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Arsenrios and Grace

Written By: Jasmine Marie and Krystal Jo-Lynnelle

Unrequited Tokens

-Book One

"It doesn't matter to me if I have everything if I can't have you."

-Arsenrios Elliot

Arsenrios: "Actually I was never human. I was an alien. But yes originally my eyes were green." he blinked causing his eyes to go to green. "There we go."

Grace: her face paled. "Oh...oh. I'm sorry I just assumed." she took a step back.

Arsenrios: "It's okay. I should not have scared you like I did." he turned toward the window looking out it.

Grace: "What kind of alien?" she asked softly.

Arsenrios: "Kientian."

Grace: "What is that? Good or...bad?" she bit her lower lip.

Arsenrios: "It depends. It can control anyone's mind. If they don't like someone they can crush their mind. But they can help people too."

Grace: "Were you...good or bad?"

Arsenrios: "I was good. Always helped people." he shrugged.

Grace: "But you changed when you became...Snyde?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yes. But it seems I have changed again."

Grace: "You seem to change a lot. Who knows- you may change yet again to how you once were."

Arsenrios: "I don't think that is possible."

Grace: "And why not?"

Arsenrios: "I don't feel the anger anymore."

Grace: "It can come back."

Arsenrios: thought about that. "Maybe."

Grace: "I'm sorry I shouldn't keep you here. I don't know why I am." she opened the house door and stepped out into the sun.

Arsenrios: walked out behind her. He looked around. "It's nice out here." he commented.

Grace: nodded. "I didn't know you could be in the sun."

Arsenrios: "Why wouldn't I be able to?" he wondered.

Grace: "Snydes are creatures of the night. Sunlight is supposed to burn them- and kill them if they are in it too long."

Arsenrios: "Oh, well it doesn't. I have a ring." he held up his hand and moved his fingers then placed it back in his pocket.

Grace: "Oh. Well, that's clever." she started walking back to the house. "Why did you tell me about what you are, Arsenrios? You said humans are not supposed to know, and yet you told me."

Arsenrios: he looked at her. "I figured I could trust you not to tell my secret."

Grace: "No, you just knew no one would believe me even if I did say something."

Arsenrios: "There are people that know that my kind exists. Those people would believe you are convincing others. Then they would hunt me down and kill me. So whether I live or die it is in your hands."

Grace: "Master Arsenrios don't do that to me." a tear slid down her cheek.

Arsenrios: nodded, "I am sorry. It's just Arsenrios though, remember?"

Grace: nodded. "I'm sorry. I guess there are a lot of habits I need to break." she stopped walking to wipe her face.

Arsenrios: "It's ok; I just don't want you to feel like you have to listen to me or something."

Grace: "But what if I want to?" she kind of grew use to it, though he never really asked her to do anything anyways.

Arsenrios: "Then go ahead."

Grace: "When are you leaving?"

Arsenrios: "When you want me to or no longer need me. Whichever comes first."

Grace: "I don't think either of those could happen." she took in a shaky breath to calm her nerves. "I don't like sleeping alone anymore. It's too cold."

Arsenrios: "It seems I scarred you for life." he murmured.

Grace: shook her head. "No, it's okay. My family knows that when I get...attached to something, it's hard for me to change." she said quietly.

Arsenrios: "Attached?"

Grace: "I'm messed up Arsenrios. More than you think." she started to walk again.

Arsenrios: "How?" he said confused.

Grace: "Have you never heard about why they call me Emer?"

Arsenrios: shook his head. "No, I haven't."

Grace: "Emer was the name of the wife of the Irish war hero Cuchulain. He is to the Irish what the warrior Achilles is to the Americans. He was invincible and, not afraid of...anything."

Arsenrios: "Oh. But things have changed?"

Grace: "No, see. That's the problem. I'm not afraid of things." she shook her head. "Except for you." she mumbled.

Arsenrios: "Why are you scared of me?"

Grace: "Because, I don't know anything about you. And...if I got on your bad side you could kill me. I wouldn't know how to defend myself from you. You aren't human."

Arsenrios: "I can assure that I will never hurt you. You are safe with me."

Grace: nodded. "See, that is how I am messed up. I am afraid of you, but I don't want you to leave." she bit her lower lip.

Arsenrios: "Oh." he said not sure what to say.

Grace: "I think that vacation was either a great help to me, or a great mess up. Now I know that humans aren't the...only ones on Earth."

Arsenrios: "I wish I would have been able to help you sooner."

Grace: "It's okay. You had Kah-Lee to worry about. You like her a lot, I know. And she isn't human either. I could tell."

Arsenrios: "I was just keeping her safe for Nicodemus."

Grace: "Oh. But, why are you here, with me? It's not to keep me safe for someone. I have no one. Well, unless you count Liam but, he's more like a brother to me than anything."

Arsenrios: "I enjoy your company." he said softly.

Grace: "Of course. It is always nice to have a snack nearby."

Arsenrios: "I wouldn't willingly do that to you."

Grace: "But you already did. Back at the house."

Arsenrios: "You insisted." he reminded her.

Grace: "But you consented willingly." she shrugged. "It's alright. It's meant to be I suppose. I'll learn to live with it."

Arsenrios: "I won't do it to you again."

Grace: bit her lower lip again. "No, you have to. You need to eat. And I know you are still...hungry."

Arsenrios: shook his head. "I won't do it to you again."

Grace: "You can't help it if you get...hungry enough. It will just happen. And if I was smart, I would send you away now so that I could be safe. But like I said, I am selfish and would much rather it happen to me than anyone else. Plus...I'd rather have you to keep me company than Liam. Even with danger over my head. I drawn to it I suppose."

Arsenrios: "I can control it, even if I was dying of hunger I still wouldn't."

Grace: balled her hands into fists. "Fine."

Arsenrios: nodded not saying anything else.

Grace: went back into the house.

Arsenrios: climbed a tree and just sat on a branch.

Liam: was leaning against the tree. "Arsenrios, you both came back from the abandoned house?" his lips twitched. "That's were Grace and I had our first kiss. Is that the same for you?"

Arsenrios: "No, we didn't kiss." he assured him. "Yes we did come back from the abandoned house."

Liam: "Hmm, too bad." he looked up and climbed the tree to sit on the branch with Arsenrios. "And why not?"

Arsenrios: "Why do you say too bad?" he shrugged, "She doesn't like me in that way."

Liam: "Because, I would wonder whose kiss was better for her. Yours or mine." he leaned against the other side of the tree trunk. "How do you know? Have you asked her?"

Arsenrios: "I don't have to, it's obvious."

Liam: "Obvious in what way? How I see it, she hangs out with you a lot, and she brought you back from her vacation. That's obvious enough to me."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Perhaps you're right."

Liam: "Then we will fight for her."

Arsenrios: "I would rather not fight you."

Liam: "That's the way real men do it."

Arsenrios: "Well, why not let the lady choose?"

Liam: grunted. He didn't like that idea. Not at all. "We could." He finally consented. "But I'm not going to fight fair. Don't take it personal." He gave a short laugh, "I never fight fair."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Neither do I."

Liam: jumped out of the three, landing on the ground with a thud. He straightened and looked back at Arsenrios. "Then let the games begin." He grinned.

Arsenrios: "Alright."

Grace: came back out of the house wearing a scarf. "Liam, Grainne wants you." She motioned behind her to the house.

Liam: turned to face her, "Coming." He walked back over to the house. He stopped in front of Grace and whispered something in her ear, then left into the house.

Grace: her eyes widened. She glanced at Arsenrios, but said nothing. She shook her head slightly.

Arsenrios: "I know what this must sound like." He said slowly.

Grace: looked up at him, still standing by the house. "What do you mean?" she said softly.

Arsenrios: "Ummm….never mind." he said softly.

Grace: "It's okay if you want to leave. Liam is right."

Arsenrios: "Right about what?"

Grace: she shrugged, "You don't like it here."

Arsenrios: he smiled. Where did he get an idea like that? "I do like it here."

Grace: "Then why did Liam tell me that you were leaving tomorrow morning?" she was confused.

Arsenrios: "If I lose the fight."

Grace: "You…are going to fight Liam?" she bit her lower lip, worried.

Arsenrios: "So it seems." He said.

Grace: "Why are you going to fight him? You can't! You'll hurt him!"

Arsenrios: "I promise not to hurt him."

Grace: "You'll kill him. You're not human like him. Why would you two fight anyways!" she whimpered.

Arsenrios: he thought for a moment. "I'll leave before it starts so there will be no fighting. Unless that's not what he meant."

Grace: "I don't want you to leave, Arsenrios. I won't make you stay either. It's your choice after all." She whispered, not looking at him.

Arsenrios: "I don't want to, but at the same time I won't hurt you by fighting someone who is like family. He loves you, you know. That is what this whole thing is about."

Grace: "Well, I love him too. He's my brother." Recognition flashed in her eyes. "Wait…you two are fighting over ME?"

Arsenrios: smiled, "Yes."

Grace: "And what's the point in that?" she said, a little annoyed, but her voice was still a whisper.

Arsenrios: shrugged, "Ask him."

Grace: "I will." She went into the house, the door slamming a bit behind her as it closed.

Arsenrios: chuckled and then climbed the tree more.

There was a loud smacking sound. A few minutes later, Liam walked out of the house again, holding a hand to his nose which was dripping blood.

Liam: "Och, man! What did you do? You weren't supposed to TELL her, you idiot!" he wiped the blood onto his kilt.

Arsenrios: was above him in the air. "Can't help if she asks questions."

Liam: his eyes widened when he saw Arsenrios, "Blood silver." He muttered.

Arsenrios: "What?"

Liam: "Is there like…a magnet or something?" he walked around Arsenrios, looking at the ground, still holding the bridge of his nose.

Arsenrios: "Plexy glass."

Liam: "Oh. Well, get down here so I can punch your nose since you had Grace punch me."

Arsenrios: he jumped down.

Liam: "Congratulations." He flexed his fingers. "Nothing personal, remember? I just met you yesterday."

Arsenrios: "I know."

Liam: he fisted his hand, bringing it back and swinging it forward right into the side of Arsenrios' face.

Arsenrios: he barely even flinched. "Happy now?"

Liam: "No!" he cringed, "What is your face made of? Rock?" he held back the pain in his voice, shaking out his hand. "Your nose is supposed to be broken like mine!"

Arsenrios: "Just skin and bone."

Liam: he punched Arsenrios from the other side.

Arsenrios: his reaction was the same. "Better?"

Liam: "No."

Arsenrios: "Third time's the charm?"

Liam: sighed. He was losing his stamina. He took his first fist and hit Arsenrios directly on from the front of his face. There was a crackling noise. "Yes!" but then he realized it came from his own hand. "OW!" he yelled.

Arsenrios: his nose was pushed to one side, "Ow!" he said as he put his hand over his nose.

Liam: was temporarily sidetracked from his pain. "Yes!" he said, and pumped his fist in the air. Then another shot of pain went through his hand. "Ow!" he brought it back down to his side, holding it in his other hand.

Grainne: "What are you boys doing!" she shrieked, seeing all the blood as she came outside of the house.

Arsenrios: he cracked his nose back in place and stopped it from bleeding. He looked over to Liam, waiting for him to answer.

Liam: "Having…fun." He gritted his teeth against the pain.

Arsenrios: looked back to Grainne, "Just some harmless fun, that's all. Nothing to worry about."

Grainne: "It doesn't look harmless." She crossed her arms, glaring at them.

Arsenrios: "It's fake blood."

Grainne: she huffed. "Boys." She then went back into the house.

Arsenrios: he turned back to Liam, "Give me your wrist."

Liam: "What? So you can make sure it's snapped in two? I don't think so! And what happened to your nose? I thought I broke it! It looks perfectly fine to me, while my stupid nose is still BROKEN!"

Arsenrios: rolled his eyes and then grabbed Liam's wrist and popped it back in place and healed it. "There." He dropped it. "It is." He moved his hand to his nose and moved it around to prove it was still broken before he moved it back to how it was supposed to be.

Liam: he felt his wrist. At first there was a shooting pain when Arsenrios hand touched it, but now there was no pain at all. "Hey…what'd you do to it?" he asked shocked, studying his wrist, twisting it back and forth.

Arsenrios: "I just popped your bone back in place."

Liam: "Oh, well, thanks man." He patted Arsenrios' shoulder. "We need to get to a hospital for our noses."

Arsenrios: nodded.

Liam: "Come on then." He started to walk around the house to the front lawn where his car was at. "I don't know where you grew up at…but here when you make a bet against a girl, you DON'T tell her. Even if she does ask questions, you refuse."

Arsenrios: "Where I come from, men don't make bets on women."

Liam: "Well…too late. Because you already have." He opened up the driver's side door, turning to face Arsenrios. "And after our noses are set, the games will begin." He got in the car, shutting the door firmly behind him.

Arsenrios: he got in on the passenger's side.

Liam: started to drive down the road towards the hospital. "I want to know…why Grace acts so differently when you're around."

Arsenrios: "What do you mean?"

Liam: "Well," he scoffed, "I've never seen her punch you like she does me."

Arsenrios: "Maybe she liked me better."

Liam: rolled his eyes, "And how long has she known you? Not as long as me."

Arsenrios: shrugged, "Three weeks."

Liam: "And maybe punching is a sign of affection. Coming from Emer, well, you never know." He grinned. "'Sides, she's kissed me before. And I doubt you've ever even gotten close to a kiss." He pulled off into the hospital parking lot and shut off the car and climbed out, locking the doors with the automatic lock after Arsenrios got out of the car. He walked towards the hospital building entrance.

Arsenrios: "I've gotten close many times." He walked in and found a doctor for himself.

Liam: "Right. Like when?" he chuckled and left with another doctor who took him into a room to take care of his nose. He got on the bed, sitting while the doctor fixed his nose. "Ow." He yelled again when the doctor snapped his nose back in place and put a stint on it.

Arsenrios: walked out with no stint. "Thanks Maxwell."

Maxwell: "Sure."

Liam: when he came out of the room he noticed Arsenrios' nose had no stint, "Hey! Where's your stint? Like mine?" he motioned to his nose.

Arsenrios: "I don't need one."

Liam: "And why not?"

Arsenrios: "It's already healed enough so I didn't need it."

Liam: looked at him suspiciously. "That fast?"

Arsenrios: shrugged, "I guess."

Liam: "Well…at least I broke it a teeny bit. Okay, come on." He paid the hospital bill for himself and then walked outside towards his car. "Now, do you like to drink?" he flashed him a grin. "Helps with the pain a bit."

Arsenrios: "I have never tried a drink, but there's a first time for everything."

Liam: widened his eyes as he climbed into the car after unlocking it. "Okay. We are going to a pub. You're in Ireland man."

Arsenrios: "So I've been told."

Liam: he started his car and drove down the road after Arsenrios got in.

Arsenrios: was looking out the window.

Liam: parked the car at a pub, shutting it off. He looked at Arsenrios. "Ready for our little game?" he was sure to win this one, he thought smugly.

Arsenrios: "Sure. What's the game? Who can drink the most?"

Liam: scoffed, "No." he got out of the car and shut the door, locking it. "Believe me, if it was that," he paused. If it was that…Arsenrios had said he never had a drink before. He had built no immunity to the alcohol. Liam smiled. He had. He'd drank lots before. He would certainly win this game. "If it was that," he continued, "Well, you know what, I guess we will see. That's not too bad of an idea. Yes…sounds like a great game." He turned and walked into the pub.

Arsenrios: followed Liam on inside.

Liam: "Shots Bob." He held up two fingers, smiling mischievously. "No dilutes, for two." He looked over at Arsenrios. "You'll like this stuff."

Arsenrios: "I'm sure I will." Despite himself he sounded a bit bored.

Liam: "First one to not be able to walk a straight line has to go straight to Grace and bid there farewells, and when she's in tears, the winner will be there to comfort her with his kiss." He turned back to the bartender, grabbed the drinks and shots, and sat at the closest table, placing everything out.

Arsenrios: "Alright."

Liam: "Have a seat." He gestured across the table to the chair across from him, and sat down in his own chair. He was so ready for this.

Arsenrios: sat down.

Liam: slid him a glass. "Taste this. Tell me what you think about it. How it makes you feel."

Arsenrios: took a sip, "Wow…that's some strong stuff." He admitted.

Liam: "It is." He smiled and slid him five more shots. "Go."

Arsenrios: he drank them down easily.

Liam: drank his down, "Now, until you can take no more." He pushed the keg of beer towards Arsenrios while he drank from his own glass.

Arsenrios: drank the big keg.

Liam: he followed suit but it was too much for him. He couldn't finish it.

Arsenrios: "Done so soon?" he asked, a disbelieving look on his face but he was in complete control. He smiled.

Liam: "Dude…I have to pee." He got up quickly, rushing to the bathroom.

Arsenrios: laughed.

Liam: returned a bit later, stumbling back to the table Arsenrios and him sat at. He rested his elbows on the table; head in his hands as he rubbed is forehead with his thumb and forefinger.

Arsenrios: "It seems I win."

Liam: "No…that was a practice round for you, since you've never had alcohol before. Though, you seem to drink it down like water." He lifted his head to look at Arsenrios. He looked tired. "Aren't you even the slightest bit dizzy?"

Arsenrios: "Nope, not in the slightest."

Liam: "You, my man," he said, thrusting a finger at Arsenrios, his words a bit slurry thought he wasn't really drunk, "Are my new best friend."

Arsenrios: "That's good, I think."

Liam: "I'm sure." He turned his head to look around the room, "You can get another girlfriend, and leave Grace for me." He smiled and stood, walking towards a girl at the bar. Her back was turned to them but her long brown, curly hair covered her back neatly and softly.

Arsenrios: "Or you could just go."

Liam: "Funny." He said, and talked to the girl at the bar a bit. He walked back over to the table with her. "Arsenrios, Charlene. Charlene, Arsenrios." He sat back down in his chair.

Charlene: "Hi." She smiled and blushed, looking at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "Hello." He said shortly. He looked back to Liam, "Since you said it was practice, ready to go for real?"

Liam: "Later, when I feel better." He patted a chair.

Charlene: she sat down in the chair, leaning forward toward Arsenrios, "Practice for what?"

Arsenrios: "Drinking tournament." He didn't look at her.

Charlene: "May I join?"

Liam: "Charlene, Arsenrios here likes road trips."

Charlene: smiled, "Really? So do I! Tell me about yourself Arsenrios." She cooed, moving her hand that rested on the top of the table to stroke his hand.

Arsenrios: "Your purpose is fulfilled, Liam." He moved his hands to his pockets.

Liam: "Charlene and Arsenrios. Liam and Grace." He beamed.

Arsenrios: "That's not how it's going to work."

Charlene: frowned when he moved his hands. "Am I repulsive to you? Liam told me you fancied me."

Liam: "He does." He assured her. "He just doesn't know it yet."

Arsenrios: shook his head, "I don't believe you would do something like that."

Liam: "Like what?" he said, acting like he really didn't know. He slapped a few monies on the table from his wallet and stood, "Well, you kids have fun. I have my own girl to get to." He tipped his imaginary hat to them and quickly left through the pub door.

Charlene: she watched Liam go before looking back at Arsenrios with a smile. "So, anyways. Want another drink?" she asked him.

Arsenrios: shook his head, "That's okay. I'm fine." He watched Liam leave and then leaned forward toward Charlene, "Look, I don't know what he told you about me, but it is incorrect."

Charlene: her eyes grew sad, "So…you don't think I'm pretty? And you aren't a nice person?"

Arsenrios: "Sure you're pretty, and I can be nice. But I already have someone who needs me. I'm sorry. You see, that man you were talking to is trying to set me up with someone so he can get my girl."

Charlene: gasped slightly, "Oh, I see." She smiled, "You do need a drink." She giggled.

Arsenrios: "Why?"

Charlene: "To forget about your friend trying to take your girl." She motioned to the bar tender and he brought two glasses of beer. "Here." She slid one to Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "Thanks." He drank one.

Charlene: did the same. "I suppose since I have no purpose here that I should get going."

Arsenrios: "Alright. Bye."

Charlene: got up, "Nice meeting you." She gave a slightly wave before she walked away.

Arsenrios: stood and walked out of the bar before he teleported to his house.


Liam: shut off the car and went back into the house.

Grace: her arms were crossed when she saw him enter alone. "Where's Arsenrios?"

Liam: "I assume he went home." He smiled.

Grace: her face fell. "Home?"

Liam: "Yea. Or still at the bar with Charlene."

Grace: she uncrossed her arms and let them fall to her sides, "A girl?"

Liam: "Who else?"

Grace: she turned and started up the stairs for her room.

Liam: "Grace! It's okay. I'm here." He stopped and pulled her down the steps and into a kiss.

Grace: pulled away, "What are you doing?" she said, miffed.

Liam: "Comforting you."

Arsenrios: "I don't think she wants it." He said, walking down the stairs. He stopped beside Grace and smiled as Liam backed up.

Liam: "I thought you went home. You can't interfere, Arsenrios. Remember what we talked about?"

Grace: she looked at Arsenrios, "You are going home? What about Charlene?" she asked softly.

Arsenrios: "No," he told Grace. "Unless you tell me to leave, I won't. Charlene was a girl Liam lied to, to get you all to himself." He looked at Liam. "Well, it appears I don't care."

Grace: sighed and looked at Liam, "Really? I thought the fact that 'I love you like a BROTHER' got through to you?" her voice was soft since Arsenrios made his appearance in the room.

Liam: "Kiss says different."

Grace: "No. That was stolen and means nothing."

Liam: "Not our other kiss."

Grace: "I…was…eight years old! You were ten! It was a peck on the lips. I've learned since then." She glared at him.

Liam: rolled his eyes, "Still. IT's a lot more than Arsenrios has ever gotten from you, or will get." He smirked at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "This is not a competition." His blood was starting to boil which was not a good thing.

Grace: she noticed the fury in Arsenrios' eyes. "Arsenrios, please be calm." She rubbed is arm. She feared for Liam's life. Arsenrios isn't human, and Liam is.

Liam: crossed his arms, "Seems to be." He challenged with a smirk still glued on his face.

Arsenrios: "I have done things that you wouldn't even dare to try, if you knew the things I could do to you your blood would curl." he looked to Grace, "Fine." he said but not loosing anger.

Grace: "Thank you." she said softly.

Liam: rolled his eyes. "All bark and no bite."

Arsenrios: "Don't tempt me." he growled

Liam: scoffed. "I thought we were friends!"

Grace: sat down on the bottom step and watched them, out of their way.

Arsenrios: rolled his eyes, he turned to Grace, "If you need me you will know where I will be."

Liam: "Thank you. Leave. You were ruining mine and Graces moment anyways."

Arsenrios: scoffed, "What moment? You mean the one where she was pushing you away? Of course, yes a wonderful moment to go back to."

Liam: "She's just playing hard to get. She always has. But unlike you, I can take a challenge."

Arsenrios: rolled his eyes, "If I were allowed I would make you pay for saying that. I am many things but a coward is not one of them." he growled.

Liam: raised his eyebrows. "I don't see anything stopping you. So apparently it is your cowardice."

Arsenrios: grabbed Liam's throat and backed him against the wall, he squeezed it, "Watch yourself boy I am better in every way."

Grace: stood. "Stop. Please." she said quietly from the stairs, fearful. "Don't kill him."

Liam: eyes bulged. He gasped for air.

Arsenrios: let him go, "Very well Grace. It would be a waste of my time." he turned and went up the stairs. He stopped at the top of the steps; "Now you know my threats are not empty." he went back to his room

Grace: watched him go. She stepped over to Liam as he slumped to the floor. "Liam you are an idiot."

Liam: took deep breaths.

Grace: "You are going to make him leave." she said in a harsh whisper to him. "Please don't!"

Liam: "And why not?" he finally said, getting up off the floor as he rubbed his neck.

Grace: "That's none of your business. But you don't...just don't make him mad, okay? He's stronger than you. Faster."

Liam: "Why not? That was the most fun I've had in a long while."

Grace: slapped him. "And that's for kissing me."

Liam: moved his hand from his neck to his cheek. He smiled. "I like it when you play rough."

Grace: glared at him, her eyes were intense. "Liam, leave me alone. And both of you stop fighting over me like little school boys!" she turned and stalked up the stairs to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Liam: "Red heads. Always have a bad temper."

Arsenrios: was sitting on the roof thinking, just a little more and he could have killed him; it would have been easy like breaking a tooth pick. It was true that he did say that he was a waste of his time and perhaps he learned the lesson but he knew that he didn't and would anger him again and so he just had to play it cool. For Graces sake.

Liam: went up the stairs, "ARSENRIOS!"

Arsenrios: didn't answer, he didn't even want to talk to him right now. If he did he knew that he would kill him.

Liam: "Whatever. Running away from a fight." he went to the living room and flipped on the television.

Arsenrios: dropped down on Grace's window sill he taped on her window. "Care to let me in?" he asked through the glass.

Grace: jumped a bit when she saw him randomly at her window. But she got up and opened it for him to come in.

Arsenrios: "Thank you." he said as he stepped inside, "Look about what happened downstairs, I'm sorry for scaring you like that."

Grace: "I'm sorry for how Liam is acting." she sat on the edge of her bed. "It's okay. You just scare me easily." she shrugged.

Arsenrios: "It's alright, he's young. The world will knock him down to size eventually." he looked out the window. "I don't want to scare you anymore." he murmured softly

Grace: pulled her legs up under her on the bed. "It's okay. You can't really help it. Considering the circumstances of how we met. And what you are."

Arsenrios: nodded, "That's true. Look." he said as he turned her head towards her, "If you want me to leave all you have to do is say so."

Grace: "I don't want you to leave." she said slowly. "I just told Liam to leave you alone because I was afraid you would leave because of how he's acting. I just don't know if he will listen or not."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Then I won't. But if at any time that changes, tell me to go. Besides..." he chuckled, "Dinner is long over."

Grace: "I know I'm sorry. You can leave if you want. I am keeping you here for a stupid reason anyways. I know you would rather be with those of your kind."

Arsenrios: "I just don't wish to overstay my welcome. Your sleep is not a stupid reason." he moved away from the window sill and kissed her forehead.

Grace: flinched a bit but didn't stop him. "What are you doing?" she asked quietly.

Arsenrios: knelt down beside her and looked in her eyes, "I have realized something recently. That about you. Enough to fight for you." he was going to say a different word but he couldn't get it out so he said care instead. "I'm sorry if it bothers you."

Grace: "You care about me?" he was never this close to her before unless she was asleep. She wasn't use to it. She realized her breathing rate had increased.

Arsenrios: stood and took a few steps back sitting on the floor, "Yes. More then you know."

Grace: "Is it because I let you bite me?"

Arsenrios: "No, it was before that."

Grace: "When?" she asked softly, watching him. Her breathing rate returned to normal though now her heart rate was becoming quicker.

Arsenrios: "A long time ago." his eyes took on a faraway look.

Grace: "At the house? In Russia?"

Arsenrios: "From the time in Russia, from the very being. From the night I asked you to keep me company."

Grace: bit her lower lip for a moment before speaking. She looked at the ground. "Because you thought I was pretty." she said quietly.

Arsenrios: shook his head, "No."

Grace: "Because you...wanted something."

Arsenrios: "No, because I saw what you were really like without obedience, how your heart is and how it worked. You are one of a pure heart Grace. That was something I felt that I needed in my life."

Grace: lifted her eyes to look at him. "And how was I without obedience? Stubborn? You thought you could break me?"

Arsenrios: "No, I knew what was really behind your stubbornness and why you put that on as a show. I never meant to break you."

Grace: "Why do I Arsenrios? Why do I use my stubbornness as a show?"

Arsenrios: "You use it because you know that if you show how you really are then the world would walk all over you. You know that if you weren't stubborn than you would be hurt."

Grace: took a shaky breath. Her eyes grew soft. "I'm only 18 Arsenrios. And you are...older. You call Liam a child and he is two and half years older than me. What does that make me to you?"

Arsenrios: thought for a moment, "Still a child but one that is educated like an adult."

Grace: "Then you have no right to care about a child."

Arsenrios: "You're right, I don't have a right. But that doesn't mean that I don't. I do a lot of things I have no right for doing." he stopped for a moment looking out the window again, "One's age does not have to be in physical years you know. It could be measured in knowledge, and in that case, you are an adult."

Grace: "How do you know?" she watched him. "I could be putting on a show just like you said my stubbornness is."

Arsenrios: "I would know."

Grace: "How? I barely ever even talk to you. How would you come to know what knowledge I have?"

Arsenrios: looked at her again. "I just know, it's a sort of...ability I have."

Grace: nodded. She took a breath, realizing she had been holding it for awhile. "So you thoughts?"

Arsenrios: "If I choose to read them then yes."

Grace: shivered slightly.

Arsenrios: "I'm sorry, but don't worry I wouldn't do that to you." he stood.

Grace: "Why? Because you care about me?" the words still seemed odd and foreign coming from him.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yes and because privacy is very important."

Grace: "Why are you standing?"

Arsenrios: "I figured, you're about to have a heart attack if I remain here so I should go."

Grace: bit her lower lip. "It's just you are capable of...things I am not. I don't know what to expect."

Arsenrios: "Don't expect things, otherwise you will be disappointed or what you see may frighten you." he said softly.

Grace: "I already am frightened. It can't get any worse."

Arsenrios: "Then perhaps if would be best for me to leave before something happens."

Grace: "What do you think will happen? Something bad?" she looked up at him.

Arsenrios: "Your heart can not take this kind of fright. You could have a heart attack or something."

Grace: put a hand over her heart. "I'll um...try to make it stop. I'm sorry." it was beating rather fast.

Arsenrios: smiled, "One cannot stop how fast their heart beats."

Grace: "I can calm myself I'm sure. It's just...the forehead kiss. And you were so close to me." she closed her eyes.

Arsenrios: "I won't get that close again I promise."

Grace: "It's just the only other time you were that close to me while I was awake was when you bit me."

Arsenrios: "I will never hurt you again like that I promise.

Grace: opened her eyes. "No. It's okay I can handle it."

Arsenrios: "I may feel the need to test that out."

Grace: heart thudded. "How?" she took a breath.

Arsenrios: "By kissing you again."

Grace: "On the forehead?"

Arsenrios: shook his head.

Grace: "Oh." she pressed her lips together. Her heart beat faster. She closed her eyes. She wouldn't stop him if that's what he wanted. Granted, she was a bit curious for a kiss. She hadn't been kissed since she was in high school. But it scared her to death.

Arsenrios: "See just the thought of it repulses you and starts your heart rate to rise." he turned towards the window

Grace: "It doesn't...repulse me. You are not my brother like I consider Liam."

Arsenrios: "I see." he turned around and watched her

Grace: kept her eyes closed. "It just is frightening to be that close to...your mouth."

Arsenrios: "I know. Don't worry about it." he turned towards the window again.

Grace: opened her eyes. "So you're not?"

Arsenrios: shook his head, "No."

Grace: "Why not?"

Arsenrios: "I can feel what it does to you just by talking about it, thinking about it."

Grace: "Yes, well, Liam takes things without caring about what it does to my feelings. Why should you care?"

Arsenrios: "Because I am not him, I actually care what the other person feels. Your feelings are worth considering."

Grace: "You only feel that way because of what happened to...the girls in Russia. You feel bad. Guilty."

Arsenrios: turned to her, "I never feel guilt. Never."

Grace: looked down. "I'm sorry for saying that."

Arsenrios: "You don't have to be." he turned back to the window.

Grace: "Why do you keep looking out the window?" she asked, still looking at the floor.

Arsenrios: shrugged, "It's not nice to stare at people. Or so I have been told."

Grace: choked out a laugh, but then stopped it quickly. "I'm sorry I shouldn't laugh at you."

Arsenrios: "You don't have to apologize." he smiled slightly he did mean it as a joke.

Grace: "I just don't want to get you mad. I know how you are when you are mad."

Arsenrios: "I could never get mad at you."

Grace: bit her lower lip as she looked at him from behind. He still stared out the window. "I doubt that."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly again, "As you wish."

Grace: "Well, I don't mean for you to...get mad at me."

Arsenrios: "I am not mad and never will be." he turned towards her the smile still on his face.

Grace: eyes widened. "Your teeth are...straight."

Arsenrios: "What do you mean?"

Grace: "The um...the um..." she motioned to her mouth making long pointed triangles.

Arsenrios: chuckled, "Oh, you don't really think I would keep them all the time do you?"

Grace: nodded. She blushed a bit. "I thought you did."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Nope. Only when hunting."

Grace: "So your teeth are...normal now?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yup have been so for the last couple days."

Grace: "Do they come out at other times then just hunting?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "They come out whenever I want them to or need them to." to demonstrate his fangs came out and then went back in.

Grace: cringed and flinched a bit when he did that. "Arsenrios I won't stop you if you try to kiss me. I don't care about my...heart. After all I did say I owed you for...saving me. And I knew dinner wouldn't be enough."

Arsenrios: "You might not but I do. I don't want something to happen to you just to satisfy a need. Dinner was fine, it was nothing."

Grace: "Exactly. It was nothing. You want a kiss. That should be something."

Arsenrios: "I mean what I did for you was nothing. Dinner more than sufficed."

Grace: nodded. "I guess a kiss would mess things up anyways." she sighed, and realizing her hand was still over her chest she dropped it back in her lap.

Arsenrios: "Mess what up?"

Grace: "The...relationship we have now. If that is the right word."

Arsenrios: "What relationship is that?"

Grace: "Hunter and prey."

Arsenrios: shrugged, "No one really listens to that anyway."

Grace: "What do you mean?"

Arsenrios: "There is plenty of my kind that fall in love with yours."

Grace: "Really?" there was a bit of shock in her soft voice. "How does Aren't they...tempted know. It's dangerous."

Arsenrios: "Of course they are however they control it. Eventually they don't notice it anymore. They sacrifice going hunting because of their love for the human."

Grace: "What do they eat?"

Arsenrios: "Depends who the mate is and how they feel."

Grace: "You mean...animals...or non animals?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Whatever the other is comfortable with. Or they could just have donated stuff."

Grace: "Oh...then you aren't as...dangerous as I thought."

Arsenrios: nodded, "If we don't want to be, however there are some that don't care and will kill mercilessly."

Grace: "What category do you fall under?" she asked quietly, watching him.

Arsenrios: "The, take whatever I can get my hands around." he chuckled then realized she probably didn't get it and stopped

Grace: "Like Liam?"

Arsenrios: thought for a moment, "As tempting as that sounds no."

Grace: "Then what do you mean? Anything or anyone that angers you?"

Arsenrios: nods, "Usually or if that is not available then animals." he shivered slightly.

Grace: "Please don't kill Liam. I know he is annoying. But he is my brother."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I know that is why I didn't kill him, under any other circumstances I would have."

Grace: "Why Arsenrios? I don't understand why you are...treating me nicely. I never even got why you were nice back at the house in Russia. It kilter."

Arsenrios: "Do you still have yet to realize how far my feelings for you extend?"

Grace: "Your kind doesn't have...feelings. Not like that."

Arsenrios: nodded slightly, he opened the window. "We're not all cold hearted killers you know, some of us just want to be normal." at that point he dove out and used a tree to get back to his window.

Grace: got up from the bed and ran to the window. She watched him. She leaned back in and closed her window and went out into the hallway. She walked down to Arsenrios room door. Then hesitated outside of it without knocking. What if he left because he was tired of talking to her?

Liam: "Hey Grace." came up the stairs. "What are you doing at Arsenrios door?"

Grace: turned to face him. "Um, nothing." she swallowed. "What are you doing following me?" she snapped.

Liam: rolled his eyes. "I bet he's in there packing to leave. It's okay. I'll stay here though."

Arsenrios: opened the door, "In your dreams Liam and only there."

Liam: "Finally you reemerge! Come on. We have games to play."

Arsenrios: "Now is not the time." he walked back inside waiting to see if Grace would come in or not.

Grace: glanced at Arsenrios then back at Liam. "I've gotta go."

Liam: "To his room?"

Grace: " Not like that."

Liam: "HA!" he turned to Arsenrios door, though still standing in the hallway. "YOU CHEATER!" he accused.

Arsenrios: "I did nothing she came of her own free will." after she was inside he closed the door.

Grace: "I think, he thinks...OH MY GOD HE THINKS...!" she didn't finish her sentence.

Arsenrios: chuckled and shook his head, "Can't even talk without suspicion, this is sad."

Grace: "Why did you come to your room? You do not like mine?"

Arsenrios: "I figured you wanted to be alone so therefore I came to mine." he shrugged lying across the bed.

Grace: "No. You know I don't like being alone."

Arsenrios: nodded, "That's true; however there are times when things may deviate from the norm."

Grace: glanced around. She didn't know where to sit so she just continued to stand. "What time is it?"

Arsenrios: looked at the clock, "8:30." he gestured toward a chair she could sit on.

Grace: followed his suggestion and sat in a chair. Despite his 'feelings' towards her he didn't want her to sit next to him, which was probably best. She was too young to have a heart attack. "Do you ever sleep?"

Arsenrios: "When I want to."

Grace: "Do you like being what you are?"

Arsenrios: shook his head, "No. I want my old life back."

Grace: "Oh..." she said, a little shocked. That was not the answer she was expecting. "What was your old life like?"

Arsenrios: "It was wonderful, no hunger. The only thing I had to worry about was staying away from fruits and vegetables." he laughed slightly, "Which wasn't too hard. I was as good as royalty."

Grace: "What happened? You are not...royalty anymore?"

Arsenrios: chuckled, "I was never actually royalty but I had my connections and that got me far. I was changed then and lost everything. After that I was alone...again."

Grace: "What do you mean again?"

Arsenrios: "I grew up alone, there was no one to teach me anything." he shrugged.

Grace: "You mean about who you are now?"

Arsenrios: shook her head, "No, for growing used to this new life I thank Nicodemus for that, but back then, before this life I didn't have anyone to tell me how to live or get on top of things."

Grace: "You had no...wife?"

Arsenrios: "Not at that time. I was only like 10 years old." he chuckled slightly. "It was only a while after I was changed that I got a wife."

Grace: "Your human wife." she nodded, remembering the conversation they had before.

Arsenrios: nodded, "That's right."

Grace: "I don't know how she handled it. Unless she didn't know, about you."

Arsenrios: "Like I told you before, love goes through anything. Even difference in species."

Grace: "So she did know?"

Arsenrios: nodded.

Grace: "Did you bite her...too?"

Arsenrios: "She wanted me to change her so that when I went on business trips she could protect herself because she knew that she couldn't come, so I did. She was so persistent."

Grace: "But I mean bite her. Like you did to me."

Arsenrios: "Only twice. Because I was dying. She said that was how she knew that I loved her." he shrugged. "I still don't know how she figured that."

Grace: eyes widened a bit. The sound of Arsenrios almost dying sounded...unnatural. He was so impenetrable now. "You were dying? How? From what?"

Arsenrios: "I got in a fight and was in way over my head. I lost a lot of blood. For us it's like humans and food. If we don't have it then we become so weak that eventually we die. I was so weak I could barely bite."

Grace: "So she sacrificed some of herself for you to live?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "She always said she never regretted that day even when she was dying and I couldn't save her."

Grace: "What did she die of?"

Arsenrios: "A hunter was on my trail. They found her first and they killed her. I didn't get to her in time. They had a Bloody Rose." he closed his eyes.

Grace: "Bloody Rose?" she didn't understand.

Arsenrios: "It's a special gun to kill my kind."

Grace: "You got away?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Barely. But I carried her with me not about to leave her behind."

Grace: "Are they still after you?"

Arsenrios: shook his head, "They are long dead."

Grace: "How long ago was this?"

Arsenrios: "At least one hundred years."

Grace: "Where is your wife...buried?"

Arsenrios: "In Egypt, near a pyramid."

Grace: "I'm so sorry Arsenrios." she wished she could help, but she didn't know how.

Arsenrios: "It's alright. What's in the past should stay there."

Grace: "And you've never loved anyone since then?"

Arsenrios: "No, because I was...afraid." it sounded weird to his own ears.

Grace: "Of the one you love dying?" she felt sorry for him. Her voice was sad.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yea." he said softly.

Grace: "Then you should not care for me. I do not want to take the place of your first wife. And I do not want to cause you pain."

Arsenrios: he sat up, "It's too late. I ache to be with you now. But death makes most cower in fear."

Grace: "You ache? For me?" she bit her lower lip and her heart sped again.

Arsenrios: stood and nodded, "But that doesn't matter."

Grace: "Why doesn't it matter?"

Arsenrios: "I don't expect you to love me or even like me so therefore how I feel is of no importance."

Grace: "But Arsenrios...I you. I mean I can't even sleep...without you."

Arsenrios: his face took on something of disbelief; he didn't know what to say.

Grace: "I'm just...scared of you too. You know. But that's not your fault."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I can blame what I am for that."

Grace: "You mean as a natural...feeling?"

Arsenrios: "Yea, afraid of our presence and touch."

