melanie Mairi Malix." she nodded with a smile.

Maimun: smiled and nodded.

Meisha: "I wonder if they will be dragons all the time."

Maimun: "I'm not sure."

Meisha: laid back against the pillows and closed her eyes, the events of the day catching up to her. "It doesn't matter." she whispered.

Maimun: nodded, "You're right." he took one of her hands in his.

Meisha: sighed softly and drifted to sleep.

Maimun: stayed by her he didn't sleep just watched over her and the children.

A few hours later, Meisha opened her eyes as the little babies started to cry sweet dragon moans. She had to find them something to eat. She didn't think the traditional breast milk for baby dragons would do.

Maimun: "I've got it hon." he got up and went to the refrigerator and pulled out two mini stakes just about a fist big and brought them over to the dragons and placed them before the baby dragons.

Meisha: "Oh, thanks."

The baby dragons jumped up and started to peck at the meat, eating them.

Meisha: "Those are cooked, right?"

Maimun: "Dragons can't eat cooked meat. It won't harm them don't worry."

Meisha: "That's still sort of gross. I would rather them drink milk. What about Dragon Milk?" she looked away from the children and at Maimun.

Maimun: "If you can find some dragon milk that'll be good too I suppose."

Meisha: "They can't drink mine? Even though I am their mother?"

Maimun: "You can see if they will drink it."

Meisha: thought about that, "I don't...know. They have sharp teeth."

Maimun: nodded, "There's that too."

Meisha: "I know how I could do it. I can see if they will drink my milk by using a breast pump then they can drink it from a bowl or a bottle or something."

Maimun: nodded, "I'm not sure."

Meisha: "Neither am I." she sighed, "I hope I can be a good mother to them because I don't even know how to take care of them."

Maimun: "You will be an excellent mother."

Meisha: "To babies? Possibly. To dragons? I don't know. I've never had experience in that department nor do I have any friends who have." she looked at Maimun, "If I go back to school they'll think they're my pets." she said almost disgustedly, hurt by the idea.

Maimun: hugged her, "I'm sorry hon."

Meisha: hugged him softly, "Careful don't smoosh the babies." she sighed, "You shouldn't be sorry. I should be sorry because I know I would have done the same thing if I saw them and they weren't my children." she looked down at the baby dragons again.

Maimun: he leaned back, he nodded softly, "I suppose so."

Meisha: "I'm sorry I am so...ignorant." she said softly, looking down ashamed a bit at herself. One of the children was done eating so she picked her back up and snuggled her to her bosom as she fell back asleep against her, like a normal newborn would.

Maimun: "It's okay, only dragons really know about dragons."

Meisha: nodded slightly but didn't say anything. She just watched Mali as she held her in her arms. She wondered how fast they would grow.

Maimun: looked down at Mali, he smiled slightly; he was too distracted to say anything else.

Meisha: "Will they be accepted into your dragon society, although they are half dragon and" she glanced away from Mali and up to Maimun softly.

Maimun: "I'm only half dragon, I don't see why not. It's not like the other part of them is human. They'll be fine."

Meisha: "Do they have to go to Dragon School? Or something? I am afraid I won't be able to teach them everything they need to know for who they are." she admitted with a twinge of regret.

Maimun: shook his head, "I have all of their training under control."

Meisha: "You mean you will teach them?"

Melanie: finished eating and looked over at her mom and then jumped over to the edge of the bed and looked up at her dad and bleated, swishing her tail back and forth, waiting to be picked up and shown attention.

Maimun: nodded, he smiled and picked up Melanie he tickled her.

Melanie: purred and jumped out of his hands and climbed up his shirt to sit on his shoulders. She wrapped around his neck and curled against him and closed her eyes.

Maimun: smiled and watched her though he didn't move his head just his eyes.

Meisha: had snuggled back against the pillows, holding Mali she drifted to sleep.

Maimun: smiled and sat in a chair so as not to disturb Melanie.


Meisha: took in a soft breath and opened her eyes. She looked over at Maimun.

Maimun: looked over to her and smiled back, "Hello hon." he kissed the top of her head.

Meisha: smiled slightly, "Do you think we can go home now?"

Maimun: nodded, "I already signed the release forms."

Meisha: "Good." she couldn't wait to get home.

Maimun: "Do you think you'd be up to doing something tomorrow?" he asked softly.

Meisha: "Like what?" she asked, curious.

Maimun: "Arsenrios invited us for dinner."

Meisha: smiled slightly, "Yes Maimun, dinner I can do. Now, rock climbing? Probably not...but dinner I can handle."

Maimun: smiled, "Good."

Meisha: used her free arm to push herself to a sitting position and put her feet off the edge of the bed while holding Mali in her other arm close to her body. She was wearing a hospital gown.

Maimun: helped her to stand up.

Meisha: held Mali to him. When he took her she smiled up at him coyly, "I am going to grab my clothes now and duck into the restroom to change. Don't you dare try to stand behind me because you know these hospital gowns don't cover much of anything in the back. After all, it's just a tie that holds it on." she turned and walked over to the chair at the base of the bed and bent over to scoop up her clothes. Then she straightened and turned and ducked quickly into the restroom, shutting the door behind her to change.

Maimun: chuckled but said nothing. He just looked around at the room.

Meisha: came out a few minutes later, dressed and carrying her hospital gown in her hand. She tossed it on the bed, "Want me to take Mali?"

Maimun: "That's alright I've got her."

There was a knock on the door.

Meisha: "Hmm," she turned and went and opened the door. "Yes?"

Maxwell: "I was just checking on you, though it seems that you are doing well."

Meisha: nodded, "I am." she smiled, "Have you seen my daughters?" she motioned to Maimun.

Maxwell: smiled slightly, "I have not had the pleasure."

Meisha: "Well as soon as Maimun comes over here you can see them."

Maimun: walked over, "Hey Maxwell."

Maxwell: smiled, "Hello." he smiled down at the girls as well, "They're beautiful."

Meisha: "Thank you." she said softly, running her finger gently over Mali's head and then over Melanie's. "Do you know if they will be like that forever?" she said looking from the two baby dragon girls to Maxwell.

Maxwell: "That I don't know, but probably beings to the fact that you both have human like features, but it is possible that one of them might be a pure dragon."

Meisha: nodded at the last statement with a small sigh, "I thought so." she didn't know how much she liked that. Of course, she loved her children...but she had always wanted a baby to animal...She looked at Maimun a second, her eyes a bit sad, then back to Maxwell, "Well, we were just on our way out."

Maimun: "We'll have to see in a week."

Maxwell: "Actually the reason I came to visit also was to see if you needed red liquid, just in case they are part Snyde."

Meisha: shook her head, "I am not sure." she looked to Maimun, "How would you be able to tell?"

Maimun: "We won't be able to tell until they can shift to human form if they are still tempted to bite things. They'll have fangs as babies if they do need it."

Meisha: "Don't dragons already have fangs, though?"

Maimun: "Not in human form if they have it."

Meisha: "Oh, right." she nodded, "Here you want me to hold one of them?" she offered.

Maimun: handed her back Mali, "There you go."

Meisha: took her, "I guess we can go home now?"

Maimun: nodded, "See yah Maxwell." he teleported his family home.

Tainn: "You're back!" she said, seeing them come in.

Jacinta: "MORE BABY DRAGONS FOR ME!" she squealed and ran over to them.

Maimun: "Step away from my kids." he growled slightly.

Jacinta: stopped and took a step back. She frowned. This was SO not the Maimun she met a few months ago. He was nicer than this. But then again, that was before he got a girlfriend. She frowned though and tears did come to her eyes at the thought of him growling at her, "Sorry." she said softly.

Meisha: looked at Maimun, "I told you...even she who KNOWS about dragons thought they were pets." she frowned, not liking it one bit. It made her feel bad.

Tainn: "You had your kids!" she walked over to them, "It's nice to have you back Meisha...Tips...whatever." she laughed slightly to cover the confusion of what to call her. "You know what I mean."

Meisha: looked to Tainn and smiled slightly, "Yes I do."

Maimun: let out a breath and all of the tension left his body he smiled.

Jacinta: didn't move.

Meisha and Tainn continued to talk.

Tainn: "Can I see one?" she walked up to Meisha.

Meisha: "This is Mali." she smiled slightly, looking down at one of her baby girls.

Tainn: "She's so cute." she cooed.

Meisha: "I know." she said softly, agreeing with her friend.

Maimun: "I'm sorry Jacinta."

Jacinta: "It's okay." she said after a moment and then looked away and turned and walked back into the kitchen.

Maimun: "I'll be back." he followed her.

Jacinta: went to the sink and grabbed a paper towel. Turning on the water she wet it and then dabbed her eyes, shutting off the water after she was done. She grabbed the towel and dried her eyes off then picked up the phone and dialed her boyfriend's phone number.

Maimun: "Jacinta I truly am sorry." he said while she began to dial.

Jacinta: "It's okay." she said, not looking at him, "This is just why I need to go live with my boyfriend so I won't" she put the phone to her ear and leaned against the counter, "Then I won't be thinking of things like...what if you liked me or Tainn and not Tips...just stuff like that. It's not...healthy or right and I shouldn't be thinking it. So...I apologize to you. I didn't mean to offend you about your children. I didn't know they were yours."

Maimun: "You didn't offend me it's just instinct is kicking in more than it used to and I'm very protective of them. I didn't mean to growl at you. I would like to make it up to you somehow."

Jacinta: "It's okay, don't worry about it. I..." she stopped and sighed and hung up the phone. "He's not home." she set the phone down, resisting the urge to throw it. She bit her cheek to keep from crying again. Her emotions were already wrecked enough and now her boyfriend wasn't home either.

Maimun: "How about I just be a listening ear."

Jacinta: "Listening ear for what?" she sighed, still not looking at him.

Maimun: "For all of your problems. Just let it all out." he leaned again the counter.

Jacinta: "I don't have problems...and you aren't my boyfriend I wouldn't tell you...I would tell my own boyfriend." she moved and sat on the floor of the kitchen, leaning back against the counter.

Maimun: "Well excuse me."

Jacinta: looked up at him, "Was that sarcastic?"

Maimun: "No, I just don't understand you one bit. You know if I was girl I bet you would tell me. Anyways I should leave you to peace." he turned and started to walk to the kitchen door.

Jacinta: "But you're not a girl, and isn't that just a bit weird for me to unload on you? You're my friends boyfriend...besides that I still sort of LIKE you, and talking to you just won't help."

Maimun: nodded, "I understand."

Jacinta: didn't say anything.

Maimun: "Well, I should let you go then." he turned and went out the door.

Meisha: was still out there with Tainn.

Maimun: came back up to them.


Maimun C: walked into the kitchen.

Jacinta: "You didn't stay away long."

Maimun C: "What are you talking about?"

Jacinta: "Never mind."

Maimun C: nodded, "Right." he went and searched through the cupboards and then got down a cup, "So what's up?"

Jacinta: "Same thing as before."

Maimun C: smiled, "The ceiling?"

Jacinta: smiled slightly, "Yea." she rolled her eyes a bit and then picked up the phone from beside her on the floor where she had moved it and hit redial.

Maimun C: "That's better than nothing being above you."

Jacinta: "Why are you in here anyways when you have your kids out there?" she looked up at him, "Where'd you put the one baby dragon you had?"

Maimun C: "I don't know what you're talking about." he took a drink. "You're the only girl for me, you know that."

Jacinta: "Hmmm?" she looked up at him and her grip tightened on the phone. It made that beeping sound as the number that she was about to redial was erased from the screen as she took too long to hit call. She was confused at what she heard. "What?"

Maimun C: walked over to her and lifted up her chin, "You're the only girl for me." he kissed her.

Jacinta: her first initial reaction was to kiss him back, and she couldn't help it, but in the next second she dropped the phone and pressed her hands on his chest and pushed him back and scooted back from him and got up quickly, "Maimun I don't think you are well." she held her hand up to keep him away, "I like you, but I don't want to hurt Meisha. She's my friend and has been so a lot longer then I've known you. I thought you were better than this." she didn't wipe her mouth off but she glared at him.

Maimun C: shrugged, "You wanted it; I can't help it that you don't return the feelings."

Jacinta: frowned and turned quickly and went out to Meisha and Tainn. She didn't want to be in here right now. It was too hard. She also couldn't believe what had just happened and she felt bad for Meisha. She didn't know whether to tell her or not. Probably not because her and Maimun had just had twin children. But if he was like this, he would do it again. That would be horrible. She thought Maimun was a better person that that. She thought he loved Meisha and she didn't think he was the cheating type. If he could cheat on Meisha he could cheat on her too, if she was his girlfriend...he had seemed more noble than that but she guessed not. She wasn't going to be alone now, not with Maimun around. Maybe she should move back to her dorm so she wouldn't be caught off guard. She was afraid if she was she wouldn't be thinking one day and then she would let him kiss her. That would be horrible. She didn't want to lose her friend.

Maimun: turned to face her, "Oh hi, did you get in touch with your boyfriend?"

Jacinta: "Aahh!" she stopped walking forward and stepped back a step, "No." she turned and went down the hall to her room. Stupid Dragons and their powers. He could move too fast.

Maimun: "Does anyone know what just happened?" he asked confused.

Meisha: "No." she watched Jacinta walk off.

Maimun: "I would go but I think it has to do with me."

Tainn: "I'll go. You two have kids to take care of." she walked back down the hallway after Jacinta.

Maimun: 'Thanks." he called after her, he had a bad feeling. "Meisha if someone told you I did something what would you do?"

Meisha: "Did something like what?" she looked at Maimun. "It depends on what it is."

Maimun: "I don't know yet but I have a feeling that something is about to go down but I promise you I didn't do it."

Meisha: smiled slightly, "You're crazy. I tell you that all the time." she giggled slightly and kissed his cheek and then walked down the hallway to a room to put the children to bed.

Maimun: walked with her since Melanie was on his shoulder still.

Tainn: came into the room a few minutes after both of them went inside, "I think Jacinta is losing it. She needs sleep. Either that, or she is just too stressed out she doesn't know what to think."

Meisha: "What happened?"

Tainn: "She said that Maimun kissed her. But he couldn't have because at the time she says it happened he was out in the living room with you and me and Melanie and Mali."

Meisha: looked at Maimun and then to Tainn, "I don't know. Maybe she does need sleep."

Maimun: "That explains why she ran away from me."

Meisha: "It does."

Tainn: "You guys need anything? If not I am going to go get a snack from the kitchen and head to my room to finish my schoolwork."

Meisha: "No, we are fine." she assured her, looking back at Tainn.

Tainn: smiled slightly, "Okay." she walked down to the kitchen and went inside.

Maimun: sighed, "I'm not that crazy am I?"

