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Arsenrios and Grace

Written By: Jasmine Marie and Krystal Jo-Lynnelle

Unrequited Tokens

-Book Two

"If I know what love is, it is because of you." -Herman Hesse

Grace: "I've never met Jason before." she whispered. "But I owe him and Anthony, for helping you save me."

Arsenrios: "He is one of the oldest of the non-humans."

Grace: "Anthony said something about us not supposed to be together because we are different." she whispered.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Usually non-humans don't fall in love with humans and it's weird when one of them does so. They become outcasts after that."

Grace: her eyes widened. "Arsenrios I don't want you to become an outcast."

Arsenrios: "It doesn't matter."

Grace: she had an idea of what to give him. "Arsenrios, if you change me, we won't be so different. We will be the same. And you won't be an outcast."

Arsenrios: "I won't cause you pain for a mere social status. I don't care what the rest of the world thinks."

Grace: shook her head. "I don't want you to suffer on my behalf Arsenrios."

Arsenrios: "The only way I will suffer is if you leave me."

Grace: "I will never leave you. Even as long as you live forever." she bit her lower lip in thought. "Does it just have to be ANY non human species and then, your social status will survive? All, just as long as I am not human?"

Arsenrios: nodded. "Yes those are the conditions."

Grace: "What's so wrong with humans? Humans are just another species."

Arsenrios: "True but they are the weakest and marrying someone weak is not good."

Grace: she nodded. She agreed, she was very weak. But she wondered how much that would change with species. "What if I used the magic shell? Like you wanted me to, that one time."

Arsenrios: "You would still be part human."

Grace: "Oh." that kills her idea.

Arsenrios: "But that's alright, my social status isn't important."

Grace: they weren't really good friends if they dropped Arsenrios as a friend because he married a human. She shook her head and stepped back, and pushed her hair to the side, tilting her head. "Bite me."

Arsenrios: "I won't."

Grace: her breathing became ragged as she held her position. Who else could she get to change her?

Arsenrios: "I'm sorry my love but I won't hurt you like that."

Grace: tilted her head back up, her hair fell over her shoulder. "Fine." she whispered. It was hopeless.

Arsenrios: "I'm sorry." he apologized quickly.

Grace: "You just never let me help you. And this is the only way I know I can."

Arsenrios: "Are you sure you want this because after it's done only one or two people can change it."

Grace: "Maybe...maybe if I was changed, I wouldn't be so scared."

Arsenrios: "We can try it out if you like you can keep it if not then we will change you back, deal?"

Grace: nodded. "Okay." she smiled slightly. "Pinch me first." she held out her arm to him.

Arsenrios: pinched her.

Grace: jumped slightly and sucked in breath. "Okay thank you." She knew she definitely was awake. This was not a dream.

Arsenrios: "Your welcome he moved her hair out of the way, "We should go upstairs."

Grace: "My house or yours?" she asked slowly, concentrating on keeping her heart rate down.

Arsenrios: "Whichever you wish."

Grace: "I don't know about my mom."

Arsenrios: "Well, do you want to go to my house just in case?"

Grace: nodded slowly. She wanted this, but she was nervous. 'Who wouldn't be?' she reasoned.

Arsenrios: took her hand and teleported to his house.

Grace: watched him. "How bad will it hurt?"

Arsenrios: "I will try to take away as much as I can. With luck none at all."

Grace: " long until the change completes?"

Arsenrios: "one to three days."

Grace: nodded. She stilled herself, and shut her eyes, waiting.

Arsenrios: "You should lay down it will be more comfortable."

Grace: "Where? Couch or bed?"

Arsenrios: "Bed would be better."

Grace: "Can you carry me?" she whispered. She opened her eyes to look at the stairs. She didn't know if she could make it there without stumbling a few times or even falling, from all her nerves. And Arsenrios did ask her to be careful.

Arsenrios: picked her up, "Sure." he carried her to his room and sat her on the bed.


Grace: nodded. Eyes still closed. Despite her efforts, her heart pounded in her chest and her blood raced through her veins.

Arsenrios: moved her hair, he nuzzled her neck and kissed it once before he bit. He pulled it out 20 seconds later and healed it.

Grace: cringed, waiting for the pain. She shut her eyes tightly. She held Arsenrios hand in hers tightly also.

Arsenrios: took the pain right from the beginning.

Grace: "Please don't take it all. Share with me. I don't like the idea of you in pain, even if you don't show it." she said softly, opening up her eyes to look at Arsenrios face.

Arsenrios: nodded, "As you wish." he winced once and then gave her an extremely small fraction of the pain, he knew that she wouldn't be able to handle it at even 10 percent. Hence the reason he only gave .01 percent of the pain. It was still bad. He had bitten deeper to make the change go quicker. The pain was bad enough, if she groaned or anything at the pain he would take it all away again.

Grace: gasped at the initial shock of the pain running through her body, but one glance at Arsenrios told her to stop. She didn't want him to take the pain away again, and that look he was giving her meant that he would do exactly that. So she bit her lip to keep from crying out, and closed her eyes tightly so he couldn't see how it hurt by looking at her eyes. Yes, she would endure this for both of them. She wanted to help. She tried to think of good things to keep her mind off of the pain. She felt a little trail of warm liquid running down her chin and she figured it was blood. She was biting her lip to hard.

Arsenrios: wiped it with a wash cloth and then threw it out of the room for Anne to clean. He couldn't afford to leave her. "It's hurting you." he said, it was just as good as a cry out for pain, he started easing the pain back into himself, giving her peace of mind and a calm body for the change.

Grace: "No," she rasped, "Give it back."

Arsenrios: "You're going to kill yourself if you keep this up."

Grace: "I'm not going to die." She may just pass out.

Arsenrios: "I am only going to give you a little bit not all that there was before."

Grace: "I have to get used to the pain, Arsenrios. I need to be strong for you, not weak. There is no sense in changing my species if I am still going to act like a weak human." she opened her eyes to look at him.

Arsenrios: "You don't have to be strong for me. I don't want you to have to get used to pain. But I will tell you what, I will ease you into it."

Grace: nodded slowly, "Okay." At least he was giving her something to go on. She wouldn't object.

Arsenrios: slowly started it again and eased her into it.

Grace: her grip tightened on Arsenrios hand.

Arsenrios: held her hand, he rubbed her hand with his thumb.

Grace: she hoped, inside her mind, that Arsenrios wanted this too. She realized that when the change was over, she wouldn't be warm anymore. No human blood. Her skin was cold, and her eyes not like they are now. Would he even be able to recognize her? She hoped she could recognize herself.

Arsenrios: stayed with her for the two hours continuing to give her more and more power until it stopped 4 hours later.

Grace: her eyes were closed. "It doesn't hurt Arsenrios. Please don't take it away again I was handling the pain fine." she whispered.

Arsenrios: "It is over." he told her softly.

Grace: opened her eyes slowly to look at him, "Over?" she blinked twice and her eyes widened as she gasped and closed her eyes again. "Everything looks...weird." To vivid. To clear. It wasn't supposed to be like that...

Arsenrios: "You are now seeing like you should. The change is completely."

Grace: "No it's different." She wondered how her eyes looked. She held Arsenrios hand tighter.

Arsenrios: "You have the eyes of a hunter now. They are not nearly as weak. Now, let us getting something to eat."

Grace: "Eat? No, not eat." she said, opening up her eyes again to look at the room.

Arsenrios: "You need to hunt."

Grace: cringed, "No." the idea of biting anything, human or animal, repulsed her. She sat up, getting used to the feel of her stronger, smoother movements.

Arsenrios: sighed, "Grace if you don't then you will die. You don't have to bite a being. I'm sure I can find something else for you to do."

Grace: "Can't I just continue to eat human food?"

Arsenrios: "You could but that won't satisfy your hunger."

Grace: "Am I hungry?" she couldn't tell. Her stomach didn't rumble. She coughed once. "I think I need water. My throat is dry." Which was weird because that normally ever happened when she kissed Arsenrios for long periods of time.

Arsenrios: "That is the hunger, come on." he helped her up.

Grace: stood. "How can it be over so fast? I thought it would be longer."

Arsenrios: "I bit you deeper than normal changes are. Therefore it went straight through your blood stream. The only problem is that there is more pain with that method."

Grace: "I didn't feel it too much, but what do I know." she took a step forward and found herself on the other side of the room in a matter of 1/100th of a sec. She whipped around, wondering what happened. "Wow...speed." she did it again, running circles around Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Yes, super speed, strength, sense, reflex. All of those things and more."

Grace: "If humans are so weak why doesn't everyone get changed to a Snyde or something else that's stronger?" she stopped in front of him. Only a few seconds had passed and she thought she had run ten miles.

Arsenrios: "Because most people don't believe we exist. The ones that do think that we are going to wipe them out or something and become hunters."

Grace: "Hunters..." Grace said slowly. "Oh no."

Arsenrios: "I will not let them get to you. I promise."

Grace: watched him. She nodded. "Do I look different?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yes." he handed her a mirror.

Grace: looked at herself in the mirror, studying her reflection.

In her reflection it showed a beautiful woman with red hair, darker then her original color was. Her face looked delicate but had all of the proper lines easily seen. The last thing to notice was the blood red eyes that stared back at her. There was a delicious smell that came from near-by, her fangs came down.

Grace: dropped the mirror, feeling her fangs come down. "Ow!" she gasped, clasping the hand that once held the mirror, over her mouth.

Arsenrios: "What's wrong?" he was beside her in a millisecond.

Grace: opened her mouth, moving her hand to show him her fangs.

Arsenrios: "Yeah, you need to hunt, right now before you kill a whole city."

Grace: "I won't do that. I swear I'm not hungry!" Thirsty, maybe, but not hungry. "I just need water."

Arsenrios: shook his head.

Grace: "My eyes are gone." Everything else looked the same. A little more perfect, and a little healthier, but everything else was the same but her eyes.

Arsenrios: "In time you can get them back."

Grace: "Like your green ones?"

Arsenrios: nodded and smiled, "Yes like that."

Grace: "Are those your real color, or can you only just get a less than perfect copy of the original after the change?"

Arsenrios: "Less than perfect but when I change species I can get my original color back perfectly."

Grace: "Change species? Are you talking about when you pretend to be human?"

Arsenrios: "Like when I felt warm, I was human remember?"

Grace: nodded. "Yes." She wondered if she could do that.

Arsenrios: nodded, "I guess we can try water but it won't help," it that second he cut his finger waiting for her to react.

Grace: stood there, watching him. After a moment of shock, seeing him cut himself, she held his finger in her hand. "Arsenrios you...cut yourself." she smelled it, it did smell good. It smelled like him. She wanted him. She wondered what he would taste like. But she bit her lower lip and resisted. She leaned back a ways and held her breath. She wasn't going to eat her husband.

Arsenrios: licked his finger, he shrugged, "So let's get you some water."

Grace: "Okay." she released her breath. "I didn't know we still had blood."

Arsenrios: "We do."

Anne: brought in a tray in one cup was red liquid, and the other held water. She bowed and then turned to leave.

But she couldn't leave, because before Grace even knew what she was doing, she had grabbed Anne's arm and plunged her fangs into it.

Anne: watched her, she didn't move or make a noise.

Grace: her eyes were a burning red. She continued to bite her, unable to stop.

Arsenrios: pulled her off, "Grace stop." he said when Anne's blood started to drain to a dangerous level.

Grace: "But it makes my throat feel better." she pulled out of Arsenrios grip and smelled the air; she ran through the bedroom door and down the hall and the stairs to the front door, she ran out. All using her Snyde speed. Actually, she was shocked she could get out of Arsenrios grip.

Arsenrios: ran beside her.

Anne: collapsed on the floor.

Grace: cam across a group of teenagers and she bit the first one she could grab a hold of. The rest of the teens screamed in horror, not sure what was going on, but they ran.

Arsenrios: round them all up, he bit one draining them dry his eyes were a lighter red.

Grace: continued to suck, but was coming up with nothing. She leaned back, bringing her fangs out of the neck of the teenager, wondering what was wrong. Where was the liquid? She bit another part of the teen's body to try a different section.

Arsenrios: "Try here." he traced a vain.

Grace: bit where Arsenrios showed her. A little came through but then that section also ran out, it seemed. She was still thirsty.

Arsenrios: "Here." he gave her another one.

Grace: dropped the person she held to grab hold of that one, biting into the teen's neck. She didn't even realize the scream all she knew was that the biting felt nice.

Arsenrios: looked to the rest of them, he smiled his fangs coming down.

Grace: continued to drain that one too, until nothing came out. She dropped the person and turned, standing by Arsenrios. Wow, he looked hot with his fangs and his stature when he hunted. Why hadn't she noticed this before? Wait...she paused to look around her. Hunting? Hunted? She looked at the two teenagers on the ground by her feet, and then saw the one by Arsenrios. Her eyes followed Arsenrios gaze and locked on the group of remaining teens. "NO!" she yelled in alarm, and pushed Arsenrios over to stop him from attacking them.

Arsenrios: was firm in his stance, he looked to the remaining teens, "You saw nothing, you don't know where they are." he said using the influence power.

Teens: nodded, their eyes locked on his.

Grace: collapsed to her knees making sounds of gasping sobs, but not knowing if tears would come or not. If anything, they would be blood tears. Blood of those whom she murdered. She set her face to the ground.

Arsenrios: "Go back to your hotel." she told the kids and watched them go. He knelt beside Grace, "It's okay."

Grace: lifted her head to shake it. "Arsenrios I killed people." she said. If she could have a heart attack and die right here, she would.

Arsenrios: "You will learn control soon, I promise, you just need time."

Grace: "I don't CARE!" she buried her face in her hands. It was blood, drained because she needed to bite. No matter how much control she gained, two people, two teens, would always be dead because of her.

Arsenrios: hugged her, "It happens."

Grace: she vowed to herself she would never bite again, no matter how much she felt good afterwards. But she didn't voice her new revelation aloud. She kept her hands covering her face.

Arsenrios: "Let's get you home."

Grace: she didn't answer. One thought kept running through her mind over and over- Arsenrios didn't stop her. Arsenrios let her kill people. Arsenrios doesn't care about human life. Arsenrios liked it. She didn't know what it was like to be a newborn Snyde, and he did. And he did nothing.

Arsenrios: stepped back, he walked over to the humans, there was still a little bit, and taking something from his pocket he made them drink it.

Each one opened there eyes slowly, after a matter of ten minutes.

Arsenrios: helped them up, "You remember nothing of what happened her, go back to your hotel."

They nodded and left.

Grace: watched the scene with saddened eyes. She stood slowly. Maybe he did care. She was wrong about a whole lot of things. Maybe she should just quit thinking too.

Arsenrios: "We should get home before something happens." he said softly, watching them leave.

Grace: "What could happen?" she replied just as softly.

Arsenrios: "Someone else could be watching through the woods." he liked the wounds closed.

Grace: quickly turned her head to scan the woods. She didn't notice anything, but she complied. "How do I save people like that, Arsenrios? In case it ever happens again."

Arsenrios: "You just give them some red liquid and it gives their body a surge of power."

Grace: nodded. "My throat's not dry anymore." and the thousand pound weight she felt crushing her chest at the sight of the almost dead humans was now gone.

Arsenrios: walked with her home, he walked up to his room and picked up Anne.

Grace: "Anne, Anne I'm so sorry." she whispered to her, following Arsenrios, not sure if she could be heard or not.

Anne: was unconscious.

Arsenrios: set her in her bed, he healed her arm.

Grace: "Do you hate me Arsenrios?" she whispered. She felt like a different person; maybe it was one no one liked. Not even Anne anymore. Not the mermaids, not her family. Not even her husband.

Arsenrios: "No, I don't hate you." he chuckled, "Why on earth would I hate you?"

Grace: "Because I'm different." she said seriously, looking down at the floor.

Arsenrios: "But you are still you. I could never hate you."

Grace: "I look different. Prettier. Except my eyes. My eyes are gone and...eyes are the windows into a person's soul. Apparently, my soul has changed." and she remembered Arsenrios told her that her soul was what he noticed first of all about her, what he liked the most of her. She didn't like the idea of her soul changing. She didn't want to lose what caused him to love her at first sight.

Arsenrios: "No, it has not changed." he turned to look to her.

Anne: opened her eyes slowly.

Grace: lifted her head to look at him. If he said so, then maybe it was the truth. She trusted him, wholeheartedly. She leaned forward to give him a kiss, and then wondered what was in her way. She realized her fangs were still down. "Oh." she said in a slight gasp, leaning back. She didn't know how to put them back in. She turned to Anne, hearing movement in these new ears of hers. "Anne! I am so sorry!" she didn't know what else to say. She didn't know if she could have controlled it even if she wanted to. Arsenrios did say something about killing a whole city- though she didn't like the idea of killing. Maybe she would have just...drank a little of each person in the city. That idea was better.

Anne: smiled faintly, "It's alright."

Grace: "It won't happen again." she was never going to bite again.

Anne: "It's okay if it does." she sat up and moved her legs over the edge of the bed, "I better get back to work."

Grace: "No, you rest. I'll do it. I can get it done quick." she was sure.

Anne: "I can't have you do that, I'm fine." she stood and walked down to the kitchen working again.

Grace: sighed, now what would she do?

Arsenrios: "Here." he took a sparkling necklace with a beautiful blue stone, "You'll need this."

Grace: "What is that for?" she asked softly, taking it from him.

Arsenrios: "It to help you control your hunger."

Grace: smiled wider. "Thank you." she held it to him. "Help me put it on?" she asked, turning around so her back was to him, she lifted her hair from her neck.

Arsenrios: smiled and put it on, he clasped it together; he turned her around, "Absolutely beautiful." he kissed her.

Grace: kissed him back. It felt a little weird, her fangs were still out.

Arsenrios: "I love you." he whispered to her.

Grace: her heart jumped, hearing those words. "I love you too." she wrapped her arms around him in a hug.

Arsenrios: hugged her back, he smiled down at her.

Grace: realized something. She pulled back and looked at her left hand. The ring she wore was still the one Liam had switched it for. What happened to the ring Arsenrios gave her? She quickly took off the one Liam gave her.

Arsenrios: "I'll have to get you a new ring."

Grace: "Where's my old one?" she liked that one. It was the first ring Arsenrios ever gave her. It had sentimental value. She wanted it.

Arsenrios: "Liam probably destroyed it."

Grace: held the ring tighter in her hand, smashing it, angry. She was a bit shocked at herself that she could do that. She looked down at the crushed thing that was one a ring, in her hand.

Arsenrios: "We can look for it though."

Grace: "I wouldn't know where to look. I wasn't awake for it when he switched it, apparently. He would only know."

Arsenrios: shrugged, "We can still find it."

Grace: "Where would we look?" she looked back up at Arsenrios. "For starters."

Arsenrios: "His fireplace, or..." he teleported the ring, or what was left to them depending if Liam burned it or not. The ring was in Arsenrios hand, perfect in its make.

Grace: her eyes widened. "How'd you do that?"

Arsenrios: smiled, "Teleportation in a smaller form."

Grace: "Oh, that's right. We can teleport." she went to take the ring from Arsenrios, but was suddenly afraid she would crush it, like the other.

Arsenrios: placed it on her finger.

Grace: "Thank you." she set the other now crushed metal on an end table by the bed.

Arsenrios: "So what do you want to do?"

Grace: "Oh." she glanced at him and looked away. "It's up to you."

Arsenrios: he pulled her to him, "Is that really wise?"

Grace: looked up at him. "What do you mean?"

Arsenrios: smiled, "You know I would love to continue what we started last night. If you want."

Grace: she felt like she would blush, but all she could do was look away, a slight smile on her lips. Her heart would pound right about now if it could. "Well, my..." she swallowed, "My mom did say you knew what was best for me." she said softly.

Arsenrios: "I hope that I can live up to that."

Grace: "I don't think you'll have a problem." she replied.

Arsenrios: "I wouldn't be so sure. Do you even want to I mean we don't have to."

Grace: looked at him now. "Of course I want to. I wanted to last night but...I...passed out."

Arsenrios: "That won't happen this time." he smiled down at her.

Grace: "How do you know? It feels like it might."

Arsenrios: "Our kind doesn't pass out unless they are some sort of pills or something."

Grace: smiled slightly, "Oh. Good. Then I won't miss anything."

Arsenrios: picked her up and carried her into his room once again.

Grace: "I'm just...just nervous is all."

Arsenrios: smiled, "It's alright, everyone is nervous when they do this."

Grace: "I doubt you are. I mean, you had...a wife before."

Arsenrios: "That doesn't mean that I still don't get nervous."

Grace: "So I'll always be nervous?"

Arsenrios: smiled, "Not always."

Grace: sat on the bed, pulling herself up so her back touched the headboard. She hoped he was right. She watched him.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Are you ready?" he was leaning over top of her.

Grace: nodded slowly. She wrapped her arms around Arsenrios neck and kissed him. She stopped though. "How do I put my fangs in?"

Arsenrios: "Relax your teeth."

Grace: ran her tongue over her teeth, not exactly sure how to get them to relax. And in this state, with Arsenrios over her, how was anything of her supposed to relax?

Soon her teeth when in.

Grace: smiled, "Okay." she felt a little more like herself now.

Arsenrios: kissed her passionately.

Grace: kissed him back just as well. She smiled. She didn't think she had to fear being crushed, or hurt anymore. After all, they were the same now. She just hoped Arsenrios liked it.


Grace: it was true, like Arsenrios said, she hadn't passed out.

Arsenrios: was stroking her back.

Grace: smiled up and him, her arms around his waist. She never wanted to go back to her house.

Arsenrios: "I love you so much." he whispered to her

Grace: "I love you too Arsenrios. And now I really am yours."

Arsenrios: smiled, "For this I am thankful."

Grace: lifted her hand to his cheek. "You didn't seem nervous." she held her hand there. So odd that he didn't feel cold to her anymore. She sort of missed it.

Arsenrios: "Things aren't always as they seem."

Grace: smiled slightly, "In any case." she ran her finger along his forehead and down his cheek. "I sort of miss your cold skin."

Arsenrios: "Well if you wish to be human for a bit that can be arranged."

Grace: "How so?"

Arsenrios: "It only lasts for an hour or so but I could make you human. Or seemingly like that."

Grace: "You mean like what you've done before?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yes."

Grace: "Do you think my mom will notice?"

Arsenrios: "I am not sure. Probably not though."

Grace: "My eyes, though."

Arsenrios: pointed to the necklace, "It will change your eye color to normal when around her."

Grace: looked down at the necklace. "Is it changed now?"

Arsenrios: shook his head, "Not right now."

Grace: "Why does it only work around her?" she looked at him.

Arsenrios: "We don't want her to freak out."

Grace: "But I mean, why doesn't it work around you?"

Arsenrios: "It can but it's not made for that."

Grace: "Not made for what? Does it only confuse humans?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yeah it makes you appear normal to humans only."

Grace: touched the area around his neck. "Where's your necklace?"

Arsenrios: "I don't need it, nor do I want it. It holds nothing for me." he continued to stroke her back. He kissed her.

Grace: "But you...I don't understand. You said before you would always wear it." she whispered. She wondered what changed.

Arsenrios: "Things have changed; I love you more than I ever loved her. I am not going to waste this time with you over someone of the past."

Grace: swallowed and met his eyes. "You do? You love me more than her?" she whispered.

Arsenrios: "Yes. I love you more than anything."

Grace: "But you loved your other wife so much. I don't understand how I can overpower that."

Arsenrios: "I still love you more."

Grace: "After I die, you can love someone more than me."

Arsenrios: "That could never happen. I will die soon after."

Grace: "Arsenrios don't say that. It can't be true and makes no sense."

Arsenrios: "It makes perfect sense but if you don't wish me to speak it I won't."

Grace: smiled slightly and leaned up. "No silly. I love it when you speak. It's just," she didn't smile now, was serious; "You didn't die after your first wife died."

Arsenrios: "Like I said, I didn't love her as much as I love you."

Grace: she looked down, "No, Arsenrios, I think you did. I just don't think SHE loved you as much as I love you. So it seemed like less, because the favors weren't returned, you only gave them away."

Arsenrios: shook his head, "There was something missing back then. It isn't now. Some sort of feeling I was supposed to feel but didn't."

Grace: "A feeling?" she looked at him, "A feeling like what?"

Arsenrios: "I don't know, it hard to explain."

Grace: smirked, "Like the repulsion-and-wanting-to-throw-up-if-you-get-to-close kind of feeling?" she teased.

Arsenrios: smirked, "Not exactly."

Grace: "Well, I don't know what else could be missing..."

Arsenrios: "When I am with you nothing is missing."

Grace: took a deep breath and kissed him. "I know that feeling because I feel the same way."

Arsenrios: kissed her back.

Grace: "I better go, I have to finish planning our wedding." she whispered to him.

Arsenrios: nodded, "If you have to." he moved so she could get up.

Grace: "Well, I should, though, I could wait..."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I wouldn't ask you to stop your responsibilities for me."

Grace: "You don't have to ask. I want to stay. Actually, I'd come live with you now if my mom wouldn't mind."

Arsenrios: smiled, "That would be wonderful."

Grace: "We could ask her if you wanted." she sat up.

Arsenrios: nodded, he grabbed some clothes out of the closet when he stood.

Grace: put on her old clothes. She fixed her hair. "Or...we could, keep away from each other to build suspense to release when we lay eyes on each other on the wedding day."

Arsenrios: "That may be hard staying away from you."

Grace: "Well, except for at night. For sleep."

Arsenrios: "I suppose so."

Grace: "We can try it?"

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded, "We can try it. By the way have you picked a day?"

Grace: nodded slowly. "Though you may not like it."

Arsenrios: "How long until the wedding?"

Grace: "About 5 months. On February 29th- Leap Year."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Alright. Everything should be set by then?"

Grace: "I think so. As long as my mom helps me. Why do you want to wait longer?"

Arsenrios: "No, I am just making sure. I wish to marry you as soon as possible and if that is when then okay."

Grace: "Well, silly, we already are married." she held up her palm and took his and kissed it.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Yes." he put his hand on the side of her face and kissed her.

Grace: kissed him back with a smile. "I get to see you so clearly now. Every detail of your face. You are even more handsome than what I could see when I was human. And I didn't think that could be possible."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Thank you." he stroked her cheek.

Grace: "And what do you think of how I...look now?" she had been wondering this for awhile.

Arsenrios: "You are absolutely beautiful." he kissed her forehead and then got dressed

Grace: smiled slightly, "Thank you." she pushed her hair back in a pony tail at the base of her neck. She watched him. She had so much respect for him, knowing all that he had done for her.

Arsenrios: smiled at her, "You're very welcome."

Grace: "Arsenrios, did you like me better as a human?"

Arsenrios: thought about that for a moment, "I love you both ways, are you having doubts?"

Grace: shook her head. "No. I mean, I just was wondering what you really thought about everything. Because I realized I pushed you to change me, you didn't seem to want it."

Arsenrios: "I want whatever makes you happy." he kissed her again.

Grace: smiled slightly and kissed him back. "Well, I look at it this least I will be frozen at 18 forever. Which is a shame because today is my birthday."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Congratulations."

Grace: "I guess we will always have that 14 year difference between us."

Arsenrios: "I guess so."

Grace: "I hope it doesn't bother you."

Arsenrios: chuckled, "It doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you when people ask you why you married an old man."

Grace: giggled, "You don't look old."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Well that's good. Something in my favor."

Grace: stepped closer to him and ran her fingers through his hair, standing on her tiptoes to reach him, "At least, look at the bright side, you'll never get gray hair if you don't age anymore."

Arsenrios: "One of those advantages."

Grace: "And then, I'll always be beautiful. Hopefully. So you won't lose interest."

Arsenrios: "I could never lose interest in you."

Grace: smiled at him. "Let's hope you always feel that way." she took his hand. "So, teach me how to teleport?"

Arsenrios: "Close your eyes and concentrate on where you want to go."

Grace: closed her eyes and concentrated on her house, her room.

The next time she opened her eyes there she was.

Grace: "Wow, it worked."

Arsenrios: smiled, "That it did. Well I should go now."

Grace: "Oh? Why?" she remembered every time he left, something bad happened to her. But of course, that was when she was human. She was Snyde now, and as such, stronger.

Arsenrios: "Well, when does our, 'Only see each other until the wedding.' thing start?"

Grace: gripped his shirt. "Tomorrow morning." she kissed him again, lingering.

Arsenrios: kissed her back. He wrapped his arms around her.

Grace: "I love it so much when you kiss me. I mean, I don't get the whole heart-pounding-blood-pumping-light-headedness-from-lack-of-air thing like before. But somehow...somehow it's the same."

Arsenrios: "I love it when you kiss me too."

Grace: "You know what I'd love more?"

Arsenrios: smiled, "What?"

Grace: "Remember in my dream, when you kissed me all over? Since you said you knew what my dream was."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I remember."

Grace: smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Well, maybe you could make that real." she kissed him again and stepped back to sit on the bed. She unbuttoned her shirt slowly.

Arsenrios: helped her do so, "I would love to.


Xenon: looked at his surroundings, tilting his head from side to side. The fact was, it was eerily quiet. But he liked it like that. He lived in a cave in the far side of the Everest Mountain- to high up for humans to see him or even reach him if they tried. Though the elevation was something to get used to, he used it to his advantage when 'taking care' of servants. He didn't need air, and he knew they did. He laughed silently. He knew they did because all humans needed air. Though, the higher up you were the harder it was to breathe. That was fine. It was easier to torture them with.

He jumped down off of the peak of the Everest Mountain, falling, still. Silently. Silence was golden. He landed at the bottom, not even jolted and teleported back to his cave hole of a house. Dark and sinister. That was great. You couldn't tell of the many bodies of old servants who used to live here with him, that were hidden among the shadows and dark crevices of his cave. It was like his own personal catacomb. He smiled slightly.

He was bored, now, though. None of his servants lasted long. He needed to find one who could stay, maybe longer than a week? But all humans were just so weak. And their weakness just made him more angry, which endangered them more. So they died quicker.

Well, at times that was fine. He didn't mind the smell of blood that stained his house. The walls. The floor.

But he wanted another.

He wanted to have some fun.

Satoria: was walking through the town near the mountain, getting groceries.

Xenon: sniffed the air. He took in the smell of the humans in the town close to his cave. His home. He smelled a girl, someone new. He had smelled her before, but never touched her because he had more servants to spend time with. He smiled wickedly. Yes, what a time. He teleported from his cave directly to town.

He had time for her now.

Satoria: wore a mini skirt and a spaghetti strap top. She was walking more away from the town on the other side heading to her home.

Xenon: teleported in front of her a ways. He walked towards her, the opposite direction from where she came. He bumped into her, knocking the bags 'accidently' from her grip and spilling the cans of food and such on the floor. He quickly bent down. "Oh I'm so sorry. Let me help you." he started to gather the items.

Satoria: "It's okay, I should have been looking to see where I was going." she picked up the remaining items. She took them from him, "Thank you."

Xenon: smiled at her. "No, thank you." he held her wrists and teleported them to his cave.

Satoria: "What are you doing? Let go of me!" she yelled struggling against him.

Xenon: "I am doing nothing. You are doing everything." he smiled and gripped her wrists harder.

Satoria: "Oww...your hurting me. I'm not going to do anything for you. Just take me home."

Xenon: "Sure." he smiled and left go of one wrist, he dragged her through his cave to a back room and threw her in. "Welcome home."

Satoria: "Please just let me return to my home and family."

Xenon: "I am your family, and this is your home. Get used to it." he glanced behind him, "And thanks for the food." he slammed her door shut. A few days in there would weaken her spirits. It was pitch black for human eyes.

Satoria: got up she slammed her fists into the door, "Let me out!" she yelled.

Xenon: "Scream all you want love. No one can hear you up here." he spoke from the other side of the door.

Satoria: "Please. Just let me out. I don't have time for this I have to get home."

Xenon: "Let me humor you. Tell me why."

Satoria: "I have to take care of my mother."

Xenon: laughed. "Oh, thank you. That DID humor me!"

Satoria: banged on the door again, "I'm SERIOUS let me out."

Xenon: "I could bring her here..."

Satoria: "No."

Xenon: "What was that a yes? Okay." he went into the girls mind and teleported to her house, bringing her mom to the cave. He tossed her to the floor.

Woman: "Who are you?" she was sick and in her late 40's

Xenon: bent down by her face. "Your God. Your Savior. You should worship me." he whispered into her face.

Woman: "Taking me from my house is not being a savior."

Xenon: "So sorry you feel that way." he opened up the door to the room where Satoria was in. He dragged the mother behind him and chained her to the wall.

Satoria: "MOM!" she ran over to her, "Get out of here. You MONSTER!" She spit in his face.

Xenon: gripped her by the chin. "You don't want to do that, you see. The more you resist," he took his free hand and used his nails, slicing across the mother's cheek making her bleed. "The more you are causing your mother pain."

Satoria: "No. Please don't hurt my mom."