Grace: "But do you account for me liking it when you are around?"

Arsenrios: "I haven't figured that out yet."

Grace: stood from her chair, since he was standing too. She got tired of craning her neck so high. She sighed. "I guess we'll never find out about the touch though."

Arsenrios: "No matter how badly I want to test it." he murmured to himself

Grace: "You are just afraid to test it. I am not stopping you. You are stopping yourself."

Arsenrios: "I just don't want something to happen to you."

Grace: her face changed. "Do you think you will hurt me?"

Arsenrios: "No, I know I won't. But if your body can't take it..."

Grace: sighed. "You think I'm too fragile." she sat back down on the chair.

Arsenrios: he walked over to her deciding that he would deal with it as it came, he put a hand on the side of her face and kissed her square on the lips.

Grace: heart sped until it sounded like a thousand horses steps. Her breathing went rigid but she kissed him back.

Arsenrios: continued to kiss her, he knew that he should stop but he couldn't

Grace: her breathing got shallower as she kissed him. She stood slowly so he didn't have to bend down so far.

Arsenrios: he released the kiss, "You're weak." he helped her to the bed.

Grace: "No." she breathed, "It's okay." she leaned to his lips again.

Arsenrios: took his other hand and placed it on the other side of her face and kissed her again.

Grace: her head felt light and dizzy. Her kiss grew weaker until he was pretty much just kissing her by himself.

Arsenrios: stopped. He stroked her hair. He knew better and that was the killer thing of it all.

Grace: "" she tried to breath, her heart was speeding so fast in her chest it was hard to take breaths.

Arsenrios: "Just rest." he told her soothingly.

Grace: "Don't...want to..." she went for his lips again.

Arsenrios: blocked her, "Not until you feel better."

Grace: "Ar...sen...rios. Please..."

Arsenrios: "One last time, then you need to rest, ok?"

Grace: "O...kay..." she tried to nod.

Arsenrios: bent down to her lips and kissed her again and like his other kisses it was firm but there was a softness to it also. He pulled back.

Grace: "Mmm..." she fainted on the bed.

Arsenrios: nodded to himself he had to remember not to do that again. He stood and went downstairs to get her some water. He returned a few minutes later.

Grace: was sleeping on the bed.

Arsenrios: closed the door behind him. He set the water on the side table closest to her and lay down beside her.

There was a knock on the bedroom door.

Arsenrios: didn't feel like answering it he already started to drift to sleep.

Kept knocking.

Arsenrios: continued to ignore it.

Liam: opened the door. "Gosh darn it answer the door when someone knocks!"

Arsenrios: had his eyes closed pretending to be sleeping he did it well.

Liam: rolled his eyes. He went to pick up Grace.

Arsenrios: hissed, he opened his eyes, his eyes were black.

Liam: "Wow man your eyes are creepy at night." he whispered, holding Grace in his arms.

Arsenrios: took Grace from him, he hissed again warning him to back off.

Liam: "Hey! I'm just taking her to her room. You can't cheat like that! I didn't know you were playing the games dirty! And stop hissing you ain't no cat!" he reached for Grace again.

Arsenrios: bit him, "All's fair in love and war." he said finally speaking and he sounded like a snake.

Liam: "OW! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" he tried to break free.

Arsenrios: his eyes turned green and he let go, it healed without a mark. "I suggest you go Liam." he sounded normal again.

Liam: felt his arm. "What did you do to me?"

Arsenrios: "Nothing just go. There is the door." he pointed to it.

Grace: shifted in Arsenrios arms still sleeping. Her heart rate was finally slowing.

Liam: looked at the door. "So much for friendship." he muttered and left again, stumbling a bit on his way out. He closed the door behind him.

Arsenrios: smiled and closed his eyes again.


Arsenrios: awoke, he looked around him, the last thing he really remembered was kissing Grace after that it was all a blur...

Grace: stirred in her sleep. She opened her eyes slowly, letting them focus.

Arsenrios: smiled at her, "Hello."

Grace: "Arsenrios." she sat up to kiss him, starting again where they left off.

Arsenrios: kissed her back, "We have to get breakfast first. Your parents will worry when you don't show up."

Grace: "That's okay." her heart started to speed up again as her lips met his. She never had this feeling before. She loved it.

Arsenrios: nodded and kissed her again, he found himself leaning over her, kissing her with all her could, his kisses backed off as he came to realize what he was doing.

Grace: "No...come..." she breathed, not able to really form coherent sentences her breathing was so fast.

Arsenrios: "You're starting to go into that again; you need to calm down Grace. Let your heart take a rest."

Grace: "I can...handle it." she leaned up to kiss him again.

Arsenrios: "That's the thing though, you're pushing yourself to hard." he kissed her but it was short.

Grace: "But I...never this..." she gasped between words. "Please." she pouted.

Arsenrios: "One more time." he kissed her one last time for at least 20 seconds. He leaned back after that just watching her.

Grace: put a hand to her head. She felt lightheaded from lack of oxygen.

Arsenrios: "Breathe Grace, breathe."

Grace: nodded slightly and took a breath through her nose, then through her mouth. She felt her heart. It was still fast, but not as fast as it was when they were kissing.

Arsenrios: smiled, "That's it."

Grace: "I'm sorry." she felt like an idiot.

Arsenrios: smiled, "What could you possibly be apologizing for? Not being able to breathe?"

Grace: choked a laughed. "Yes."

Arsenrios: smiled and handed her the water, "This may help." he got up and went to the connecting bathroom and changed

Grace: took the water. "Thank you." she drank it almost in one gulp. She realized her mouth was pretty dry.

Arsenrios: "Now we really should get downstairs."

Grace: "One more kiss?"

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed her but not enough to take away her breath. "There."

Grace: stood and kissed him again. She didn't care if her breath was taken away.

Liam: opened up the bedroom door. "WHA- HEY! STOP BITING HER!" he came up behind Grace and pulled her away from Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "What on Earth are you talking about?"

Grace: looked confused. "Biting?"

Liam: "Mmm yea! He bit me last night! Don't know why it was totally bizarre! You should see him when his eyes are black. Come on." he pulled Grace out into the hallway.

Arsenrios: eyes grew wide and he walked out in the hall, "I was kissing her not biting her."


Grace: looked back at Arsenrios not sure what to do.

Arsenrios: "Does she want to be yours?"

Liam: "She doesn't have a choice!"

Arsenrios: growled his eyes turning black again, "She always has a choice." his voice was the same as last night.

Grace: "Arsenrios are you okay?" she whispered as her heart sped again. She broke free from Liam's grip.

Liam: "I wouldn't do that." he held her back. "He was like that last night when he bit me."

Grace: "I...don'" she broke free again and went over to Arsenrios. She held his face in her hands. "Arsenrios?" he bit her lower lip a bit too hard in her worry and it broke skin. She tasted blood in her mouth.

Arsenrios: shook his head eyes turning green, "Come on, let's get something put on your lip to make it stop hurting." he hugged her close to him, but not crushingly close

Liam: growled. "You tricked her that's the only reason she loves you!"

Arsenrios: "I did no such thing."

Liam: "Yes...having her sleep with you. Making her kiss you. That's trickery my friend!"

Grace: "He didn't trick me! I chose to do it." she wiped at her lip.

Arsenrios: "I am not like you; I do not make people do anything. I give them the choice."

Liam: "She has a choice too. But she needs more time to figure it out."

Arsenrios: "I am sure she is capable of figuring out her own mind." he turned to her, "Come on, we really need to get that fixed."

Grace: "I'm sorry I can fix it just can't take the smell." she told Arsenrios.

Liam: "Smell?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "I'll be back in a few hours." he went to one of the room and opened the windows and jumped out.

Grace: walked past Liam to the bathroom. She washed her lip off, dabbing it with toilet paper until it stopped bleeding.

Liam: "Grace, really, him?"

Grace: "Yes, him. You are my brother and nothing more than that."

Liam: "I'll wait. You'll change your mind. You'll see."

Grace: 'Not with the way Arsenrios kisses me', she thought, but didn't say anything. She went down to the kitchen to get breakfast. "Morning mom."

Grainne: "Good morning Grace."

There was a knock on the door.

Grace: "I'll get it." she said in the midst of stuffing food in her mouth, eating quickly so she could get back to Arsenrios quickly. She went and answered the door. "Hello?" she said, finishing chewing and swallowing.

Yuki: "Oh, Hi Grace."

Grace: "Hi. I think we've met before."

Yuki: "Yea, I'm Arsenrios' sister."

Grace: "Oh." she smiled wide and stepped aside. "Come in then."

Yuki: smiled, "Thank you." she stepped inside, "Nice place."

Liam: at the top of the steps looking over to see who was there. "Would be nicer if Arsenrios was gone."

Grace: glared at him. "You're welcome and thank you." she smiled at Yuki again after a moment and shut the door.

Yuki: ignored Liam, "Speaking of my brother do you happen to know where he is? He's not in trouble or anything but there are rumors he's different places all over the Earth. I just thought maybe you would know. I mean I understand he is staying here but I mean is he here right at this second?"

Grace: "Ummm..." she pursed her lips. "No." she finally said. "He was about ten minutes ago. But I told him to leave because." she motioned to her lip, "I sort of was bleeding."

Yuki: "Oh, he must be carrying out his night festivities now then." she seemed to think for a moment, "Well do you think it would be okay if I stayed with you while he is away?"

Grace: "Yea sure. Arsenrios family can stay." she realized her heart rate was normal around Yuki. "I was just eating breakfast."

Yuki: smiled, "Yum..."

Grace: "Come back then." she walked Yuki to the kitchen. "Mom Yuki, Yuki, Mom. Oh, and the person on the stairs was Liam, my 'adopted' brother. And this is-" she motioned to Neil. "My real brother."

Neil: "Hey." gave a slight wave.

Grainne: "Hello Yuki."

Liam: walked in and sat down at the table, starting to eat.

Yuki: waved smiling, it was the first time in quite a while she met a real family, "Hi." She sat down in an empty chair.

Grace: scooped out Yuki a plate of food. "You eat...this?" she didn't know if Yuki was like her brother or not.

Yuki: checked it over and made sure there were no fruits or vegetables she smiled, "Yup."

Grace: "Okay." she handed her the food. She sat back down and finished eating quickly then took her plate to the kitchen.

Yuki: ate hers slowly she wasn't in a hurry.

Neil: "So Yuki what brings you here?"

Yuki: "I was actually looking for my brother to tell him something from our government but since he's not in I can't tell him."

Liam: "He was JUST HERE. Let me tell you."

Yuki: looked to Grace, "Does Liam have some sort of problem?"

Grace: "He's jealous." she finished washing her plate and dried it off.

Yuki: smiled and chuckled, "Oh, I see."

Liam: "No I am not jealous." he said in a mocking voice. "'Sides you'll come to your senses and pick me soon. You just wait and see."

Grace: put her plate away. "Don't count on it." she turned around. "Okay bye mom!" she went outside.

Arsenrios: stood outside he wiped something red from his face licking his finger. His eyes were a bright red.

Grace: "Hi Arsenrios." she smiled.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Hi." he changed his eyes back to green.

Grace: didn't notice anything of his eyes. She was to love struck. "I fixed my lip."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I noticed."

Grace: "So you can...umm...kiss me again."

Arsenrios: "Until we are broke up...again." he took her in his arms and kissed her.

Grace: "Maybe...not...him." her heart was beating faster again.

Arsenrios: stopped and smiled.

Grace: "...sister." she reached for his lips again.

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed her again. "We don't have to worry about that, I sent my sister here to begin with."

Grace: "O...kay." took too much air to talk, so she just kissed him and kissed him, most of the time forgetting to breathe.

Arsenrios: just continued to kiss her. But he stopped when she was about to pass out.

Grace: held on to him to keep standing. She had her eyes closed to stop the spinning.

Arsenrios: helped her stay up, "Let's get you inside." he helped her inside the house.

Liam: "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER NOW!" he noticed Grace was weak. He got on her other side for support.

Arsenrios: took her to a chair so she could sit down.

Yuki: shook her head.

Liam: "You are forbidden to see her." he crossed his arms.

Arsenrios: rolled his eyes, "Try to stop me."

Liam: "I will! I just have to find your weakness first."

Grace: leaned her head between her knees and took deep breaths, her eyes closed. She was to dizzy and weak to say anything.

Yuki: "Children." she pushed them aside and extended the parts that helped her to breathe. "There we go."

Grace: "Thanks...Yuki..." she blushed, embarrassed.

Yuki: smiled, "You're welcome."

Liam: "YOU'RE POISONING HER!" he accused Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "I AM NOT!" it echoed off the walls.


Grainne: "What's with all the yelling!"

Yuki: "She can breathe now just calm down Liam."

Liam: glared at Arsenrios. "You're up to something."

Arsenrios: "Nope." he smiled down at Grace, "Feeling better?"

Grace: "Yes. Let's go again." she stood smiling.

Liam: "You're on my list, Arsenrios."

Arsenrios: "Perhaps later." he stroked her hair softly.

Grace: "Why?"


Arsenrios: "I think your heart needs a rest."

Grace: felt her chest. She nodded.


Yuki: chuckled.

Liam: took a breath. "Sorry, Grainne."

Grace: "Now?" she asked Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "Are you sure?"

Liam: "Now what!" he turned to Yuki. "Do you condone this! What are your thoughts!"

Yuki: "I think that, if they are going to do that, at least go upstairs."

Grace: "But it's nice outside."

Liam: crossed his arms scowling. "Why? What are YOU implying Yuki?"

Arsenrios: "Then shall we return outdoors?" he held out his hand to her.

Yuki: "Well, I am sure that no one wants to see them kissing so I am just saying they should go somewhere more private and sorry to tell you this but she was made up her mind."

Liam: "Yea, and how would you know miss know-it-all?"

Grace: hesitated a moment, and then took Arsenrios hand. Stupid. She kissed the guy, why does it matter about taking his hand or not? "Okay." her heart beat a little faster at her hand in his.

Yuki: looked to her brother she nodded then looked back to Liam, "I just know."

Arsenrios: walked with her outside.

Liam: followed them. "Yes. Make sure you stay outside. So we can keep an eye on you and make sure you ARE JUST KISSING." he pulled a chair outside and sat in it, watching them.

Arsenrios: took her into his arms, "I love you, you know that?" he kissed her forehead.

Liam: "GAH!"

Grace: heart sped faster and irregular. ""

Arsenrios: smiles and nods, "Yes, loves." he said easily able to get the word out.

Grace: "Why?" she said softly.

Arsenrios: "Because no matter what you still care, and you're beautiful on the inside out, intelligent, all perfect things."

Liam: "OH MY GOD." he got up and went and covered Grace's mouth. "She doesn't want to answer."

Arsenrios: "Move your hand." he growled at Liam.

Liam: growled back.

Arsenrios: "Back off."

Liam: "What? Afraid of someone crossing into your territory?"

Arsenrios: snapped at his hand.

Grace: shut her eyes.

Liam: let go of Grace's face. "My word what is with you and biting?"

Arsenrios: smiled, he got the desired effect.

Grace: opened her eyes again. Her heart was beating extremely fast now.

Liam: "I'm staying here. Keep it PG people." he crossed his arms and straightened his stance.

Arsenrios: looked back to Grace he was calm now and whispered in her ear, "I know a place where we can be alone. Do you want to go?" he leaned back and looked at her face. He started to stroke it ever so lightly.

Liam: "No whispering!" he glared at Arsenrios.

Grace: "Um..." she bit her lower lip. Just hearing those words from Arsenrios made her breathing rate increase. It had scared her quite a bit when he had snapped his teeth at Liam's hand just inches from her face. But they were his normal human teeth. He wasn't going to bite him, was he? She nodded yes to his question. Even though he scared her to death...she wanted to be with him. She hoped her eyes didn't give way to anything she was thinking about. How unsure she was.

Arsenrios: took her other hand and appeared at his old house, "Now there won't be any spectators."

Grace: "Won''t Liam wonder how we just disappeared?" she whispered.

Arsenrios: "I will make him forget."

Grace: "Make him...forget? You are...going to toy with his brain?" she bit her lower lip again.

Arsenrios: "Just make him forget, that's it."

Grace: nodded slightly. She didn't really understand it. But there were a lot of things about Arsenrios that she didn't understand. She turned her head to look around. "You have...a nice house."

Arsenrios: "Thanks."

Grace: looked back at him. "What about your sister?"

Arsenrios: "If she wants to come she can. She knows the way."

Grace: "She was looking for you to tell you something. Did you talk to her?"

Arsenrios: chuckled, "The only thing she wanted to tell me was that I owed her big."

Grace: "Oh. You mean for...wait I don't know what she did."

Arsenrios: "I asked her to watch out for you while I was gone."

Grace: "Where did you go? I thought you just went outside for fresh air because of the smell."

Arsenrios: shook his head, "Hunting."

Grace: "Oh." she said in a gasp. Her heart rate increased a bit. "Hunting what?"

Arsenrios: let go and stepped back, "The things I hunt best, humans,"

Grace: "Around...around my house?" she said softly, and brought her hand down to her side.

Arsenrios: "No, in the next country over."

Grace: "What if they were people I knew?"

Arsenrios: "They weren't."

Grace: "How do you...know...everyone I...know?" she tried to breathe.

Arsenrios: looked to her, "Do you need water?"

Grace: "No. You just...I don't like it." she cried.

Arsenrios: "I'm sorry." he said softly. He wanted to go over and comfort her but he wasn't sure if he was welcome

Grace: "How many people are dead?"

Arsenrios: "5."

Grace: "How old were they?"

Arsenrios: "Very old, they were going to die soon anyway."

Grace: she nodded. "Why do you have to kill people?" she whispered.

Arsenrios: "I don't have to but that's the way I have for a long time. Humans are the strongest food."

Grace: "But can't you you did me?"

Arsenrios: "I needed too much. That wouldn't have satisfied me, I had no control."

Grace: "But they were...people's parents..." she paused through gasping sobs. "Or siblings, or children..."

Arsenrios: "You were right it was too with nature."

Grace: knelt on the floor. Too much death. And if she liked Arsenrios there would always be too much death.

Arsenrios: "I tried not to hunt for so long. I'm sorry. I will return you home now."

Grace: "The longer you wait the more people you kill. It's all my fault." she looked at the floor.

Arsenrios: "No, it's not your fault it's mine for thinking I could normal. For that I am sorry."

Grace: shook her head. "It's not your...fault." she took deep breaths to try to calm herself. Her tears had slowed.

Arsenrios: stood, "In a couple of minutes I will return you home, but there is something I have to do first. If you'll excuse me." he walked into another room.

Grace: waited until he was gone. She got up off of the floor and walked to his kitchen. She looked through the cupboards for a cup and filled it with water from the faucet over the sink. After taking a few drinks, she set the glass down and then splashed her face with water. She shut it off and just continued to stand there, her face dripping off the excess of water. Until she felt calm enough she took the towel next to the sink and dabbed the water off of her face.

Woman: walked in, "Hello?"

Grace: turned her head. "Hi." she said quietly. She folded the towel and set it back by the sink, how it was before.

Woman: "Here I'll take that." she smiled at her. She reached forward and took the towel. "If I may ask, who are you?"

Grace: "Oh. Thank you." she stepped out of the woman's way, grabbing her glass she had drunk out of in the process, and was holding it in her hand. She watched her. "My name is Grace. Some call me Emer. Though I don't think that name should apply to me anymore."

Woman: "It's nice to meet you, my name's Anne."

Grace: "Hello Anne." she wanted to know who she was, but she didn't feel like imposing on her privacy. "I should get out of your way." she finally said.

Arsenrios: walked in he was buttoning his shirt. "Anne will you heat me up some red liquid?"

Anne: "Sure." she went over to the refrigerator and got out some red liquid and put it in the microwave.

Grace: glanced from Arsenrios to Anne. Her question that was unasked was pretty much answered. "I should...umm...I'm sorry. I got a drink of water. I should have asked first before walking through your house." she turned to the sink to rinse out her glass and wash it.

Arsenrios: "It's okay. You didn't break anything."

Grace: finished washing her glass and dried it, using the new towel Anne set out. She put it back away.

Anne: "Here you go." she handed him the glass.

Arsenrios: "Thanks." he drank it.

Grace: cringed a bit. She wondered where that drink came from.

Arsenrios: set it in the sink, "It was donated."

Grace: was a bit taken aback by the fact that he answered her question without it being spoken aloud. She blinked a couple times, watching him finish drinking it and set it in the sink. "Then why don't you use donations all the time?" she whispered.

Arsenrios: "I do when I can."

Grace: "I should um...I should go."

Arsenrios: "I'll take you back."

Grace: "Thank you." she felt like she was going to cry again though she didn't know why.

Arsenrios: "Then I promise you will never see me again."

Grace: nodded. She felt ridiculous. The man had told her he loved her, and she never said anything but asking him why. Didn't that piece of information tell her he would never hurt her? But she was frightened of what he was and she wasn't sure she could get over that. She felt a tear slid down her cheek. Yea, that was why she was crying.

Arsenrios: carefully wiped away the tear, "Why do you cry?" he asked softly.

Grace: flinched when he touched her. "I don't...I don't know." she said slowly, looking at his chest instead of his face. She didn't want to meet his eyes. He probably didn't believe her but she was too embarrassed to explain herself.

Arsenrios: stepped back, "I'm sorry."

Grace: "Can I go home now? Please." she wiped at her eyes.

Arsenrios: took her hand and teleported her back to Earth to her home.

Grace: "Thank you." she released his hand. Her heart rate had accelerated.

Arsenrios: "Sure." he tried to smile but it failed, he turned, "Goodbye Grace, It was nice knowing you."

Grace: "Bye...Arsenrios." she said, her throat felt thick. More tears slid down her face.

Arsenrios: "If you ever need me, call." he started to walk away.

Grace: nodded. She didn't say anything. She just watched him. It was hard enough watching him let alone forming anymore words.

Arsenrios: stopped he used his accelerated speed and kissed her, not caring anymore. "No matter what I will always love you."

Grace: kissed him back. Her breathing increased as did her heart rate, and the tears came faster. "Please don't say that."

Arsenrios: "I will not deny the truth." his touch felt warm, not cold anymore and his skin soft.

Grace: "I'm sorry, I..." she sobbed. "I don't return the feelings." she pushed out chokingly.

Arsenrios: "It's okay, you have your life again." he kissed her again and then backed off.

Grace: nodded to seem like she agreed, though she didn't know if that was really possible anymore.

Arsenrios: walked away this time without turning back.

Grace: tears came faster and she sobbed. She went to her room and slammed the door, throwing herself on her bed she just cried into a pillow.

Yuki: listened from the outside.

Liam: was outside with Yuki. "OH MY GOD WHAT DID HE DO NOW!" he ran towards the house.

Yuki: "Congratulations, you got what you wanted."

Liam: stopped. "You mean they broke up? He is leaving?" he smiled.

Yuki: "You are horrible. It's making her cry and you don't care!" she used her power to pick it up.

Liam: glanced at the rock. "What is with you and your brother and all of your tricks? How do you do it?"

Yuki: stepped towards him, "They are not tricks."

Liam: "Doesn't matter. He is gone." he looked back at Yuki. "And I am here for Grace! YES!"

Yuki: threw it at him. "You heartless man!" when she threw it didn't throw it to kill him, just to scare him.

Liam: jumped out of the way, a bit frightened. "Whoa. Calm down girly. I am not heartless! Do you know how long I've waited for Grace? She might actually love me back now! Do you know what it's like to love someone and for them to think of you as only a BROTHER!"

Yuki: "Of course I do! But when the one they love leaves you DO NOT look for it as an advantage!"

Liam: "I never heard her return his sentiments."

Yuki: "Why do you think she wanted him to stay so bad! You are an idiot."

Liam: "Well, I guess she doesn't feel that way anymore. Maybe that's why he left, hmm?"

Yuki: "He left because it was best for her."

Liam: rolled his eyes and scoffed. "Yep, she sounds better than ever. Well, at least Arsenrios left like he was suppose to so now I can comfort her." he turned and started walking back to the house again.

Yuki: made him stop. "You better watch how you treat her otherwise you will have two nonhumans after you." she growled.

Liam: looked confused. He turned his head. "Nonhumans? HA! NO SUCH THING! We live in the real world not a fairy tale girly. Not a book. This is reality."

Yuki: "Do I have to prove it to you?"

Liam: "Later. I have a woman to take care of."

Yuki: rolled her eyes. She made a piece of the Earth lift up under her and she went into Graces window, making sure Liam couldn't move. "Grace?" she asked softly.

Grace: was crying too hard to answer. Her face was in the pillow.

Yuki: walked over and rubbed her back. "It's ok."

Grace: "'s not." she finally got out after a few minutes.

Yuki: continued to rub her back, "How can I help?"

Grace: "You can't. I've ruined it. I told him I didn't love him back."

Yuki: "Oh, honey it's alright. He knows."

Grace: "Knows what?"

Yuki: "Everything."

Grace: shook her head no in the pillow. "Just go away Yuki. Please. I want to be by myself for awhile."

Yuki: "I'll make sure Liam doesn't come up." she stood, "I'm sorry Grace."

Grace: continued to cry, not sure when she would stop.

Liam: whistled from outside. "YO! Let me go!"

Yuki: jumped out the window landing lightly on her feet, "No."

Liam: "You got to see her and now it's my turn. I can provide comfort in ways that you can't." he crossed his arms defiantly, facing her.

Yuki: "She wants to be alone."

Liam: sighed. "Fine. I'll give her a day to get over him." he uncrossed his arms.

Yuki: Lay on her back.

Liam: "Can I at least move?"

Yuki: "No. I don't trust you."

Liam: "Can I at least sit?"

Yuki: made him sit, "There."

Liam: "You know you are rather annoying. Arsenrios and I are friends. He trusts me."

Yuki: laughed, "Yea sure."

Liam: "Not my fault he decided to steal my girl. But I'll forgive him once Grace is mine."

Yuki: stood, she put her long nail at his throat, "YOU are the one that needs forgiveness."

Liam: leaned a bit back from her nail. "Forgiveness for WHAT!"

Yuki: "For causing problems in the first place."

Liam: "How did I cause problems? What? You mean when I was supervising them? She's 18 she needs supervision."

Yuki: "That's not what I mean."

Liam: "Then how did I cause problems YUKI-O hmmm? Tell me!"

Yuki: "Just by being here."

Liam: "I practically live here. I was here first. It's Arsenrios who caused the problem. If he never was here, if he never left, if he never showed up in the first place, Grace wouldn't be crying."

Yuki: "At least he was better than forcing himself upon him. Actually cared about HER feelings. Gave HER a choice."

Liam: "At 18 you don't what you want. So that's why she doesn't have a choice when it comes to me. Because I know I'm best for her. I wouldn't make her cry like that."

Yuki: "MY BROTHER WILL NEVER LEAVE HER! You are making me very angry."

Liam: "Seems to me he already did." he smiled. "Really? I hadn't noticed."

Arsenrios: stepped out of the trees, "No, I haven't." he growled.

Liam: "Hey Arsenrios tell you sister to let me up."

Arsenrios: "No, you know why? Because right now I want to kill you."

Liam: "Scary." he rolled his eyes. "And why are you hiding in the trees? What? She rejects you so you stoop to stalking her?"

Arsenrios: let his fangs come down, "Watch it, you are the prey and I am the hunter." he walked closer and traced the main artery.

Liam: "What in the world? This is to close for comfort man." he pushed his hand away. "And stop caressing my throat."

Arsenrios: growled, "Humans are so stupid."

Yuki: "I know and this one seems to be extra stupid."

Liam: "Wow. If you call humans stupid look at are cutting down your little ex-girlfriend up there. Why are you hanging around? You get kicks from hearing her sob? Let's all be quiet and listen." he put a hand to his ear to hear better.

Arsenrios: punched him unconscious.

Liam: would fall but he couldn't move because of what Yuki did to him.

Grainne: stepped outside. "Yuki, Arsenrios...why is Grace sobbing?"

Neil: was behind her.

Arsenrios: had his fangs already in.

Yuki: "I don't know she said she just wanted to be alone for a while."

Grainne: "Okay..." her eyes flickered to Liam. "Is he okay?"

Yuki: "Yea, We're playing a game." she made him become awake but say nothing about what just happened or what they were.

Neil: had a smirk on his face. He knew better.

Grainne: "Well I see Arsenrios is still here so her crying must have nothing to do with him." she glanced up at everyone one more time and then went back in the house.

Neil: stepped out of her way.

Yuki: "Did you need something Neil?"

Neil: "No. But it seems like the party is out here so...may I stay?"

Yuki: "Umm...Sure." she looked to Arsenrios.

Neil: "So who punched him?" he asked smiling.

Arsenrios: "That would be me." he smiled.

Neil: "Some brutal game you are playing." he leaned against the house.

Liam: "Where was I. Oh yes. Listening. Ain't that a beautiful sound? It is to me. Because it means victory."

Yuki: punched him out this time, "He talks too much."

Neil: "A girl who can throw a punch. Nice. You've taught her well Arsenrios. You and Grace may be able to box sometime. She knows how to throw a punch too." he told Yuki. "Well...when she feels better."

Yuki: smiled, "Thanks."

Neil: "So uh," he nodded in Liam's direction. "What was he talking about?"

Yuki: "He likes the sound of Graces crying."

Arsenrios: "He doesn't understand that I will never leave Grace."

Neil: " He deserved to be punched out."

Arsenrios: smirked, "Glad you agree."

Neil: "But no one knows why she is crying her eyes out? I swear I haven't heard her cry since she was a child. Must be something majorly important."

Arsenrios: looked up at her window, "I wonder if it is my fault." he stood, "If you'll excuse me."

Neil: "I thought Yuki said she wanted to be alone?"

Arsenrios: "If she wants me to go I will. I have to try; I can't stand to see her cry."

Neil: "Well she's locked her bedroom door. I can shimmy the lock if you want though."

Arsenrios: "That's ok." he jumped and climbed up the house and in the window. "Grace why do you cry?" he asked again.

Grace: swore she heard Arsenrios voice. But he was gone. It must be in her head. She ignored it, her face buried in her pillow which was sopping wet by now.

Arsenrios: touched her shoulder, "Grace why do you cry?" he asked again

Grace: sat up immediately on the bed. She kept her face turned away. "Don't look at me." she put her knees up and leaned her face in the cover of her knees. She hadn't been imagining it, not with the way that touch made her heart race. She knew the difference.

Arsenrios: "Were you crying over me?"

Grace: "No." she lied.

Arsenrios: "I know you're lying."

Grace: "You are supposed to be gone. Go away. You aren't supposed to see me like this."

Arsenrios: "Please I want to help, if Yuki can't I want to."

Grace: "You can't help. I have to deal with this by myself. Please go. If you stay longer it will make it harder."

Arsenrios: "I told you that I would never leave you. I meant it; I said that you wouldn't see me I never said that I wouldn't be there."

Grace: cried into her jeans. "I don't love you go away!" she said in a stubborn voice, trying to be firm. Though how much it was working out with her tears she didn't know.

Arsenrios: went in her mind to see the truth even though he was sure she already knew it, he stood and stepped back.

Grace's mind was a bit foggy at the moment, her thoughts clouded by sadness and pain, not able to think straight. But the mains points that stuck out was how attached she was to Arsenrios. She was frightened to death of him, but it scared her more to be away from him. Because he had saved her in the most time a distress, what would happen to her when he was gone? She wasn't sure if she could save herself anymore. And she couldn't quite put a feeling on why she was so attached. She'd never loved anyone before, so she didn't think that was the reason why. She had thought herself incapable of the feeling.

Arsenrios: "Grace, can we please talk."

Grace: "I'm not in the mood to talk."

Arsenrios: "Perhaps later?"

Grace: "You are supposed to be gone later."

Arsenrios: "I know you don't want me to go even if you are scared of me."

Grace: sobbed. "You want to go. Just go."

Arsenrios: "No, I don't want to go; never do I want to leave you."

Grace: "I don't see how it'll work Arsenrios. It's better if you do go. Human feelings are insignificant. Find someone who's strong and fast like you. And who isn't afraid of you. Fall in love with her."

Arsenrios: "I cannot control who I fall in love with, see that's where you are wrong, YOUR feelings are significant. More important than anything else. I'll change what I eat. I won't kill unless they are a threat to you. I promise. If you choose to stay with me."

Grace: "You can' can't do that. I don't want to have you change for me."

Arsenrios: "I don't have to do anything, I want to do it. For you, for love."

Grace: "I'm incapable of loving anyone."

Arsenrios: "You kissed me back. That's the same as love."

Grace: "That can't call that love. I don't know what that was."

Arsenrios: "I feel it. I can feel that you do love."

Grace: "You won't want it. Not when I am afraid of you too."

Arsenrios: "I do want it."

Grace: her sobs slowed. She got up and went into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

Arsenrios: watched the door listening.

Grace: turned on the faucet over the sink and washed her face. Her eyes and cheeks were still red, and her nose still puffy, but she looked better after splashing cool water over her. She took a few shaky breaths. She opened the door. "I don't understand it." she said quietly. He throat was raw.

Arsenrios: "Don't understand what?"

Grace: "Why you love me."

Arsenrios: "What about it don't you understand or all of it?"

Grace: "All of it. I am not like you. I am...breakable. Weak."

Arsenrios: "That doesn't matter. I will never hurt you."

Grace: took another breath. She nodded. "Okay."

Arsenrios: "The only thing that matters to me is that you are safe and near me."

Grace: "I...I like that." she admitted.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly

Grace: "I have to apologize to Yuki."

Arsenrios: "Why's that?"

Grace: "Because I told her to go away earlier, when she was trying to talk to me."

Arsenrios: "It's ok; she understands that you just wanted to be alone."

Grace: "But you stayed."

Arsenrios: "I knew that I was the only one to make you happy. I couldn't just go back outside while you were crying."

Grace: "Thank you. For staying."

Arsenrios: "You're welcome."

Grace: took steps forward until she was standing in front of him. She was embarrassed for crying like that.

Arsenrios: smiled, "You're so beautiful." he stroked her cheek his skin was still soft and warm.

Grace: "Thank you." she hesitated a moment but then lifted her hand to place it over his. "You aren't cold anymore."

Arsenrios: "Yes." he watched her carefully.

Grace: leaned up and kissed him. She giggled slightly.

Arsenrios: kissed her back.

Grace: "It feels different. Your warmth."

Arsenrios: "But is it for the better or worse?" he asked her softly.

Grace: "I don't..." she paused to think, breaking the kiss she leaned back down. "I don't know. I was so used to you being cold. Why are you warm now?"

Arsenrios: "I changed my body temperature for you."

Grace: "Permanently?"

Arsenrios: shook his head, "No."

Grace: smiled slightly. "Good. Because I grew attached to your cold feel."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Oh really?" the next time he touched her he was cold again.

Grace: shivered slightly at the change in temperature. "Yes." she said, and kissed him again.

Arsenrios: kissed her again.

Liam: woke up from being unconscious.

Yuki: punched him out again

Neil: "She's not crying anymore."

Yuki: smiled, "I know it's just fun, my brother is very good…" he brought him back to consciousness.

Liam: rubbed his face. "STOP PUNCHING ME!"

Yuki: "Make me." she stood

Liam: "W-" he stopped, listening. "Why is it quiet?"

Yuki: "Because Grace is all better now."

Liam: "NO! HOW! I DIDN'T KISS HER YET!" he tried to stand. "LET ME UP!" He growled at Yuki.

Yuki: "No." she said simply

Neil: "Ah, Yuki, Grainne is serving dinner now. Are you hungry?"

Yuki: nodded, "Yes, starved."

Liam: "I'm hungry too!"

Yuki: "That's too bad."

Neil: chuckled. "Okay come on." he opened up the door for Yuki.

Yuki: "Thank you." and walked inside.

Neil: "Should we go get Grace and Arsenrios? Grace might be hungry. She didn't eat lunch." he shut the door, leaving Liam out there yelling to be let in.

Yuki: "We can see if their hungry." she agreed.

Neil: "Okay." he followed her upstairs.

Yuki: knocked lightly on the door, "Grace are you hungry?"

Grace: broke the kiss to answer. "No." she lied.

Arsenrios: "Come on, let's get something to eat." he encouraged her softly.

Grace: looked back at him. "But..." she pouted.

Arsenrios: "We can continue after we eat."

Grace: "Okay." she relented. She did need to calm her heart anyways. She held Arsenrios hand and opened the door to the hallway.

Neil: "Well Grace, you look better."

Grace: "Thanks." she blushed. "Where's Liam?"

Yuki: "Outside."

Grace: "He's not eating?"

Yuki: "I don't think so."

Grace: "Okay." she walked down the stairs.

Neil: stepped up beside Arsenrios. "You got her to blush? She never blushes. What did you do to her?" he asked in a shocked whisper.

Arsenrios: "Just showed her how special she is." he murmured to him.

Neil: "Ah, well, that she is." they walked into the kitchen.

Grainne: "Honey you look better." she noticed Arsenrios and Grace's linked hands. "What did he propose or something?"

Grace: "No..." her heart rate increased. She cursed it silently. It was just calming down from the kiss and now this? She pulled Arsenrios around the table to her chair, and motioned to one for him. She sat down quickly, releasing his hand.

Arsenrios: sat down

Liam: "HE BETTER NOT HAVE!" he yelled from outside.

Arsenrios: "I have to ask you a question later." he told her softly.


Yuki: "Why?"

Neil: "I wouldn't order her around like that Liam..."

Liam: "WHY ELSE WOULD I WANT FOOD I'M HUNGRY DUH!" he was so annoyed. Everyone was against him and Grace being together.

Grace: eyes widened a bit. "Okay." she said to Arsenrios. Her heart quickened, afraid what he was going to ask her. She started to dish out her food.

Yuki: "Get it yourself." she told him.

Liam: "I can't move, REMEMBER?"

Yuki: "That's your problem not mine."

Grace: was worried. "Why can't he move? Is he okay?" she stood. "Did he hurt himself?" she pushed out her chair.

Yuki: "Yea he's fine." she released him. "In fact he should be in 5...4...3...2...1." she turned and watched him come in

Liam: "Yuki if you weren't a girl I swear I would..." he stopped when he saw Grace. "Hi Grace." he smiled at her. "How are you feeling?"

Grace: "Better." she sat back down.

Liam: glared at Arsenrios. "This means war." he mouthed to him.

Yuki: stood, "You would what? Go ahead I can still beat you." she taunted.

Liam: waved a hand towards Yuki. "You're not worth it." he sat in a chair.

Neil: chuckled a bit and coughed. "Maybe not to you." he added after a moment. "Only because you know you'd lose."

Yuki: "Wimp." she said just loud enough for him to hear.

Liam: leaned closer to her. "I don't fight children."

Yuki: "I'm older then you." she smiled, but not nicely.

Liam: "I'm sure." he ruffled her hair to mess it up, and then leaned back. "You look like you're 12."

Yuki: rolled her eyes, "I was right you do have mental problems, you're even afraid to fight a '12 year old.'" she mocked him

Liam: "No I said it's because you are a girl. And you cheat anyways."

Yuki: "I don't cheat."

Liam: he whispered. "If I had tricks up my sleeve like you and your brother do, I wouldn't mind fighting you. I'd say bring it on."

Yuki: "And if I didn't use them I could still beat you." she whispered back

Liam: grinned. He shook his head. "I wouldn't count on it."

Grainne: "Children! You're food is getting cold so EAT IT!"

Yuki: "Then challenge me." she started to eat.

Liam: "You aren't in my way of Grace. My fight is with Arsenrios."

Yuki: shrugged, "Oh well."

Liam: started to eat.

Grace: finished eating. She took her plate to the kitchen.

Arsenrios: finished his plate and followed her.

Grace: "Here." she took his plate and washed it.

Liam: "Excuse me." he pushed his chair back and went into the kitchen where Grace and Arsenrios were.

Arsenrios: "Thank you."

Grace: "Yep." she said with a smile.

Arsenrios: leaned against the counter. "There's this awesome dance place down the road, want to go?"

Grace: rinsed off the dishes and set them in the drying rack. "Sure." she nodded eagerly, relieved that was the question he wanted to ask her. She shut off the water.

Liam: "Sounds great. I'll tag along." he said from the doorway into the kitchen.

Arsenrios: "No, you're not."

Liam: "Like you can stop me. I'll go change." he left.

Arsenrios: "I got you a dress I am not sure if you would like it or not. But if you want to wear it..."

Grace: heart sped. "A dress?"

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded, "Unless you don't like dresses then I can take it back."

Grace: "I don't normally wear dresses, but I like them. Can I see it?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yea, it's upstairs in your closet."

Grace: "Okay." she dried off her hands and walked out to the hallway and up to her room.

Arsenrios: walked with her.


Neil: "Liam doesn't normally act like that." he told Yuki, picking up his empty plate and hers. "I think it's just different now because Grace actually likes someone." he took the plates to the kitchen.