Meisha: smiled at him, "No. You're just the perfect amount of crazy." she leaned up and kissed him on the lips.

Maimun: smiled and kissed her back, "Thanks." he kissed her again and put both hands on the side of her face.

Meisha: didn't resist. She kissed him back just as many times as he wished to kiss her.

Maimun: continued to kiss her.

Meisha: continued to kiss him.

Maimun: "I'm sorry you need your rest."

Meisha: "I don't mind putting that off to kiss you."

Maimun: "You sure?"

Meisha: smiled, "Yes." she said softly. "Of course I'm sure."

Maimun: "We should go to our room then."

Meisha: "Okay." she said softly, taking his hand. She walked from the room and down the hallway to their room. When they got inside and shut the door, she pressed him to the wall and started to kiss him.

Maimun: kissed her back his kisses growing more and more passionate.

Meisha: put her hands on the side of his face and kissed him back just as much.

Maimun: picked her up and set her back on the bed, his arms at her hips.

Meisha: "Do you love me, Maimun?" she whispered between kisses, her eyes softly closed.

Maimun: "Of course I love you."

Meisha: sighed softly between the kisses, happy.


Maimun: held her close to him.

Meisha: was stroking his chest.

Maimun: "I love you so much."

Meisha: kissed his chest softly and rested her cheek on his skin, closing her eyes gently, "I love you too."

Maimun: set his head softly on her, "You should get some rest."

Meisha: "I should." she said softly.

Maimun: "Go ahead then I'll be here when you wake up."

Meisha: "I have to take care of the kids if they need me."

Maimun: "I'll handle it."

Meisha: "Okay." she said, surrendering to sleep.

Maimun: watched her he kept an ear out for the children.


Jacinta: after she finished her schoolwork she picked up her baby dragon and climbed into bed and fell asleep, snuggling it.

Maimun C: came in and kissed her forehead, "I know that you still love me Jacinta and I'll do whatever it takes to get you." he whispered.

Jacinta: opened her eyes slowly, "Maimun?" she whispered, becoming conscious. Her eyes narrowed at him.

Maimun C: "Hi my love."

Jacinta: "Maimun get OUT before Meisha or Tainn see you." she said harshly in a whisper, holding her baby dragon closer to her.

Maimun C: "Why would I care about that? It's about time they found out" he stroked her cheek.

Jacinta: her skin smarted under his touch; she couldn't help that. "I'll have my baby dragon attack you..." she managed to say.

Maimun C: smiled, "I'm a dragon too, he won't bite me."

Jacinta: sat up, "I'm going somewhere else if you must be here." she stood, and then consciously aware she was in her nightgown she took the blankets with her to cover her up.

Maimun C: "Fine I'll leave." he went to the doorway and was almost out of sight before he stopped and turned his head to face her, "By the way. My name is not Maimun." with that he walked down the hall.

Jacinta: stepped out into the hallway, her voice sarcastic. She wasn't whispering anymore, "Then what is it? Numiam?" she said his name backwards and laughed to herself and rolled her eyes and sighed. Then she shook her head. "I can't believe this." this was awful. She sat down on the floor of the hallway and studied the floorboards with her eyes. She felt bad. Why? She had no idea. Sending him away, or fighting him off was the right thing to do.

Maimun: got up when Melanie started to cry and went to her.

Jacinta: was still sitting in the hallway, looking down at the floor. She hadn't moved.

Maimun: was holding Melanie calming her back to sleep, "Jacinta what's wrong? I thought you went to sleep."

Jacinta: sighed and looked up, "Just go away Numiam. You make my life difficult." she said softly as she got up and holding her blankets around her she turned and walked back into her room and shut the door behind her.

Maimun: knocked on the door. "Jacinta please tell me what's going. I haven't done anything to you other then ask what's wrong and then left when you said you didn't want to talk to me. You've been acting very strange today."

Jacinta: "If you would stop hitting on me and making my life difficult, I wouldn't be acting strange. I told you I like you still but you don't have to try and ruin my relationship with Meisha AND my boyfriend because of it!" she exclaimed softly.

Maimun: "Jacinta I have done no such thing, I love Meisha I wouldn't do that to her. I have never hit on you. I have no idea what you're talking about."

Jacinta: "I'M NOT CRAZY! I KNOW WHAT I SAW!" she yelled through her closed door to him.

Maimun: "I never said that you were crazy I am sure that there is a reasonable explanation for all of this but you have to believe me. The real Maimun that I am not the one throwing your life into turmoil."

Jacinta: "Who else could look just like you and be doing it then? I call him Numiam because he says his name is not Maimun but I know that's a lie. You're lying Maimun! OUCH!" she exclaimed, "Baby dragon why'd you do that?" she whispered to it.

Maimun: "You were yelling, it scared him. Jacinta there are plenty of non-humans out there that can shape shift. I think that perhaps the next time you see him ask what his name is."

Jacinta: "You should stay around then so you can see what I am talking about. Perhaps he is still in the house. He was just in my room. Either that or the kitchen. Go check." she put the side of her hand in her mouth to relieve the bite.

Maimun C: " it sounds that you don't like me. That makes me sad."

Maimun: tried to open the door.

Jacinta: looked at him, moving her hand down out of her mouth, "How did you get in my room? You weren't anywhere near the door or my room earlier when I closed and locked it!"

Maimun C: "When it comes to love nothing can keep me out."

Maimun: broke the lock and opened the door, he stopped when he saw the other Maimun.

Melanie: opened her eyes smelling something she looked at Maimun 2 and hissed.

Jacinta: couldn't help but smile slightly and hold back a little laugh, "That's so cheesy." she looked over at Maimun and pointed over to the other Maimun, "See what I mean!"

Maimun: nodded, "I see and as he said, his name is not Maimun."

Maimun C: stood, "He knows something how exciting."

Jacinta: looked at him, "Then what is your name?"

Maimun C: "Hello my name is Maurizio. Nice to make your acquaintance." he smiled.

Jacinta: "Are you two twins or something?" she studied him, "I would introduce myself but you already know who I am."

Maurizio: "We are in fact, well almost."

Jacinta: "So you aren't a shapeshifter?"

Maurizio: "Unless you count changing into a dragon as a shapeshifter then no I'm not."

Jacinta: "Can I ask why you are tormenting me and why are you obsessed with me?"

Maurizio: "Tormenting for that I am sorry but you are a very pretty girl Jacinta."

Jacinta: "Thank you but...I have a boyfriend."

Maurizio: sighed, "Pity the only beautiful woman left is taken by another."

Maimun: growled.

Maurizio: kissed her forehead. "Good bye my love I shall miss you until the day I die." he walked out the door he said to Maimun, "Have fun killing people like you did mom Maimun."

Jacinta: "You killed your mother?" she looked at Maimun, wondering why he was growling at Maurizio. She looked at him, "Must you go?"

Maimun: "That was not my fault."

Maurizio: "I suppose not."

Jacinta: "Well, at least now that I know you aren't Maimun, it's a little less creepy to have you around." she spoke to Maurizio though she kept her eyes on Maimun, watching him suspiciously.

Maimun: "I have things to do, but Maurizio, if you hurt her in any way then you will die." with that he turned and left the room.

Jacinta: watched Maimun go and then looked to Maurizio, "Have you been known to hurt people Maurizio?" she was slightly worried now.

Maurizio: shook his head and rolled his eyes. "He's just over reacting."

Jacinta: "What would cause him to over react?"

Maurizio: shrugged, "Who knows?"

Jacinta: "Well, I need to get sleep so...I think it's best if you left my room."

Maurizio: "Good night Jacinta, if you need me call." with that he vanished and all was quiet.

Jacinta: climbed in bed and tried to fall asleep for the second time that night.

Nothing else disturbed her that whole night.


Maimun: arrived at the dinner Arsenrios was having at his place.

Meisha: when they went to the dinner, she was a bit nervous because she had never met Grainne or Arsenrios or any of Maimun's family and friends before.

Maimun: "This is Mali and Melanie." he told them showing their children.

Grainne: smiled slightly, "Maimun, what a pleasure it is to finally meet you. Arsenrios has talked about you plenty of times, as has Grace. Will you and your wife be at the wedding in a few days?"

Maimun: "I hope so."

Grainne: "You should come to visit more say these are your kids? Melanie and Mali? Cute names...may I hold one?"

Maimun: nodded, "You have to be very careful though because they might bite." he handed her Melanie.

Melanie: chirped.

Grainne: "Aww how cute." she smiled at Melanie, "You can call me Grandma."

Grace: walked in, "Hi mom!" she kissed her cheek and looked over, "Wow, Maimun, long time no see. I'm glad you all could make it."

Maimun: smiled, "You're tellin' me." she hugged her, "Hi Grace."

Grace: hugged him back tightly, then she leaned back, "Hi Tips." she held her hand out to her.

Meisha: took it and shook it, "Hi." she smiled slightly, "Nice to meet you Grace."

Grace: smiled back and looked at the little dragons. "Your kids I presume?" she asked Maimun.

Maimun: smiled, "Yup your mom is holding Melanie. And this is Mali." she pointed.

Grace: "Are you two married yet?" she whispered to him.

Maimun: "No." he whispered back.

Grace: looked to Arsenrios, "Are Neil and Yuki going to be here too?"

Grainne: "I hope so, though I am not sure."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Then it will truly be a family reunion."

Grace: "I haven't seen my brother in a long time either. I wonder how their child is."

Arsenrios: "Yuki said they were coming."

Grace: smiled, "Awesome."

Grainne: "Yuki and I need to catch up." she gave Melanie back to Maimun. "Your children are very cute."

Maimun: smiled, "Thank you."

Grainne: looked to Meisha, "Dear, do you care to help me finish preparing dinner in the kitchen, please? We can get to know one another."

Meisha: looked over at Grainne and nodded, "Sure. I'd like that." she kissed Mali's head and then handed her to Maimun and walked off with Grainne into the kitchen.

Grace: looked at Maimun, "I bet you and Arsenrios have lots of things to catch up on too."

Maimun: smiled slightly, "I'm sure that we do."

Grace: "Actually...where is my husband-slash-future husband?" she turned and looked around for him.

Arsenrios: smiled, he wrapped his arms around her. "Right here love." he whispered in her ear.

Grace: jumped and put her hand over Arsenrios hand, pressing it to her, "You SCARED me." she breathed, closing her eyes.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly. "I'm sorry." he said softly.

Grace: "No you're not." she giggled and leaned her head back to look up at him.

Arsenrios: smiled, "You know me too well." he whispered in her ear.

Grace: turned her head and kissed his cheek.

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed the top of her head.

Neil: opened up the front door, "Ick, I thought this was a family dinner. Not a family make out session..."

Arsenrios: "Kissing session implies I kiss the lips." he looked up, "Welcome Neil, Yuki." he smile slightly and looked at the baby, "And who is this?"

Grace: looked over, "Neil!" she ran over to him and hugged him.

Neil: hugged her gently back, "Hi sis. Long time no see." he looked over at Yuki and the baby, and to Arsenrios.

Yuki: "This is Takayla."

Takayla: reached out to Grace and made little baby noises.

Arsenrios: came over and smiled and tickled the little baby, "Hello Takayla."

Takayla: giggled.

Grace: let Takayla latch on to one of her fingers with her little baby hand. "She is so cute." she said softly.

Neil: "Thank you." he let Grace step away from the hug and he looked over to Maimun, and smirked. He put his hand in his side pocket and fingered one of the many golden coins he still had that he had taken from Maimun's pile of gold the last time they were at Arsenrios house.

Takayla: she played with her finger.

Maimun: "Neil, I know you stole from me." he said as he turned to look at him.

Neil: "Actually, no, I gave them all back. Just buried them in the sand of the mermaid's pond, is all." he countered and pulled out the golden coin, "Here. Have a golden coin."

Grace: leaned down and kissed Takayla's little fingers, "How are you and Neil getting along with the baby?" she asked Yuki.

Takayla: giggled.

Yuki: smiled slightly, "We're getting along okay."

Grace: "Being a new parent is hard." she nodded.

Grainne: came out of the kitchen, "Yuki!" she smiled and went over to her quickly and kissed her cheek, "I've missed you so, so much. Why do you not stop by and say hello? This is the first time I've seen my granddaughter." she looked down at the baby girl, "Hello precious." she said softly.

Yuki: smiled slightly, "I'm sorry Grainne, this is Takayla."

Grainne: "Hello Takayla." she looked at Yuki, "May I hold her?"

Neil: "If you're not going to take the coin..." he put it back in his pocket.

Meisha: walked out of the kitchen.

Yuki: smiled, "Of course." she carefully handed Takayla to her.

Takayla: giggled.

Maimun: stopped himself from doing any reaction. He looked over and smiled and wrapped an arm around Meisha.

Meisha: "Is that...Yuki and Neil and their child?" she whispered to him while watching them. She took Mali and Melanie from Maimun and put them in the little carriers she had in front of her.

Maimun: nodded, "Yup."

Yuki: looked up and smiled, "Hi Meisha."

Meisha: smiled slightly back at Yuki, "Hi. Did you get to see my babies?" she asked, stepping over to Yuki a bit hesitantly, but she was trying to make a good first impression.

Yuki: "I haven't had the pleasure."

Meisha: pointed to the pockets on the front of her, to the blue small dragon and then to the red small dragon. "This is Mali, and this is Melanie." she smiled down at her little babies and kissed each of the tops of their heads.

Yuki: "Aww...they're so cute."

Melanie: stretched and yawned then looked to Yuki and chirped.

Grainne; was holding Takayla against her, "Everyone, if you would like to sit down at the table, dinner is served."

Meisha: smiled widely, "Thank you."

Yuki: smiled, "You're very welcome."

Meisha: "I am not sure if they will stay like this...or look like...your baby does as they get older."

Yuki: nodded, "That is definitely hard to say it would depend on who they take after."

Meisha: "Right now it seems more of Maimun, but...I don't mind it." she looked down at Melanie and wondered if she was hungry.

Melanie: looked up at her mom and made a whole bunch of chirping noises.

Maimun: came up beside her, "Someone's hungry." he said softly.

Meisha: looked at Maimun, "I'm glad you know what they speak. I wish...I did too." she looked back at Melanie and lifted her up into her hand.

Maimun: "I'll teach you." he promised.

Melanie: continued to chirp.

Meisha: "I'm getting it, Melanie baby." she sat down at the kitchen table and found some meat, though it was cooked, and put it on a little plate. She set Melanie on the table to get to the dish.

Melanie: because she couldn't walk she slithered over to it like a snake and bit it then chirped and backed away.

Meisha: "Don't bite me, okay? I didn't...I didn't bring anything with me." she confessed softly, watching Melanie.

Maimun: blew on the mini steak then felt it. "Go ahead kiddo."