Xenon: "See, so weak. I have only known you for thirty minutes and already have I discovered your weakness."

Satoria: "Just go and leave us alone."

Xenon: "What? I'm sorry I have a hearing problem...did you say just stay and have fun? I'd love to. Thanks for asking."

Satoria: used all the strength she had and pushed him out of the room.

Xenon: gripped her wrist in his hand and bent it backwards, not enough to break, but enough to cause her pain. "Seems you mother needs to teach you better." he threw Satoria into the wall and walk to the mom. He broke one of her fingers.

Satoria: "NO!"

Woman: cried out in pain.

Satoria: "Please."

Xenon: "Apologize to me girl."

Satoria: "I'm sorry."

Xenon: smiled. "Better." he broke another of the mothers fingers.


Xenon: "Nothing from your mom. But isn't hearing her bones snap fun?" he broke another of her fingers. "No screaming, girl." he told Satoria.

Satoria: "No, it's horrible. Just leave her alone."

Xenon: "What do I get if I leave her alone?"

Satoria: "Anything you want."

Xenon: smiled, "I like that idea." he dropped the mom's hand and went over to Satoria. He pushed her against the wall. "Have your mom watch this." he opened his mouth to reveal all of them were razor sharp teeth that came down at pointed angles. He bit Satoria's neck and tore flesh from her body.

Satoria: yelled, she yelled at the pain and then she just cried. She didn't care what happened to her, just as long as nothing happened to her mother.

Xenon: stopped and put his hand to her forehead, pushing her head back and against the wall, "And what if something does happen to your mother?" he brought his teeth inches from her mouth.

Satoria: "Then you will get nothing."

Xenon: "You mean if she stays alive you'll give me...anything." he breathed and opened his mouth to run his tongue over her lips.

Satoria: "Yes." she whispered. "If she is alive and well."

Xenon: laughed softly, "Too bad I hate it when I get my way easily. I like fighting for things. Breaking people."

Satoria: moved her head away from him.

Xenon: used his other hand to make her face him. "You will not turn away from me, unless I give you permission. You are mine now, love."

Satoria: "Please don't call me that."

Xenon: "Just giving you a hint as to what is to come." he smirked.

Satoria: closed her eyes, "Please don't."

Xenon: "Your mother then?"

Satoria: "No."

Xenon: "Now, now, poor girl. I need someone to be my bed warmer."

Satoria: "Then find someone else."

Xenon: "But you smell delicious. I can't help choosing you. Are you saying you don't choose me?"

Satoria: "I...don't know."

Xenon: turned away from Satoria and shot fire from his finger tips, it creeped along the floor towards the mother.

Satoria: "NO! I do choose you."

Xenon: "I'm sorry love; I have a one track mind. You'll need to distract me, or else you will be the death cause of your mother."

Satoria: she walked over and kissed him ignored the bleeding from her neck. She shivered.

Xenon: held her to him. "Whisper sweet nothings in my ear love." the fire reached the mother's feet, licking at her shoes.

Satoria: did so, feeling so helpless.

Xenon: smiled slightly. He stopped the fire right as it started to burn the mother's feet. It had already melted her shoes. "How grand." he pulled her from the room and slammed the door shut, locking it behind them. Not that the mother could get out in her state. She was even chained to a wall. He laughed as he pulled Satoria down the hall with him.

Satoria: she could feel tears coming from her eyes.

Xenon: "Do you wish to see my house?"

Satoria: "Sure."

Xenon: stopped and turned. "Are those tears I hear in your voice, girl?" he asked sweetly, with a smile.

Satoria: quickly wiped her eyes, "No."

Xenon: held her hands and pressed them down. "It's okay. I encourage you to cry. It softens me." he laughed and leaned forward and licked at her face, clearing the tears.

Satoria: closed her eyes, she bit her lip.

Xenon: leaned back and flipped on an overhead light in the cave. It lit the room they were standing in. Wall to wall was covered in bones, in dead bodies. You could smell the rotting flesh and blood. You felt dust in your nose when you took a breath- knowing it was dust from disintegrating bones.

Satoria: when she opened her eyes she tried not to let a scream but it failed.

Xenon: smiled, he turned to look with her. "Pretty impressive eh?" he took a deep breath. "I love the smell."

Satoria: didn't reply she moved away from him.

Xenon: gripped her arm and tossed her in the center of the room. Dried blood caked the floor.

Satoria: felt like she was going to pass out.

Xenon: "Guess what you get to do for me love?"

Satoria: "What?" she whispered.

Xenon: "I like to preserve my bodies. See, you smell the rotting flesh? I need you to preserve them for me."

Satoria: "How?" she whispered, scared to death.

Xenon: laughed and knelt in front of her. "Ever heard of mummification?"

Satoria: choked out a cry.

Xenon: "Suck out their brains, remove the liver and lungs. ALL that good stuff."

Satoria: "I don't know if I can. I don't know the process."

Xenon: "Oh, deary, you must, or else your mother will pay for your incompetence."

Satoria: "I will do my best."

Xenon: "Here." he pointed to a wall, with instructions, step by step, in mummifying a body. "That might help."

Satoria: looked to it, she nodded.

Xenon: "And believe me, there's plenty more."

Satoria: "Why do you do this to people?"

Xenon: smiled, "It's fun. And I get bored otherwise."

Satoria: "I am going to become just like them?"

Xenon: "I don't know. See, it depends how long each of them kept me interested." he stood, "This girl," he patted a deceased head, "Last three days." he walked over to a pile of bones and lifted the head. "This man, one of the very first, he last maybe three hours. Men hold no interest in fun for me." he went to another body, "And her...her she was very fun. She lasted a total of five days."

Satoria: looked around at the dead bodies and bones, she shivered.

Xenon: "Do you want to see my most prized possessions?"

Satoria: shook her head

Xenon: "Tisk tisk, love. Please don't get me angry. That was why, her-" he pointed to another body, "She only last one day. Made me very upset."

Satoria: "What did she do?"

Xenon: "Why do you wish to follow in her footsteps?" he sighed. "I thought you'd be one to go in my trophy room."

Satoria: "No, I am just curious."

Xenon: smiled, "Curiosity. I like it. I may get to know you long enough to ask for your name."

Satoria: "My question won't get answered?"

Xenon: "She cut my skin when I had her shave my beard."

Satoria: "Oh." she looked at the poor girl.

Xenon: "Come love." he lifted her, "Let's go look at my trophies." he dragged her with him to another room.

Satoria: walked with him, scared again.

Xenon: they came to a room with five glass cases; only three of them contained bodies. Each girl beautifully decorated and dressed, like she was alive, and just sleeping. "Air tight cases. Preserves these ones for eternity." The girls wore long flowing gowns, their makeup was done. They wore jewelry- extravagantly dressed as if going to a ball.

Satoria: "They're beautiful." she said softly, "What was the reason for their death?"

Xenon: "Oh, they did nothing wrong. They just ran out of ideas to entertain me with and so I got bored and wanted to move on. All of these women- these are my prized possessions. They lasted the longest. And I know each of their names. I loved them dearly." he pressed his hand to the glass case that contained a girl in a burnt orange colored dress.

Satoria: "Oh." she said softly, watching him carefully.

Xenon: turned to Satoria. "You will not touch these cases. Ever." he said firmly. "They are for my hands only, and, being one of them is what your new goal in life will be. You will aspire to become one of them," he pointed to an empty case, "To be preserved there."

Satoria: nodded, "I understand."

Xenon: he turned to one of the cases, a girl in a yellow dress that flowed out, and was sparkly. It was strapless. "Aira Carrieann Kaden," he said her name. He turned to the second case, the girl in the burnt orange colored dress. It had poofy sleeves and caressed her body gently, down to her feet. The material was a shiny silk. Her hair had orange flowers through it, "Amory Candie Cady." he turned to the third girl, one in a red dress, with long sleeves and it very much looked like a prom dress, long and smooth. It hugged together down her legs, and came out at the bottom, "Finally, Dreama Holland Blue." All of them names that Satoria would know and recognize. They all used to live in town.

Each girl held a bouquet of roses in their hands, with orange, yellow, and red ribbons that were tied to each flower, falling down gently past their hands and to the floor of the case.

Satoria: she gasped, hearing their names.

Xenon: "Friends of yours? I bet you forgot all about them didn't you? Well, I wouldn't blame you. They've been missing for 13 years. You would have been...4 or 5 when they went missing, am I right?"

Satoria: nodded, "They were the only friends I'd ever had."

Xenon: "You have no friends now?"

Satoria: "I have one."

Xenon: "Maybe someday I will get to meet her."

Satoria: "I hope not." she muttered. "How long did they last?"

Xenon: looked to the cases, "Dreama lasted just short of three weeks, Aira lasted two and a half weeks, and Amory. Oh, Amory. My most favorite. She lasted just two days under a month."

Satoria: "I see." she whispered.

Xenon: "So I hope you know how to entertain people, girl."

Satoria: "Girls yes."

Xenon: "I guess you'll have to learn something new. And between the times you entertain me, you will my house. It is rather a mess. Don't you think?"

Satoria: nodded, "I guess so."

Xenon: smiled, "Well, if you can make it past one week, you have pretty much guaranteed yourself a place next to these three beautiful women. Doesn't that make you feel good?"

Satoria: "Yes." she answered remembering he said that was to be her life goal.

Xenon: perfect my child. Well, how about you get started out there. Cleaning. You won't sleep until I tell you. Do you understand me?"

Satoria: "Yes, I understand."

Xenon: "Let me show you to your sleeping quarter's then." he walked passed her down the hall to a room where it was pitch black again, just like the other. No bed, no shower. Just rock wall and floor.

Satoria: nodded slowly, "Ok."

Xenon: smirked, "And don't think of escaping. There is a 50,000 foot drop from where this cave is, if you step outside. Only one way out, and that's by teleporting."

Satoria: nodded, "I understand."

Xenon: pulled her to him and kissed her. He pressed his hand against her bite mark, the torn flesh. "Don't bleed to death love. That'd make me very sad. Feel free to use your shirt to stop the blood gush."

Satoria: she tore off the bottom of her shirt and wrapped it around her neck to stop the bleeding.

Xenon: "Welcome to day one." he whispered into her ear menacingly, and then he left down the hall, the darkness engulfing him.

Satoria: started to clean, she did it a normal pace.


Xenon: came back out into the room he knew Satoria to be in.

Satoria: was still cleaning.

Xenon: came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, his mouth at her ear. "Tired my dear?"

Satoria: "No. I'm fine."

Xenon: "I'm getting a 5 o clock shadow. Come shave me?"

Satoria: "Yes sir." she put her cleaning materials down.

Xenon: sat in a chair and broke off a piece of rock from the cave wall. He shaved it with his nail to a point and handed it to her. "Don't cut me."

Satoria: she took the rock and shaved him without cutting him.

Xenon: gripped her hand. "What is this?" he bent her hand back to drop the rock. He flipped her hand over, palm up, and saw the cut mark on her hand.

Satoria: "A cut sir." she whispered, she saw what he did to ones who hurt him she worried what he did to ones that hurt themselves even if it was an accident

Xenon: his anger blazed at her. He pushed her into the rock wall in an instant. "ONLY I HURT YOU, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? UNTIL THEN YOU WILL KEEP YOU BODY IN PERFECTION!" he yelled into her face.

Satoria: "I'm sorry. It was an accident."

Xenon: took the rock from her hand and pressed the point into her shoulder.

Satoria: cried out in pain tears fell from her eyes, all of a sudden there was a cracking sound as it broke her shoulder. She cried harder.

Xenon: released his hand, though the rock stayed in her shoulder. "Let that serve as a warning to you girl. You think yesterday was hard? Yesterday was just the beginning." he gripped her hand and dug his finger tips under her cut and tore the flesh open more.

Satoria: "Owww!" she shrieked a high pitched scream.

Xenon: clamped his hand over her mouth. "Crying I go for, not piercing my ears, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

Satoria: nodded.

Xenon: "How will you earn my forgiveness for this you have done?"

Satoria: "What is it you wish my lord?" she asked between sobs

Xenon: tore the rest of her shirt off. "Clean yourself up girl. You look like a disgrace." he threw her into the floor and stalked off down the hallway away from her.

Satoria: held her shoulder watching him go, he stood.

Xenon: returned two hours later, knife in hand. He tossed it onto the floor, splattering blood.

Satoria: "Why is there blood on that?"

Xenon: "Oh no reason sweetie pie." he was completely calm. "Make me lunch."

Satoria: "Yes sir." she went to the kitchen and started making something to eat

Xenon: grabbed Satoria by the hair and yanked her back. He pushed her to her knees. "When I enter a room, you will remain in a bowed position until I leave the room. Unless I give you permission to stand otherwise." he growled at her.

Satoria: "Yes sir. It will be done."

Xenon: pushed her back and pressed his foot against her broken shoulder. "Tell me girl, how much do you want to live?"

Satoria: "Very much."

Xenon: opened his mouth to let drool slid out. When it hit the spot on her flesh, it sizzled and burned. It was acid spit. "How much?"

Satoria: cried out. "A lot."

Xenon: knelt down by her. "Show me. The more you earn my favor, the more I help you."

Satoria: "How?" she whispered.

Xenon: "I'm a nice guy, really girl. All you need to know is how to get what you want. You want your shoulder fixed? Do you want a shower?"

Satoria: "Yes sir."

Xenon: unbuttoned her skirt, "Then earn it."

Satoria: closed her eyes, she had feared this moment and now it had come.

Xenon: "Don't just sit there girl. You are going to do the work. Not me. You are the one trying to gain my favor, are you not? You respect me so much girl. YOU want this. You know you do." he pushed her skirt up and over her thighs. He rubbed his hands over her exposed skin.

Satoria: nodded slowly, she kissed him. Not sure how to do this. She put her non-bleeding hand on the side of his face.

Xenon: "How much do you want me, girl?"

Satoria: "A lot."

Xenon: smiled, "I know you do. Every girl I've brought here does. At least you know, when you die here, you were able to experience one good thing in life before you died."

Satoria: nodded, "At least."

Xenon: kissed her again.


Satoria: felt so sore, she ached all over.

Xenon: pushed her away from him. He stood and gripped her broken shoulder, yanking her up. He pressed on it, so it shot pain through her body. When he released it, her shoulder was healed. But it wasn't healed perfectly, because he hadn't pushed it back into place. It healed in the wrong spot, making it hard for Satoria to move. Though it didn't hurt anymore.

Satoria: cried at first then stopped, "Thank you."

Xenon: "I know. I'm nice like that. Oh, and by the way, your mother is dead."

Satoria: dropped to her knees. "Why?"

Xenon: "Because you cut your hand earlier. I was angry. It was either her or you."

Satoria: nodded. She cried softly.

Xenon: "It's alright. I did you a favor, girl. Now you no longer have to worry about her." he knelt down in front of Satoria. "Now tell me, I did you a favor."

Satoria: "You did me a favor."

Xenon: smiled, "Good. Now, you can continue making me food." he stood, and stepped through the cave entrance, dropping to the ground.

Satoria: continued to make him food

Xenon: returned hours later.


Grace: smiled at Arsenrios, "That was fun. Probably more fun for me than you though."

Arsenrios: smiled, "It was fun for me too."

Grace: she leaned up and kissed him, "You'll need to give me a list of all your friends that you want me to invite to the wedding so I can send out the invites." She stopped and her face fell, "Oh no."

Arsenrios: "What's wrong?" he asked her quickly, wanting to help.

Grace: "I can't invite my friends to the wedding! Your friends eat my friends. I eat people like my friends now too…What if-" she whispered, "What if something bad happens?" she looked up at Arsenrios, worried. She wanted everyone to be there, but she didn't know how it could work out.

Arsenrios: "My friends will be on their best behavior. I will only invite the ones that have control. Your friends will have nothing to fear." He promised Grace.

Grace: she looked down, "They will have to fear me. I'm…new."

Arsenrios: pointed to the necklace, "That will cloak you. They won't know unless you tell them."

Grace: she looked at the necklace, "But I know, Arsenrios. What if I can't control myself, like I couldn't with those humans on your planet? That's what I'm worried about."

Arsenrios: "The necklace also had it covered." He assured her.

Grace: "I hope so."

Arsenrios: "We'll help if anything does happen."

Grace: "Who is 'we'?" she wondered.

Arsenrios: "Some of my friends whom I hope in time will become yours too."

Grace: let out a huff of air, "Yes. Now. Not before. Because apparently they hated humans." But she had also hated anyone not human. Wasn't that like the same thing? "I don't know, Arsenrios." What if she was still afraid of them, even though she is one of them now?

Arsenrios: "Not all of them hate humans."

Grace: "Well, what if I am still…wary of them? Do you think I can get over it?" she looked into Arsenrios' eyes, hopeful.

Arsenrios: "I know you can. It's only natural to feel wary of those not the same species, but I can do it."

Grace: "I know, but Arsenrios, I'm not like you. Well…unless I am acting stubborn." She could do that. She could try to be Emer at their wedding.

Arsenrios: "I know, but what I meant was that I have faith in you."

Grace: smiled slightly at him, "Thank you."

Arsenrios: smiled back, "You're welcome."

Grace: "Well, I suppose I should go dress shopping with my mom. Figure out some more things for the wedding too. IF you can prepare that list of people for me, I can start sending out invitations soon."

Arsenrios: he nodded, "I will do that."

Grace: another thought crossed her mind, "How am I supposed to test wedding cake flavors with my mom? I mean, you've eaten food before at my house, but I wonder if I can." She paused, "Is there a cake for Snydes?" she whispered, "I'd have to get two cakes; one for us and your friends who are Snydes, and one for my family and friends who are humans. Or I could make one cake half and half."

Arsenrios: "Well, which bakery are you going to?"

Grace: "One in town called French Truffles. My mom went there a few times for little cakes and treats for Neil and I when we were smaller. I love that place."

Arsenrios: "Talk to the head baker. He will know what you need."

Grace: "What's his name?"

Arsenrios: "Jackson."

Grace: she nodded. "Well then, I guess I will see you from now on at night to sleep if you want. You'll have to provably come to my house until I am confident with teleporting to your house myself. It's still scary, you know? What if you teleport and you don't get put back together properly?"

Arsenrios: "That won't happen, but I understand your concerns."

Grace: "So, it's never happened before to someone?" she questions him.

Arsenrios: "Never." He confirmed.

Grace: smiled, feeling a bit better about teleporting now after hearing that. "Well then, I guess you can decide where we sleep. I'll be okay teleporting to your house." She trusted him.

Arsenrios: "It's your choice. I just want you to be comfortable."

Grace: giggled, "I am comfortable wherever you are." She assured him.

Arsenrios: smiled, "I'm happy everywhere you are too."

Grace: she kissed him again and then stood, "I love you, Arsenrios." How easy those words came now.

Arsenrios: "Love you too." He kissed her back.

Grace: "See you later."

Arsenrios: he vanished.

Grace: after she finished dressing, she left to go dress shopping with her mom and to stop at the bakery like Arsenrios told her to.

Grace: walked into the bakery with her mom. "I'll be right back mom. Checking on something Arsenrios mentioned to me." She walked to the back of the store bakery. "Jackson?" she called out behind the counter.

Jackson: "How can I help you, miss?" he was dropping a liquid into some cake batter he was mixing up.

Grace: "Well," she glanced to the side to make sure her mom wasn't around to hear, but still kept her voice low, just in case, "My husband/husband to be told me you make special cakes for weddings, along with the 'normal' kind for 'others'?"

Jackson: smirked, "I do. Who is your husband?"

Grace: "Arsenrios."

Jackson: "Oh, I didn't know he returned back here. I should have known. You smell like him. Now, as cakes go, why don't you try this? There's something special in it for our kind." He handed her a black cake.

Grace: "I smell like him? Does it smell good?" she took the black cake and stared at it. "Black cake, at a wedding?" she glanced up at Jackson. "Aren't wedding cakes supposed to be white?" she paused, "Unless it's chocolate." She smelled it.

Jackson: "Depends if you like the smell of Arsenrios." He watched her, "Just try the cake." He told her with a smile, "You'll see."

Grace: "Of course I like the smell. But I just wondered if others did." she took a small bite of the cake like she was told to do.

It tasted like the sweetest red liquid she ever had.

Grace: smiled. "I like this cake. Though I wonder if Arsenrios will or not. Maybe I should get him to come down and try them with me."

Jackson: "That is an interesting idea."

Grace: "Why do you say that?"

Jackson: "Well usually isn't it the bride and the groom that come down to check out the cakes?"

Grace: smiled slightly. "Yes that's why I said I should get him."

Jackson: "Well why not just call him."

Grace: pulled out her cell phone, "He would already be here but I was dress shopping earlier. I didn't know we would have time to stop here today. And I can't very well have him see the wedding dress I choose before we get married." she opened it up and dialed his number.

Jackson: laughed, "You can tell you're a newbie."

Grace: looked at him. "Newbie to what?"

Jackson: "You know what I mean."

Grace: a blush crawled across her cheeks. "I'm sorry."

Jackson: chuckled, "It's alright. All you have to do is say his name in your head. That was the kind of calling I was talking about not with a literal phone."

Grace: "Oh." she shut her phone and put it away. "I just say it like, how a human thinks thoughts in their mind?"

Jackson: nodded

Grace: "But how do I know he will hear me? It doesn't seem logical."

Jackson: "Things are never logical in this world."

Grace: closed her eyes and thought Arsenrios name.

Arsenrios: wrapped his arms around her waist, "Hello." he whispered in her ear.

Grace: her eyes snapped open and she jumped, dropping the remainder of the cake in her hand onto the floor. Her hand went over her mouth in shock.

Arsenrios: chuckled, "A waste of perfectly good cake." he picked it up and ate it. "Hey Jackson."

Jackson: "Hey, long time no see."

Grace: "Arsenrios." she whispered. "You did that on purpose!" she said accusingly.

Arsenrios: "Me make you drop good cake on the floor?" he smirked, "Never. You called and I answered."

Grace: "I was just expecting a mental answer. This...this was surprising."

Arsenrios: shrugged, "Not my fault."

Grace: "Do you smell like me, since I smell like you?"

Arsenrios: "I don't know. Probably not."

Grace: If she had a heart beat, it would finally be relaxing right about now, after the shock she just went through. "That's interesting." she turned around to look at him. "Do you like the cake?"

Arsenrios: laughed, "Of course I like the cake."

Grace: "Well, that's why I called you here. To taste it and see which one we should get for our wedding."

Arsenrios: "We should get that one. Go have your mom try it."

Grace: "My mom can't try it." she whispered. "She's not like us."

Arsenrios: "That doesn't matter."

Grace: "The cake tastes like red liquid. Of course it matters."

Arsenrios: chuckled, "We shall see then." he took a piece of cake and walked out to look for Graces mom.

Grace: "Arsenrios no!" she whispered. She turned to Jackson accusingly.

Grainne: was looking through a book of cake decorations.

Arsenrios: walked up to her, "Grainne you have to try this cake it is amazing."

Grainne: looked up. "Oh hi Arsenrios. When did you get here?" she smiled and held out her hand for a piece of the cake.

Arsenrios: handed her the plate.

Grace: rushed up behind Arsenrios. "No! Don't eat it mom!" she warned.

Grainne: paused before taking a bite. "Why?"

Grace: "Because you can't! It's for..." she whispered, "Arsenrios and I."

Arsenrios: "It's fine I promise." he turned and gave Grace the 'Wait and see the wonderfulness of this cake' look.

Grace: "Arsenrios!"

Grainne: took a bite of the cake. Her eyes lit up. "This is amazing."

Arsenrios: turned back and smiled, "So you like it then?" he sounded pleased

Grace: looked confused.

Grainne: "I do. Very much. Do both of you?"

Arsenrios: "I love it what do you think Grace?" he turned and smirked at her and gave her now the 'I told you so.' look.

Grace: blushed again. "Yes. I do." she walked around to stand next to Arsenrios. " you want to get that?"

Arsenrios: "Well, I'm sure everyone will love it so it sounds like a good investment."

Grace: "Then now we have to see how to decorate it." she stood by her mom looking at the book.

Arsenrios: "Well I shall see you later, bye."

Grace: looked at him, "You don't want to help pick it out?"

Arsenrios: "I am sure that whatever you and your mom pick out will be wonderful."

Grace: "Did you get your tux yet and for your groomsmen?"

Arsenrios: "Not yet."

Grace: went over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Bye Arsenrios."

Arsenrios: "Bye." he vanished.

Grainne: "Well, that explains how he got here so fast."

Grace: smiled slightly. "Yea." she went to look at the book again.

Jackson: came out and looked at the people in his shop. He smiled slightly.

Grainne: "So are you going to order the cake?"

Grace: nodded. "Yes."

Grainne: "How many layers? Two? Three?"

Grace: "Probably three. I don't know how many people Arsenrios has to invite, but I am sure there will be a lot with his family and friends and mine." she walked over to Jackson. "I guess we are getting that cake."

Jackson: smiled, "Excellent."

Grace: gave him the details for the decoration, and told him the date of the wedding.

Jackson: nodded, "It shall be ready."

Grace: smiled. "Thank you Jackson." her and her mom left back to the house. "Is Neil home yet?"

Grainne: "He should be. He's got school tomorrow."

Grace: "Yea I know he does." she went to the kitchen.

Neil and Yuki came in the front door of the house holding hands.

Yuki: smiled, "So did you have a good time?"

Neil: smiled back. "I did. Very much."

Grainne: "Neil!"

Neil: looked up at his mom. "What?"

Grainne: "You are way passed your curfew boy. Do you have any idea how much trouble you are in?"

Neil: "No but I kind of guessed." he shrugged. He didn't care.

Grainne: "Do NOT give me that attitude Mr." she looked to Yuki. "Yuki, I think it is time you go home."

Yuki: nodded, "Yes ma'am." she kissed Neil on the check before vanishing.

Grainne: "What is this? Apparently everyone I know is abnormal?"

Neil: glared at him mom. "Or maybe everyone is normal except for you."

Grainne: "You are grounded Neil. Up to your room. Right now."

Neil: clenched his fist. "I'll go out with my girlfriend if I WANT to! Whether you ground me or NOT!"

Grainne: "Since when are you two dating anyways!"


Grainne: "Is THIS why you were out so late!"

Neil: "YES IT WAS!"

Grace: stood by the doorway from the kitchen, listening.

Grainne: "You KNOW you aren't supposed to be out dating without supervision!" she exclaimed.

Neil: "Oh give me a break mom. Your rules are stupid and out of date."

Grainne: "They are there for a reason."

Arsenrios: listened he looked around the room; family disputes were something he didn't want to get involved in right now.

Neil: "It doesn't matter anyways mom. I am going to my room." he turned and left upstairs.

Grainne: shook her head and went to the kitchen.

Arsenrios: looked to Grace.

Grace: went over and sat by him. "You weren't supposed to see me until tonight, remember?" she brushed her hand through his hair, slightly smiling.

Arsenrios: shrugged, "I couldn't help it."

Grace: "Well, then, I won't restrict you." she promised and moved her hand back to her lap. "I just wonder what's going on with Neil. He normally doesn't have tempers like that. With my mom. I mean...he's stubborn but not like this."

Arsenrios: "I have no idea maybe talking to him will help?"

Grace: "I don't think my brother will want to talk to me. Normally he spoke to Liam."

Arsenrios: "I see. Well, that isn't possible now."

Grace: "I know." she smiled, "Maybe you could take his place."

Arsenrios: "Maybe." he stood, "I'll be back."

Grace: watched him. "Okay." she grabbed a magazine and opened it to read.

Arsenrios: walked up to Neil's room and knocked on the door.

Neil: "I'm busy."

Arsenrios: "With what?"

Neil: got up and opened the door just enough to stick his head through. "Oh. Hi Arsenrios. I thought you were my mom."

Arsenrios: "I figured. I just wanted to make sure your okay."

Neil: "Yep. Perfectly fine. Now if you'll excuse me." he leaned back into his room.

Arsenrios: sighed, he spoke softly, "Is my sister in there?"

Neil: "So what if she is?"

Arsenrios: "It's just a question."

Neil: "Don't tell my mom, okay?"

Arsenrios: "I won't." he promised.

Neil: "Yes. She is."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Not meaning to pry but what exactly are you doing in there?"

Neil: "Talking and stuff."

Arsenrios: "Stuff like?"

Neil: "I don't bother you with questions about what you do with my sister, now, do I?"

Arsenrios: "No, however I worry about my sister's well-being."

Neil: crinkled his eyebrows. "I don't know what you mean. I like Yuki. I am not doing anything to harm her well-being."

Arsenrios: "Then what is it you are doing?"

Neil: opened up the door wider and stood by the wall to show Yuki just sitting on the bed. "Talking with me."

Arsenrios: "I see, well. I will talk to you later then." he closed the door but stayed by it, listening.

Neil: walked back over and sat on the bed.

Yuki: "Now where were we?"

Neil: "Wherever you want to be. I have a feeling your brother is listening."

Yuki: sighed, "I wish he would just leave me alone."

Neil: "He thinks I am bad for your well-being. Which I might be. I did kill someone."

Yuki: giggled quietly, "No. He just wants to be a pain is all."

Neil: glanced at his window. "I am grounded. But you and I can teleport in and out. Be back before anyone knows we've been gone. If you want to get away from Arsenrios the pain, that is."

Yuki: "I would love to."

Neil: smiled, "Okay Yuki Bear." he took her hand and teleported them somewhere else.

Arsenrios: sighed, he walked downstairs.

Grace: was reading her magazine.

Arsenrios: sat down.

Grace: "Did you talk to him?" she asked, looking up.

Arsenrios: nodded, "I talked to him."

Grace: "So, what's eating at him?"

Arsenrios: "I have no idea. I have a feeling that my sister is involved though."

Grace: "Involved with what is making him act weird?"

Arsenrios: nodded.

Grace: "If they are dating you don't think...oh Arsenrios Neil is only 16." she whispered.

Arsenrios: "I wouldn't think."

Grace: nodded. She hoped.

Arsenrios: he thought about all that had happened the last few days. Something must have triggered it.

Grace: "Maybe he is just still sick. You know...when you told me he wasn't feeling well that one day."

Arsenrios: his eyes grew wide, "I bet it is. That explains everything, well almost."

Grace: "Maybe I should get my mom to go check on him." she stood. "She shouldn't be so hard on Neil. I mean, if he is sick he can't help it." she set down her magazine and walked to the kitchen.

Arsenrios: stopped her before she got far. "He just wants to be alone for a bit."

Grace: "Can't he be alone after my mom gives him medicine?"

Arsenrios: "It's a sickness of the mind, no medicine can fix it."

Grace: gasped. "Really? Will he be okay?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Eventually."

Grace: "Okay." she glanced at the kitchen once, then decided not to go. "Sorry for not believing you, about the cake."

Arsenrios: "It's okay, you couldn't have known."

Grace: "Something else I've wanted to apologize to you for, is kicking you. That was...stupid of me. I know better than to do that."

Arsenrios: "It didn't hurt me I was just worried about you."

Grace: "Well, I am fine." she smiled slightly at him.

Arsenrios: "For that I am glad."

Grace: "I wonder how it's work now, since we are the same..."

Arsenrios: "It will probably hurt me now."

Grace: smiled wider. "Really? I am strong now?"

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded.

Grace: "Oh that reminds me. Tomorrow I am going to get started on the wedding invites. Do you have that list for me, of people to invite?"

Arsenrios: nodded, he took a piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to her.

Grace: took it from him. "Thank you." she looked at the list briefly.

There were quite a few names there.

Grace: "What do you think of a navy blue and white wedding?" she smiled at him.

Arsenrios: "Those are very nice colors."

Grace: "Well, white because it's a wedding. Navy blue because that's your favorite color."

Arsenrios: "But what about your favorite color?"

Grace: "The bride always wears white. My favorite color doesn't matter."

Arsenrios: "Not always, it matters to me."

Grace: "My favorite color is peach. But...I don't know how that would work with navy blue. White is better."

Arsenrios: "If you say so."

Grace: "Think you can get your tuxes in navy blue?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "That sounds manageable."

Grace: "I ordered the cake and everything. have to find a caterer."

Arsenrios: "The fun part."

Grace: "Well, the food wouldn't be for us or your friends would it?"

Arsenrios: shook his head, "Probably not."

Grace: "Then I'll get my mom to arrange that."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Cool."

Grace: "Where will we go for our honeymoon? that a surprise?"

Arsenrios: "Well, were do you want to go?"

Grace: "I have always wanted to visit India."

Arsenrios: "India it is then."

Grace: "No, where do you want to go?"

Arsenrios: "I want to go where ever you want to."

Grace: "India might be too expensive though."

Arsenrios: "Expense is not an issue."

Grace: she remembered all of those fancy outfits that were still kept in Arsenrios old wife's room. The rubies, the jewels. The clothing. "Yea, I know." she whispered.

Arsenrios: "What's wrong?" he looked concerned.