Yuki: "How does he usually act?"

Neil: "Umm, less like a crazy jealous man." he shrugged and set the dishes in the sink.

Yuki: smiled and chuckled softly. "That would be different."

Grainne: "Alright you two." she said, walking into the kitchen. "Who's going?" she put her dish in the sink and started to wash all of them.

Yuki: "Going?" she asked confusedly.

Grainne: "I assume Arsenrios and Grace are going on a date, yes? They were holding hands earlier so a date is probably on the menu sooner or later. And they need chaperones. Grace is only 18."

Yuki: "Oh, I guess I can go."

Grainne: "Good. Now, either by yourself or you can double date I don't care."

Neil: "I'll go with her." he said happily.

Grainne: "You are 15, to young for a date. I think a more suitable person for a double date would be Liam to go with her, not you."

Neil: frowned. "Oh."

Yuki: "That's okay, he could come to dance, I'm sure he likes to dance. Not as a date, he can help me."

Grainne: "Very well." she said, rinsing off the plates and putting them in the drying rack with the others. "Then have fun." she left the kitchen to clear the table, her job as a mother done for the moment.

Neil: "Sweet. Thanks." he smiled again.

Yuki: sat on the counter.


Grace: went to her closet and opened up the door.

There in her closet was a black dress.

Grace: "Oh..." she reached her hand to stroke the fabric.

It was silk

Grace: "Thank you Arsenrios. I hope it fits me though." she took it out of the closet.

Arsenrios: "I'm sure it will."

Grace: "What time are we leaving?" she turned to face him.

Arsenrios: "In an hour if that's ok."

Grace: nodded. "I'll get dressed then."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I'll be down the hall." he kissed her forehead, and then went to his room to get changed.

Grace: took off her clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Afterwards she got out and dried off. She put on her clean under clothes and went back to the bathroom to blow dry her hair. After she was completely dry she slipped on the black dress, then red high heel shoes. She put on her makeup and pulled her hair up and back adding a red ribbon for flair. She rifled through her cabinet and pulled out perfume and sprayed it on. She hoped it wasn't old; she hadn't worn perfume in years. After she was all dressed, she grabbed her little black purse and went out into the hallway.

Liam: "Hey Grace." he was leaning against the wall and he stood straight now, eyeing her. "You look great." he smiled. He was dressed in a suit and tie.

Grace: "Thanks Liam." she hoped Arsenrios felt the same way. She bit her lip, nervous.

Liam: "Is that a new dress?"

Grace: nodded. "Yes. Arsenrios got it for me."

Liam: smiled, "I got you a present too. Here." he pulled out a box from his jacket. "I think it'll match perfect." he opened up the box and pulled out a little garnet stone necklace. "Let me put it on you."

Grace: "Okay." she said hesitantly, and turned around.

Liam: draped the necklace around her neck and clasped it. 'Two can play at that game.'

Arsenrios: came out of his room in a tux. He smiled and kissed her, "You look beautiful." he took her hand.

Grace: kissed him back. Her heart rate sped. "Thanks." she whispered, happy that he thought so.

Liam: followed them down the stairs.

Arsenrios: walked down the stairs with her, smiling, "We should see if the others are ready."

Grace: "I didn't know anyone was coming with us."

Arsenrios: "Yea, Grainne thought it would be best for a chaperone."

Grace: nodded. Of course she would.

Neil: was standing by the front door with Yuki. "You two ready?" he asked Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "Yup all ready. Are you two?"

Neil: nodded. "Yep. This'll be fun." he opened up the door and ushered Yuki out and then stepped out behind her, leaving it open for Arsenrios and Grace to follow.

Arsenrios: walked out after Grace. Closing the door in Liam's face.

Liam: made an angry sound. He opened up the door to step out and closed it behind him. He caught up to Arsenrios. "At least she likes my gift." he whispered to him.

Arsenrios: pushed him back.

Liam: "Woah. Stop being all territorial. Animalistic."

Arsenrios: ignored him.

Liam: stepped behind and over to Graces other side. "Are we walking there or what? He doesn't really have this fully planned out, does he?"

Arsenrios: pointed to the Limo. He waited for Yuki and Neil to get in and then Grace and himself, "Sorry only seats four." he closed the door.

The limo drove off.

Liam: "HEY!" he yelled after the limo and then stalked off to his car, hurriedly starting it and following the limo.

Grace: looked back behind her through the back window of the limo. "Poor Liam." she said sadly.

Neil: "It's okay he deserved it." he sat back in his chair, fully aware that there were about eight more empty seats in the limo.

Yuki: sat back she closed her eyes, smiling as she moved her purse to her lap.

Grace: turned back around, looking at the room in the limo. "I haven't been in a limo in a long time."

Arsenrios: "When was the last time?" he asked her truly curious

Grace: "Ummm...not since my high school prom."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Well that must not have been long ago at all."

Grace: "Well..." she blushed. "Yea I guess." she smiled a bit. "I went to it when I was in tenth grade though. So that's about...three and a half years ago."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I bet you were the prettiest one there."

Grace: bit her lower lip. "It was special. I had an older date that's the only way I got to go."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I see."

Grace: her heart rate got faster when Arsenrios smiled at her like that. She looked down at her lap and studied her hands.

Neil: "Where are we going again?"

Arsenrios: "There s a dancing building in town."

Neil: "With dinner?"

Grace: looked up. "Neil, you just ate."

Neil: shrugged. "So I'm hungry again. It's nay a crime."

Arsenrios: "We can see how we feel after alright?"

Neil: nodded a swift nod. "Sounds good."

Grace: looked out the window.

Yuki: her cell phone started to ring. She took it out and answered it, after a couple minutes she put it away, "Sorry."

Neil: "Who was that? Your boyfriend?"

Yuki: "No, it was my job I have to go in tomorrow."

Neil: "Well then you have a very neglectful boyfriend."

Yuki: "I don't have a boyfriend." she smiled, "That's a funny joke though."

Neil: smiled back. "Thanks."

Grace: "I love to dance. But I'm not very good at it." she said softly, still looking out the window.

Arsenrios: smiled, "I know you'll do great."

Yuki: she pulled a little bit of her hair behind her ear. "Seriously though, I don't think I could be a good girlfriend anyway."

Neil: "That's a lie."

Grace: "Who me?"

Neil: "Och, both of you. First of all you-" he pointed to Grace, "Have been in dancing tournaments. And you," he turned to Yuki, "Would be a great girlfriend."

Arsenrios: smiled down at her.

Yuki: she blushed a little, "Thank you."

Grace: pressed her lips together, she looked away.

Neil: "No problem."

Yuki: "Though with my job I am not allowed to have one or be married." she shrugged.

Neil: rolled his eyes. "Of course not."

Grace: "What is your job?"

Yuki: "I guess you could say it's kind of like the judicial system."

Neil: "I would not like that job. I'd pose a strike."

Yuki: shrugged, "Only select ones are chosen for it so I was very lucky."

Neil: "And no one who works that job is married? Or has a boyfriend/girlfriend?"

Yuki: "Only one but that's because she protects him as a job too."

Neil: "Can you at least kiss people?"

Yuki: "I...don't know."

Grace: "Leave her alone Neil." she rolled her eyes.

Neil: "What I was just wondering."

Yuki: "It's ok."

Grace: was wondering how much longer the limo ride would be. She was getting nervous sitting here with Arsenrios just staring at her.

Arsenrios: looked out the window, soon the limo stopped and the driver opened the door, he got out and then waited for everyone.

Grace: climbed out after him. "I didn't know you danced." she said softly.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Sometimes."

Grace: held his hand. She was growing used to the feeling his touch elicited in her, the racing of her heart.

Neil: got out and held his hand out to Yuki.

Yuki: "Thank you." she took his hand and got out.

Neil: shut the door behind her and let go of her hand.

Grace: looked around while she waited to enter the building with Arsenrios. It was a nice night. She looked at the stars.

Liam: pulled up in his car and got out, handed the valet his key. "I'm here." he announced and came up to Grace's other side.

Grace: looked down. "Oh...hi. Liam."

Arsenrios: "Some people just don't get the hint." he murmured then walked inside with Grace.

Liam: "Nice place. Let's dance Grace." he pulled her away from Arsenrios and onto the dance floor. He pulled her close.

Grace: "Liam what are you doing? I'd prefer not to be so close. And you have to ask Arsenrios first if you can dance with me. He's my date, not you."

Liam: "Yea, but I've known you longer. That should count as something."

Arsenrios: cut in and pushed him away, he danced with her.

Liam: "Fine. I'll get drinks." he muttered and walked away.

Grace: watched him go. She looked back at Arsenrios. "Thank you."

Arsenrios: smiled, "You're welcome."

Grace: put her arms around him and leaned her head on his shoulder. She shut her eyes focusing on her heart beat. Really, it was stupid it pounded so fast. She needed to calm it.

Arsenrios: smiled, watching her.

Neil: stood by the wall. "So you think they like each other?" he watched them.

Yuki: smiled and nodded, "I think so; I know my brother loves her."

Neil: "A Snyde loving a human? Now that is odd."

Yuki: turned to look at him, "What?" she said unbelieving

Neil: "Oh." his face blanked. "Did you not know about that? I'm sorry. I'm just joking. Heheh..." he laughed nervously, "I'll get us drinks." he walked away from her.

Yuki: "How did you know?" she whispered to him as she followed him.

Neil: "Know what? I know nothing."

Yuki: "You just said it, what my brother is."

Neil: sighed he stopped walking. "First of all, did you know?"

Yuki: nodded, "Yea."

Neil: "Oh well in that case." he smiled. "Then yea, I said it."

Yuki: "How did you know that he wasn't, you know." She whispered, "Like you."

Neil: "You mean, that he isn't like Grace?" he shrugged with a mischievous smile. "I have my secrets."

Yuki: her eyes went wide, "What...are you?"

Neil: his smile faded. "Why? Are you scared of me now because I'm not like Grace?"

Yuki: "No, just curious." she smiled, "I'm not human either."

Neil: "Oh. Wow. Small world."

Yuki: nodded, "Yea."

Neil: looked back at Arsenrios and Grace, then back to Yuki. "Thirsty?"

Yuki: nodded, "Yea a little."

Neil: "Okay." he continued walking to the stand and got them some soda. He handed her a glass and sipped at his. He sat at one of the tables that surrounded the dance floor.

Yuki: "So, what are you?" she asked still curious

Neil: "I think someone told me this kind is called Vinic." he shrugged.

Yuki: "Oh." she looked down, this was a little awkward.

Neil: noticed her looking down. "What? You don't like...Vinics or something?"

Yuki: ''It's just I've only met one other Vinic before and he wasn't nice. So it's a little weird.''

Neil: "Oh." he patted her hand. "It's okay. As far as I know I'm nice. But you can't tell my family...what I am. They are all humans and they don't know about me, okay?"

Yuki: nodded ''I understand. So then how old are you really?''

Neil: "Fifteen. This only happened to me last year. I guess I'm going to look like this for awhile. Then my mom will start to notice."

Yuki: thought for a moment. ''Cant Vinics decide what age they want to be?''

Neil: shrugged. "I haven't had a chance to explore all of the abilities. There are many."

Yuki: nodded ''Indeed there are.''

Neil: "Do you know a lot about Vinics?"

Yuki: nodded ''But only from books I've read.''

Neil: "What are you? Species wise."

Yuki: ''Kientian''

Neil: "I have no idea what that is. All I know is of Snydes."

Yuki: smiled ''You'll know a lot more once you get to be my age.''

Neil: "Possibly. Though I have to stay here on earth until I finish school. Then I suppose I can go to the Vinics planet. They have one, right?"

Yuki: laughed. ''Yea they have one.''

Neil: chuckled. "I thought so. But I need books to read on other species. Where can I get those ones you said you've read, on my kind?"

Yuki: smiled. ''Actually their on my home planet. It quite a ways away.''

Neil: "Oh." he frowned. "Then I guess I'll be left out of the loop until I graduate. Then I can leave."

Yuki: ''I could bring you some though. If you want.''

Neil: "Yes I'd appreciate that. Thank you." he paused. "I wonder about that age thing though."

Yuki: ''You're welcome. Oh that reminds me...' she pulled something out of her bag and handed it to him. ''This is one book. It might help.''

Neil: took it and looked at cover. He opened it up and flipped through the pages. "On Vinics or on Kientians?"

Yuki: ''Vinics''

Neil: "Thank you." he set it aside on the table. He looked over at Arsenrios and Grace again. "Hey, where'd Liam go?"

Yuki: looked around. ''I don't know.''

Liam: "Awesome a book." he came up behind them and sat at the table with his drink. He pulled the book to him and opened it up.

Yuki: ''Umm...shouldn't you be dancing?''

Liam: glanced up at the dance floor then back at Yuki. "Why you offering?"

Yuki: ''No, why would I ask you?''

Liam: "Because you secretly like me. That's why you care so much about me liking Grace."

Yuki: ''No, see I hate you. That's not so secret.''

Liam: "What did I do to you? We just met two, well now three days ago."

Yuki: ''See you made my brother and me mad. That's enough.''

Liam: "I made you two mad? You made me mad! Grace goes on one vacation and comes back with a boyfriend! Where does that leave me?"

Yuki: ''Alone. Exactly where you need to be.''

Liam: sighed. He closed the book and shoved it away. "Fine." he pushed his chair away the table heavily and stalked away with his drink.

Yuki: sighed.

Neil: "Now is that a relieved sigh or an 'I feel guilty now' sigh?" he pulled his book back and set it on his lap, out of eyeshot.

Yuki: ''A little bit of both. He is so naive. It is so frustrating.''

Neil: shrugged. "So he doesn't know about other species. Neither did Grace for the longest time."

Yuki: ''I know it's just he pushes himself on people not even taking into account their feelings.''

Neil: "He gave Grace a choice for a long time; she just never chose him that way. I guess it frustrated him so he changed his tactics."

Yuki: ''I guess so, but still he's going to end up getting himself killed.''

Neil: furrowed his brows. "Killed? What do you mean killed? By whom, and how?"

Yuki: ''I don't know but one of these days he's going to tick off the wrong nonhuman.''

Neil: "Are you pertaining to Arsenrios?"

Yuki: shook her head. ''Arsenrios wouldn't because of Grace. I mean someone in general."

Neil: "I see. Well, then that really is out of the ordinary. What I know of Snydes they don't have hearts like that."

Yuki: ''Who told you that?"

Neil: "Earth books I've read. That is pretty much the only species written on. Except for aliens in general."

Yuki: ''Wow apparently they have never met one.''

Neil: "No, I think the person who wrote the book has...maybe had a bad experience with one. For instance, don't they hunt humans? How could they love a human, if that were the case? Give one cut on the finger-" he motioned to his hand with the other, "Or even a bloody nose. Bye, bye human."

Yuki: ''They can hunt humans but they don't have to. They can learn to control the hunger.''

Neil: "Do they hunt Vinics?" he started to think about something past.

Yuki: ''Not really. Only if you find a psycho Snyde.''

Neil: laughed, "Psycho Snyde? Do such exist? Why do you say that is the only case?"

Yuki: smiled. ''Only ones that live for a long time. Because they don't care what they drink as long as its red liquid.''

Neil: "Is Vinic blood bad smelling or something to a Snyde?"

Yuki: ''No but Vinics are similar.''

Neil: "Yea, that's why I bring it up, see. The whole reason why I found out about Arsenrios is because the first night he came I sliced my hand open with a knife blade after making wise cracks about him and blood and what not, just joking because I didn't know. After Grace shoved me out of the kitchen I felt sort of...weird. I don't know. I went outside; my hand had already healed, of course. But I had lost so much blood. Not a lot of blood, but enough blood. I realized the similarity then."

Yuki: ''Did you go hunting?''

Neil: "The closest thing was a squirrel. Yea, sort of. Tasted nasty but afterwards I felt better. It was mostly instinct, you know? I've never cut myself to lose blood before so I never had to deal with it. Anyways, then I was outside awhile and I just noticed stuff about Arsenrios. It was weird. And I figured it out. Then I was shocked that he hadn't...attacked me, back at the house."

Yuki: ''My brother works very hard at trying to keep in control though he's almost lost it a few times. But he's a good guy.''

Neil: "Yes well, I'm still a bit worried about Grace and him. But, we'll see. I'll watch."

Yuki: nodded ''That's for the best.''

Neil: "I can't watch all the time though. Like when they are...alone. No thank you. And I know for a fact that over drive of emotions can cause someone, whatever species, to lose control. Hopefully he eats prior to such overdrives so it's easier to handle though."

Yuki: ''Yea though I didn't think they will be doing any of that for a long time."

Neil: "Why do you say that? Not that I'm not relieved in the matter. Thank goodness."

Yuki: ''Arsenrios knows better. If they get married that's when he will do it.''

Neil: "Even then I'd be worried."

Yuki: ''Why's that?''

Neil: "Just because they'll be married doesn't mean he can't kill her."

Yuki: ''He'd never do that.''

Neil: shrugged. "Sometimes people do things they don't want to do. It just happens."

Yuki: nodded ''That's true...hey can I ask u a question?''

Neil: "Sure. Anything I suppose."

Yuki: ''What do strawberries taste like?''

Neil: laughed. "Why are you allergic to them or something?"

Yuki: ''My species can't eat fruits or vegetables or we die.''

Neil: "That's sad. Well here." he held out his hand. "I'll show you what they taste like."

Yuki: took his hand.

Neil: "Because it's hard to describe a specific taste. This way you can taste it, without actually eating it. You should be fine." He closed his eyes and thought of strawberries, eating them, tasting them. He shared the thought, the memory, with Yuki.

Yuki: smiled ''What about blueberries?''

Neil: "Gross I hate blueberries." he said, but he trudged up the memory anyways.

Yuki: ''I wish I could taste these wonderful foods.''

Neil: released her hand and opened his eyes. "Really? For blueberries? Ick."

Yuki: smiled and chuckled. ''And strawberries.''

Neil: "Well, I suppose you could if, well, you weren't Kientian."

Yuki: nodded. ''It would be interesting.''

Neil: "To what? Change species?"

Yuki: nodded ''To do that and have a life."

Neil: "What do you mean? You don't have a life now?"

Yuki: ''I'm always working sunrise to sunset. And I don't have a house I have a room and in the rooms around me are the ones I work with. I can't be married or have a boyfriend. What kind of life is that?"

Neil: "That's a horrible job. Whether you were chosen specially for it or not, I'd quite." he shrugged. "Just don't go to work tomorrow."

Yuki: ''I have to go tomorrow. I don't want to lose my control over earth.''

Neil: "Then change species. Either have your brother change you, or I could change you. Would you have to work then?"

Yuki: she thought about that for a minute, then she shook head, "No, because I would no longer be Kientian though I don't know who my replacement would be."

Neil: "So you like your species, love it enough to keep, even if it means a horrid job title?"

Yuki: "I don't know, see my brother he used to be this, and he was changed before he was 500 and he got the power to move Earth. But I have already past 500 and have already got it, if I change species I might lose it."

Neil: eyes widened at the number 500. "Oh. Wow. I knew other species were immortal but never really...heard that age before."

Yuki: "Actually I am 511." she shrugged and laughed softly.

Neil: "Wow." he took a deep breath and let it out. "Okay. Well, you have to choose. You might keep it, you might not. Probably depends if the species you turn into can have those abilities or not."

Yuki: nodded, "Probably."

Neil: "You have to choose." he repeated. "Wow. So, what age are you suppose to look?" he was still shocked by the number.

Yuki: smiled, "17."

Neil: "Awesome." he smiled. "I've got a few more years till I reach 17. Especially since I didn't know Vinics could age and I'm supposed to be 15 but I stopped at age 14. I'm going to have to fix that."

Yuki: "I could help that if you want."

Neil: "I can too." he lifted the book on his lap. "This should teach me how."

Yuki: smiled, "It will on page 267 I think."

Neil: "Thanks. I'll...well I can now I suppose." he put the book on the table and turned to the page. "Not that it will make much of a difference in looks but hey." he shrugged. "I'd go older, but, then my mom and sister and Liam would think something was up. Not to mention my classmates and others."

Yuki: nodded, "That would not be a good thing humans fear what they don't know."

Neil: "I know. Which, that also intrigues me, you know. Grace is so frightened of Arsenrios. Her heart rate is speeding right now. She might go into cardiac arrest."

Yuki: smiled slightly, "I think they are going to take a break now."

Neil: "You mean from dancing? Or are they kissing again?" he was only half paying attention because he was skimming the book page.

Yuki: "Both." she said watching them kiss while dancing.

Neil: shook his head. After a moment he lifted it. He put his under the table so no one could see and pulled his wrist out. A disk fell into his lap. He picked it up and looked at it. "How cool is that. Vinics are part robot!"

Yuki: laughed, "Shh...someone will hear you. And what is that?"

Neil: "Some part of my insides. It holds my powers." he put it back in and looked back up. "Or so the book says."

Yuki: "Oh wow." she said interested.

Neil: "Okay." he closed his eyes and focused. After a moment he opened them. "I should be 15 now." he shrugged. "See a difference?" he asked Yuki after a few minutes.

Yuki: "Unless you count the hair on your chin." she smirked

Neil: felt his face. "Awesome, I need to shave." he closed the book and put it on the table. "Wanna dance?"

Yuki: smiled, "Sure."

Neil: pulled her on the dance floor. "So, you don't hate me I take it."

Yuki: laughed lightly, "Why would I hate you?"

Neil: shrugged. "You hate Liam. He asked you to dance and you said no, so you hate him. I asked you to dance, you said yes, so you don't hate me."

Yuki: "I don't hate you." she assured him.

Neil: "Aw thanks."

Yuki: smiled, "You're welcome."

Neil: "So, are you going to do it?"

Yuki: "I don't know maybe."

Neil: "Well, let me know okay. Whether I change you or not I'd like to know."

Yuki: nodded, "I will."

Neil: "Thanks." after awhile he sighed. "I thought they were taking a break." he said, pertaining to Grace and Arsenrios. "Does she not let him or something? She's trying to kill herself I swear."

Yuki: "It like when he's kissing her, she just wants more and more until she passes out." she laughed softly

Neil: "I see...I have a crazy sister."

Yuki: smiled.

After a few songs, Neil and Yuki sat at the table again. Neil was reading his book. He looked up. "Her heart is slowing. They must have stopped." he looked over and laughed slightly at Arsenrios walked over, Grace's arm over his neck to hold her up. "Oh she's passed out..."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I think that she has had enough." he shook his head chuckling.

Neil: shut his book and hid it under the table. "Must you do that to her?"

Arsenrios: "What dance with her?"

Neil: "No. Make her pass out." he put the book in his jacket pocket and got up to help set Grace in a chair.

Arsenrios: "I do nothing." he already had her in a chair.

Neil: "Yes, because kissing her to the point of passing out is doing nothing." he sat in other chair on the other side of Yuki.

Arsenrios: "It isn't my fault."

Neil: "You're the one who scares her to death to make her heart race that fast so she passes out. Yea, I think it is your fault."

Arsenrios: "If I could make her not scared of me then I would."

Neil: muttered, and got out his book again. "Kind of hard to make the prey not be afraid of the hunter." he flipped through the pages back where he had left off last in reading.

Yuki: sniffed the air, "Do you smell that."

Neil: "Not really paying attention." he looked up from his book. "Why what's it smell like?"

Yuki: "Like...I don't know."

Arsenrios: "That's Vinic you smell sister."

Neil: "You didn't smell it before?"

Yuki: shook her head, "No not until just now."

Neil: eyes widened. "Why am I bleeding?" he dropped his book to check his arms.

Arsenrios: "No, there is another Vinic in here besides you."

Neil: "He smells and I don't? That's cool."

Yuki: "That's because I wasn't paying attention before."

Neil: dropped his arms. "Yea, thanks. That's real nice." he picked up his book again.

Yuki: "Sorry."

Neil: sighed. He put his book away after marking the page with a doggy ear. "Threat or no?"

Arsenrios: "Not to you."

Neil: "To who then? Grace?"

Arsenrios: "No, not to Yuki either."

Neil: "Then to you?"

Arsenrios: "We will have to see."

Neil: "We can leave. Grace is passed out anyways."

Yuki: brought her to consciousness and gave her something to drink.

Neil: "Or let's just stay here with the possible threat. That's fine too." he rolled his eyes.

Grace: "Thanks...Yuki." she took it and drank it down.

Yuki: "We need to go." she told her as she stood. She looked straight behind Arsenrios and froze.

Grace: "What's...what's wrong?" she followed Yuki's gaze.

Arsenrios: "Comdno desad montlade." he said turning around.

Naveen: "Don't use fancy words, Arsenrios. You are in big trouble."

Arsenrios: "Hello Naveen. I'm always in trouble for something."

Naveen: "Just come with me and no one gets hurt."

Grace: "Come with you where?" she asked Naveen quietly. She was still majorly thirsty.

Naveen: "Places."

Grace: "For what?"

Naveen: "Business, I'm sure you could appreciate that."

Grace: looked at Arsenrios. "Will you be gone long?"

Yuki: "He won't be going anywhere." she took a blade out of her purse.

Naveen: "Wow, your sister is cruel to your friends, you know that?"

Arsenrios: shrugged, "Most of my friends need that."

Yuki: looked confused "What?"

Arsenrios: "It's alright Yuki we're just messing around."

Yuki: "Oh."

Grace: heart rate was speeding at the sight of the blade and the feeling of fear in the room at the moment. Her eyes darted from Naveen to Yuki and Arsenrios and back again. "Friend?" she finally said in a whisper, after the discussion. The knife was still out so she was still frightened.

Yuki: put it away.

Arsenrios: "Yea, I have known him for hundreds of years." he shrugged.

Grace: "Oh." she breathed. "I need water." she leaned her head on the table.

Arsenrios: gave her some, "Here you go."

Grace: lifted her head and took it. "Thank you." she drank it all.

Arsenrios: "Do you need more?"

Grace: shook her head. "No I think I'm fine." she had her eyes back on Naveen.

Neil: "Naveen. Since you are a friend. A-" he whispered, "Vinic, friend," his voice normal again, "Have a seat. Don't be a date crasher."

Naveen: "Okay." he sat down.

Grace: "Vinic?" she whispered.

Arsenrios: "It's a species." he whispered to her.

Grace: "Not human?" she bit her lower lip.

Arsenrios: "Yes but he's okay, he couldn't hurt a fly."

Grace: "I um...I'm going to go to the restroom." she pushed her chair back and walked away.

Arsenrios: watched her, he sighed.

Neil: "This is why I don't tell my family certain," he put his fingers in quotation marks, "things."

Naveen: "I see what you mean."

Neil: "Okay buddy. Teach me stuff."

Naveen: "Like?"

Neil: shrugged. "You are like me so I need to learn."

Naveen: "Okay then...I could however this is not the place."

Neil: looked around. "Right. Well, do you have any books?" he smiled, "Like, Vinics 101, or Vinics for Dummies?"

Naveen: chuckled, "If only there were such books."

Neil: "I've got this." he showed Naveen the book Yuki gave him.

Naveen: "Nice, right from the bookstore." he smiled.

Neil: "It does its job." he smiled back. "So what brings you here?"

Naveen: "I heard an old friend was in town so I stopped by."

Neil: "Sweet. So you are just visiting for a few hours?"

Naveen: "More or less, I have a house not too far from here, when I come around."

Neil: "That sounds cool." he looked over in the direction of the bathroom. "Where's Grace?"

Yuki: "Still in the bathroom I think, I'll go check on her." she stood and went to the bathroom, "Grace?"

There was no answer.

Yuki: "Grace?" she asked desperately looking everywhere.

Grace's purse was there, but she wasn't.

Yuki: used her power to track her mind.

Grace: "Liam I swear I'm going to kill you. I'm on a date."

Yuki: listened further.

Liam: "Grace come on, it's late anyways. You're tired. Let's get you home, eh?"

There was a punching noise.

Liam: "Not again!" he picked up Grace and carried her.

Grace: "Let me go!"

Liam: "Nah. Not until you realize you love me."

Yuki: ran after them, "How many times do I have to tell you little boy. LEAVE HER ALONE!" she grabbed Grace and kicked Liam away. "So now you kidnap her? Really?"

Liam: "Hey! How'd you find us?" his nose was bleeding. He wiped at it.

Grace: "Do that again Liam and you are NOT my brother."

Liam: "GOOD! Maybe THEN I can get past the label and actually be more than a brother!"

Yuki: "Come on Grace." she invited her, "Arsenrios is really worried about you."

Grace: glared at Liam and then turned her back to him. "Yes. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

Yuki: "It's okay, it's not your fault." she took her back in.

Arsenrios: was pacing the floor with worry.

Grace: stopped at the bathroom to grab her purse and straighten out her dress and fix her hair. Then she followed Yuki back into the dancing place.

Arsenrios: saw her, "Grace, are you ok?"

Grace: nodded. "I'm fine."

Arsenrios: "Please have a seat my dear." he said pulling out a chair for her.

Grace: "Thanks." she hesitated. "Can I sit somewhere else?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Sure, where?"

Grace: "Just, at another table. It can be next your guys table. It's fine. Just one for me."

Arsenrios: "Okay, here you go then." he pulled out a chair that was part of another table but close to his.

Grace: "Thanks." she sat down at the table and drew swirls in the tablecloth with her finger.

Naveen: "So..."

Neil: "Where was Grace?"

Yuki: "Outside, Liam was kidnapping her."

Neil: "See I told you, crazy jealous dude."

Yuki: nodded, "I believe you."

Neil: "So are we eating dinner or what?" he looked at his watch. "It is kind of late."

Arsenrios: "What time?"

Neil: showed him his watch for him to read it himself.

Arsenrios: "What that is late. We should get everyone home; I don't think that any restaurants are open to the public this late."

Naveen: smirked.

Neil: "So? Does it have to be public?"

Arsenrios: "Well, the world should be sleeping at this time."

Neil: "Do you even sleep?"

Grace: lifted her head to listen.

Arsenrios: "I do sometimes."

Grace: watched Neil closely.

Neil: "I see. Do I have to sleep?"

Arsenrios: "It's a choice though at least once a month."

Grace: eyes widened. Her heart rate sped.

Neil: "Sweet. I can get more stuff done now that I know that." he heard the change in rate of Graces heart. He turned to look at her. "You okay?"

Grace: "You're not...either." her eyes went back in her head and she fainted.

Neil: "Crap."

Arsenrios: caught her, "I should get her home, are you guys going to the restaurant?"

Neil: "Probably not now." he stood. "I'll just eat at home."

Anthony: nodded, "Okay." he picked Grace up.

Yuki: "We should just teleport, it would be easier."

Neil: "People will see."

Anthony: "No they won't."

Neil: "Okay then. See ya at home." he disappeared.

Arsenrios: "See ya Naveen."

Naveen: "See ya, bye Yuki."

Arsenrios: teleported her back to her room, he took off her shoes and put a robe around her then laid her on the bed, he wasn't sure whether or not to be with her or not.

Yuki: stayed on the roof.

Neil: ate some food and then went to bed. He figured he'd test the one month awake starting tomorrow maybe. Too much dancing tonight made him a bit tired.

Arsenrios: figured he shouldn't, he watched her sleep for a while before closing her door and going to his room.


Grace: after a few hours, Grace woke up. She looked over. "Arsenrios?" he wasn't there. She got up and turned on the bedroom light.

Arsenrios: looked up he wondered if he was hearing things.

Grace: was still half asleep, she changed into her pajamas and sat back on the bed with the lights on.

Arsenrios: 'I'm in my room.' he told her mentally, his voice soft.

Grace: shut off her bedroom light and walked down the hall. She stopped at Arsenrios room door.

Arsenrios: "Come in." he said softly.

Grace: stepped in and climbed on the bed. She snuggled up to him and went back to sleep.

Arsenrios: just watched her for a while.


Arsenrios: got up.

Grace: was still sleeping peacefully.

Arsenrios: got changed while she was still sleeping.

Grace: opened her eyes a bit later. Again, Arsenrios wasn't there. "Arsenrios." she sat up again quickly.

Arsenrios: was sitting on the corner of the bed, "Good morning."

Grace: "Hi." she smiled slightly at him.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Hi, did you sleep well?"

Grace: nodded. "I did. Thank you."

Arsenrios: "You're welcome."

Grace: "I last night. Thank you for taking me."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I am glad, you're welcome. We can do that any time."

Grace: "Really? Do you like to dance? We can do something else if you want. Not always dancing."

Arsenrios: "I like to dance; I am always up for anything you want to do."

Grace: climbed down the bed and kissed him.

Arsenrios: kissed her back.

Grace: "I'm sorry if I was rude last night."

Arsenrios: "You weren't rude."

Grace: "Did your friend leave because of me?"

Arsenrios: "Yea but that's ok." he shrugged

Grace: "Oh." she sat back. "I didn't mean to make him leave."

Arsenrios: "It's ok."

Grace: "It wasn't him it was…" she closed her eyes. "I think it was a dream. Something about what Neil said."

Arsenrios: "It probably was just part of a dream."

Grace: nodded. She opened her eyes. "I think so too." she breathed out in relief and climbed off of the bed.

Arsenrios: "You should get changed."

Grace: "Why you don't like me in my pajamas?"

Arsenrios: "No, I think you look very cute in them."

Grace: "Then unless we are going somewhere today I can just wear them, right? I don't feel like getting dressed today." she went to the mirror and pulled her hair back into a pony tail.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Right. I don't have anything planned." he got up and kissed her.

Grace: shivered slightly at his touch, and her heart beat raced. She kissed him back and kept kissing him until her breathing was also accelerated.

Arsenrios: leaned back, "Okay, we need to stop there." he stood, "Let's get you some breakfast." he smiled slightly. "Are you ready?"

Grace: "I don't...want to...stop." she leaned in again, though she could barely talk from lack of oxygen in her system.

Arsenrios: shook his head, "No. I can have you pass out again. If you pass out to many times you may not wake up." he stroked her hair before changing his shirt. He pulled on his jacket.

Grace: "I don' if I pass out."

Arsenrios: "You may not but I do."

Grace: pouted. She watched him for a moment and then went out to the hallway and down the stairs to the kitchen.

Arsenrios: came down a couple minutes later.

Grace: sat at the table, eating breakfast. She sighed. Rejected.

Arsenrios: sat down, "I'm sorry Grace."

Grace: "It's okay." she said sadly, playing with her food. "I told you I can handle myself."

Arsenrios: "Yes, but it just worries me when you start to feel dizzy. That's all. I just want you to be safe."

Grace: "Kissing you is about the least safe thing I can do in my life."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "Yea."

Grace: "So passing out is not really a concern." she started to eat.

Arsenrios: sighed and began to eat as well.

Grace: watched him eat, she looked around and made sure no one else at the table was listening. She whispered. "What are you doing?"

Arsenrios: "Eating."

Grace: looked confused.

Arsenrios: "I can eat. I have been eating my entire stay here."

Grace: "I thought you didn''food' like this." she whispered.

Arsenrios: "I can when I want to, but it just doesn't satisfy the other hunger."

Grace: "Oh I see." she turned back to her food and finished eating it after a few minutes. Then she took her plate to the kitchen and washing it.

Arsenrios: finished all on his plate and then returned it to the kitchen, he washed and dried his and her plate and returned them to their proper place.

Grace: "You don't have to...wash that. I can get them." she protested, watching him.

Arsenrios: shrugged, "It's okay. I'm fine."

Grace: "But you don't...clean. Anne does that for you."

Arsenrios: "Well it's about time I start, I guess."

Grace: "I can do it you don't have to. Why would you need to start?"

Arsenrios: "It's about time I learn how to do things myself I guess."

Grace: "Any particular reason why?"

Arsenrios: "No not really. Other than to give you a break."

Grace: "Well...that', nice of you. Thank you." she gave him a slight smile.

Arsenrios: smiled at her, "You're very welcome."

Grace: "I'm going to go read, okay?" she asked him. "In the living room."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Okay. Love you." he told her and kissed her forehead.

Grace: pressed her lips together. She closed her eyes as he kissed her. She opened them when he leaned back. "Do you have to tell me that all the time?" she whispered.

Arsenrios: "I'm sorry I won't if you don't want me to."

Grace: "I just feel bad when you say it."

Arsenrios: "There is no need for you to feel bad."

Grace: took a deep shaky breath. "I just feel bad because I don't say it back."

Arsenrios: "It's ok." he smiled at her.

Grace: "But I don't hurt you by not saying it. And the more you say it the more I fall behind in not saying it."

Arsenrios: "The only way you can hurt me is if you tell me to leave you alone forever."

Grace: "I can't do that. You...well; you know what happened yesterday when you said you were leaving me."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I know, that's why I'm not worried about it."

Grace: looked at him again. Then turned and went to the living room bookshelf. She grabbed a book off of it and sat on the couch, pulling a blanket over her and opening her book to read it.

Arsenrios: he sighed leaning against the counter.

Neil: walked in the kitchen with his plate. "Yo. What's up?"

Arsenrios: "Not much."

Yuki: walked in, "Hey, I just wanted to say goodbye before I go."

Neil: faced her after putting his plate in the sink. "Oh right. Your job. So I guess that means you aren't changing?"

Yuki: shrugged, "As much as I would love to get out of it I can't"

Neil: frowned. "Well, I guess I'll see you around then."

Yuki: smiled, "I wish."

Neil: "You know when you get off for break? Come visit."

Yuki: smiled slightly, "Okay, if that happens." she kissed his cheek and then did the same to Arsenrios, "You know how to get there."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Yea see ya sis."

Neil: smiled. "See ya. Don't forget to tell Grace bye." he paused and grinned wryly. "And Liam."

Yuki: nodded, "I'll say bye to Grace."

Neil: "Not Liam?" he gasped in shock. "You two hit it off so well."

Yuki: smiled her eyes, "Yea I'm sure." she went into the living room, "Bye Grace."

Grace: looked up from her book. "Bye Yuki." her eyes were soft.

Yuki: smiled and walked back to the kitchen.

Arsenrios: "Montrado Cafdmoes Jekd sekj." Translated, 'Be careful and say hi to your workmates.'

Yuki: waved her hand, "Yea I know."

Neil: "Kientian speak? Or Snyde?" he watched them, leaning against the counter by Arsenrios.

Yuki: smiled, "Neither."

Arsenrios: "Luna."

Neil: "I should brush up on languages too. HEY Yuki. Can you send books to me through...intergalactic mail or teleportation or something?"

Yuki: "I'll give them to Arsenrios to give to you. Or just send a messenger."

Arsenrios: "Do you have your ship invisible?"

Yuki: "Yes brother I don't forget like you."

Neil: "Once I move out I'll be able to come get them myself." he assured her. "In the meantime, I thank you." he smiled. "They will be very helpful to me."

Yuki: smiled, "Your welcome. I will await your visit, though for one of your breaks for school you want to pay a visit then by all means do...oh yea." she took something out of her purse, "Here it's an interstellar cell phone." she gave it to him. "It only works for this dimension and the next one over though."

Neil: took it. "Thanks." he looked at it in his hand. "For me to cal whom?" he glanced back up at her waiting for the answer.

Yuki: "Anyone, mine, Naveen's, and Arsenrios' number are already programmed in." she shrugged.

Neil: smiled. "Cool thanks." he opened it and started to play with the texting feature.

Yuki: "Bye guys." she walked outside there was a quiet boom sound that only Arsenrios and Neil could here then she was gone.

Neil: looked up. "Well, I'll let you get back to Grace." he pressed a button on his phone and held it up to his ear as it dialed. "I'm going to call Naveen. Since he left and all."

Arsenrios: stood and went to the living room.

Naveen: picked up, "Hello Neil."

Neil: "Hey Naveen. So what? Am I coming there or you coming here?"

Naveen: "It would probably be best if you came here, so that your family won't find out."

Neil: "Right. Sorry about last night. I didn't know Grace could hear. I doubt she has anything against you though. I mean, look who she's dating." he laughed slightly.

Naveen: chuckled, "It's alright she thinks that it was all a dream."

Neil: "As in she doesn't actually remember meeting you?"

Naveen: "She remembers meeting me though she thinks it's all a dream. Everything we talked about."

Neil: "That's convenient. Well, okay. Tell me where you live and I'll be over when you wish."

Naveen: "In the woods near your house. Whenever you want to come over. My maid will let you in."

Neil: "Thanks. I appreciate that. See ya!" he hung up.

Naveen: "Okay." he closed his phone.

Neil: went into the living room. "Hey guys. I'm going to be gone for the day. Be back at dinner time."

Arsenrios: "Okay, see you later."

Grace: "Bye Neil."

Neil: "Bye Grace." he walked out the door and teleported to Naveen's house.

Grace: smiled at Arsenrios. "My mom's at work. Liam's not here. Your sister left. And now my brother is gone for the day."

Arsenrios: smiled, "That sounds very good."

Grace: thought about it. She looked back down at her book after a moment. "Never mind."