Melanie: tried it again then started to devour it.

Meisha: watched Melanie, feeling like an idiot.

Melanie: soon she was eating the last little bit of meat off the bone.

Mali: chirped at her sister.

Meisha: got another piece of meat and, assuming it was hot like the other one, blew on it to cool it off as she took Mali out and set her down to eat her food too.

Melanie: chirped back. She curled up, having been fed she went to sleep.

Meisha; stroked Melanie's chin, "You sleep a lot, my baby." she scooped her up and put her back in the pouch.

Melanie: made little snoring noises.

Meisha: smiled slightly at her and then when Mali was done she put her back in beside her sister. Then she waited patiently for everyone else before she started to eat.

Soon everything was served and they started to eat.

Grainne: "Will you and Neil and the baby stay a bit?" she asked Yuki.

Yuki: she looked over to Neil.

Neil: "Do you want to?" he asked Yuki.

Yuki: she nodded, "Yea if you didn't have something else planned." she wasn't sure what he had planned other then the dinner.

Neil: whispered to Yuki, "I'm only 17...I don't have a lot of things planned besides work to keep money for my family, sadly..."

Yuki: nodded, "We'll be able to stay." she told Grainne.

Grainne: smiled, "Lovely. Then both you and Neil and Grace can meet my new husband I hope."

Yuki: smiled, "That'll be exciting."

Neil: smiled slightly, "We can stay back in your old room."

Yuki: smiled, and shook her head.

Meisha: picked at her food and ate what she could.

Yuki: "Is something wrong Meisha?"

Meisha: shook her head, "No of course not."

Yuki: nodded.

Maimun: looked at her.

Meisha: looked at Maimun, "What?" she whispered.

Maimun: shook his head.

Grainne: "So, everyone, tell me about your lives. I feel I've missed so much."

Yuki: looked to Neil.

Neil: "Nothing really. Just having a kid..."

Grainne: "Oh." she frowned slightly. She was hoping for more information than that.

Yuki: smiled slightly, "If you call that nothing." she said softly.

Neil: "Well, it's..." he smiled slightly, "No. You're right. That isn't anything. That's something. One of the most significant something's of my life. But I far as anything other than that, that's interesting."

Yuki: smiled watching him stutter she started to feed their daughter.

Neil: watched Yuki another moment, then looked at his mom, and then went back to eating. He would let other people do the talking.

Yuki: looked around for someone else to talk.

Grainne: looked to Maimun or Arsenrios to speak of their lives and enlighten her.

Maimun: "I started going to a university to be with Meisha." he smiled, "But now I get the chance to stay home with the kids."

Grainne: "Ah. What are you studying at the university?"

Maimun: "A little bit of everything."

Grainne: "I see."

Maimun: nodded and continued to eat his food.

Grainne: did the same. She guessed no one wanted to talk.

Arsenrios: "And we've been getting ready for our wedding."

Grainne: smiled slightly and looked up at Arsenrios. "Yes, I know. I am looking forward to that."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly.

Neil: finished his food.

Yuki: finished feeding Takayla then she started to eat.

The front door opened and closed.

Grainne: looked up and smiled, "He's here." she got up from the table and left the room.

Yuki: looked over at Neil.

Neil: "I think that's my new step dad. I hope he's better than my real dad."

Yuki: nodded, "I hope so too."


Meisha: "Do you ever run into asteroids?" she asked Maimun as he flew his ship through space on their way back home from the dinner at Arsenrios' house.

Maimun: "I sometimes see the belts but I never hit them."

Meisha: "Belts?"

Maimun: nodded, "Asteroid belts?" he tried.

Meisha: "Oh." she smiled a bit, "Well, that's good." she relaxed a bit, though her smile was still a nervous one.

Maimun: "If we run into one I've got the situation under control."

Meisha: "How so?"

Maimun: "I've handled it many times before."

Meisha: "But you just said you've never run into one..."

Maimun: "Not a head on collision."

Meisha: "Oh." she looked out the windows, "I wonder how many other ships are out here..."

Maimun: "Space is a big place a lot I've imagine a lot."

Meisha: "How many?"

Maimun: "Hundreds."

Meisha: "All driven by aliens?"

Maimun: nodded, "Human's can't come out into space past the moon." he smiled slightly.

Meisha: "Yea, I know that." she smiled a bit, "They just aren't as advanced."

Maimun: smiled, "That's good for us."

Meisha: "It is, I agree." she looked over at him, "It's still scary though."

Maimun: "How do you figure?"

Meisha: "I can't breathe in space. And it's so large. We could get lost, run out of gas, and then...die."

Maimun: "We wouldn't die."

Meisha: "How do you know?"

Maimun: "I come prepared."

Meisha: "So if we crashed, what would happen?"

Maimun: "I'd fix the ship and we'd be on our way.

Meisha: "And what if you broke something you don't have with you, and you need to fix it?"

Maimun: "Then I'll call Arsenrios."

Meisha: "You get reception out here? Or are you talking mentally calling."

Maimun: he smiled amusingly. "Neither."

Meisha: "Then how?" she asked interested.

Maimun: "By hologram."

Meisha: "Oh..." she smiled a bit, "Well, at least I know I have no reason to freak out then."

Maimun: smiled and nodded.

Meisha: "Are we almost home?"

Maimun: nodded, "Almost."

Meisha: "Okay."

Maimun: he stood to check the displays.

Meisha: "What are you checking?"

Maimun: "To see how close we are."

Meisha: "Oh." she sighed, "I thought something was wrong." she relaxed again.

Maimun: he walked to the front of the ship.

Meisha: she watched him.

Maimun: "It might get a little bumpy." he said as he sat down.

Meisha: "Why?" she was getting scared again.

Maimun: "It's going to be okay." there was just a faint shaking.

Meisha: she covered her face with her hands and closed her eyes, a little scream escaping but only for a split second.

Maimun: it stopped shortly.

Meisha: she was still sitting like that. Still scared.

Maimun: "We're good. We're home."

Meisha: she opened her fingers and looked between them outside.

Maimun: opened the hatch to reveal the house

Meisha: she got up slowly and went and got the kids.

Maimun: got all of the stuff and took it into the house.

Meisha: "I don't particularly like to fly."

Maimun: "Why babe?"

Meisha: "Because I like being on solid ground." she walked towards the house.

Maimun: "Oh." he opened the door with his tail

Meisha: she stopped and looked at him, "That's so weird." she said to herself as she stepped inside.

Maimun: chuckled.

Meisha: "It's not funny."

Maimun: looked innocent, "What?"

Meisha: "You're a human with a tail."

Maimun: laughed.

Meisha: "It's not funny!" she said with a pout. "It's weird."

Maimun: "If you say so my love." he kissed her

Meisha: she kissed him gently back. She went and put the kids in their beds.

Maimun: sat on the couch.

Meisha: "Where are Tainn and Jacinta?"

Maimun: "I don't know, check their rooms."

Meisha: "Already did. They must be at a party or something." she sat down beside Maimun.

Maimun: wrapped an arm around her

Meisha: she leaned into him, "That was a nice dinner Arsenrios had."

Maimun: nodded, "Indeed it was, a very nice family dinner." he smiled slightly\

Meisha: "So how did you know Cheri?"

Maimun: "Well we don't have the best story. In short her parents paid me to make her life as miserable as possible and keep her locked in my tower. Well that is until Grace ruined that."

Meisha: she moved away from him, "Ruined that?" she got up, looking at him disappointedly. She turned and left the room.

Maimun: "Meisha wait." he got up and followed her, "Okay not ruined it, just changed that."

Meisha: "Do you like hurting people, Maimun? Be truthful with me." she turned to face him.

Maimun: "No, of course not. I used to but I've changed."

Meisha: "If you have you wouldn't have said, 'Ruined it' in the conversation we just had. How you said that is how you really feel."

Maimun: "No it's not, I wasn't thinking. Don't you think if I was really set in my ways I would have dragged her back by now? That I never would have apologized to her?"

Meisha: she was quiet a moment, "You apologized to her?"

Maimun: "Yes, you can even ask her."

Meisha: "Oh." she said softly. "How many people have you hurt?"

Maimun: "I...don't know."

Meisha: she frowned, "The number is so big you don't remember?"

Maimun: "I'm not sure how many I hurt, some got hurt after the fact though it was my fault...anyway not my fault. I had a lot of anger and an evil teacher."

Meisha: "Anger why? Who was your teacher?"

Maimun: "Because after I was a few days old my father kicked me out, Arsenrios took me in and at that time he was a very different man."

Meisha: "Perfect. I've married into a family of criminals and murderers. Possibly rapists." she turned and went into her room.

Maimun: "Meisha wait."

Meisha: she sat down on her bed and looked at him, "What?"

Maimun: "We've done some bad thing but nothing like that. The only thing that either of us can be charged with is hurting people on occasion. Please don't be angry with me."

Meisha: "You've never killed anyone?"

Maimun: "Not that I know of."

Meisha: "What do you mean by hurt? Cutting off limbs?"

Maimun: "Sometimes...or biting people..."

Meisha: she looked down.

Maimun: "You have a right to be mad at me but I just wanted you to remember, I'm not that kind of person anymore." he sighed and turned and went to his room at which point his eyes turned into a dragons beyond his will and his tongue became snake like. He hit the wall with a thump an when he closed his eyes he remembered all.

Meisha: she nodded before he left. She waited until he was gone before she got up and went to check on the babies.

Melanie: she woke and was chirping, hungry.

Meisha: she picked her up and went and took her to feed her, trying to sooth her with soft shushing noises.

Melanie: she wrapped herself around her moms thumb.

Meisha: she smiled a bit, "My small child." she stroked her chin.

Melanie: made happy noises.

Meisha: she kissed her daughter's head gently, slowly so as not to startle her. She didn't want to be bitten.

Melanie: purred like Maimun would have.

Meisha: she started to feed Melanie the food for her, smiling a bit. She sighed. Maimun was crazy, but she believed him when he said he changed.

Melanie: she ate a lot; you could tell she was going to grow soon.

Meisha: "Will you be full dragon, baby? Or will you look like me one day?" she asked softly.

Melanie: giggled and it sounded like a human baby, she jumped and looked around wondering where the sound came from.

Meisha: she looked around too and then looked down at Melanie. She looked confused.

Melanie: she hiccupped.

Meisha: she rubbed Melanie's back gently.

Melanie: she wrapped herself around Meisha's thumb again.

Meisha: she stood and carried Melanie back to her room and put her in her bed.

Melanie: she slithered through the sheets to where she was all covered up.

Meisha: "Good night little one." she said softly and then went back to her room. She glanced in the room Maimun was in.

Maimun: he was lying on the floor in a strange position, his eyes opened staring. His tongue half out of his mouth. He wasn't breathing

Meisha: she stopped and looked for a second and then ran into the room, "Maimun!" she checked his pulse.

There was a slight pulse.

Meisha: she fumbled to find Maimun's phone and opening it. She found Arsenrios number and called him, "Hang on baby." she said softly as she waited for Arsenrios to pick up.

Arsenrios: picked up, "Hello?"

Maurizio: stood in the doorway, he chuckled and turned and walked down the hall.

Meisha: she screamed and dropped the phone. She got up and tried to go catch Maurizio. "Hey!"

Arsenrios: "Meisha?"

Maurizio: stopped and turned, "Can I help you miss?"

Meisha: "What did you do to him!

Maurizio: "I did nothing."

Meisha: "Why do you look like him! Help him! Who are you!"

Maurizio: smiled, "You'll find out all in good time. He'll come out of it soon. Good bye Miss Meisha." he turned and jumped out the window, he shifted into his dragon form and flew away.

Meisha: she ran back into the room with Maimun and picked up the phone, "Arsenrios something is wrong with Maimun. Please I'm scared."

Arsenrios: "I'll be right there." he promised and hung up.

Meisha: she hung up the phone and continued to talk to Maimun as he laid there.

Arsenrios: appeared, he got down beside Maimun. He let out a breath. "Meisha have you tried to kiss him yet?" he asked

Meisha: she shook her head, "No."

Arsenrios: "I want you to try it."

Meisha: she nodded and leaned down and kissed Maimun softly.

Maimun: he moved a little

Meisha: she watched him. She glanced at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "Come on Maimun." he snapped his fingers in front of Maimun's face.

Maimun: in super speed he bit Arsenrios' hand his eyes violent until he realized what he was doing. He quickly moved back and stood. "Sorry." he said and sat on the bed

Meisha: she screamed and jumped back. She watched Maimun with fearful eyes.

Maimun: "I'm sorry if I scared you Meisha. I guess...I'm not so different after all. I still can't control my teeth."

Arsenrios: "Now that was not your fault." he said as he rubbed his hand where it now bled.

Meisha: "There was someone who looked like you. He was here and said I would understand what happened and who he was and everything soon."

Maimun: "He...looked like me?"

Meisha: she nodded, "Like a twin."

Maimun: "Not again." he sighed.

Meisha: "What?" she was worried again, but still scared.

Maimun: "My twin brother Maurizio likes to wreck havoc and it seems like he's back at it again if he talked to you. First it was Jacinta and now you."

Meisha: "What has he done? Did he do anything to you?"

Maimun: "He is bent of getting the ones I care about to hate me." he sighed.

Arsenrios: "And it's possible that it is also because Maimun got kicked out and he didn't."

Meisha: "Because Maimun got kicked out and he didn't he hates him?"

Maimun: sighed, "I'm not going to talk about this. I hate him because I do." he sighed

Meisha: "You don't want to talk to me about it?"

Maimun: "He just ruins everything."

Maurizio: "Aww, you don't like things being taken away from you?"

Meisha: she looked over at Maurizio.

Maimun: "This is my house, I bought it. Get out."

Maurizio: "Oh come on."

The front door opened and Jacinta and Tainn could be heard laughing.

Maimun: sighed, "Great."

Meisha: she stood. "Should I go distract them?"

Maimun: "Yes and I'll..." he looked around and Maurizio was gone. He growled and went down the where Jacinta and Tainn walking through the door.

Maurizio: was kissing Jacinta.

Meisha: she followed Maimun.

Jacinta: was breathless, "Are you Maimun or Maimun's twin?" she asked hesitantly. She glanced at Meisha and blushed.

Maurizio: "I'm nothing like Maimun my darling." he stroked her cheek and smiled.

Maimun: stopped, "I said get out of my house Maurizio."

Jacinta: she looked back at Maurizio. She'd never been touched like that since her old boyfriend. Which was still her boyfriend..."He'll be mad." she said softly.

Maurizio: "We don't have to worry about him. We can still be together." he whispered to her.

Meisha: looked at Maimun. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want Maurizio around if he was a danger to Maimun or her children.

Maimun: hissed.