Grace: "Nothing's wrong. I just don't want you to feel like you have to spend money on me. We can honeymoon at your house for all I care."

Arsenrios: "I know but I want to do this for you, not out of having to do it."

Grace: "Okay." she kissed his cheek.

Arsenrios: moved his head so she kissed him on the lips, he kissed her back.

Grace: giggled. "Well, have to finish making supper then I'll go get my brother."

Arsenrios: "Alright."

Grace: left to the kitchen. She came back out about an hour later. "It's done. Though, human food smells...weird to me now."

Arsenrios: 'Neil get back to the house.' he laughed, "I bet it does."

Neil: 'Why?'

Arsenrios: 'Because someone is going to be coming up to get you soon.'

Grace: "We can still eat it though. Right?"

Neil: sighed. There was a sound from upstairs.

Arsenrios: nodded, "We can."

Grace: "Good. Because my mom doesn't know I'm changed."

Arsenrios: "Well I guess you better go get Neil. I have to go. Love you."

Grace: "You aren't staying to eat?"

Arsenrios: "I will if you want me to, I figured with the Yuki thing that I wouldn't be able to."

Grace: "My brother being punished in no way concerns you. You are my husband/husband to be. They are just...boyfriend/girlfriend. Probably won't last long anyways." she took his hand and went to the dining room, sitting down in her spot.

Grainne: walked past and up the stairs to get Neil.

Arsenrios: sat down in his usual spot where ever that was.

Neil: came down a few minutes later after Grainne, taking a seat at the dining room table. He ran a hand through his hair and picked at his food.

Arsenrios: looked at him for a moment then looked to Grace and took a bite.

Neil: "You know what...I'm not hungry. Going to go back to my room." he set his fork down.

Grainne: "Neil, eat your food."

Neil: took a bite. "Okay. Done. Thanks mom. Delicious." he left from the table back upstairs.

Arsenrios: sighed.

Grainne: "That's about how I feel, Arsenrios. I am sorry you have to witness all of this."

Grace: "It's okay mom. Arsenrios says Neil is just sick. But he'll get better."

Grainne: "Sick?"

Grace: "Something's bothering him mentally. But he'll get over it."

Arsenrios: "It just takes time."

Grainne: "Well, then maybe I shouldn't be so hard on him. If it's not his fault entirely."

Arsenrios: "I am sure he would appreciate that."

Grainne: stood. "Maybe I should go apologize to him."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly at her, 'Neil someone is coming up again.'

Neil: 'Who, in the name of heaven? Will people stop bothering me?' he sounded annoyed.

Arsenrios: 'Just figured you would want to know your mom is coming to apologize.'

Neil: sighed.

Grainne: left to his room.

Grace: stood and cleared off her plate and Arsenrios plate. She went up to her room.

Arsenrios: "It is all my fault." he said to himself then vanished.

Grace: took a shower.

Arsenrios: appeared outside.

Grace: stepped out of the shower, a towel wrapped around her. She expected to see Arsenrios in her room but he wasn't there. Odd. But maybe he didn't want to sleep here tonight. She turned to her dresser and opened up her pajama drawer to get some out.

Arsenrios: walked around outside.

Grace: looked through her pajamas again. She seemed to be missing more pairs...that was odd. She pulled out another set, pants with a tank top with cherries on it, and pulled on underwear and then her pajamas. She threw the towel back on the bathroom floor then brushed her hair out and left it down. She climbed onto the bed.

Arsenrios: 'Want me to come up?' he asked in her head

Grace: 'Yes. If you want to that is.'

Arsenrios: was beside her.

Grace: smiled at him. She put her arms around him. "I think I need to go pajama shopping."

Arsenrios: "Why's that?"

Grace: "I am missing about three or four pairs of pajamas."

Arsenrios: "That's weird."

Grace: "I wonder who's taking them."

Arsenrios: "I have no idea but I think you are right about the shopping."

Grace: "Well, if I get a break tomorrow in dress shopping, caterers, and invitation...writing." she closed her eyes and leaned her head on him.

Arsenrios: smirked, "I could get them for you."

Grace: "I' that." she said sleepily.

Arsenrios: "Goodnight love."

Grace: "Night Arsenrios."


Grace: got up and after a little more dress shopping, finally finding the perfect dress, she came home and got online to order the invitations for the wedding, then got out the envelopes and marked them with the addresses for each person, stamping each one for mailing. She sent her mom off to find a caterer. Neil was at school.

Arsenrios: was just walking around the city.

He saw someone resembling Neil come out of a video store.

Arsenrios: did an analysis to see if it was Neil.

It was Neil.

Arsenrios: "Neil what are you doing here? You're supposed to be at school."

Neil: looked up at Arsenrios, first shocked then the moment passed. "Yea. Supposed to be doing a lot of things I don't do."

Arsenrios: "Why are you doing this Neil? Your mother is going to wonder when she gets a phone call saying you haven't been showing up for school."

Neil: "Oh. Yea. Forgot about that." he shrugged and continued walking. "It's okay. Vinics are good at impersonating people. I'll just pretend to be her and call myself off of school."

Arsenrios: "Are you really still upset about what happened to Destiny? Is that what is making you act this way?"

Neil: cringed. "I have no idea what you are talking about." he walked faster and went into a smoothie shop.

Arsenrios: stopped him, "I want to help you Neil but I can't do so if you won't talk to me."

Neil: "Arsenrios please don't. I am fine. Really. Can't I skip school a few times?"

Arsenrios: "When you start acting like you have been these last few days, no. Whether you want to admit it or not, you are not getting over it. Never before would you have ever thought about doing what you have done the last few days."

Neil: "Well..." he sighed. "I don't know Arsenrios. It just...changed me is all. I am afraid of doing it again." he said reluctantly, then stood in line for a smoothie.

Arsenrios: "You are in control of the outcome, sometimes you have to go against instinct. If you remain in focus it won't."

Neil: "Do you know what it's like being at an all boy's school? I can't go back their Arsenrios. They fight all the time. And now I am afraid to go too far."

Arsenrios: "Why is it they fight?"

Neil: "Bullies fight just because they like too. Does there have to be a reason?" he got his smoothie and paid for it, then walked to a table and sat down.

Arsenrios: "You don't have any friends?"

Neil: "I have...three. I think."

Arsenrios: ''See? Then you shouldn't worry. They can help you out.''

Neil: sipped at his drink. "Help me with what? They don't know what I am. This is why I say 'I think' they are my friends."

Arsenrios: ''What do the authorities do?''

Neil: "They don't know about it. And I am not about to rat on anyone. You know how much more trouble I would be in with other kids? I would definitely never go back to school then."

Arsenrios: ''Well how would you feel about going back to school if I went then I could stop you before something happened.''

Neil: "You can't go to school with me every day for another two years until I graduate."

Arsenrios: ''Why not I figure it's about time I see what school is all about.''

Neil: "You are too old for a student. You look 32 remember?"

Arsenrios: laughed. ''I can change that.''

Neil: "And what about Grace?"

Arsenrios: ''That's why I can multiply.''

Neil: "So Grace won't know?"

Arsenrios: ''Well I'll just be in two places at once. There's nothing to get me in trouble.''

Neil: a smile broke out on his face. "I'd very much appreciate that Arsenrios."

Arsenrios: smiled, ''Alright well this will be much fun.''

Neil: finished his smoothie. "So, tomorrow then?"

Arsenrios: nodded. ''Tomorrow. Now is there anything else I should know?''

Neil: looked at the table. "About what?"

Arsenrios: ''The school. What you kids dress like now a days.''

Neil: smirked, "No you don't have to worry about that. It's a private school." he looked at Arsenrios. "All boys' school. We have uniforms."

Arsenrios: ''Sounds fun.''

Neil: "So...once you sign up for school, you'll get a uniform. There is an entrance fee. I don't know how you will get someone to enroll you in the school. You don't have your parents. Do you?"

Arsenrios: ''Nope.''

Neil: "Well, then, I don't know. Let's hope it works out."

Arsenrios: smirked. ''I've got it covered.''

Neil: "Well...then." he looked at his watch and stood. "See you around."

Arsenrios: ''Alright.'' he vanished.

Grace: fell asleep at the table of the envelopes, pen still in hand. She had been writing all day.

Arsenrios: kissed her he looked 16.

Grace: opened up her eyes and they widened. She fell back out of her chair, completely awake now. She covered her mouth.

Arsenrios: laughed. ''Hi love.''

Grace: her eyes narrowed. Probably one of Neil's stupid friends. She stood and gripped the back of his shirt and dragged him to the door.

Arsenrios: ''Wow I see how you treat your husband.''

Grace: "I have no idea who you are but you are not my husband." she released his shirt. "Now, out. Neil is grounded so you'll have to come back later."

Arsenrios: shifted forms. ''I thought I was allowed here. Fine I'll go.'' he turned.

Grace: her eyes widened again. She gasped. "Arsenrios?"

Arsenrios: turned. ''Yes?''

Grace: hugged him. "I didn't know it was you. I am sorry."

Arsenrios: ''Mhm sure. My goodness this teaches me never to come here before I go.''

Grace: looked at him, slightly horrified at the idea. "No! I didn't know you could do that! Please Arsenrios I just thought you were one of Neil's friends from school. It's shocking."

Arsenrios: laughed he leaned forward whispering. ''I am.''

Grace: kissed him. "Forgive me please? I'll be nice next time I promise. Now that I know it is you."

Arsenrios: kissed her back. ''There's nothing to forgive.''

Grace: "I should have known anyways, because of the eyes."

Arsenrios: shrugged. ''It's alright.''

Grace: "Why are you...looking younger?"

Arsenrios: ''I am going to school starting tomorrow. You have to see the cool stuff. I got this thing to hold something or another.''

Grace: cover her mouth with her hand to stifle her giggle. "Mhm, what is it? Show me."

Arsenrios: showed her the book bag that matched the uniform.

Grace: "Yes my husband. That is a book bag. You put school books in it to take from school to home and back." she looked at him. "Why are you going to school?"

Arsenrios: ''To get the experience and to help Neil.''

Grace: "Help Neil? What's wrong with him now?"

Arsenrios: ''I just figured it would help get out stuff he's going through." he shifted forms again.

Grace: giggled, looking at him. "You are still very tall."

Arsenrios: smile. "Thanks."

Grace: shook her head. So weird. She turned and walked back to the table with the envelopes.

Arsenrios: ''What?''

Grace: "It's just weird. You remind me of my brother. And you look different." she sat down.

Arsenrios: ''Need some help?''

Grace: looked at the many papers in front of her. "Yes."

Arsenrios: ''I'll help.'' he started to help her.

Grace: smiled slightly at him and continued her work. "Who will you tell my mom you are when she sees you here?"

Arsenrios: ''Peter.''

Grace: giggled, "Okay Peter." she looked at him, "You are not so intimidating, looking like a 16 year old. Not so scary."

Arsenrios: "It's the looks that get them every time.''

Grace: "I am sure it is. I am glad you are going to an all boy's school."

Arsenrios: ''You know you're the only one who has my heart.''

Grace: smiled slightly and kissed his cheek. She ruffled his hair like she does many times to Neil to annoy him.

Arsenrios: laughed. He kissed her back.

Grace: "That's even weirder."

Arsenrios: chuckled.

Grace: "Can't kiss me when my mom comes in. She'd really freak out."

Arsenrios: ''I want to see that.'' he kissed her again.

Grace: giggled. "That's so weird." she pressed her lips together.

Arsenrios: "This is fun.'' He kissed her hand

Grace: "No. It's w-e-i-r-d." she continued to giggle. She tried to pull her hand away.

Arsenrios: held it firmly kissing it again.

Grainne: walked down the stairs and followed the sound of the giggling.

Grace: "Stop my mom is coming." she tried to stop giggling.

Arsenrios: ''Why?'' he whispered kissing her hand again.

Grace: "Because you don't look like your-" she was cut off when her mom came in the room.

Grainne: her eyes widened. "WHAT IS THIS!"

Arsenrios: waved, "Hi."

Grainne: "FIRST LIAM AND NOW- AND NOW-" It donned on her she had no idea who this person was.

Arsenrios: chuckled, "I think we should calmly discuss this."

Grace: "Peter..." she filled in for her mom.

Grainne: "Out! RIGHT NOW!" she grabbed her broom and started to smack Arsenrios over the head with it.

Grace: "Mom! Stop!"

Grainne: "You and I are having a talk little missy!" she told Grace. She pulled Arsenrios from his chair by gripping the back of his shirt and threw him out the door.

Arsenrios: "Geez! What is this? Kick me out day? Grainne, I am Arsenrios."

Grace: "SORRY PETER I TOLD YOU I'M MARRIED!" she laughed harder.

Grainne: "And my mom is the queen of England! LEAVE!" she said angrily.

Arsenrios: laughed, "Come on, think about."

Grainne: slammed the door closed and locked it.

Arsenrios: knocked on the door himself again.

Grace: opened up the door. She smiled at him. "Hello."

Grainne: "GRACE DON'T YOU DARE OPEN-" she stopped. "Arsenrios! Speak to your wife!"

Arsenrios: smiled, "Hello again." he turned, "About what?"

Grainne: "Or check her neck again for something! Same thing is going on with her like with Liam! Except now with a 16 year old named Peter!"

Grace: swooned, "But mom I love Peter!"

Grainne: "SEE!"

Arsenrios: tried to keep a straight face. He turned to Grace, "Honey what did I tell you about having an affair?"

Grace: "But Arsenrios!" she giggled. "He's sooo cute. And small. He needed a girlfriend. I didn't think you would mind!"

Grainne: "YOU DIDN'T THINK HE WOULD MIND!" she exclaimed.

Arsenrios: couldn't hold it anymore he laughed, "And what were his kisses like?"

Grace: "A taste of heaven." she put her arms around Arsenrios neck. "So good I forget what yours are like."

Grainne: pushed Grace's hair back looking at her neck.

Grace: turned her head, "Mom, what are you doing?"

Grainne: "Shush Grace." She saw no scar, and now...her worst fears were starting to confirm. "YOU REALLY ARE A CHEATER!"

Grace: "Really mom, can you call kissing cheating?"


Arsenrios: laughed, "Not if it's with me." He kissed her.

Grace: kissed him back. "Yes. That is much better. Doesn't feel so weird anymore."


Arsenrios: "Should we straighten things out?" he asked Grace.

Grace: "I suppose..." she stepped back from him.

Arsenrios: turned to Grainne, "You see that little boy was me."

Grainne: scoffed. "I am sure!"

Arsenrios: "Watch." his eyes glowed red and then he shifted to the same little boy, and then he shifted back. "See?"

Grainne: her eyes widened, and words caught in her throat from what she was about to say.

Arsenrios: "I was telling you the truth. And Grace didn't cheat with anyone but her husband in a younger form."

Grainne: "I am never questioning things again." she left the room, wanting to leave the state of embarrassment.

Arsenrios: chuckled, he brought Grace into his arms and kissed her passionately.

Grace: kissed him back just as well, "That was fun. A little mean...but fun."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I agree. Though I was wondering if you could help me with this whole school thing."

Grace: "What do you need help with?"

Arsenrios: "How do you act? What do you do? All that kind of stuff."

Grace: "You act like yourself, except, don't be a suck up to the teachers. No one likes that. You finish your school work that the teachers tell you to do. Pretty much...if you know how to be obedient to rules and authority figures, you'll be fine."

Arsenrios: "Yeah, I can't do that. I'm disobedient by heart."

Grace: "I haven't seen it."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Not yet my dear."

Grace: "Not yet meaning never. I have never seen you be disobedient yet. You probably lost that at the same time you told me you lost your capabilities at being evil."

Arsenrios: "But you will some day. Yea probably. Though I am getting those back. So..."

Grace: her smile faded. "Getting what back?"

Arsenrios: "Nothing. Anyways..."

Grace: sat back down at the table and continued writing names on envelopes.

Arsenrios: "Darling what is it?" he should just have kept his mouth shut.

Grace: shook her head. "Nothing. Anyways..." she repeated.

Arsenrios: went back in time two minutes, this time he answered, "Your probably right. Oh well. Then I guess you will have to trust me that I went against the rules."

Grace: "How will you survive at school then? You won't be able to help Neil with whatever it is he needs help with if you get expelled two days into the school time."

Arsenrios: smiled, "That's why I have abilities. So that, that stuff won't happen."

Grace: "What abilities? Abilities at ACTING obedient?"

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded, "Exactly."

Grace: giggled, "Arsenrios...that is pretty much BEING obedient." she shook her head and sat down at the table, writing names on envelopes again.

Arsenrios: "Then maybe I should have a change in plans."

Grace: "And what would that be?"

Arsenrios: "I don't know yet."

Grace: smiled and looked at him, "Awww, this'll be fun. I can make you lunch every day. Instead of it being for work it'll be for school!" she said in a little voice you use to comfort babies.

Arsenrios: shook his head, "I am not a child." he laughed, "Never mind."

Grace: "What you aren't going now?" her voice normal again.

Arsenrios: "I'm still going, I meant never mind I am a child."

Grace: "Good. I was about to say you have to go. Peter is the love of my life. I'd miss him."

Arsenrios: chuckled, "Apart from him being weird?"

Grace: "He is not weird. I just mean it's weird when he kisses me. I don't appreciate you calling the love of my life Peter, weird."

Arsenrios: "Oh I see." he laughed, "I won't do it again." he held up his hands, "Please don't spank me."

Grace: "Thank you very much. It's a good thing he isn't here right now. I'd hate to see what he'd do to you if he heard that." she smirked, "No, I won't spank you, but I bet my mother would like to. Especially after that prank you pulled on her a few moments ago."

Arsenrios: "I should apologize."

Grace: "Go in there and get spanked."

Arsenrios: saluted her, "Yes ma'am." he turned and walked in the kitchen.

Grainne: was making cookies.

Arsenrios: "I'm sorry." he said from behind her. "That wasn't right."

Grainne: turned to face him. She lifted an eyebrow at him, annoyed, but said nothing, and went back to mixing.

Arsenrios: walked back into Grace, "I think your mom still hates me and wishes to give me a spanking."

Grace: "Are you disappointed you didn't get one honey?"

Arsenrios: pouted, "Yes."

Grace: giggled and shook her head. "You are so crazy. As crazy as Peter is weird. Why must I always choose men with flaws..."

Arsenrios: "Because perfect woman always go for imperfect men." he kissed her.

Grace: kissed him back glad to be past the crazy talk about spankings...

Arsenrios: "Well I guess I should go." he looked at his watch it read 10 p.m.

Grace: "Go where? My room?" she smiled.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Maybe." he vanished

Grace: pushed her chair back and left the pen and envelopes on the table. She went into the kitchen. "Night mom." she kissed her cheek. "Mmmm cookie dough." she took a bit and left to her room upstairs.

Arsenrios: was laying on the bed four bags full of pajamas beside him.

Grace: "What in the world? I said I was missing four pajama sets. Not four BAGS."

Arsenrios: shrugged, "I got you a little extra."

Grace: "Here." she handed him a part of the cookie dough. "I like the feeling of it, but the taste isn't the same." she threw some in the garbage and bent down to one of the bags of pajamas, opening it and pulling one out.

Arsenrios: ate it, "Mmm..."

Grace: laid out the pajamas on her bed, looking at what they looked like.

Arsenrios: he closed his eyes, they were all of different styles one from around each country of the world.

Grace: "Where did you..." she looked at him accusingly. "I meant like Wal-Mart or something not extravagant countries."

Arsenrios: "I took a trip." he shrugged, "No big deal."

Grace: "I can't wear these to sleep in. They are too nice." she folded them up and put them in her pajama drawer.

Arsenrios: "They are pajamas, what's the difference?"

Grace: "The price."

Arsenrios: "I never said I paid a lot of them, I actually got them for a bargain."

Grace: turned to glare at him. "You really are asking for a spanking, aren't you." she took out her old pair of pajama's and set them on her bed. She pulled off her shirt and bra and pulled her pajama shirt on.

Arsenrios: sighed, "Online shopping is dangerous who knew."

Grace: pulled off her pants and pulled on her pajama bottoms. She climbed onto her bed.

Arsenrios: was already sleeping, he was colder than usual.

Grace: felt his cheek. That was weird...he normally doesn't fall asleep so fast. Why now? He actually felt cold to her tonight. And ever since she's been changed he was warm to her, not cold anymore. "Arsenrios." she whispered hesitantly.

Arsenrios: groaned silently.

Grace: "Arsenrios." she whispered again, she pressed the back of her hand to his cheek. Maybe he just needed more blankets for warmth.

Arsenrios: groaned again.

Grace: got up and went out to the hallway. She pulled out three more blankets from the linen closet and came back in to room, laying them on Arsenrios. She climbed under the covers and pressed against his body. She knew she was cold too, but right now, she was warmer than him. And maybe it would help.

Arsenrios: shivered.

Grace: Maybe it wasn't a good idea. She climbed off of the bed again and went downstairs to the kitchen and boiled some water. She put it in a bed warmer, and took it back up to the bed and put that under the covers next to him, to radiate heat.

Arsenrios: jumped wide awake, "What on Earth?"

Grace: was sitting on top of the covers watching him. She put her hand to his forehead to see if his temperature had improved.

Arsenrios: it hadn't, "What are you doing?"

Grace: "You are cold Arsenrios. It scares me."

Arsenrios: "I'm fine." he assured her.

Grace: shook her head and bit her lower lip. "I'll sleep somewhere else tonight. If I get to close to you, you shiver."

Arsenrios: "I'm fine." he pulled her over to him and wrapped his arms around her, he kissed her.

Grace: kissed him back, but still worried. "If you are fine why are you cold and why did you shiver?"

Arsenrios: shrugged, "It's nothing new. No one knows why. They say it's some defect when I was changed. It comes and goes."

Grace: "Should I worry about it? It's new to me. You never fall asleep that fast."

Arsenrios: "You shouldn't worry about it."

Grace: reached under the bed and pulled out the bed warmer, "Sleep with this. It'll keep you warm."

Arsenrios: "You have got to be kidding me I'd rather be next to you."

Grace: "And I would rather you not shiver."

Arsenrios: "It won't happen again tonight."

Grace: "Just..." she shoved it under his shirt. "There."

Arsenrios: "Look I'm pregnant." he teased moving it.

Grace: patted his stomach. "Yes. Very nice. Now I am married to a pregnant man."

Arsenrios: "That's something...for the newspapers." he said as he paused for a yawn.

Grace: kissed his cheek. "Good night Arsenrios." she sat back, still facing him on top of the covers.

Arsenrios: "Night." he fell asleep again

Grace: stayed awake, watching him. She got out her sewing kit and started to sew stuff while she watched him, making sure he was fine throughout the night.

Arsenrios: he was well mostly.


Grace: closed the blinds when morning broke so as not to wake Arsenrios. She sat on the chair and leaned her head down on the arm rest, tucking her feet up under her. She closed her eyes just for a moment.

Arsenrios: jumped up and got changed. He shifted into his teenager form. he could hear an alarm going off for a kid down the street that went to the same school. He set Grace in bed covering her with blankets.

Grace: continued to sleep.

Arsenrios: got dressed and put the materials he needed in his book bag. He got dressed in what he was supposed to wear. When he was ready, he went down to Neil's room and knocked on his door, 'Ready for school?'

Neil: 'No. Go away.' He sounded sleepy.

Arsenrios: 'Neil, I am not going to school alone. You can see my sister after school. Come on and get dressed.'

Neil; opened his eyes. 'Oh yes. Forgot you were going to school with me today.' He got up as quickly as he could without waking Yuki. He went to the bathroom and quickly shaved at his morning stubble, without cutting himself- which was a feat altogether- then he got his hand wet with water and ran it through his hair to fix it. He quickly ran a brush over his teeth- which contributed to better smelling breath. Then he stripped off his pajamas and pulled on his uniform for school. He slipped on his shoes and slung his book bag over his shoulder. He kissed Yuki on the cheek. "Bye Yuki Bear." he whispered to her and opened up his bedroom door, stepping out into the hallway with Arsenrios. He closed the door behind him. "Ready."

Arsenrios: "I think if we walk we are going to be later. It will be best to teleport."

Neil: "Onto school grounds, sure. Do you know how my school is laid out so you won't go teleporting directly into the path of a camera or a teacher or student watching?"

Arsenrios: nodded. ''Yup.''

Neil: vanished.

Arsenrios: teleported to a safe zone.

Neil: walked into the school building and to his locker.

Arsenrios: walked to his locker

There was no one in the hallways as school had already started.

Neil: "What classes you have?" he asked Arsenrios.

The school was an expensive building. Wooden walls and glazed floors.

Arsenrios: ''Theoretical science.''

Neil: glanced down the hallway. "You better get going before the principal comes. You are on your own for your first period." he looked back at Arsenrios and held out his hand. "Give me your schedule so I know when we can meet up."

Arsenrios: gave it to him. ''See you around.''

Neil: took off to class. He tried to sneak in but it didn't work.

Teacher: "Neil, you're late. Tardiness is unacceptable."

Neil: "I don't know what you are talking about Mr. Shue." he sat down at his desk and kept eye contact.

Mr. Shue: "I am talking about...talking..." he stopped...what was he talking about?

Student: "Neil is late."

Mr. Shue: "Neil is not late he's been here since the bell rang. Just like you." he turned back around and continued teaching.

Student: looked back at Neil.

Neil: pulled out his books, studying them.

Arsenrios: went to class

After class Neil gathered his books and went to his locker again to get what he needed for the next class.

Student: came up behind Neil and turned him around, pushing him against his locker. "I don't know what you did to that teacher Neil, but I KNOW you were late."

Neil: "I don't know what you are talking about Shawn." he looked down at Shawn's hand on his shirt then glanced back up at Shawn. "Let. Me. Go." he said firmly.

Shawn: released his shirt and stepped back. "I'll figure you out soon enough Neil Anderson." he walked down the hall

Arsenrios: walked by. ''Nicely handled. We have the next class together.''

Neil: "How'd you explain the whole 'Late to Class' thing? New Student excuse?" he shut his locker and walked with Arsenrios to class.

Arsenrios: nodded, ''Yeah it worked well.''

Neil: "I wonder what the world would be like with Shawn dead." he sat at his desk. The room was set up like a college room. Desks lines in platforms, a stage in front. You could sit wherever you wanted.

Arsenrios: sat beside him. ''Careful of thinking like that.'' he warned.

Neil: "Is the world better with Destiny dead?"

Arsenrios: ''Depends which world you're referring to.''

Neil: "Let's go with both." he switched to mental talking, since class started. He acted like he was paying attention to the teacher.

Arsenrios: 'Our world yes. Their world no.'

Neil: 'How do you figure it's bad for their world?'

Arsenrios: 'Hunters are a means of protect for the human race. Now they just lost one.'

Neil: he paused, hesitant, tapping his fingers on his desk nervously for a few moments before he spoke. 'She...worked for people didn't she?'

Arsenrios: 'She worked for an organization. But it's nothing you need to worry about.'

Neil: 'They will realize she is gone. Missing. Dead. They will come after me...' he broke off an edge of his desk in his worry.

Arsenrios: 'Listen to me Neil; they will not come after you. Trust me. You have to relax.'

Neil: 'I'd like to believe you but I just...can't.' He stood and collected his books, walking out of the classroom despite the protests from the teacher. He kept walking.

Arsenrios: appeared in front of him. ''Where are you going?''

Neil: "Away from here." he shoved his books in his locker, and, knowing the door was locked to leave from the inside without alerting another teacher, and knowing the other teacher was in his pursuit, he teleported outside, hoping no cameras noticed.

Arsenrios: 'Neil listen. They don't know where she went last. They can't link you to anything.'

Neil: 'What if she had a tracker on her?' Why didn't he think of all of this before he had gone and done something so stupid?

Arsenrios: 'She never carried a tracker, she felt like they here imposing on her.'

Neil: he sighed. 'Someone will notice she is missing. Anyone.' he cringed.

Arsenrios: 'She didn't have any."

Neil: 'I went to one class today. That's good enough.' he teleported to town.

Arsenrios: 'Don't make me drag you back.'

Neil: 'You are not my mother. Leave me alone.'

Arsenrios: 'I am trying to help you Neil.'

Neil: 'Thanks for trying Arsenrios. I appreciate it, you know that.'


Arsenrios: after a few classes at the school, he left the grounds and walked into the smoothie shop where he had a feeling Neil would be. Sure enough, he was.

Neil: pulled his hoodie down over his face. He turned to face the wall, still drinking his smoothie.

Arsenrios: put his hand on his shoulder, "Come on Neil."

Neil: lowered his voice. "Don't know who you are talking about..."

Arsenrios: "I'm sure you don't know yourself."

Neil: "With that statement Arsenrios, you are partly right." his voice normal again.

Arsenrios: "Come on, we both have classes to get back to."

Neil: turned back around to face the table. He pushed his hoodie out of his face. "Well if you haven't noticed, I'm sort of busy."

Arsenrios: "You should be busy at school."

Neil: shrugged slightly. "Yuki's more important than school."

Yuki: looked up at Arsenrios, "I can go to school."

Neil: "Not my school. It's all boys."

Yuki: smiled, "So?"

Neil: "I don't...understand. You are not changing into a boy."

Yuki: "Why not?"

Neil: "I don't date boys. That's why not."

Yuki: "It'll only be for show."

Neil: "And how would you pull that off?"

Yuki: she took a deep breath and when she looked up she looked like a perfectly normal boy teenager. She held that for a moment and then shifted back to her true form.

Neil: his eyes widened. "Dear god in heaven. No."

Yuki: she stood, "I think I should go. Thank you for the smoothie Neil."

Neil: "You are leaving now?" he stood also. "Why?"

Yuki: "You don't date boys remember. I can shift into one so doesn't that make me one?"

Neil: "No. It does not." Where was she going with this?

Yuki: nodded slowly, "If you're sure." she walked over and put her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Neil: kissed her back. "But if you are in that form I am not kissing you. Or...anything else."

Yuki: nodded, "I know. I don't expect you to." she giggled, "That would be really weird."

Neil: smiled slightly, "Fine. You want to do this?"

Yuki: smiled and nodded, "Yes."

Neil: looked at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "Whatever keeps you in school is fine by me. As long as no one finds out she's actually a girl."

Neil: "I'll kill 'em if they do."

Arsenrios: raised an eyebrow.

Neil: "I'm just joking."

Arsenrios: smiled, "You better be."

Neil: picked up his smoothie. "Well...I guess I can wait to go back to school until Yuki is there."

Yuki: "I'm all signed up." she smiled at him.

Neil: lifted an eyebrow at her. "How?"

Yuki: smiled, "Something you will never know."

Neil: "All my classes?"

Yuki: nodded, "Yup."

Neil: smiled again and kissed her. "You know what else..."

Yuki: kissed him back, "What?"

Neil: "If you keep your boy form after, maybe my mother will let you come over to my house as a friend from school to 'practice studying'." he winked and whispered. "Then you can shift back to your own form in my room. She'll never know...and technically, your visit will be allowed."

Yuki: smiled, "I like that idea."

Neil: smiled back, but decided to change the subject in case Arsenrios got suspicious. "So what am I to call you Miss Yuki? Arsenrios I call Peter. And you? What's your boy name?"

Yuki: "Daniel."

Neil: nodded. "Daniel it is." he nodded to the table. "Grab your smoothie. We can head back to school now if you like."

Yuki: grabbed, "Alright let's go."

Arsenrios: "See you when you get back." he vanished.

Neil: walked out of the shop and teleported back to the school.

Yuki: walked into the class room looking like a boy, uniform on. "Hi, I'm a new transfer." she handed him the papers. Her voice was manly.

Neil: chuckled.

Teacher: took the papers and looked at them. "Welcome to school Daniel. Sit anywhere you like." he turned to Neil. "Neil, you are wanted in the office."

Neil: bowed slightly in mockery, and left the room.

Yuki: sat down in a set next to Arsenrios, and was on the other side of where Neil sat.


Arsenrios: sat down at the lunch table where Yuki, Neil, and three other boys named Boyd, Arthur and Camrin sat. He had no tray of food.

Neil: "Where's your food?" he lifted an eyebrow at him questioningly.

Arsenrios: "I'm not hungry." he shrugged not caring.

Neil: introduced him to his friends.

Boyd: "So why aren't you fighting anymore? You're good at it."

Camrin: "You'll make us lose our bets. And I need a new game system Neil."

Arsenrios: looked to Neil.

Neil: "When?"

Arthur: smirked, he knew he'd come to. "Friday, thirty minutes after school. Gives you the weekend to heal up. Or...for him to heal up."

Neil: "Maybe he'll have the weekend to heal up. I won't. I have Saturday school."

Boyd: nodded, "Och man. I heard about that. Sorry dude."

Neil: shrugged slightly. He finished his sandwich.

Arsenrios: looked to him, he raised an eyebrow.

Neil: "Fine. Don't want you guys to lose your money." he stood and threw his trash away. Besides...Vinics heal quickly enough if anything did happen.