Arsenrios: sighed, "Grace really I am sorry."

Grace: shrugged, continuing to read her book. "It's fine. Just stay over there and I won't have problems breathing."

Arsenrios: he closed his eyes

Grace: "If you don't like me kissing you just say so okay." she mumbled.

Arsenrios: "I do like you kissing me, I love it."

Grace: "Apparently not." she flipped the page in her book.

Arsenrios: he got up and sat next to her and kissed her on the lips, his kiss was very firm but at the same time very passionate and soft.

Grace: a tremor racked through her body, both from the suddenness of it, and the touch. "Change your mind?" she whispered.

Arsenrios: "I have decided that I can always bring you back to the consciousness."

Grace: smiled. She closed her book and kissed him back with eagerness. Her heart raced.

Arsenrios: he held her to him and kissed her more and more.

Grace: after a long time, but seemed to short for her even, she stopped. "Need...wa...water." she gasped.

Arsenrios: quickly got up and got her water.

Grace: took it and drank it. "Thank you..." she shut her eyes and focused on calming herself.

Arsenrios: "You're welcome." he just watched her before turning the T.V. on and watching it.

Grace: leaned on him and continued to read her book.

Arsenrios: smiled, he read over her shoulder.

Grace: "This is...weird."

Arsenrios: "What is?"

Grace: "You and me."

Arsenrios: "What do you mean?"

Grace: "You were supposed to be...mean. At the house in Russia I was so...certain to hate you."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I guess that proves to get to know the person before you judge them...unless you think I am mean."

Grace: "No I don't think you are mean. But I think you are a...tortured soul."

Arsenrios: shrugged, "I guess so, if I even have one."

Grace: "Everyone has one. It's what makes you live."

Arsenrios: "I know but mine is not much of one, until you came along."

Grace: heart skipped a beat. She took a breath to cover it. "I don't know that much about you so I can't really say if you are mean or not. You might be nice to me but mean to others." she said softly.

Arsenrios: "Depends if the others get on my nerves or not."

Grace: bit her lower lip. "Have you killed many?"

Arsenrios: "I've been alive for over 500 years so yes."

Grace: tensed. "Will you continue to kill?"

Arsenrios: "No. Not unless they are a threat to you."

Grace: "I don't want people to die whether they are a threat to me or not. A life is valuable."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Okay, then no."

Grace: looked up from the book to him. "Really?" she said quietly. "Is it that easy?"

Arsenrios: "Yes, but you may have to stop me sometime. Whether it's easy or not I'll still do it for you."

Grace: "I don't want to change you."

Arsenrios: "It's okay, I do it willingly."

Grace: "You are nice."

Arsenrios: "Thanks." he smiled

Grace: "So since we have the house to ourselves for a few hours, what do you want to do? Or do you just want to sit here and relax on the couch like we are now?"

Arsenrios: "I am up to anything you are."

Grace: "I'm not good with decisions around you."

Arsenrios: thought, "Hmmm..." he kissed her, "We will have to figure something out."

Grace: smiled and kissed him back. "This is a good idea."

Arsenrios: "Thanks again."


Liam: leaned over the back of the couch. He lifted up Graces book and put it between Arsenrios and Grace's face.

Arsenrios: took the book and hit him over the head with it.

Liam: snatched it from Arsenrios hand. "Don't be mean."

Arsenrios: "I will be mean to you if I want."

Liam: "Not when I stop you for Grace's sake. Look at her. You're killing her." he pointed to Grace.

Grace: was taking shaky breaths. She glared at Liam.

Arsenrios: "Go away, I am not killing her."

Liam: "Then why can't she breathe? Seems to me you are suffocating her."

Arsenrios: "Just go."

Liam: "I bet if she kissed me I wouldn't be killing her at the same time."

Arsenrios: "Then she wouldn't enjoy it, you're just jealous she lets me kiss her and not you. So just go away jealous man."

Liam: looked to Grace. "You enjoy almost dying?"

Grace: would say something but she couldn't form words because of her lack of air and fast heart beat and blood pulse.

Liam: smiled and turned to Arsenrios. "There's your answer. No." he jumped over the back of the couch and sat between Arsenrios and Grace.

Arsenrios: threw him back, "Do you need more water?"

Grace: "If die." she gasped.

Liam: sat in the chair across from the couch. He started to read the book Grace had, pretending to not pay attention to them.

Arsenrios: "Okay." he stroked her hair. "If you need anything tell me ok?"

Grace: nodded. She was terribly thirsty but she supposed she'd have to get used to that.

Liam: took a straw and ripped out a corner of the page in Grace's book, waded it, put it in his mouth, stuffed it in the straw, and put the straw to his lips. He blew the spit ball at Arsenrios while he was distracted, then quickly hid the straw.

Arsenrios: grabbed it before it hit him and threw it back with great speed.

Grace: watched them while she tried to breath, slowly regaining herself.

Liam: "Ow!" he felt where the thing hit him. It stung like high heaven. He glared at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "I wonder who did that." he looked to him.

Liam: "I'm going to find your weakness and when I do...well, there is only room for one man here."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Okay, goodbye Liam. You know where the door is."

Liam: "No thanks. I don't take orders from you, cheater." he sat back in the chair, settling in.

Arsenrios: "I am not a cheater."

Liam: "You very well are. We had a deal."

Arsenrios: "It is not a game."

Liam: "You didn't even let me try."

Arsenrios: "She pushed you away and told you to go away, there needs no explanation.

Liam: "Only because I never actually got to kiss her, show her."

Arsenrios: rolled his eyes, "Yea sure."

Grace: "I don't want you to kiss me." she told Liam angrily. "My cheek yes. Nothing more."

Liam: "Not even once?"

Grace: "It's not..." she stopped. "You ask Arsenrios."

Arsenrios: smiled, "You may not."

Liam: glared at him. "I don't have to listen to you. She is still free. You are not," he held up his left ring finger.

Grace: looked away. Her heart sped again.

Arsenrios: a deep growl came from his chest, "I am still free."

Liam: "Really? Then why do you still have the ring on?"

Arsenrios: "As a reminder."

Liam: "A reminder to what? Your past?"

Arsenrios: "Exactly. And the promise I made."

Liam: "I doubt Grace wants someone who lives in the past. Promise or not. Dead or divorced...promise is broken."

Grace: "Liam, leave him alone." she whispered to him.

Arsenrios: looked to Grace, "Now would be a good time to stop me."

Grace: glanced at him, then back at Liam. She sighed. "Liam, run."

Liam: rolled his eyes, making no effort to move.

Arsenrios: started to hiss he got up from the couch.

Liam: "There we go with the cat business again." he looked to Grace. "Really? You make out with a cat?"

Arsenrios: shook his head, "I need some fresh air." he decided walking outside.

Grace: got up and followed him. "I'm sorry."

Arsenrios: was breathing hard against a tree, "It's alright."

Grace: "I wasn't...I wasn't going to stop you. What he said was uncalled for. He needed to be put in place."

Arsenrios: "I promised you I would not hurt your family or kill anyone anymore, if left undone I would have."

Grace: "I'll...hurt him for you."

Arsenrios: "How?"

Grace: "I've punched him before. Last night. I can do it again. He doesn't hit girls back."

Arsenrios: smiled, "That would be good, thank you. Just don't get hurt."

Grace: left and went back into the house.

Liam: smiled, "Welcome back love."

Grace: "Don't call me that Liam. You owe Arsenrios an apology."

Liam: "I do not." he got up out of the chair. "Where is he?"

Grace: "Outside."

Liam: grinned. He stepped forward. "So you are alone?"

Grace: crossed her arms. "Yes. Don't make me punch you twice in one week. I will break your nose again."

Liam: pulled her to him. "I will...apologize if you do one thing for me."

Grace: grimaced. "What?"

Liam: bent down and kissed her.

Grace: kneed him and when she was released, she punched him in the face. She shook out her hand. "Don't EVER do that again. Or whether it is called for or not I WON'T stop Arsenrios if you make him mad again. You are acting really crazy."

Liam: groaned. "Grace..."

Grace: "You aren't my brother anymore. And when you can walk, I bid you to leave." she watched him for a few seconds more and then went back outside. She wiped her mouth off.

Arsenrios: "Wow that was one powerful hit." he said his breath caught up with him, he sat at the base of the tree.

Grace: "I've grown up with boys." she shrugged.

Arsenrios: smiled, "I see that."

Grace: her face grew soft as she watched him. "I'll apologize for him. I know it's not the same. But he has no right to say that."

Arsenrios: "It's alright." he shrugged, "He got what he was begging for."

Grace: "You mean the kiss? Yea, I know." she bit her lower lip.

Arsenrios: "Not that I mean the punch and such."

Grace: "Oh." she went and sat next to him by the tree. "You don't ever have to take it off Arsenrios. I won't ever try to take her place." she promised.

Arsenrios: "It's all in the past." he took a chain from his pocket and put the ring on it and put it around his neck.

Grace: rubbed his arm. She kissed his cheek. "You really loved her, didn't you?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yes, very much."

Grace: "I'm sure she was very grateful to have someone like you to love her that much."

Arsenrios: "To bad it wasn't enough."

Grace: "What do you mean?" her heart stop. She worried for him.

Arsenrios: "None of that matters if you can't save them when they need you most."

Grace: "Did you ever avenge her death?"

Arsenrios: "Yes."

Grace: "See, you are a tortured soul." she said softly. "I shouldn't be so hard on you."

Arsenrios: "It's alright. You're not hard on me."

Grace: "And you've...never loved anyone after besides me?" she remembered him saying.

Arsenrios: "That's correct."

Grace: kissed him. She put her hands on his cheeks. "I love you Arsenrios." And when she said it, she realized it was the truth.

Arsenrios: "I love you too." he kissed her back.

Grace: leaned on him and closed her eyes.

Arsenrios: put this arm around her.

Liam: walked out of the house. He glanced at them. "Bye Arsenrios. Grace." he sounded extremely sad and distraught.

Arsenrios: "Goodbye."

Liam: walked over and got in his car and left, finally taking a hint.

Arsenrios: "He finally left." he whispered to her.

Grace: smiled. "Good. Now there is nothing to come between us."

Arsenrios: "That sounds very wonderful."

Grace: "It does. Very much." she agreed softly, her eyes still closed.

At dark Grainne came back from work and Neil returned from Naveen's house.

Arsenrios: "We should get you back in the house for dinner."

Grace: "That's okay. I don't have to eat." she didn't want to move from this spot.

Arsenrios: looked at her for a moment, "I have a candy bar do you want it, I also have a picnic basket."

Grace: sat up. "Well I can't very well eat a picnic basket. But I'll take the candy bar." she smiled.

Arsenrios: smiled, and handed her the candy bar.

Grace: "Thank you." she took it and opened the wrapper, starting to eat it.

Neil: called from inside the house. "Grace! Arsenrios! Are you coming in to eat?"

Arsenrios: "That's okay, we're good."

Neil: "Okay. Anyone know where Liam is?"

Arsenrios: "He left."

Neil: "Okay..." he paused. "For the night or what?"

Arsenrios: "Forever I think."

Neil: laughed. He went back into the house, shutting the door behind him.

Grace: "I hope he's okay."

Arsenrios: nodded.

Grace: sat up on the grass. "So what's in the basket?" she finally asked.

Arsenrios: "Sandwiches, pie, fruit, spaghetti."

Grace: smiled, "What a coincidence. All my favorite food."

Arsenrios: smiled, and laughed, "That is very good." he moved the rope behind him and then basket came down beside her.

Grace: stared at the basket, then up at the tree. She looked back at him. "This was planned?"

Arsenrios: smiled, "Well almost."

Grace: opened up the basket and took out some pie. She started to eat it. "Mmmm..." she complimented.

Arsenrios: smiled, "I'm glad you like it."

Grace: finished her piece and then laid back to look at the stars.

Arsenrios: looked up at the sky.

Grace: "It's scary, you know." she said after a moment.

Arsenrios: "What is?" he asked looking at her.

Grace: "Knowing there are other things out there besides humans."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I can understand how that would be."

Grace: "It's just...I can't protect myself from them. I can hit Liam...but not...people like you."

Arsenrios: "Hopefully you won't have to. I want to always be there for you."

Grace: "Okay." she said. She sat up. "Can we go back to your house?"

Arsenrios: "Are you sure you want to?"

Grace: "Why wouldn't I?"

Arsenrios: "I just thought that you didn't like it that much."

Grace: "I just didn't like it..." she shook her head. "I just didn't like that day all together, okay?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Okay."

Grace: "We don't have to. But I just didn't really get to see much of it. Or talk to Anne. Anne doesn't scare me like you do."

Arsenrios: nodded, "You know it's not on Earth right?"

Grace: shook her head. "No. I didn't kn...where is it then?"

Arsenrios: "Three planets over."

Grace: widened her eyes. "Is that possible?"

Arsenrios: "That there is life on other planets?"

Grace: nodded. "That and to be able to travel that far."

Arsenrios: nodded, "It's quite possible. If you have a proper ship that is."

Grace: "But didn't you just...whatever that's called. Disappear and was there automatically?"

Arsenrios: "Yea, but most humans can't teleport. A ship would be more reasonable for them."

Grace: "You took me with you last time." her heart sped. A ship? Was that safe?

Arsenrios: "We can teleport, if it will release some nerves.

Grace: nodded. "Yes. Please. If you want to go. We don't have to."

Arsenrios: stood, he held out both of his hands. "Hands please."

Grace: got up too. She held out her hands. Her pulse quickened at his touch.

Arsenrios: teleported him to his house.

Grace: opened her eyes. "Are we there?" she looked around, and then released his hands. She smiled.

Arsenrios: smiled, "We are here."

Grace: "So is Anne human like me?" she said excitedly.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yes."

Grace: "Cool." she thought of something and her smile faded. "Do you...bite her?"

Arsenrios: shook his head, "Nope. She is completely untouched by my teeth."

Grace: "You know what I've been thinking."

Arsenrios: "What?"

Grace: "I know you don' animals. And well...I don't want you biting anyone really. And I was thinking, well, even though it scares me..." she took a breath. "You can bite me. You know."

Arsenrios: "I couldn't hurt you like that anymore."

Grace: "It won't...hurt." she lied. "And I'd rather you bite me and not anyone else. Blood replenishes itself."

Arsenrios: "Still, it's not right."

Grace: "You do it to others and its right. You do it to me and it's not. I don't understand."

Arsenrios: "I don't love them, It's not right to drain the ones you love."

Grace: "You don't want to drain the people you known. You'd rather drain a stranger."

Arsenrios: "I'd rather not have the ones I care about in danger." he corrected.

Grace: " it dangerous?"

Arsenrios: "If I lose control it is."

Grace: "Is it easy for that to happen?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "One second of loss of control and they can die just like that."

Grace: "Oh." she took a shaky breath. She didn't like this conversation anymore. She turned her head to look around.

Anne: "Oh, welcome back." she smiled.

Grace: smiled at her. "Hi Anne. How are you doing? Are you here...alone when Arsenrios is gone?"

Anne: "I am doing good, yes." she smiled picking up some clothes that were on the table. "How are you?"

Grace: "Better." she replied. "I'm sorry I shouldn't make Arsenrios stay away so long. Not if you are alone. You live here?"

Anne: nodded, "My room is upstairs. It's ok; I know he is very busy."

Grace: "Why don't you live on earth?"

Anne: "My work is here. That and I can't go home, there is no way for me to." she shrugged.

Grace: "What..." she said sadly. "Why? Arsenrios can take you. He does this thing where he disappeared and reappears in different places."

Anne: shrugged again, "That's alright there isn't really anything there for me to return to."

Grace: ""

Anne: shook her head, she smiled again realizing her smile had faded before, "But that's ok."

Grace: looked at Arsenrios. "What is there to do here for fun?" she figured she'd better change the subject. She had already pried too much.

Arsenrios: "Well, have you ever swam with mermaids?"

Grace: "You mean like...real mermaids?" her voice was excited.

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded.

Grace: "Oh my gosh I LOVED Mermaids when I was little! They ARE REAL?"

Arsenrios: "Come here, I'll show you." he pulled her to a glass wall where you could see mermaids swimming.

Mermaid: swam up to the glass. She waved.

Grace: eyes widened. "Is the tail fake?" she asked Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: chuckled, "No, it's a real mermaid." he waved to the mermaid.

Grace: "OH MY!" she jumped up and down and hugged Arsenrios. "I love you."

Arsenrios: smiled and hugged her back.

Grace: released the hug. "Can I swim with them? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE?" she begged him.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Yea, let's go get you something to swim in."

Grace: "Thank you..." she breathed. She was getting so excited she was forgetting to breath. She looked back at the mermaids.

Mermaid: was swimming around in the water. Her light blue hair shimmered in the water.

Grace: touched the glass. "They are as pretty as I thought they would be. I've always wanted to be a mermaid. But I thought they were imaginary."

Arsenrios: brought her out some shorts and a shirt

Grace: took them from him. "Thank you." she looked around, "Where can I change?"

Arsenrios: "In the bathroom." he pointed to the door

Grace: "Thanks." she ran off to the bathroom and changed quickly. She came back out. "Ready? Are they nice mermaids?"

Arsenrios: "Yes." he answered to both questions.

Grace: "Cool. Let's go." she waited for him to take her to the mermaids water.

Arsenrios: walked up the stairs, "Go ahead and dive in." he invited.

Grace: looked at the water nervously. "Yea? Just like that?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Want me to go first?" something hit him, he handed her a device, "So you can breathe under water."

Grace: took it. "Thanks." not sure how to work it.

Arsenrios: held it to her mouth all of a sudden it suction cupped to it and he turned it on and he dived in.

Grace: "Mmm..." she said and followed.

Arsenrios: swam to the bottom he smiled.

Grace: stopped as a mermaid swam around her.

Mermaid: "She's pretty..." she cooed and stared at Grace

Arsenrios: smiled, "Very." he agreed.

Mermaid: turned to the other. She blew bubbles in the water and held one to Grace.

Grace: touched the bubble and it surrounded her body.

Mermaid: giggled.

Arsenrios: chuckled.

Grace: took off the mouth piece. She was in a bubble now. "Can I talk with the air device on?"

Arsenrios: "Yea, if you wish to."

Grace: put it back in. She popped the bubble with her finger and drifted to the bottom of the water. "Is this part of the ocean or just a little tank of water you keep the Mermaids in?"

Arsenrios: "A little bit of both."

Grace: "How many are there?"

Arsenrios: "In here there are three, outside there are countless."

Grace: "Do they have names?" she looked around watching them.

Arsenrios: "That one Neela-mai, that one is Shandrla and that one is Namomee." he pointed to each of them.

Grace: "So pretty..." she jumped up and went swimming with them for a long time.

Arsenrios: Had fun watching them and swam with them a few times to.

Grace: climbed out of the water in what seemed like an eternity later. She lay on the dry ground, getting it wet from her.

Arsenrios: walked out. He caused a wind to come against him, and soon he was dry.

Grace: "That was so much fun."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I am glad you enjoyed it."

Grace: "I wish I was a mermaid." she said sleepily.

Arsenrios: "We should take you back to your house."

Grace: "I'm wet...though."

Arsenrios: Blew her off, "There you go."

Grace: smiled, "Thanks." she snuggled onto the ground, her head on her arms. She yawned and closed her eyes after removing the device from her mouth.

Arsenrios: Picked up, "Ready to go home?"

Grace: "We can stay here."

Arsenrios: "But your mom will worry about you." he told her softly.

Grace: "Oh right. My mom." she leaned on his chest, eyes still closed. She was growing used to the feeling of her blood rushing and heart beating, her breathing rate increasing. Attaching to it, she realized.

Arsenrios: "Do you still want to stay here? If so I can get you a room."

Grace: "Up"

Arsenrios: didn't know what to do he just stood there watching her.

Grace: fell asleep.

Arsenrios: had Anne get her a room, he laid her on the bed, "Goodnight my love." he kissed her and then went to the bathroom and got changed, he walked out of the room turning off the light and went to his room next door.

Grace: continued to sleep, but she stirred when she felt so much empty space beside her.

Arsenrios: walked back in he took her hand in his. "It's ok." he whispered to her.

Grace: calmed, she continued to sleep peacefully then, holding onto his hand.

Arsenrios: rubbed his thumb gently over her small hand. He smiled slightly; he enjoyed watching humans sleep, especially her. When they were unconscious of the things around them, how gentle they looked...

Grace: smiled slightly in her sleep. Her heart was calm, even with his touch on her skin, while she was sleeping.

Arsenrios: 'Only when she sleeps is her heart calm when we touch, I wonder what it is she is dreaming about. I wonder if she really wanted to stay or if I am just holding her against her will. Oh well...we will see in the morning.' he thought to himself while still watching her.


Arsenrios: had gotten up to get them some breakfast.

Grace: opened her eyes quick. She sat up. "Where am I?"

Anne: walked in, "Good morning, here is your breakfast." She set a tray of food on the side table near the bed

Grace: "Oh Anne. I'm at Arsenrios house." she gasped. "My mom."

Arsenrios: walked in, "Hey honey." his hair was wet from his resent shower.

Grace: "Arsenrios, my mom." she looked at him. Her heart raced.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Anne, I guess we are skipping breakfast today." he grabbed Grace, "Come on let's get you home."

Grace: "I'm sorry Anne. I'll make up for it later. I just really should go now."

Anne: smiled, "I understand."

Arsenrios: teleported them back to Grace's house.

Grace: stepped away, "Mom?" she called.

Grainne: was crying.

Grace: "Mom? Mom! What's wrong? I'm sorry I didn't mean-" she knelt by her mom.

Grainne: "Grace," she sobbed and hugged her daughter. "Liam got in a car crash last night. He's in intensive care. He may not make it."

Grace: "What?" she hugged her back.

Arsenrios: closed his eyes and looked away for a moment.

Grace: "What...what hospital? I'll go okay. See him. Do you know what caused the accident?"

Grainne: "He was..." she gasped and sniffed, "at the pub. He drank...too much. Driving." she sobbed.

Arsenrios: thought for a moment it didn't seem logical to him but he didn't say anything.

Grace: "Tell me. I'll see him okay? Where?" she leaned back and looked at her mom.

Grainne: "Abbeyleix... District ..."

Grace: "Okay mom I'll be back. I'm going with Arsenrios is that okay?"

Grainne: nodded.

Grace: "Where is Neil?"

Grainne: "In his room."

Grace: got up and went back to Arsenrios. She grabbed his hand. "Come on we have to go."

Arsenrios: nodded, "We can take my car."

Grace: "Thanks." she got in his car.

Arsenrios: got in the driver's seat. "Where is this place at?"

Grace: "Down the road and to the right. Then a left at the light. About 30 minutes away."

Arsenrios: laughed, "Okay." he turned it on and went speeding down the road at 200mph he made is there in 10 minutes.

Grace: was like glued to the seat.

Arsenrios: got out, "You ok?" he helped her out.

Grace: took a breath. "Yea...never...drove that fast before."

Arsenrios: "Sorry." he walked into the hospital.

Grace: "Liam Harding please." she asked at the desk in a hurry.

Desk Clerk: "I'm sorry you can't see him right now. He's in surgery. You can wait over in the waiting area though." she pointed.

Grace: stomped her foot, she went and sat down in the chair, tapping her foot anxiously. "He's going to die and it's all my fault." she bit her lower lip, a bit too hard and it bled again. She tasted it in her mouth.

Arsenrios: held her hand, "It's going to be okay. I promise."

Grace: pulled her hand away. "You don't care. You hate him."

Arsenrios: sighed, he looked around the waiting room. It was then he realized that he didn't hate him before just had a strong dislike, he did care what happened to him and if he did live to fight another day.

Grace: was anxious, a tear slid down her cheek. "Gah! Too long. Takes too long!" she got up and paced.

Arsenrios: watched her carefully, "Please sit down, pacing is only going to make it worse."

Grace: "How does pacing make it worse?" she still paced back and forth. "I have to apologize. I can't apologize if he dies. What if he dies? He dies because of me! I'll be blood..." she gasped, "blood guilty." she sobbed.

Arsenrios: "Listen to me, he will come out alright, I will make sure of it."

Grace: "Arsenrios." she hugged him, burying her face in his shirt.

Arsenrios: hugged her back, he rubbed her back. He got into the doctors mind to see how he was doing.

Doctor: was feeling Liam's heart beat. It was weak but steady. He listened to his heart through the stethoscope. Liam was beat up pretty bad, a few broken limbs. The doctor leaned back. "He's in a coma."

Arsenrios: got in a little closer, to see if the surgery was over.

It was. Liam was being wheeled to a room and hooked to a monitor to keep him stable while he was in his coma.

Arsenrios: stood, he walked over to the person at the desk, "I believe he is done with surgery, may we see him now?"

Desk Clerk: "Let me check." she dialed a number. After a few moments she hung up. "He is. Room 302."

Arsenrios: "Thank you." he turned to Grace, "Come on."

Grace: nodded. She went with him.

Arsenrios: walked into 302

Grace: "Liam!" she gasped. She went over to him and knelt by the bed. "Liam!" she turned to Arsenrios. "He's not talking. WHY ISN'T HE TALKING?"

Arsenrios: "He's in Coma."

Grace: "A coma? Is that bad? Is he going to die!"

Arsenrios: "I'm not going to let him die."

Someone walked in behind Arsenrios in a doctor's coat.

Grace: turned to the person behind Arsenrios. "Doctor! Is he going to die? Is he okay? Is he going to heal?"

Maxwell: "Talk to him." he pointed to Arsenrios. "I'm just here to watch."

Grace: turned back to Liam.

Doctor walked in. "He's stable but we do not know when he will be out of the coma. Could be hours, days...weeks. Maybe even years." he said softly.

Grace: "Liam I'm sorry please don't die!" she sobbed on the bed.

Maxwell: looked over to Arsenrios, he nodded.

Arsenrios: "Is it possible that he will wake up in minutes? How badly are his broken bones?"

Doctor: shook his head. "No, most definitely not minutes. We've sedated him to help with the pain. Even if the coma does release in minutes, the sedative will keep him knocked out for a few hours. And his bones...clean break through. The car was flattened."

Arsenrios: "Wow, and this was caused by drinking? His car crash I mean?"

Doctor: "That's what the police report said. Though I don't believe there was enough alcohol in his system for that. Could be a hit and run."

Arsenrios: nodded, "His bones are back in place to heal correctly?"

Doctor: nodded. "Of course. Braced and all."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Just one more question, what was the surgery you were doing on him?"

Doctor: "His um..." he cleared his throat and walked over to the bed. He pulled back the sheets revealing a long stitched up mark on his side. "Insides to go back in."

Arsenrios: "Wow." he murmured

Doctor: pulled the sheet back up. He took a light and lifted Liam's eyelids and flashed the light in it. "Looks clear. Just needs rest to heal his mind." he shut off the light and stepped back.

Maxwell: "I can take over from here doctor. Thank you for your assistance."

Doctor: nodded. "Very well Maxwell." he glanced at Grace and then left the room.

Arsenrios: "I have a lot to do."

Maxwell: "All thanks to your little friend. Do you think you can handle it by yourself?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "I should be able to."

Maxwell: smiled "After this we can have some coffee."

Arsenrios: "Coffee sounds good."

Grace: was too busy crying into the sheets on the bed to really pay attention to anything.

Arsenrios: "Please don't cry Grace, I'm going to fix this."

Grace: shook her head on the bed. "You can't."

Arsenrios: sat down beside the bed, "But you see I can fix this."

Grace: lifted her head, wet with tears both old and fresh. "How?" he said, her throat thick.

Arsenrios: "I can heal all of his broken bones and help him come out of Coma.

Grace: "You that?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yea, I would."

Grace: "Why? With him...with him won't be bothered anymore." she gasped in hiccupping sobs.

Arsenrios: "That doesn't matter anymore."

Grace: sniffed, she looked at Liam. She wiped her lip off, realizing it was dried with blood. If he did die she'd be guilty.

Arsenrios: watched her, he heard footsteps behind him but didn't turn to look

Grace: looked at the bed sheet, which had some blood on it. "I have to…have to go...wipe my lip. Again." she got up, a little weak from crying.

Arsenrios: "Do you know where it's at?"

Grace: "Bathroom? Yes. I'll go by myself." she left the room quickly. On her way out she bumped into someone. "Oh sorry." she said without looking up, just continued to walk to the bathroom.

Arsenrios: continued to ignore the person behind him.

Liam: continued to be in his coma. Heart monitor steady.

Arsenrios: started to heal Liam's broken limbs.

Kiada: "Aww...your ruining my best work. You're mean, you know that?"

Arsenrios: "Just go away Kiada." he growled.

Kiada: "Make me."

Grace: came back into the room all fixed up. No more blood.

Kiada: "You make me sad."

Arsenrios: "I don't care; you did this on your own. I hurt some innocent man."

Kiada: scoffed, "Yea like you didn't want him dead; you forget I know what goes through your head. You wanted to kill him so bad. So I saved you the trouble."

Maxwell: "I see they just let anyone into the hospital now-a-days."

Kiada: "Watch it Maxwell or you'll be next." she growled. "It was so easy to make the hospital personnel let me in. So sad." she pretended to be sad.

Grace: stopped at the doorway. She shivered, listening. More nonhumans. More evil things. She bit her lip again, and the skin broke easily.

Maxwell: sniffed the air, "Umm...your lips bleeding again." he said hold the 10 year old back or trying to at least.

Grace: wiped at her lip. She took out the toilet paper she stuffed in her jeans pocket and wiped it off. She stepped back a step from everyone.

Arsenrios: brought Liam out of the Coma, "There. Finished."

Grace: wanted to go in but she didn't want to step past Kiada. So she stayed there, shaking in fear.

Liam: groaned, his eyes stayed closed, he was now just asleep because of the sedative.

Kiada: stopped, "She's so weak it's sad." she shook her head, "Waste of time." she sat on the other bed.

Grace: looked at Liam. She opened her mouth the thank Arsenrios but nothing came out. She wanted to leave, but didn't want to leave Liam alone with...them.

Arsenrios: "It's okay honey, come on in." he helped her over to Liam.

Grace: knelt by Liam on the side away from Kiada. She glanced over at the girl and then back at Liam. She held his hand in hers.

Arsenrios: "I wasn't sure if you wanted me to momentarily take away the sedative or not.

Grace: "I do...I..." she looked at Kiada. "No I don't."

Kiada: "I love how you look over here as if I am going to do something." she laughed.

Grace: cringed. "You already...did something. I say so."

Kiada: smiled, "True."

Arsenrios: "You will sit over there and not say a word and not move do you understand me Kiada?"

Kiada: "Fine." she crossed her arms. She narrowed her eyes at him.

Arsenrios: "Now, do you want the sedative lifted for a couple moments? Kiada is not going to do anything."

Grace: looked back to Arsenrios after a moment. "Who is she? How do you know?" the girl looked so young. Did Arsenrios have a daughter?

Arsenrios: "That's Kiada. She claims to be my daughter or something."

Grace: "You have a...a daughter. You never told me."

Arsenrios: "She likes to think she is my daughter however it is not actually factual and makes no sense."

Grace: "Why do you say that?"

Arsenrios: "My wife and I didn' that. And she was never pregnant."

Grace: eyes widened. She looked back over at Liam. How could he love his wife so much and yet not? It didn't make sense to her.

Arsenrios: "I didn't want her to go through that pain." he explained.

Kiada: "You did once."

Grace: "Because of your strength." she whispered. "Maybe you just don't remember, or don't wish to remember."

Arsenrios: "Possibly."

Grace: "Get a DNA test."

Arsenrios:"Nah, I don't wish to know."

Grace: 'Of course. Who would want to claim to be father to a monster child?' she thought. "Doesn't matter. Human's show when they are pregnant. If you couldn't tell, then she wasn't pregnant."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Exactly."

Kiada: "Except mom wasn't human when she was pregnant with me."

Grace: "She was changed by then? So it wouldn't be pain she went through. Your strength would have no bearing in the matter."

Arsenrios: "Nevertheless she is not my child. Anyways, do want him to wake up or not?"

Grace: "Not if he recognizes Kiada. Can't she just leave?" she was uneasy with her in the room.

Kiada: "Fine, I'll be outside." she got up and left the room.

Grace: "Will he be in pain?" she worried.

Arsenrios: shook his head, "Everything is healed and in its proper place."

Grace: nodded for him to wake.

Arsenrios: lifted the sedation and stepped back.

Liam: opened his eyes. He looked around until he saw Grace. "Grace." he smiled and squeezed her hand. He sat up. "What happened? Where am I?"

Grace: smiled in relief. She kissed his cheek. "Liam you are okay. You are in a hospital. But everything's fine. You're fine. Arsenrios saved you." she hugged him.

Liam: hugged her back a bit confused. He looked over at Arsenrios. "Saved me?"

Arsenrios: "You were in Coma Liam, broken bones and everything."

Liam: eyes widened. "Wow. How long have I been out? Must have been a long time if I'm completely healed. Is it the future?"

Arsenrios: "No, this is the next day. Liam do you remember how this happened?"

Liam: "Wait. Next day? How did I heal so fast?"

Grace: released the hug and leaned back.

Arsenrios: smiled and raised his hand. "Told you I wasn't human."

Liam: "You're lying."

Arsenrios: "Then explained how your healed." he challenged.

Liam: "It's like...the next year." he stood.

Arsenrios: "No you don't get back in bed. You shouldn't be awake yet."

Grace: "Arsenrios how will you explain the healed bones to the doctors?"

Arsenrios: pointed to Maxwell, "The doctor already knows."

Grace: "Oh." she whispered.

Liam: looked at Grace. "You believe him? Ha. Good bye." he walked towards to door. "I'm signing myself out."

Arsenrios: "Sit and lay back down." he forced him to obey. "Now what do you remember about the incident?"

Liam: "Sheesh pushy. I don't know how you stand him Grace." he complied and lay back on the bed.

Grace: "I've dealt with pushier." she looked at Liam, still a bit smiling now that he was all better.

Liam: ignored the question Arsenrios asked him.

Arsenrios: "Please just answer the question; we don't have time for this."

Liam: sighed. "I suppose, since Grace says you saved me." he paused, a smile on his face. "I'll cooperate if Grace goes on a date with me."

Arsenrios: looked to Grace.

Grace: "Liam I don't..." she looked sad. She still felt guilty about what had happened to Liam, and that was the only reason why she decided to agree. "Yes. I will." Her smiled was gone. She left the room to the bathroom again.

Liam: "Tears of joy. Okay. Now, what all do you want to know?"

Arsenrios: "Everything you remember of yesterday night."

Liam: "Well, you know what happened before I left. Mostly the reason why I left. I went to the pub and drank, was driving to my house then this car came out of nowhere. Totally pummeled me. I think I got knocked out. Last thing I remember. But I swear I wasn't drinking and driving and I knew what was around me, so literally it came out of nowhere. Sounds weird, but true." he laid back on the bed.

Arsenrios: "Did you get a look at the driver?"

Liam: shook his head. "No it was dark! I left at dinner time. Don't ask me stupid questions sheesh."

Arsenrios: sighed, "Alright."

Liam: "Now when can I have my date?"

Arsenrios: "When you are supposed to wake up, which isn't for another two hours."

Liam: "Sweet well goodnight then." he closed his eyes. "Don't bother me."

Arsenrios: looked to Maxwell.

Grace: came back into the room.

Arsenrios: looked at her he kind of smiled,

Grace: tried to smile back, but failed. She felt back. First she felt guilty for Liam almost dying and now guilty for going on a date with him later. She looked over at Liam and noticed him sleeping. "I should...get home. Tell my mom he's well." she whispered.

Arsenrios: nodded, "I'll take you home and go slower this time.

Grace: "Thanks." she walked out of the room, ignoring Kiada.

Kiada: "That's a wonderful, 'Good bye have a nice say.'"

Grace: shivered and kept walking away.

Kiada: "Tell Dad I said hi and am coming to see him later."

Grace: shut her eyes for a brief moment, and then opened them and turned the corner. "Not bloody likely." she whispered, waiting for the elevator.

Arsenrios: was already at the elevator.

Grace: "Maybe I can handle one death." she stepped in.

Arsenrios: "Kiada?"

Grace: felt bad instantly after she said it. "No I'm sorry. She is part of your wife whom you loved."

Arsenrios: "She is not related to me."

Grace: nodded. "If you believe so."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Even if she was then it still wouldn't matter."

Grace: "That's not something I want to know." she stepped out and headed for the car.

Arsenrios: shook his head, how much he hated that little girl.

Grace: got in the car and looked out the passenger window.

Arsenrios: got in he started the car; he drove the speed limit the whole way without saying a word.

Grace: got out of the car back at her house, and explained everything to her mom. Then she checked on Neil, and afterwards went to her room. She lay across the bed.

Arsenrios: went to his borrowed room, he just sat in the middle.

Grace: cried as silently as possible because she knew Arsenrios was in the next room.

Arsenrios: heard her but could tell she didn't want him to hear so he didn't.

Grace: fell asleep that way, exhausted from worrying about Liam, and then finding out all this new information. And exhausted from crying so much. She wasn't used to it.

Arsenrios: knew he wasn't good for her and that hurt him, he knew it wasn't good for her to cry this much, for her to feel this way. He would end up scaring her for life. There was nothing he could do, he feared.

Liam: came up the stairs. "Grace?" he called.

Arsenrios: opened his door. "She's in her room sleeping."

Liam: "Oh okay." he went to her room. "Grace."

Grace: sat up and rubbed her face. "Liam. Hi." she almost smiled.

Liam: "Ready for our date?"

Grace: "I'm not...I'm not feeling well. Can we postpone? Please?"

Liam: "We can't. You're just trying to skip out. Come on you look fine." he walked over to the bed and grabbed her wrist and pulled her up.

Grace: "Liam please I don't feel good." she protested, being pulled with him.

Arsenrios: looked in, checking her over making sure everything was ok.

Liam: "Leave Arsenrios. This is me and her time. Not you me and her time." he pulled Grace to the door and down the stairs.

Arsenrios: "Wait. Just hold on for one minute. I want to make sure she is ok."

Liam: looked at Grace. "Seems fine to me." he pulled her outside.

Arsenrios: stopped him, "She needs to stay inside and rest. She has the flu."

Liam: sighed. "Of course she does. You just are making an excuse to keep her here. We had a deal let me remind you."

Arsenrios: "If you could feel what I could then you would know that she has the flu."

Liam: rolled his eyes. "More nonhuman mumbo jumbo." He opened the passenger door of his car and Grace got in against her will, too tired to fight back. He shut the door.

Arsenrios: grabbed his arm, he gave Liam the power and forced him to see she was sick, "See?"

Liam: "I feel weird..."

Arsenrios: "I know that's because your body is not used to feeling things it shouldn't. Now. Please until she recovers let her rest."

Liam: pulled his arm away. "I want something more in return."

Arsenrios: "What else could you want if you let her rest you won't have bloodguilt on your hands. That should be enough for you. To know you saved her."

Liam: "You can't die from the flu. Now, yes. I've saved her. That deserves a hero's kiss, eh?" he opened up the car door for Grace to get out.

Arsenrios: looked at Grace

Grace: head felt heavy. She couldn't answer. She closed her eyes leaning back on the car chair.

Arsenrios: picked her up and carried her back upstairs to her room and laid her on the bed.

Liam: followed. "Yes or no Arsenrios."

Arsenrios: "Yes or no what?"

Liam: "My hero's kiss."

Arsenrios: "We can have this discussion when she's better ok?"

Liam: rolled his eyes. "The price will go up by then."

Arsenrios: "She is in no position now to kiss you Liam. Don't make me regret saving you."

Liam: "I don't mean now. I mean when she is better. Sheesh calm down."

Arsenrios: "Talk to her then."

Liam: looked at Grace. "She's sleeping. It's okay. Now I have time to plan a romantic evening." he flashed a smile and left downstairs.

Arsenrios: for all the time she was sick he took care of her, giving her space he didn't want her to feel boxed in. He stayed with her doing things on her every whim.

Grace: after about a week she felt right better. She held Arsenrios' hand in her sleep.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, he knew that she was better and that made him very happy it was just what to come after she was better that made him worry. He rubbed his thumb over her hand like he always did, he had been realizing something, he had wanted not to scare her but he realized that he had. He hadn't meant to but that did matter anymore.

Grace: opened up her eyes after a moment. She smiled. "Hi Arsenrios." her heart started that quickened beat she got when she saw him or felt him. She sat up. "I'm sorry you had to see me like that. You should have left. It was gruesome. I bet I looked as awful as I felt." her eyes were apologetic.

Arsenrios: "It's okay; there is no need to worry about it, your better now that is all that matters."

Grace: "I'd kiss you but...I need to clean up." she let go of his hand and turned over to swing her legs off the bed side.

Grainne: came in carrying chicken noodle soup. She set it on the end table by the bed. "Honey you look better." she felt her forehead. "How are you feeling?"