Tainn: "How come it is I never get a boyfriend?" she frowned.

Maimun: "Hopefully you'll get one better than him." he pointed to his brother and grabbed him by the shoulder, he nails coming out. He pulled him to the door.

Maurizio: "I'll be back my darling Jacinta." he promised as he was pulled away from Maimun.

Arsenrios: came down the stairs.

Jacinta: "Maimun stop!" she pouted.

Meisha: looked back at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "That was calm." he noticed.

Jacinta: followed them outside.

Meisha: "Is he really that bad or is Maimun just jealous?"

Maimun: threw him to the ground, Maurizio's arm was bleeding. "Stay off my property. Otherwise next time I will not hesitate to kill you."

Arsenrios: "Let's just say that Maimun's and my reputation combined is nothing compared to his."

Meisha: "So we should keep Jacinta away from him?"

Arsenrios: "Unless you want her killed because of something that he did, that would be wise."

Meisha: she followed Jacinta outside.

Tainn: "I don't think he'd kill her."

Jacinta: she grabbed Maimun's arm, "Stop! You're being mean!" she scolded Maimun.

Arsenrios: "He wouldn't but he has people after him. Very dangerous people and that's the first thing they look for, is a girlfriend. I think Tainn when you get a boyfriend you have to make sure he's a good guy, not a bad one."

Tainn: "Don't worry about it. No boy- good or bad, likes me." she sighed. "Jacinta loves the bad boys."

Arsenrios: "I've noticed, and just give it a week or so. You'll see what I mean about finding a good boy."

Tainn: she looked out the window to see what was going on. She didn't believe Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "Do you believe there are other species then humans? Animals don't count."

Tainn: "Well duh. Maimun is a dragon."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Just making sure."

Maimun: he punched his brother and watched as his brother vanished.

Jacinta: she kicked Maimun from behind, hard.

Maimun: "It's for your better good."

Jacinta: "No its not!" she screamed, angry tears in her eyes. "You are NOT my father. You do NOT have precedence over who I date!"

Maimun: "When that is my brother I do. You don't want to get mixed up with that."

Jacinta: "How do you know what I do or do not want!"

Maimun: "Because I am sure that you don't want to die!"

Jacinta: she scowled at him, "I. Wont." she said through gritted teeth.

Maimun: "With him you will."

Jacinta: "Everyone will die sometime. At least I'll die loved!"

Maimun: "But would you like to die prematurely because of something you didn't do."

Jacinta: "If I can't be with him you can't be with Tips! You have done bad things too! You could kill her you hypocrite!"

Maimun: "Yes and I've paid for every one of them! I don't hide when someone's after me. I don't let it get to the point where they have to hurt someone else to get to me."

Jacinta: "But I like him!" she whined.

Maimun: "A lot of people do but you deserve better than him. Please Jacinta, just think about it okay?"

Jacinta: she was quiet for a long second, "What do you mean a lot of people do?"

Maimun: "I mean a lot of women like him, he's a trap and they all fall for it. I just don't want you to do the same."

Jacinta: "He...does this to other women?" she said softly, her mood changing drastically. "I thought it was just me."

Maimun: "Many, do you want me to show you the cemetery of all those women?"

Jacinta: "You're lying." she whispered. She didn't want to believe him.

Maimun: "Do you want me to show you?" he repeated

Jacinta: "No." she said softly.

Maimun: "If you don't believe me then I must. Look, I want to be wrong about this. I want you to be happy, but I want you to live as long as you can as well though."

Jacinta: she turned away without saying another word and pushed past Meisha and slammed the door behind her as she went into the house.

Maimun: sighed.

Meisha: she looked at Maimun and walked over and hugged him, glad he was okay.

Maimun: "I wouldn't do that if I were you." he hugged her slightly before he let go.

Meisha: she let go and stepped back. "Why not?"

Maimun: "Because very soon someone is going to come after me thinking I am my brother and I will be taken to a prison in which they wish I will rot forever. I don't want you mixed in with that. Let's go inside the house okay?"

Meisha: "You cannot tell me that. Not after we've had kid's together." she said sternly, her voice faltering.

Maimun: "I'm sorry."

Meisha: "You either do, or you do not want me around. Which is it?"

Maimun: "I want you around. I love you with all of my being, you know that. I want you around. Always."

Meisha: "But I can't hug you."

Maimun: "Just not right now. I don't want you hurt because of me."

Meisha: "Why would you hurt me?"

Maimun: "It's not me that will hurt you."

Meisha: she looked down and nodded and then. Turned back to the house, walking inside.

Maimun: watched her go sadly and slowly started to follow.

Meisha: she went into her room and shut the door behind her and softly cried.

Maimun: he sat on the floor

Everyone was in their rooms.

Maimun: stayed there until they came for him.


Meisha: she got up to take care of the kids. She had stopped crying but was still sad.

It was quiet.

Meisha: she had Tainn watch the kids and then went to class.

Arsenrios: dropped by to check on them.

Tainn: "Hi Arsenrios."

Arsenrios: "Hello Tainn."

Tainn: "I guess Maimun is sleeping. He hurt Meisha's feelings last night."

Arsenrios: "Tainn you know that Maimun is gone right?"

Tainn: she shook her head. "No." she said softly. She looked at the little baby dragons. "I can't believe he left her. And the kids."

Arsenrios: "He was arrested." he clarified, "He didn't have a choice."

Tainn: she looked at him, "Well go bail him out."

Arsenrios: "I tried. It just takes time."

Tainn: "How long?"

Arsenrios: "A day maybe two."

Tainn: "Should I tell Meisha?"

Arsenrios: "You could then again I don't know what kind of shape he'll come in either."

Tainn: "He lied to Meisha."

Arsenrios: "How so?"

Tainn: "He wouldn't let her hug him or anything because he said when he was taken he'd rot there in the jail forever."

Arsenrios: "Yes because they believe him different. Once they see the error then that will no longer be the wish."

Tainn: "Then why did he lie to Meisha and hurt her so?"

Arsenrios: "What he said was true. If no one stopped them then he would rot in jail forever." he pointed out. "He didn't think anyone would care enough to prove his innocence."

Tainn: "So he doesn't trust in Meisha?"

Arsenrios: "He does but you have to have connections."

Tainn: "I'm sure." she said upset.

There was a cube that dropped from the ceiling.

Arsenrios: he caught the cube. "So how are the kids?"

Tainn: she stepped aside to show them in the crib.

Arsenrios: looked at it

Tainn: watched him.

Arsenrios: "Do you have some water?"

Tainn: "Yes. In the kitchen. Help yourself."

Arsenrios: "Thanks." he walked into the kitchen got a glass of water and put it on the cube and when Maimun appeared from the cube he teleported to Maimun's room and laid Maimun in the bed. He cleaned Maimun's cuts. The smell of his blood went throughout the house.

Melanie: got up and chirped.

Tainn: she jumped. She looked at Melanie. "Yes?"

Melanie: chirped and looked to the stairs. She kept chirping.

Mali: woke up and looked at her sister... Tainn: she hesitated. "You won't bite me will you?"

Melanie: chirped.

Tainn: she didn't know what that meant.

Melanie: moved her head to the steps.

Mali: looked at the stairs.

Tainn: got a basket and set it in the crib for them to climb in.

Melanie: climbed in quickly.

Mali: she followed.

Tainn: carried them down the stairs.

Melanie: she got on the edge of the basket and jumped then ran as fast as she could down the hall and turned into her dad's room.

The was a yell of pain and as they got closer the smell got stronger.

Mali: she chirped loudly and jumped out and followed.

Tainn: ran to the room. "Oh my."

Melanie: did an incredible jump up to the bed and nuzzled her dad.

Maimun: "Arsenrios please..." he groaned in pain.

Arsenrios: "Just one more."

Maimun: "" In their language he told them not to worry he was going to be okay.

Mali: jumped onto the bed at Maimun's feet and licked his wounds.

Tainn: "What happened?" she whispered.

Arsenrios: "This is the reason that he didn't want Meisha to hug him, so that she wouldn't end up looking like this. Those people that we were talking about, thinking Maimun was someone else; this is what they did to him. They are not kind in any sense."

Maimun: he tried his best to hold in the groan, it stung a little.

Arsenrios: binded the last one.

Tainn: "Is there anything I can do?" she asked softly. "I should call Meisha..."

Arsenrios: "The only thing to do is make him rest and heal."

Tainn: she nodded, "Alright." she took out her phone and called Meisha.

Melanie: she chirped at him. She slithered up to his face; she rubbed her tiny face against his ear and made sad sounds.

Maimun: smiled slightly, "It's okay." he told her.

Mali: curled up at his feet.

Tainn: left the room as she spoke to Meisha.

Arsenrios: he watched all that was going on.

Maimun: "Thanks Arsenrios." he said softly, his voice was very husky.

Arsenrios: "You're welcome, now why don't you rest so that you can heal sooner."

Mali: she looked over at Arsenrios as she laid there.

Maimun: "Good...idea." he said with a pause in between as there was a shot of pain that went through him.

Arsenrios: touched his arm lightly and he took Maimun's pain so he could sleep.

Maimun: he started to close his eyes and fall asleep.

Tainn: she came back into the room. With a glance at Maimun she knew to whisper. "Meisha is coming."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Good." he whispered back.

Tainn: "Should I take the kids out?"

Arsenrios: "I think they might help him for a while. I'd leave them in here until he starts to react."

Tainn: "What do you mean react?"

Arsenrios: "When he starts to forget that they aren't restraints. He'll wake up before then I'm sure."

Tainn: "Will he go crazy?" she said, frightened at the idea.

Arsenrios: "If he sleeps too long, Yea but his injuries should stop him if he does start to freak out."

Tainn: "You should stay."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I probably will until he gets better but I might have to bring my wife as well. I don't like her being alone."

Tainn: "I'm sure that's fine."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I'll call her later after he wakes, it wouldn't be a good idea to give him back pain just yet."

Tainn: "Do you know what happened to him?"

Arsenrios: "I can imagine what they would do. Maurizio has done a lot of bad things to them. When they thought they found him they would not have held back."

Tainn: she looked to Maimun sadly. "I should leave the room."

Arsenrios: "Do want you think is good. And if you do I might have you do a favor for me."

Tainn: she looked at him, "Yes? What is that?"

Arsenrios: "I'll give you the number but I would like you to call my wife and tell her that I want her to pack her bags for a few days and tell her we're staying at Maimun's and that she can bring Anne if she wants." her opened the desk drawer with his mind and took out the pad, using a pen he wrote the number on the piece of paper and took it to her using his mental powers.

Tainn: she nodded and watched the pad hesitantly. She slowly took it and then left the room to call.

Arsenrios: pulled the chair over and sat down.

Tainn: she came back in a half hour later, handing him the paper pad back. "She said you'll have to come get them. She can't teleport or fly a ship. She'd get lost and die."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I will. Thank you Tainn."

Tainn: "You're welcome Arsenrios."

Maimun: slowly started to wake up.

Tainn: she saw him waking up. She started to leave the room.

Maimun: he let out a breath, "So you're staying here?" he asked Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "For a few days until your back to yourself."

Tainn: "I have to get to class."

Meisha: "Maimun?" she came into the room.

Arsenrios: "Go ahead Tainn."

Maimun: he looked over at her, "Hi Meisha." he said softly.

Meisha: "What happened?"

Tainn: left.

Maimun: "They came for me last night thinking I was my brother."

Meisha: "So it seems you're back. You lied."

Maimun: "Unless someone pointed it to their attention then it would be as I said." he sighed and closed his eyes.

Meisha: "I won't kiss you or even step into the room. I'll be rejected again." she looked at her kids.

Maimun: "Meisha the threat is gone now; I just didn't want you to be hurt too."

Melanie: her head was up against his.

Meisha: "I don't think hugging you would have been harmful to me." she thought Melanie looked cute. It made her want to smile a bit though she couldn't right now. She was mad at Maimun.

Maimun: he let out a sigh, "You have a right to be mad at me." he said then looked to Arsenrios, "I'm fine now, thank you Arsenrios."

Arsenrios: nodded and moved his hand.

Maimun: he closed his eyes as the pain became his once more.

Arsenrios: watched him.

Meisha: "Where's Grace?"

Arsenrios: "At home. I think I'm going to go and get her." he teleported away.

Meisha: looked back at Maimun.

Maimun: he swallowed. He hurt in places that he didn't think that he could hurt before.

Meisha: she made it to where his body was numb.

Maimun: "Thanks." he said softly and opened his eyes.

Meisha: "Sure." she came in the room finally and sat down where Arsenrios had been.

Maimun: he watched her and smiled slightly

Meisha: "What?" she asked, seeing him smile.

Maimun: "Nothing, just thinking."

Meisha: "What?" she asked him, seeing him smile.

Meisha: "What?" she asked, seeing him smile.

Maimun: "Nothing, just thinking."

Meisha: "Of what?"

Maimun: "I was thinking if after you don't hate me anymore and I get better of taking you out to dinner. We can get you a new dress, your hair done and everything."

Meisha: "I don't think I want to if I can't touch you."

Maimun: "You'll be able to touch me."

Meisha: "But it's dangerous. Remember?"

Maimun: "I told you, the threat is gone. They know who I am."

Meisha: "If there's more, you'll push me away again."

Maimun: "I want to protect you Meisha. There is no reason for you to suffer in my place. Or at all."

Meisha: she looked away. "I still do, when you reject me."

Maimun: he set his hand lightly on hers. "I'm sorry."

Meisha: "You're sorry. But it can't be changed." she sighed. She looked down at their hands.

Maimun: "I'll come up with something else."

Meisha: "Like what?"

Maimun: "I don't know yet." he said softly and rubbed her hand softly.

Meisha: she nodded, "I'll keep asking until you tell me."

Maimun: "Ok, though first I have to think of something but I do know what I'm not going to do."

Meisha: "And what's that? Reject me?"

Maimun: "Exactly."

Meisha: "Good." she said softly.

Maimun: "I love you."

Meisha: she looked up at him. "I love you too. Crazies and all."

Maimun: he smiled slightly; "I'm thankful for that." he took her hand to his mouth and kissed it gently.

Meisha: she smiled slightly and using her other hand pet Melanie's head. She stopped suddenly, realizing that was treating her as a pet, not a daughter.

Melanie: she stretched and chirped, she rubbed her head against he mom's hand.

Meisha: she smiled a bit, "Want to come sit with me?" she asked her.

Melanie: she jumped up and ran across her moms arm and lay on her lap.

Meisha: she smiled at her daughter.

Melanie: she chirped quietly.

Meisha: she kissed her head.

Melanie: she laid her head down.

Mali: she scurried up to lay on Maimun's neck.

Maimun: smiled slightly, "Hello Mali."