Arsenrios: he shook his head, he was just inviting trouble.

The bell rang and Neil left for class, glad to get out away from people.

Yuki: stopped at the locker and then went to the same class when she walked in. She handed the piece of paper to the teacher that she had to have all of them sign.

Arsenrios: came behind her.

Teacher: took it, signed it, and acknowledged Daniel's entrance.

Neil: his mind was preoccupied elsewhere besides school for the rest of the day. He started to pass Yuki notes.

Yuki: passed them back after she replied.

After school, Neil gathered his stuff and stepped outside the building.

Yuki: walked with him. "That was fun."

Arsenrios: walked behind them.

Neil: smiled at her slightly. "Yea, I guess." though he was worried about the fight. It used to be easy for him. But now he worried about going too far. It would be so easy to snap Shawn's neck...

Yuki: "What is today? Day of the week wise?"

Neil: "Tuesday."

Yuki: nodded, "I will just have memorize my schedule now."

Neil: "You will." he agreed, and said nothing more.

Yuki: "What do you want to do?"

Neil: "Get my mind off of school."

Yuki: "We can see a movie. Or go back to your house."

Neil: "Movies invite you to sit in quiet and think about thinks. I don't want to do that. So if it is alright with you, I choose the second option. At least then my thoughts can be filled with you."

Yuki: smiled and nodded. "Ok."

Neil: "I am not in the mood to pretend to be studying. So I'll just meet you in my room." he teleported home.

Yuki: nodded, she changed forms; she was now off of school property so she could be here. She knew no one was watching. She then teleported to Neil's room.


Grace: had finished with all of the envelopes. She set them off to the side in four large piles. "About 350 guests." she rubbed her hand, sore from writing so much. "How was school Arsenrios?" she smiled at him.

Arsenrios: "It was interesting." he sat down.

Grace: "Good or bad way?" she sat on his lap.

Arsenrios: "Good way." he kissed her.

Grace: kissed him back. She smiled at him. "So you go back tomorrow?"

Arsenrios: smiled back faintly at her, "Yes."

Grace: "You should wake me in the morning so I can say hello to Peter." she smirked.

Arsenrios: smirked, "I will remember that."

Grace: "So where is Neil?"

Arsenrios: "He's up in his room."

Grace: "Oh? I didn't see him come in."

Arsenrios: "You were pretty hard at work."

Grace: "I...guess..." she glanced at the door. "But I saw you come in. Heard it. I have super hearing now I am sure I would have heard him too."

Arsenrios: shrugged.

Grace: listened harder. She stood. "You say he's in his room?" she walked towards the stairs.

Arsenrios: nodded. "I think so anyways."

Grace: walked up the stairs and knocked on Neil's door. "Neil?" when she got no answer she opened up the door. "That's...weird. I heard him. Distinctly. And Yuki's voice too. But of course why would Yuki be in Neil's room..."

Arsenrios: "I guess I was wrong."

Grace: "No. I heard them. Yuki AND Neil."

Arsenrios: he looked to the side.

Grace: "What?" she stepped closer to Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "Nothing."

Grace: crossed her arms.

Arsenrios: "There is something you don't know about your brother and I haven't told you before because wouldn't be able to handle it. You have to swear to me you won't tell your mom what I am about to tell you."

Grace: was concerned now. About the way it sounded. "I promise." she dropped her arms and rested one of her hands on Arsenrios arm.

Arsenrios: looked to her, "Your brother isn't human. The reason he has been like he has is because he killed some. He did it to protect me."

Grace: her face took on a shocked look. She whispered, "He killed someone? How long hasn't he been human? Is he Snyde like you and I?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "He killed Destiny. He isn't Snyde; he is Vinic and has been so for the past year."

Grace: " Naveen." she whispered. "He saved you?"

Arsenrios: nodded. "He can't handle it."

Grace: "Arsenrios." she put her hand to her mouth. "I have to help him he's my brother. What can I do?"

Arsenrios: "I don't know, right now I think Yuki is the only one that can help him."

Grace: "Yuki." she pointed to Neil's bedroom door. "So she was in there." her face changed slightly, not so much shocked but more wary, "Help him how?"

Arsenrios: "Mostly talking to him like she did last night. Don't worry Grace."

Grace: "Are you sure that is all it is? Talking?"

Arsenrios: "Yuki wouldn't be that stupid."

Grace: nodded slowly. She hugged Arsenrios. "I am grateful my brother saved you. Something I hoped to do but was too scared to. Then...but I won't be anymore." she said softly.

Arsenrios: "There is one thing that we have to get straight. If something does come after me, I want you to stay far away okay?"

Grace: shook her head no.

Arsenrios: sighed, "Please. For me."

Grace: "I said I won't run away. Not again. I'll help you. Be there for you. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something happened and I wasn't there to at least try."

Arsenrios: "If you do then you will get hurt. I don't want to lose you. Please."

Grace: shook her head again. "No. It's like this thing with Destiny. I ran...and if Neil..." she looked down, her eyes stung with tears that would never be shed. "If Neil hadn't saved you Arsenrios, I would have felt guilty my whole life. The short few days I would live after you died would be the most agonizing of my life."

Arsenrios: hugged her. He closed his eyes.

Grace: "You can't expect me to run again." she whispered, hugging him back, her face pressed to his chest.

Arsenrios: "It's okay." he said his voice was cracking he could feel it. He hadn't cried in so long and it would be so stupid to do so now. What real man cried? Honestly.

Grace: pressed her lips to his chest, kissing where she could reach. "I am thankful to Neil. He did the right thing. Self defense; saving another. Saving you is worth everything imaginable." she turned her head to kiss his arm. Arsenrios was her miracle man yet again.

Arsenrios: bent over so he could kiss her.

Grace: put her hand on his cheek and kissed his forehead, then his nose, then his lips.

Arsenrios: "I love you so much Grace." he kissed her back

Grace: "I love you too Arsenrios." she wrapped her arms around his neck. Sure Neil would get over it. He had to realize he did the right thing. She was glad Destiny was dead. She didn't have to worry about her coming after Arsenrios every again. If Neil hadn't killed her, there would always be that fear that she would be back.

Arsenrios: picked her up holding her to him.

Grace: "I guess my mom is the only human in the family now." she whispered, laying her head on Arsenrios shoulder and running her finger lightly up and down his neck.

Arsenrios: nodded, he put her back against the wall kissing her.

Grace: got the hint that he didn't want to talk. She smiled slightly and just continued to kiss him back. 'Plenty of time for talking later,' she thought. She wrapped her legs around his waist, locking them at the ankles to hold her up better.

Arsenrios: kissed her more and more. "We should go to somewhere...more private." he said between kisses.

Grace: nodded. "Anywhere you want." she whispered back, putting her hands in his hair. Her heart skipped a beat.

Arsenrios: teleported to his house and into his room, where no one was.

Grace: laid back on the bed looking up at him, her hair spread out around her like a shimmering halo.

Arsenrios: smiled, "My angel." he kissed her. His hands resting on her shirt at her sides.

Grace: giggled and kissed him back passionately, working off his shirt in the process so she could stroke his chest with her fingers.


Grace: skipped lightly down the stairs from the second floor.

Arsenrios: "You Hungry?"

Anne: "Hello. Welcome back Master and Mistress."

Yuki: walked through the dining room.

Grace: nodded. "Very much." she leaned against the counter.

Neil: "What's to eat?"

Grace: looked over at Neil and Yuki. "Oh. Hi. What are you two doing here?"

Yuki: "Ummm..."

Anne: got down four plates and set them on the table and filled them up with food. It smelled delicious.

Yuki: looked over, "Oh hi."

Grace: "Neil, what are you doing here? You are grounded. You aren't supposed to be out of your room let alone with Yuki." She said to him sternly.

Neil: "I'm not really here. You're seeing things." He teleported to another floor of Arsenrios' house so Grace couldn't see or hear him.

Grace: "I am not that stupid." She turned to Yuki, "You know he's grounded Yuki. I'm disappointed in you." She said softly to her.

Yuki: looked down, "I'm sorry." She looked up, "I should go." She vanished.

Arsenrios: shook his head, "Well, we might as well start eating."

Grace: turned to Arsenrios. "I bet they met up somewhere. We should find them."

Arsenrios: "Do you really want to risk your brothers well being?"

Grace: looked confused slightly. "I am not sure what it is you mean."

Arsenrios: "If Yuki is making him happy, going to confront him will make it worse." He sighed, "Well, he hates me."

Grace: "She can make him happy AFTER he's ungrounded. I am already keeping Destiny's killing a secret from my mom. I am debating whether or not to tell her about Neil being Vinic. After all, she knows what you and Anthony, Jackson, and Nicodemus and Liam are and doesn't care. So why would she care about Neil? But I can't lie to my mom about him breaking his grounding rules, Arsenrios. That's just too much for me to handle. And I doubt he hates you. You did nothing wrong." She assured Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "I changed you, that's enough for him. After what happened with Destiny."

Grace: "You mean for him-" her words stopped abruptly as Arsenrios was slammed into an adjacent wall with powerful force and speed. "NEIL!"

Neil: stood there, fists clenched. "Don't even get me started Grace. Just shut up." he snapped at her.

Arsenrios: didn't grunt or anything. He just jumped to the ceiling. "I am not going to fight you Neil."

Neil: "I don't need to fight you." he took Grace's arm and vanished.

Arsenrios: reversed teleport.

Neil: blocked it.

Arsenrios: went after him.

Neil: moved too much, until his trail was lost.

Arsenrios: didn't stop, he couldn't. He wouldn't.

He tried looking for her all day, but both Grace and Neil were gone.

Arsenrios: he stopped; he had lost his wife twice. Both because of his inability. It hurt worse the second time.


Screams of pain and agony and tears echoed off the walls of the small house of the log cabin on the mountain range that Neil had taken Grace to. The sound filled every empty thing. Neil had set Grace in motion to be changed back into a human, and it was not an easy change.

Yuki: "Grace?" she ran to look for her after appearing at the cabin.

Grace: was tied with leather bindings to a bed in one of the rooms. She struggled against them to get free but could not. She could not move. She stared at the ceiling in her pain, crying out. She wanted Arsenrios desperately.

Yuki: ran in she put her hand on her arm, pulling all of the pain into herself. "Grace. I am so sorry."

Grace: her mind cleared as the pain left her. "Yuki." she choked out.

Yuki: nodded, "It's me, I'm going to be with you for the next couple days okay? To take the pain away."

Grace: "Is Arsenrios with you?" she cried.

Yuki: shook her head sadly, "No. He isn't."

Grace: "Get him. Let me go. Please." she begged.

Yuki: it hurt her to see her like this. "I'm sorry but I can't."

Grace: "You can't or you won't?" she sobbed again. "He is my husband! I want him!"

Yuki: "You will see him soon I promise." she bit her lip. She could imagine all too well being in Grace's shoes, only instead of Arsenrios it was Neil. She knew that what she had done couldn't be forgiven for that. He hated her now. She would just and live off her existence alone. Maybe that's why she should have just stayed an elder.

Grace: her body racked with tremors of sobs. Gasping breaths, what you get when you cry hysterically. She closed her eyes. "Give me the pain back so I don't have to think about him then!" she demanded firmly, yet her voice was soft.

Yuki: "Arsenrios would kill me if I did that." all of a sudden the ground shook.

Grace: "Don't. Touch. Me." she told Yuki, and then bit her lower lip. She couldn't believe Neil did this to her. She was old enough to make her own decisions. Maybe without the pain, she could reach Arsenrios. She called his name in her mind desperately. Now that she could think of other things but pain, since Yuki was helping her.

Yuki: stepped back, but she kept the pain.

There were three more almost mini earthquakes that shook the house.

Yuki: "I can't do it all." she whispered.

Grace: cried more. He didn't answer. She was more human than Snyde now. She just closed her eyes and decided to speak no more.

Yuki: she fell to her knees. She couldn't keep the pain and protect this house, and protect the other house. She just couldn't do it.

Neil: appeared next to Yuki. "What's with the earthquakes?"

Yuki: "I told you if he got upset this would happen." she whispered.

Neil: "Then give him some way to know Grace is alright so he STOPS! No. I'll tell him." he teleported to Arsenrios.

Yuki: was worn to the end. "Are you okay over there?" she asked Grace.

Grace: wasn't talking to anyone. Her jaw trembled, but her eyes stayed closed. She wished Yuki would just go away and let her be in pain again. All Yuki's presence did was make her think even more about Arsenrios. She whimpered helplessly.

Yuki: she slowly started to give Grace her pain back, loosening her grip.

Grace: her eyes snapped open as the pain entered her body again. Screams escaped her lips. It didn't hurt this bad when Arsenrios had changed her to Snyde. So why was the change back to human so agonizing? She'd thank Yuki if she could. She wanted this pain. It helped her in a way. This pain of changing was less agonizing than thinking about being away from Arsenrios for so many days. Poor Arsenrios. Tears came from her eyes. At least, for Grace, she didn't have to worry about sleeping. How could she, with so much pain. But Arsenrios? What would he do?

Yuki: it hurt her to see Grace like this, the one her brother loved more than anything or anyone.

Grace: laid there, wondering when this pain would end; if it ever would. Breathing was getting hard to do; each intake sent more pain through her body. She tried to breathe as little as possible and tried to move even less. For a small part, she was thankful of the leather straps at her ankles and wrists. It helped her keep still even if the pain raked her body with tremor so hard enough to shake her limbs.

Yuki: sat on the floor, watching her.

Grace: was screaming in pain until all was suddenly…silent. Her breathing sped and then slowed. Her eyes fluttered shut and her body relaxed on the table, head tilting slightly- more illuminating her hair, plastered to her forehead with sweat from exertion.

Yuki: "Grace?" she was worried.

Grace: there was no answer. Her heartbeat and breaths were weak. She had passed out; her body's natural defense against pain and fear when she was human. Though her heartbeat was weak, it was extremely fast from taking the endurance of pain that still racked Grace's body because of the change reversal.

Yuki: "Oh Grace." She whispered as a few tears fell from her eyes.


Arsenrios: was sitting in the room that he had given to Grace. He said nothing his eyes were glowing green. He just stared.

Neil: "Arsenrios stop it. Right now."

Arsenrios: clenched his fists, "You did this to her. You took her away from me. You have no right to tell me what to do." he growled.

Neil: "If you destroy earth with your little meteorite shower she WILL DIE. Wait four days and you will see her. She is well." he explained.

Arsenrios: hissed, "It sounded like she was in pain to me."

Neil: "Not anymore. Yuki is holding it."

Arsenrios: "And yet you just left her there, all by herself. Do you know how much you have hurt her?"

Neil: "I didn't know how to hold the pain like Yuki does. And the screaming hurts my ears." he shook his head. "It will all be worth it late after the change BACK is done. If you hadn't changed her in the first place, she wouldn't be in pain now. You. Hurt. Her. More."

Arsenrios: "No. I am not the one that took her from her husband. I am not the one that left her alone because of one's selfish desires. I am not the one that has hurt countless people including the one that claims to be beloved. I, however, am the one that gives her anything she wants, anything that she desires even though I know what COULD happen. It is worse to be human."

Neil: "I don't think that is what your first wife would have said. Bet she would have given anything to be human." he retorted.

Arsenrios: "A gun is a gun, whether it is designed for a species or not all things kill humans. She wanted to be like me. She didn't want to be weak. Neither did Grace and now you have given her back the one thing she hated most."

Neil: looked to the side. He knew all too well how different it was from being human to changing into a Vinic. Anything but human would be better. "It's already done Arsenrios. I'm sorry."

Arsenrios: "It can be stopped, you know it can." He actually looked at him now, "Neil, please let me see my wife."

Neil: "I don't want it stopped. Four days. I'm sorry." He vanished again.

Arsenrios: grabbed onto him suddenly before Neil knew what was going on. When the teleport finished, he looked around a moment.

They were on the mountain range surrounding the log cabin where Grace was kept. Slowly you could hear Grace's screams start again.

Neil: "Arsenrios!" he grabbed his arm and teleported away with him again, back to Neil's house. It seemed Neil wouldn't be able to check on Yuki if Arsenrios was going to ruin it for him by trying to follow.

Arsenrios: "Grace!" he yelled, getting out of Neil's grip. He turned to Neil, "I have continued to let you see Yuki. I will take her away if you keep this up!" he threatened.

Neil: he did not want that to happen. "Swear to me you won't change her back! Swear it!" he demanded. Grace would stay human if he could help it.

Arsenrios: "I swear it."

Neil: snapped his fingers like he had done with Yuki, and Arsenrios was teleported back into the house with Grace. But this time, all was silent when he came. Neil stood behind Arsenrios. "It'd odd that it's quiet." He was a little worried now too.

Arsenrios: "If something happened to her, Neil…" he growled and used his speed to run up beside where Grace lay, taking her hand in his, "I'm so sorry Grace." He told her softly as he clasped her hand in his, closing his eyes gently.

Neil: walked over to Yuki. "She passed out?" he guessed. "Good for her. I am sure it's more comfortable that way." He said softly, his eyes on Grace's face. He had to say he felt a little more than bad for all of this. But it had to be done.

Grace: her hand was warm in a human's familiar way, even more against Arsenrios' cool Snyde skin.

Arsenrios: "My love." He stroked her cheek softly with his hand.

Neil: "Yuki?" he knelt down next to her. Was she not talking to him? Her eyes were trained on Grace. Maybe Yuki just didn't hear Neil. But Neil worried maybe Yuki didn't want to hear him.

Yuki: turned her head to Neil, "Yes?" her eyes shook and her voice was soft.

Neil: he reached out to her arm, "Are you alright?" he wondered if Yuki's trembling eyes were because she was scared of him, or just worried about Grace. "It's okay Yuki." He said softly to her.

Yuki: "No matter what I do or where I am, I cause people pain. I am never strong enough. I always watch others suffer but I can't help them." She leaned against Neil and started to cry softly against him.

Neil: rubbed her arm soothingly with his hand, "Yuki, you caused no one pain. That was me. You tried to help, but you can only do so much." He told her softly, trying to comfort her.

Yuki: "I have never been strong enough."

Neil: "You're stronger than me. You helped her with the pain. I couldn't do anything at all." He sat on the floor next to Yuki.

Suddenly the room was quiet. Too quiet. Grace's heart had stopped its weak beating. Her hand slowly went even more lax in Arsenrios' hand.

Yuki: she stood quickly, "No!" she yelled, running over to Grace's side. "Don't die Grace! Please!" she begged.

Arsenrios: he ran energy through his hands, placing them over her heart, trying to restart her heart.

It started again.

Arsenrios: he breathed a sigh of relief. It was good to hear her heart again.

Neil: I did not know that could happen…"

Grace: opened her eyes, awake again. She was about to scream from pain again, but then she saw Arsenrios and was trying her hardest to be strong. "Arsenrios." She whispered, her voice raw.

Arsenrios: "I'm here, my love. It's okay. I know it hurts." He stroked her cheek again.

Yuki: "It's a good thing you let my brother come; otherwise you'd be an only child." She told him, heading back over to Neil's side and sitting down where she was before.

Neil: "I'm sure you or I could have saved her. Vinics can do a lot of things." He sat next to Yuki again. "But…thank you Arsenrios." He told him.

Grace: "It's…more painful…than…the change…to Snyde. Why?" she croaked. It took her almost a full minute to speak through the pain that stilled her voice. But Arsenrios was here. She wanted to talk to him and have him talk to her. If she died, she wanted Arsenrios' voice to be the last thing she heard and remembered.

Arsenrios: "Because as you change to a Snyde it makes you stronger, you're able to endure more. But when you're changing back to human you're getting weaker and that strength is being taken away from you. But I am going to help you through this." He promised, taking half of her pain into himself.

Yuki: "Something bad might have happened." She told Neil.

Grace: nodded slowly, feeling a little better when Arsenrios took half of her pain away. "Thank you Arsenrios. Again. I love you." Her words were faster and clearer since she was in less pain.

Neil: "But it did not, right? My sister is fine…thanks to Arsenrios. Are you upset with me Yuki?" he asked her softly.

Arsenrios: "You don't owe me anything, and you're welcome love."

Yuki: "You almost killed my sister-in-law. What am I supposed to think?" her voice was breaking, but no tears came.

Grace: "Just talk to me Arsenrios, please. Until all the pain is gone." She pleaded him softly.

Neil: "She's my sister too, Yuki. It's the right thing to do…to make her herself again." He said softly. "Or…I thought it was." He looked down, "I'm sorry Yuki. Please don't hate me." He reached for her hand and took it in his. "Once these next three days are over we can put this incident behind us. Everything will be how it should; perfect again."

Arsenrios: took more of the pain away from Grace until only a mili-percent was left. "Just think about how perfect our wedding will be."

Yuki: "How can it be the same as before?"

Grace: smiling slightly. "Yes. It will be perfect." Her voice sounded normal again. After that magnitude of pain she'd endured for so many hours, the little bit she had now felt like it wasn't even there. She squeezed Arsenrios' hand and whispered, "Honeymoon will be better though." Her smile faded. Maybe not. It wouldn't be, not if she was human. The thought made her look away from Arsenrios.

Neil: "Grace will be human like she is supposed to be. That's how." He watched her for a moment. He let go of her hand, figuring she did not want him to hold it, and moved his hand back to his lap and looked ahead. "Never mind." He got up and went to another section of the house. T.V. sounds trailed back in to Yuki.

Arsenrios: "I'm sure it will be." He saw her expression change, "What's wrong?"

Yuki: she got up and went into the room where Neil was.

Grace: "It won't be the same anymore. Not when I'm human again. It will be safer."

Arsenrios: "We don't have to if you don't want to."

Grace: "That's not fair, Arsenrios. If we don't, my whole idea for our honeymoon will be wasted." She looked sad, "I'll just be fragile now. Breakable and weak again."

Arsenrios: "Alright. If you want to, we will." He promised her.

Grace: "I don't like this Arsenrios. Your friends will hate you again because I am human." She sighed.

Arsenrios: "It's alright. I don't care what they think."

Grace: "I'm sorry Arsenrios. I feel like a disappointment."

Arsenrios: "It's alright, and believe me when I say, you are not a disappointment."

Grace: "Arsenrios, I don't think we've ever done anything besides kissing while I was human." She said softly.

Arsenrios: "I know. But are married now, and if you want we can do more."

Grace: "Is it dangerous?" but then again, even kissing Arsenrios as a human was dangerous.

Arsenrios: "I don't know." He admitted.

Grace: "I shouldn't worry about it." She brought his hand to her lips and kissed it. "I trust you." She rested their held hands on her chest as she closed her eyes. She was still aware that she was strapped down to the table at her ankles and her other wrist. Only one wrist was free now- the one that held Arsenrios' hand. She felt like a person in an insane asylum.

Arsenrios: he untied her ankles and wrist with his free hand, chuckling, "You tempt me, you know that?" he kissed her gently.

Grace: opened her eyes to watch him as he unstrapped her from the table, "What are you doing? Tempt you to what?" she asked softly, kissing him back when he kissed her. She imagined, since she was a helpless human now, that she tempted him to bite her.

Arsenrios: "Tempting me to love you." He clarified.

Grace: "I can't…can't do anything though. The pain has made me sore and exhausted from the effort. And though it is gone now, it may return." She whispered to him, though she suspected the absence of pain was because Arsenrios was helping her. She wondered how he could be so strong. Not even Yuki was able to hold her pain back this easily, or for this long.

Arsenrios: "It won't come back." He promised, "Until this is over you're going to need more rest than before."

Grace: she didn't feel like sitting up, so she continued to lay back. "I can't possibly be tempting you, Arsenrios. Not to love me. Maybe to bite me. But…all I am doing is lying here, weaker than before. Uglier even, because I've lost the perfect Snyde features. Plus, I feel…like I'm ugly because I've sweat so much because of the pain." She absentmindedly brushed the hair from her face. It was plastered to her forehead with sweat. Now that her wrist was free, she was able to move her hand around.

Arsenrios: "You could never be ugly. You are tempting me whether you realize it or not. You have been through a lot of pain; some sweat is to be expected."

Grace: "How is it that you can hold in all this pain, acting like it is nothing?"

Arsenrios: "I'm used to it, something I hope you will never be." He stroked her cheek.

Grace: "Are you used to it because you are a Snyde?" she asked him softly, getting that familiar tingle in her cheek where his skin touched hers. Something she had lost when she changed to Snyde.

Arsenrios: "Not exactly." He smiled down at her. He loved her curiosity. The fear that she used to have for him was gone and for that he was glad.

Grace: "Then can you tell me how?" she wanted to talk to me the time pass quicker. She brought her hand up to Arsenrios' cheek and rested it there.

Arsenrios: "I've gone through a lot of pain in my life."

Grace: "You never did tell me how you grew up. You just told me about…your change from Kientian to Snyde and then your life after that." She watched him, her eyes soft.

Arsenrios: "There isn't much to tell." He shrugged. "I have the same upbringing as many others."

Grace: "I don't care if there isn't much. You can tell me anything Arsenrios. I just want to hear you talk. And if it means learning more about you, than that makes it better." She smiled weakly at him, thinking that at any moment she could call asleep because of how tired she felt.

Arsenrios: "Okay, well, do you know how much I love you?"

Grace: shook her head slightly, "But it can't be as much as I love you."

Arsenrios: chuckled, "I wouldn't say that, love." He kissed her gently.

Grace: she kissed him back. Her heart beat yet once again in the irregular motion. "So, what of your past? How is it that you have become so strong?" she was still curious.

Arsenrios: "My parents were never around when I was growing up. I stayed by myself most of the time, so emotional pain I learned when I was five. Enduring physical pain started when I was changing though. As you can tell, some of my friends are very cruel people. I was just like that when I got caught. It was the worst kind of pain you could imagine."

Grace: her eyes looked sad, "Your friends hurt you? Who caught you and hurt you? Pain like this is what you speak of, when you went through the change?" she was trying to understand.

Arsenrios: "No, but I was just as cruel as they were. Governments and such were the ones who caught me and hurt me, trying out tests on me. It was much, much worse than you could even imagine." He stroked her cheek.

Grace: her eyelids drooped slightly with tiredness, "Earth governments hurt you?" she didn't like that idea if it was the right choice. She lived on earth. Why would she be proud of a planet who hurt the one she loved so much? "I don't want to imagine it. Hearing…about you…in pain…is hard enough." She closed her eyes completely now, unable to hold them open another moment longer, and stifled a yawn.

Arsenrios: "Just go to sleep. I'll be here when you wake."

Grace: nodded slightly, "Mmm," was her soft hum of a reply. She soon fell asleep.

She slept for the next two days straight, not once waking.


Arsenrios: kept true to his promise, staying there by her side and keeping the pain away from her, day and night.

Grace: opened her eyes slowly, her hand still in Arsenrios' hand. She looked around, her eye sight normal again. She felt like her old self, but she didn't know if she liked it.

Arsenrios: "Good morning love." He kissed the hand he held. "Don't sit up too quickly."

Grace: "I can't move quickly anyways. Human speed is slow." She watched him with soft eyes. "You stayed. How long was I out for?"

Arsenrios: "Two days."

Grace: "And where is Yuki and my brother?"

Arsenrios: "Probably out in the living room watching T.V. still."

Grace: she sat up slowly like Arsenrios told her to. Her eyes were back to their normal green color, not red and savage anymore like when she was a Snyde.

Arsenrios: "Let me go get you something to eat." He stood.

Grace: nodded, "I am hungry." Her stomach growled.

Arsenrios: got a tray of food from the kitchen for her and set it on her lap. There was a small vase of flowers on it as well.

Grace: she smiled slightly and started to eat. She bet she looked like a mess. She really did need to shower. "Has my mom worried about me or my brother being missing these past few days?"

Arsenrios: "I don't know. I haven't left your side since I've come here." He admitted.

Grace: nodded as she ate. "I understand." She watched him, "Guess what?" she said, not sure if she should be happy or sad about it, so her voice was neutral.

Arsenrios: "What?"

Grace: "I'm nineteen now."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "Congratulations."

Grace: "I guess. If I was still like you I'd still be eighteen." She continued to eat, looking at her food, not at him.

Neil: stood by the doorway and knocked lightly on the frame, "Hey lassie." He smiled at his sister. "You're awake."

Grace: ignored him.

Arsenrios: "I know hun." He stroked her cheek.

Neil: "Yea, fine. Whatever. Ignore me. I don't care."

Grace: "I know you don't care." She muttered and pushed her food aside. She had only eaten half of it.

Arsenrios: "You aren't hungry anymore?" he asked her.

Grace: nodded slightly. "Seeing Neil and hearing his voice makes my stomach roll to the point where I'm not hungry anymore." She told Arsenrios.

Neil: sighed annoyed and rolled his eyes, "Just came to see how you were, but you seem to be fine."

Arsenrios: "Well, hopefully you'll be able to eat more soon."

Neil: "Are you ignoring me too, Arsenrios?" he asked from the doorway.

Grace: "Maybe if I stopped eating I'd stop aging." She debated actually doing it. Seriously.

Arsenrios: "Please don't try that."

Grace: said nothing.

Neil: "Hello?" he tried to get their attention again.

Arsenrios: "You have to eat to survive." He told Grace.

Neil: he sighed and left back to Yuki.

Grace: she remembered something, "You said there was a way to stop aging even without changing species…" she looked at him, "Could we do that?" she made no attempt to eat yet.

Arsenrios: nodded, "We can."

Grace: "Okay." She started to eat again.

Arsenrios: watched her.

Grace: finished her food and sighed heavily, laying back again.

Arsenrios: "Done?"

Grace: "Yea…" she nodded," I'm going to be behind on our wedding plans! And WHAT will I tell my mother as to why I've been gone for four days!" she said loudly, annoyed.

Arsenrios: "We'll come up with something." He promised her.

Grace: "I'm not good with ideas like that."

Arsenrios: he thought about it.

Grace: watched him.

Arsenrios: "We'll think of something." He repeated, not sure of anything himself yet.

Grace: "Okay. I hope so."

Arsenrios: "Ready to go?"

Grace: "Yes. I want to leave this whole nightmare behind." She sat up again.

Arsenrios: nodded, he got ready to go by gathering her things and taking her tray of food back into the kitchen. After washing the dishes and putting them away he came back into Grace, taking her back to the house.

Grace: "Thanks." She was upset. She couldn't teleport on her own anymore. She made no effort to leave her room, not ready to see her mother just yet.

Arsenrios: paced.

Grace: she watched him. After awhile she spoke, "You're going to wear a hole in the floor and fall to ground level.

Arsenrios: laughed and sat down beside her.

Grace: leaned over and kissed his cheek. "I love you."

Arsenrios: "I love you too." He kissed her lips softly.

Grace: "I am sorry I am not special anymore." She said softly.

Arsenrios: "You're special to me."

Grace: "I don't want to age anymore. I'm nineteen now. If I turn older, I'll be OLD. You won't think I'm special if I'm old." She scowled and looked away, a bit sad.

Arsenrios: "Then we will stop it."

Grace: "Am I being selfish?" she thought aloud quickly, in horror of herself. She didn't want to be that.

Arsenrios: "You're not being selfish."

Grace: sighed, believing him, "Okay. I will do it on your time though, when you feel it's okay."

Arsenrios: "I'll have to get things ready."

Grace: "For the age…thing?"

Arsenrios: "Yeah."

Grace: "Okay."

Arsenrios: "I should go prepare."

Grace: "Bye." She said softly. She didn't want him to leave but she needed to speak to her mom anyways, and she also needed to take a shower.

Arsenrios: he kissed her softly before he vanished.

Grace: she sighed, getting up and heading to the bathroom to shower and change before going to talk to her mother.


Grace: she was still spending time with her mother in the living room, talking as they sat on the couch. Then her mother got up and left the living room to get them some tea from the kitchen.

Arsenrios: walked in the door, "Hey hon." He kissed her cheek.

Grace: "Arsenrios, Neil has been expelled from missing so many school days."

Arsenrios: he sighed.

Grace: "I know, and I'm afraid of what will happen when he gets home." She bit her lip.

Arsenrios: "It'll be okay."

Grace: "My mom was so worried when everyone was gone. She contacted my father for the first time in years since he left us all."

Arsenrios: "Wow."

Grace: nodded.

Grainne: she returned into the living room with tea.

Arsenrios: "Hi Grainne." He acknowledged her.

Grainne: "Hello Arsenrios. How was yours and Grace's early honeymoon?" she lifted an eyebrow.

Grace: she elbowed Arsenrios and then cringed, forgetting she couldn't do that without hurting herself. A small amount of pain ran up her arm.

Arsenrios: "It was very eventful." He smiled.

Grainne: "Why didn't you call?"

Arsenrios: "We were so busy that we forgot."

Grainne: "I thought something horrid had happened."

Arsenrios: "Nope."

Neil and Yuki appeared in the room.

Arsenrios: he turned to face Neil and Yuki.

Neil: he held Yuki's hand.