Grace: smiled. "I feel good now. Thanks mom."

Grainne: "Don't thank me. Arsenrios is a sweetheart for staying with you while you were sick. He deserves most of the credit for nursing you back to health." she smiled at Arsenrios. "So, do you need something hun?"

Grace: "No I was just about to take a shower and brush my teeth."

Grainne: "Okay. Do you need anything Arsenrios?" she looked from her daughter to him.

Arsenrios: "That's okay, thank you though."

Grainne: "Okay. I'll be downstairs. Liam is in the living room. I'll let him know you are better." she left.

Grace: "Liam..." she said annoyed and went into the bathroom. She shut the door and got in the shower.

Arsenrios: chuckled and sat back in his chair.

Grace: came out awhile later, brushing her damp hair. She felt better now, her body and her teeth clean. She went and sat on the bed, still brushing her hair.

Arsenrios: smiled he had his head leaned back, his eyes closed, "Your hair smells really good."

Grace: "Oh." she stopped brushing it. "I should...if it is uncomfortable I can come back when it's dry." she watched him.

Arsenrios: "It's not uncomfortable." he chuckled, "Why would it be uncomfortable?"

Grace: "I don't...I don't know. Might trigger something of your senses. Or something. I don't want to make things hard for you."

Arsenrios: smiled, "It's alright, it won't."

Grace: smiled. "Okay." she set the brush down and pulled her hair back. "Thanks for...taking care of me. Again."

Arsenrios: "No problem. However Liam may be expecting a kiss."

Grace: frowned. "Why?"

Arsenrios: "Something about how he let you skip out on the date and let it be rescheduled."

Grace: "But I..." she glanced at the door. "I don't want to kiss him. Do I have to?"

Arsenrios: "I told him that you and he could talk about it when you were feeling better. So that is up to you."

Grace: "I don't want to."

Arsenrios: opened his eyes and looked at her, "You're going to have to take that up with him."

Grace: "Can't you tell him?"

Arsenrios: "Like he's going to listen to me." he laughed.

Grace: closed her eyes. "I don't want to kiss anyone but you."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Well, for a better topic of discussion are you hungry? Breakfast is here."

Grace: "If I go downstairs Liam is there."

Arsenrios: "You don't have to go downstairs; your mom brought it to you."

Grace: looked at the soup. "It's probably cold." she cringed and tasted it, then set the spoon back down. "I'm full."

Arsenrios: "Well, shall we just have a picnic?"

Grace: looked at him. She smiled. "Sure."

Arsenrios: brought out a basket. "I figured you would want some variety."

Grace: "I don't know how much I will eat though, not having been eating for a week and all because of being sick."

Arsenrios: "I understand."

Grace: pulled her legs onto the bed and faced him. "I can kiss you now that I'm clean." she smiled at him.

Arsenrios: smiled, "I would like that." he got up and sat next to her, He leaned down to kiss her.

Grace: leaned up to close the distance. Her heart raced and blood pulsed. She latched her hands around his neck to hold him there.

Arsenrios: held her face in his hands as he kissed her.

Grace: smiled. Her breathing got shaky.

Arsenrios: smiled at her, he kissed her again, this time moving closer to her to.

Grace: wondered if it was fear that made her heart beat quite like it did when he was so close to her. Originally that is what she believed it to be. But had she ever felt this way back at the house with him? She didn't recall her breathing growing shaky or her blood pounding. It had happened only here. Only when he kissed her. Only when he told her he loved her. But did that frighten her? Or was it a new feeling all together that made her body react to him the way it did?

Arsenrios: "I love you so much." he whispered kissing her again.

Grace: shivered. "Mmm..." was her response. She couldn't really think clearly enough to form words. Not that even if she could, she still couldn't say them because she was knocked out of breath.

Arsenrios: smiled and leaned back.

Grace: "No..." she protested, trying to breath.

Arsenrios: "Just for a moment so you can catch your breath." he promised

Grace: leaned over and took the cold soup and drank it down. Tasted gross but her mouth was so dry she needed something.

Arsenrios: cringed slightly.

Grace: set the empty bowl back down. She took a few more breaths. "Okay..." she said. Her heart still pounded but not as bad.

Arsenrios: "Ready?" he whispered nuzzling her neck.

Grace: shivered. "Ye..." she took a breath. "...yes..." It tickled slightly.

Arsenrios: kissed her neck then kissed her on the lips.

Liam: "Knock, knock."

Arsenrios: continued to kiss her.

Liam: "Please. Let me interrupt. I heard Grace is better?"

Arsenrios: "She is."

Liam: "Please don't suffocate her before I take her on the date. You promised."

Arsenrios: sighed, he leaned back.

Grace: was trying to breath, her hand over her heart to calm it. "Liam I am...not" she told him, trying to be firm.

Liam: "But Arsenrios said I saved you so...I deserve a hero's kiss."

Arsenrios: stood and helped her stand.

Grace: she sighed after catching her breath. She stood with Arsenrios. "Fine, Liam. I'll go."

Liam: "Sweet. Okay." He pushed Arsenrios out of the way and took Grace's hand. "Finders keeper's loser's weepers Arsenrios." He whispered to him.

Arsenrios: "I saved you. I can destroy you just as easily." He whispered back to Liam.

Kiada: she tapped on the window and then climbed into the room through the window.

Grace: stepped over between Arsenrios and Liam. Her body tensed when she saw Kiada. Why did she need to be here? In her house?

Liam: laughed, "What, you are afraid of a little ten year old?" he laughed harder. "Come on, let's go." He pulled Grace from the room. "I have it all planned. And it will go all day. Making up for the time I waited for you to get well. I wasn't about to make you do anything when you were sick, love. I insisted that you rest until you were well. And now you are." He pulled her outside and to his car.

Kiada: "Liar." She yelled out the window, and then she turned back to Arsenrios, "Hello father."

Arsenrios: "What are you doing here? Leave me be. You are not my daughter."

Kiada: sighed, "When are you going to admit it? You know it's true. You're just too weak to admit you have a daughter, just like you once were." She shook her head. "It used to be when someone made you mad, you killed them. Now look at you. I do what you want and you save him. Father, seriously. What is that all about?"

Arsenrios: "That is no longer a part of my life now. Besides, I promised Grace I wouldn't kill anyone else. All that I am doing is for her. If it was my choice I would have let him die, but because he's important to Grace and her family I saved him. I don't have to answer to you, young lady."

Kiada: "You have gone so low Arsenrios, it's sickening. You're doing all of this for what? A human that only lasts for a few years and then she's gone. She's scared of all our kinds. Are you really going to take her to a world where she will meet different kinds every day? Where there are absolutely no humans?"

Arsenrios: "That is none of your business." He walked over to the window and looked out. If she didn't want to go then he would save her. He waited. Grace and Liam were still standing down beside Liam's car.

Grace: "That's not what I remember." She crossed her arms.

Liam: shrugged, "Well, that's all past now. What matters is the here and now."

Grace: "Liam, I don't want…" she stopped and glanced up at her room window. She'd rather be with Liam than around Kiada, even if it meant leaving Arsenrios. But didn't she sort of have to do this? The promise was made to Liam and Arsenrios didn't seem to care. She bit her lower lip in thought. And Arsenrios needed time with his daughter.

Liam: opened up the passenger side door for her. "I was promised. Are you a woman of your word?"

Grace: she got into the car.

Liam: he shut her door firmly. He walked around to his side and flashed one last cocky smile at Arsenrios before he got into his car, starting it up and pulling out of the driveway.

Grace: "Dinner, one plate. One small kiss. After that if I say for you to leave me alone in that way, you listen. Am I understood?" she spoke as she buckled her seat belt.

Liam: grinned, "All I want. But after tonight, I'm sure you'll change your mind." He pulled out and drove away.

Grace: rolled her eyes and slumped in her seat. She stared ahead. She didn't like it, not one bit. She felt uncomfortable. Which…she thought was a little weird. Liam was human, and yet she felt uncomfortable even around him. What was wrong with her? What she really wanted to do more than anything was swim with the mermaids back at Arsenrios house. That was fun and comfortable, even if that was weird.


Kiada: "Go after him dad. You can make him forget. Make them all forget he existed."

Arsenrios: "Leave everyone alone." He jumped out of the window and took off running.


Liam: "Here." He parked the car at a restaurant. He opened his door and got out, waiting for Grace to follow.

Grace: she got out and followed him inside. They sat at a table.

Liam: he smiled at her. "Finally, alone without Arsenrios. I give him props though. Won your heart only after a few weeks. Took me years to get you on this date." He looked at him menu.

Grace: she rolled her eyes and ordered a meal. She ate when it came, trying most the time to only talk when expected to. She constantly watched the clock.

Liam: "In a rush?" he said, finishing his food.

Grace: "Possibly."

Liam: "You aren't really contributing here. I don't know if this counts as a real date."

Grace: "Excuse me for not liking being on a date with my brother." She stood.

Liam: he paid the bill, "I thought I wasn't anymore."

Grace: "Yea, well, Liam, after the accident I realize I need you as part of my family. But not a part of me. I want you as a brother."

Liam: "Grace, come on." He said, his voice a bit sad. "Let's get to the movie."

Grace: "Not a love one."

Liam: "No, you and I both hate those types of movies, so, of course not."

Grace: she smiled slightly, "Okay then."

They both went to the movies.

Grace: when she came out of the theater with Liam, she was giggling. "That was a great choice in movie, Liam."

Liam: smiled, "Glad I did something right. So, you liked it?"

Grace: nodded, almost disbelieving her words. "I actually…I actually had fun." She laughed.

Liam: "You weren't expecting to?" he watched her, smiling.

Grace: shook her head no. "No, but you exceeded expectations. That was a fun date, Liam. Thanks."

Liam: kissed her on the cheek, "Okay. Let's get you home." He walked out to the car.

Grace: followed him happily, not uncomfortable anymore. This was the Liam she knew and liked.


Arsenrios: was already home, sitting in his room reading a book.


Soon they made it home.

Grace: "So, you're not going to try to kiss me?"

Liam: "I was thinking, Grace." He sighed, "As long as Arsenrios still lets us hand out, why ruin the relationship we have now? It's fun. And I'd be stupid to take advantage of it." He parked the car and they both got out and went into the house.

Grace: kissed him gently anyways. "I'd like that." She smiled and went upstairs. She hesitated at the top of the steps. She didn't know if Kiada was still here. So she was afraid to go to her room. She knocked on Arsenrios door instead. "I'm back." she said lightly.

Arsenrios: opened the door ''Welcome back.''

Grace: smiled at him. Then her smile faded. "Is Kiada here?"

Arsenrios: ''No she went home.''

Grace: "Oh good. Can I come in?"

Arsenrios: ''Sure.''

Grace: stepped in and laid across the bed. "That was actually fun." she looked over at him. "So what did you do with your day?"

Arsenrios: ''Read mostly.''

Grace: "Are you okay?" her happy gleam faded slightly.

Arsenrios: laughed slightly, ''Yea why wouldn't I be?''

Grace: "Because I went on the date."

Arsenrios: ''I am not going to restrict you to what you can and can't do. I'm not mad.''

Grace: "Okay." she sat up. "I didn't expect to, but I did like it. I also just went because I figured you wanted to spend time with Kiada."

Arsenrios: laughed, ''Yea right, if I had my way I would never see her again.'' smiled. ''I'm glad you had fun.''

Grace: "But she is a part of your wife whom you loved."

Arsenrios: ''She is not my daughter.''

Grace: "Why do you so badly not want a daughter?"

Arsenrios: ''It's not I don't want a daughter but she is just isn't my daughter.''

Grace: smiled. "Okay."

Arsenrios: stood. ''I should take a small hunting trip. I'll see you later.''

Grace: "Oh." now her face really fell. "Okay."

Arsenrios: he smiled slightly. ''You probably need time alone anyways.''

Grace: "Why would I need time alone? For what?"

Arsenrios: shrugged. ''You've been gone a long time. So it would probably be nice for you to just relax here.''

Grace: "Actually, if you are leaving..." she asked slowly, "Can you drop me off at your house before you go?"

Arsenrios: nodded, ''Sure if you wish it.''

Grace: "Thanks." she smiled. "I've been wanting to go swimming."

Arsenrios: ''You should get some swimming clothes though so you don't have to wear mine.''

Grace: blushed. "I don't mind."

Arsenrios: ''Ok, well we should get going.''

Grace: "Okay." she pushed off the bed and walked over to him. She wrapped her arms around him in a hug.

Arsenrios: hugged her back and teleported them to his house. He released the hug.

Grace: stepped back then leaned up to kiss him. "Thank you."

Arsenrios: nodded. ''Sure.'' before she got a chance to kiss him he went and got her clothes. ''Here you go.''

Grace: frowned when he didn't kiss her. She waited until he returned. It hurt and made her sad. "Did I do something wrong?" she didn't take the clothes from him.

Arsenrios: "No, of course you didn't."

Grace: "Oh. Is it something...I can't because you need to hunt first." she took the clothes from him.

Arsenrios: nodded slowly, "Yea, go ahead and have fun." he smiled slightly and turned and walked out the door.

Grace: watched him go. She changed and jumped into the water.

Shandrla: swam over to her, she waved and smiled.

Grace: smiled back. "Can you talk?"

Shandrla: nodded, "Yea, I can talk."

Grace: "Do you like being a mermaid?"

Shandrla: smiled, "Yea, you feel so free." she swirled in place.

Neela-Mai: "Shandrla! Come look at this star fish. Hey Grace!" she waved.

Grace: "Hi." swam through the water, though not as graceful as the mermaids. "I love it here."

Shandrla: swam over to her, "Awww...How cute."

Neela-Mai: "I know." she blew on the starfish and it shrunk small. She picked it up and stuck it to the skin in the center of her neck and collarbone. A little like a necklace, but without the chain.

Shandrla: smiled she swam back over to Grace, "Do you like have legs? And being able to walk on the surface?"

Grace: "I do. Sometimes. I've always wanted to be a mermaid though. But I never knew they existed outside of dreams."

Shandrla: "I assure you we are very real. Mermen are real too." she smiled.

Grace: "Are their lots of you? Where do you all live?"

Shandrla: "We live in different oceans though deep enough where humans can't see us. Though we are anywhere water is." she laughed, "Yes millions upon millions."

Grace: "Why only three here? Can you come and go as you please? Why do you three live in Arsenrios place?" she drifted to the bottom and dug her feet in the sand.

Neela-Mai: came and sat on a rock on the ocean floor. She played with some seaweed, swimming back and forth through it. Laughing.

Shandrla: "The others don't like being in a tank but yes we can come and go as we please. We like to be with those of our own."

Grace: "How does one become a mermaid?"

Shandrla: "They wish for it of course."

Grace: "Wish for it how?"

Shandrla: "Magic shell of course." she laughed.

Grace: "Where can one get a magic shell?"

Neela-Mai: "Here." she swam over by Shandrla and held one out to her. "They are all over our world."

Shandrla: smiled, "Though sometimes you have to be careful otherwise your wishes turn bad."

Grace: "How could it be bad to want to be a mermaid?"

Shandrla: "Well sometimes it doesn't grant it the way you think."

Grace: "Like...I could turn into a merman?"

Shandrla: "Not exactly." she turned to Neela-Mai, "Remember when Arsenrios used the shell?" she laughed.

Neela-Mai: giggled. The sound was like bubbles popping. "Yes I do."

Grace: "What happened?"

Neela-Mai: "Well, it's a long story. Do you think he would care if we told her?" she asked Shandrla.

Shandrla: giggled, "I don't think so."

Neela-Mai: "Oh..." she swam around Shandrla and then between her and Grace and back, in a figure eight. "You are the best story teller ever Shandrla. You tell it."

Shandrla: laughed, "I try." she turned to Grace, "Okay, so Arsenrios was swimming in the ocean okay and he reached the bottom of the ocean and he found this shell. Normally he would not have messed with it but because it sparkled it caught his eye. So he picked it up and rubbed it trying to get some mud off and..." she giggled, "He turned into a merman."

Grace: gasped. She sucked in water at the same time and coughed.

Neela-Mai: "No don't kill her!"

Shandrla: put her in a bubble. "There you go."

Grace: caught her breath. "He never...never told me that."

Shandrla: "He isn't exactly proud of it."

Grace: "Why not! I love mermaids. Mermen. Last week when we swam in here he could have turned into one!"

Shandrla: "He chooses not to. He thinks he's already weird enough."

Grace: "I want to be a mermaid. But what if he thinks I'm weird?"

Namomee: giggled swimming up to them, "He won't think your weird silly."

Grace: "But he thinks he's weird. So he might. He doesn't like it. He won't like me." she paused. "I think he already is starting to not like me."

Neela-Mai: popped the bubble that surrounded Grace.

Namomee: "You speak nonsense."

Shandrla: "He just has a lot on his mind."

Grace: "He...well you probably saw. I don't need to explain."

Shandrla: "Kiada is doing her thing; she is making life hard on him...again."

Grace: "So he won't kiss me because of it? I am being punished." she nodded like she understood. "Because I know it is not about him being hungry. He's kissed me before when he was hungry."

Arsenrios: dived in, he changed to his merman form.

Grace: watched him with a twinge of jealousy.

Arsenrios: "What's up?"

Grace: "Just talking. How was your hunting trip?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "It was very...productive."

Grace: cringed a bit and changed the subject. "We've been talking about you."

Arsenrios: "That's a little scary. Which ones?" he asked lying on the sandy floor.

Grace: bit her lower lip. She didn't say anything. Too distracted by him and this new sight of what he was. His tail and...shirtless.

Arsenrios: nodded, "That one."

Shandrla: giggled. "Sorry but we had to tell it. It was just so funny."

Arsenrios: chuckled, "It's alright."

Grace: "If you don't like it, why don't you wish it away?"

Arsenrios: "It's ok; it just seems a little weird for one of my kind to have a tail. I like having it."

Grace: "I'm jealous."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Rub the shell." he whispered to her.

Grace: looked at the shell that Neela-Mai was now playing with. "I'm scared. The mermaids said it doesn't always grant wishes like you want it to."

Arsenrios: smiled, "That's why you rub it and not wish on it."

Neela-Mai: tossed Grace the shell. She laughed. "She's afraid of everyone but us. I feel special."

Shandrla: giggled, "That is very special."

Grace: "Just because I grew up knowing about mermaids." she caught the shell in her hand as it drifted lightly to her. She stared at it.

Arsenrios: chuckled, "Need some help love?"

Grace: heart beat unevenly. She swallowed. "No. I think I..." she looked from the shell to Arsenrios. "My family will know."

Arsenrios: smiled he closed his eyes, "They won't have to know."

Grace: "They will when I get wet. Go swimming. They'll find out. I'm not good at secrets."

Arsenrios: "Control the morphing with your mind."

Grace: "I'm not good at controlling things. Maybe it's best I don't." she turned the hand to drop the shell to the watery floor.

Arsenrios: "It's easy to control things."

Grace: sighed. "I'm too afraid. Besides. I'll be different. You won't like different."

Arsenrios: chuckled, "Different is fine."

Grace: tried to sit on the sandy floor but floated in the water instead, a few inches above the ground. "I'll just come here a lot. I guess."

Arsenrios: "If you want to be a mermaid then you shall."

Grace: "I'll mess it up. I mess everything up. Like how I mess vacations up."

Arsenrios: "That was not your fault. You didn't know." he shrugged, "You don't mess everything up."

Grace: "Name one."

Arsenrios: "Alright, how about going out to eat?"

Grace: "I don't understand. You don't need skill to eat."

Arsenrios: "True though nothing bad happened then. Or dancing."

Grace: "I got almost kidnapped during dancing. And I offended your friend so much he left. I fainted twice."

Arsenrios: "You can't help fainting and almost getting kidnapped, he didn't leave because he was offended. He had some work to do."

Grace: "But you told me he left because of me." she looked down. "You've lied to me. Twice."

Arsenrios: sighed, "He didn't want to make you uncomfortable, and when did I lie to you the first time?"

Grace: "First about your friend. I felt awful. Second about your...tail."

Arsenrios: "I never said I didn't have a tail so technically that's not lying. As for the first can you really say that you would have been comfortable around him?"

Grace: "I'm not comfortable around anyone."

Arsenrios: "Except Liam and your family."

Grace: sighed. "And you. Sort of."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I deserved that."

Grace: "I'm comfortable around mermaids." she mumbled.

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded, "Yes, them to."

Grace: "I don't know."

Arsenrios: nodded, he still had his eyes closed.

Grace: lifted her head. "Well, I guess I better get home."

Arsenrios: sighed, "Alright, let's get you dried off first."

Grace: "Bye Neela-Mai, Shandrla, and Namomee."

Neela-Mai: frowned for once. "Awww she's not one of us."

Namomee: waved, "Come back really soon."

Grace: nodded. "I'll try." she forced a smile and swam to the surface. She pulled herself up and out.

Arsenrios: opened his eyes and swam to the surface pulling himself out. He grabbed a towel drying his hair. His tail was already legs covered in pants though he still had no shirt.

Grace: wrung out her hair back into the water. She flipped it back over her shoulder.

Arsenrios: "You know you just gave up a once in a lifetime opportunity right?"

Grace: heart squeezed. "Please don't rub it in my face."

Arsenrios: "Sorry."

Grace: "Can I just…can I just go home please?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Sure, just give me a minute please."

Grace: "Sure." she sat back down and dangled her feet in the water."

Arsenrios: stood and grabbed his jacket and another towel, "Are you going to get changed?"

Grace: "No it's okay. I can leave my clothes here. Unless you preferred I didn't."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Alright, Are you ready to go then?"

Grace: "Yea." she stood and faced him.

Arsenrios: held out his hand to take hers.

Grace: reached out from where she stood and took it.

Arsenrios: teleported them to her house, he let go, "There you go. And for the record. I'm sorry." he said as he walked back in his room

Grace: "Sorry for what?"

Arsenrios: "Everything." he said from his room though it was muffled by the door since he had just walked through it, without opening it first.

Grace: felt tears spring to her eyes. She had offended him. She didn't mean to. Grace walked to her room and shut the door. She showered and changed into her night clothes. She figured she was sleeping alone tonight as she climbed into the cool sheets. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

Arsenrios: laid on his bed, if she didn't come in then he understood why. He knew that the truth was hurtful.

Grace: pulled the covers over her head. Too much space around her. Too much room in her bed. She tried to sleep. Really, she did. With the lights on, the lights off. The window open for a cool breeze, then it closed. On top of the comforter, then under it. With a pillow, without. She just couldn't get to sleep. She tossed and turned, and paced when she got tired of lying down. Finally, about 4AM, Grace rifled through her dresser drawer looking for something to do since she couldn't sleep, no matter how tired she was. She noticed a piece of fabric from the corner of her eye. She pulled it out. A shirt. She smelled it. Arsenrios shirt. His scent. She laid back down on the bed and finally fell asleep even for a little bit, with the piece of fabric clutched next to her, where Arsenrios would be if her were there. But even then her sleep was little. She woke up a little after 6AM and put the shirt back in her dresser after folding it. She pulled her hair back and went down to the kitchen to make coffee.

Arsenrios: his door had been open but he wasn't there.

Grace: 'He finally left me.' she thought sadly. She was right, she did ruin everything. She held the coffee mug in her hand and twirled it, sipping every once in awhile, but soon it was cold. She didn't really notice. Her mind and thoughts were elsewhere, distracted. Time passed.

Liam: walked in. "Morning Grace." he said and poured himself a cup of coffee. He glanced at her and then his glance lingered. "Wow, you look awful."

Grace: "I couldn't sleep."

Arsenrios: woke up he looked around oh Yea, he had moved here during the night, though he was willing to bet she didn't even see him on her balcony. He stood brushing himself off and walked in through the window and down the stairs.

Liam: sat down at the table. "Rough night?"

Grace: "Yea..." she put her arm on the table and laid her head on it, pushing the mug away. She closed her eyes. So tired. Two hours just didn't cut it. But she should get used to it.

Arsenrios: "Morning everyone." he said getting milk out of the fridge.

Grace: head snapped up. "Arsenrios you are still here."

Arsenrios: "Yea, why wouldn't I be?" he asked as he drank the milk straight from the carton.

Grace: "I thought you left."

Liam: "Geez man get a glass." he got up and took one out of the cupboard and thrust one into his hand. "You act like you live here or something."

Arsenrios: but by then he had finished it. "That's okay, thank you though." he looked at Grace, "Why would I do a silly thing like that?"

Grace: "Because you are mad at me for what I said or did."

Arsenrios: chuckled, "I'm not mad."

Grace: "But you didn't...and then you didn' were." She concluded.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Just a lot on my mind, that's all love." he kissed her.

Grace: kissed him back. She yawned and took her coffee mug to the sink.

Arsenrios: "You need to get some sleep." he told her softly.

Grace: "Can't. Couldn't. I tried."

Arsenrios: nodded, "The shirt worked for a little bit, I was surprised."

Grace: "You put that there?"

Arsenrios: "A long time ago yes, I was just outside."

Grace: "If you were wearing the shirt, it would have worked better."

Arsenrios: "If you would have invited me in then I would have been."

Grace: sighed. "I didn't not invite you."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I was out on your balcony all night."

Grace: "Why?" she looked confused. "Your bed is comfier."

Arsenrios: shrugged, "It didn't feel right."

Grace: "You look well rested at least. I'm glad one of us could sleep." she dragged her feet into the living room and fell onto the couch.

Arsenrios: laughed, "Yes, 5 minutes does wonders."

Grace: "What do you mean? You couldn't sleep either?" she looked at him, following him with her eyes as she lay on the couch.

Arsenrios: "Nope."

Grace: felt bad. "I'm sorry."

Liam: followed them into the living room and sat in a chair. The same one he had before when all three of them were in the living room. "What? You two are THAT dependant on one another? Wow." he shook his head and sipped his coffee.

Arsenrios: "It's alright though you really should sleep."

Grace: "I'm fine."

Liam: "Didn't know you both were that attached."

Arsenrios: "You should find out facts before barging in."

Liam: "Is she pregnant yet?" he raised an eyebrow. "That's why you are so attached. Should have known."

Arsenrios: shook his head, "It's not like that."

Liam: "Better not be."

Grace: was too tired to glare at him. She just closed her eyes.

Arsenrios: stood he picked her up, "Come on, you need to sleep."

Grace: "It's okay. I have stuff I need to do."

Arsenrios: "You can do that when you are fully rested." he carried her into her room.

Grace: "Rest does sound good. But I can't sleep."

Liam: watched them go without objection.

Arsenrios: "I'll be right there with you." he whispered. "No more empty spaces."

Grace: wrapped her arms around him. "Thank you." she said slowly in a yawn. She really was tired.

Arsenrios: smiled, "You're welcome." he set her in bed then got in beside her without hurting her in any way.

Grace: rolled close to him and pulled his arm under her head. She closed her eyes and pressed her face into his shirt.

Arsenrios: smiled and pulled her closer, he closed his eyes, with his mind he closed the door and locked it.

Grace: fell asleep instantly.

Arsenrios: fell asleep.


Grace: opened her eyes easily this time. She smiled when all she could really see was Arsenrios shirt right at the tip of her nose. Everything else was blocked by the view.

Arsenrios: smiled he already had his eyes open.

Grace: "Thank you. I feel rested now." she pushed herself up with one arm.

Arsenrios: sat up, "You're welcome."

Grace: "May I kiss you?"

Arsenrios: "You don't have to ask. If you want to then by all means go for it."

Grace: "Last time you didn't want it so I've decided to ask so I won't offend you."

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed her, "You could never offend me."

Grace: kissed him back. Her heart raced yet again. She smiled slightly. "I hope that's the truth."

Arsenrios: "It is, I swear on my soul that it is."

Grace: "Well, you know. Just in case you are having another hard day and you don't want me to kiss you."

Arsenrios: "I do but it just seemed it was all going south yesterday, that's why." He shrugged, "Let's get you food."

Grace: "You mean because of the date with Liam? You let me go. That's the only reason I went."

Arsenrios: "I was only going to step in if you wanted it. I didn't want you to go."

Grace: "You didn't say anything. And yes I did want it. At first."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I know the rest."

Grace: "How? Did you read my mind?"

Arsenrios: "Liam's. Not yours."

Grace: "Well his mind is different from mine. Different viewpoints I assure you."

Arsenrios: "The words that are spoken are the same however."

Grace: her face fell. "I knew I did something wrong."

Arsenrios: "It's alright, like I said, I am not going to control what you do or think."

Grace: "But if you know what I think then you know I don't lo..." she took a breath, "Love him. Not like you."

Arsenrios: "I promised not to go in your mind. Knowing what you're thinking implies that I do just that."

Grace: "Then take my word for it." she sighed. "What would make you think otherwise? A fool would know how I feel about you. Liam even knows."

Arsenrios: "I don't know." he shook his head, Kiada was getting to him and it was driving him crazy

Grace: "I kissed him once but it won't happen again. He told me you promised him a hero kiss."

Arsenrios: rolled his eyes, "Of course he did."

Grace: "It was just a peck. I swear it."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I know."

Grace: "Then please don't be worried. You have nothing to fear. You know that. Last night helps to emphasize."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Your right, I'm sorry."

Grace: "Thank you."

Arsenrios: "Your welcome." he said thinking that was the right way to answer.

Grace: "Is Kiada going to be coming around a lot?"

Arsenrios: "I hope not."

Grace: "If she does, would it be okay with you if I spent the day with Liam so I don't have to be around her?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yea, that would be fine." he said reluctantly.

Grace: "Just...I don't like her. And I don't want Liam around her. After what she did to him. I'm afraid."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I know you are and she is something to be feared." he shook his head, "Just like I was." he murmured the last part.

Grace: "You were that bad?" she remembered he told her about how he wasn't always nice. But she never really imagined what he was like.

Arsenrios: "That and worse."

Grace: "Oh." she felt her heart involuntarily beat quicker, a pounding in her ears during each moment of silence. "But you've changed."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yes, I did change."

Grace: "Then why can't she?"

Arsenrios: "Kiada has no desire to change; in fact she wants me to change back over actually. She doesn't wish to become weak like I have or so she said."

Grace: "I don't think you are weak." she mumbled. "Do you want to change back?"

Arsenrios: "No, I don't want to be a monster again. At the same time I want to be able to protect you."

Grace: "You do. I haven't been in danger since I've met you. And when we met you've protected me then too, in the midst of danger."

Arsenrios smiled slightly, "I'd like to think that."

Grace: "I'm not really the type of girl to get in a lot of danger anyways. I mean…I used to pick fights but," she shrugged. "That's different. And Russia was the first thing for me. But only because I was stupid."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Well, that was before you knew of this other world that's all around you."

Grace: "I know."

Arsenrios: "Now you may be in more danger, however."

Grace: watched him, "Why do you say that? Is something going to happen to me?" her cheeks felt hot as her quickened heart beat rushed blood to her face.

Arsenrios: "I won't let that happen. See, humans don't notice our existence, so there are no problems. But when they know, it causes problems."

Grace: "Does it cause problems because I know?"

Arsenrios: "For you, no."

Grace: "I am causing problems for you though." She closed her eyes and leaned her head on her knees. "I'm sorry." She whispered.

Arsenrios: shrugged, "Oh well. It brings me excitement."

Grace: "We don't fit, Arsenrios." She whispered.

Arsenrios: "I will leave if you want me to, but know if that happened, if you don't see me, that doesn't mean I'm not there."

Grace: "I don't mean that. All I'm saying is the odds are against us. The mermaids were right. Are right. I am scared of non-humans. Except for them, and you."

Arsenrios: looked at her, "Can you honestly say that you're not scared of me? That every time you see me or are near me that you don't worry about what will happen? That your blood doesn't pump faster when I am near, or when you see me? Can you really deny being afraid?" his voice was still soft.

Grace: lifted her head, "Yes. Because I believe my blood pulses faster, my heart beats harder, for another reason. One my body understands but my mind has yet to grasp." She looked at him, wondering if he understood. "It's not fear."

Arsenrios: he got up and sat next to her, "One's mind can be like that sometimes. A bit slow at how the body feels." He murmured and kissed her.

Grace: she smiled and kissed him back. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling her body closer to his until she was practically pressed up against him, with no space in between.

Arsenrios: wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her more deeply.

Grace: "Arsenrios…" she said in a whisper. Her breathing was shallow. And now because she was about as close to him as she could get, there were tingles over her body that felt like fire. That sort of scared her. Her tongue slipped between his lips and over the smooth glassy surface of his teeth.

Arsenrios: "Yes?" he said, kissing her more and more deeply. He felt himself leaning over her and her back was now on the bed, and his hands on both sides of her face.

Grace: her breath hitched, actually with fear now. She continued to kiss him though, a bit hesitantly.

Arsenrios: "It's okay. Don't be afraid." He said between kisses.

Grace: "I…just…don't want…okay." She gave up talking. Not like she could stop him anyways.

Arsenrios: he leaned back. "I'm sorry. I got…carried away." He moved so she could sit up.

Grace: her had eyes closed. She continued to lie back, taking steady breaths. Her heart was beating extremely fast and hard, with actual fear as some part of it now. "It's…okay." She managed to get out. She was so thirsty.

Arsenrios: he handed her some water.

Grace: took the glass of water and opened her eyes before sitting up slowly. She drank the water quickly. "I'm sorry for ruining the moment." She said softly after she could talk properly again.

Arsenrios: "It's alright. I shouldn't have lost control like that. For that I am sorry."

Grace: "It's okay. I…enjoyed it." But how he resisted his wife so much, when just now with her his control was easily lost, she didn't understand. He said he never lost control with his wife other than that one time, and this is his logic behind the rejection he showed Kiada for her being his daughter. Grace was still mortal; still weak and still breakable. Why was it so easy for him to ALMOST lose control with her? Did she…encourage it? Oh god. Maybe she did. She bit her lower lip, thinking. She shouldn't let her emotions get the better of her. Especially if it tempted Arsenrios to do something neither of them wanted to do. Because she didn't, and she didn't think he wanted it either. After all, he didn't touch his wife, so why would he touch her? It made no sense.

Arsenrios: "You don't encourage it. It just is my want for you that overpowers my common sense and courteousness." He stood and walked over to the bookshelf.

Grace: blushed a shade of pink. "I really would appreciate it if you didn't read my thoughts. Sometimes it's embarrassing. And I don't want to offend you by a thought that slips that I don't mean." She said softly.

Arsenrios: smirked and nodded, "I understand."

Grace: "What are you looking for?" she noticed he was by the bookshelf now.

Arsenrios: "Nothing in particular."

Grace: "We have Dracula." She smirked.

Arsenrios: smirked, "Cool."

Grace: "Did he really exist?" she asked, truly wondering. She had her arms around her knees which were brought to her chest.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yea, but he's dead now."

Grace: "I always thought those books were bogus." She climbed off the bed, finally awake enough to stand straight. She went to her dresser and pulled out a shirt and pair of pants. She paused for a moment, thinking if she should leave the room to change, and then she shrugged, deciding it didn't matter. She changed right there in the room.

Arsenrios: he didn't turn around till she was done. "Most people think that."

Grace: she turned around to face Arsenrios as she fixed her hair, "I am not one of those 'most people' anymore, I guess. Though, sometimes ignorance is bliss."

Arsenrios: smiled, "It is indeed."

Grace: "But I am not ignorant anymore. Does this mean I have lost my bliss?"

Arsenrios: "No, because you still do not know everything in the galaxy." He assured her.

Grace: nodded slowly, "I fear knowing more than I already do."

Arsenrios: "For that reason I do not tell you anything anymore."

Grace: sighed, "What are your plans for the day?"

Arsenrios: shrugged, "I don't know."

Grace: "Can I go back to the mermaids today?"

Arsenrios: "Sure, if you want to."

Grace: smiled slightly. "Thanks. You should…eat."

Arsenrios: "Yea, probably. I'll see you in an hour."

Grace: "Okay." She grabbed her swimming suit.

Arsenrios: he vanished.

Grace: "Umm…okay." He forgot to take her to his house, and she didn't know how to get there otherwise. She set her bathing suit on the bed and went downstairs to hang with Liam until Arsenrios returned. She guessed she'd go swimming with Arsenrios when he returned, at least.

An hour later Arsenrios returned. He came through the front door, his eyes changing from red to green.

Grace: "Hi!" she smiled, getting up to greet him.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Hey love." he kissed her, "Are you ready to go?"

Grace: nodded.

Liam: "Go where?"

Arsenrios: "To my house." he looked back to Grace, "Go ahead and get your clothes. I'll be outside."

Liam: "Can I come?"

Arsenrios: "It's best if you don't."

Liam: "Um, why?" he stood from the chair and walked over, standing by Grace. "Hiding something are you?"

Arsenrios: "Of course not. I just don't think that you should come." he shrugged.

Grace: "I'll go...get my stuff." she left upstairs.

Liam: watched her go. He sighed and looked back at Arsenrios. "But I'll be bored when Grace leaves."

Arsenrios: "Go somewhere."

Liam: "Yes. That's what I am trying to do. Go to your house."

Arsenrios: "Not to my house."

Grace: came back down holding her things.

Liam: noticed the swimming suit. "Swimming? Fun." he smiled. "Please?"

Arsenrios: looked to Grace. "It's up to you hon."

Grace: "But what about in the swimming pool."

Liam: "I don't mind fish."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I know. It's best if you don't come Liam."

Grace: "I'll be outside." she went out.

Liam: "Come on. I am not trying to take Grace anymore from you. I understand she feels differently for you than she does for me. All I want to do is hang out." he paused for a moment. "Unless you have something planned today that's why you don't want me to come and ruin it."

Arsenrios: "No, it's just...there is some unusual stuff at my house."

Liam: "If Grace can handle it so can I." he crossed his arms waiting.

Arsenrios: "Fine, I just hope you can teleport." he walked out to Grace. "Ready love?"

Liam: "Teleport?"

Grace: nodded.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Okay." he took Grace's hand.

Grace: held onto his hand and stepped close to him.

Liam: watched.

Arsenrios: his eyes turned red as him and Grace teleported away in a ray of light.

Grace: had her eyes shut when they appeared at Arsenrios house.

Arsenrios: smiled, "We're here."

Grace: opened them and smiled at him. "Did Liam see?"

Arsenrios: "I don't think so."

Grace: "Are you swimming too?" she stepped back and pulled out her pony tail.

Arsenrios: nodded, "If you would like that."

Grace: "Normal form or merman form?" she set her swimming suit on the chair and unbuttoned the top button of her shirt.

Arsenrios: "Which one would you prefer?"

Grace: "Well…" she unbuttoned another button. "I like both. But I barely have seen you with a tail." she smiled slightly with a blush that colored her cheeks.

Arsenrios: smiled, "I like it when you blush." he paused, "Merman it is."

Grace: "Do you think maybe, when I am ready, I can try that magic shell again for the change?" she bit her lower lip thinking, and unbutton two more of her shirt buttons, it was open to her belly button now exposing her bra.

Arsenrios: bit his bottom lip, "I'm sure you will be able to." he turned looking at something for a moment, "Would you like to change in a room or something."

Grace: "Why? Am I embarrassing you?" she slipped off her shirt and put her swimming top over her, then slipped off her bra.

Arsenrios: "No, you couldn't embarrass me." he was actually blushing now.

Grace: "I'll stop." she picked up her clothes and went to the bathroom to finish changing. She came back out in her bathing suit. "I just thought...we were close enough. I mean after the kissing on the bed earlier." she shook her head and walked towards the water. "Never mind."

Arsenrios: "I'm sorry I am just not used to that."

Grace: "I know." she sat down and dangled her feet in the water.

Arsenrios: "What are we going to do with Liam, he's going to figure it out sooner or later about the fact all the things he believe didn't exist do."

Grace: "I don't know Arsenrios." she continued to look into the water. "I don't even know what to do about it."

Arsenrios: "He probably wouldn't be able to handle the truth."

Grace: laughed slightly, "He can handle it better than I."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I may test that out." he dove into the water letting himself grow a tail.

Grace: cringed at his words. "Hasn't it already been tested enough?" she smiled at his tail and trailed a hand in the water to touch it.

Arsenrios: brought it up so she could touch it, he back floated on the way. "I suppose but he seriously wants to come over."

Grace: "He probably wants to come over because we are here alone." she jumped into the water, pencil diving to the bottom, covering fully, her hair wet. She came back to the surface shivering slightly from the sudden cold of it.

Arsenrios: smiled and dove down, "Do you need the breather?" he asked just thinking of it.

Grace: "No it's okay." she said. "It's sort of cold for me to be under too long anyways."

Arsenrios: nodded, he came back to where she was.

Grace: "The water is cold today." she said, her lips blue.

Arsenrios: "Well, if you want to do sometime else we can."

Grace: shook her head. "I love mermaids." she swam around the water a bit.

Shandrla: swam up to her, "Hi welcome back."

Grace: "H...Hi." she said through a shiver, smiling.