Mali: she nuzzled his cheek.

Maimun: chuckled

Mali: she rested there, closing her eyes.

Maimun: let her rest there.

Meisha: she continued to hold Maimun's hand as he laid there. She smiled a bit and soon Maimun felt a light pressure on his body as gold coins appeared around his bed and on him.

Maimun: he smiled slightly, "That feels nice."

Meisha: "I know you like it."

Maimun: "Thank you; you always know how to make me feel better."

Meisha: "Not always." she said softly, "But sometimes."

Maimun: smiled and kissed her hand again.

Meisha: "Are you hungry?" she asked him.

Maimun: "A little."

Meisha: "What do you want to eat?"

Maimun: "Anything sounds good."

Meisha: she picked up Melanie and set her on Maimun's bed over the gold. "I'll go get you something."

Maimun: "I can get something later."

Meisha: "It's fine. I need to get my school work too."

Maimun: "If you say so."

Meisha: she left the room and came back fifteen minutes later. She had a tray of food and also her school books. She gave Maimun his food and sat down on her chair and opened her book.

Maimun: "Thanks." he took a bite and smiled, he liked it

Meisha: she nodded, still doing her school work.

Maimun: "Can I help?"

Meisha: "No it's fine. I just need to get caught up."

Maimun: "Oh..." he took another bite.

Meisha: she nodded, still doing her work.

Melanie: jumped on her mom's book.

Meisha: she looked at Melanie, "Hun, I can't see..."

Melanie: moved a little to the side. She looked down at the page.

Meisha: "It's a math book. Not very interesting."

Melanie: she shrugged her little dragon shoulders. She traced a number with her paw.

Meisha: "You want to learn?" she asked.

Melanie: she looked up to her mom and lifted her head up and down and chirped a happy chirp.

Meisha: "I need to catch up on school though. But I can show you when I get time."

Melanie: she chirped sadly and laid down on the book laying on her next problem.

Meisha: she sighed, " make a better door than a window hun." she set her hand on her back and rubbed it gently. She smiled a bit.

Melanie: she saw a little smile and she chirped.

Meisha: she picked up Melanie and put her on her shoulder.

Melanie: there was a little puff of smoke.

Meisha: she stopped and set Melanie back on the book. She didn't want to get burned.

Melanie: she looked at the problem that Meisha was on. She touched the number with her paw a couple times.

Maimun: "I think she wants you to show her how to do that problem." he said as he ate.

Meisha: she sighed. "Melanie." she showed her the paper, "Look. This is what I have so far."

Melanie: she looked at the paper trying to make sense of it.

Meisha: "Melanie you don't have to do this. Dragons don't have to do math."

Melanie: chirped in disagreement.

Meisha: "You need to start with something small anyways." she wrote on a piece of paper numbers one thru ten and showed them to Melanie.

Melanie looked at it.

Meisha: she went back to her school work.

Melanie: she watched her and followed along.

Meisha: soon she was done with her math work. She closed the book, making sure Melanie was out of the way. Then she opened up her history book.

Melanie: chirped happily.

Meisha: "You like history?"

Melanie: nodded.

Meisha: she flipped to the front of her book and showed her a picture of a dragon.

Melanie: she chirped and touched the dragon and chirped again, she looked up at her mom.

Meisha: "They teach that dragons are a myth and just stories."

Melanie: chirped sadly and shook her head no.

Meisha: "I know baby girl."

Melanie: she lay down beside the dragon.

Meisha: "Baby I need to flip the page..."

Melanie: she got up and went and sat on her shoulder.

Meisha: "Thank you dear. Do you want to go to school or something?" she went back to the page she needed to be on for class work.

Melanie: nodded and chirped.

Meisha: she looked at Maimun, "Are there dragon schools?"

Maimun: shook his head, "There are too few of us."

Meisha: "She can't go to my school...she's not human."

Maimun: "I think we'll have to home school them."

Meisha: "I don't have time for that!" she said overwhelmed.

Maimun: "I'll do it relax."

Meisha: she sighed, "Do you want me to drop out?"

Maimun: "No darling, I won't make you drop out. I'll take care of it."

Meisha: she watched him a moment before looking back at her work.

Maimun: he lay back on the bed.

Meisha: "Having twins and being in school is a bit much. Especially when I have you to take care of."

Maimun: "Darling as soon as I get better you won't have to worry and until then Arsenrios and Grace can handle them I'm sure."

Meisha: "Oh. So they can think I'm a bad mother and too busy for my children?"

Maimun: "No that's not what I'm saying or what they're thinking. I know Arsenrios thinks you're a great mother."

Meisha: she sighed.

Maimun: "I was just saying that they might be willing to help while I'm down for the count."

Meisha: "Down for the count? Sounds like you're dying."

Maimun: "While I'm healing." he corrected.

Meisha: "How long will you be healing?"

Maimun: "Three or Four days."

Meisha: "Fine. I need to get work done. So I don't want to be bothered."

Maimun: "Am I that bad of a distraction?"

Meisha: she looked up at him and smiled a bit, "No. You wish."

Maimun: smiled, "I do wish."

Meisha: "You still need to come up with the reason you'll give me if you are in trouble again. Until then, I'm not kissing you and we aren't sleeping together."

Maimun: "Now that ain't fair."

Meisha: "It is fair. I'm still mad at you."

Maimun: "Oh." he understood then.

Meisha: "So I need the reason." She turned and put her legs up to rest on the edge of his bed, letting her jeans show off her form as she studied her book, purposely showing her legs.

Maimun: nodded, "I understand." he stared at her. "Now this is not fair." he turned his head away.

Meisha: "Hmm?" she looked up at him, "What isn't babe?"

Maimun: "You know what."

Meisha: she leaned back and pulled her hair up to expose her neck. She looked back at her book.

Maimun: "Ahh..."

Meisha: smiled a bit but said nothing.

Maimun: placed a gold piece on each eye

Meisha: she laughed a bit but then stopped herself. "You're being distracting!" she exclaimed and glared at him playfully. She smacked his arm so the gold pieces fell off of his eyes.

Maimun: he laughed.

Meisha: she stuck her tongue out at him, "You're getting what you deserve. You rejected me, and now you will see what you missed." she went back to her school work.

Maimun: "The pain!" he exclaimed.

Meisha: "Good."

Maimun: he fakely cried covering his face with his shoulder.

Meisha: she ignored him.

Maimun: "It's not fair." he cried harder.

Meisha: "You did it to yourself."

Maimun: "I didn't want you hurt."

Meisha: "You hurt me anyways."

Maimun: "I didn't mean to."

Meisha: "Oh well. I'm going to stay here and make you suffer since you're sick and can't move." she smiled.

Maimun: "Haven't I suffered enough, knowing that I hurt you and from what they did to me?"

Meisha: she looked at him, "Oh don't play that card with me."

Maimun: "But it's true, I only thought about you when I was gone." he looked at her his eyes pleading.

Meisha: "The poor children." she looked back at her book, not wanting to look at his eyes.

Maimun: "Meisha please don't be angry with me. I don't want to hurt you, I didn't then either."

Meisha: "Still fine. But I still think this will be fun."

Maimun: he sighed and closed his eyes again, he was really still.

Meisha: she smiled to herself.

Maimun: he let out breath.

Meisha: she hummed to herself as she did her school work.

Melanie: she let out a breath and in the air she blew fire that said, 'Alexander the Great' it just stood there in mid air.

Meisha: her eyes widened and she looked at the words. She poked Maimun to get him to pay attention.

Maimun: opened his eyes, "Huh?" he stared at it. "It's not nice to mock me blowing fire..." he said still staring at it.

Meisha: she glanced at him and then looked back at the fire confused. She looked over to Melanie.

Melanie: was looking down at the book. Then she looked to her mom.

Meisha: "What do you mean mock you?" she asked Maimun.

Maimun: "Did you do that?"

Meisha: "Don't be retarded." she sighed. She pointed to Melanie.

Melanie: he jumped on the book and ran on the pages, flipping them over, and changed it to Alexander the Great. She poked the picture.

Meisha: she watched Melanie, "What?"

Melanie: she pointed to the picture then the words.

Meisha: "Yes...Alexander the Great..." she looked at Maimun.

Melanie: she smiled and chirped.

Maimun: he was trying to make sense of it..."Did you show her him?"

Meisha: "No. I just showed her a picture of a dragon..."

Maimun: "Not even the table of contents?

Meisha: "No. So how does she know of him?"

Maimun: "I...don't know."

Melanie: she lay on the page and having her head on her paws and her butt and tail swinging she let out air towards the words and they blew away into nothingness.

Meisha: she smiled at her daughter and picked her up again and kissed her head, "Smart girl." she put her back on her shoulder and went back to work.

Maimun: he stared at her.

Melanie: she chirped happiness and laid on her shoulder, she watched her mom work.

Meisha: she looked at Maimun, "What?"

Maimun: "I don't understand."

Meisha: "About...?"

Maimun: "Melanie."

Melanie: perked her ears up and looked at him.

Meisha: "What about her?"

Maimun: "How she..." he trailed off

Meisha: "Blew words with fire?"

Maimun: "Yea and intelligible words and knew him by picture..."

Meisha: "She's smart."

Maimun: "No doubt."

Melanie: Her eyes changed.

Maimun: "Do you see that?" he asked quickly.

Melanie: they changed back before she saw

Meisha: she was looking at Melanie, "No..." she looked back at Maimun, "See what?"

Maimun: "Her eyes changed color."

Meisha: "To what?"

Maimun: "To your color." he looked up at her.

Meisha: "Like...human?"

Maimun: nodded.

Meisha: "This is all VERY DISTRACTING!"

Melanie: she shrank back she jumped to the floor and ran under the bed.

Meisha: she closed her mouth and looked over where Melanie was, "Sorry." she whispered. She sighed and shut her book. There was no hope for it.

Melanie: there was a small sad chirp.

Meisha: she got down on the floor and held her hand out to Melanie, "Baby come out please."

Melanie: she backed up against the wall and shook her head.

Meisha: "But I'm your mom." she said softly.

Melanie: She scratched, 'Distraction' into the floor.

Meisha: "So?" she said softly. "And please don't ruin the flooring."

Melanie: she lay down and a little crystal tear fell, she wiped it away with her arm.

Meisha: she felt really bad now, "Melanie please." she tried to coerce her to come out.

Melanie: she slowly stood and walked to her.

Meisha: she grabbed her gently and held her, snuggling her.

Melanie: she didn't make a noise. She hid her face in her mom's chest.

Meisha: she sighed. She was going to drop out of school.

Melanie: she closed her eyes.

Meisha: "I'm sorry okay?" she said softly.

Melanie: nodded, she chirped.

Maimun: "She said it's okay."

Meisha: she sat back on the ground, leaning back against the bed, still holding Melanie.

Melanie: she leaned her head down.

Meisha: she closed her eyes as she sat there, holding Melanie in her arms.

Melanie: she looked up at her mom.

Meisha: she was falling asleep.

Melanie: she lay back down.

Arsenrios: looked in and smiled slightly then left to the room Grace and him were staying in.

Grace: "How are they?"

Arsenrios: "Meisha is sleeping holding Melanie and Maimun is asleep with Mali beside him. I think they're good."

Grace: she smiled a bit, "It's cute." she went back to her thoughts of how everyone had a kid but her.

Arsenrios: "Darling, please don't think about that." he kissed her.

Grace: she smiled a bit as he kissed her, "Are you reading my mind?"

Arsenrios: nodded and kissed her again.

Grace: "Just remember when we talked about it?"

Arsenrios: nodded he thought he did anyway

Grace: she sighed, "You don't remember." she stepped away from him and went and sat on the bed.

Arsenrios: "When are you speaking about? I'm a man I'm supposed to forget things." he sat down beside her.

Grace: "How I told I felt when Neil, my younger brother, and his girlfriend...wife, have a kid before I do. I'm older than him." she said softly. "Being human, soon I won't even be able to have kids."

Arsenrios: he remembered now, he wrapped his arms around her, "You will." he promised.

Grace: "Do you even want kids?"

Arsenrios: "Of course I want kids."

Grace: "Then why haven't we had any?"

Arsenrios: "I don't know, maybe I just can't have kids..." he said as he thought about it.

Grace: she nodded slightly. She looked down, "Alright."

Arsenrios: he rubbed her back, "I'm sorry." he told her.

Grace: she leaned against him, "It's fine." she said softly.

Arsenrios: "Not if you really want kids."

Grace: "We have the mermaids and Anne and...there are always my brother's kids I could watch."

Arsenrios: he watched her. He didn't think that would be enough.

Grace: she looked up at him and kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry for bringing it up babe. I didn't know."

Arsenrios: "It's okay." he kissed the top of her head, "It's I that should be sorry. I can't give you all the happiness that I would like."

Grace: "I don't understand though. You had your daughter. It must be me with the problem."

Arsenrios: "A lot of things have happened."

Grace: she nodded.

Arsenrios: he sighed and kissed her head sort of hard, he closed his eyes.

Grace: she hugged him, "Love you."

Arsenrios: hugged her back, "Love you too."

Grace: "So are we staying here then with them? If they are fine we don't have to."

Arsenrios: "You don't want to?"

Grace: "I don't want to be in the way."

Arsenrios: "You couldn't be in the way even if you tried."

Grace: she smiled a bit, "Only you think that."

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed her.

Grace: she kissed him back gently. "So what do you want to do?"

Arsenrios: "Hmmm..." he kissed her again, "I don't know but I can't get you out of my mind." he kissed her again.

Grace: "Why would you want to?" she asked softly, kissing him back.

Arsenrios: smiled, "I don't." he leaned over her laying her back on the bed.

Grace: she watched him, "Do you ever miss when I was scared of you?"

Arsenrios: "Sometimes." he admitted and stroked her face gently, like if he made the slightest movement she could break. "But I like you just the way you are."

Grace: "I love you just the way you are, too." she leaned up and kissed him.

Arsenrios: kissed her back, he was glad for this.

Grace: "Would Maimun and Meisha mind if we did this at their place?"

Arsenrios: "Want to go home for a few hours?"

Grace: she smiled a bit, "A few hours?"

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "Or longer."

Grace: "I don't believe you can last longer." she smiled more.

Arsenrios: he smiled, "Wanna bet?" he smiled mischievously.

Grace: "What do you get if I lose?"

Arsenrios: "The satisfaction of knowing that I won."

Grace: she smiled a bit, "I win either way."

Arsenrios: smiled, "That you do, my angel." he kissed her.

Grace: she kissed him back, "Alright let's go."

Arsenrios: he took her back to the house and loved her for full day and had her stay up most of the time.


Maimun: he woke up and looked around him.