Grace: looked at them from around Arsenrios.

Grainne: looked up and exclaimed, "Where have you two been?" she stood, "You Neil! I hope you have a legitimate excuse for putting me through heck this last week!"

Neil: smirked slightly, "Mom, calm down." He held a calming hand out to her, hoping it'd help. "We do."

Grainne: "Oh you better or you are grounded indefinitely! Till you're old and on your death bed!"

Neil: laughed slightly, "Mom," he held up Yuki's and his interlocked hands, showing the rings to everyone in the room. "Yuki and I got married."

Grainne: stuttered a moment, looking back and forth between them, her eyes smoldering, "GROUNDED!" she yelled, pointing at Neil angrily.

Yuki: looked down trying not to laugh.

Grace: stood, "Neil you're married? You're only sixteen! Arsenrios!" she pushed Arsenrios to get to his feet, "Do something!" she told him. "It's your sister too!"

Neil: "He can't do anything about it, and neither can you, mom." He told Grainne.

Arsenrios: "Yuki…"

Yuki: "Don't say it! I don't want to hear it! You're not my father! You have no right to tell me what to do!"

Arsenrios: "I have every right. I am taking care of you, Yuki, and you will go by my rules, even if that means you'll never see him again."

Yuki: growled angrily and started to talk back and forth to Arsenrios in another language.

Grainne: "HOLD IT! I've got a solution for all of this. Neil, I am sending you away to live with your father."

Yuki: she looked at Neil.

Neil: laughed, "Ha. Right." He didn't believe her.

Grainne: "I've had it, Neil. Skipping school. Getting expelled. Do you know what that means?"

Neil: "Do I care?"

Grainne: "You should! I can't believe you'd get married, Neil. Ignorance! You and Yuki are not yet even adults!"

Neil: "Close enough, mom. It's fine."

Grainne: "This is why you are being sent to your father. Maybe he can do a better job raising you than I can."

Neil: "Mom you can't!" he protested. "I haven't even seen the man before that I remember!"

Grainne: "I've seen him. This past week when we were searching for you! For your bodies or something, Neil! Because that's what I thought was you had been murdered or kidnapped. Nail. Do you know what I went through? For both you and Grace?" tears pricked at her eyes just thinking about it.

Neil: he sighed.

Yuki: "I'm sorry, Neil."

Neil: "Good luck catching me." He snapped before vanishing again with Yuki.

Grace: "Neil!" she gasped. She whimpered, worried as to where he vanished to and if he was going to be coming back.

Arsenrios: "Here we go again." He said with a sigh, a bit annoyed.

Grainne: "That kills it. As soon as I get my hands on that boy, human or not!" she snarled, unable to finish her thought she was so upset.

Grace: looked to Arsenrios, "You have to get him, Arsenrios. What if something bad happens to him? He can't have a wife. Yuki is older than him by many years. She should know better!"

Arsenrios: "I'll try to find him. It may not work though."

Grace: "Why?"

Arsenrios: "Yuki made it impossible to track them."

Grace: "Of course they did." She sat down on the couch. "Did they really get married?"

Grainne: "I can't believe he's married!" she yelled out into the room, pretty much to herself. "I'm calling that boy's father." And with that she stormed off into the kitchen.

Arsenrios: "If I saw a paper I could tell."

Grace: "If they're… you think they…" she didn't want to think about it. She rested her forehead on Arsenrios arm lightly after she sat back down on the couch next to him.

Arsenrios: put his other arm around her. "It's okay."

Grace: "I'm afraid for Neil. I don't want him to stay with our dad. We don't even know him."

Arsenrios: "He won't."

Grace: "How do you know he won't? My mom is calling my dad right now."

Arsenrios: "If no one finds him, no one can make him go."

A person appeared in the room and snapped his phone shut. He was tall with dark tousled, slightly curly brown hair and green eyes just like Grace's. He pocketed his phone, looking out at the room away from Arsenrios and Grace.

Man: "I'm here." He called gruffly towards the kitchen.

Grace: stiffened at Arsenrios' side, squeezing his arm tighter. She wondered who that was, and stared intently at him from behind.

Arsenrios: "Your father?" he whispered to Grace, trying to help her remember.

Grainne: came out from the kitchen, "Hello Nairne."

Nairne: "Grainne." He looked at her. "Geez, you get older every day."

Grainne: "That's what humans do, Nairne. They age."

Nairne: "How sad." He said coldly. "I told you to call me Rama now."

Grainne: "I have no use for your 'extraterrestrial' names. Now-" she motioned behind Nairne, "Grace, this is your father."

Nairne: turned to look at Grace, showing no expression. "At least she's not as ugly as you yet, Grainne."

Grainne: "I've called you here to help with Neil. Not call me names. I dealt with that enough when you lived here." She said calmly, trying not to be affected by him.

Nairne: looked at Grainne and smirked, "Help with Neil? You never did strike me as the type to fix situations. Even with your own children you fail."

Grainne: "At least I tried." She said, her voice getting colder.

Nairne: he shrugged and looked back at Grace. "I have better things to do than worry about a family. I say just let Neil do what he wants. Who cares about school anyways? If Neil wants to knock up a girl before he's eighteen, why do I care?" he looked back at Grainne again.

Grainne: "I'm just asking."

Nairne: "You're asking for a lot of things lately these past few days. Can't you just leave me alone like before?"

Grainne: "It's important."

Nairne: "Not to me." He looked at Grace and then to Arsenrios. "I'd get out now while you can." He told him.

Grace: looked down to the floor, not speaking and barely breathing out of fright.

Arsenrios: "I'm not a trader like you." He replied coldly.

Nairne: chuckled. "Careful how you speak to me, Arsenrios. I am higher rank than you."

Arsenrios: "Of course you are." His eyes turned black.

Nairne: "What's your problem? Treat me like that and I won't let you live long enough to have this so called 'wedding' to Grace."

Arsenrios: "My apologies." He said, but his eyes were still black.

Nairne: smiled slightly, "That's better."

Arsenrios: rolled his eyes, "Well, I'm going to look for Neil."

Nairne: "Have fun with that. I'll stay here; have a chat with my daughter."

Grace: she didn't want to talk to him; she just kept looking at the floor. Why did he keep calling her his daughter? He wasn't even around for the majority of her life. He didn't deserve to call her that. She wondered if he had been non-human his whole life, or not. If so, how were both his children born humans? And how did her mother not know? She thought to herself.

Arsenrios: "Unless you would rather come with me Grace." he said looking at her.

Grace: looked up at him and nodded.

Nairne: "Move along Arsenrios. You'll do fine by yourself. You don't need a babysitter."

Arsenrios: "Come on then." he said to Grace ignoring Nairne. He put his around her shoulders.

Nairne: "Apparently he does need a babysitter," he spoke, not really to anyone, just out in the open. "Sad, really. He did strike me as that type of person. Even before his change. That's all wives really are Arsenrios. Babysitters." he sat down on the chair by the couch and propped his feet up on the coffee table, leaning back. "Thankfully I grew out of mine." he said coolly.

Grace: glared at Nairne a moment before looking back to Arsenrios. She took Arsenrios hand, "I'd like that." she said softly.

Arsenrios: chose to ignore him again. He walked with her outside. Rage was radiating off him like no one had ever seen before.

Nairne: chuckled to himself, "Be back by 10!" he yelled to Arsenrios as they left, "Be nice to the babysitter!"

Arsenrios: slammed the door, the wall around it cracked. He quickly walked forward with Grace.

Grace: "I'm sorry Arsenrios. I don't know why my mom invited him here. He's like a stranger." she said softly, not wanting to anger Arsenrios anymore.

Arsenrios: "Well if I could I'd kill him."

Grace: said nothing, she just looked to the ground.

Arsenrios: sighed, "I'm sorry Grace."

Grace: "It's okay. It's just a lot is happening lately. Like with me, and then with Neil. You need to yell at someone or do something to get your anger out." she still looked to the ground and shuffled her foot on the grass back and forth over the blades.

Arsenrios: "But still it is not you that I should be yelling at." he started to walk slower, and then he got to his car.

Grace: "It's okay." she got in on the passenger's side and shut the door.

Arsenrios: got in, "I'm going to go to Yuki's apartment first, and then if they aren't there then we can try the place where you were kept."

Grace: "Sure. I've never been to Yuki's apartment before. I just thought she lived with you." she buckled her seat belt and sat back.

Arsenrios: "No, she was kicked out of her other house so she bought one on Earth." he pulled into a small house.

Grace: "Why was she kicked out?" she wondered, her eyes on the house before her. She unbuckled her seat belt.

Arsenrios: "She doesn't work there anymore.

Grace: "Oh. Right." she climbed out of the car, "How are we getting in?"

Arsenrios: got out he broke the lock and walked in

Grace: sighed. He could have just teleported. But she knew Arsenrios was mad so sure, why not break locks? She followed him in. "Neil? Yuki?" she called.

It was as dead as a graveyard.

Grace: "Apparently they aren't here." she told Arsenrios softly.

Arsenrios: nodded slowly, "I think you're right."

Grace: "Back to my dad's old cabin I guess."

Arsenrios: he took her hand, "Ready?"

Grace: nodded. She chewed on her lower lip slightly, thinking of something.

Arsenrios: "Grace what is it?" his face went to concern.

Grace: "Arsenrios," she asked looking down, "Do you think I am like a babysitter to you?"

Arsenrios: "No, not at all. Don't listen to your father he doesn't know anything and never has."

Grace: "Okay." she said, and smiled slightly at him, looking up.

Arsenrios: kissed her.

Grace: kissed him back and walked with him to the car.

Arsenrios: "Where is stupid's old cabin?"

Grace: "In Canada." she knew exactly who he was talking about. "If you remember it, can't you just teleport to it?"

Arsenrios: "Yeah I kind of can't drive my car over an ocean." he took her hand and teleported to the cabin. He looked around the inside of the cabin and then looked out the back. Their smell still lingered in the air. "They were here."

Grace: "Well at least we are getting close."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Problem is I don't know where they are now."

Grace: "Want to go back and get your car? We can brainstorm for ideas at your house if you wish." she didn't exactly want to go home yet.

Arsenrios: nodded, he took her hand and teleported back to the house.

Grace: walked towards the car.

Arsenrios: stopped he looked to the house, he steps were quite, couldn't be heard by anyone he walked through the door invisible.

Grace: "What are you doing Arsenrios?" she whispered to him.

There was sound from upstairs. Talking and walking around.

Arsenrios: 'Getting them.' he said in her mind then teleported up the steps so the steps wouldn't creek.

Grace: waited at the bottom since she couldn't teleport.

Neil and Yuki were standing in the hall, Yuki pressed against the wall as they were making out.

Arsenrios: became visible, he pulled Yuki away. "I don't think so."

Neil: blinked in shock, "Arsenrios. What are you doing here?" he asked.

Arsenrios: "Obviously breaking up a kiss fest."

Neil: "We were just taking a tour of Yuki's house."

Arsenrios: "Yeah and what a nice way to take a tour." he said irritated.

Neil: "We are married you know. That's what married people do. Don't tell me you and Grace have never done it." he said, matching Arsenrios irritated tone, though his was just starting.

Arsenrios: "Then let me see the certificate. So help me Yuki if it's one of those ones you made you are going to get it."

Neil: took Yuki's hand in his, "She doesn't have to show you anything Arsenrios. Can't you just take our word for it?"

Arsenrios: "Obviously not. Just go back home so your father can leave. And tell your mom that you will be going to school from now on."

Neil: "My father is there?"

Arsenrios: "Yes. Your mother called him to have him come look for you."

Neil: "Doesn't seem like he's doing his job. Of course that is nothing new."

Arsenrios: "Let's just go Neil. I am not in the mood for this."

Neil: "I don't want to go home. Especially now that my father is there. You can go though, be my guest. You've found us. Now let us alone to live our happily married lives."

Arsenrios: "Until I see that certificate you are not married and I will take Yuki with me."

Neil: "You and Grace don't have a certificate and yet you claim to already be married."

Grace: came up the stairs. She stood at the top step by the wall.

Arsenrios: "Yes but we have proof and you don't."

Neil: "How do you know? What's your proof." he waited to be shown.

Arsenrios: "We had an assassin's wedding." and X appeared on both his hands and Grace's. "There's your proof."

Neil: "Oh." he looked to Yuki.

Grace: traced her finger over the X mark lightly.

Arsenrios: "Well since you have no proof then we will be going now." he pulled Yuki with him.

Yuki: "NEIL!" she screamed.

Neil: grabbed Yuki's arm, "Arsenrios don't you can't. Alright. We aren't really married but I really did propose to her." he said desperately, trying to stop him.

Arsenrios: looked to him, "Your mother is extremely worried about you Neil. What am I supposed to do? If I go back and say I found them but let them get away? What then Neil?"

Neil: "I am not going back to live with my so called dad. Just say you never found us. Please."

Arsenrios: "I am not going to lie."

Neil: "Either way one of us is leaving." he said softly in defeat, realizing the agony of his words. He let go of Yuki's arm. It would either be Arsenrios taking Yuki away from him, or his father taking him away from Yuki.

Arsenrios: sighed, "Listen to me Neil; I'm going to make a deal with you."

Neil: "What?" he looked over at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "I will leave Yuki with you BUT. You have to let me know where you are at, at all times and not teleport somewhere else. In return I will not take Yuki and will not say anything about finding you here. Alright?"

Neil: "We must stay here at Yuki's house?"

Arsenrios: "No, but before you stay somewhere you have to mentally tell me. Otherwise I will take her away."

Neil: nodded, "I will Arsenrios." he said quickly, and pulled Yuki back to his side.

Yuki: hugged Neil. She stayed at his side, her eyes widened for a moment then they went to normal and she said nothing.

Arsenrios: "Very well." he turned, "Come on Grace let's get something to eat."

Grace: nodded, she looked at her brother and Yuki for a moment and then left with Arsenrios. If Arsenrios wasn't going to say anything, neither was she.

Yuki's mental voice popped into Arsenrios' head a few moments after they left.

Yuki: 'Arsenrios, I know who Neil and Grace's father is. He's the man from your memories. Your bad memories.' She warned her brother.

Grace: "At least we found them." she climbed in the car, "And they aren't married...yet." she wondered if that was a good or a bad thing. Especially if they were living together now.

Arsenrios: nodded, he stopped the rage washing over again. "It's him."

Grace: looked at Arsenrios, concerned, "Who?"

Arsenrios: "Your father, I know him. I wondered why he was familiar and was saying different things."

Grace: "How do you know him? Not good I take it?" she saw how he was reacting.

Arsenrios: "He was one of the ones that hurt me."


Grace's cell phone rang.

Grace: she looked at the caller ID and noticing it was her mother, she answered the phone.

Grainne: "Grace?" she said when she picked up.

Grace: "Yes mom? Are you alright?"

Grainne: "No, Nairne took Neil."

Grace: gasped, "He what?"

Arsenrios: growled. "How's Yuki?"

Grace: "Mom, how's Yuki?" she relayed the question.

Grainne: "Yuki is here, she's crying, and other than a bruise on her forehead she is fine." she assured them.

Arsenrios: "That's it, I'm going after him, I'll take you home Grace."

Grace: "I want to come with you." phone still to her ear as she spoke to Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "You're not safe Grace, he's not human. I will not lose you."

Grace: "No that's not fair! I was just like you before!" she said, getting angry tears in her eyes.

Grainne: "You changed Grace? When?" she asked softly.

Arsenrios: sighed, "Grace please listen to me; take care of my sister, please." he looked straight ahead, "About 2 weeks ago."

Grainne: "You aren't anymore?" she assumed.

Grace: looked out the window, "No mom I am not." she wiped at a fallen tear, "I'll be home in a bit." she shut her phone. This is not what she wanted. She was supposed to help Arsenrios. "What if you get hurt?" she'd blame herself forever.

Arsenrios: "Then it is my own fault. You need not feel guilty."

Grace: "We already talked about this. I'll feel guilty anyways." she said softly, looking out the window. She put her phone in her pocket.

Arsenrios: sighed, "I just want you to be safe."

Grace: "I want you to be safe too."

Arsenrios: "If I don't go who will? None of your family that is left is non-human."

Grace: "I'll worry about you the whole time you are gone."

Arsenrios: "I will be safe, I swear."

Grace: looked at him, her face solemn, "You better be. Or I'll never forgive you as much as I'll never forgive myself."

Arsenrios: sighed, it would be so much easier.

Grace: leaned over and kissed his cheek while he was driving, then sat back in her chair and looked back out the window.

Arsenrios: "Maybe I wouldn't have to leave at all..."

Grace: looked at him, "If what?"

Arsenrios: "There is something that might bring him back, but I can't do it. Yuki might."

Grace: "What is it?"

Arsenrios: "There is this thing that only works for those pure in heart. But it can do anything. Literally."

Grace: "What would you make it do?" she wondered, hope flickering in her eyes in place of worry.

Arsenrios: "First that Neil would be safe and come back home second, that your father could never hurt anyone ever again."

Grace: "What would be done to him to assure that?"

Arsenrios: "I don't know, it would probably put him in an inescapable place or something."

Grace: "Are we almost home to try it?" she asked Arsenrios. She didn't mind the idea of him being somewhere inescapable.

Arsenrios: "That's the hard part, trying to find it. It's so rare."

Grace: "Oh." hope was fading, "You mean you might have to go get Neil yourself then."

Arsenrios: "I have a few connections we will find it soon."

Grace: "Do you want to go, Arsenrios?"

Arsenrios: "I don't want to leave you alone."

Grace: "I would be fine with my mom and Yuki. I am sure my mom feels worse than Yuki, actually."

Arsenrios: "I wouldn' so...sure." he said slowly.

Grace: "Yes, but, my mom called him Arsenrios. It was her fault he was here in the first place."

Arsenrios: shook his head, "Oh Yuki." he murmured to himself, he started to go faster.

Grace: screamed and covered her eyes, ducking down.

Nairne: appeared in the road. He smiled at them, "Nah, I would have come anyways. Neil was a special achievement of mine. But no one cares about girls like you Grace." his voice was an echoing whisper in both Arsenrios and Grace's head, and the car drove right through him like a hologram. Then he was gone once again.

Arsenrios: "I care." he growled.

Nairne: words at his ear, "That's a grand lie you tell yourself." came the whisper, as if Nairne was right there beside Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "It is not a lie."

Nairne: once more came the voice, "Doesn't matter Arsenrios. Scum belongs with the bottom of the ocean. So you are right where you need to be." he was gone completely now.

Arsenrios: "That's it." he pressed something on the dashboard.

Grace: looked up, eyes frightful, "I didn't feel a hit. Did we hit him?" her voice pitchy as she talked. She looked to Arsenrios, "What did you press?"

Arsenrios: "We didn't hit him but I am calling some friends."

Grace: "Okay." she laid her head on her knees and tried to calm herself.

A man appeared on the screen. "Hey long time no see."

Arsenrios: "You are definitely right. Hey, I got a favor to ask you."

Man: nodded, "Of course. Always business never pleasure. What can I help you with?"

Arsenrios: "I am looking for a flower from the moon. I don't know where to look; do you happen to know where I can find one?"

Man: "I'm not sure, I'll check my database. Why? What trouble are you in?"

Arsenrios: "It's not me it's someone in my family."

Man: looked to Grace. "Who are you?"

Grace: lifted her head up. Her eyes widened at the man, "Oh." she brushed hair from her face, "My name is Grace. Used to be Grace Anderson, but it's changed to my husband's now." she wondered why he was asking, and who he even was. "Who are you?" she figured it was a fair question since the man had just asked her the same question.

Man: "I see how interesting. My name is Kenny an old friend of Arsenrios, well business partner mostly."

Grace: she nodded in acknowledgement, "Why is it interesting?"

Kenny: "Nothing just that..."

Arsenrios: "Don't even go there."

Kenny: "Fine okay, let me see." he raised his hands to his head, "You are out looking for Neil Grace's brother and because you don't want to leave Grace alone thanks to her wonderful father."

Grace: "Nothing just that what!" she looked to Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "I do not want my history to be said in this car."

Grace: "No one else is here but me, and you two already know, obviously."

Arsenrios: "I have already told you what your father has done."

Grace: "So, it's interesting that you married his daughter?" she whimpered and bit her finger and looked back out the window.

Arsenrios: "No. That's not what he said was interesting."

Grace: "Then what?" she asked, still looking away, worrying about things in her mind.

Arsenrios: "He just meant that it was interesting I remarried."

Grace: "Probably not now. Probably you won't want to be married to me after this. I swear Arsenrios I didn't know who my father was." she put her face in her hands and cried.

Arsenrios: "Hon it's okay, I don't care who your father is only about you. To me he is only someone who will get his pay not only for hurting my sister but for hurting you and your mom."

Grace: nodded slightly, still sobbing.

Arsenrios: wrapped an arm around her. "Please don't cry Grace."

Grace: hugged him, wrapping both of her arms around him, "Why is it interesting you remarried? You didn't want to get remarried? I bet you wish you didn't get remarried now." she pressed her face to his side, her red hair falling down to cover her exposed skin on the side of her face.

Arsenrios: "Because I swore I would never get remarried until I met you, you have made all the difference my love."

Grace: her tears slowed, "I'm sorry Kenny." stupid girl emotions.

Kenny: "It's alright. I should have kept quiet."

Grace: "You're right, that's what has happened and what is going on." he must not be human. She wondered if Naveen would help Arsenrios too. She pushed back her hair and stayed leaning against Arsenrios. Her tears had stopped and she wiped at the streaks on her face.

Kenny: "Well let me search that for you." there was some typing as he typed on his keyboard.

Grace: she wondered how close they were to home.

Arsenrios: pulled in the driveway.

Kenny: "Hey, I'll text you." the come shut off.

Grace: sat back, unbuckled her seat belt and opened up the car door, climbing out. She ran up the sidewalk to the front door and stepped inside.

Arsenrios: was right beside her.

Grace: "Mom? Yuki?" she saw Yuki on couch and went over to it, kneeling on the ground, "Oh Yuki it's okay." she told her, stroking her hair softly as Yuki cried.

Grainne: came in the room, "Oh, you are home. Thank goodness. I already talked to the police."

Yuki: still cried.

Arsenrios: "What did they say?"

Grainne: "That a man named Nairne Anderson isn't even in their system."

Arsenrios: "What about the other name?"

Grainne: "Rama? I tried that too, and they could find neither. So virtually they are tracking him blind. I gave a couple pictures, but knowing you non-humans he probably isn't even on earth."

Grace: tried to comfort Yuki. Yuki was missing her betrothed, and Grace was missing her brother.

Yuki: she tried to stop crying, "I'm sorry, I'm acting like a child." a few more tears came down her cheeks.

Arsenrios: "Hmm..."

Grace: "No Yuki, you aren't." she smiled slightly; though her eyes were sympathetic, "You should have seen me in the car." her eyes were still red from crying.

Grainne: "Do you think he isn't in a system because he is a Snyde? I had no idea about that until last week. He wasn't one when we married. He was human."

Yuki: "I should be help looking for him, sitting down and crying isn't going to help anyone." she whispered.

Arsenrios: "He wasn't born human."

Grainne: "I never knew that." there were a lot of things she never knew about her husband for five years, she realized.

Grace: "This is true, but Arsenrios believes you can help fix it." she said softly.

Yuki: "How?" she whispered.

Arsenrios: "Well if he was human then he is a normal Snyde now so that is good for me."

Grace: "Something about a flower from the moon. I don't know for sure."

Grainne: "I don't understand. He wasn't a normal Snyde before? I didn't know there were abnormal ones."

Arsenrios: "Ones that were born Snyde are called Purebloods, they're special you could say."

Yuki: "The moon flower?"

Grace: "Probably, though I am not sure. You'd have to ask Arsenrios." looks over at her husband.

Grainne: "Oh, I see." she said, trying to grasp this new understanding.

Yuki: she buried her face in the couch. "He'll hate me. He would have found another girl." she cried.

Arsenrios: nodded

Grace: "Why will he hate you? What girl?"

Grainne: looked at poor Yuki, feeling bad for her. She felt so bad for yelling at them earlier.

Yuki: "Because I couldn't help him, because I was too weak. I don't know some girl that is way better than I am."

Grace: hugged her, "Oh Yuki. I think him marrying you should prove you are the girl for him." she assured her softly, though, she admitted she worried like that about Arsenrios even yet.

Yuki: "That could change." She whispered.

Grace: "I don't think it could."

Grainne: "Wait, betrothed? That would imply just engagement. So you two aren't married yet?" she asked Yuki.

Yuki: "Not yet." She admitted.

Grainne: breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh thank god."

Grace: looked to Arsenrios, "Did you get the text yet about the location of the moon flower?"

Yuki: "You don't understand."

Arsenrios: "Apparently they grow close, well…sort of."

Grace: "Are you going alone or can I come with you?" she didn't know if Arsenrios wanted her to stay with Yuki or not.

Grainne: "What don't I understand?" she asked Yuki, her eyes still sympathetic as she watched her.

Arsenrios: looked between Grace and Yuki, "You can come." He told Grace.

Yuki: swallowed, "We may not be married but I'm carrying his child." She closed her eyes, knowing Grainne would be furious now. She let out a breath.

Grace: looked at Yuki with wide eyes, "What?" it came out as a whisper, "When?" no wonder Arsenrios said Yuki was scared more for Neil than Grainne even was. She turned to Arsenrios; "You knew about this?" she was still in shock.

Grainne: clasped a hand over her mouth in pure shock, unable to speak or even yell.

Arsenrios: "I found out a couple of minutes ago, that's why I was pressing for you to stay with her."

Yuki: "When you were changing back to human, that's when, Grace. I found out two weeks ago." She opened her eyes and looked at Grainne, "If it is possible I would like to come over at least one day a week to bring the child by to see Neil, so it will know who its father is at least. Because I know I won't be able to come back again." She looked down, waiting for them to recover from shock so that they could yell at her.

Grace: "You could have told me." She whispered to Arsenrios and then looked back at Yuki.

Grainne: moved her hand from her mouth, "I don't think so, Yuki. You will be here every day." She found her voice again. "I will not have my sons' child grow up without a father like my children grew up. Neil will stay with you everyday of your pregnancy and help you every day after that. He will be there when you need him, as will I."

Yuki: she smiled slightly up at Grainne, happy that her and Neil were permitted to be together. "Thank you so much, Grainne."

Grainne: "Marriage is one thing. But I didn't know that a child was involved too." She looked at Arsenrios, "We need to find Neil."

Arsenrios: "Ready, Grace?" he asked his wife.

Grace: "Yes." She stood, still somewhat in shock, and went to stand by her husband.

Grainne: looked to Yuki, "If only you or Neil had told me sooner, I wouldn't have called Nairne."

Yuki: "Neil doesn't know, it was going to be a surprise but then he was taken and I never got a chance to tell him." she shook her head, "This is all my fault."

Arsenrios: "He would have come anyway Yuki. He said so; this is not your fault."

Yuki: she stood and hugged him.

Arsenrios: "It's okay Yuki." he hugged her back. He looked to Grainne, "We'll see you when we get back." he released the hug and took Grace's hand and walked outside.

Grace: "It's funny." she said softly, no humor in her voice. She glanced back at the house, holding Arsenrios hand, her face blank, but her eyes solemn. She looked back ahead to Arsenrios car, if that's what they were taking to go get this moon flower.

Arsenrios: "What is?"

Grace: "Yuki is to have a child before I do."

Arsenrios: hugged her. He didn't know what to say.

Grace: hugged him back, and then kept walking.

Arsenrios: "I'm sorry Grace."

Grace: "For what?" she looked at him.

Arsenrios: "For everything." he opened the car door up for her

Grace: "You didn't do anything to be sorry for." she watched him as she climbed into the car. When he shut the door she buckled her seat belt and sat back, waiting for him to get in.

Arsenrios: got in and started the car. He pressed another button on the dash and the car transformed.

Grace: "What just happened?" she asked as she felt the vibration.

Arsenrios: "The car is transforming to a ship."

Grace: "Oh I see." she placed her hands in her lap and looked down at them.

Arsenrios: "Grace what's bothering you?"

Grace: "Nothing just thinking." she said, turning her hand over to look at the X on her palm that was still distinguished now that she was human.

Arsenrios: "Please tell me."

Grace: "We need to find Neil. We can talk about it later. Neil is more important."

Arsenrios: "As you wish." he took off into space.

Grace: watched out the windshield.


Arsenrios landed the ship

Grace: got out and looked around. She wondered what this flower would look like. A moon?

Arsenrios: started walking forward

Grace: followed him no more than two steps behind.

Arsenrios: "You're looking for some that looks like a black rose."

Grace: "Is it rare?" she looked through a meadow of flowers, wondering how many would be in this part of the place where they grow.

Arsenrios: "very."

Grace: "We could be looking for a long time then. How many do you approximate grow in this area?" she looked from the flowers to Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "One"

Grace: "Great." she looked for this black rose flower. She wished she had keen eyesight like she did before. Snyde eyesight. She sighed.

Arsenrios: started to walk away from the field of flowers.

Grace: looked at him, "Where are you going?" she asked.

Arsenrios: "Sometimes they're separate."

Grace: she nodded, "You'll find it first anyways, I'm sure. Human eyesight is no match for Snyde eyesight."

Arsenrios: "I wouldn't be so sure."

Beside Grace was a sparkling black rose.

Grace: looked down at the flower, "Arsenrios..." she called his name lightly, and crouched by the flower, not sure if she should pick it.

Arsenrios: "Yes?"

Grace: "Look, I think it's a moon flower."

Arsenrios: looked down he smiled and hugged her. "You did it."

Grace: smiled softly and hugged him back, "Yes I guess I did." she felt a little better about herself now.

Arsenrios: "You should the one pick it."

Grace: "Does it matter who picks it? I don't know Arsenrios I might ruin it."

Arsenrios: "Only those pure in heart can pick it."

Grace: "Then I can't pick it. I'm not pure in heart." she looked down at the flower.

Arsenrios: "Why?"

Grace: shrugged, "I don't know how one can be."

Arsenrios: "Trust me your pure in heart. If I touch it, it would die."

Grace: "If I touch it and it dies I'd feel awful."

Arsenrios: "It won't."

Grace: bent down and delicately picked the flower.

It glowed brighter

Grace: smiled slightly at it, then looked up at Arsenrios, "What do we do now?"

Arsenrios:"You make a wish or Yuki does."

Grace: "Yuki can." she said quickly, "I don't trust myself to make the right wish."

Arsenrios: "Okay well let's get back."

Grace: followed him back to the ship, "How come you say Yuki is pure in heart, enough to use the flower, and you are not? You are her brother

Arsenrios: "She has never truly felt the want to kill someone. I have and have done so."

Grace: "Would that make Neil not pure in heart?"

Arsenrios: nodded. "There are 1 in every 1000 people are pure in heart."

Grace: "That's as about rare as the flower itself." she sort of felt special, privileged in a way. "Wait, does that mean that the 999 other people want to kill someone? Or have done so? Or do they have to do and feel both?"

Arsenrios: "Usually it's both."

Grace: put her arm around his waist as they walked together to the ship.


Grace: opened up the door and walked in through the kitchen.

Arsenrios: took off his shoes then followed behind her.

Grace: "Mom? Yuki?" she said as she walked into the living room. She spotted them on the couch watching a movie together on the television.

Grainne: paused the movie, "You're back." she said happily, and went and turned on the living room light.

Grace: "Yes." she held the moon flower in her hand.

Yuki: looked over and smiled, "They are so pretty."

Grace: handed the flower to Yuki, "You use it."

Yuki: "It would probably work for you better."

Grace: shook her head, "I'd ruin it. Neil is only my brother, he is your fiancé. You'd know what to wish for better than I."

Yuki: "I suppose I could try."

Grace: nodded and stepped back.

Grainne: "What's the flower for?"

Yuki: "It's going to get Neil back. And make sure Rama never hurts anyone again."

Grainne: "If you wish for it then he won't learn on his own."

Yuki: "Maybe but that would be rather selfish. I want to help people with it not do so for my own well-being. I don't even know if it will work for me."

Grace: "It will," she assured her, "Arsenrios says it will."

Grainne: "Then just make sure what you wish for benefits everyone and not just yourself. Neil being back would be a good start." she smiled slightly.

Yuki: smiled slightly and nodded. Sitting on her knees on the floor, she closed her eyes, "Though unworthy as I am to hold this flower I make just two small wishes. One that Neil, the love of my life is returned to his home safe and sound, that nothing stops him. Second, that Rama or Nairne can never hurt anyone ever again with whatever it is you decide. I come to you in a time of desperation. I will do whatever it is you wish just please help us." she said and the last past her voice broke. The flower in response bloomed and glowed with a bright radiance that no normal flower could show, there was a voice though no one was sure where it was coming from. "It shall be done Yuki don't worry."

Neil: teleported into the living room.

Yuki: she opened her eyes, "Neil." she hugged him tightly getting off her knees.