Shandrla: "You look cold, are you ok?" she turned her head to the side

Grace: nodded. " is ju...just cold."

Shandrla: touched her and the water seemed warm to her. "There you go."

Grace: smiled. "Thank you. Now I can stay longer." he lips slowly returned to pink.

Shandrla: "You're welcome."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Glad to see you're warm."

Grace: "The mermaid helped me." she smiled, looking at him again. "You are so pretty."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Thank you. Likewise."

Grace: shook her head. "I don't have a tail. I am the only 'fish out of water' in this pool."

Arsenrios: "You don't need a tail to be beautiful."

Grace: "I suppose not. But the way they catch and reflect makes a person even lovelier."

Arsenrios: smiled, "True. I got an idea, what if you were to try it out temporarily. Being a mermaid that is."

Grace: "Could I?" she looked skeptical.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Everything can be given a try."

Grace: "But what if I get wet around my family?"

Arsenrios: "Then I can stop the change if you want."

Grace: "But what if it happens when you aren't around? Like during the time you are gone hunting?"

Arsenrios: "Then I will just take it away for those short times, unless you are here."

Grace: smiled with a twinkle in her eye. "I'd love that."

Arsenrios: "Would you like to know now what it is like to be a mermaid?"

Grace: nodded.

Arsenrios: took her hands and gave her the mermaid power he smiled, "Absolutely beautiful." he said pushing some hair behind her ear.

Grace: shivered slightly at his touch and looked down she gasped.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Do you like it?"

Grace: jumped and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Yes!" she kissed his cheek. "It's like my imaginations but now is real."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I am very glad you like it."

Liam: came in. "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?"

Arsenrios: ignored him, he kissed her, "I love you." he told her softly.

Kiada: laughed behind him.

Grace: turned her head at the sound and voice. She gasped and looked back at Arsenrios quickly. "They are here. I thought Liam couldn't get here without you." she whispered.

Arsenrios: "I thought so to." he looked at Kiada. "She brought him."

Kiada: waved, "Hi dad."

Liam: "What is this?" he motioned to their tails.

Grace: swallowed. "Um…" she didn't know what to say.

Arsenrios: "Costumes. We were just trying them out."

Kiada: rolled her eyes.

Grace: nodded.

Liam: "This is why you didn't want me here?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yea."

Grace: whispered. "Can you get rid of my tail?" she said sadly. She couldn't keep it with Liam here.

Liam: "It's rude to ignore guests."

Arsenrios: "Why don't you go with Anne and she will take care of you."

Liam: took off his shirt and socks and shoes and jumped in the water.

Arsenrios: while he was distracted took away both of their tails.

Grace: "Thank you." she didn't look at Kiada.

Liam: swam over to them. "Where'd the costumes go?"

Kiada: shrugged and walked off.

Arsenrios: "We didn't want them to get ruined so we put them away." he swam down and rested on the bottom

Grace: watched him. She looked to Liam and gave him a slight smile.

Liam: "Wow, he is multi talented I'll give him that." he complimented on Arsenrios, noticing he could hold his breath long.

There was a loud scream heard from elsewhere in the house.

Arsenrios: swam to the top. "Not again." he sighed.

Grace: jumped. "What was that?"

Liam: swam to shore and climbed out.

Arsenrios: jumped out, "Kiada." he ran out of the room, completely dry.

Grace: got out too, quickly. She followed Arsenrios.

Anne: was unconscious lying on the floor.

Arsenrios: "Kiada. Stop it. What did I tell you?"

Kiada: "She's partly my servant to Father. I was hungry."

Arsenrios: "I don't care. Leave."

Liam: "She BIT her?"

Grace: turned away and chewed her nail.

Kiada: "But Father, this isn't fair."

Arsenrios: "I am not your father. Get out of my house." he growled.

Kiada: "You can't make me."

Arsenrios: "You don't want to see me try girl."

Liam: "Kiada come on let's go." he tried to help.

Kiada: showed him her fangs, "You can't make me go anywhere."

Liam: "Hey you look...familiar. Like that."

Arsenrios: "Kiada, that is enough."

Kiada: growled retracting her fangs. "I'll be in my room." she turned and walked upstairs.

Arsenrios: shook his head, "Unbelievable."

Liam: "She has a room here?"

Grace: was humming.

Arsenrios: "She took it over."

Liam: "Can I have my own room here?" he smiled.

Arsenrios: "No." he said firmly.

Liam: "She gets to stay but I don't?" he motioned to Anne. "She attacked someone and I didn't!"

Arsenrios: "I don't care; you wouldn't be able to get back home."

Grace: sucked in a breath she went over to Anne, kneeling on the floor by her.

Liam: "Next time maybe I should attack someone. Apparently that's the price to get a room."

Arsenrios; "No." he walked over and got out some red liquid and held it to Anne's lips. "Drink." he told her softly.

Anne: did so. "Mmm…"

Grace: "What are you doing Arsenrios? She is human." she whispered watching him.

Liam: "Ew."

Arsenrios: "She needs red liquid. It will help her gain strength." he whispered back

Grace: "Is she alright?"

Liam: "I guess the fun is over for today?"

Anne: opened her eyes and stood. "I am sorry." she apologized, "Master Arsenrios, Lady Grace." she bowed to each of them before going to the kitchen.

Grace: stood too. "It's not your fault." she shook her head. She hated that girl Kiada.

Liam: "I'm going to go back swimming then." he left.

Arsenrios: "Well, that takes care of that."

Grace: "She scares me." she said softly.

Arsenrios: "I know, she is out of control." he sighed.

Grace: "Nothing can be done?" she wondered.

Arsenrios: "I don't think so. She's like a force of nature, when she doesn't like something she kills it. She lives by instinct alone. That is bad. Very bad."

Grace: "She doesn't like me." She whispered.

Arsenrios: his eyes softened. He brushed her hair and took her hands in his, "I will never let her hurt you. She doesn't like anyone really. If you stay out of her way, she won't try to harm you. I love you." He kissed her.

Grace: kissed him back. She believed his words were truth. "And Liam? Apparently she tried to hurt him once and failed, so she gave up?" she wondered, remembering how she had teleported him to Arsenrios' house. "He doesn't know exactly who she is, but what if he remembers why she is so familiar to him now?" she said, almost in a whisper in case anyone was listening to their conversation.

Arsenrios: "That's the thing about Kiada. She doesn't give up. She knows if enough time passes then he will be completely unprotected. That is when she will strike. We will have to keep those two separated. Just in case."

Grace: "Then I suppose we won't be alone, ever. Liam will always be with us. I don't want something to happen to him. But then again…I don't want to force you to protect him. Even for something that might happen. It might not."

Arsenrios: "She will come after him again. However, I can protect him even if I am not around."

Grace: nodded, "By the way, I love you too." She gave him a slight smile; sure he'd make things better.

Arsenrios: smiled, "For that I am grateful." He kissed her again.

Grace: "Should we make sure Anne is okay?" she asked, a bit worried for her. Especially after seeing what Kiada had done to Liam it was scary even thinking what her bites would do to Anne.

Arsenrios: nodded, "That's a good idea." He took her hand and started to walk to the kitchen with her.

Grace: "Anne?" she called softly as her and Arsenrios walked hand in hand.

Anne: she was working over the stove. "Yes?"

Grace: released Arsenrios' hand and walked over to her. "How are you feeling? Should you even be working? You should be resting. I can take over until you feel better." She offered with a glance at Arsenrios.

Anne: "I'm fine, thank you though." She smiled slightly. "You two have fun." She continued to stir the bowl of chili. "The chili should be done soon, whenever you or the boys are hungry, you guys can get some."

Grace: she smiled slightly, "Okay. Thank you Anne." She turned to Arsenrios, "Speaking of which, I wonder how Liam is doing, swimming with the mermaids and all."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Yea." He walked towards the tank.

Grace: "We could…leave him." She whispered on their way there.

Arsenrios: "We could." He smiled.

Grace: kissed his cheek and smiled.

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed her.

Liam: snapped a wet towel at Arsenrios' face.

Arsenrios: grabbed the towel and put it on the counter.

Liam: "Why so many mermaid costumes, Arsenrios?" he smirked. "This place is awesome." He complemented, turning his head and looking around the place again.

Arsenrios: "Thank you."

Liam: "Come on Grace, we better get you home."

Grace: nodded and smiled slightly at Arsenrios, "See you tonight?"

Liam: "He isn't gone just yet. He needs to take us home."

Grace: "Yea, I know." She realized that she was still in her bathing suit. "Oh, I should change." She gasped. "Can I leave this here?" she figured if Arsenrios let her, she'd be back to swim often. She loved it here, with the mermaids.

Arsenrios: nodded, "One of the spare rooms can be yours." He led her to one.

Grace: smiled, "Thank you." She got her clothes and went into the bathroom in the spare room that was now hers and changed. She left her still damp swimming suit in the bathroom, coming back out. "I guess I'll have to try out the mermaid tail later."

Arsenrios: nodded.

Grace: "Time to go home, I guess." Though she'd like to spend the night at Arsenrios' house, she doubted her mom, or even Liam, would ever let her.

Arsenrios: "Unless my sister comes."

Grace: "What do you mean?"

Arsenrios: "If she came then we would be chaperoned and I'm sure it would be okay if you spent the night. But we can ask."

Grace: smiled widely. "Her heart jumped at the prospect, "Really! I'd be so happy!" she wondered what it was like to spend the night at Arsenrios' house many times. And now she would know for real. She hoped it would be just like she imagined, or maybe better. No mom to bother her…no brother in the other room to overhear…no Liam to interrupt. She hugged Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: hugged her back.

Liam: he walked into the room where Grace and Arsenrios were at, "Woah, too much PDA." He tapped Grace's shoulder. "Come on, we have to go." He had already dried off and changed and was holding his towel and swimming trunks in one arm.

Arsenrios: "We need to go ask your mom." He said to Grace as he kissed her.

Grace: shivered at the feeling of his lips on hers. "Yea…we do." Though she made no effort to move.

Liam: "BREAK IT OFF!" he took the towel and coming up behind Arsenrios' face, he threw the towel around his head, covering his mouth and nose and eyes, and gripped the ends, pulling Arsenrios' head back away from Grace's face.

Grace: "Liam! Stop!" she said, raising her voice more than low. "I'll go."

Arsenrios: "How pathetic, human." He took the towel off of his face and threw it to the floor.

Liam: lifted an eyebrow, "Human? What? Who calls people 'humans'?" he smirked. "It may have been pathetic, but it worked. Let's go or I'll tell her mother you both come here alone and often."

Grace: "But we don't do anything, Liam." She said through her teeth, getting irritated.

Liam: "I bet your mother would be more inclined to believe what I say then any love struck daughter of hers."

Grace: she bit her tongue and closed her eyes, breathing through her nose.

Arsenrios: "Perhaps Kiada was right to begin with." He said, glancing at Grace.

Liam: "Shall we go?" he drawled out the words.

Arsenrios: he snapped his fingers and Liam vanished to his home. He took Grace's hand and appeared back in her room with her.

Grace: she opened her eyes and smiled, "Thank you." She squeezed his hand.

Liam: he came to the door of Grace's room, "Of course. I knew you two would be in here. You just can't resist, can you, Arsenrios?" he rolled his eyes. "Disgrace. I'm getting the mom…" he turned back down the hall.

Arsenrios: made Liam forget what he was going to tell Grace's mom. "Let's go see if your mom will let us." He walked downstairs with her.

Grace: "Okay." She went with him, holding his hand.

Grainne: was reading a book by the fireplace in the living room.

Arsenrios: "Grainne, we wanted to ask you a question if you're not too busy."

Grainne: looked up from her book, closing it, leaving the bookmark to save the spot that she was at. She pulled off her reading glasses to see Arsenrios and Grace more clearly, smiling at them. "Yes, Arsenrios?"

Liam: he came down the stairs. "Say no." he sat in a chair.

Arsenrios: smiled, "We were wondering if it would be alright if Grace came to stay with me at my house for tonight. My sister and a friend of hers will be there to make sure we don't do anything improper."

Liam: "I said say no."

Grainne: "Sure. I don't see why not if you are properly supervised."

Grace: she smiled widely, "Really mom! Thank you!" she hugged her tightly and then stepped back beside Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Thank you."

Grace: "I need to pack clothes." She ran to her room.

Liam: "You're not living there, Grace." He called after her, rolling his eyes.

Arsenrios: chuckled.

Grainne: "Liam, mind your own business." She put her glasses back on and returned to reading her book where she had left the bookmark.

Arsenrios: walked up to Grace's room.

Grace: she had thrown together an overnight bag. "Ready." She smiled, eager to leave.

Arsenrios: he teleported them to his home.

Grace: "Yes." She whispered and flung herself back onto the couch. "Now we are REALLY alone." She smiled. "You don't really have a sister or her friend coming over, do you?"

Arsenrios: smiled, "You are correct. I was never good with being watched over."

Grace: shook her head in mock sadness, "My poor mom's been lied to."

Arsenrios: smiled and chuckled, watching her.

Grace: "Arsenrios, I think I like you." She got up and started jumping on the couch.

Arsenrios: smiled, "That's good to hear." He watched her bounce on the couch.

Grace: she sighed and sat down on the couch. "So, what do you want to do? We can do anything you want. I don't care. I trust you."

Arsenrios: "Well, we could swim if you still desire to."

Grace: "But Arsenrios, you and I can swim anytime. I'm actually here alone now." She thought for a moment and sighed, "I suppose we could." She smiled, "And I can try out that mermaid tail again. But this time longer."

Arsenrios: "Like you said, we can do that anytime. What is it you want to do? We have today and tomorrow." He gently moved the hair out of her face and kissed her deeply.

Grace: her heart sped up quickly when he touched her. She swallowed and kissed him back just as much as he kissed her. She pulled him down by his arm to sit on the couch next to her. She kept her eyes closed for the moment.

Arsenrios: he made sure that he didn't sit on her as he leaned closer to her and put both his hands on the sides of her face, still kissing her as he sat beside her on the couch.

Grace: her body trembled, the skin tingling under his touch. She had to remember to breathe. Some might think she was stupid, a human girl alone with a Snyde. But if this was stupid, she didn't want to be smart. Her back pressed against the arm of the couch.

Arsenrios: he paused for a moment so that she could breathe before he kissed her again. He loved her so much, though his mind was warning him to keep in control and not to lose it. He was about to, however.

Grace: unlike the other time, this time she didn't stop him.

Arsenrios: he had completely lost control. He wrapped his fingers around the belt loops of her pants and scooted her down. He was leaning over her, kissing her very passionately. With each passing moment his passion grew more and more.

Grace: "You're not…planning anything besides…kissing, right, Arsenrios?" she managed to ask between kissed.

Arsenrios: "That's correct." He said, gaining control but still kissing her.

Grace: relief spread through her body like hot chocolate on a cold winter morning. Her muscles relaxed a bit, though her breathing was still ragged. Good gracious…if just kissing Arsenrios almost made her heart leap from her chest, she feared what anything more would do to her.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly. He kissed her again. He could feel her relax.

Grace: she hooked her leg around his, her hands moved to his chest. Yea…she was getting into it even more than before.

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed her passionately.

Grace: her long wavy red hair framed her face. She was feeling light headed, but it was a feeling she enjoyed.

Arsenrios: "You're going to pass out."

Grace: "Yea. I do that a lot." She breathed, kissing him again. "Especially when I kiss you." She smirked and pulled her body closer to his, since his body was as stiff as a rock she couldn't very well pull him closer to her.

Arsenrios: smiled. He wrapped his arms around her body and kissed her.

Grace: tugged at his shirt.

Arsenrios: smiled, "What are you doing love?"

Grace; "Trying to pull your shirt off." she said leaning her head back on the couch to break the kiss, her eyes open. She looked up at him, her breathing ragged and quick.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Just kissing, remember?"

Grace: "I know...but I see your chest all the time when swimming. What's the difference when kissing?"

Arsenrios: "Very true." he took off his shirt and put it on the floor, "There."

Grace: "Mmm...yea." she bit her lower lip and closed her eyes again. "Maybe there is a difference." she whispered and put her hands over her face.

Arsenrios: chuckled and put a jacket on.

Grace: peeked between her fingers. "Thank you." her heart was still pounding though. She dropped her hands.

Arsenrios: "Sure." he kissed her again

Grace: "I think... my mom... would yell at... me if she... knew I was... doing this."

Arsenrios: "Do you wish to stop then?"

Grace: "No I don't." she said back. She coughed slightly as she spoke, finding her throat to be dry. "Liam isn't here to tell on me."

Arsenrios: "You need something to drink." he told her softly.

Anne: brought some water in not looking at the strange position they were in and left.

Grace: glanced over at Anne. "How'd she know to come in so fast?" she looked back at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: shrugged, "I have no idea."

Grace: "Are we being watched?" she whispered.

Arsenrios: "No of course not."

Grace: coughed again. She pushed herself up and grabbed the water on the dresser and drank it slowly, letting the wetness of it coat her throat. She set it down and leaned back on the couch. "You have an enormous house."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I suppose it is rather big."

Grace: got up and looked back at him. "Can I look around?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yes, go ahead."

Grace: "Is there any room I'm not allowed to be in?"

Arsenrios: thought for a moment, "On the fourth floor. The 2nd door on the right."

Grace: "Okay." she took off to the stairs and went looking around his house like an adventure. If Arsenrios had mermaids in his house, who knew what other awesome stuff he had.

Arsenrios: went up to his room and changed his shirt.

Grace: after about 30 minutes she made it to the fourth floor. She paused at the 2nd door on the right, but didn't go in it. She just leaned against it and pressed her ear to cool wood and listened.

All was quite

Grace: "Hmm." she finished with the floors and then moved on to the basement.

There were different things there but in the corner there was a pile of gold

Grace: "Oooo pretty." she went and knelt by the pile of gold and picked up some in her fist.

Something moved behind her, all she saw though was a flash of red

Grace: turned quickly. She stood and let the gold fall back onto the pile. She swallowed. "Arsenrios?"

There was no answer.

Grace: noticed how dark it was in the basement. Her blood pulse quickened a bit at the fright. She walked back to the stairs.

Something hit her with its tail, only now did she realize it was a dragon.

Grace: "OW!" she yelled and gripped her leg where the tail had hit. She sat on the bottom step of the stairway, looking up. Too many steps to climb with her leg hurting like this. She needed to go back upstairs though. A dragon? Dragons ate people didn't they? And she was bleeding. Snydes were attracted to that smell, weren't they? She was in a death trap.

Dragon: hissed at her.

Grace: her heart beat faster, and she could feel all of the blood draining from her face, possibly down and out of the cut on her leg. So yea, it was either be killed by a dragon, bitten by a Snyde, or bleed to death. She forced herself up and used her hands to push up the stairs.

Dragon: swiveled around and blocked her exit.

Grace: "Get. Out. Of. My. Way." she closed her eyes not to look at the thing.

Anne: came down stairs, "Oh my gosh." she said softly.

Arsenrios: "What is going on?" he looked to the dragon and said a few words.

Dragon: nodded then went back over with his gold

Grace: "Arsenrios." she breathed, then fainted.

Arsenrios: caught her, "Anne, close the door and locked it." he glared at the dragon then picked Grace up and carried her to her room that had now been decorated to her liking. He laid her on the bed.

Grace: breathed softly.

Arsenrios: "That's it, breathe." he told her calmly.

Grace: opened her eyes slowly, "Arsenrios..." she said weakly. "You have a dragon."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yea. But we won't worry about that right now okay? You need rest."

Grace: "No if I rest then it will waste my day here." she frowned and tried to sit up, but there was that pain in her leg. "Ow my leg." she gripped it again.

Arsenrios: rolled up her pant leg carefully.

Grace: "Sure Arsenrios you tell me to stay out of the 2nd room on the fourth floor but you never tell me to stay out of the basement with the dragon." tears fall out of her eyes and down her cheeks gently, but mostly because of the idea of almost dying again, not because of the pain in her leg.

Arsenrios: "I'm sorry love, I didn't expect him to be there." he healed her leg after knocking it back in place

Grace: cringed a bit. "I have to get the blood away."

Arsenrios: wiped all of the blood away and off her leg. "There, it's all taken care of." he set fire to the pad he had used.

Grace: "I'm sorry Arsenrios." she cried more.

Arsenrios: "Sorry for what?" he hugged her; "You have nothing to be sorry about."

Grace: nodded, hugging him. "Do dragons eat people?"

Arsenrios: "They can. If they consider them a threat."

Grace: "Was I a threat?" she pressed her face into his shirt as more tears came out.

Arsenrios: "Well, you see dragons are very protective creatures over gold, the only reason why he would act that way is if you touched it. He might have thought that you were going to steal some of it."

Grace: "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't- didn't know." she leaned back and wiped at her face. "I know nothing about anything."

Arsenrios: "It's alright just next time if you go exploring through the house, I am going to be there with you like I should have been in the first place."

Grace: "I might offend something I don't know anything about. I don't know anything about mythical creatures."

Arsenrios: "It's alright, that I why I will be there."

Grace: took a shaky breath. "But you can't be there all the time. Like when you are on your hunting trips."

Arsenrios: "I will find someone to protect you."

Grace: "I don't like being protected Arsenrios. I used to be able to protect myself until I met you." she felt helpless.

Arsenrios: sighed, "I understand."

Grace: "But I guess I'll have to get used to the idea that I can't do that anymore." she said softly.

Arsenrios: "We will have to think of something."

Grace: "You can't think of anything. It's like; when I punch Liam I hurt him. If I didn't that to you I'd just hurt myself, even more than the punch I throw would hurt Liam. It's ridiculous and unnatural." she looked away scowling.

Arsenrios: "If you wish me to return you home, then I will. Then everything will be how it should be."

Boy: leaned against the doorway watching them. He had bright red hair

Grace: "That's not what I want. I can't. You know that. You leaving me would probably be worse than it was the first time it happened." she looked over at the boy.

Boy: smirked and waved.

Arsenrios: "As you wish."

Grace: lifted her fingers from the bed and waved them back slowly for a moment. She dropped them and looked back at Arsenrios. "Don't say that please. It makes it sound like you are being forced into something you don't want." she whispered and put her head on her knees as she pulled them to her chest.

Boy: "How you doing girl?"

Grace: looked over at him. "Fine as can be for being scared almost to death, getting my leg broken, and almost eaten by a dragon." she sighed and put her head back on her knees.

Boy: chuckled, "Those dragons can be very temperamental."

Arsenrios: "Yes you would know that well wouldn't you?" he hissed turning to him.

Grace: nodded. She looked at him. "Do you live here?"

Boy: smiled and nodded, "Yea you could say that."

Grace: "So then you know all about mythical creature stuff." she sighed. "Everyone but me knows."

Boy: "Not everyone."

Grace: "Everyone here. I don't know how Anne handles it." she looked down.

Boy: "Lots of practice, trust me. It kind of grows on you after a while."

Grace: nodded. Like how Arsenrios grew on her, but she didn't think anything else ever would be easy to handle. "Maybe."

Boy: shrugged, "It all depends on what you like I guess." he took a couple steps toward her.

Arsenrios: growled, "Don't you dare. After your behavior downstairs you will not get near her."

Boy: "Well she was touching my treasure you know what happens when someone does that."

Arsenrios: "She is a guest not a random human. You will treat her better."

Boy: "Yea sure."

Grace: her head lifted and she took her legs and dropped them over the side of the bed, her toes touching the wooden floor. She sat up facing him, sitting next to Arsenrios. "You were downstairs too? Are you alright? Did the dragon hurt you too?"

Boy: "No, he doesn't hurt me. But yes I was downstairs."

Grace: "I guess that's good then. I think I offended him without knowing."

Arsenrios: sighed, "Will you just stop playing with her mind?"

Boy: "It's fun."

Arsenrios: "Too bad."

Grace: looked to Arsenrios. She brought her legs back onto the bed and under her. "What? We are just talking."

Arsenrios: "Alright, so how do you like talking to a dragon?"

Grace: lifted an eyebrow at him. "You mean a little boy? I don't think I could ever talk to the dragon."

Arsenrios: "He is the dragon."

Boy: smirked, "That's me. And for the record I am not a little boy."

Grace: looked from Arsenrios to the boy. She froze; not something she expected or wanted.

Arsenrios: put an arm around her.

Boy: "You ruin all my fun you know that Arsenrios."

Grace: "I'm sorry." she managed.

Boy: shrugged, "You're not the only human to get their grubby little hands on my treasure."

Grace: "I didn't-" she swallowed. "I didn't know it was yours. I didn't take any I swear." she moved closer to Arsenrios and back a bit on the bed, putting a few centimeters more distance from her and the boy.

Boy: "That's what they all say. You're just lucky Arsenrios was there to stop me."

Grace: a tear slipped down her cheek. She folded her arms around her knees, looking away. She was right she did almost die.

Arsenrios: "Leave. Now."

Boy: rolled his eyes, "Fine. Take care you to." he walked out to the hallway and changed forms and return to the basement and his pile of gold

Grace: "He doesn't like me. I offended him."

Arsenrios: "He's like that to everyone."

Grace: "What if-" she looked at Arsenrios. "What if I offend someone next time and I do die? I'm only 18 Arsenrios I don't want to die." she cried again.

Arsenrios: "I won't let anyone kill you. It's alright." he hugged her again

Grace: "What other things live in your house?"

Arsenrios: "At the moment only the dragon and mermaids."

Grace: "Nothing in the room on the 4th floor?"

Arsenrios: "It's just better you don't go in there. There is something in there that you do not know about, nor will I tell you about."

Grace: "Was that your wife's room?" she whispered.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yes. It was." he said softly. "Right across from mine."

Grace: "You guys didn't share a room?"

Arsenrios: "She preferred us having different rooms."

Grace: "Both of you had an odd relationship." she whispered mostly to herself.

Arsenrios: "Odd perhaps, but I still loved her."

Grace: "And she loved you. I don't understand why you two didn't share a room."

Arsenrios: shrugged, "I do not know."

Grace: nodded. She sighed. There would be a good many of things she would never understand.

Arsenrios: "Perhaps later if you wish we can go there. Perhaps."

Grace: looked at him. "In her room? Oh Arsenrios I don't have to. I understand the sacredness of it all. I won't disturb it."

Arsenrios: nodded, "We should get you something to eat." he stood.

Grace: "I'm not hungry. I lost my appetite after the episode downstairs." she stood though. Really, she wanted to know more about his wife but she didn't want to pry, so she didn't ask.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Well then what do you want to do?"

Grace: "Nothing." she blushed.

Arsenrios: smiled, "What is it?"

Grace: "Nothing I'll offend you. We can watch a movie?" she suggested.

Arsenrios: "You won't offend me please tell me."

Grace: "I don't want to because I know it is a sensitive subject and it is not my place to ask such questions." she started to walk to the hallway and back to the living room.

Arsenrios: "It is your place to do anything that satisfies your curiosity."

Grace: "Not if it is questions about your wife." she went down the stairs.

Arsenrios: "Even then."

Grace: shook her head. "I don't want to make you talk about something you don't want to."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Alright. So which movie did you want to watch?"

Grace: "Any you have."

Arsenrios: Thought for a moment, "Perhaps it would be best if you chose one."

Grace: smiled slightly. "Why? Do you like blood and gore films or something?"

Arsenrios: "Let's just say that my movies you wouldn't like."

Grace: "Why? What kind are they?"

Arsenrios: "Horror and such."

Grace: "I knew it." she smiled. "So where are your movies?" she walked into the living room.

Arsenrios: "In the library."

Grace: "Oh. I know where that is." she remembered from when she had explored earlier. She went to the library and found the movies, looking through them.

There were bookshelves upon book shelves.

Grace: "Ummm..." she said overwhelmed, as she scanned the shelves.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly.

Grace: "I'll choose at random." she closed her eyes and ran her fingers over the movies. She pulled out a random one and looked at the title.

It read, "Dracula."

Grace: looked at Arsenrios. "Is this like the real movie on him, or the one Hollywood made?"

Arsenrios: "The real one."

Grace: "Oh." she looked down at it. "Of course out of all the billions of movies you have, I pick this one." she handed it to him.

Arsenrios: "If you don't want to watch it you don't have to."

Grace: smiled, she laughed and walked to the living room.

Arsenrios: walked into the living room.

Grace: sat on the couch.

Arsenrios: put it in and started it.

Grace: "I like scary movies too. When I know they are fake."

Arsenrios: "Okay." he said not about to tell her this was real until somehow he showed up on the screen.

Grace: "Besides," she whispered to Arsenrios, "Even though you say this is the real movie of Dracula, you also told me Dracula has been long dead. So let's see if this is actually scary, or just laughable." she turned her attention back to the movie.

Arsenrios: "Alright." he said knowing that she was in for a big surprise

Grace: "Hey look it's you." she looked down, "We need popcorn."

Anne: brought it in and gave it to them before leaving.

Grace: "Thanks Anne." she called to her, and ate some while watching the movie, sitting next to Arsenrios.

The movie got gory fast; way worse then what Hollywood portrays it.

Then Arsenrios wife came on.

Grace: screamed a few times. "Who made this movie? Who's that?"

Arsenrios: "That." he pointed to the girl, "Was my wife. As to who made it, it was a friend of mine."

Grace: "She's human she has to get out of there!" she gasped jumping up and down getting into the movie. "GO!"

Arsenrios: chuckled and watched as she instead kissed the Arsenrios in the movie, sticking by him.

Grace: looked to Arsenrios. "Your friend made this? How can someone stand to watch all that gore and hurting humans? They made a sport of Dracula's hunting? You told me you weren't alive when Dracula was alive."

Arsenrios: "Originally when he was alive I was not."

Grace: "What do you mean originally?" she asked confused.

Arsenrios: "There were two times that Dracula walked the Earth. I was here for the second."

Grace: "He came back?" she whispered, pausing her hand that held the popcorn, in front of her mouth.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yea."

Grace: swallowed and dropped the popcorn back in the bowl. "Will he return again?" she said, her voice thick.

Arsenrios: "No, it is impossible for him to do so."

Grace: "Oh." she said in relief, and put more popcorn in her mouth, continuing to watch the movie/documentary on Dracula.

Arsenrios: continued to watch it, he had missed his wife's smile, maybe it was meant to be that she had chosen this movie. To remind him of things past.

Grace: "Your wife is pretty."

Arsenrios: "Yes."

Grace: "Why is she around Dracula being human and all?"

Arsenrios: "I don't know. She didn't like our kind and yet she was always around us. She was one of those people you never knew what they are going to do next."

Grace: "I see. How can anyone stand being around Dracula doing those kinds of things, let alone videotaping it?" she shivered slightly.

Arsenrios: "This is our nature. How he acts is how we are taught to act by some."

Grace: "And your wife...didn't care?" she looked at him.

Arsenrios: "I knew that she didn't like hanging around Dracula but she did it all for me." he shook his head.

Grace: "Arsenrios..." she asked serious. "If there was a way, would you bring her back?"

Arsenrios: he thought about that for a moment, "I do not know. I believe that things happen for a reason. If you would have asked me that a few years ago then I would have said yes, but now I am not so sure. I do not want her to go through that pain again. To be with a people she didn't believe was...right."

Grace: "What do you mean, 'A people she didn't believe was right?'"

Arsenrios: "She didn't believe in our ideology if you understand my meaning."

Grace: "Like which beliefs?"

Arsenrios: "The whole human issue, I remember she used to fight and fight with Dracula over the matter of human life."

Grace: "And he didn't hurt her?"

Arsenrios: "I wouldn't let him."

Grace: "But you didn't agree with her either. You liked Dracula's way better. You still do."

Arsenrios: "It didn't matter what I believed, I loved her and I would have done anything for her. Even if that means changing my thinking

Grace: "So what did you mean, you do not want her to go through pain again...pain from what?" she asked softly.

Arsenrios: "There are people who hunt our kind. When she was dying, she was in so much pain..." he paused collecting himself together again. "I could feel it but I couldn't do a thing."

Grace: "How old was she when she died?" she said, setting aside the popcorn bowl she held Arsenrios hand.

Arsenrios: "She was only 100 years old. She was so young." he shook his head.

Grace: "I'm sorry Arsenrios." she pulled her hand back to her side. "And you are afraid if you brought her back if you could, that those who hunt your kind would find her again someday? And life would repeat itself."

Arsenrios: "I could bring her back if I tried but yes. That is the reason I do not do so."

Grace: "But there is a possible chance that it won't happen again. Then she won't be in pain...and you won't be suffering anymore. If you brought her back."

Arsenrios: shrugged, "I'd much rather her be safe than her be in danger."

Grace: nodded. She paused, glancing at the movie again. "How old was she, and you, when you met?"

Arsenrios: "She was about 19 years old."

Grace: "And was she afraid of you, at first?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "I didn't want to hide who I really was to her. So I took down the barrier that lets us reveal our true selves to certain people without others noticing."

Grace: "How long until she got over that?"

Arsenrios: "It took about a year."

Grace: "Then you two married?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yes."

Grace: "And how old was she when you changed her?"

Arsenrios: "It was 5 years after we were married so she was 25."

Grace: "How old are you? Frozen at."

Arsenrios: "32."

Grace: smiled slightly. "Oh. That's a 14 year difference for us."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "Yes, until you pass me up."

Grace: smile faded. "Right. I forgot about that." she mumbled.

Arsenrios: "But that's alright, Are you thirsty?" he said to distract the conversation

Grace: "Yes I am. Popcorn makes me thirsty."

Anne: brought it in, "The Dracula video how interesting." she commented as she set both of their glasses of water on the side table and paused before leaving

Grace: nodded. "It is. Not too scary. Just gory. Thank you." she took a glass of water and drank some.

Anne: "It gets worse. You're welcome."

Arsenrios: drank some he ended up finishing his glass though

Grace: "You've seen it, Anne?"

Anne: nodded, "Yea. I have to do something while Master Arsenrios is away." she refilled his glass.

Grace: smiled slightly, "Good thing he has a billion movies. You can watch a new one everyday with no repeats."

Anne: nodded and smiled, "It is quite fun."

Grace: set her glass on the coffee table and tucked her feet under her, she watched more of the movie.

Just as Anne had said it did get scarier and much worse.

Grace: her eyes widened, she screamed a few times and spilled popcorn.

Anne: came in and cleaned it up.

Arsenrios: put a comforting arm behind her

Grace: "I'm sorry." she mumbled and climbed down to help Anne.

Anne: already had it cleaned up. She bowed to them and then left.

Arsenrios: kissed her forehead.

Grace: "I don't know how you can take watching this movie Arsenrios. Or worse, even being there when it was being filmed."

Arsenrios: shrugged, "I lived it."

Grace: "That's worse. How could you have stood that?"

Arsenrios: "When you are exposed to something so much then it becomes natural, you no longer care anymore or even think about it any other way."

Grace: "So you just don't care anymore?"

Arsenrios: "Not exactly, I do care. But I've seen so much death I am just not moved by it anymore."

Grace: "Arsenrios, why did you change your wife?"

Arsenrios: "I changed her because I thought that I was protecting her. So that she could take care of herself when I was on trips."

Grace: smiled slightly. "That was thoughtful of you. And she liked it too I bet."

Arsenrios: "I suppose."

Grace: "What do you mean? She didn't want to be changed?"

Arsenrios: "No, she did but in the end it would have been better if she was still human."

Grace: "It's not your fault, you know." she told him softly.

Arsenrios: "It is though. I should have protected her, got in front of her so that the bullet would have hit me instead."

Grace: "But then I'd be dead." she whispered.

Arsenrios: Didn't say anything, "My wife and my whole life back then is in the past and there is no point in making a fuss over it. I am glad that I was there to help you."

Grace: nodded, "If you weren't the third person there in Russia, Drakul, Kerberos, or whoever your replacement would have been surely would have killed me. Killed everyone. Actually Arsenrios, I owe you my life because of that, as do the other girls. Then just don't care to see it now, but one of these days they will. So I am very glad you were there to help me, too. Thank you."

Arsenrios: "You're welcome, though I am not looking for anything special, sure I didn't treat them as bad but I was still involved to them that is all that matters. I am just surprised that hunters aren't after me yet."

Grace: "You did nothing wrong. I'd send them to Kerberos and Drakul."

Arsenrios: "They are dead."

Grace: "Oh." she smiled. "Then really everything is fine."

The movie ended.

Arsenrios: took it out and places it back in its case.

Grace: watched him, and then looked outside. It was really dark out. She yawned.

Arsenrios: "You should get some sleep."

Grace: shook her head. "No I just need caffeine. I am making the most of my night here."

Arsenrios: nodded and smiled, "I'll go get you some."

Grace: "Thank you." she did, however, go up to her room and change into her pajamas. A cute pants and top set with little red hearts over it. She came back down to the living room.

Arsenrios: had tons of caffeine waiting for her

Grace: chuckled, she ate some and soon felt wide awake. And hyper.

Arsenrios: smiled watching her, it had been a long time since he had seen a hyper human.

Grace: jumped on him and kissed him.

Arsenrios: kissed her back, he wrapped his arms around her waist

Grace: "Arsenrios you need to get a trampoline in your house."

Arsenrios: "Oh really?" he kissed her again, "Why's that?"

Grace: "So I can JUMP on it and expend energy..." she giggled.

Arsenrios: chuckled, "Of course. Well, what about the couch instead?"

Grace: "Good enough." she paused, her smile grew. "NO THE BED!" she got up and ran upstairs to her room and jumped on her bed.

Arsenrios: watched from the door way. He knew a great way to spend energy but he wouldn't say anything.

Grace: "Come on." she called to him. "Join me." she did a back flip then a twirl.

Arsenrios: "Alright." he joined her in her fun.

Grace: "Do you have swords?"

Arsenrios: "Yes, why?"

Grace: jumped off the bed. "Let's sword fight."

Arsenrios: "Let's not. You might get hurt."

Grace: "I'll have you know I'm an experienced sword fighter." she struck a pose.

Arsenrios: chuckled, "Alright."

Grace: "So go get them please." she jumped back onto the bed.

Arsenrios: went out and brought back swords with a gold handle and jewels.

Grace: "Ooo pretty." she paused, holding it. "Just don't show the dragon morphing boy."

Arsenrios: smiled, "These are actually from him."

Grace: "Do you think if I gave him gold he'd forgive me?"

Arsenrios: "Hard to say."

Grace: "Oh." she frowned.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "We will just have to see how good of swordswoman you are."

Grace: laughed. "In here? You'll destroy my room."

Arsenrios: "Not in here. There is a sword room down the hall."

Grace: "Ever been told not to run with scissors? No one said swords." she ran down the hall.

Arsenrios used his speed and made it there first.

Grace: "Cheater!" she giggled and stepped into the room and swung at him.

Arsenrios: blocked it.

Grace: swiveled and swung again.

Arsenrios: blocked it again.

Grace: "Try me now I DARE YOU!" she stood back.

Arsenrios: he did some stuff that he had learned long ago that had long since been forgotten by humans.

Grace: gasped. "Hey no fair old man!" She blocked most of it but not some.

Arsenrios: laughed, "It's fair."

Grace: "It will be when you teach me." she smiled coyly at him.

Arsenrios: smirked, "Do you think you can handle it little girl?"

Grace: "I think I can try." she held the sword, pointed end to him. She smiled and laughed. "That's all I can promise."

Arsenrios: "Then let's begin."

Grace: "I don't want to hurt you. Maybe we should put on that sword fighting padding to protect our skin and faces?" it did look silly though.

Arsenrios: "You can't hurt me, though you may need it."

Grace: "If you don't need it, then neither do I." she stepped close to him and looked up at him, smiling. "But I think you have an advantage…" she shoved at his chest with one hand, "Being rock solid. Can't you act human for once?" she lifted an eyebrow at him.

Arsenrios: he smiled, "Nope, never." he kissed her.

Grace: smiled and kissed him back, shivering slightly from the tremor his touch still sent through her body. "Fine." She whispered, opening her eyes. The sword was at the side of Arsenrios torso. "Fatal mark if you were human." She smirked and stepped back, still holding the sharp edge at his skin. "Don't allow yourself to get distracted, my Snyde love." She laughed and brought the sword back to her, watching him still.

Arsenrios: "Who wouldn't be distracted by your beauty?"

Grace: blushed. "Arsenrios don't say that."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Why?"

Grace: shook her head. "Because it makes me feel weird when you say it." she lifted the sword again. "You're just trying to distract ME now."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Now would I do that?"

Grace: "Yes, you would. From what I know of Snydes they do anything to take advantage of humans." she turned her nose up, "So I'm not listening."

Arsenrios: "Not all of them." he kissed her

Grace: lowered her sword, her resistance down, she kissed him back. What else could she do? She couldn't do anything when he kissed her. She dropped the sword, and it made a clanging sound as it hit the floor.

Arsenrios: smiled.

Grace: forced herself to step back, her head swimming. "Are we...sword fighting or not?" she slurred the words out and looked around, "Where's my sword?" she felt disoriented.