Meisha: she was still asleep sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Maimun moved him and Mali over then mentally lifter her and Melanie up and onto the bed where they were laying down, without disturbing him. Now that she wasn't making his body numb he felt all the pain again. He bit his bottom lip.

Meisha: she wasn't sleeping so soundly, worried about school and kids and Maimun was giving her stress.

Maimun: put a light hand on her arm to see if that helped.

Meisha: it did not. She needed more than a hand touch.

Maimun: he kissed her cheek softly.

Meisha: that helped a bit more but she needed comfort more than anything. To feel wanted, not rejected.

Maimun: he wrapped his arms around her and held her close, this was the last thing that he knew he could do, he was biting more and more of his lip.

Meisha: she slept better. That was what she wanted. As Maimun held her, his pain receded also.

Maimun: he continued to hold her close, his face in her hair and by her neck.

Meisha: she smiled a bit.

Mali: she opened her eyes and lifted her head and crawled up to sit on Maimun's shoulder. She chirped quietly.

Maimun: he opened and eye and looked at her wondering what was wrong.

Mali: she jumped up and down and then ran over his side and to the edge of the bed, hesitating a moment before jumping off. She did a flip as her footing slipped and she rolled on the floor until she found her footing again and stood. She scurried out of the room.

Maimun: he doubled himself and his clone ran after her.

Mali: she stopped at Jacinta's door and looked at it.

Maimun: "You want to go in?"

Mali: she looked over at Maimun and nodded.

Maimun: he opened the door

Jacinta: was not in there.

Mali: ran in and jumped on her bed. She wondered where the other little baby dragon was.

Maimun: peaked in, he looked around.

Mali: she looked up at Maimun and chirped. She jumped off the bed and then sniffed around for the other dragon.

There was something jingling on her desk.

Mali: she ran over to the desk.

RD: she stretched and yawned as she came out of her mini gold coin bed.

Mali: she chirped and jumped up and down.

Longwei: opened his eyes and looked around.

RD: flew down to Mali she stretched the wings a little.

Mali: she was talking to him in the dragon language, wondering why Jacinta left them.

RD: she shrugged and looked around she flew to the window and looked out. She smelled the air for Jacinta's scent.

It had been there but was not anymore.

RD: she chirped loudly for her. She did not answer.

Maimun: saw in his mind's eye where she was at.

It was dark where she was, but he could hear water.

Maimun: he tried to get into her mind to see what had happened. Or a better clue where she was at or how she got there

The last thing Jacinta had done was go to sleep the night before. She remembered nothing more.

Maimun: he tried to teleport her to the room.

He could not. The longer he watched, soon it was no longer dark. A blind fold had been taken off of Jacinta's eyes. It was her boyfriend. He could only be seen for a second before he moved quickly again.

Maimun: watched what was going on.

At some point he kissed Jacinta again and put the blindfold back over her. He picked her up and the water could be heard getting closer.

Maimun: listened to see what kind of water it was and how close it was.

It was a sound like an ocean. And now it was getting really close. Jacinta tried to say something many of times, but her voice was muffled.

Maimun: "I'll be back." he whispered to the dragons and dissipated into the air, as he became the air, he went into a spot near them, though above them and watched. He left his clone with his babies.

Jacinta's boyfriend was carrying Jacinta in his arms. She was blind folded and her mouth tied with a scarf so she wouldn't talk. He was carrying her into the ocean water.

Maimun: he continued to watch ready to help her.

Soon she was in the ice cold water, shoulders covered. The next wave splashed over them and they disappeared.

Jacinta: was drowning as her boyfriend held her under.

Maimun: now had the power of everything. He froze Jacinta's boyfriend in time where nothing, not even his species could move, and he grabbed Jacinta, pulling her out. He had not decided what to do with her boyfriend yet.

Jacinta: she was shivering violently and coughing spasmodically, spitting out water. She was suffering from hypothermia from the cold ocean water.

Maimun: using his hands making him hot as fire, he warmed her up while putting her attempt to be killer in a red glowing ember. He walked the way back to the castle, holding and carrying her. Making her warm and healing her. He took the blindfold off and the scarf from around her mouth.

Jacinta: soon she was able to breath and talk. She looked up at Maimun. "How'd you...get here?"

Maimun: "I know what to do." he said as he glanced down at her.

Jacinta: "What?"

Maimun: "Well it all started with Mali, she wanted to play with your dragons. When I saw you weren't there but they were, I thought that strange so I went into your mind to see where you were."

Jacinta: she nodded and coughed again, "Where is he?" she looked for her boyfriend.

Maimun: "Gone."

Jacinta: "You killed him!"

Maimun: "No but that I would love."

Jacinta: "Where is he!"

Maimun: showed her the little cube. "He just can't do anything until I say, which will be the twelfth day of never." he walked up to her room after walking in the front door and closing it behind him quietly.

Mali: she chirped happily and swished her tail back and forth. She looked like she smiled.

Jacinta: she tried to take the ember.

Maimun: "No. You'll burn yourself." he put it in his pocket then set her on the bed where no one was so she didn't lay on anyone

Jacinta: "If I can't be with your brother give me my other boyfriend!"

Maimun: "He just tried to kill you. No. There is no way I am going to give this idiot back or allow him to live."

Jacinta: she frowned, "It was my fault for kissing another boy."

Maimun: "Okay let me tell you this. A GOOD boyfriend will NOT try to kill you over ANYTHING."

Jacinta: she crossed her arms, being stubborn. "How would I know." she mumbled.

Maimun: "You know what maybe I should tell my friend he should just ask you out already then you'd understand what it's like to have someone that's healthy for you."

Jacinta: "No, I don't want anyone to be forced to go out with me."

Maimun: "It's not forcing, he's been daring to but has been too chicken."

Jacinta: "Someone dared him?"

Maimun: "No of course not."

Jacinta: "I don't want any stupid boyfriend. I don't like good boys. I like bad boys."

Maimun: "Well the bad ones that get you killed or kill you unless you like Dominic in that case you're all the way around bad..."

Jacinta: she looked at him, "Who? What do you mean?"

Maimun: "Oh just a friend of mine named Dominic, he's...something else but you probably wouldn't like him. He's kind of bad."

Jacinta: "Why not?"

Maimun: "He's too bad for you, I'm sure."

Jacinta: she glared at him, "Is that a challenge?"

Maimun: "All I'm saying that he's something else." he said and shrugged.

Jacinta: "I accept the challenge."

Maimun: smiled, "We'll see." he turned and walked out of the room.

Jacinta: "Let my boyfriend go please." she sighed.

Maimun: "Nope." he said and he was down the hall.

Jacinta: she got up quickly and ran after him, "It wasn't his fault!"

Maimun: "Yes it was." he went down to the kitchen.

Jacinta: she sighed.

Maimun: "He had the choice to pull the one last straw of patience and he did and stopped on it and for that he forfeited his right to live.

Jacinta: "You have no right to kill him."

Maimun: "Yes I do."

Jacinta: "You kill him and I'll tell Meisha you kill people so you really ARE crazy! Think how your kids will feel having a murderer as a father."

Maimun: "Maybe but think of how many lives I'll be saving. They need to know how to be tough and being tough does not involve having a perfect life. The world is not perfect."

Jacinta: "I'll call the police."

Maimun: "And tell them what? Your friend's husband just trapped your boyfriend in a cube? That your boyfriend who could turn to smoke tried to drown you? The only thing they'd do is send you to the crazy house."

Jacinta: she looked really angry. "I wanted him to drown me!"

Maimun: "Why!"

Jacinta: "That's my personal thoughts! Now let him go!"

Maimun: "No." he said simply then opened the fridge.

Jacinta: "LET HIM GO!" she felt like crying now. She stomped her foot.

Maimun: "You will not give me a proper reason so no. But that's right KILLING you is NOT A PROPER REASON.

Jacinta: "The reason is that I asked him!"

Maimun: "Why would you even consider something like that!"

Jacinta: she was running out of excuses, caught in a lie. It was hard to come up with them, "Because I wanted to see if Maurizio would save me."

Maimun: "You're lying to me. What you're saying is making no sense. Tell me this then if you did ask for this why did he cover your mouth with a scarf? If you had asked him then you wouldn't have been trying to talk."

Jacinta: "Just don't kill him please." she said softly. "Promise me that."

Maimun: "I promise I will not kill him."

Jacinta: she nodded, "Alright." she rubbed her arm gently and went back to her room to check on the dragons.

Maimun: got something to eat out and ate it. He sighed.

Mali: ran into the kitchen and jumped on a chair. She watched him.

Maimun: "Hungry?"

Mali: she chirped a yes and stood on her back legs, using her tail for balance. She straightened to stand like Maimun was.

Maimun: watched her making sure that she wasn't going to fall he pulled some meat out of the fridge and closed the door.

Mali: she kept her eyes on the meat.

Maimun: he bought it over to her and held it for her to bite.

Mali: she dropped back down to her four feet and leaned over to the food and took a bite.

Maimun: "Good."

Mali: she chirped and finished eating the little bit of meat. She was full. She looked up at her dad.

Maimun: took a fish and dropped it in his mouth.

Mali: she jumped onto his shirt and held on with her claws, hanging there.

Maimun: looked down at her wondering what she wanted.

Mali: she chirped and climbed up his shirt to sit on his shoulder and then jumped onto his head and hid in his hair.

Maimun: chuckled.

Mali: she swatted some of his hair as she lay on his head.

Maimun: "What are you doing?" he asked in their language.

Mali: "Playing wif your hairs daddy." she giggled and jumped up and around on his head and hid amongst his hair, peeking out from inside of it, like a cat hiding in the bushes to spy on those unaware of her presence.

Maimun: he chuckled, "Are you having fun?"

Mali: "Yeppy." she jumped a bit too far and missed his head, she tried to grab with her claws and slid down his back and then fell onto the kitchen floor.

Maimun: he used his speed and picked her up before she hit the floor, "Are you okay?" he held her.

Mali: "Yes." she breathed and wound herself around her dad's hand. She looked up at him, her eyes showing the little bit of fear that she had from falling. "Dat twas scary."

Maimun: brought her closer to him, "Yes it was. But you're okay now."

Mali: she nodded and flicked her tongue out and touched her dad's nose with it. She giggled.

Maimun: he chuckled.

Mali: "Daddy is funny."

Maimun: "How so?"

Mali: she shrugged her little dragon shoulders and bit his thumb.

Maimun: smiled slightly, "Like biting?"

Mali: she pulled back, "Yeppy." she chirped. "I want to speak mommy's language."

Maimun: "English?"

Mali: "Yeppy."

Maimun: "I don't think that you're old enough to know English."

Mali: "Awww. How olds do I gotta be?"

Maimun: "I'm not sure." he admitted.

Mali: she made a sad sound.

Maimun: "I'm sorry Mali."

Mali: "Is you feeling better daddy?"

Maimun: he shrugged, "You're moms got the pain under control for now."

Mali: she swished her tail, "Cool."

Maimun: nodded.

Mali: she unwound her tail from her dad's hand and then walked up his arm carefully.

Maimun: "Careful."

Mali: "When will I be older?"

Maimun: "In time, I'm not sure how fast you grow."

Mali: "How fast did you grow?"

Maimun: "It took twelve years."

Mali: she looked at her dad, "Dats a long times."

Maimun: nodded.

Mali: "Can we play a game?"

Maimun: "Sure, what kind of game do you want to play?"

Mali: she shrugged.

Maimun: he thought for a long moment.

Mali: she wondered if there were dragon games.

Maimun: "There is a game we could play."

Mali: "What daddy?"

Maimun: "First we have to get on the floor." he said as he sat on the floor.

Mali: she jumped off his arm and sat on the floor in front of him. She was excited.

Maimun: he pressed his hand to the floor and a sort of maze of fire appeared before them and there was a fall of fire.

Mali: "Oooohhh!" she jumped up and down.

Maimun: "Now the goal is to get the fireball in the other person's goal."

Mali: "By kicking it or blowing it?" she blew the flame.

It started to roll.

Maimun: "Blowing."

Mali: she blew more.

It rolled faster and then hit a wall.

Mali: "Awww!" she sighed. She moved around to roll it more.

It hit a speed up spot and went through Maimun's goal. He then blew it around towards her goal.

Mali: she jumped around crazily and tried to blow the ball away from her goal.

Maimun: he lessoned his air so that she was starting to win over.

Mali: she giggled and blew more.

Maimun: paused and took a big breath and it went through his goal. "Wanna see something cool?"

Mali: she did a flip and jumped around, "Yes."

Maimun: he took a big breath and let it out and with the air was a fire, the ball went immediately to her goal, going through the maze.

Mali: "HEY!" she chirped loudly. She frowned a bit and then smiled, "That was cool daddy! Teach me! Teach me!"

Maimun: "Ok, but before I teach you this technique you have to learn how to cause fire from your mouth like this." he leaned his head up and blew some fire into the air.

Mali: she watched her dad and then leaned back and tried like her dad did. But nothing came out but smoke.

Maimun: "It's going to take some time for your fire lungs to come." he told her

Mali: she whimpered.

Maimun: "That should only be a few days to a week."

Mali: "Is that a not long time?"

Maimun: "It's shorter then years. It's not too long."

Mali: "Cool." she jumped around excited again. Then she blew the ball again towards her dad's goal.

Maimun: he blew at the same pressure and the ball stopped.

Mali: "Hey daddy! No fair! You is stronger!"

Maimun: smiled, he chuckled.

Mali: she blew with all her might.

Maimun: it started moving slowly towards his goal.

Mali: she blew more and more, but she was getting light headed.

Maimun: stopped blowing air and it flew in

Mali: "I win I win!"

Maimun: smiled and picked her up, "Yes you do."

Mali: she went and sat on his neck.

Maimun: "Tired?"

Mali: "No daddy."

Maimun: "Okay."

Meisha: she was waking up in the room. She looked over at Maimun in the bed.

Maimun: he kissed her ear.

Meisha: "Hi Maimun." she said softly, "How did I get up here?"

Maimun: "I brought you up here."

Meisha: "Thanks." she sat up, keeping an eye on Melanie. "Where's Mali?"

Maimun: "She's downstairs."

Meisha: "Alone?"

Maimun: "No a clone of mine is with her. They just got done playing a game. I'm not that irresponsible."

Meisha: "I didn't mean to imply that." she said softly.

Maimun: "You didn't." he didn't let her go.

Meisha: "What time is it?"

Maimun: "Mmm...eight."

Meisha: "I should put them to bed."

Maimun: "I don't want to let you go."

Meisha: "This is not part of my plan."

Maimun: he put his lips on her shoulder, "What isn't?"

Meisha: she bit her lip, unable to resist liking that. "You aren't supposed to be allowed to kiss me."