Grace: "Neil!" she went and hugged him too.

Grainne: smiled slightly, glad to have her son home.

Neil: "Hi Yuki. Yea, apparently my dad realized that he didn't want to raise kids in the first place, so having to take care of me would just force him to do something he left awhile back."

Yuki: "It's so good to have you back." she kissed him.

Neil: kissed her back, though looked at Arsenrios as he did so, since Arsenrios broke them up last time they were kissing where he saw.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, seeing his sister happy again.

Neil: broke the kiss and put his arm around Yuki's waist, "Hi mom, and sis, and Arsenrios." he nodded to each of them, "Sorry for the worry."

Arsenrios: "Well, we're just glad to have you back Neil."

Grace: nodded, "We are."

Grainne: "I wonder where Nairne is. Or what he is doing." she looked out the window in the living room by the door.

Neil: smiled slightly, looking at Arsenrios, then to Grace, then looked down at Yuki, he touched her forehead with his other hand, "Your bruise is gone." he was thankful for that.

Yuki: nodded, "Umm...Neil can I talk to you for a second in private please?"

Neil: "Yea, I guess...can it wait?" he whispered in her ear, "I'm sure we'll be alone back at your house."

Yuki: nodded. "I suppose." she said softly.

Neil: looked at her, "Well, if it's that important than sure, you can tell me now. I don't...think I have anything to do." he looked around.

Yuki: pulled him into the kitchen.


Neil: he came back into the living room, tugging Yuki behind him with their interlocked hands.

Grainne: was on the couch again sipping tea.

Yuki: her smile lit up her face, she was extremely happy.

Neil: "We're married now." he announced.

Grainne: almost dropped her cup of tea, "Married? So soon? How?"

Neil: smiled at her, "Assassins wedding." he showed her the palms of their hands, "Just like Arsenrios and Grace.

Grace: "That's good for the baby."

Arsenrios: "Congratulations."

Neil: smiled at him, "Thanks."

Grainne: "Are you set to be a good husband Neil? You're only yet 16."

Neil: "Almost 17. Yes, I think so. We are living at Yuki's apartment house thing right now so...we'll be fine."

Grace: "How will you get money for the child, and the bills?"

Neil: "Work. I'll find some." he hoped.

Yuki: "And if need be I can get a job to."

Grainne: "After the child is born though."

Yuki: nodded.

Neil: "Yes, Yuki. How far a long are you?" he wondered when she had conceived the child.

Yuki: "About 2 days but it only lasts a week and a half. So pretty far into it I suppose."

Neil: nodded. Two days. 'That was around the time Grace was at the cabin, wasn't it?'

Yuki: nodded slowly.

Neil: "Alright everyone well, thank you. I am going home now." he teleported away with Yuki.

Grainne: "This isn't his home anymore." she sighed, "I just hope he finishes school. At least. But it will be hard with a baby."

Arsenrios: "I'm sure he'll manage."

Grainne: nodded and sipped at her drink. It had been an eventful day.

Grace: "I'll go to my room, then, I guess." she smiled slightly at her mom, nodded to Arsenrios and went up the stairs to her room.

Arsenrios: "Well, I'll be upstairs to." he walked up the stairs.

Grace: sat down on her bed, "Apparently we are rethinking the whole 'no sleeping in the same room until wedding day' thing?" she asked Arsenrios as he walked into her room.

Arsenrios: "I don't know are we?"

Grace: shrugged slightly and scooted over on the bed to make room for him, "I'm human now. I need protection again."

Arsenrios: "This is very true." he sat down in the spot he was supposed to

Grace: "I just thought if we waited then it would make doing it on our wedding night, something special." she looked down at her hands again on her lap.

Arsenrios: "Then if you want we can wait."

Grace: "I don't know Arsenrios. After the change back and everything we've went through, I just need you a lot now. In my company. I mean even if you don't talk to me, I just like to know you are there by seeing you."

Arsenrios: "I will never leave you Grace, I will always be right there beside you."

Grace: "Do you think you could ever get tired of it? I mean, even if we didn't wait, would it still be special?" she asked, still looking down.

Arsenrios: "To me it would still be special; I could never grow tired of it. But it's your opinion that really matters."

Grace: "Do you really not want to have kids Arsenrios? Because...I know how you feel about Kiada." she was finally talking to him about what bothered her.

Arsenrios: "If you want to have kids that is fine, I don't mind, Kiada is a special case that is why I don't particularly like her."

Grace: looked up at him, "How is she a special case?"

Arsenrios: "She's very much like her mother in the sense that she will use people to get what she wants. She's like a wolf in sheep's clothing."

Grace: looked confused, "How did you know she was like her mother in that respect? I...never knew you knew. Anne just told me what she assumed."

Arsenrios: "I heard yours and Anne's conversation and it enlightened me on things that before I realized I was just trying to convince myself wasn't true."

Grace: "Oh." her voice soft, "I'm sorry Arsenrios."

Arsenrios: "There's nothing for you to be sorry about my love." he stroked her cheek gently.

Grace: "I'd never do that to you. As long as I had you, I would be fine with living in a dirt hovel scrounging for food with no more than two pennies to rub together." she closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his hand against her skin.

Arsenrios: "You will always have me for I will always be there for you. And I promise you won't have to live in those conditions."

Grace: opened her eyes, "Thank you for being a good husband Arsenrios. Really, any girl would be lucky to have you." she leaned forward slowly, in case he would tell her to stop, but she kissed him and then wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed the side of her face to his chest. She closed her eyes again, a slight smile to her lips. She felt completely better now. Everything was well. "But I am thankful to be the girl who you decided to marry, even when you weren't planning on marriage ever again."

Arsenrios: "No, thank you for putting up with me and showing me how life really is."

Grace: "Mmm, I'd put up with you anytime." she said sleepily.

Arsenrios: "Good night hon."

Grace: "Good night Arsenrios my love." she drifted to sleep now, content, just like this.

Arsenrios: watched her sleep, he smiled.

Nairne: appeared in the room, "You aren't very nice Arsenrios." he said, leaning against the wall.

Arsenrios: pulled Grace closer. "You shouldn't be here."

Nairne: "Yet I am." he went and sat on the edge of the bed, "Don't pull my daughter away from me." he noticed Arsenrios bring her closer to him.

Arsenrios: "Get away from her Nairne."

Nairne: "Nairne was my human name. To you, it is Rama."

Arsenrios: "I don't care."

Nairne: "I do. It's not fair I am forced to be nice to you and in return I get diddly squat."

Arsenrios: shrugged, "To bad for you I guess."

Nairne: "If I can, I will find a way to get out of it. Really, I will." he said, looking at Grace.

Arsenrios: "You can't and never will be able to." he pushed him away.

Nairne: was about to growl but stopped himself. He just stood off the bed, "Fine." he didn't fight back, "Then I will continue on with why I am here in the first place."

Arsenrios: "And why is that?"

Nairne: "Doesn't starting new paths of life mean correcting the old mistakes?"

Arsenrios: "I suppose." he narrowed his eyes at him clearly not trusting him.

Nairne: "So I've come to apologize to you."

Arsenrios: "What kind of trick are you trying to play here Rama?"

Nairne: "None. I can't, remember?" he said, "Now do you accept my apology or not?"

Arsenrios: "Why? What do you want out of it?"

Nairne: "To know that I am," he got a mocking voice, "Not hurting you inside." he rolled his eyes. "Such a baby." he mumbled.

Arsenrios: "Just go."

Nairne: "Must talk to my wife first." he cleared his throat and headed for the door to the hallway. "Good night my son in law. Sleep well." he winked at him.

Arsenrios: "No you don't, you will leave her alone."

Nairne: "I feel impelled to correct my old mistakes. After all, this is what you wished for, isn't it?" he left the room anyways and shut the door behind him.

Arsenrios: listened, 'Grainne, Nairne is in the house.' he warned and stayed in her mind to make sure he didn't try anything.

Nairne: 'Get out of my wife's head. Invading her privacy is not nice. Shall I have to use a moon flower on you to will you some manner my son in law?' he gently pushed him out of Grainne's head.

Arsenrios: growled.

Grainne: couldn't very well reply to Arsenrios mentally because she was human. It was kind of a shock to hear him in her head. She heard him though, and would stay alert. But when it came to Nairne sometimes she was too hopeful.

Arsenrios: held Grace even more in his arms.

Grace: slept soundly against Arsenrios, her heart calm.

Arsenrios: 'You couldn't do that even if you wanted to, you would kill the flower.' he told Nairne.

Nairne: 'True. But...I am pretty sure Grainne wouldn't.'

Arsenrios: 'It won't work.'

Nairne: 'I never said I was going to use it Arsenrios. I like being nice.'

Arsenrios: 'Save the crap Nairne, you forget I know who you really are.'

Nairne: 'No one knows who people really are, and I don't appreciate your tone Arsenrios. Be kind to me. I apologized to you. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a wife to talk to.'

Arsenrios: 'I will not let you talk to her.'

Nairne: ignored him.

Voices floated up the stairs.

Arsenrios: listened carefully.

They were Grainne's and Nairne's.

Arsenrios: listened to what they were saying.

Grainne: "What are you doing here Nairne?"

Nairne: his voice was sad, "Grainne, I've come to apologize to you. I've been a terrible husband and a terrible father. I beg for your mercy to give me another chance. I will change for you. I already have. If you want to, we can be married again. Like old times. But this time we can be a family I promise."

Grainne: didn't know exactly what to say. She certainly wasn't expecting that. But the flower Yuki had wished on made Nairne change, right? So he was telling the truth. "Perhaps...perhaps we should get to know each other again."

Nairne: "Yes, of course. I've enjoyed spending this past week with you. It can only get better. You are as kind as you are beautiful."

Grainne: "You told me I was old before."

Nairne: "Only because I was jealous that you were no longer mine. I will make a date Grainne, and I look forward to it. Tomorrow at 7ish?"

Grainne: "I...suppose." she nodded in compliance.

Nairne: kissed her cheek. "Toodles then my love." he vanished.

Grainne: her cheeks reddened in a blush. She was happy no one was there to see or hear them. She quickly put her book away and folded the blanket, laying it on the back of the couch. She shut off the lamp by the couch, the light of which she was reading against, and went upstairs to bed.

Arsenrios: shook his head softly, that couldn't be good.


Arsenrios: was still holding Grace.

Grace: "Mmm, I had the weirdest dream last night." she said as she came too, slowly opening her eyes to look up at Arsenrios. She smiled at him.

Arsenrios: "And what was that?" he smiled down at her.

Grace: "That Nairne was in my room." delicious smells of food drifted up from the kitchen into Grace's room.

Arsenrios: "If only that was a dream." he mumbled and sat up.

Grace: "You mean it wasn't? He really was talking to you in here?" she sat up next to him, realizing she was still in her clothes from the day before. She brushed out her hair.

Arsenrios: "Yes then he talked to your mom."

Grace: "I don't like that."

Arsenrios: "You and me both."

Grace: set down her brush, "Want to come down with me to get breakfast?" she hopped off the bed and smiled at him again.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Breakfast sounds good." he took her hand and went down with her to the kitchen.

Nairne: "Quiet. You'll wake my wife." he smiled at Arsenrios and Grace as they walked into the kitchen before turning back to his food he was making over the stove.

Arsenrios: hissed at him.

Nairne: "Yes Arsenrios, very good. That is the sound bacon makes when it fries. You get a gold star." he rolled his eyes but didn't pause in making the food.

Grace: put a hand on Arsenrios arm.

Arsenrios: his eyes turned black again. "You don't belong here."

Nairne: "I just figured my wife would like to wake up to a hot breakfast made for her, rather than having to make one herself. After all, she's done that enough the past...what?" he looked at Grace, "About 15 or so years. I figured I can do it occasionally now." he turned back to his food after lingering his eyes on Grace a moment longer.

Grace: "I make breakfast sometimes."

Nairne: "I'm proud of you."

Arsenrios: "You better watch yourself." he growled.

Nairne: smirked at Arsenrios then shut off the stove. He paused a moment, "Got to go." he vanished as footsteps were heard coming down the stairs.

Grainne: tied her robe around her with the tie as she walked into the kitchen. She paused, "What is this? What was all the talking?" she looked at the food and then to Arsenrios and Grace, "Did you two do this?" she smiled slightly at them.

Arsenrios: looked to Grace not exactly sure what to say. He analyzed the food to make sure it wasn't poisoned. Just in case.

The food wasn't poisoned.

Grace: shook her head, "No mom. Nairne made it for you."

Grainne: "Oh..." she looked at the food again, "Strange." she ran her hand over the counter top.

Arsenrios: leaned against the counter.

Grainne: "He must be really trying to get on my good side again. Reminds me of times when I was, no more than a little younger than Grace's age when he was courting me." she got out some plates and silverware as she spoke.

Arsenrios: watched her, he looked to Grace for a moment.

Grace: looked at Arsenrios and shrugged. What was she supposed to do? She picked up a plate and dished herself out some food. It smelled delicious now that she was human again.

Grainne: got herself a plate of food and sat down at the table and started to eat, thinking of things.

Arsenrios: sat down but didn't eat. He didn't trust him, not one bit.

Grainne: "So what are you and Grace's plans for this evening Arsenrios?" she asked him after a few minutes of silent eating.

Arsenrios: "I am not really sure, what do you want to do Grace?"

Grace: looked up from her food, "I was thinking a lot about that shell with the fish at your house."

Arsenrios: nodded, "We can do that."

Grace: smiled slightly, "Thank you. Then tomorrow I can start on catching up with the wedding plans."

Arsenrios: smiled, "You're very welcome."

Grainne: "That sounds like fun. I have nothing planned for today until around 7 o'clock."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Just be careful okay?"

Grainne: "I will. Though I can't help but admit that I've been wanting him to ask me on date for a long time." she continued to eat.

Grace: "You're going on a date with Nairne?"

Grainne: nodded, continuing to eat.

Grace: her jaw dropped, "Mom how could you!"

Grainne: looked up at Grace, "Simple. I said yes."

Arsenrios: looked between the two girls.

Grace: looked at Arsenrios, "And apparently, you knew this too." she scowled at him and took her plate to the sink, running water over it.

Arsenrios: sighed, he looked down.

Grainne: looked from Grace to Arsenrios, "I'm sorry. Did I start something?"

Arsenrios: "Don't ask me, I have no idea."

Grainne: "Okay. Well..." she finished eating and set her plate beside the sink, "I'll clean up after you two are done. Just let me know before you leave. I have to go get dressed." she left the kitchen.

Arsenrios: set back in the chair.

Grace: finished washing the plates and left the kitchen.

Arsenrios: "Yup, she's mad at me again." he commented to himself.

Grace: got out the card table and set it up in the living room. She went and got out the books for the wedding and set them on the card table along with the telephone book and the phone.

Arsenrios: "I'm sorry Grace." he called to her.

Grace: sighed, and sat down at the card table. She didn't feel in the mood to yell back and forth. She didn't want to yell at all, so she said nothing.

Arsenrios: got up and walked in the same room he sat down.

Grace: "You just know a lot of things lately that you never tell me. And I feel that maybe you just don't want me to know things that you do." she looked down at the table and opened the telephone book.

Arsenrios: "I'm sorry what was I supposed to say, good morning honey, guess what your mom is going on a date with your father at 7?" he wasn't upset just trying to understand somewhat.

Grace: "I don't...know. Something like that. Just like when you knew about Yuki being pregnant. Why must I always be the last one to find out? It's embarrassing when you know, and then I am left out of the loop. I thought husband and wife were supposed to tell each other everything. Talk to each other."

Arsenrios: "I'll tell you everything from now on I promise. I hate it when you are mad at me. Which seems to be a lot lately."

Grace: "Has it?" she looked up at him.

Arsenrios: nodded, "But that just means that I am doing a horrible job so I'll try to do better."

Grace: "You aren't doing a horrible job Arsenrios." she said softly, "Just a lot of stuff has been going on lately, irritating people's nerves."

Arsenrios: "If we are having problems now Grace what's going to happen if it gets worse?"

Grace: "I don't...I don't know Arsenrios." she rested her forehead on her hands. "Fight more I suppose. I don't want to fight."

Arsenrios: "I don't want to fight either."

Grace: "I won't get mad at you anymore I promise."

Arsenrios: "If you do then I know what is wrong and needs to be fixed."

Grace: "I really miss the fact that we aren't mentally connected anymore." she felt tears sting her eyes and closed them, "You never had to tell me things then because I just knew."

Arsenrios: "There is a way to get all of your abilities back without actually changing you. That's why maybe I don't tell you things, I assume that you already know."

Grace: looked at him, "Will it stop aging too?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "If you want."

Grace: "I can essentially be just like you except for the need to bite?"

Arsenrios: nodded.

Grace: "I'd like that a lot Arsenrios."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "Whenever you want we can do it."

Grace: "How long does it take?"

Arsenrios: "Five minutes at most."

Grace: That is fast. "How is it done?" she wondered.

Arsenrios: "I can do it myself but it a little difficult to explain."

Grace: nodded, she got up and walked over to him and sat down by him on the couch.

Arsenrios: he held out his hands to take hers.

Grace: moved her hands towards his and then hesitated, "Wait, Arsenrios." she looked down at her hands.

Arsenrios: "Yes?"

Grace: "There's a few...I don't know." she was too embarrassed to continue. Red flooded her cheeks lightly. She kept her face down and turned it to look away.

Arsenrios: "Please tell me Grace. There's a few?"

Grace: "A few experiences we haven't had while I am...fully human. Without special abilities." she said ever so softly almost a whisper.

Arsenrios: "If you want to wait we can until all of those experiences are done, though I will need to know what they are so I can do them."

Grace: "I don't know if you want to do them."

Arsenrios: "What are they?"

Grace: "When I get these abilities, when I am changed will I still have human blood in me?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yes"

Grace: "Then I am just thinking of one thing really. We've done the rest before I changed over from human to Snyde."

Arsenrios: "What is that one thing?"

Grace: " know, it doesn't really...matter. We don't...have to." she said softly.

Arsenrios: sighed he kissed her forehead. "Love you." he said figuring that he wasn't going to press if she won't tell him.

Grace: "Yea...that. I mean..." she paused a moment, wondering if he meant that, or if he meant 'I love you.' "I love you too." she added quickly.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "So you told me anyway. Grace all you had to do was say so; your wish is my command."

Grace: looked at him, "Really? You would? Even if it is dangerous?"

Arsenrios: "I'd just be careful that's all."

Grace: hugged him, "Thank you."

Arsenrios: "You're welcome." he hugged her back.

Grace: "I just didn't want to say it in case it made you upset and you think I was ignorant for even thinking to do such a thing as a human because it is so dangerous."

Arsenrios: "You can tell me anything and I won't get upset with you. Besides, I would be ignorant to ignore your wishes."

Grace: "Okay." she leaned back and smiled at him softly, "Well, then we can wait on giving me abilities."

Arsenrios: smiled, and nodded. "Yes." he kissed her, not pulling back so quickly this time.

Grace: kissed him back, enjoying that soul stirring feeling that she got as a human whenever he kissed her or touched her in a loving way. She was glad she'd be able to keep that feeling, since she was staying human.

Arsenrios: pulled her onto his lap.

Grace: her heart beat sped up in anticipation and excitement, her eyes gently closed. Even though he was cold to her, she enjoyed the feeling.

Arsenrios: "I think that we should take this upstairs." he whispered in her ear.

Grace: nodded slightly, "Okay." she whispered back.

Arsenrios: teleported them up to her room. He laid her down on the bed and started to kiss her all over.

Grace: smiled, closing her eyes to enjoy it more fully, "Arsenrios...if you want to, you can bite me too." Then she figured she could get the full experience of it all.

Arsenrios: "What you wish I shall do." he whispered, still kissing her until he did bite her neck.

Grace: "Thank you my lord." she said softly. "I shall return the favor sometime."

Arsenrios: continued to kiss her.


Grace: smiled, her eyes closed as she lay on the bed snuggled close to her husband.

Arsenrios: was stroking her back, he smiled at her; she was so perfect he couldn't do anything but smile.

Grace: "Arsenrios, if we had a kid do you think it'd have red hair like me, or brown hair like you?" she spoke softly.

Arsenrios: thought for a moment, "Probably red hair like you."

Grace: "We both have green eyes though." she opened her eyes to look over at Arsenrios and smiled.

Arsenrios: smiled, he kissed her again softly.

Grace: kissed him back, enjoying just laying there next to him.

Grainne: "I have NOTHING TO WEAR! UGH!" Grace and Arsenrios could hear her complain all the way from her room. There was a sound like a bunch of clothes and shoes being tossed to the floor.

Arsenrios: chuckled, "I think your mom is having problems."

Grace: listened, "Yes." she laughed, "I think so too. But maybe if she doesn't find anything to wear she won't go."

Arsenrios: smiled, "That would be great."

Grace: "Do you want to change me now, or go to your house and the mermaids first? I've decided that I want to be a mermaid just like you are a merman."

Arsenrios: "It's your choice, whatever you want to do."

Grace: "Do you want to leave to the mermaids now, Arsenrios, or…" she smirked, "Lounge in bed all day? Wedding plans can wait one more day, I'm sure." She leaned over to kiss his lips, then wrapped her arms around his body and pressed her face into his chest, content just like this. She felt safe and loved and oh so very happy.

Arsenrios: smiled, "I figured we could stay here, and then at night go to the mermaids. It is so much more beautiful at night."

Grace: "That sounds perfect."

Nairne: smiled, "You guys need some fun." He snapped his fingers and Grace and Arsenrios found themselves on a beach. And they weren't alone. "Aren't the waves and the warm climate just so…romantic? Here's an early honeymoon." He smiled at them. "Just being nice."

As a crowd of people walked closer to Arsenrios and Grace, they surrounded their bed. "What's this?" some whispered. Others whispered, "Whoa…interesting. A bed in the middle of the beach."

Nairne: he disappeared into the crowd of people, still smiling.

Grace: she was in so much shock she hadn't said anything until after Nairne left. And even then, she didn't speak words. She screamed and wrapped the blankets around her tighter, staying next to Arsenrios closer than ever. She was hyperventilating she was so nervous.

Arsenrios: he teleported them back to the house, along with the bed. "In about five seconds I'll turn him human."

Grace: was too busy trying to catch her breath, all she could do was nod.

Arsenrios: "It's okay." He tried to calm Grace down. "Breathe baby."

Grace: she took a deep breath in and let it out. "I'm sorry." She whispered. "That was just…nerve racking to my human emotions." She apologized, still holding onto the blankets tightly.

Arsenrios: "It's alright."

Grace: "Why all of a sudden is he hanging around my family? His family, I guess. Does he have nothing better to do?"

Arsenrios: "I think so."

Grace: she shook her head. "Now I am anything BUT relaxed. There were so many people. So many phones with cameras. What if…what if someone…recorded…" she stopped and put her face in her hands, taking deep breaths.

Arsenrios: "I erased all of the cameras and phones and also their mind."

Grace: "Still, I guess our relaxing day is ruined." She said sadly.

Arsenrios: "We can still relax."

Grace: "Yea…until it happens again."

Arsenrios: "Then let's get dressed."

Grace: "Very well." She got up and put on some clothes, then sat back down on the bed.

Arsenrios: he was already dressed by the time Grace sat down on the bed again.

Grace: "Can we go somewhere where Nairne can't find us?" she asked Arsenrios kindly.

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded.

Grace: "Do you have an idea of where we could go?" she asked him, seeing his smile.

Arsenrios: "My house has a shield."

Grace: "But what will we do at your house? You said you wanted to wait to swim with the mermaids until dark."

Arsenrios: "We can find something to do."

Grace: "Okay." She smiled slightly at him.

Arsenrios: he took Grace's hand and teleported the both of them to his house. The shield was already up to keep anyone out whom Arsenrios did not want inside.

Grace: "Hi Anne!" she called out to her. She smiled at Arsenrios.

Anne: she curtsied, "Mistress Grace."

Grace: "How are you doing?" she asked her sweetly.

Anne: "Well. You?"

Grace: shrugged slightly, "Good for being human again I guess."

Anne: nodded slowly.

Grace: looked at Arsenrios, waiting for an idea on what to do.

Arsenrios: wrapped his arms around Grace's waist, "Love you." He told her.

Grace: she felt her face flush red, "We just…we just did." She whispered, "This morning."

Arsenrios: "I can't say I love you anymore?" he asked, slightly confused.

Grace: she punched his chest lightly, "You confuse me so much. I thought you meant…" she whispered, "The actual 'loving me'. Not…I love you." She looked up at him, her voice normal again. "Love you too."

Arsenrios: "I won't say it in a roundabout way."

Grace: "Okay. I'll remember that." She wrapped her arms around him.

Arsenrios: hugged her to him.

Grace: "You're cold again." She felt goose-bumps rise on her arms.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "Coldness is a constant."

Grace: "For your kind with humans, I suppose it is. When I was a Snyde like you, you were warm to me."

Arsenrios: "We will have to fix that."

Grace: "By having you wear layers and layers of winter clothing to keep warm?" she teased.

Arsenrios: "That could work, or…" he kissed her neck.

Grace: she shivered, "Changing me again?" she asked softly.

Arsenrios: "I don't have to." He whispered against her neck softly. "There are other ways."

Grace: "Like how?" she asked, looking up at him through her eyelashes.

Arsenrios: "By an herb."

Grace: "But I like it when you're cold. It brings to life my human senses." She wished he could kiss her neck again. She liked how it felt.

Arsenrios: "Well, you see, with this you will be able to control everything; including how warm or cold you are."

Grace: smiled, "Oh, that'd be cool. That means I can make myself feel hotter so you seem colder!" she was excited about that.

Arsenrios: chuckled, "Yea, you could do that."

Grace: "Are we going to go get this herb thing now?" she said, almost excitedly again, looking at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "If you want."

Grace: "It's up to you since you suggested it."

Arsenrios: "Do you want it now?"

Grace: nodded slowly, "Don't we have to go get it?"

Arsenrios: "I have one here."

Grace: "Okay."

Arsenrios: "Ready?"

Grace: nodded again, "Yes." She was suddenly nervous about how this herb would affect her. But she trusted Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "Then we should go get it."

Grace: "Then let's go. What are standing around here hugging for?" she smiled slightly.

Arsenrios: chuckled and started to walk to the basement with her.

Grace: her feet slowed so that she found herself walking behind him, peeking around from his side as they made their way down the steps into the basement. "Maimun lives here." She whispered nervously to Arsenrios. She was still slightly scared of the dragon.

Arsenrios: "It's behind his gold. Maimun isn't here at the moment."

Grace: "I still don't want to go towards his pile of gold. He might just…appear."

Maimun: "It's a pity your brother isn't like you." He commented, descending down the stairs in human form, carrying a plate.

Grace: she jumped a bit and clung tighter to Arsenrios, "Like that." She said to her husband softly. It was a bit comical that she was so afraid of what looked to be a ten year old boy.

Arsenrios: "It's alright." He sighed.

Maimun: "I'm not that bad." He sat on his gold pike and ate the fish that he had carried down with him on the plate, dropping it into his mouth and swallowing it whole; bone and all.

Grace: nodded but said nothing. Her eyes watched Maimun curiously.

Maimun: set the plate down, "See ya." He turned towards his gold before he remembered something, "Oh," he looked at Grace, "Tell your brother to get his dirty hands off my treasure." He went into his gold burrow and laid there. He closed his eyes.

Grace: "He doesn't live at my house anymore. I don't know when I'll see him to tell him." She said to Maimun, but not sure if he heard or was even listening to her.

Maimun: "He's upstairs." He told her.

Grace: "Okay. Well, as soon as Arsenrios and I get the herb we will go." She assured Maimun, not wanting to get on his bad side. Or if she was already on his bad side, she did not want to make it worse.

Maimun: "Okay."

Grace: waited for Arsenrios, anxious to leave more now since the dragon was there.

Arsenrios: he opened a door in the wall behind Maimun's pile of gold to reveal a portal that led to a whole atrium of flowers.

Grace: she was still standing closely beside Arsenrios. "Wow." She whispered, seeing into the portal and looking at all of the flowers. "I didn't know this was in your house either."

Arsenrios: smiled, "There's a lot yet to learn."

Grace: "Can't wait." She smiled nervously back at him.

Arsenrios: smirked and started looking.

Grace: waited.

Arsenrios: after a few moments of looking he asked Grace, "Where is it?"

Grace: "The herb?" she asked from behind him, confused.

Arsenrios: "Yes. It was right there."

Grace: stepped closer to him and ran her hand over the open air, "Did Maimun eat it?"

Maimun: "I don't eat flowers." He commented.

Grace: "It's not a flower. It's an herb."

Maimun: "If it has a flower, it's a flower. Anyways, it was dying so I took it to my castle."

Grace: "I'm not going there." She imagined a castle large and ominous, dark clouds over it all the time, with a mote of lava around the outside and not one live green thing around. Everything burnt black or brown from dragon fire flames. She shivered for a second at the idea.

Maimun: "You walked past it a moment ago."

Grace: "There is no castle in Arsenrios' basement." She said, not believing him.

Maimun: he sighed and climbed out of his burrow and took Grace's hand and dragged her into his burrow. All of a sudden she was in a castle. "My castle." It was bright, as if shining with gold.

Grace: she was still holding on tightly to Arsenrios' shirt with her free hand, scared to death that a dragon was touching her. "Mhm." Was all she could say in response. She was too scared to speak.

There was a scream.

Maimun: "Oh, shut up."

Grace: her eyes widened. Was that her own scream?

Maimun: sighed as another scream was heard. "You would have thought she would have shut up by now."

Grace: backed up beside Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "In the gardens?" he asked Maimun.

Maimun: "Yes. I have business to attend to." He flew to the window.

Grace: "Why does Maimun have a girl in his castle?" she asked Arsenrios while keeping her eyes on the castle window where Maimun had flown to. Her face showed a bit of fear and wariness.

Arsenrios: "I'm not really sure." He admitted and shrugged.

Grace: she walked towards the back of the castle where a door was, still looking at the window, not watching where her feet were landing with each step.

Arsenrios: he stopped her. "What are you doing?"

Grace: "I want to see." She tried to walk around Arsenrios. "Come with me if you want."

Arsenrios: sighed and followed her.

Grace: walked through the door of the castle. Though this room looked bright and cheery, she was sort of anxious to see what the other rooms of the castle looked like. She expected something different.

On the other side of the door there was some gothic architecture, but it was still somewhat cheery.

Grace: walked toward where the girls scream came from. "He's a weird dragon."

Arsenrios: "Not really."

The scream was cut off.

Grace: "He lives in a bright and sunny place. So I think he is." She ran now in the general direction of where the scream had come from since she could no longer follow the sound.

Arsenrios: "It's an illusion."

Grace: she stopped when she came to a door. "What's it really look like then?" she wondered quietly as she studied the door.

Arsenrios: "You don't want to know."

Grace: "Oh." She opened the door.

There was a girl who lay unconscious on the floor in the room.

Maimun: was picking some things up off of the floor in the room.

Grace: she saw the girl and then looked at Maimun. Her eyes trembled but her voice tried to be strong. "What'd you do!" she asked urgently.

Maimun: "Pressure point on her neck to make her knock out. She'll be fine."

Grace: "Why? Why is she here?"

Maimun: "Because she was brought here to me to keep until she is taken care of."

Grace: "Taken care of how?" she didn't like how that sounded.

Maimun: "Exactly how it sounds."

Grace: "You can't do that!" she exclaimed.

Maimun: "I'm just keeping her here, not killing her."

Grace: "For your amusement." She assumed.

Maimun: "Heavens no. She would be dead by now."

Grace: "Then why do you have her here? She was calling for help. The poor human girl." She looked down at the girl.

Maimun: he opened his mouth to speak.

Arsenrios: "Hold your tongue." He ordered Maimun.

Maimun: he closed his mouth, "I hate it when you do that."

Grace: she looked at Arsenrios, "If you know, please tell me."

Maimun: "I have her here because I was told to watch over her."

Grace: "For whom?" she looked at Maimun again.

Maimun: "Her parents."

Grace: "And why would they trust a dragon to watch over a human girl?"

Maimun: "Because a dragon has to obey."

Grace: "Do you know anything else?" she questioned Maimun.

Maimun: "I just do what I am told." He shrugged.

Grace: "Oh, so her parents control you?" she said annoyed.

Maimun: nodded.

Grace: smiled, "Humans control you?" she found herself laughing.

Maimun: he growled, "Watching it." He warned Grace.

Grace: she stepped back, running into Arsenrios. She stopped laughing.

Arsenrios: pulled Grace close. "Stop, Maimun."

Maimun: sighed, "Whatever."

Grace: "The um…the human girl…there…" she said shakily now, looking down. "She's not being hurt though, is she?"

Maimun: "She's just unconscious."

Grace: "And again I ask…why?"

Maimun: "Because her annoying screaming gives me a headache." He snapped.