Arsenrios: picked up her sword and handed it to her

Grace: took it. "Thanks." she wondered, "What other fun things are there to do at your house?"

Arsenrios: "Anything you can think of, it probably has it."

Grace: as he talked she pointed the sword at his neck. She smiled. "Fatal wound 2. 2 to 0. I'm winning." she pointed the sword down again.

Arsenrios: smiled and shook his head.

Grace: frowned. "You're not in the mood to do this are you?"

Arsenrios: smiled and when she was distracted he touched her lightly with his sword, "Two to one."

Grace: smirked. "Oh. Is that how it is going to be? I see." she swung at him again.

Arsenrios: blocked it, "Nice try."

Grace: "Yea...maybe I should quite while I am ahead."

Arsenrios: touched her again, "Now we are tied."

Grace: "HEY!" she glared playfully at him. "Do that again and I won't kiss you."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Oh really?"

Grace: thought about that. "Actually, that may do more harm to me than you anyways. So maybe I should use a different threat."

Arsenrios: laughed, "I wouldn't be so sure but what is your new threat?"

Grace: "I won't..." she looked around quickly for inspiration. "I really don't know of anything I can use against you." she sighed.

Arsenrios: smirked, and touched her again, "I win."

Grace: "HEY!" she turned away from him.

Arsenrios: "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

Grace: "I can never win at anything when I'm against you or any other non human thing." she sighed and twirled her sword.

Arsenrios: "How about if I was just like a human for a bit."

Grace: faced him, stopping the sword twirling. "You said you wouldn't ever."

Arsenrios: shrugged, "If it makes you happy it can't be too bad of a thing."

Grace: "I won't ask you to do that. I'll just endure the fact I'm weak against anything but humans."

Arsenrios: "You don't have to ask." his eyes became a deeper green and his skin softer.

Grace: her pulse slowed. She stepped forward, looking at his eyes. "Your eyes changed color. Not a lot but a bit."

Arsenrios: nodded, "That's because I am no longer non-human."

Grace: "You mean you are human?" she gasped.

Arsenrios: "Mostly."

Grace: reached a hand up slowly and touched his face lightly, testing.

Arsenrios: his skin was warm and soft, you could move it with your hand.

Grace: kept her hand on his cheek. "You're warm." she whispered and dropped the sword again and put her other hand on his cheek.

Arsenrios: "I know."

Grace: " said you are only 'mostly' like a human. What does that mean?"

Arsenrios: "I have a few powers I can still use."

Grace: "Like what?" she dropped her hands and stepped back a bit.

Arsenrios: "Stab me."

Grace: "I don't want to."

Arsenrios: sighed, "Well it wouldn't hurt me. Though I would bleed, I wouldn't die."

Grace: "It would hurt you! You said you'll bleed." she cringed.

Arsenrios: "Yes but not too bad and I wouldn't die even if you stabbed me in the heart."

Grace: "I wouldn't do that though." she picked up the sword. "But we can have a fair fight now." she smiled.

Arsenrios: smiled, "That we can."

They sword fought for about an hour.

Arsenrios: was barely out of breath

Grace: grinned and sat on the floor. The sword next to her. "That was fun." she breathed and lay back on the floor.

Arsenrios: "That it was."

Grace: "Thanks Arsenrios." she turned her head to smile at him.

Arsenrios: "You're very welcome."

Grace: "I wonder something..." she sat up looking at him. "Did you change back yet?"

Arsenrios: shook his head, "Not yet."

Grace: stood and walked over to him. "I wonder what it'd feel like to kiss you. If it'd be the same or not."

Arsenrios: "It's worth a try."

Grace: "I can't reach you." she pulled him down to her and kissed him.

Arsenrios: wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her back deeply

Grace: her breathing still increased but her blood nor her heart raced like it normally did when she kissed him. She smiled as she kissed him back.

Arsenrios: kissed her again and picked her up.

Grace: giggled. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "You are warm." she didn't shiver because of the cold.

Arsenrios: "I'm glad that makes you happy." he resisted the urge to do as his heart wanted though it was getting harder and harder as he didn't have as much control as before

Grace: "It makes me happy. Does it make you happy?" she whispered, looking into his eyes. She didn't have that natural fear of him that she normally had, how her body reacted. Though she had to admit that she did somewhat miss the blood pulsing and heart beating faster. That did feel good.

Arsenrios: "Anything that makes you happy makes me happy."

Grace: smiled. She kissed him again longer.

Arsenrios: kissed her back passionately.

Grace: "You can change back if you want, you know." she said softly, though she would miss the warmth. She wondered what it would be like to sleep next to him when he was warm, though, she couldn't ask him to forgo his true self all night. So she wouldn't.

Arsenrios: sat on the couch with her in his lap, "I may stay like this for a while take in the human experience."

Grace: "Oh. Really?" she said, maybe a little too much happiness coming out.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Unless you want to quickly change back."

Grace: "It's fine. Whatever you want Arsenrios." she giggled. "It's your body."

Arsenrios: smiled. He kissed her again.

Grace: closed her eyes and just kissed him back. She kept her arms around his neck. In a part of her mind she wondered if this was comfortable for him, her sitting on his lap and all.

Arsenrios: it was getting harder and harder for him to remain in control.

Grace: leaned back, finally asking. "Is this comfortable for you, me sitting here?"

Arsenrios: "Yes, it's very comfortable, what about for you?"

Grace: nodded. "It is very. Just a little different. I've never sat on your lap before."

Arsenrios: "Well, you can't say that anymore cause you have."

Grace: "Yea I guess so." she snuggled into him.

Arsenrios: brought her closer

Grace: closed her eyes and started humming 4Ever by the Veronicas slowly.

Arsenrios: smiled, he stroked her back.

Grace: "I feel like dancing." she still had a lot of energy in her.

Arsenrios: "Then let's dance."

Grace: leaned back, "Yea, but I don't mean slow dance." That would probably make her sleepy. Sitting on Arsenrios lap was relaxing her and making her sleepy already.

Arsenrios; "I know."

Grace: "You fast dance?"

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded, "Of course."

Grace: "Oh cool." she jumped up and spun around and looked for a music player.

Arsenrios: hit a button on the remote.

Grace: started dancing to the song that was playing. She was being super crazy.

Arsenrios: laughed and danced as well they did this for 3 hours.

Grace: slumped on the couch and laid down on it.

Arsenrios: picked her up and laid her in her bed. "Good night my love." he whispered to her.

Grace: smiled weakly, she opened her eyes. "What time is it?" her words slurry.

Arsenrios: "5 A.M."

Grace: "Oh." she held his hand. "Morning then." her eyes closed again.

Arsenrios: smiled, he rubbed his thumb over her hand lightly.

Grace: soon her breathing became even and light.

Arsenrios smiled. He loved watching her sleep.

Grace: didn't wake up until two pm.

Arsenrios: had left the room at one.

Grace: sat up and looked around. Where was Arsenrios? She smoothed down her hair and went out to the hallway.

There were delicious smells filling the house.

Grace: skipped down the stairs to the kitchen. "Anne?"

Anne: turned, "Good morning Mistress." she smiled slightly.

Grace: "Mistress?" she asked confused. "What's that?"

Anne: "The lady of the house. Since you are dating Master Arsenrios you're basically the mistress."

Grace: smiled slightly. "Oh." she nodded, understanding. Though she never really thought of it as dating. "Speaking of you know where he is?"

Anne: "Master Arsenrios came down about an hour ago and said he needed to do something but he never said any details."

Grace: "Oh alright. I'll be back then. I should get dressed." she smiled and looked at the food. "It smells really delicious."

Anne: "Thank you. It's for you."

Grace: "Not you?"

Anne: shook her head, "I already ate."

Grace: "Okay. Thank you Anne. I'll have to do something for you sometime."

Anne: "That won't be necessary but thank you anyways."

Grace: smiled slightly, not saying anything. She went back to her room and made the bed then put her bag on it. She got out her items and went to the connecting bathroom and got in the shower, she came out and brushed her hair, leaving it down, a towel wrapped around her she went back to her room and looked through her bag for her clothes to change into.

There was some noise in the kitchen of pans falling.

Grace: ran out and downstairs, the towel still around her. "Anne! Are you okay?"

Anne: "Yes but if he doesn't get out of my kitchen I am going to hit him on top of the head with the cooking pan."

Boy dragon: rolled his eyes, he spit fire from his mouth.

Anne: "Just go back to your treasure before I make you." she dodged the fire.

Boy dragon: laughed

Grace: backed away. "Oh."

Dragon: turned toward her and looked to be smirking. He turned back to Anne and hissed.

Anne: hit him on top of the head with the pan, causing it to break. "YOU BROKE MY PAN! GET OUT!"

Grace: "What's your name Dragon?"

Dragon: "Maimun."

Grace: smiled in amusement. "Oh."

Maimun: changed to his human form, "Will you just shut up woman!" he told Anne.


Grace: backed away, now seeing Anne was perfectly fine, she went upstairs and finished getting dressed. She had on a navy blue tank top with a white shrug over her shoulders, and a pair of skinny jeans. She walked through the house levels checking to see if Arsenrios was anywhere inside. If not she knew he probably went out hunting. Her wet hair dampened the back of her shirt where it lay. He wasn't in any of the hallways

Grace: went and knocked on his room door. "Arsenrios?"

There was no answer however there was movement in the next room over.

Grace: turned around hearing the sound. "Arsenrios?" she said from the hallway. She wasn't supposed to go in that room so she wouldn't.

The door opened and Arsenrios was there. "Hello, I didn't expect you to wake so soon." behind him was a room beautifully decorated in a pink color and roses, it looked like a palace bedroom a big difference from his.

Grace: smiled. "Yea. I feel rested enough. If you're busy I'll let you be. Anne made me food anyways downstairs to eat, if Maimun hasn't eaten it yet."

Arsenrios: "I'm not too busy."

Grace: tried to advert her eyes from the room. She wasn't supposed to see it. "I should go." she said and pointed to the stairs, she turned.

Arsenrios: "You know if you want to take a look inside you can." he said as he walked into his room to take a shower for the first time he had in a long time.

Grace: had to admit she was curious. And now she had permission. She walked into the room and looked around. It seemed to have been kept exactly like his wife had left it.

It looked even more like a palace when you walked inside and everything seem to be covered in gold, there on the dresser was a golden brush it said, "Nothing is impossible for those trusting in themselves."

Grace: touched the brush but didn't pick it up. She didn't want to disturb anything. She looked in the closet.

There were tons of dresses in fact almost all of it was dresses of very expensive cloth such as Chinese silk and such one thing that stuck out was the Kimono. Shoes fit only for a queen with diamonds and rubies covered them.

Grace: "My word she was extravagant." she whispered and lightly touched the clothes, wondering where one would wear such things. All she had were jeans and t-shirts. She closed the closet door and wandered more around the room. It was bigger than it seemed, she realized.

Anne: smiled from the doorway, "She always wanted to look her best."

Grace: turned to face Anne. "Did they go to parties a lot?" she wondered if that was wear Arsenrios cultivated his love for dancing.

Anne: "Not as of my knowledge."

Grace: "So she just wore those clothes and shoes around the house? Or town?"

Anne: nodded, "Pretty much. She wanted to feel important."

Grace: "Why?"

Anne: "I don't know, in my opinion though." she looked at Arsenrios' door then whispered, "She only loved his money." Then she said using her normal tone, "Then again that is just my opinion."

Grace: shook her head. "But that doesn't make sense." she looked confused. "Like in the Dracula movie she was always with Arsenrios and he said she really loved him. I know he really loved her." she looked around, "He really must have to give her everything she wanted."

Anne: "He did. Just this room alone cost one hundred million dollars back in that time. When I watch those videos all I see is someone that stuck by him to see what she would get, except for that once in the movie they never touched. She didn't want them to be in the same bedroom. It makes sense when you think about it. He was just so blindly in love with her he didn't see what she was really like."

Grace: felt really sad. "Oh. I never really thought it like that. That's so sad. I feel really bad for Arsenrios if that is the truth." she whispered. She stepped out into the hallway by Anne and shut the door behind her. She kind of felt sick to her stomach. Just the idea alone made her stomach twist. Someone using someone for their money?

Anne: "Are you feeling ok?" she looked worried

Grace: nodded. She swallowed. "Yea. Did you know her personally? I thought she died awhile ago."

Anne: shook her head, "No but my great grandmother did."

Grace: "I see. I think I'll go eat now. Is Maimun gone?"

Anne: "Yea for now."

Grace: "I can get you another pan you know. My mom has tons of them."

Anne: "That's alright. If I wouldn't have hit him with it then it would not have broke. It's just fun to irritate him." she shrugged.

Grace: "I'm afraid to." she sighed and went downstairs, walking with Anne.

Anne: "Afraid of what?"

Grace: "Of him."

Anne: nodded. "He is intimidating at first." she agreed

Grace: "More than that. He was going to eat me."

Anne: "Maimun?" she laughed, "He couldn't kill a fly."

Grace: "Seems he could. He broke my leg."

Anne: "He didn't really know you then."

Grace: "He still doesn't so maybe I shouldn't take my chances. I'm just staying out of the basement for good now." she whispered and took a plate of food. She sat down and started to eat it.

Anne: watched her for a moment before cleaning up some dishes from earlier.

Grace: finished half a plate of food, for that was all her stomach could hold, twisting the way it did. She wandered into the library and looked through his movies again. She wondered when she needed to be home.

There was a little section all to itself that wasn't horror movies

Grace: smiled slightly and looked through them. She set a few aside, and wondering where Arsenrios was she went back upstairs to his room and sat on his bed. She pulled her legs onto the bed Indian style, waiting for him.

Arsenrios: walked out of the shower, he jumped and suddenly he had pants on, "Hi."

Grace: had been holding the necklace he wore with his wedding band on it, looking at it closely. She looked up. "Oh hi." she smiled. "Here." she held it to him. He must take it off when he bathes.

Arsenrios: "Thank you." he looked down at it for a moment and then put it on.

Grace: "So I don't know what time I need to be home today."

Arsenrios: "Well, that is your call."

Grace: "Actually I think it's my moms. My curfew is 12. Since I am 18."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Wow I thought no one went with curfews anymore."

Grace: smiled slightly, amused. "What do you mean?"

Arsenrios: "Have you seen the teenagers lately? They don't have curfews."

Grace: looked down. "Yea, well, I think I should listen. I don't want my mom to ban me from seeing you again."

Arsenrios: "Yea." He agreed.

Grace: "I'd be ultimately messed up then." she looked up. "OH but I'd have Liam. Great and wonderful Liam." she pretended to swoon, and fell back onto the bed.

Arsenrios: chuckled.

Grace: looked up at the ceiling. "Your bed is comfy."

Arsenrios: "Thank you."

Grace: closed her eyes.

Arsenrios: watched her, glad that she didn't see his entrance.

Grace: "What is your favorite thing to do Arsenrios?" she asked softly.

Arsenrios: thought for a moment, "That depends what I am in the mood to do at the time.

Grace: "What would be your favorite thing to do now?"

Arsenrios: "Just be with you doing something you enjoy.'

Grace: "What do you normally do? Like, before you met me?"

Arsenrios: "Mostly stayed in my office and read unless needed."

Grace: "Books are awesome. Since you like horror movies though, are those the types of books you like too?"

Arsenrios: "My books are more educational than anything else."

Grace: opened her eyes and turned to her side on the bed. "Education on what?"

Arsenrios: "Different things."

Grace: "That's good that you like to learn things. I bet you are ultra smart, because you are so old." she smirked.

Arsenrios: chuckled, "Yea probably."

Grace: "I'd come to you to help me with my history homework, if I was still in school."

Arsenrios: "And I would probably have the answer for you."

Grace: "And then I'd reward you with like a kiss or something."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I like that thought." he walked over to his closet that wasn't filled with very many clothes and pulled out a shirt and put it on starting to button it.

Grace: watched him. "Yep, too bad I'm not in school."

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded.

Grace: "Because now you are missing out."

Arsenrios: left the two top ones unbuttoned. He kissed her.

Grace: turned away and buried her face in a pillow. "Nope. You didn't help me with my history homework Arsenrios." she said into the pillow. Her heart was beating faster.

Arsenrios: "Not my fault that I didn't meet you before then." he stroked her back lightly.

Grace: her skin tingled beneath his touch. She turned back and looked at him. "Don't do that." she said lightly.

Arsenrios: stopped, "I'm sorry." he stood and put a gel in his hair.

Grace: "It's not that I don't like it Arsenrios." she threw a pillow at his head. "It's that I like it too much."

Arsenrios: grabbed the pillow, "How could you like something to much?"

Grace: "I don't know." she closed her eyes. "How could you not?"

Arsenrios: "I don't know. Usually it's good to like things."

Grace: smiled. "Exactly." she looked at him. "You didn't have to stop, though. I was teasing. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

Arsenrios: chuckled, "It's going to take more than that to hurt my feelings." he resumed feeling the skin on her back he bent down and kissed it, still stroking it.

Grace: her body tingled extremely much. It felt like electric jolts. She closed her eyes.

Arsenrios: kissed her back again only this time up more.

Grace: felt behind her she took Arsenrios hand and held it in hers tightly. "Arsenrios..." she whispered, realizing that her blood was pulsing through her veins like a horse on a racetrack. "Where did you sleep last night?"

Arsenrios: kissed her shoulder, "With you."

Grace: "Oh." her body jolted slightly. "What are you doing?"

Arsenrios: "Kissing you. What else?"

Grace: "I don't know." she turned to face him. "But I like it." she leaned forward and kissed his lips.

Arsenrios: kissed her back before trailing the kisses down her chin and neck before coming back up.

Grace: smiled, she stroked his cheek. "You are making me feel REALLY good. Do you know that?"

Arsenrios: smiled, "That's good." he kissed her face now in different areas, and then down her arm.

Grace: she smiled back, watching him. "Smothering my body in..." she took a breath, "Kisses?" it was getting harder to breath because her heart was beating so fast.

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded, he knew that this was as close as he could get to what he wanted. He bent down and kissed her feet.

Grace: pulled her feet away. "Eww don't do that." she whispered, giggling.

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed her leg instead; one leg then the other.

Grace: smiled and pulled her legs to her. "Okay maybe...we should stop." she said trying to breathe.

Arsenrios: backed up.

Grace: "Not that...well it's just mom would kill me." she whispered.

Arsenrios: "I know, I'm sorry." he stroked her hair for a moment.

Grace: "You don't have to be sorry Arsenrios." she looked down, "Actually it's me that should be sorry."

Arsenrios: "I lost control that is reason to be, there was no excuse for the way I acted. It is you that doesn't have to be sorry."

Grace: looked up. "No but I am being terribly rude to you. Tempting you like that and then not letting you...I mean, you are making me feel good but I am not doing anything for you in return. I just thought that...thought that..." she looked down. "You didn't want to. Not after what you said about you and your wife only did it once because you didn't want to hurt her." she whispered.

Arsenrios: "I have more control now than I did then, and if all else fails I always have that human form so I know that I won't hurt anyone. You are not being rude allow me to assure you."

Grace: "If you want to you can." she whispered.

Arsenrios: "I will not do anything that will get you in trouble or that you don't want."

Grace: "My mom doesn't have to know. No one does but us." she whispered still, looking at the floor. Not wanting to meet his eyes. She probably sounded stupid and foolish.

Arsenrios: "Do you want to lose it this day?" he asked assuming she knew what he meant.

Grace: "What's a better day? Any other time my mom is around. Or my brother. Or Liam." she whispered.

Arsenrios: nodded, he stepped forward changing to his human self.

Grace: looked up at him now, hearing the steps, she shivered slightly. She said nothing.

Arsenrios: "Are you absolutely sure you want to do this? After this there is no turning back."

Grace: "I..." she looked down. "I do for you. I have to give you something."

Arsenrios: he stopped, "You don't have to give me anything. Your very presence is enough."

Grace: "But I WANT to."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Alright."


Grace: was silent, the sheets wrapped around her. She chewed on a fingernail. Her body was shaking from her pounding heart she tried to calm.

Arsenrios: stroked her back lightly.

Grace: looked over at Arsenrios, she forced a slight smile, though she didn't know what to say. She took his hand with the one she was not in the process of gnawing the nail off of.

Arsenrios: "We should get you home." he whispered

Grace: "You're sending me away?"

Arsenrios: "No, not at all." he kissed her again, "Of course not."

Grace: shivered and kissed him back. "I don't want to go home." she was afraid to run into her mom.

Arsenrios: "Alright love, we will think of something." he promised

Grace: "Thank you." she said. "So, was it what you wanted?" she asked him in a whisper.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yes. I just hope it was something you wanted."

Grace: "It was about time for me anyways. I am 18." she whispered.

Arsenrios: "Age only matter when you drink, for everything else you just have to be ready enough."

Grace: took a shaky breath. "Well," she hugged him and pushed her face into his warm chest. "I don't really think it matters now. Like you said there is no going back."

Arsenrios: hugged her back, "I love you." he whispered.

Grace: "I love you too." she said thickly, swallowing the lump in her throat.

Arsenrios: "Please try to relax."

Grace: "I will. I promise. I just need time."

Arsenrios: "I don't mean to rush you." He laid his head back on the pillow.

Grace: "You are doing no such thing." she said to him. "I don't know. It was just a bit...scary. My first time and all."

Arsenrios: nodded, "It's hard when you don't know what to expect."

Grace: "Well, the good thing is, now I do know what to expect."

Arsenrios: "Very true."

Grace: sighed. "This is exactly why my mom said we needed a chaperone."

Arsenrios: nodded, "She was wise in that."

Grace: "It's about seven pm isn't it?"

Arsenrios: "Three thirty actually."

Grace: "I feel really tired."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Go ahead and get some rest."

Grace: "Will you stay here?" she looked up at him. She bit her lower lip, unsure of things now. After this, she feared everything would change.

Arsenrios: "I will stay." he told her softly stroking her cheek.

Grace: "Do you think this...changes things Arsenrios? Does it mess it up? Does it make it better? I thought it would make it better."

Arsenrios: "That all depends on your viewpoint."

Grace: "And what is your view point?"

Arsenrios: "I think it makes it better."

Grace: nodded, she smiled slightly. "Good. That's what I wanted it to do." But time would tell if those were just words, or words that would prove true.

Arsenrios: "I just hope that I can live up with your expectations..." There was a loud banging sound- like something falling into a tub from the shower.

Grace: "I don't have expectations of you Arsenrios." she sat up. "What's that noise?"

Arsenrios: "It's probably not important."

Grace: looked at him. "Probably not." she laid back down. A wave of exhaustion swept over her. She held Arsenrios hand. "I'm going to take a nap."

Arsenrios: "Alright love."

Grace: snuggled close to him and fell asleep.

When she woke she was dressed, lying sideways on Arsenrios bed, clutching Arsenrios old wedding band necklace in her fist.

She sat up, looking at the ring.

Arsenrios: walked out of the bathroom naked. He had just taken a shower. When he saw Grace he jumped back and pants came on him immediately, "Hi."

Grace: looked up from the wedding band. "Arsenrios?" she asked confused.

Arsenrios: "Yea?"

Grace: "Oh my word." she put her head down in her hands. "I just had to most vivid dream." she realized she still held the necklace. She held it out to him.

Arsenrios: "What was it about?" he took it and set it on the dresser and sat beside her.

Grace: "I don't know. But I think it taught me a lesson."

Arsenrios: "That being?"

Grace: looked up. She took a deep breath, calming her nerves. It was just a dream. All of it. She smiled at Arsenrios and hugged him tightly. She leaned back. "It's either, 'Listen to your Mom', or...'Wait until you are married'." she stood off of the bed.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Good lessons to keep in mind."

Grace: "I'll let you finish getting dressed. I'll go put in one of the movies I picked out downstairs."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Alright see you in a few."

Grace: went downstairs and looked at the movies she picked out. She wasn't in the mood for any of those. She looked at the shelf again and picked out another horror movie, but this time, one Hollywood actually made. She put it in the DVD player and sat on the couch, pressing play.

Arsenrios: was down a couple minutes later looking nothing like he did in the dream. He sat next to her.

Grace: looked at him. "Got your necklace?"

Arsenrios: "It's upstairs."

Grace: "Why aren't you wearing it? I thought you said you always would."

Arsenrios: "Time changes people."

Grace: looked at him, not understanding his change of mood, but she said nothing. She decided not to ask and instead just leaned over onto him, continuing to watch the movie.

Arsenrios: put an arm around her and watched the move as well.

Grace: "Arsenrios." she started slowly.

Arsenrios: "Yes?"

Grace: "I like our relationship how it is. Let's not change it, okay?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Okay."

Grace: turned away from the movie for a moment to smile at him. "I love you."

Arsenrios: "I love you too." he kissed her softly.

Grace: kissed him back.

Arsenrios: turned his attention back to the movie.

Grace: continued to look at him. "Does this movie scare you?"

Arsenrios: chuckled, "Of course not." he looked at her.

Grace: "What does scare you Arsenrios?"

Arsenrios: "What scares me the most...would be losing the one I love."

Grace: nodded. "Yes I guess that would be scary. Though you...well then your fear already happened didn't it?" she said softly.

Arsenrios: "Maybe but I won't let history repeat itself."

Grace: "I'm not going anywhere. I promise you." she tapped his chin.

Arsenrios: smiled, "That makes me very happy."

Grace: smiled back, she looked at the movie. Though she wouldn't leave him, sometimes she feared him leaving her because of her incompetence with mythical creatures.

Arsenrios: placed his chin on top of her forehead.

Grace: occasionally her mind would drift from the movie. She played with Arsenrios fingers. Maybe that fear, the fear of losing him, was what made her dream person want to love Arsenrios, as a way to prove she wouldn't lose him. But that didn't work and instead, it felt like it made the relationship more distant instead of close. Here now, in real life though, while she was awake, she wondered how she could prove that Arsenrios wouldn't leave her.

Arsenrios: held her close to him to show that he would always protect her and always be there for her.

Grace: smiled. "Thanks, Arsenrios." And she felt the protection. Actually, she felt it even from the time they met in the house in Russia. Maybe not the first day or the second, but it was maybe just a few days after that- when she realized her fears were irrelevant when she was with him.

Arsenrios: "You're welcome."

Grace: "Did you eat?" she wondered.

Arsenrios: "No but that's ok."

Grace: her eyes grew wide. "But it's like three pm!"

Arsenrios: "Yes it is." he said wondering what was going on.

Grace: "You didn't eat anything at all today?"

Arsenrios: "No..."

Grace: "Are you hungry? That's not good for you not to eat Arsenrios."

Arsenrios: "I'm fine." he assured her

Grace: "Are you not eating because I am here?" she whispered. It was just weird, because normally he ate.

Arsenrios: "No, don't worry when I'm hungry I'll eat."

Grace: "Alright." she said. She thought about it a moment. "You know, Arsenrios..."

Arsenrios: he was quiet as he let her continue.

Grace: "Well, I let you bite me before. And that was even before I really knew you. Now I know you and trust you wholeheartedly. I don't care if you bite me now."

Arsenrios: "I don't want to hurt you again."

Grace: nodded. "I understand." she laid her head on his shoulder again and wrapped her hand around his. "But I think I exaggerated before. It didn't hurt so much as it did scare me."

Arsenrios: "I know what it feels like; trust me that was no exaggeration."

Grace: looked at him again. "You were bit before? Oh that's right. I keep forgetting."

Arsenrios: smiled, "More than you think."

Grace: "More?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "To feed others of my kind."

Grace: "You let others bite you for food?"

Arsenrios: nodded.

Grace: sat up now, facing him. "Who and for why?" she gasped. "Do you have scars? Where?"

Arsenrios: "For each person it was a different reason." he rolled up his sleeve there was bit marks as well as some on his neck

Grace: "That's something the dream didn't show." she whispered and touched them lightly. She looked at him. "You are a very kind person. Even when you say you weren't before, I think you were. You had to be, to do this for others. To save them like this."

Arsenrios: "It seemed necessary."

Grace: "I didn't notice them before when we went swimming." she commented, lightly stroking one with her thumb.

Arsenrios: "I try to hide them, in the water it gives the illusion that they aren't there."

Grace: looked at him. "Why do you try to hide them Arsenrios? I don't think you should hide them. I think they are wonderful."

Arsenrios: "I tried to hide them because I was worried what people would think."

Grace: "I think you are brave. That's what I think. And caring." she lifted his hand and kissed one of the scars on his arm. "You saved others like you saved me."

Arsenrios: "It's not right to treat women like that. Brave is hardly the word that I would use..."

Grace: "Where were you when you were bit? Was it all women again?" she smiled up at him. "You are always surrounded by women."

Arsenrios: "Not all of them." she smiled down at her

Grace: smirked, "And you're right. The word I would use is chivalrous."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "Thank you, those are very kind words."

Grace: "You shouldn't be worried about what other people will think of your scars Arsenrios. I doubt anyone would say they didn't like them."

Arsenrios: "If they knew how I got them maybe."

Grace: "You got them by saving people. So I really just think that story would help others love the scars too. Battle scars. Shows you can handle tough times."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I believe you are right."

Grace: " there another way people can be frozen at a certain age without becoming a Snyde?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "There are many different things that can happy to prevent aging. Many other species that can do that as well."

Grace: "I only ask because I know. Growing old while you stay young. It's not fair."

Arsenrios: "Well, if you wish to stay at the same age I am sure we can get something arranged."

Grace: "I think I'd be afraid to use it. Like I was afraid to make that wish with the mermaid shell."

Arsenrios: "The question is, do you want it badly?"

Grace: "Not yet I don't."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Then we don't have to worry about it for now but when you are ready just let me know."

Grace: hugged him. She loved the fact that he always worried about her feelings. It was sweet of him. Though she did wonder what to do for him, when he was a man who could get anything he wanted. Or at least, get his wife anything she wanted. There had to be something more than just her presence, if the dream was even right in that statement.

Arsenrios: smiled and hugged her back, he didn't think that it was possible to fall in love with something other than his other wife but he had met her. He knew for sure now that he truly loved her more than anyone or anything else.

Grace: "I don't know what time you'd like me to leave, but my curfew is at 12."

Arsenrios: smirked, "We could be fashionable Early."

Grace: looked at him. "Yea, my mom would appreciate that. Trust you more." she agreed. "But how early?"

Arsenrios: "I was thinking like 5 minutes."

Grace: giggled. "Yea. Sounds good to me." she turned back to the movie, resting her head on Arsenrios lap now, holding his hand in hers.

Arsenrios: smiled down at her then turned back to the movie

The movie ended soon after.

Grace: sighed in relief. "I like the real Dracula movie better. At least it made me scream."

Arsenrios: nodded, "The Hollywood versions are not as good as the actual person."

Grace: "You mean, as scary?" she sat up on the couch, but still facing him. "What other movies to you have that are REAL?" she smirked.

Arsenrios: "There are tons of them; in fact there is a whole section for them."

Grace: "On what topics?" she didn't know anymore besides Dracula.

Arsenrios: "Well, there's big foot, Frankenstein, Nessie, things like that."

Grace: eyes widened. "All of those are real?"

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded

Grace: "How about Nessie? You know; start small, then work to the big." she smiled slightly.

Arsenrios: "That sounds like a plan." he agreed

Grace: sat back onto the couch. "Yes, and if we run out of time on the movies for now, I can always come back later if you want me to, another day." she said. She'd offer to watch the movies at her house, but she didn't want to expose her family to that sort of stuff.

Arsenrios: "That sounds good because there is no way that you are going to finish all of these movies today."

Grace: smiled at him. "Well, then let's not waste time with the next one."

Arsenrios: smiled and put the next one in.

They watched movies until 11:45 pm.

Arsenrios: "Well we still have ten minutes. What do you want to do?"

Grace: giggled. "I don't know." she laid her head on his shoulder. "Whatever you want. We've been doing what I wanted for too long."

Arsenrios: "I am happy with whatever you are so why don't you go ahead."

Grace: sat up. "Why do you say that? You are always trying to make me happy."

Arsenrios: "Because it's true."

Grace: "I doubt that very much. I know people can get joy from seeing others happy, but it normally doesn't last long."

Arsenrios: smiled, "There is nothing normal about us."

Grace: "Yea, I guess not." she laughed slightly. "Well," she said, "We are just wasting time arguing over this...I'm not choosing." she pulled her legs up on the couch under her and crossed her arms.

Arsenrios: chuckled, for a brief moment he went into her mind to see what she wanted to do.

Really all that was replaying in her head was parts of her dream, with emphasis on the kissing that happened before.

Arsenrios: kissed her, thinking that was what she wanted.

Grace: smiled and kissed him back happily. How did he know that was what she wanted? She wondered.

Arsenrios: "That answers that question." he kissed her again

Grace: "Yea...I guess it does." she smiled. "You are really handsome do you know that?"

Arsenrios: smiled, "I do now."

Grace: "Spending the night at your house is fun." she kissed him again.

Arsenrios: kissed her back, "I am glad that you had fun."

It was 11:55 PM.

Arsenrios: "It's time to get you home are you ready?"

Grace: "Yes. I think I am just leaving my stuff here, right? Or do you want me to take it home?"

Arsenrios: "It can stay here."

Grace: smiled, "Okay." she whispered.

Arsenrios: put an arm around her, preparing to teleport.

Anne: "Bye guys." she smiled at them.

Grace: "Bye Anne." she waved.

Arsenrios: teleport them to just outside her house.

Grace: kissed him again. She walked into her house.

Liam: "Took you long enough." he was sitting in the living room.

Grainne: "She's early Liam. Leave her be. Did you have fun honey?"

Grace: smiled, "Yes. A lot of fun. Thank you mom."

Neil: "So how is Yuki doing? Since you said she was there."

Grace: "Um...good. I guess?"

Neil: "You only guess? You don't know?"

Grace: chewed on the inside of her cheek. She had forgotten to come up with an excuse.

Arsenrios: "She ended up not able to make it but one of her friends was there in her place."

Neil: "Oh." he sounded disappointed.

Liam: "Not that Grace would notice anyways, Neil. Her mind was probably occupied elsewhere." he looked at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "It was actually, she seemed to be very interested in the rare movies in my library so it was focused on that." he looked to Neil, "She is about to get off work soon if you want to give her a call."

Liam: "Awesome you have movies?"

Grace: nodded and relaxed thankful for the change in topic. "Yes. He has tons. Literally." she told Liam.

Grainne: "Glad you guys spent your time wisely." she commented and then resumed reading, now that she knew all she wanted to know.

Neil: smiled, "That'd be awesome. I have her phone number I think." he took out his cell and looked through his contacts list. "Yep, I do."

Arsenrios: smiled at Neil for a moment before turning his attention to Liam.

Liam: "You'll have to show me this collection sometimes Arsenrios." he said, standing. He grabbed his jacket. And shrugged into it.

Arsenrios: "I will."

Liam: smiled, "Thanks. I better go for the night. See you guys in the morning."

Arsenrios: "Bye."

Grace: "Bye Liam."

Liam: left.

Grainne: looked up, "Are you going back to your house Arsenrios?"

Arsenrios: "Yea, I guess it's time to head home. Thank you for your hospitality."

Grace: looked at him sadly.

Grainne: "No problem Arsenrios." she smiled at him. "You are welcome here anytime."

Arsenrios: "Thank you I will keep that in mind." when he looked at Grace it was a face only she would know, the 'I got a plan' look.

Neil: "I'm going to go make a phone call." he stood.

Grainne: "I don't think so young man. It's bed time. No phone."

Neil: "MOM!" he exclaimed.

If Neil was paying attention he could feel the presence of a life form outside of his bedroom window.

Neil: realized the feeling. "Alright mom." he relented and put his phone away. He went up to his room.

Grace: smiled slightly, "Oh." she mouthed to Arsenrios before she looked to her mom. "Night mom." she gave her a good night kiss on the cheek then went up to her room and got changed for bed.

Arsenrios: he walked out the door after saying his goodbyes and appeared at Grace's window after waiting for her to shut her bedroom door so he couldn't be seen entering her room if anyone peeked in from the hallway.

Grace: opened up her window after closing her room door. "Hi." she said softly and stepped back so he could come in. She climbed onto her bed and under the covers.

Arsenrios: came in and kissed her lightly.

Grace: kissed him back and then laid back on the bed. She yawned slightly, a bit tired.

Arsenrios: laid down, putting his arm around her.

Grace: closed her eyes pressing her head against his chest. He was cold again, his normal temperature, but she was familiar with it, and it left her with some sense of security, knowing it didn't change. "Good night Arsenrios. I love you." she whispered sleepily.

Arsenrios: "I love you too. Good night Grace."

Grace: soon fell asleep.

Arsenrios: smiled and watched her sleep.

About a half hour later there was a knock on Grace's bedroom door.

Arsenrios: looked up he knew that it was Neil but didn't say anything.

Neil: opened up her door slightly and stepped in.

Arsenrios: "Hi."

Neil: jumped slightly. "Hey...Arsenrios..." he said slowly, wondering what he was doing here.

Arsenrios: chuckled, "Need something?"

Neil: "Yea, is Grace awake?" he whispered. He doubted Arsenrios would know what he needed.

Arsenrios: shook his head, "No she was really tired."

Neil: "Oh...hmmm..." well now he didn't know what to do.

Arsenrios: "What did you need?"

Neil: "A pair of Grace's pajamas."

Arsenrios: "I can't help you there but it might be in the second drawer."

Neil: walked over to the dresser and looked in the second drawer. "Yep." he said after a moment, and pulled out a pajama set. He closed the drawer lightly.

Arsenrios: laid his head back down.

Neil: left quietly and shut the door behind him.


Grace: moved slightly and woke.

Arsenrios: was gone.

Grace: sat up with a jerk and banged her head on the headboard. "OW!" she yelled and her hand immediately went to it.

A girl walked in to the room when she heard Grace yelp, "Is everything alright in here?" she asked, looking around the room for a moment before back at her.

Grace: "No!" she yelled. Her eyes widened. "Who are you?" she closed her eyes against the pain in her head, trying not to cry.

Destiny: "Destiny. How can I help?"

Grace: "What are you doing in my house." she got up off her bed and made way for the bathroom.

Destiny: "Just a visit." she saw Arsenrios shirt, a small smile forming on her lips.

Grace: "Oh. Visit who?" she washed her face and checked out her head in the mirror. A slight bump was showing on her forehead.

Destiny: "Have someone in here recently?"

Grace: "Who are you visiting?" she asked again, and wiped the water off her face. She turned to face Destiny, brushing her hair.

Destiny: "Just a friend. I figured he would be here."

Grace: "Neil? Liam?" she finished brushing her hair and put it away.

Destiny: "No, Arsenrios. Someone told me he had been spending a lot of time here."

Grace: "Yea." she faced Destiny again. "If he is not here I don't know where he is I'm sorry."

Destiny: "It's alright. He'll come around." she smirked an unnerving kind of smirk.

Grace: got an unsettling feeling in her stomach. "Why do you need him?"

Destiny: "Just to talk." she turned, "Have a good day Grace and thank you for your help."

Grace: "Okay..." she said, and now besides her head hurting, her stomach did too. She got back under the covers and laid there, eyes closed, though not sleeping.

Arsenrios: came through the window he smiled slightly.

Grace: pulled the covers over her head not wanting him to see her bump on her forehead. She knew it was him because of the immediate reaction her body gave with the blood pulsing and the heart beating and the quickened breathing.

Arsenrios: "Hit your head on something?"

Grace: "Maybe. How do you know? You can't see anything."

Arsenrios: "I heard the scream."

Grace: sat up, "How? Where were you?" her hand covered the slight bump.

Arsenrios: "Two miles away."

Grace: sighed. She dropped her hand and cringed for his reaction.

Arsenrios: "Please be more careful my love." he kissed her bump as it vanished.

Grace: felt her forehead. "I will." she said softly. Her skin tingled where his lips touched it. She smiled slightly, "Thanks."

Arsenrios: "You're welcome."

Grace: "Destiny came by for a visit."

Arsenrios: "Destiny who?"

Grace: "She never said. But she was really nice. A bit unnerving, but nice none the less. I just get creeped out by too many things now-a-days so I can't trust that sense anymore."

Arsenrios: "There is only one Destiny I know."

Grace: "Who?"

Arsenrios: "I don't wish to talk about it."

Grace: "Oh." she looked down. "Alright." she got up and went to her dresser to pick out her clothes for the day.

Arsenrios: "The only destiny I know is the one that killed my wife."

Destiny: "Hey a job is a job."

Arsenrios: hissed, "Get out of here."

Destiny: smiled, "Why should I?"

Arsenrios: "Because they have nothing to do with this. This is just a fight between me and you."

Destiny: "Oh, who cares. You know you were so stupid Arsenrios for staying in one place for so long."

Grace: had moved to the far side of the room when the fight started, her clothes in her hands. Closer to Arsenrios than to Destiny.

Arsenrios: "Get out of here." he hissed again.

Destiny: "No. Not until your dead."