Maimun: "Mmm...that." he kissed her shoulder and closed his eyes, enjoying it.

Meisha: "Maimun..." she said softly, it was getting harder to resist.

Maimun: he kissed her neck. "Hmm?"

Meisha: "You shouldn't get what you want. You didn't give me what I wanted before. You rejected me. I should reject you."

Maimun: "Darling please." he begged and kissed her cheek he looked into her eyes.

Meisha: she looked at him and her eyes softened, "Fine. But just because you were hurt...and I feel bad for you."

Maimun: "Thank you." he kissed her.

Meisha: she kissed him softly back, "Let me put the kids to bed first."

Maimun: nodded, "Ok."

Meisha: she got up and went and took Melanie and put her in her bed. Then she went downstairs to get Mali.

Maimun: he took his clones place.

Meisha: she picked up Melanie off of Maimun's shoulder. "Come on little one let's get sleep."

Mali: "Awww..." she chirped sadly and looked at her dad.

Maimun: he stood, "I'll tell you a bedtime story." he promised.

Mali: "Yay!" she chirped happily and Meisha gave her back to Maimun.

Maimun: held her and took her to the room.

Meisha: she went up to the room she had napped in and gathered her school things.

Maimun: told her a story of old when Dragons were free and of one dragon finding her place in the world.

Mali: she really like the story and wanted her dad to tell her one every night.

Maimun: "Good night Mali." he kissed her forehead then Melanie's.

Mali: "Night daddy." she jumped up and licked his face for a kiss.

Maimun: smiled slightly.

Melanie: she licked his face tiredly.

Mali: she went and snuggled up with her sister.

Maimun: went to his room.

Meisha: she was changing into her pajamas.

Maimun: "Can I ask you something?" he asked as he went to get some sleeping pants.

Meisha: "Nope. Not allowed to ask me anything." she smiled a bit.

Maimun: "Oh..." he pulled off his shirt and changed pants.

Meisha: "I'm just joking." she rolled her eyes.

Maimun: "Oh...I guess I can just ask you later."

Meisha: "Why?" she frowned a bit.

Maimun: "I'm not sure how to ask it."

Meisha: "Is it hard to ask?"

Maimun: "It's just something I was wondering."

Meisha: "Yes?" she sat down on her bed.

Maimun: "The other day you said how we were married and I was thinking technically we aren't married yet just engaged and I don't know." he laid down on the bed.

Meisha: she was quiet a second, "Are you saying you don't want to be married?"

Maimun: "No, if it were up to me I'd marry you right now..."

Meisha: "Then why do you say you don't know? Don't know about what?"

Maimun: "What I want to ask."

Meisha: "Oh..." she watched him.

Maimun: he leaned his head back. He wished he could marry her right now.

Meisha: "You decided against making love?"

Maimun: "No of course not." he pulled her closer.

Meisha: "You just aren't asking the question..."

Maimun: "I just don't know how to ask it."

Meisha: she sighed and nodded and leaned up and kissed him.

Maimun: he kissed her back, "Do you want to get married right now? We can have two weddings if you want."

Meisha: she leaned back and looked at him. She felt a bit nervous, "Married? Two weddings?"

Maimun: nodded, "A private one then if you wanted other people there then we can have them for the second one. But that's a dumb question. I'm sorry." he said as he kissed her again, he saw it in her expression; he wasn't going to push it. Though it made him wonder why she had said they were married a few days before."

Meisha: she stopped him from kissing her again, "You want to marry me?"

Maimun: nodded, "I proposed to you." he reminded her softly.

Meisha: "You did not."

Maimun: showed her the ring on her finger. "Unless you got this from someone else."

It was indeed the ring he gave her. It was a white gold band with golden swirls around the multicolored diamond in the center of the ring.

Meisha: she looked down at the ring and her eyes widened. She looked up at him, "When did you give me that?"

Maimun: "A long time ago."

Meisha: she tried to think back. She never remembered him giving her a ring, or proposing.

Maimun: "I'm sorry." he sighed and leaned back.

Meisha: "Sorry for what?" she watched him.

Maimun: "I made you uncomfortable."

Meisha: "No." she said softly. "I just never thought you'd propose to me in bed..."

Maimun: "No time like the present I guess."

Meisha: "I do want to marry you. I was...confused I guess when I said what I did. I kept thinking we were married."

Maimun: smiled slightly, "Yea me too."

Meisha: "Why would you want two weddings?"

Maimun: "I was just thinking if you want to invite people then it could be to the second one."

Meisha: "What's the first one?"

Maimun: "An assassin's wedding."

Meisha: "What's that? Sounds like someone has to die."

Maimun: he took her hand in his, "We take a knife and make an X on my skin and yours and hold them together."

Meisha: "A knife sounds painful." she said softly. "I've never cut myself before. On purpose."

Maimun: "Then we won't." he kissed her hand softly and then just put her hand on his heart and he closed his eyes.

Meisha: "But...I want to get married."

Maimun: "We can plan for the other one then. No one will have to cut themselves then."

Meisha: she smiled and pulled him down and kissed him.

Maimun: kissed her back.

Meisha: "I'm not mad at you anymore." she said softly, kissing him again.

Maimun: "I'm thankful." he kissed her back again.

Meisha: "You should be." she pushed him over onto the bed and kissed him more again.

Maimun: he held her closer kissing her back.

Meisha: "So what was it you wanted to do?" she asked, taking off his shirt.

Maimun: "Right now I just want you." he said hungrily. He kissed her hard.

Meisha: "Me too." she said softly, closing her eyes as he kissed her.

Maimun: he continued to kiss and love her.


Maimun: still held her close to him.

Meisha: she kissed him when she woke up. She quietly got out of bed and changed into her school clothes. She grabbed her things.

Maimun: "You're not leaving so early are you?" he asked sadly.

Meisha: "I have school, babe. I'm sorry."

Maimun: "It's okay, have fun."

Meisha: "Don't worry. I can't go to school and be a mom so I was just going to be gone long enough to get my transcripts and drop out." she pulled her hair up and into a messy bun.

Maimun: "You sure about that?"

Meisha: "Yea." she said softly. "Especially since we are getting married. I can't do it all."

Maimun: "I don't want you to have to give everything up for me; you'll end up regretting it later. He stood and opened a drawer and pulled out a box

Meisha: "I can do school later. After the kids get older." she grabbed her bag. "I've gotta go."

Maimun: "I'll give you the ring when you get back." he kissed her, "Have a good day at school." he snapped his fingers and he was dressed

Meisha: "What ring?" she looked at her finger.

Maimun: she showed her the small box in his hand.

Meisha: "You took it back off my finger?"

Maimun: "No. This is your wedding ring."

Meisha: "Oh...alright." she kissed his cheek, "I'll be back soon." she left the room quickly.

Maimun: "Bye." he sighed.

Meisha: she went to school.

Maimun: went to check on the kids.

Mali: was still sleeping.

Maimun: he sat down.

Mali: she opened her eyes slowly and looked at him for a second before closing them again and pretending to still be sleeping.

Maimun: smiled slightly he didn't say anything.

Mali: she opened them again after a minute and then closed them again.

Maimun: smiled, "I know that you're awake Mali."

Mali: she didn't open her eyes. She was trying not to laugh.

Maimun: he chuckled.

Mali: she opened her eyes and looked at her dad. She smiled.

Maimun: smiled, "You want to go shopping with me today?"

Mali: she jumped up and walked over her sister. She chirped happily.

Melanie: she moved a little but did not wake.

Mali: she jumped up to get out of the crib.

Maimun: picked her up and a sleepy Melanie. "You'll just have to look like a human."

Mali: she tilted her head to the side wondering how.

Maimun: "But since we don't know if you'll be able to witch back and forth." he gave her a tiny medallion for on her neck.

Mali: she moved her head to put the necklace on.

Suddenly she transformed to looked like a human baby

Mali: she giggled and reached up to touch her dad's face. She couldn't talk at all now.

Melanie: looked at her and jumped back, she chirped.

Mali: she looked over at Melanie. She felt weird.

Melanie: she slowly walked over to her she poked her with her paw.

Mali: she whimpered. It hurt.

Melanie: she jumped back.

Maimun: "Melanie be careful."

Melanie: she looked down and jumped back into the crib.

Mali: she didn't like being a human baby. She looked over at her sister.

Melanie: laid down and covered her head with the rest of her.

Maimun: sighed.

Mali: she tried to take the medallion off.

Maimun: took it off her and she changed back.

Mali: she jumped up and walked over to her sister slowly.

Melanie: she was crying

Mali: she nuzzled her sister softly.

Melanie: moved away

Mali: she lay down and watched her sister. She was really sad now.

Melanie: "I hurt you." she chirped and backed away again. "Go have fun with dad."

Mali: "You didn't hurt me sissy. It felt weird being human baby."

Melanie: "I just mess up."

Mali: she scooted closer to Melanie, slowly.

Melanie: watched her, ready to back up again if need be.

Mali: "Please don't hate me."

Melanie: "I no hate you, it me I hate."

Mali: "Why?" she asked softly.

Melanie: "I mess everything up."

Mali: she looked over at her dad.

Maimun: "No you don't."

Melanie: "First with mom now Mali. Soon it will be everyone." she said softly and buried her face.

Mali: she looked back at her sister and was crying little tears for her. She rested her chin on her paws.

Melanie: "Don't cry for me I don't deserve it."

Mali: "I feel bads I made you feel bads."

Melanie: "I'm okay."

Mali: "No you's not."

Melanie: "I'll be ok; you can go shopping with dad."

Mali: "I want to go wif you."

Melanie: "I'm not big enough to leave. I want you to have fun."

Mali: "I can't have fun wif out you."

Melanie: "You can't with me either."

Mali: "Why?" she asked sadly.

Melanie: "I'll mess it up."

Mali: she lay down on the bed. She didn't feel like going anywhere anymore.

Melanie: sighed, "I go you go?"

Mali: she nodded.

Melanie: "I go."

Mali: she smiled and jumped up, "Yay!"

Melanie: got up and jumped on her dad's hand

Mali: she followed and jumped on her dads hand too.

Maimun: "Ready?"

Mali: she nodded and walked over to sit by her sister.

Maimun: we to see what Jacinta was doing

Jacinta: she was at school, the little dragon babies with her.

Maimun: nodded, then hiding the girls he went to town. They could see out but no one could see them.

Mali: she looked around excitedly. She'd never seen anything outside of the house.

Maimun: walked into the ring shop. There were many shiny things.

Mali: she was over taken by the shiny things. She felt excited even more. She jumped out of the bag and ran over the floor towards the shiny things.

Maimun: "Mali." he said as he walked towards her.

Mali: she looked over at her dad and then jumped up and put her paws on the glass to see the shiny things closer. Her tail swished back and forth.

Maimun: picked her up.

Mali: she whimpered.

Maimun: "You can look from up here." he said quietly and she had a better view.

Mali: she smiled and looked more at the shiny things.

Maimun: got a ring for Meisha then went and left after paying for it.

Mali: she whined and wanted to go back in with the shiny things.

Maimun: "We'll see something else."

Mali: she looked at her dad, wondering what.

Maimun: showed her the shiny fountain.

Mali: she chirped and jumped up and down.

Maimun: "Stay here." he told her."

Mali: she nodded and did so.

Maimun: too her to see different things of the city

Mali: she looked over at her sister.

Melanie: had fun

Mali: she smiled, looking up at her dad happily. She was starting to get hungry though.

Maimun: got something to eat for them.

Mali: "Tanks daddy."

Maimun: "You're welcome hon."

Melanie: "Tanks."

Mali: "Is you still afraid of me Melanie?"

Melanie: shook her head.

Mali: she smiled and jumped over to her sister and kissed her.

Melanie: she giggled.

Mali: she waited with her family to see what they'd do.

Maimun: "Ready to go home?"

Mali: she nodded and smiled. "Yeppy!"

Maimun: went home with them

Meisha: she was home, sitting on the couch in the living room area, watching TV, her legs against her chest.

Maimun: "Hi babe."

Meisha: she looked over at him, "Hi honey." she said softly.

Maimun: "What's wrong?"

Meisha: she sighed, "They said I'm going to have to do the whole year over if I want to start my classes again."

Maimun: "Then just continue your classes for the year."

Meisha: "I've already quit. They told me that after I quit."

Maimun:"I'll talk to them."

Meisha: she got up, "No it's okay. Don't bother. How was your day?"

Maimun: "It was okay." he let the kids down

Meisha: "Just okay?"

Maimun: "It was fun."

Meisha: "That's good." she kissed his cheek gently.

Maimun: he kissed her.

Meisha: "Where's the kids?" she asked after the kiss.

Maimun: "Well there's Melanie." he pointed to her and he looked for Mali. "I don't know where she ran off too."

Meisha: she bent down and picked up Melanie, "Hi baby girl." she kissed her.

Melanie: chirped and rubbed her head on her mom.

Meisha: she smiled a bit. She looked to Maimun, "It's not fair I can't understand them."

Maimun; he touched her arm.

Melanie: "Mommy it was so amazing we saw the town and so many things were shiny!" she was chirping about. Meisha could hear the words.

Meisha: she smiled and looked at Melanie. She looked really happy. "You guys do like shiny things." she hugged her daughter.

Melanie: made happy sounds, "I love you mommy."

Meisha: "I love you too Melanie." she set her on her shoulders.

Melanie: was happy, she lay down.

Meisha: she looked at Maimun and smiled a bit. Then she went over to her room and started to go through her school things to throw them out.

Maimun: "You're really throwing out all that money?"

Meisha: she looked at him, "Throwing out money?"

Maimun: "You must have had to pay for the books."

Meisha: "I'm sure by the time I sign up for classes again they'll have updated books."

Maimun: nodded.

Meisha: "So there's no reason to keep them. I'll need to buy new anyways."

Maimun: nodded, "If you say so."

Meisha: "I won't use your money. Don't worry about it."

Maimun: "It's fine in fact I insist on buying them for you."

Meisha: "No." she said softly, "Like you said, it's a lot of money. I don't want to leech from you."

Maimun: "It's a gift."

Meisha: "But you're already getting me a ring. That's expensive of a gift enough."

Maimun:"It's not too bad."

Meisha: "You mean you didn't spend a lot on my ring?"

Maimun: "I did but it's not like I don't have a pile of gold. Wanna see it?"

Meisha: she smiled a bit and laughed, "I know babe. I made half of it."

Maimun: smiled, "I know." he kissed her.

Meisha: she kissed him back gently and looked down at Melanie who was still on her shoulder.

Maimun: "Want to see it?" he asked again.

Meisha: "Your pile of gold?"

Maimun: shook his head, "The ring."

Meisha: she smiled a bit, "I'd love to."