Grace: "Well, maybe if you didn't do things that make her scream she'd stop on her own. Why was she screaming in the first place?" She glared at Maimun, knowing she was safe standing next to Arsenrios.

Maimun: "Who knows."

Grace: "Maybe it was important. Wake her up and ask her."

Maimun: "No thanks."

Grace: looked at Arsenrios, "Can you ask her?"

Arsenrios: knelt next to the girl. He shook her softly, "Wake up, Cheri."

Cheri: groaned.

Arsenrios: "Why were you screaming?"

Cheri: "There were people, and I was hungry…and thirsty…and I thought maybe they could help me." She spoke softly, her eyes still closed.

Arsenrios: looked at Grace.

Grace: looked from Arsenrios to Maimun, "Well, did you feed her, or give her a drink?"

Maimun: "Two days ago."

Grace: something in her snapped; like a sudden spark of concern for this girl. Her voice raised and it was like Emer had emerged for a moment. "HUMANS NEED FED AND GIVEN A DRINK EVERYDAY!" she tried to get it through his thick, stupid dragon head. "IDIOT!" she flicked Maimun in the forehead.

Maimun: he hissed at Grace.

Arsenrios: stood up quickly and pulled Grace behind him.

Maimun: he tried to attack Grace in dragon form.

Arsenrios: pushed him back, ignoring the hole in his arm from where Maimun had sunk his teeth into his flesh. "Let it go." He commanded him firmly.

Maimun: "Just get your flower and leave." He hissed.

Grace: "Fairy tales are more than true. Not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be BEATEN." She quoted.

Maimun: "I swear it Arsenrios, leave before I kill her."

Arsenrios: he grabbed Grace's arm firmly, "Come." He told her.

Grace: "But the girl! The human girl like me! She needs food and water!" she protested sadly, almost crying.

Arsenrios: "Any reason Maimun may have had to let Cheri go is gone now, consumed by anger. Now is not the time to get the girl."


Arsenrios: "Then perhaps it would be better if you don't marry me and we just separate. Because like you said, all humanity or any goodness is gone." He turned and walked down the hall. "I'm sorry I wasted so much of your time." He called back to her.

Grace: looked over at Arsenrios, her voice even softer than before. Just as quickly as her anger had come on and Emer emerged, she felt her fear creep back inside her, "Arsenrios we already are married. Are you saying you don't want to be married to me anymore?"

Arsenrios: he turned to look at her, ''I will be around as long as you want me, which doesn't seem to be anymore.''

Grace: "I never said anything was wrong with you. I said you used to be like that. Not anymore. It just sickens me how women are treated in your world."

Arsenrios: ''Men are treated the same way.''

Grace: "Yea, well, I thought Maimun was different." she looked away.

Arsenrios: ''He's not.''

Grace: "I see that. I don't like being in a family where that kind of behavior is allowed. He lives with you, Arsenrios."

Arsenrios: ''What am I supposed to do?''

Grace: "That depends. Do you mind what he is doing? Or do you not care?" she looked at him.

Arsenrios: ''I used to not care but this is bothering me.''

Grace: "Well then please, Arsenrios. Either fix it, or kick him out of your house."

Arsenrios: watched a man go by. ''They're here.'' he rubbed his arm.

Grace: "Who?" she stepped forward, "Let me see your arm hun, please?" she held out her hand.

Arsenrios: ''Her parents. It's nothing.'' he said but you could see the bone.

Grace: gasped lightly, looking from his arm to him, "Arsenrios will this heal on its own or do you need a doctor?"

Arsenrios: ''I don't know.''

Grace: "Did the girl's parents know that she would be treated like this here?"

Arsenrios: ''That is how they asked for her to be treated.''

Grace: "I don't like it Arsenrios. I don't like it one bit. Can we just go? We need to fix your arm."

Arsenrios: ''I'm fine.'' there was a scream.

Grace: "Can we go? Please Arsenrios?" he asked even more urgently. Her face was even more distressed then before, almost to tears again.

Arsenrios: took her back to his house.

Grace: sat down on the couch and buried her face in her hands and cried. Hearing screams frightened her to death. It reminded her of Russia.

Arsenrios: wrapped the less holey arm around her. "I'm sorry."

Grace: sniffed, "I'll be fine. Go to a doctor."

Arsenrios: "I don't need one. My health is unimportant."

Grace: sighed, "Fine." she laid down on the couch and put her face into the crook of her elbow.

Arsenrios: sighed, "Do you want me to help the girl?"

Grace: nodded slowly, "Yes I do."

Arsenrios: stood, "I'll be back." he walked down the stairs.

Grace: "Okay." she said softly, staying there on the couch.

Arsenrios: came back a few minutes later and set the girl on the couch, he had more bite marks and scratches. He looked in worse shape than even the girl. He gave her some water and made her dink it. Cheri willing drank it. She groaned.

Grace: sat up quickly, wiping her face off. She looked from the girl to Arsenrios. She went and hugged him, "Thank you dominus."

Arsenrios: "Anything for you." he said softly.

Cheri: slowly opened her eyes. She watched them and said nothing her eyes were full of fear.

Grace: leaned back and looked at him, "What'd you do with her parents?"

Arsenrios: "I put them in a blue ball to decide what to do with later."

Grace: "And Maimun?"

Arsenrios: "He's sleeping in his gold."

Grace: sighed, "At your house?"

Arsenrios: "He's harmless as long as someone doesn't anger him or comes to him."

Grace: "You always say he's harmless but look what he's done to you, and the girl. THAT is not harmless to me."

Arsenrios: "He was hired to do this." he gestured to the girl. "It's no big deal what he did to me."

Cheri: flinched when he gestured to her.

Grace: "Would you do it if you were hired to do it?"

Arsenrios: "No. Never." he started to heal the girl's wounds.

Grace: "But Maimun does, and that's what bothers me." he sat down on the couch a few inches away from the girl. "It's okay Cheri." she said softly.

Cheri: nodded slowly, "Yes ma'am." she said in a whisper, she watched Arsenrios carefully.

Arsenrios: "He won't do so ever again."

Grace: "And what makes you believe that?"

Arsenrios: "A normal and aristocrat are two different things. He has to listen to me."

Grace: "Because you are an aristocrat?"

Arsenrios: "Yes."

Grace: "Okay." she took a breath and let it out. "I wonder if my mom would mind Cheri being at my house."

Arsenrios: "I don't know." he pulled back and sat on the floor.

Grace: got up, "Arsenrios let's go to a doctor. Please?"

Arsenrios: "Why? I'm fine. Besides I can't go to a doctor without being dissected."

Grace: "There aren't any doctors for your kind?"

Arsenrios: shook his head.

Grace: "There has to be. I'll look on the internet." she got up and went over to the computer, searching.

Anne: came in she curtsied to him. "May I be of assistance?" he saw his bites. "Maimun?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yeah."

Anne: she felt and came back with a kit. She got out a wipe looking thing and took his arm and rubbed it over the bites.

Grace: came back in hearing the sound, "Oh, Anne. Never thought of that..." she watched her. She would need to learn how to do that.

Anne: "Ma'am." she bowed her head to her. She took out a needle and thread and started to sew the holes.

Arsenrios: made a noise.

Anne: "Sorry." she continued.

Grace: "But I found a doctor in case you ever want one. Two, actually." she looked at the paper in her hand, "Dr. Civil and Dr. Maxwell." she held the paper to Arsenrios and then knelt beside him.

Arsenrios: nodded slowly. "Ok."

Anne: curtsied to him and left still in that hurt state she was in because of Grace's father.

Grace: "Thank you Anne." she called after her, watching her go. She could tell something was off, but she didn't know what. She looked at Arsenrios and kissed his cheek, "Glad you're better now."

Arsenrios: kissed her, "So am I. I'm just glad you're safe."

Grace: "I think whatever little shred I had in me that liked Maimun is gone. Thank you Arsenrios, I am glad you are safe too. And I am sorry for...acting crazy, earlier." she looked down.

Cheri: she bowed him, "He isn't all bad."

Arsenrios: "It's alright."

Grace: looked at Cheri, "Sure, Cheri, you say that. You who was screaming for help for food and water which Maimun so nicely forgot to give you for two days. Please don't try to stick up for him. It makes me hate him even more to know even when he is hateful towards someone, he brainwashes the person into thinking it's not hate, it's nice. You're not brainwashed Cheri, so don't act like it." she got up and sighed, "I'm sorry. Talking about Maimun is making me irritated."

Cheri: got on the floor and on her knees and bowed to Grace her face to the floor. "I'm sorry Ma'am for speaking out and that you had to hear those screams." her blonde hair was covering her face now exposing her neck.

Arsenrios: turned away, "Perhaps we should find a new topic for discussion then."

Grace: looked at the girl, "Please don't do that. I was in that position once. It doesn't bring back pretty memories." she looked away quickly, her voice soft.

Cheri: "Yes ma'am." she stood instantly; she looked down to the ground.

Grace: looked at the girls' neck.

There were several bite marks on it.

Cheri: pushed her hair back so it covered her neck.

Grace: "You didn't ask for those bites did you?"

Cheri: "No ma'am but that's okay."

Grace: "Who bit you?" instinctively she looked at Arsenrios.

Cheri: shrugged, "Different people."

Grace: "Do you know who bit her Arsenrios?"

Arsenrios: looked to her, "No. I can honestly say I have no idea."

Grace: put her hand on her own neck and felt her skin. She sighed, "I'm sorry Cheri."

Cheri: "It's alright ma'am it's not your fault."

Grace: "Can you maybe describe what they looked like?" she only knew Maimun had one Snyde friend, and that was Arsenrios. But he just said he didn't know who bit her and she trusted him, though at this moment that was hard to do.

Cheri: "I don't remember exactly. But I know there were five men and three women."

Grace: looked at Arsenrios, "Maimun is TOO all that bad." she left the room and walked up the stairs.

Arsenrios: "Now I am extremely confused, where did that come from?"

Grace: walked into her own room of Arsenrios house, not hers and Arsenrios room, but her room. She shut the door and laid face down on the bed.

Arsenrios: sighed, "I guess I should go hunt." he turned and walked out the door towards the town.


A person appeared before Maimun as he slept on his gold, she smiled a bright white smile which contrasted with her orange hair with blue tips, "Humans are so...oh how do you put it...naive? Aren't they?" she chuckled and sat on the ground in front of him.

Maimun: "Who are you?" he asked no longer asleep.

Person: "Your conscious." she smiled at him.

Maimun: laughed, "Right and I'm the king of England."

Person: "Ooooo really? Then you can spare me some gold!" she giggled and grabbed a handful right quick and disappeared.

Maimun: got up, he bounced her back. He took it back from her, "I don't think so."

Person: "Sorry I must have dropped your gold somewhere...somewhere before you bounced me back." she showed him an empty hand.

Maimun: hissed.

Person: moved her hand and tugged on Maimun's ear and then held a gold coin in front of his eyes, "Oh look, I found one." she giggled, "Must have fallen in your ear..."

Maimun: "Why on earth are you here?"

Person: "I really don't know." she teleported away.


Grace: fell into an un-restful sleep, nightmares of Russia which she had forgotten before today because Arsenrios had always been there for her to help her forget. But for some reason, his presence didn't work today. Maybe because she felt vulnerable. Maybe because he had threatened to leave her.

Arsenrios: opened the door and closed it behind him, he sat on the bed without moving her and took her hand.

Grace: held his hand lightly in her sleep.

Person: appeared, "You know what's fun to do." she spoke as she dropped some items into one of Grace's jeans pockets from her dresser, "Is to frame people. Always gets a kick out of me."

Arsenrios: "Who are you?"

Person: "I don't have a name. Humans have names because they don't know who they are. I don't need a name. I know who I am." she folded Grace's jeans back up and put it back in the dresser drawer, closing the drawer.

Arsenrios: "Well then get lost."

Person: chuckled, "'K." she teleported away.

As she did a rain of gold fell over the whole house, and continued to fall...

Arsenrios: "What in the world?"

Gold pieces fell and hit Arsenrios, Anne, Grace, Yuki, Neil, and Maimun in the head, all over as they fell.

Grace: "Mmm..." she flinched as gold hit her in her sleep and slowly woke up, wondering what was going on.

Arsenrios: braced himself against her and the gold so she would not be hit with it.

Grace: "What's going on?" she asked, opening her eyes to look up at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "I wish I knew. Random people are appearing in my house. Correction a random person with no name."

Grace: "Oh." she said, still laying down unable to sit up because Arsenrios was over her. She looked over and picked up a gold coin, looking at it.

Arsenrios: gave her an umbrella. He walked over to the dresser and took out the jeans and looked in the pocket.

Grace: held the umbrella over her, she looked over the edge of the bed. The gold was starting to pile up, about ankle high now in every room.

Inside the pocket were two saber tooth tiger teeth, both with carvings on them, both with names.

Arsenrios: looked at the carvings.

In a room with pillows on the wall,
I lie in wait for your return.
I will kill you before you fall,
Or just let you sit and burn.

The other tooth said:

This is mine;
What's mine is yours...
Yours is mine.
Let's for her.

Arsenrios: "No. I'd rather die." he said and walked back over to Grace and wrapped an arm around her. "We need to go to somewhere more safe."

Grace: "Hmm? Why? I bet Maimun is happy." she said coldly.

It was hard for Arsenrios to walk. The gold was now up to the middle of the bed frame.

Arsenrios: "Because we just need to go. I am not going to trade you come on. Do you think that you can walk in this?"

Grace: "Trade me? What? Yea. I can try." she held the umbrella and moved off of the bed.

Arsenrios: watched her. "I'll explain later but just in case something happens to me Grace know that I love you."

Grace: "I love you too." she looked up at him and put her arm around him, "Let's just teleport out, wouldn't that be easier? Or do we have to get Anne and Neil and Yuki?"

Arsenrios: "I can teleport them out too." with his new power from hunting recently he teleported them plus and Neil and his wife and Cheri.

Grace: "Where are we at?" she moved the umbrella.

Arsenrios: "Another one of my houses. This one though is protected by a shield one that nothing can get through. Except the people I permit."

Grace: "Is this necessary?" she looked at him, "What about my mom?"

Arsenrios: "She's all the way back on Earth, do you think that she really needs it?"

Yuki: stuck close to Neil, "What's going on?"

Grace: shook her head, "No."

Neil: "I am not sure. Hey Arsenrios, what's up? And what was with all the gold?" he pulled some coins out of his pocket and dropped them on the ground. He put an arm around Yuki, "Mom should be fine as long as Nairne is being nice...I think."

Arsenrios: tossed him the teeth. "Read them."

Neil: read them out loud;

"Flowers fall, and rains rise...
I love this new disguise.
The earth can move, but you cannot.
Just give me what I want."

He read the other one;

"She is pretty,
He is one to be wanted.
Hear the screams.
She will be haunted."

Arsenrios: "They changed. I am not going to give up Grace to this woman."

Neil: "How do you know it means Grace?" he held the teeth back to Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: took them, "I just have a feeling."

Gold started to rain on them again.

Arsenrios: "What in the heck?"

Neil: "Come on Yuki you shouldn't be hit with these." he didn't want to heavy gold to hurt the baby or Yuki at all. He spoke as he led her over to a canopy bed in one of the bedrooms, the canopy collecting the gold instead of it falling on her.

Grace: "It's like a gray cloud. It follows us everywhere."

Arsenrios: "If only this person was more specific." he led her to an area where half the room had a drop down ceiling.

Grace: "Specific about what?"

Arsenrios: "Who it is that they wanted." he took them out and looked at the teeth to see if they changed.

"Don't be mean.
We are just playing.
Use the gold to make a play thing!
Or we can just trade already..."

The other tooth said;

"Look at it this way,
This is expected.
You didn't want her.
And now she's rejected."

Arsenrios: "That's not true at all, I do what her." he took a breath as they came under shelter. "Grace, I'm so sorry. For the way that I have been acting today."

Grace: "We were both acting crazy it's okay." she watched the gold fall, "This is a crazy day."

Arsenrios: "Indeed. You know that I would never truly leave you, don't you?"

Grace: "Sometimes." she admitted softly.

Arsenrios: "I have indeed failed them. I'm sorry I must be the worst husband in the history of the world."

Grace: shook her head no and leaned on him. She pulled her legs to her chest, "No you aren't." she assured him, picking up a piece of gold and holding it in her hand.

Arsenrios: "Yet not all the time do you know that I will never leave you."

Grace: "I understand that I can be difficult sometimes." she looked closer at the picture on the gold, "Is that you?"

Arsenrios: looked at the gold.

There was an olden time picture of Arsenrios on the gold coin.

Arsenrios: "I don't understand it." he glanced at the teeth again. "That is me but why?"

Grace: "I don't know." she said, "I am wondering the same thing." she picked up another gold coin and ran her fingers over the surface, "Is the gold real, even?"

Arsenrios: "If it has my face on it probably not."

Grace: "It feels like gold though." the piles of gold were up to the height of Grace's curled up knees as they sat on the ground now.

"I'm just playing.
Can't you take a joke?
Calm down Arsenrios.
Act like I never spoke."

The other tooth said:

"Hope we can be friends.
Enjoy the gold.
But don't step outside too fast...
Or maybe you should."

Arsenrios: "Don't step outside to fast what?" he asked the teeth as if they could answer. He pulled Grace closer.

Grace: willingly stayed by him. Though he was cold, she enjoyed it. And she hoped in the back of her mind that Maimun was being buried alive in gold.

Arsenrios: "What will happen if I step outside to fast? What in the world do you mean?"


Person: appeared on the top of the gold in the basement where Maimun slept. "Enjoying your gold?" she smiled.

Maimun: "What's the catch to it all?" he was relaxing on a bigger pile of gold, enjoying it all.

Person: smiled, "Nothing. I'm just bored and I have fun freaking people out."

Maimun: "I see." he smiled slightly at her then closed his eyes again.

Person: "Think I should stop it from falling now, or bury people alive! BOO!" she giggled and leaned over on the gold so her face was an inch from Maimun and put her fingers in his hair distractedly.

Maimun: "You should probably stop the rain shower."

Person: "Okay." she leaned back and in a few moments all the gold stopped.

Maimun: "Thank you."

Then all the gold on the ground disappeared.

Person: smiled and landed lightly on her feet like a cat.

Maimun: fell on his butt. He didn't say a word just laid back.

Person: laughed, "I have to get the teeth back. They are not mine."

Maimun: nodded, "What are special about those?"

Person: "I am not sure." she shrugged. "I just steal stuff. Like I stole your gold."

Maimun: "Which I would like back."

Person: "Nope. I gave you fake gold. Be happy. Bye!" she flicked her orange and blue hair back, her bright blue eyes flashing and she vanished again, making sure Maimun couldn't bounce her back.

Maimun: sighed. "I need a new hobby." he stood and went and got something to eat from the kitchen.

Person: came back and stole ALL of his gold and vanished again, still not being able to be bounced back.

Maimun: held his temper.


Grace: "The gold is gone."

Arsenrios: "Then perhaps she is finally done."

The saber teeth were also gone.

Arsenrios: "Well let's go home then, well where ever you want."

Yuki: ended up falling asleep under the cover.

Grace: "Home is fine. Your house. My mom won't be home anyways. It's after seven."

Neil: lightly stroked her hair watching her sleep.

Arsenrios: nodded slowly, "Alright." he took her hand and teleported her, Cheri, Neil and Yuki back to his house.

Person: "Hey Arsenrios." she sat on his couch counting Maimun's gold.

Arsenrios: took a breath. "Why are you here?" he sounded annoyed.

Person: "I'M BORED!" she exclaimed looking at him, then shrugged and looked back at the gold, "And, I got kicked out of my house."

Arsenrios: "So?"

Person: "So here I am." she flipped the coin and caught it.

Arsenrios: "There are plenty of other people in the world."

Person: "But I like this place. It's interesting." she dropped the coin and played with another.

Arsenrios: shook his head. He looked to Grace, "What do you wish to do my dear?"

Grace: "Did you ever get the flower?"

Person: was instantly standing by Grace, she smiled, "A flower. Nice."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I did so we can do it whenever you wish."

Person: "Can I use the flower?" she pushed Grace aside lightly and stepped between them.

Arsenrios: "No." he said to the person then and walked around to Grace.

Person: jumped on Arsenrios back and rubbed the tip of her nose lightly on the back of his neck, "Please?" she repeated lightly.

Grace: watched them, not sure what to do.

Arsenrios: pulled her off. "No. Seriously Person. Stay away from us."

Person: "Awwww why?" she looked sad and her blue eyes filled with blue tears.

Arsenrios: "Because you are a pain and I want some time with my wife. Alone."

Person: "What do you expect me to do then?"

Arsenrios: "Go back to where ever you came from."

Person: sniffed and cried, "FINE!" she went and sat back down on Arsenrios couch.

Arsenrios: turned back to Grace. "Now where were we?"

Grace: looked at him, "The flower?"

Arsenrios: "That's right, well..." he pulled the flower from behind his back, "Now in order for this to work, the flower will have to bite you. Is that alright?"

Grace: "Bite me?" she asked confused. "I thought I had to eat it or something. How can a flower bite me?"

Arsenrios: "The flower is alive in a way. Watch." he pet the flower and it moved and wrapped it's stem around his hand.

Grace: "" she said slowly watching it. "Will the bite mark leave a scar?"

Arsenrios: "It won't leave a scar."

Grace: "Okay." she held her hand out to the flower.

The flower wrapped itself around her wrist and its fangs came down and it bit her.

Grace: "Ouch." she said, her arm flinching a bit. "It's like a mini Snyde."

Arsenrios: nodded, he held out his hand and the flower crawled back into it.

Grace: "Why doesn't it bite you?"

Person: cried loudly from the couch.

Arsenrios: "For one I'm a Snyde it won't do anything if it did and two because I grew it."

Grace: "I how long does it take until it starts to work?"

Arsenrios: "Instantly in fact it has already started."

Grace: smiled slightly, and then looked at the person on the couch. "Something wrong?"

Person: "I want my saber teeth back." she sobbed.

Arsenrios: "Then get them back."

Person: "Where are they at?"

Arsenrios: "I have no idea."

Person: "It's not nice to lose other peoples things."

Arsenrios: "Not my fault they vanished."

Person: "VANISHED!" she cried harder, "I have to go." she bent over and picked up the gold from the ground.

Arsenrios: sighed. He looked in his pocket for them making sure they weren't there.

They weren't there.

Arsenrios: hugged Grace to him.

Grace: "What?" she asked, "Is something wrong?"

Person: "Bye." she sobbed, "I'm taking this with me." she vanished, as did Maimun's gold and Arsenrios couch, unable to be bounced back.

Arsenrios: "I don't trust her." he picked her up and smirked, he set her on the other couch and began to kiss her all over.

Grace: couldn't help but smile, "What are you doing?" she asked slowly.

Arsenrios: "Kissing you what else?" he started at the top of her and worked his way down.

Grace: "Over my clothes? Must feel weird."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Those can be taken off."

Grace: "But remember we weren't...planning on doing anything till the actual wedding night..." her voice was breathless as she started to enjoy being kissed, "Never mind..." she added slowly. She realized she missed this.

Arsenrios: "Do you want me to stop?" he asked between kisses, still kissing her deeply and working to get her shirt off.

Grace: "No..." she managed to get out, finally giving in completely and kissing him back.

Arsenrios: set her shirt on the floor, he picked her up bringing her closer to him.

Grace: slipped her hands under his shirt and started to slide it up and off of him. She shivered slightly from the cold, but she didn't mind.

Arsenrios: took off her jeans next and set them down too.

She was wearing light blue underwear, her bra a matching color with cotton candy pink flowers on it.

Grace: traced his muscles on his chest with her fingers while she kissed him on the lips, her kisses growing more and more intense.

Arsenrios: "Absolutely beautiful." he said kissing her again.

Grace: smiled as she kissed him, unable to speak. She undid his jeans, then just wrapped her arms around his neck and brought herself even closer to him.

Arsenrios: undid her bra pulling it away from her body.

Grace: pressed her chest against him as she kissed him passionately, wrapping her legs around him. She ran her fingers through his hair and lightly tugged on his hair.

Arsenrios: kissed her back with an unbelievable amount of passion.

Grace: "You know, you're beautiful too. Handsome..." she whispered as into his ear. She moved her lips to his earlobe and lightly nibbled on it.

Arsenrios: took off the final article of clothing.

Grace: her breathing had quickened. She leaned back and kissed Arsenrios again, moving her hands back to his chest. "I love you." she whispered between kisses.

Arsenrios: "I love you too Grace." he said kissing her back.

Grace: "Please Arsenrios, love me." it was getting hard for her to wait. Her skin was already warm with anticipation. Arsenrios didn't seem cold anymore; she was warm enough for the both of them.

Arsenrios: "I plan to."


Grace: was snuggled close to him on the couch; she took a deep breath, her body wrapped around him, her hair over his arm as her face pressed into his side. She smiled and kissed his side, and even after the kiss she kept her lips pressed against his skin.

Arsenrios: smiled down at her, "I love you so much Grace." he stroked her back."

Grace: "For that I am glad." she whispered lightly, "I don't know what I would do without you."

Arsenrios: pulled her just a little bit closer. He smiled down at her lovingly.

Grace: "Are you tired?" she asked, rubbing her nose lightly over his skin, her eyes closed softly.

Arsenrios: "Not really, but you must be."

Grace: "No...I was thinking...we could have more fun..." she kissed his side again lightly. "Please? I missed you...stupid of me to think to wait until the wedding night."

Arsenrios: "You aren't stupid and having more fun sounds perfect." he kissed her.

Grace: smiled, "Thank you." she kissed him back happily.

Arsenrios: "Anything for my most loved one."

Grace: "Most loved one?" she whispered back lightly.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Only love one."

Grace: "Really?" she said, breathless again.

Arsenrios: "Yes." he kissed her then nuzzled her neck.

Grace: "Mmmm..." she said with pleasure. She put her hand over his neck to keep him there.

Arsenrios: kissed her neck next not planning on moving.

Grace: "You make me want you so bad when you do that," she said breathlessly, her eyes lightly closed.

Arsenrios: "That's good because I am completely yours."

Grace: "Forever now, you know...since I can't age anymore."

Arsenrios: "That's fine with me, in fact that's perfect." he said into her neck and then kissed it.

Grace: shivers ran lightly through her skin, "I could do this all night with you..." she whispered, feeling the goose bumps on her skin when he kissed her neck, and loving it.

Arsenrios: "All night is a long time but your wish is my command."

Grace: "I don't want to force you. We don't have to." she said lightly, still enjoying the feel of his breath against her neck.

Arsenrios: "You are not forcing me, I want to do this for you." he nuzzled her neck more.


Grace: was sleeping peacefully and happily next to her husband.

Arsenrios: was stroking her skin softly his eyes were closed.

Grace: slept until late afternoon.

Arsenrios: still held her close just letting her sleep and rest knowing he took much from her that night.

Grace: opened her eyes slowly, looking up at him, "Morning my love." she stretched.

Arsenrios: "Good morning my Grace." he kissed her ear.

Grace: "Mmmm...morning my dominus." she whispered back.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly down at her and then kissed her on the lips.

Grace: kissed him back, "Don't do that I'll never want to leave the couch with you..." she said softly, stroking his face.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "I'm sorry though really we should get breakfast."

Grace: shook her head slightly and wrapped her arms around his torso and pressed her face into his side again, "Not hungry." she mumbled.

Arsenrios: "Alright so what is it that you want to do?" he whispered in her ear then kissed it.

Grace: "Stay here." she mumbled again.

Arsenrios: "Alright anything for you." he put his face in her hair.

Grace: giggled, "Arsenrios what are you doing?" she asked softly.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Taking in your scent." he whispered.

Grace: "I bet it smells gross..."

Arsenrios: "Nope. It smells like you."

Grace: "What do I smell like?" she asked him, curious.

Arsenrios: "You have a smell all to your own, like flowers and outside and tiny bit like me."

Grace: smiled slightly, "That's what Jackson told me, that I smell like you."

Arsenrios: "Is that a good or a bad thing?" he kissed her scalp.

Grace: felt tingly sensations on her skin when he kissed her, "It's a good thing." she assured him in a whisper.

Arsenrios: "Good. Our kinds smells get on to others very easily."

Grace: "Why?"

Arsenrios: "No one is really sure. It's just one of those strange things of nature."

Grace: "So are you saying your scent will be on other people too? Not just me?"

Arsenrios: shook his head, "Not likely, I spend most if not all of my time with you."

Grace: "Well that must be boring."

Arsenrios: "Not at all. I love spending time with you." he kissed her head again.

Grace: rubbed her hand lightly over his arm, "Not fair you get to kiss me and I can't reach you because I don't have lips behind my head..."

Arsenrios: smiled and moved his head to where it was in front of her and kissed her.

Grace: kissed him back and giggled; "Now you smell like my shampoo."

Arsenrios: smiled, "That's a good thing."

Grace: put her hands on his upper arms and held him tightly, kissing him again.

Arsenrios: kissed her back; this kiss more intent then the last.

Grace: "Yes, I never want to leave this spot..." she kissed him again, her eyes closed softly.

Arsenrios: kissed her back then moved to kiss her neck then jaw, then the tip over her nose. "You are so beautiful I can't even control myself." he whispered.

Grace: sucked in a tiny breath and then opened her eyes slightly, looking up at Arsenrios. She gave him a slight smile. He was so beautiful...she couldn't resist him. "Then don't." she whispered happily back.

Arsenrios: started to kiss her all over her body

Grace: she enjoyed it when he kissed her. She tried to stay calm, but her emotions were getting more and more wild each time his lips met her body.

Arsenrios: "My perfect angel." he whispered and started kissing her again, he held her up to where her body was so close to his that it was impossible to get any closer unless one went inside the other.

Grace: she wouldn't mind if he went inside her. Maybe that's what she wanted him to do, what her body was anticipating. It was torture waiting for him...but a good kind of torture she had to admit. What girl wouldn't love being kissed by her husband? Her soul mate? Especially one as perfect as Arsenrios. She placed her hand on the side of his face, stroking his cheek and running her fingers into his hair. She returned each one of his kisses that she could, just enjoying the rest.


Grace: she had to admit that now she was a little hungry...but she didn't want to leave so she didn't say anything out loud. She just continued to lie close to her husband, her finger tips running lightly over his muscled chest caressingly.

Arsenrios: "If you are hungry I can have something brought to you then neither of us will have to get up. If you want." he told her softly.

Grace: nodded slowly, giving in, "Yes that sounds perfect." she kissed his side again and then just snuggled into him more.

Arsenrios: closed her eyes for a moment, a blanket appeared above them.

Anne: came in with some breakfast. "Sir, ma'am." she bowed a little then set the food in front of them in their reach. She bowed again and left.

Grace: "Thank you Anne." she called softly, though her voice was muffled by Arsenrios skin.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "Breakfast or lunch is served, I'm not exactly sure of the time."

Grace: "Neither am I. But it doesn't matter."

Arsenrios: took a fork with some food on it and held it to her mouth. "Open for the choo-choo train." he teased.

Grace: laughed, and opened her mouth.

Arsenrios: smiled and put it in her mouth for her to take off the fork and eat.

Grace: closed her mouth and slid the food off the fork and chewed a moment, then swallowed, "Well, considering that I slept until what seemed like mid afternoon, this could be either lunch or dinner. Depending how long we...were doing what we just did." she blushed slightly.

Arsenrios: nodded "That's true, though we could just look at the clock." he looked at it then looked back to her. "8 o'clock."

Grace: "At night?" she asked a bit shocked.

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded. "So this is a late dinner."

Grace: "Wow..." she whispered, "No wonder I was hungry."

Arsenrios: "Yea you haven't eaten for about a day and a half."

Grace: "That's okay. It was worth it."

Arsenrios: smiled "I'm glad you think so."

Grace: "But if I haven't eaten in that long, that means neither have you."

Arsenrios: shrugged.

Grace: "Are you hungry?" she asked, looking at him.

Arsenrios: "This food is for you, I'm fine."

Grace: "I wasn't talking about my human food."

Arsenrios: "I'm not going to bite you. I can't."

Grace: "Okay." she said softly, and looked down back at her food, resuming eating.

Arsenrios: closed his eyes as they flashed red then black.

Grace: picked at her food, eating some of it, all in silence.

Arsenrios: sighed, "Do you want me to bite you?" he opened his eyes showing how black they were.

Grace: looked over at him, hiding her startling emotions as she saw his black eyes. They were just green a moment ago. "You must be really hungry."

Arsenrios: changed then back to green, "Sorry about that."

Grace: "It's okay. Yes, I want you to bite me." she nodded slightly.

Arsenrios: "I remember a time when you didn't want me to bit you or touch you. Much has changed." he moved his lips to her neck and moved her hair. "You remember that my bites are not pleasant remember?"

Grace: nodded slowly, "Yes, I remember. But...I also remember at the time I didn't love you like I do now. That's why I love it when you touch me, and I don't mind when you bite me."