Arsenrios: "Grace, go downstairs."

Grace: "Dead?" she whispered, feeling her eyes smart with the oncoming of tears of fear.

Destiny: "Yes of course a Snyde hunter cannot just leave one alive. I should have finished the job a long time ago."

Grainne: opened up the door. "WHAT IS ALL THE FIGHTING!" her eyes settled on Arsenrios. "When did you get here!"

Arsenrios: "I said hi to you when I walked in this morning." he said remembering that he had made a point of it.

Grainne: "I don't remember you..." she looked to Destiny.

Destiny: smiled, "We had coffee this morning. Remember?" she smiled sweetly, not one hint of menace in her appearance, just like she had that morning.

Grace: "Mom..." she said thickly.

Grainne: "Honey what's wrong?" she went over to Grace.

Grace: "I just feel sick." she left the room with her mom.

Destiny: waited until they left and pulled out her Bloody Rose. "Get outside Arsenrios, and none of them will have to see this."

Neil: held a gun at the base of her neck from behind. "I don't think that's wise." he cocked the gun.

Destiny: "Hello Neil, so you're just going to protected this insect too? How sad. Don't you know that assisting one of them is against the law?"

Neil: "What law?"

Destiny: "Put the gun down and I will explain it to you."

Neil: "Put the Bloody Rose down and then I will listen."

Destiny: "I don't think so; I have waited a long time for this."

Neil: "You might have to do it in a next life then. Who cares about the law." he put a bubble around Destiny and shot the gun so she died. The gun had a silencer at the end of it so it did not make a sound.

Arsenrios: "Thank you. I owe you."

Neil: "Shhh. Don't talk to me." he set the gun aside and shrunk the bubble to a fist size, Destiny's body shrinking with it. He got up and went to the living room and tossed it in the fire so that all the remains burned. He went back upstairs and picked up the gun and wiped it off with a rag.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Alright." he said to himself.

Neil: tossed the gun in the air and it disappeared. He picked up the Bloody Rose.

Arsenrios: watched him for a moment before reaching his hand out for the Bloody Rose.

Neil: handed it to him. He sighed and held two fingers to his forehead. His eyes were closed, his voice low. "I better go."

Arsenrios: "Bye."

Neil: looked at Arsenrios for just a moment before he turned and left the room, heading back down the hall.

Arsenrios: came downstairs after putting the gun away.

Grace: was crying softly, she bit her thumb nail.

Arsenrios: walked over to her, and wrapped his arms around her in a hug and kissed her forehead. "It's ok."

Grace: hugged him back. "I was worried. I'm sorry. I should have done something but I couldn't. I could have...but I..." she sobbed into his shirt. "I was afraid."

Arsenrios: "It's okay. I'm glad you left with your mom." He rubbed her back softly.

Grace: hugged him tighter. "Is everything alright though? What about Destiny? I'm so sorry Arsenrios. I feel helpless."

Arsenrios: "She's dead and everything is fine. It's alright."

Grace: "Okay." She sat back and wiped the tear streaks from her face.

Grainne: came in from the kitchen, carrying a tray with tea and cookies on it. She set it on the coffee table in front of the couch and poured a cup of tea for Grace. "Here." She handed the cup to her daughter, "This will calm your stomach and whatever else is wracking your nerves hun."

Grace: she took it and held the cup with both hands, "Thanks mom." She whispered before taking a sip. The warm liquid did help with the rawness her throat had from crying so much.

Grainne: she sat on a chair, adjacent to the couch. "Feel free to have some, Arsenrios. And if Destiny wants anything, she can have some tea and cookies also. Where is she?" Grace had told her the girls name earlier, while they sat together in the living room.

Arsenrios: "She had to go take care of some unexpected business."

Grainne: "I see." She nodded and flipped on the television.

Arsenrios: looked to Grace before getting tea.

Grace: watched TV with her mom while sipping her cup of tea. She slowly felt better.


Grace: finished watching the movie with her mom, who had conveniently dozed off. She got up, collected the cups and tea kettle, and walked to the kitchen. Even though her nerves were calm, because Arsenrios was okay, she still felt awful about not helping him.

Arsenrios: gathered the remaining cups and took them in to her, and after Grace had finished washing some dishes he started to dry them.

Grace: "Neil came down, throwing something in the fire. He didn't eat anything yet. Is he okay?" she asked, shutting off the running sink water, now that the dishes were all cleaned and rinsed.

Arsenrios: "He doesn't feel well."

Grace: "Oh." she helped Arsenrios finish with drying off the dishes before she wiped off the sink with the towel. She faced him. "So what do you want to do today Arsenrios? We could go swimming with the mermaids today. You know...since I'm not spending the night at your house now." she smiled. "Unless you want to do something else."

Arsenrios: smiled. "Swimming sounds good."

Grace: "I should probably check on Neil first."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Okay. I believe that he is up in his room."

Grace: took Arsenrios hand and walked up the stairs and down the hallway to Neil's room. She knocked on the door with her free hand.

Neil: "Yes?" he called, sitting up.

Grace: opened the door. "Neil, are you doing alright?" she looked over. "Hi Yuki." she acknowledged, noticing Yuki in her pajamas but not saying anything about it. She also saw the sleeping bag on the floor so she figured nothing happened last night between Yuki and her brother Neil. At least she now knew where her missing pajamas went.

Neil: "I'm fine. Nothing for you to be concerned about." he assured her.

Grace: let go of Arsenrios hand and walked over to Neil. She put a hand to his forehead. "You don't feel sick."

Neil: "I'm not sick Grace. I'm fine. I just am not in the mood for school today. I think I might skip out."

Grace: "I don't think mom will like to hear that." she gave him a disapproving look.

Neil: "Then tell her I had a stomach ache. I did. For a bit. It's gone now though."

Grace: nodded. "Well, just as long as you are fine now." she stepped back.

Neil: "No worries sis." he gave her a slight smile.

Grace: looked to Arsenrios and shrugged. "Okay then. I guess that settles that."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Yes."

Grace: "Bye Yuki." she said to Arsenrios sister and walked out into the hallway again.

Yuki: "Bye Grace." she said softly watching them leave.

Arsenrios: walked with her, he gave Yuki a look that only she would know for a moment before exiting.

Grace: "I'll...hold on." she told Arsenrios and ran downstairs. After about five minutes she returned. "Okay." she said, "I can go."

Arsenrios: smiled and held out his hand for hers. "Ready?"

Grace: nodded and took his hand. She was eager to go swimming and maybe try out that tail Arsenrios gave her for those few minutes before.

Arsenrios: teleported them to his house.

Grace: set the bag she had put over her shoulder onto the floor. She knelt down by it and opened it up.

Arsenrios: watched her.

Grace: "Is Anne here?" she asked, picking through the bag.

Arsenrios: "Yea, she kind of never leaves."

Grace: smiled slightly, "Well, I am sure she has things to do other then be here." she stood, holding a cast iron skillet in her hand that she had pulled from the bag. She looked at Arsenrios. "That's why I ask."

Arsenrios: "Oh, let me get her."

Anne: walked in, "Hi."

Grace: smiled at Anne. "Hi. Here." she held the skillet out to her.

Anne: "Oh thank you." she took the skillet and hugged her.

Grace: hugged her back. "Yes well, you needed a replacement so I figured that could do for a bit, anyways." she whispered, "Plus, it's harder metal to hit dragons with."

Anne: smiled and nodded.

Grace: stepped back. She glanced at the basement door.

Arsenrios: "The dragon won't come up here."

Grace: "No. I know." she picked up the bag and walked cautiously over to the door. "No." she turned to Arsenrios. "He did before."

Arsenrios: "Well, if he does then he won't hurt you."

Grace: "We'll see." she opened up the door and took a deep breath to steady herself. She descended a couple steps into the basement and stopped, she wondered if she wanted to go any farther. Her heart beat wildly with fear.

Arsenrios: came down with her.

Maimun: looked up from his treasure.

Grace: "Maimun, I have...something for you." she spoke softly.

Maimun: looked up at her, he got off his gold pile to face her, "What is it?"

Grace: held the bag out to him. Her arm was shaking.

Maimun: his tail wrapped around the bag handle as he took it from her.

Grace: let go of it instantly and stepped back onto a step above her. She took short breaths.

Maimun: shifted forms and looked through the bag.

There were a few gold necklaces and golden rings; then there were a lot of ancient golden coins and also old tie clasps for men, all golden.

Maimun: smiled, "Thank you." he walked over to her and held out his empty hand for a handshake.

Grace: swallowed and slowly extended her hand to him.

Maimun: shook her hand. "Thank you."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, watching from behind Grace.

Grace: "It's alright." she pulled her hand away maybe a little too quickly. "Just some stuff I never wear and...then my dad's stuff my mom kept in a box for so long." she whispered.

Maimun: "Well, I should get back to my treasure now. Good-day." he took the bag and stepped back to his mound of treasure that he had found and added his new treasures before he turned back into a dragon to lay on it.

Grace: turned and was going to walk up the stairs but bumped into Arsenrios behind her. She stumbled back and caught herself with the stair railing. She was still shaky. "I didn't know you were there." she explained. "Sorry." she told Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: chuckled, "It's alright." he took her arm and helped her to get up the stairs. "Breathe." he reminded her.

Grace: nodded, she took short breaths. "I'm okay."

Arsenrios: "Alright. Well perhaps you should just relax for a little bit."

Grace: "No swimming?"

Arsenrios: "We can later but you need to get your heart rate down."

Grace: sighed. She sat on the couch. "This is stupid. So stupid." she breathed.

Arsenrios: "What is?"

Grace: "Me. I'm stupid."

Arsenrios: "You're not stupid." he assured her.

Grace: "No one should react this way Or Dragons."

Arsenrios: "No one would be able to handle all of these things. I am shocked that you still want to be around me."

Grace: lifted her eyes to look at his. "It doesn't matter what there is to endure. I would do it because of you. All of it if I was assured I could be around you."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "I have to ask you something very important when you're all rested."

Grace: "Sure. But I am as rested as I will ever be. You know, being around you and all my heart never slows really." she brought her legs up and tucked them under her on the couch.

Arsenrios: got on one knee. "I am just going to cut to the chase. Grace will you marry me?"

He held out to her a box that had a diamond ring.

Grace: her eyes widened. Now she really wasn't going to be calm. "You're proposing to me Arsenrios?" she said slowly. "You want to marry me?" she whispered.

Arsenrios: "Yes, if you wish to have me as a husband."

Grace: "Arsenrios," she forced herself to move, sitting forward, she put her hands around his lightly, "I won't be as good as a wife. Not like...your first wife. I know I won't be." she said softly.

Arsenrios: "You will be perfect, I know you will."

Grace: thought about her dream. "What about...the stuff. The honeymoon stuff. You told Kiada before that you didn't like it, because of fear of hurting your first wife." And frankly, if it was anything like her dream, she didn't know if she could handle it.

Arsenrios: "I will do anything you wish, if you want then we will if not then we won't. But I do not wish to hurt you either."

Grace: "I know you don't Arsenrios." she hugged him tightly. "Yes. I will." she was nervous about the whole thing, but she wanted to spend her life with Arsenrios, she knew. And maybe if she was married to him, he wouldn't leave her. She leaned back and held out her hand to him for the ring to be placed. Yea...her heart definitely wasn't going to calm down now.

Arsenrios: placed the ring on her finger, it felt light for how big the diamond was. "Thank you so much." he hugged her.

Grace: hugged him, and while she did she looked at the ring on her finger. "You act like you were worried I'd say no, Arsenrios." she said softly.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "I was."

Grace: shook her head. She leaned back. "No. I love you too much." She looked at him. "Thank you for proposing."

Arsenrios: "Thank you for accepting."

Grace: stared at the ring, "I hope you didn't spend a lot on me, Arsenrios." she said softly.

Arsenrios: "It is well worth it."

Grace: looked up at him. "Well, as long as you are the one coming with the ring, that's all that matters to me."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Who else?"

Grace: "It could be a hidden agenda to get me to marry Liam." she smirked.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Let me assure you, it come from me."

Grace: "Good." she leaned forward and kissed him. "No, better than good." she kissed him again.

Arsenrios: kissed her back.

Grace: trembled slightly. She was full of nerves and excitement. "I have to tell my mom." she whispered.

Arsenrios: "Okay, just tell me when and I can teleport us back home. To your home I mean."

Grace: smiled. "You're home too. When do you want the wedding?"

Arsenrios: "When do you want it?"

Grace: "As soon as possible. But I need to find...the perfect wedding dress at least. Do you want a big wedding or a small one? Indoor or outside? Who all will we invite?" he head was swimming.

Arsenrios: "I am fine with whatever you choose."

Grace: "Do you want...your friends to come?" she knew that they wouldn't be human.

Arsenrios: "Will it bother you if they show up?"

Grace: looked down. "No. I mean, that would be rude of me not to let them come. Your friends and family need to be there like mine needs to be there." she stopped a moment, thinking, all of her family except her father.

Arsenrios: "I would like them to come and I assure you they will be on their best behavior."

Grace: looked up at him. "Okay. Anything for you." she kissed him again and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Arsenrios: wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back. He was being very cautious.

Grace: leaned back, "What's wrong? You seem stiff." But it was sort of a silly question...weren't Snydes normally stiff? The way they were just naturally hard skinned and still.

Arsenrios: "Nothing's wrong." he assured her, he kissed her again

Grace: "Okay." she giggled and kissed him.

Arsenrios: kissed her back.

Grace: "I should start planning the wedding with my mom. Then we can get married the sooner the better, I think."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Does that mean you wish to go home now?"

Grace: "Yes. Well...well, I guess I can swim with the mermaids later." but she couldn't stay here long, Arsenrios was too tempting.

Arsenrios: nodded, he stood pulling her up with him, he teleported them back to her house.

Grace: stepped back from him and went to her mom. "MOM!" she yelled.

Grainne: "What?" she said, startling awake. "Is there a fire?"

Grace: "NO MOM! MOM LOOK!" she held out her hand to her mom and knelt in front of her. "Arsenrios proposed to me mom!"

Grainne: "Well it's about time." she hugged her daughter.

Liam: came from the kitchen. "WHAT!" he said, angrily.

Arsenrios: was in the doorway.

Grace: smiled, totally happy. She leaned back. "We have to start making wedding plans." she told her mom, ignoring Liam.

Liam: growled. He crushed his can of soda and dropped it, stalking out of the back door, slamming it closed.

Arsenrios: watched Liam leave.

Grace: got up.

Grainne: stood. She went over to Arsenrios. "Honey, I give you both my blessing." she smiled and patted his cheek softly.

Arsenrios: "Thank you."

Grace: "I have a lot to do. A lot to do." she pecked Arsenrios on the cheek and then took her mom by the hand. "Mom can we go look at gowns? Please, please?"

Grainne: "Sure. It's still early enough." she let Grace pull her outside.

Arsenrios: smiled and cleaned up Liam's can. He might as well.

Grace returned with her mom later that night. She went up to her room still smiles.

Arsenrios: smiled as he watched her enter her room, "How did it go?"

Grace: leaned onto her bed. "It went great. I haven't found a dress yet but I will. I looked at a bunch. What is your favorite color Arsenrios?"

Arsenrios: thought for a moment, "Navy blue. Why?"

Grace: "You won't find out until the wedding day. Or night." she smiled and kissed him, then went and got a pair of pajamas out of her dresser.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Okay."

Grace: "Hey, I am missing a pair." she noticed, looking through her pajama drawer- the only reason she noticed was because it was the set she wanted to wear. She wondered what she did with them. After all, she was the only girl in this house besides her mother.

Arsenrios: "Maybe someone borrowed them."

Grace: "Oh." she thought for a moment, still wondering who, but decided it wasn't that important. She then took out a pair of silk shorts and spaghetti strap silk matching top. She went to the bathroom and changed into it, and pulled her hair back in a soft pony tail at her neck. She came back out and climbed onto her bed next to Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "Mmm...You're so beautiful." he kissed her. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer.

Grace: shivered slightly, "Yea, I was hoping you'd think so." she kissed him back, first soft but growing more passionate.

Arsenrios: he put his hands on both sides of her face and continued to kiss her.

Grace: "Arsenrios..." she said slowly, "I have to...tell you about this dream I had yesterday." words were hard for her to form. Her mind was jumbled because of Arsenrios kisses.

Arsenrios: he paused and leaned back, "Please tell me." he nuzzled her neck and kissed it.

Grace: "It was about you And...more than kissing." she managed to get out. Wow. She liked it when he nuzzled her neck. It was both comforting and freighting. Comforting because it came from him. Frightening because his mouth was at her neck- his mouth where his fangs were. Her body was so confused when he did stuff like that. She loved the feeling.

Arsenrios: "And?" he asked still nuzzling her neck.

Grace: "And...well, now since you proposed to me and all..."

Arsenrios: "Yes?"

Grace: "Do you know what my dream was about?" she asked softly, her eyes were closed, feeling his touch. Gosh she was so happy.

Arsenrios: "Yes." he whispered he moved his lips to hers.

Grace: kissed him back. "I love you." she whispered.

Arsenrios: "I love you too." he was leaning over her now, kissing her.

Grace: "Not...not here." she managed out. "My mom." she breathed.

Arsenrios: nodded, he laid back.

Grace: looked at the clock. She looked back at Arsenrios. She got up and kissed his cheek again. "Please don't stop. I like the way it makes me feel." she whispered to him in the darkness. She was probably going to pay for this actually...if he was hungry, she wondered. Though why would that matter? She told him he could bite her if he wanted.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, he kissed her again just as he had before. Nuzzling her neck.

Grace: "In your world, Arsenrios, what proves that two people are married?" In her world, it was the marriage license. But she wondered what it was for him- a man who lived forever.

Arsenrios: "Usually they exchange blood." he whispered.

Grace: "How do…mmm…" Form words, she told herself, forcing herself to think, though really she didn't want to. All she wanted was Arsenrios. "How do you do that?" she managed in a croak. It was about as bad as her dream. Could you die from too much of a good thing? She wondered slightly.

Arsenrios: "For some that fall in love with humans they have an assassins wedding."

Grace: "What's that?" she whispered, leaning up to kiss him again, even if she did feel on the verge of passing out.

Arsenrios: "They," he broke the kiss, "make cuts here and here." He showed Grace by making invisible lines on the palm of his hand. "You hold each other's hands after the cuts are made."

Grace: watched his palm and then looked up into his yes, "That sounds like something I could do." She just wondered how much the cuts would hurt. But it wouldn't matter. She'd been through worse.

Arsenrios: "I bet it does."

Grace: bit her lower lip. Now what? She wasn't about to ask him if he wanted to do that. I he wanted to, he would. Besides, if she mentioned it, she feared she'd seem hasty, since they were having a literal wedding soon, and she did not want her future husband to think ill of her even before the wedding. So, she said nothing, and just stared up at him as he leaned over.

Arsenrios: "You know you can say anything you want. I'll never think ill of you." He promised her.

Grace: her voice was barely a whisper; "Did you mention it because you wanted to do it?" she looked down at her right hand and turned it palm up. Or was it the left hand? Which one did you use for an assassins wedding? Was it left for girl, right for boy? Or right for girl, left for boy?

Arsenrios: "Do you?" he asked her.

Grace: nodded slowly, "Only if you do." She whispered and looked up at him. The turning point in her life was going to be if she bonded with a Snyde.

Arsenrios: "I do." He answered softly.

Grace: held both of her hands, palm up, to him, still not sure which to give so she just gave both. He would decide which hand he wanted to use. Her heart beat irregularly.

Arsenrios: he pulled a knife from around his ankle strap and cut the palms of her hands and then his own, pressing them together and holding them until they healed.

Grace: watched the blood drip. She had jolted when he sliced her hands, and she wondered if her hands healing with her slow human senses would leave a scar. She looked up at Arsenrios, entwining her fingers to his, holding their bleeding hands together. Well, probably it was just her hands still bleeding now. Arsenrios' cut was probably already healed, being a Snyde and all like he was. Then it struck her. He really was hers. Her own Snyde. Her own fiancé. Her own boyfriend and her own husband. Her breathing quickened, but she couldn't help letting a small smile slowly spread across her closed lips.

Arsenrios: smiled, "My wife." He said softly to her, moving his hands to show hers were not bleeding anymore, and nor were his. He held her in his arms, "My beautiful, beautiful, wife."

Grace: her eyes widened as she smiled, her breathing accelerated. It was true. It happened. She stroked his arm gently.

Arsenrios: smiled down at her and then kissed her hair.

Grace: "Be…um…be gentle, okay?" she felt light headed. Everyone knew what happened after two people were married. And she was sort of scared, she admitted, because she didn't know what to expect. Except the dream, but dreams barely ever came close to the real thing. She swallowed and looked up at him. She was still conscious of her mom in the house somewhere too, and as far as she knew, they weren't married yet. Not until the human ceremony took place.

Arsenrios: "I am always gentle when it comes to you. Or I try to be. But you need your rest."

Grace: shook her head slightly, "I don't want to rest. We just got married."

Arsenrios: he didn't need to be told twice. Leaning down to her, he kissed her passionately.

Grace: she ended up passing out from all of the excitement. Arsenrios could tell, because soon her once passionate kiss grew weaker and weaker until Arsenrios was doing all the kissing by himself.

Arsenrios: he smiled and laid back.


Grace: woke up slowly. She felt energized. Sitting up quickly, as realization hit her, she gasped. She fell asleep on Arsenrios! "Oh no!" she groaned in alarm.

Arsenrios: wasn't in the room.

Grace: she felt his side of the bed. IT was cold. But that didn't mean anything- he was naturally cold anyways. She got up and dressed in jeans and a snug t-shirt, throwing a hoodie over it. She went to the bathroom and fixed her hair and makeup, and then went down to the kitchen to make herself, her mom, her brother, and Liam breakfast.

A few minutes later she was thunked on the back of the head with something hard. Everything went black as she slipped into unconsciousness.


Arsenrios: walked into the kitchen and saw Grace on the floor. "Grace!" he exclaimed, running to her side.

Grace: groaned, coming slowly to consciousness, though her eyes stayed closed and she didn't move. There was a bump on the back of her head where she was hit, and it looked like an incision was made on the back of her neck, and someone had hastily stitched it back up. Dried blood was around the incision and on the floor where it had dripped down.

Arsenrios: he put his hand over the stitch work, using his power to sense what changed in her body. With his hand, he rubbed the bump on her head and it vanished.

Arsenrios felt nothing out of place. Just maybe something missing, but he couldn't figure out what. It was too insignificant to bother about anyways.

Arsenrios: "Grace, are you alright?"

Grace: "Mmm?" she slowly opened her eyes.

Arsenrios: looked her over again with his eyes this time.

Grace: when she became more conscious, she noticed his arms around her, and him looking at her. She tried to scoot away. "What are you doing?"

Arsenrios: "Holding you making sure your ok."

Grace: "I would...prefer if you didn't. Thank you." she pushed herself up to stand and went back to making food.

Arsenrios: "Grace what's wrong with you?"

Grace: looked at him. "Nothing's wrong with me Arsenrios. Why?"

Arsenrios: "Your just acting strange, that's all."

Grace: "I always act like this." she smirked and flipped her hair over her shoulder, away from the food at the counter, and continued to make breakfast.

Arsenrios: "If you say so." he sat in a chair watching her. He checked to make sure she was still human.

She was.

Grace: finished making breakfast and took it out to the dining room. Her mom was there, but not Neil. She set the food in everyone's spot though, and sat down. She looked to her mom. "Mom, where's Liam?"

Grainne: "I don't know sweetie but he should be here soon."

Grace: nodded, she ate her breakfast continuously glancing at the door for Liam's entry.

Arsenrios: sat there wondering what in the world it could be. He hoped, for Liam's sake, that he had nothing to do with this.

The door opened and Liam walked in.

Grace: smiled widely at him, "Liam!" she got up and ran over to him and kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Liam: smiled back. "Hello Emer." he kissed her again.

Grainne: watched with confusion. She looked to Arsenrios, not understanding.

Arsenrios: growled at him.

Liam: looked over. "Hello Arsenrios." he smiled at him.

Arsenrios: "Excuse us a moment." he told Grainne. Then grabbed Liam by his collar and yanked him outside.

Grace: followed them. "HEY!" she gripped Arsenrios by his arm, the hand that held Liam. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" she demanded, her eyes angry.

Liam: "Yes, what are you doing Arsenrios?"

Arsenrios: his eyes were black with fury, he hissed, "Your day is coming Liam and you will pay for what you have done to her." he let go.

Liam: "What do you mean?" he asked innocently.

Grace: glared at him. She took Liam's hand. "Back off, okay? I've told you this before."

Arsenrios: "You know darn well what I mean Liam." he looked to Grainne. "Thank you for the company this morning. It seems that my time here is over."

Liam: showed no emotion on his face, though his eyes glinted with triumph.

Grainne: stood quickly. "Grace, what is going on? I thought you were marrying Arsenrios? I gave you two my blessing!"

Grace: "What?" she asked her mom. "No, you must have forgotten, I'm marrying Liam. See?" she held up the engagement ring, it was a different one then what Arsenrios gave her.

Grainne: whispered in astonishment, "I'm not that old."

Arsenrios: gestured for her mom to come over to them.

Grainne: walked towards Arsenrios.

Grace: watched them both, wondering what was going on.

Liam: held her tighter to his side.

Arsenrios: moved Graces hair showing the incision.

Grace: tilted her head forward, covering it again. "Don't touch me!" she growled at him. She spun around so her neck wasn't to them anymore.

Arsenrios: he grabbed Liam by the neck.

Grace: "LET GO OF MY FIANCE!" she kicked Arsenrios in the leg, and screamed when pain shot up her leg.

Grainne: "Grace!" she gripped her daughters arm to keep her upright.

Arsenrios: opened the door and carried him outside. He stopped the pain in her body, "What did you do?"

Liam: "I don't have to tell you anything." he hissed.

Arsenrios: "I gave you life I can take it away just as easily." he did a quick check see if he was still human as well.

He wasn't.

Arsenrios: "Who changed you?"

Liam: "Like I said, I don't have to tell you anything. I know exactly what you are Arsenrios. I can so take you on."

Arsenrios: stabbed something into his neck that made him unconscious, it also took down any mental barriers. Erased memories it brought back, it worked on ANY species.

But nothing changed, because there weren't any erased memories.

Liam: continued to be unconscious.

Arsenrios: went through what happened in the kitchen, he watched what happened.

Grace: was making breakfast for the family.

Liam: came up behind her and hit her over the head with a large book he had grabbed while walking through the living room of the house.

Grace: fell to the floor unconscious.

Liam: knelt beside her and took out a surgical incision knife. He rolled Grace onto her back, and, making sure no one was around, he cut into her neck. He knelt down by her throat and inserted a tube like wire, razor sharp, through the incision. When it came back out, it had a part of Grace's brain in its hold. Liam licked Grace's neck wound and then stitched it together quickly, He rolled her back onto her back and left the house quickly.

Arsenrios: hit his fist against the wall. The house shook. "I swear he is dead."

Grace: ran out of the house, limping.

Grainne: "Grace, don't walk on your foot! I think you broke it!"

Grace: "Arsenrios stop! You'll hurt Liam!" she cried, more from tears of pain than anything. She normally didn't cry.

Arsenrios: "Don't you see what he has done to you?" his eyes turning more and more black.

Grace: "Liam has done nothing to me." she knelt by his body on the ground. She glared up at Arsenrios. "You better not have hurt him like you hurt me!"

Grainne: "Grace this is ridiculous!"

Arsenrios: "How did I hurt you?"

Grace: "MY FOOT! You broke it."

Grainne: "Grace we should take you to the hospital." she came up behind her daughter.

Grace: turned her head to look at her mom. "No! I am NOT leaving Liam here with Arsenrios. I don't trust him!"

Arsenrios: "You knew that would happen, don't you see that he has messed with you? THIS is why it's difficult for you to be of our world."

Grace: "WHAT WORLD!" she turned back to yell at Arsenrios.


Grace: "I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING THAT GOES ON IN YOUR HEAD!" she tried to stand.

Grainne: helped her up.

Arsenrios: "No of course you wouldn't but I told you once."

Grace: "I don't normally talk to you Arsenrios so I don't know what you mean."

Grainne: "But you talk to him all the time." she said still confused.

Arsenrios: hissed.

Nicodemus: appeared behind him with Anthony and another man. "Arsenrios, you know you can't do that."

Arsenrios: "I don't care about the hunters, he hurt her Nicodemus. I told her that I would never let anything happen to her and now it did. I will do anything to get her back to her state of mind even if it ends in my grave."

Anthony: "Perhaps this is why our world and their world shouldn't be together Arsenrios. As the weaker species they need protection all the time."

Grainne: eyes widened. "Wow. I think I'm seeing things." Was Grace right about her being mistaken?

Grace: "Don't. You. Dare. Touch. Liam. Arsenrios." she said firmly and then cringed from the pain that was in her foot.

Arsenrios: turned to Grainne, "You are not seeing things my friend, what you see is the truth. She was not correct this man." he pointed to Liam, "Took a part of her brain. That was the part with me in it. Which is why she has an incision on the back of her neck."

Grainne: nodded slowly. She pushed back her daughter's hair.

Grace: "Mom stop!" she protested.

Grainne: "Hold still Grace." she looked at her neck. "Oh my god." she gasped. She looked down at Liam and to Arsenrios. "How- how could he do that without hurting the rest of her?"

Grace: groaned.

Grainne: turned to Grace again, "We need to get you to a hospital."

Grace: "I AM NOT LEAVING LIAM! I LOVE HIM! THEY'LL HURT HIM." she got out of her mom's grip and knelt by Liam again and held his hand.

Arsenrios: "He is not human, she at the time was knocked out which stopped brain activity."

Grainne: "Not human?" she looked from Arsenrios to Nicodemus and Anthony, and the other man. "I'm afraid I don't understand."

Arsenrios: "As in other things, Liam is a Snyde."

Grainne: gasped. "They are real?"

Arsenrios: "Yes with many other species out there."

Anthony: "Like me I'm Vinic."

Grainne: "Well it means nothing to me unless Grace can be helped. If we can prove Liam did this then...I don't know what will happen."

Grace: glared up at her mom. "Nothing will happen to him!"

Arsenrios: "I have the proof and I might have a solution."

Grace: "Stop talking about matters that involve me when I am right here!" she demanded.

Arsenrios: "If you will let me help that is."

Grace: "There is NOTHING to help me with! You're just...just jealous. Like Liam told me." she looked back down at Liam, "Wake up honey." she said lightly and kissed him gently.

Grainne: "GRACE!" she pulled her daughter back.


Grainne: "Arsenrios is your fiancé!"

Grace: gave an exasperated sigh, "He just wishes he was." she got out of her mom's grip on her shirt.

Arsenrios: "Technically we are married." he muttered

Grace: glared at him. "Yea. In your HEAD!"

Arsenrios: "In real life Grace. You just don't remember."

Man: "Bickering back and forth is not going to help Grace. We need to get to work."

Grainne: gasped, "You guys got married and didn't invite me to the wedding?" she felt slightly offended.

Grace: "We did NOT get married! Stop putting thoughts in everyone's head that aren't real!" she yelled at Arsenrios. "Just leave me alone with Liam!" she glared at the man, "And don't you DARE tell me what to do!"

Arsenrios: looked to her, "It was an assassin's wedding, but we had still planned on having the other one as well."

Nicodemus: "I think the human girl needs to go to sleep."

Grainne: "Assassins wedding? I apologize for my lack of knowledge in terminology."

Grace: "Don't apologize to him at all!" she looked at Nicodemus in alarm. "NO!" she yelled. If she went to sleep, she'd wake up and Liam could be hurt, or worse. Or they could be separated. She held onto his hand tighter and looked down at Liam. "Liam wake up!" she urged gently.

Nicodemus: snapped his fingers and Grace was knocked out.

Anthony: "You couldn't have done that more gently?"

Nicodemus: "Nope. That girl used to be scared of me. I had to get that back."

Arsenrios: "In an assassin's wedding they cut an X on each palm and hold hands letting the blood mix, after that they are married and have a bloodline."

Grainne: nodded slowly. She looked down at them and then to Nicodemus. "They are just sleeping, right?"

Nicodemus: nodded, "Yea. Unless one of us kills Liam."

Kiada: "I bet you are wishing that you wouldn't have helped him father, that you would have left him to die."

Grainne: looked to Kiada and then to Arsenrios. "You saved Liam? From the crash that time?"

Arsenrios: "He was going to die but I saved him while he was in the hospital yes."

Grace: "Hospital. Hospital! I have to get Grace to a hospital to check out her broken foot!" she gasped as she remembered.

Nicodemus: bent down and smoothed it out. "Not anymore."

Grainne: breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at Nicodemus. "Thank you."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Sure."

Man: "We are wasting time."

Grainne: "Then what do you propose we do?" she asked the man.

Man: "Think like he would and find the missing brain piece."

Grainne: "Liam destroys things. Not hides them."

Arsenrios: "Then it seems we have reached a problem."

Grainne: "You can' know..." she looked to Nicodemus, "You fixed her foot and you," she told Arsenrios, "saved Liam's life when he was dying. Isn't there anyone who can fix her brain?"

Arsenrios: "If I had enough power I could do it but I can't do it by myself."

Grainne: "Then get someone to help you." she suggested.

Man: "I'll help."

Anthony: "So will I."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "Alright." he walked over to Grace and moved her hair, he put one hand on the back of her neck and one up.

Grainne: watched them silently.

Both the man and Anthony shot power to Arsenrios' hand. It glowed of white energy.

Nicodemus: pushed Grainne back, "You will want to stand back."

Arsenrios: he closed his eyes and combined all of those powers he found the pieces of her memory that were missing and put that section of the brain back all intact. There was a white dome that came over Arsenrios and Grace.

Grainne: "What's the dome?" she asked Nicodemus, eyes still on the scene before her. "And if I should step back shouldn't we move Liam to a safe distance also?"

Nicodemus: "It insures a safe transfer among other things. No, he is not human so it will not affect him."

Grainne: "Oh. That is right." she watched them.

The dome vanished and Anthony and the man stopped shooting energy.

Arsenrios: "Grace, I need you to listen to my voice, wake up." he told her.

Grace: "It's too bright." she whispered, holding onto him. But she slowly opened her eyes.

Arsenrios: "How do you feel?" he asked her softly.

Grace: smiled weakly, "Good." her heart raced, looking at him. She noticed Liam and her smile faded.

Arsenrios: helped her up, "Will you promise me something?"

Grace: "Anything. What?" she looked up at him.

Arsenrios: "Promise me that you will stay away from Liam if his life continues and that you will be careful."

Grace: nodded slowly. "I've just known him for so long."

Arsenrios: "I know but you don't want you to be hurt again, like I said not all Snydes are nice." he stroked her cheek softly.

Grace: "Alright." she hugged him, pushing her face in his chest. "Thank you for saving me. Forgive me Arsenrios."

Grainne: smiled slightly, "See, that's how it's supposed to be. I knew I was right." she told Nicodemus.

Arsenrios: "There is nothing to forgive, I understand Grace. And you're welcome." he hugged her back softly, figuring he wouldn't be able to stay long.

Nicodemus: smiled slightly, "That you were."

Grace: continued to hold on to him, not wanting him to leave her again. She was afraid if he did something else bad would happen. First it was Destiny...and now Liam. She closed her eyes, though no one could really notice the distress on her face because it was covered by Arsenrios shirt.

Grainne: "What about Liam now? I swear I should call the police or something but they won't be able to do anything because, all evidence is healed now!" she felt like she was getting more confused each minute. What a day.

Anthony: "We kill him."

Arsenrios: "Your mother knows about me." he whispered to Grace.

Grace: leaned back suddenly. "You can't kill him!"

Grainne: "He's being driven insane by jealousy." she wasn't sure if Anthony was being serious or not.

Nicodemus: looked to Grace, "And why not?"

Grace: looked up at Arsenrios. "And?" her heart beat faster. She looked to Nicodemus. "Because...he...he..." well, she couldn't really use the excuse that he was human anymore. "I don't like the idea." she said softly. Wow, so many questions all at once. No wonder her mom felt confused. She felt bombarded.

Arsenrios: "I don't know if we will be allowed together anymore, even if we are married." he bent his head down and kissed her.

Nicodemus: "Well, luckily it's not a human decision."

Grace: pulled away. "What!" she cried in alarm, looking at him, tears springing into her eyes. She felt lightheaded again. Her fear of losing him was coming true. Marriage did nothing to hold people together it seemed.

Arsenrios: "'s ok." he hugged her again and gave her peace of mind, 'That doesn't mean that you won't see me I'll just have to be around when she isn't.' he said in her mind. His eyes turned a maroon color.

Grace: cried in his shirt, she felt...confused. She was nervous about everything.

Grainne: "I hope you aren't pertaining to me, Arsenrios. If you are married already then I don't mind how often you come around.

Arsenrios: nodded, "I understand." he smiled down at Grace, "did you hear that?"

Grace: nodded slowly. She was still afraid he would leave her.

Grainne: "I just better still be invited to the big to do wedding we are planning. After all, I am helping Grace pick out a wedding gown." she reminded him.

Arsenrios: "Of course you will." he assured her.

Grainne: smiled, "Well, then, all is settled except for what to do with him." she pointed to Liam.

Anthony: threw a blue ball and he disappeared inside, "That takes care of that."

Arsenrios: "See all is well."

Grainne: looked to Anthony. "What does that do?"

Anthony: "Keeps him contained, he can't move or anything he's basically in a coma." he picked up the ball.

Grainne: "And later? What are you going to do with him? Doesn't he need to eat and such? Or he will die."

Grace: didn't care so much if Liam died. She'd do anything to make Arsenrios stay with her and not leave.

Anthony: shook his head, "Nope, but I can kill him if I use different settings for the ball."

Grainne: "Is that legal? I don't condone murder."

Anthony: "Where I come from yes."

Grainne: "The idea of him...taking out some of my daughter's brain...maybe he is too insane to be in society anyways. But can't you do something for punishment other than murder?"

Anthony: "He can be trapped in this ball for the rest of eternity. That's always an option."

Grainne: nodded. "Well, that's about the same thing as death...sort of. Both are a state of inactivity." But she didn't object. She was too upset right now at Liam. "You do what's best." she looked to Arsenrios. "You are good at that sort of thing with Grace."

Arsenrios: "Thank you." he smiled slightly at her.

Grainne: "Seems I owe all of you now..." she looked at Kiada. "Except, I don't believe you did anything. So I don't really owe you."

Kiada: smiled, "Of course not. Good bye." she vanished.

Grainne: "And now, I must depart, to realize where my son is at." Tackling one problem at a time.

Arsenrios: "Of course."

Nicodemus: "Real quick, you wouldn't happen to know where a largely populated place is around here, do you?"

Grace: leaned back to look at him. "No!" she said in alarm, fearing he would kill her friends or people she knew.

Nicodemus: "Okay calm down." He told Grace.

Grace: leaned her head back on Arsenrios chest, grateful Nicodemus listened to her.

Nicodemus: "Well I should go find a good hunting spot that Grace doesn't disprove of."

Grainne: nodded. "Sure. Thank" she didn't know any one of these men's names.

Nicodemus: "I'm Nicodemus, that's Anthony and that." he pointed to the man, "is Jason."

Grace: looked up at him. "I've changed my mind Arsenrios." she said softly. "If it will make you stay with me more, a more solid anchor, I shouldn't change your eating habits. You can bite people if you want, like you used to."

Grainne: "Thank you. Are you all coming to the wedding?"

Nicodemus: "Sure, if we can bring our wives."

Arsenrios: "I will never leave you Grace, ever I swear to you."

Nicodemus: "Well me and Anthony anyways."

Grace: "You say that, but we are so different I just worry."

Grainne: "I don't see why not."

Arsenrios: "You don't need to worry as long as you always love me."

Nicodemus: smiled, "Then yes, we'll come."

Grace: "I'm sorry I kissed Liam." she whispered looking down.

Grainne: "Very good. Now, if you'll excuse me." she turned back to the house.

Arsenrios: took his finger under her chin, "It's alright. It's not your fault."

Grace: smiled slightly, her eyes still sad, "I know but," her smile faded. "You always do things for me I never am able to repay the favor."

Arsenrios: "Just by your presence, by you breathing; it's enough."

Grace: whispered, "I know. You told me that in my dream." she sighed.

Arsenrios: "Well now you that as a fact."

Grace: "I just don't see how that's possible."

Arsenrios: "Please explain." he said as it was just him and her outside now.

Grace: "People always expect more, from my experience. And when they give something, they expect something solid in return, not something of no value. My presence and breathing is not of value. You need something solid, but I don't know what to give you, the man who already has everything."

Arsenrios: "It's of great value to me. It doesn't matter to me if I have everything if I can't have you."

Grace: hugged him again. "I love you. I feel the same way."

Arsenrios: "I love you too." he hugged her back.