Maimun: "You know I'm going to have to do this right." he got on one knee and took her hand in his he took her ring off of her finger, "Meisha will you marry me?"

Meisha: she smiled and found herself blushing, "Yes, love. I'll marry you. Crazy and all."

Maimun: smiled he placed it on her finger and got up and kissed her deeply. "Thank you."

Meisha: "No, thank you." she said after the kiss.

Maimun: "My honor." He stood and showed her the ring inside the box that he bought at the jewelry store earlier.

Meisha: "That ring is gorgeous." she whispered and looked at it. "So now I have a wedding to plan. Glad I have more free time." She smiled when she looked back up at him.

Maimun: he kissed her again softly. He didn't know what to do now.

Meisha: she smiled a bit and then went and got the kids and made food for everyone.

Tainn: she came back from classes with Jacinta.

Maimun: he set the table.

Jacinta: she was still mad at Maimun

Tainn: she sighed, "Are you guys going to kick us out?"

Maimun: "No of course not, why would you think that?"

Tainn: she motioned to her ring finger, "Meisha's ring."

Maimun: he didn't understand but he pretended he did.

Tainn: she sighed, "If you're getting married now you'll kick us out."

Maimun: "No I won't. You can continue to live here."

Jacinta: "Would we want to?" she asked with a roll of her eyes.

Maimun: "I think that Meisha is just finishing up making food if you want to help her bring it out."

Jacinta: "Why don't you?"

Maimun: "I'm setting the table right now. I'm going to help after I'm done."

Jacinta: "Fine."

Tainn: "I'll help." she got up and went to the kitchen to help Meisha.

Maimun: "Thank you Tainn." he continued to set the table, setting a plate for Arsenrios and Grace since they would be back this morning.

Jacinta: "Why are you setting a place for six people? You, me, Tainn, Meisha, and then Mali and Melanie?" she wondered. "If that is the case I think my two dragons should have a place too."

Maimun: "The two extra seats are for Arsenrios and Grace."

Jacinta: "Oh...well could my dragons eat here too?"

Maimun: "Of course."

Jacinta: she got up and went to her room. She sighed to herself, thinking how Maurizio said he would be around, and yet he wasn't. Maybe Maimun was right and he wasn't as nice as he said he was. She put her things away and put the two little dragons down by their food dishes.

RD: she ate quickly, she was hungry.

Longwei: he jumped up by the window and looked out. He wondered where their mom was.

Jacinta: she sat down and started to do her homework on her bed.

RD: she looked up at her sister and tilted her head to the side.

Longwei: looked back at his sister. He chirped to say mom.

RD: she looked sad then jumped over to her sister and looked out the window.

Jacinta: "Guys, come here." she patted the bed.

RD: she came down beside her.

Longwei: he jumped down and sat beside Jacinta.

Tainn and Meisha came out and put food on the table.

Maimun: helped them finish up

Meisha: "When are Grace and Arsenrios getting here?"

Maimun: "In about ten minutes."

Meisha: "Are they staying here?"

Maimun: nodded, "That I think is true as well."

Meisha: "Is your pain receding?"

Maimun: "A little bit."

Meisha: "Good." she sat down at the table.

Tainn: "There was a new boy in class today."

Maimun: "What was his name?"

Tainn: "He introduced himself as Mat Jenkins."

Maimun: "Hmm, was he nice?"

Tainn: "I was too shy to talk to him. But I guess so."

Meisha: "You never talk to anyone Tainn."

Maimun: "Being shy can be a good thing."

Tainn: "How so?"

Maimun: "You stay out of trouble that way."

Meisha: "Yea. See how much trouble I would have saved myself if I was shy and didn't say hello to the random guy at the train station?" she smiled a bit.

Tainn: she laughed softly, "Yea."

Maimun: he chuckled.

Jacinta: she came out with the two little dragons. She sat down in her chair.

Maimun: he looked at his watch. "But you love me and you know it." he smiled at Meisha.

Meisha: "I do love you." she smiled back.

Grace: she walked into the kitchen. "Hi guys." she said softly.

Maimun: smiled, "Hi Grace, please have a seat."

Grace: she looked at the empty plates and took a seat in one of the chairs. "Food smells good." she complimented.

Meisha: "Thanks."

Arsenrios: came in he smiled and sat down by his wife, "This is nice."

Maimun: smiled and sat down.

They had a nice dinner together. Afterwards, everyone went to their rooms to sleep or finish school work.

Meisha: she was in the kitchen alone, cleaning up.

Arsenrios: came in, "Can I be of assistance?"

Meisha: she looked at him. She tensed a little but not so much, "Um, I guess. I'm fine...a bit."

Arsenrios: "I assume that you must have heard my past huh?" he started to help her.

Meisha: "Yea. I did. I'm sorry it's just...I don't like it." she went and wiped off the counters.

Arsenrios: "It's okay, no one really does."

Meisha: "Maimun did." she said softly. "Still does probably and I'm just...hampering his wants."

Arsenrios: "Hampering?"

Meisha: "Stepping on them...making it so he doesn't get them..."

Arsenrios: "It's probably for the best. His anger needs to be controlled at time."

Meisha: "Does he have a violent temper?"

Arsenrios: "No...only when his father is around."

Meisha: "But he hasn't seen him in years."

Arsenrios: "I know. But it has only been twenty years since his father paid a visit. That's not a long time."

Meisha: she looked shocked, "Where have you been? Twenty years IS a long time."

Arsenrios: "Meisha I'm over four hundred."

Meisha: she looked at him up and down, shocked.

Arsenrios: smiled and went back to work. "When you get as old as me 20 years is nothing. It's not even a forth of my life."

Meisha: "I guess. I won't live that long though."

Arsenrios: "Of course you will."

Meisha: she shook her head, "My kind doesn't live that long."

Arsenrios: "Maimun won't let you die. I hope you know that."

Meisha: "Don't you think there comes a point in life where a person is too old to be alive?"

Arsenrios: he thought about that, "Perhaps. But it's different with everyone. I have friends that are thousands of years old."

Meisha: she coughed, "Huh?"

Arsenrios: "I have friends that are thousands of years old, and they don't look older than me even."

Meisha: "Wow." she said softly, "So like...they were alive when Jesus was on earth?"

Arsenrios: nodded.

Meisha: "Interesting..."

Arsenrios: "Yes, I'll admit I've made some bad decisions and I've paid for every one of them but turning good is not one of them."

Meisha: "Aren't you ever afraid you'll revert back to your old ways, like a drunk who abstains from alcohol?"

Arsenrios: "Sometimes yes but most of the time I have enough control that I don't have to worry about despite it being a new change. When you see the good in something you don't want to change back to the bad way."

Meisha: "So you think Maimun will make a good husband?"

Arsenrios: "I think so."

Meisha: "Think so?" she said softly. She sighed.

Arsenrios: "That depends on how you define good husband. He cares a lot about you Meisha, he'd never let anyone hurt you or the kids."

Meisha: she nodded, and after a moment she smiled a bit, "Then I don't need to be wary of it. Or you."

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded.

Meisha: "Thanks Arsenrios." she finished cleaning up. "I just better keep him away from his dad."

Arsenrios: "You're welcome. That seems wise."

Meisha: "Thanks for helping me clean up."

Arsenrios: "It was a pleasure." he smiled, "I don't get to do it at my house."

Meisha: "Do you like to? I'm sure you could if you asked and said something."

Arsenrios: "Once in a while I don't mind it but Anne has to do something so." he shrugged.

Meisha: she nodded, "Yea. Or else there'd be no point in having a maid."

Arsenrios: "There would be no reason to pay her." he shrugged and chuckled, "After all you know I'm just so old."

Meisha: "I wish I had a maid."

Arsenrios: "You could hire one."

Meisha: she nodded, "I could. It would help a lot. But there really isn't a reason now. I've dropped out of school."

Arsenrios: "I'm home all the time but it just means that I have more time to do other things."

Meisha: "Other things like what?"

Arsenrios: "Like being with my wife, thinking."

Meisha: "I think I might go crazy staying at home all the time just being one of those wives who have nothing to do but worship their husbands. I don't think Maimun would like that either."

Arsenrios: "He wouldn't, I know that he would want you to have a life and be happy."

Meisha: "I just want to be here for the kid's though." she said softly, "I think they are the only ones I will ever have."

Arsenrios: "What makes you say that?"

Meisha: "They way they were born. I think...they just will be the only ones I can have."

Arsenrios: "Oh..." he understood.

Meisha: "Yea." she said softly. She blushed a bit. "Besides, if I am to live long...I have plenty of time to finish college."

Arsenrios: "That's very true too."

Meisha: "I guess I better get to sleep. It was nice talking to you, Arsenrios."

Arsenrios: "You too Meisha. Good night."

Meisha: "Night." she went upstairs to Maimun.

Maimun: he was telling Mali a bedtime story.

Mali: she was getting bigger. Now she was as long as Maimun's forearm. She was curled up on the bed and sleeping.

Meisha: she smiled, watching from the doorway.

Maimun: smiled and got up he went over to her, "Mali's growing fast."

Meisha: "She is. How big will she get?"

Maimun: "Very big though we should find out soon if she is both or just a dragon."

Meisha: "And if she is just a dragon?" she said softly.

Maimun: "I don't know."

Meisha: "Our life will have to change so she can grow up how a dragon should."

Maimun: nodded, "Maybe."

Meisha: "Why only maybe?"

Maimun: "it just depends what she is, I know what Melanie will be but Mali I'm not too sure."

Meisha: she nodded, "I don't know either way. You know more than I do."

Maimun: "Sometimes, if she's full dragon I'll need help."

Meisha: "How am I to help with a dragon?"

Maimun: "I am not sure how either actually."

Meisha: she looked over at Mali, "You could always bite her to change her, right?"

Maimun: "That's part of the problem, even if I do that doesn't ensure she'll be able to turn human."

Meisha: "What of that medallion you have?"

Maimun: "That only calms down..."

Meisha: "Calms down?" she said confused. She turned to walk back to their room, still talking to him.

Maimun: nodded, "In a sense yes and forces one to listen."

Meisha: "I'm confused."

Maimun: "About what? Wait, which medallion?"

Meisha: "The one you use to change them to a human."

Maimun: "Oh, I was talking about something else. That could work."

Meisha: she got dressed for bed, "What were you speaking of?"

Maimun: "I have a medallion that calms dragons and make them listen to the holder of the medallion."

Meisha: "Oh. I see. Does that work on you?"

Maimun: nodded, "It does."

Meisha: "Good. That will come in handy if your temper gets the better of you."

Maimun: nodded, "I'll give you the combination for the lock later." he changed into his pajamas.

Meisha: "So have you thought of anything yet?"

Maimun: "I'm still thinking I had one but it slipped my mind." he admitted.

Meisha: she sighed. "Of course. Well I guess I'm sleeping in my room tonight."

Maimun: "Why?"

Meisha: "I told you...until you come up with a reason I am going to torture you."

Maimun: "Darling please. Not tonight."

Meisha: "Why not tonight?"

Maimun: "Because I want to be with you tonight." he wrapped his arms around her, "Please stay."

Meisha: "That's when I can torture you. It's nights you don't want me around that will do no good for me to go away."

Maimun: he looked sad, "Please."

Meisha: she frowned, "You're a big baby."

Maimun: he sighed and let her go. "Yea, that's me." he collapsed on the bed.

Meisha: she smiled a bit, "I love you."

Maimun: "I love you too."

Meisha: "Bye bye baby." she kissed his cheek and then turned and left the room.

Maimun: sighed and watched her go.

Meisha: she went to her room and got in bed.

Maimun: stared at the ceiling.


Meisha: she got up and made breakfast for Jacinta and Tainn to eat before they left for classes. Then she went and got Melanie to feed her. She also fed Mali, but it was weird. And it was getting harder and harder for her not to treat Mali like a pet. She reminded her so much of a little cat or dog...she had to keep telling herself that Mali was her daughter.

Maimun: was already up and around.

Mali: "Daddy! Daddy!" she stood up on her back legs and came up to Maimun's mid calf.

Maimun: smiled, "Hi baby girl."

Mali: "I'm getting big like you!" she jumped up and then landed on her four paws again.

Maimun: smiled, "I see that."

Mali: "Am I big enough to talk like mommy yet?"

Maimun: "I'm not sure baby girl, you'll have to hurt human to do so."

Mali: "Hurt a human?"

Meisha: she looked at Maimun and Mali and was jealous they were talking and she did not understand.

Maimun: "Turn sorry about that. You'll have to turn into a human." he looked over at her, "Darling why don't you come here for a second."

Meisha: she got up and walked over to them, "Yes?"

Mali: "How do I turn human?"

Maimun: he put his arm around her and she could understand both Maimun and Mali. "You have to focus on your energy inside."

Mali: "But if I turn to a human now I'll make Melanie feels bad."

Meisha: she smiled, "I like this." she whispered to Maimun.

Maimun: smiled and nodded to Meisha, "She won't feel bad when she will be able to do it too."

Mali: "I made her cry yesterday."

Maimun: "We'll warn her."

Mali: "So how do I try?"

Maimun: "In your heart is another kind the power to transform. In order to do so you have to close your eyes and focus with all your might on that energy."

Mali: "Close my eyes and picture people?"

Maimun: nodded.

Mali: she closed her eyes and thought of people. She thought of her mom. But nothing happened.

Maimun: "Alright try to think of when you were human before."

Mali: she did, but still nothing happened.

Maimun: she touched Mali on the shoulder and felt to see if she could switch kinds

Mali: right now he felt nothing except for dragon blood in her.

Maimun: "You may not be old enough yet."

Mali: "Awww." she sat back and her tail curled around her.

Maimun: "I'm sorry."

Meisha: she bent down and picked up Mali and held her. "You're getting big. And heavy." she smiled a bit.

Mali: "I'm fat!" she whimpered and pressed her face to her mom's shoulder.

Meisha: "No."

Maimun: "You're mom is just saying that you're growing."

Mali: "Will I get too big you can't hold me?"

Maimun: "I don't know." he admitted.

Mali: "Mmmm..." she whimpered.

Maimun: "But I don't think so."

Mali: "Can mommy hold you?"

Maimun: smiled slightly, "I don't know she's never tried." he chuckled.

Mali: "If mommy can hold you she can always hold me." she said happily.

Meisha: she looked at Maimun and smiled a bit.

Maimun: smiled and nodded.

Meisha: "Don't think I'm going to try it." she said to Maimun.

Maimun: "Aww...but you called me a baby, maybe I want treated like one." he grinned.

Meisha: she smiled a bit, and rolled her eyes. She looked down at Mali and brought her to the kitchen to finish having her eat.

Maimun: he smiled and sat on his couch

Meisha: she finished feeding the two kids and then cleaned up the kitchen.