Arsenrios: "Alright my angel." he bit her, which was in a hard and rough manner. He held her closer to him and started to drink.

Grace: winced slightly at his fangs breaking her skin and entering her neck, but then she just closed her eyes, and got used to the feeling of the blood being drained from her body. It was done by her husband, so she didn't mind.

Arsenrios: jerked back, he kept his eyes closed. He leaned down and licked her neck. His breathing was heavy and careful.

Grace: "Did you...get enough." she asked slowly, her neck still tingling where he had licked it.

Arsenrios: "As much as I can take without hurting you more then I already have." he whispered. "I'm fine now. Thank you." he was still breathing heavy.

Grace: "I'll go get Anne to get you some red liquid." she climbed off the bed quickly, put a robe around her, and went down to Anne.

Arsenrios: laid back, by the moment his breathing was getting lighter. He took his finger around his mouth getting some of the excess off and put it in his mouth.


Grace: "Anne, can you get some red liquid for Arsenrios? Well, maybe not some, but a lot. He hasn't eaten in a day and a half, and he didn't take very much from me." she told Anne in the kitchen.

Anne: "Right away mistress." she walked quickly to the refrigerator and went through the shelves looking some that hadn't expired.

Grace: "Find any?"

Anne: shook her head, "It's all expired but I can make some up and put some in a cup if he wants." she was already heading to get a knife

Grace: walked over with her, "Me too. I can spare more."

Anne: grabbed the knife and cut her wrist, there were already three or four marks on her wrist from a knife. She let the blood go until it wouldn't from that spot anymore which was about a glass.

Grace: held her arm out to her for Anne to cut her too. "You've done this a lot?"

Anne: nodded, "Sometimes I forget to get his drink so I just make some up." was about to cut it when someone took the knife from her hand.

Arsenrios: "I don't think so." he set the knife in the sink

Grace: "Arsenrios please!" she begged, "You need it! Why do you let Anne do it and not me! That's favoritism."

Arsenrios: "It's not favoritism. I just never catch her in time. Besides I have hurt you enough. You don't need to hurt yourself more on my account."

Grace: "You need blood though."

Arsenrios: "I am fine, really Grace. You're over reacting." he stared at the glass. "But I will take that." he took the glass and drank it down. His eyes glowing red.

Grace: "You were breathing heavy and I know you are hungry." she watched him. "We need to get you more."

Arsenrios: "I was breathing heavy because it's hard to have the restraint to not drain someone dry. I'm fine."

Grace: "Okay." she said reluctantly, "But we still need to get you more red liquid to store here for the future."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I think all the other is expired." slowly his eyes returned to green.

Grace: "It is. That is why Anne cut herself, and why I was going to do the same."

Anne: "Master I will go and get you more red liquid at the moment if you wish."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Thank you Anne."

Grace: "Want me to come with you?" she asked Anne.

Anne: "If you wish Mistress I will not stop you." she glanced up at her then looked down to the floor again.

Grace: "Anne what's wrong?" she put a hand lightly on her shoulder.

Anne: "Nothing ma'am. Everything's fine."

Grace: "But you normally don't act like this."

Anne: "I've had a change of heart; I realize that I haven't been doing my job well enough."

Grace: "I don't like your new change of heart." she looked sad.

Anne: "I'm sorry, I'll change back." she looked up at her refusing the impulse to look back down quickly.

Grace: hugged her, "Thank you Anne."

Anne: wasn't sure what to do at first but then hugged her back softly. "You're welcome."

Grace: released the hug, wrapping the robe tighter around her, "I suppose I should get dressed." she looked at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Then perhaps Anne can clean your other clothes."

Grace: "I can do it. I know how to wash laundry. Anne has to get you red liquid." she walked past Arsenrios and up the stairs again.

Anne: grabbed her jacket and some of her money that she had saved.

Grace: looked down from the second floor, "Anne, do you need some money? I brought some with me. And it's for my husband so I'll pay for it."

Anne: "No thanks ma'am I got it."

Grace: "Okay." she collected the laundry and then went to the laundry room.

Anne: left to go get some red liquid.

Maimun: came up and sat in one of the dining room tables.

Person: appeared and sat on the table right in front of Maimun, "Hi cutie." she smiled and patted his head.

Maimun: "Have you returned to give me my gold back?"

Person: "Pshhh, no. I don't give stuff back. I take it and keep it. I have a nice collection. Only thing I am missing is my saber teeth..."

Maimun: "Then it's about time something was stolen from you."

Person: smiled and leaned close to him, "Like my dignity? Go right ahead. I give it to you." she blew air in his face.

Maimun: "By showing up here again, you have already lost it."

Person: "I told you I'm bored." she leaned back then lay back on the table, swinging her feet back and forth.

Arsenrios: rolled his eyes and left to help Grace.

Maimun: "I see." he closed his eyes.

Person: jumped off the table. "Bye." she walked from the room.

Maimun: ignored her.

Grace: started to do the laundry.

Arsenrios: helped her when he could though he was not sure what he was doing.

Grace: laughed, "Have you ever washed clothes before?"

Arsenrios: "Nope." he smiled slightly. "Never in my life."

Grace: "Never? Why never?"

Arsenrios: "Anne always did it for me."

Grace: "Yes but you didn't always have Anne." she started the washer and then lifted herself up and sat on it.

Arsenrios: "I had others."

Grace: nodded, she was shaking as the washer shook. "Coooolll..." she said, as it came out shakily.

Arsenrios: chuckled.

Grace: "Well, what doooo yooouuu want to doooo nowww?"

Arsenrios: "Well that is up to you?"

Grace: jumped off the washer, she smiled, "We should play hide and seek."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Alright but just so you know, I cheat."

Grace: "Cheat how?"

Arsenrios: tapped her head.

Grace: "Ouch." she teased, "No cheating or I won't play with you." she crossed her arms, "Hmmph." and turned away from him.

Arsenrios: laughed, "Fine I won't cheat."

Grace: smiled, and looked back at him, "'K, you first." she ran from the room.

Arsenrios: closed his eyes and counted to 20 then went looking for her.

The house was very quiet, even with his super hearing Grace made sure she made no noise.

Arsenrios: checked all the places he thought she would be.

She wasn't in any of those places. Then a slight sneeze came from under the bed in one of the guest rooms.

Arsenrios: smiled and checked under the bed.

Person: "HI!" she smiled and waved.

Arsenrios: sighed and moved on.

Person: rolled out from under the bed, "What are you doing? You found me. I'm 'IT'."

Arsenrios: "I'm looking for my wife not you."

Person: "What if I am your wife?" she twirled around the room and then around Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "You aren't so it doesn't matter." he continued to search.

Person: followed right behind him, mimicking his steps.

Arsenrios: not able to find her anywhere else headed in the attic.

Grace: was hiding behind one of the boxes up there.

Person: "I FOUND HER!" she jumped up and down pointing.

Arsenrios: glared at her and poked Grace on the other side. "You're it hon."

Grace: "Awww." she stood and smiled and kissed him, "Is Person playing too?"

Person: "YES!"

Arsenrios: kissed her back, "Nope."

Grace: "Okay." she closed her eyes and began to count to 20.

Arsenrios: used his speed and ran off.

Grace: went looking for him. She climbed out of the attic.

The front door opened and closed.

Grace: "Hey no going outside!" she ran to the front door.

Anne: was standing in the doorway with a whole bunch of bags of red liquid. "Huh?" she asked confused.

Grace: smiled and stopped, "Oh hi Anne. Sorry. Just looking for Arsenrios. We are playing hide and seek."

Person: ran into Grace, "Don't stop so suddenly." she looked at Anne, "Hi Annie Banany. Are those for me? Aww how sweet!"

Anne: "No, these are for master Arsenrios." she walked into the kitchen. "It's alright." she told Grace as she walked into the kitchen.

Person: followed Anne, her attention diverted from Hide and Seek.

Grace: continued looking for her husband.

Anne: took the old out of the fridge and set it on the table.

There was humming from down the hall.

Grace: followed it, wondering why Arsenrios was humming.

Person: "Hey Anne. Can you give me Maimun's food?"

Maimun: was actually walking down the hall a book open reading. "Grace." He acknowledged her without looking up.

Anne: "No, I'm sorry."

Grace: her smile vanished. She turned around and walked the other way, both ignoring him and not wanting to be around him at all.

Person: "Awww why not?" when Anne's back was turned she switched the new red liquid with the old red liquid.

Now all was silent.

Anne: "Because you've already taken his gold." she took the new red liquid which was in the old red liquid place and put it in the refrigerator.

Person: "I didn't take it from him. He gave it to me because he loves me."

Grace: "Arsenrios honey?" she made a fake tripping noise, "Oh no, my robe seems to have been pulled off of my otherwise naked body..."

Anne: "Nope, you're lying."

All was still silent.

Grace: walked around the house looking on the ground and under things. She sighed..."You're really good at this you know." she walked to the library, pulling books off the shelf. Maybe there was a hidden doorway.

Person: "I am not lying, watch. Maimun!" she ran from the kitchen and found him, "Hi."

Maimun: ignored her.

Arsenrios: watched her from the ceiling he smiled.

Person: "Hey Maimun have you ever made out with a girl before?"

Grace: hummed lightly. This was going to take forever. He had a lot of books.

Maimun: ignored her which he was going to do until she gave him back his gold.

Arsenrios: landed behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

Grace: jumped and threw the book which was in her hand, across the floor. He heart pounded wildly and she turned her head to look, "Arsenrios." she sighed, "Oh look, I found you." she smiled.

Person: "If I give you your gold back will you make out with me?"

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed her, "That you did."

Maimun: "If you give me my gold or any of my stuff and never take it away again fine."

Grace: "Want to play again? I'll go hide. Or do you want to do something else?" she didn't know if he was getting bored or not.

Person: "Yay! Here." A few moments later the gold appeared at his feet.

Arsenrios: "Sure, let's play again." he closed his eyes and started to count.

Maimun: teleported it to his room.

Grace: smiled and ran off.

Person: threw his book aside and grabbed him by the shirt and pulling him to the living room.

Maimun: sighed and went with her."

Arsenrios: at the count of 20 he started looking for her.

Person: let go of his shirt and stood there, "Okay, amaze me." she smiled at him.

Maimun: grabbed her arm and sat down. He pushed her hair aside and kissed her with something that was more emotion then what he meant to. "There." he went to stand.

Person: "That's a kiss! Not a make out session! YOU PROMISED!"

Maimun: sighed, and leaned her back and started to kiss her, keeping his emotions under better control.

Person: "Want to do something else?" she asked while kissing him.

Grace was nowhere in any place Arsenrios looked.

Maimun: "Like what?"

Arsenrios: continued to look.

Person: "Like have more fun." she put her hands under his shirt and kissed him deeply.

Maimun: stopped her. "No." he said simply

Person: "I'll give you more gold..."

Maimun: "No."

Person: pouted, "Just's fun, and I'm bored."

Maimun: "You don't do something like that out of fun."

Person: "Then what do you do it for?"

Maimun: "When you truly love another."

Person: smiled, "I love you. There. Now we can do it." she kissed him again.

Maimun: "No."

Person: "But I heard they have those things called one night stands. So why not?"

Maimun: "Because I don't love you."

Person: "Well with one night stands sometimes people don't even know each other's names...they don't love each other..." she was slightly confused.

Arsenrios could not find Grace.

Maimun: "There you go, thinking like a human." he moved her off of him and stood.

Person: "I AM NOT A HUMAN! I DON'T HAVE A NAME!" she was offended now, and crossed her arms scowling.

Maimun: "I never said you were yet you think of things like one." he turned and started to walk back to the library.

Person: "Wait! Please come back! We can just make out I promise I'll stop talking!" she got up and quickly followed him and jumped on his back.

Maimun: sighed and got her off his back then pressed her to the wall kissing her again.

Person: just kissed him back, not talking, like she said she would.

In one of the rooms was a saber tooth.

Maimun: after about 20 minutes he let her go.

Arsenrios: picked it up.

Person: took a deep breath, "I like that."

"We warned you once,
And here again,
It's time we start.
The chase began."

Arsenrios: growled, "Where is my wife?" he hissed.

Maimun: "That's nice." he started walking away.

Person: smiled and skipped down the hallway. She opened the door and went down into the basement.

Maimun: was already on his pile of gold relaxing.

Arsenrios: put them away and then took it back out to see if it changed

Person: walked behind him and went through the portal to his castle.

"We cannot tell you.
You cannot see.
But does it matter?
Just let her be."

Arsenrios: put it away, "She is MY wife. I love her and she loves me." he took it back out.

"Strong words for a simple mind.
How is it you can love her kind?
We'll bring her back when the deed is done.
Oh...this is going to be so much fun."

Arsenrios: "It's pretty bad when you are cowards to the point you won't even face me. I swear if you do anything to her I WILL KILL YOU!" he yelled.

The words changed on the tooth;

"That is why,
You will not find.
We will hide.
It is she who will die."

Arsenrios: "What is it that you want?"

"Just some fun.
We are bored.
We punish those,
Who steal and hoard."

Arsenrios: "I have never stolen."

"Grace stole our tooth,
The prized Saber tell,
And now we will make her life...
A living...well... :) "

Arsenrios: "Grace stole nothing, it was placed there. I saw so myself."

"So says you,
Who loves her much.
We don't like liars.
So just shut up."

Arsenrios: "You want proof then I shall go and get the tape because all of this house is under surveillance."

"We can't see,
but we can hear.
And all we know is,
Your failure is near."

Arsenrios: "Then I guess this is good because the evidence is there to not only in visual but also in sound."

"Then do what you must,
But know this now,
We will punish someone
From your house."

Arsenrios: "Then it would be wise to punish the one that actually did it, she is here in my dragon's castle, was the last I heard of her which is still my house. I have cut off her exit for the last 10 min." he said walking into his office and turning on and playing back the part that admitted that she indeed stole it including the bedroom part where she put it in the pocket.

"Very well.
This attention has been brought,
We will trade back,
And leave the girl to rot."

The saber tooth disappeared.

Arsenrios: waited for some sort of something.

There was a sound from another room.

Person: came back through the portal, "Maimun you haves a pretty castle. Can I keep these?" she held up two golden spoons.

Arsenrios: turned and ran to that room.

Maimun: "Sure."

Grace: was sleeping on the ground. She had been drugged so she didn't know of anything that had just gone on.

Person: smiled, "Thanks." she went back through the portal.

Maimun: "Whatever."

Arsenrios: held Grace close to him, he could feel his eyes tearing up but he just wiped them away.

Grace: "Mmm..." she laid her head on his arm, still sleeping.

There was a scream and then the sound was muffled a few moments later from the portal to Maimun's castle. The spoons could be heard clattering to the ground.

Arsenrios: smiled down at her, "I love you Grace."

Maimun: sighed and crawled through the portal.

There on the ground next to the golden spoons was another saber tooth.

"Tell him thanks.
We owe him well.
Now that we have found
The girl to kill."

Maimun: "Ok." he picked up the spoons and left to find Arsenrios. "The people say thanks."

Arsenrios: "Sure."

The saber tooth disappeared, and Person was gone forever more.

Maimun: went back to his gold.

The couch in the living room reappeared, and then the house started to rain gold again. This time though the picture on the gold was Maimun.

Maimun: "What in the world?"

Arsenrios: protected Grace again.

This continued on for two hours, until finally, the gold stopped falling.

Maimun: looked at the gold, "Why does it show my face?" he wondered.

This time the gold stayed there, and it did not vanish like before.

Maimun: collected more gold and put it on his pile.

Grace didn't wake up until the morning.

Arsenrios: held her till that time.

Grace: opened her eyes and smiled at him, "Hey. You found me."

Arsenrios: smiled, "That I did." he face was still a little wet yet. He kissed her.

Grace: "What's wrong?" she lifted a hand to his face and brushed away some of the wetness as she kissed him back.

Arsenrios: "Nothing now."

Grace: "Oh alright." she looked over, "Did I fall asleep?"

Arsenrios: "More or less."

Grace: sat up slowly, "What time is it?"

Arsenrios: looked at the clock. "11:30 a.m."

Grace: "The next day? Oh no, I wonder how my mom is."

Arsenrios: "I'll take you home."

Grace: "Are the clothes in the laundry done?"

Arsenrios: "Yes, Anne brought them up for you."

Grace: smiled, "Thank you Anne." she got off the bed and looked down as she stepped on a whole bunch of gold, "This again?" she picked one up.

Arsenrios: "It's alright I think that is the last time it will happen. In fact I'm positive."

Grace: "Why? It has Maimun's picture on it now." she showed him.

Arsenrios: "Just a hunch. I saw that. Which reminds me, Maimun wanted me to give you a message."

Grace: "What's that?" she asked, tossing the coin down. She walked over to her clothes and slipped off the robe and started to dress.

Arsenrios: "He's says he's sorry. For anything he did to make you hate him and to let you know that he won't be in that business anymore. Lastly he would like to be friends."

Grace: "I don't know if I want to be his friend. He shouldn't apologize to me anyways. I wasn't the person he hurt." she snapped her bra on and the slipped on her shirt.

Arsenrios: "Well you have to give him a little credit besides you're the first person he has ever apologized to. Which means he really is trying to be your friend."

Grace: "And why does he want to be my friend so badly?" she pulled on her jeans and zipped them up, then buttoned the button.

Arsenrios: "So the household isn't divided maybe? I have no clue."

Grace: "Or maybe because he has no other friends." she muttered and looked in the mirror and pulled her hair back, tying it in a messy bun.

Arsenrios: "Not for the lack of trying."

Grace: "He never tries to make friends. All he cares about is sleeping on his gold."

Arsenrios: "He's trying right now. That's not the only thing he cares about."

Grace: turned around and looked at him, "Did he apologize to Cheri?"

Arsenrios: "I believe he is doing that right now."

Grace: "Well, then okay. I accept his apology."

Maimun: was walking down the hallway to his room, though not the basement.

Grace: "Hi Maimun." she stepped out into the hallway, and smiled at him.

Maimun: smiled slightly at her, "Hello Grace."

Grace: "What are you doing today?"

Maimun: "Nothing much just going to grab my jacket so I can go to town.

Grace: "What are you getting in town?"

Maimun: "I actually don't plan on getting anything, just walking around, get some fresh air. What about you?"

Grace: "Was just going to stop home and see my mom. Have you apologized to Cheri?"

Maimun: nodded, "Yup. Everything's all good. That sounds cool."

Grace: "Are you taking Person with you when you go to town?" she looked at the ground, "Going to be a hard time cleaning up all this gold."

Maimun: "She's gone to who knows where. I'll get it when I come back."

Grace: "Okay. Well, bye Maimun." she walked back into the bedroom.

Maimun: "Bye." he grabbed his jacket from his room and closed the door he teleported to town. While in town, he looked to be about nineteen years old.


Grace: was talking to her mom from the kitchen in hushed whispers. "Mom how could you?"

Grainne: "I don't know it just seemed right."

Grace: "Seemed right!" she exclaimed, "Mom I don't like him."

Grainne: "But Grace I love him." she played with her old wedding band and engagement ring, which she had put back on her left hand.

Maimun: snuck in the house.

Grace: "You said he didn't even show up for the date."

Grainne: "No, but he told me the reason why, and proposed to me again over the phone. I am moving to his location tomorrow, and we are going to be a family again."

Grace: "MOM! You can't be serious!"

Grainne: "I am Grace." she told her daughter sternly, "I don't want to hear your negative criticism anymore." she turned and left the kitchen.

Arsenrios: sighed and looked to Grace. "She can't even get there either. She can't teleport and doesn't have a ship. With what he has done to Anne he deserves death."

Grace: looked to Arsenrios, "She has to. It'll break her heart if she can't. I didn't even know he did something to Anne."

Arsenrios: "You don't think it's peculiar that all of a sudden she's acting strange?"

Grace: "I didn't know it had something to do with Nairne. What did he do to her?" she asked worried.

Arsenrios: "Anne has been through some tough times and some...things happened to her that she would love to forget. Here." he took her hand and showed her.

Grace: "He acted like he was going to bite her." she scrunched her eyebrows trying to think, "But he's human now?"

Arsenrios: nodded. "Did you notice how he wrapped an arm around her? All of that, even what he called her, brought back those old memories of hers. Not so much the biting but what that entails for a human. He's been a human ever since he hurt Yuki."

Grace: "What happened to Anne before?" she asked softly.

Arsenrios: he paused for a moment, "Raped, abused, all the stuff that went along with that."

Grace: put her hand over her mouth, she looked down, "I didn't know that." she leaned on the counter.

Arsenrios: "Now you know why she was acting the way she was. Right now she feels lower then dirt because in the past that's exactly how she was treated."

Grace: "What can I do to help her feel better?" she asked Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "Basically just keep him away from her. He's dangerous Grace and if your mom gets close to him then I fear he will only hurt her."

Grace: "I know that. But I don't know what to do." she put her head in her hands. "My mom doesn't listen to anything negative about him. And even when she knows, she believes he will change. I fear there is no hope for her."

Arsenrios: sighed, "Well if you can't change one change the other."

Grace: "What do you mean?"

Arsenrios: "I have an idea but we can't discuss it here."

Grace: looked up at him, "Why not?"

Arsenrios: "Because if your mom hears she may try to stop it." he whispered in her ear.

Grace: "Okay. Well, wherever you want to go then, let's go."

Arsenrios: "Unless I just whisper in your ear."

Grace: nodded slightly, "Sure. That will work too."

Arsenrios: "There is this serum that will change a person and make them fall madly in love with someone else. Where they will protect them and love them until they die. We could inject him with that. Then we know he won't hurt her because he loves her." he whispered in her ear.

Grace: "Or what if we use it on my mom and make her fall in love with someone else? I seriously don't like Nairne, whether he loves her or not. Anyone would be a better husband and father than him." she whispered back.

Arsenrios: "That's good to."

Grace: "But then that would leave Nairne still...himself."

Arsenrios: "But see at that point she wouldn't care and we just kill him off. Or just let him kill himself off."

Grace: "That's mean."

Arsenrios: "He's done mean things and hurt tons of people to."

Grace: "But he is also my dad. And Neil's dad. I don't want to kill him, or let him kill himself."

Arsenrios: "Then what do you want done with him?"

Grace: "A blue ball?" she suggested, "Like Cheri's parents?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Fine, which speaking of her, what are we exactly going to do with her?"

Maimun: walked in.

Grace: "I don't know. Let her live with you like Anne does?" she looked over, "Hi Maimun. Why the long face?"

Maimun: "I believe I must be the worst person in the face of the universe."

Arsenrios: "I don't know if that's the life for a kid being alone and no one helping her or being real parents."

Grace: "Oh, that's not the truth. Nairne is the worst person in the face of the universe." she said seriously to Maimun, "Maybe my mom could be her mom, and whoever my mom marries be her new dad." she told Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: nodded, "But will your mom take on a kid that is not her own?"

Maimun: nodded, "Alright the second worst person in the universe."

Grace: "She adopted Yuki like her daughter. Sure, why not? We just have to mention it to her first, and not just drop people off at her house randomly." she looked at Maimun, "Why?"

Maimun: "Because I met this girl and now she hates me."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Then that's settled."

Grace: "Person hates you? Nah, I can't see that. She's annoying but I don't think she hates people." she looked at Arsenrios, "Good."

Maimun: "Not Person. Tips."

Grace: "I don't know who that is." she said, looking back at him, "But what did you do?"

Maimun: "I revealed I was a Snyde."

Grace: her eyes widened, "You're a Snyde too!"

Maimun: sighed, "That's how I have fangs. I thought you knew that."

Grace: shook her head, "No I just thought you were a dragon and human. I didn't know you had fangs."

Maimun: "Nope but I've got it." he stood. "Bye Guys." he let his fangs come down and headed for the door.

Grace: "Got what! WAIT!" she held her hand out to stop him.

Maimun: stopped and turned, his eyes were a dull gray, "Yes?"

Grace: "Were you the one who bit Cheri?" she asked about the bite marks that were on Cheri's neck.

Maimun: "No. I was not."

Grace: "Who did then?"

Maimun: "I don't know. They were there before she was brought to me."

Grace: "Oh okay." she dropped her hand. "Bye Maimun."

Maimun: "Bye." he turned and walked out the door.

Arsenrios: sighed.

Grace: "What?" she looked at her husband.

Arsenrios: "He's going to do something stupid. I have to go talk to him."

Grace: "Do what?" she asked.

Arsenrios: "Let's just say it involves a stake." he ran out the door.

Grace: "Oh." she gasped in realization and ran out the door after her husband.

Arsenrios: was battling with Maimun

Grace: "What is going on Maimun!"

Maimun: "What is the point of living if all people do is tell you to leave them alone and to stay far away from them. What is it! I am so sick and tired of not being wanted anywhere."

Grace: "Person told you that?" she asked confused.

Maimun: "No. I don't even think Person exists anymore."

Arsenrios: took the stake and broke it in half.

Grace: looked at Arsenrios, "What happened to Person!" she asked alarmed.

Arsenrios: "The people she stole from came after her."

Grace: "Is she okay? Did you go after them?"

Arsenrios: "I can't go after someone that I have never seen or anything. There was nothing to go on."

Grace: "So she's dead?" she asked, her face paling.

Arsenrios: nodded slowly.

Grace: put her hand over her mouth, "Oh my." she whispered, she had just saw the girl a few days ago. Things changed fast. She felt bad for the girl, even though she hadn't known her a long time.

Arsenrios: tossed Maimun the pieces of the stake. "Fine you want to kill yourself so bad Maimun, do so but you have to kill me first." he ripped opened the front of his shirt exposing his chest.

Maimun: looked at him, his hands firming around the pieces.

Grace: her eyes widened, "You'd leave me to spare him?" she whispered her voice even softer now, looking at Arsenrios.

Maimun: sighed and threw them down. "No. He knew that I can't kill him so therefore I can't kill myself." he turned away from them. "It's like I lost her twice now."

Grace: was still looking at Arsenrios, "What if he did kill you? You want to leave me that badly?" she felt tears in her eyes now.

Arsenrios: "No hon. I wouldn't let him kill me. But I knew that he wouldn't even try. I was trying to get him to reason please don't cry." he hugged her.

Grace: she cried anyways, not feeling at all comforted by the hug.

Arsenrios: "My darling what can I do to prove that I will never leave you willingly?"

Grace: "I don't know." she sobbed into his open shirt, "I just think I'll always be afraid you'll leave one day."

Arsenrios: "Never will I leave you. Never." he pulled her closer.

Grace: nodded slightly, she sniffed.

Maimun: "Well..." he faced them. "Grace if you don't believe a word that I say just listen to me now. Love him like you've never loved before. He deserved that for he is nothing but kind. Treasure everyday that you spend with him. Every moment that he is there to hold you, to comfort you. With those things you can never go wrong. Let him into your heart and your mind and you will find peace of mind that you will know he is always there for you. To do anything that you need and that he will never be too far away. If you don't then you will regret it later. Trust me. Now good bye." he jumped into the air and changed forms and flew off.

Grace: looked up at Maimun as he spoke, and continued to look there while he flew away, "That was weird." she commented.

Arsenrios: "How so?"

Grace: "Maimun never gives me advice. Where did that come from?" her voice still soft.

Arsenrios: "From his heart. This is the first time that you have actually seen him upset. Believe it or not he does have one."

Grace: "I do treasure every day I have with you." Because really everyday she is afraid of it being her last day with him. Just like tonight, if he gets it in his head to leave her by dying, or like the other day...if he ever does go through with separating...Arsenrios is completely in her heart and mind, but even though Maimun says it will give her peace of mind, sometimes it brings her pain because she knows he is the only one who could ever crush her completely if he tried.

Arsenrios: "And I treasure you. I will never be far away remember? Even if you can't see me I'll always be there. Because being away from you would be like death to me."

Grace: sighed and pressed her face against his chest, just hugging him; wiping her tears on his shirt.

Arsenrios: stroked her back and kissed her head.

Grace: "Are we going to ask my mom about Cheri now, or later?" she said softly.

Arsenrios: "Let's go now." he suggested. He looked once more where Maimun had disappeared before he walked into the house with her.

Grace: went inside and talked to her mom, "Mom, I have a question for you."

Grainne: "If it's about Nairne I don't want to hear it." she said, flipping through her book while sitting on the living room chair.

Grace: "No, it's not about Nairne." she sighed, "It's about my friend Cheri."

Grainne: looked up from her book and pulled off her reading glasses. She looked at her daughter, "Honey were you crying?" she asked, her voice soft.

Grace: "Yes, I mean, no. This is not what this is about." she said quickly.

Grainne: "Honey what's wrong?" she asked worried.

Grace: "Nothing everything's good mom." she took a breath, "We're getting off subject."

Grainne: "What's wrong with your friend Cheri?"

Grace: "She doesn't have a house. Her parents are gone."

Grainne: her eyes widened, "Gone? They died?"

Grace: "Not exactly. But they weren't fit to be parents anyways. Arsenrios has them held in a blue ball. Like Liam."

Grainne: "Oh." she closed her book, "Not good parents?"

Grace: "She's been abused mom. She needs someone to be her real mom and I thought, since both Neil and I are married and out of the house, you wouldn't mind taking her in."

Grainne: "I don't know the girl..."

Grace: "She's nice mom. Really. You'll love her." she interjected quickly.

Grainne: "When were you going to bring her by?"

Grace: "Tonight maybe? Or tomorrow?"

Grainne: nodded slowly, "I supposed I could make a place for her here. Do you mind if she uses your old room?"

Grace: shook her head, "No, not at all. I don't use it much anymore anyways." she smiled slightly.

Grainne: "Then bring her by. I would be happy to let her live here."

Grace: "Okay. Thanks mom." she went and gave her mom a hug.

Grainne: hugged her back, "You're welcome sweetie." she released the hug.

Grace: went back out to Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "Is everything all good?"

Grace: nodded, "Yea. We can bring her by either tonight or tomorrow."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Alright well I am going to leave that up to you.

Grace: "It doesn't matter."

Arsenrios: "Well we should probably bring her over tonight."

Grace: "Okay. Let's go get her then."

Arsenrios: teleported them to the house.

Grace: "Cheri!" she called.

Cheri: came out she bowed to her, "Yes ma'am?"

Grace: "Please don't do that. I told you I don't like that." she cringed and looked away.

Cheri: "I'm sorry. I thought it was just bowing to the floor."

Arsenrios: wrapped his arms around her for support.

Grace: shook her head slightly, still looking away, "My mom said you could stay with her. You can have my old room."

Cheri: "That is most kind." she looked down to the floor.

Grace: looked at her, "Let's go then, if you are ready."

Cheri: nodded, "I am ready."

Grace: "Okay." she looked at Arsenrios, "Ready?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "If you are."

Grace: "Yes."

Arsenrios: teleported back to Grace's house.

Grainne: "Hi Grace, Arsenrios. You must be Cheri." she smiled at her.

Cheri: smiled slightly, "Yes ma'am."

Grainne: "Come I can show you your room. Are you hungry?" she asked as she led Cheri away.

Cheri: "I'm fine I ate yesterday."

Grainne: "Not in this house that's considered starving."

Grace: "Alright, I think we are good to go."

Cheri: nodded slowly, "Yes ma'am."

Arsenrios: took her hand and teleported her back to his house.

Grace: "Why is Maimun acting all weird all of a sudden?"

Arsenrios: "I have no idea I think he's just tired of trying to hide it all."

Grace: "Hide what?"

Arsenrios: "How he is hurting. He has always hid it with anger and now he can't even have that."

Grace: "Why is he hurting?"

Arsenrios: "Well he just lost both girls that he actually cared about and never even got to tell them."

Grace: "Is he talking about Tips and Person?"

Arsenrios: "Yes."

Grace: "Did Tips die too?" she asked appalled.

Arsenrios: "No but she hates him and doesn't want him around which in his eyes is the same as death."

Grace: "I can't believe Person died. I feel so bad for her." she sat on the couch in Arsenrios living room and pulled her legs up onto it. "Maybe if he talks to Tips she will get over it?"

Arsenrios: "I don't know. In fact I don't even know where he is."

Grace: "He isn't here at your house?"

Arsenrios: "No."

Grace: "Should we be worried?"

Arsenrios: "I don't know when he left he had no plan on returning. He just left everything behind."

Grace: sighed, "How am I supposed to work on wedding things worrying about him?"

Arsenrios: "He's a big boy I'm sure he can take care of himself.

Grace: nodded, and took a breath, "Okay. Well, I am really far behind on wedding planning. Think you can help me catch up? If you want."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I'll be willing to help."

Grace: "Thanks." she got up and went and got the things she needed.


Maimun: was just sitting in a dark cave, he was tired of this. He knew what he had to do but he couldn't do it without killing Arsenrios first which was something that he couldn't do. He couldn't hurt Arsenrios too bad no matter if he even wanted to which at the moment he didn't so this was going to have to be good enough. To stay in the dark and never hunt and just sit around and do nothing.


Arsenrios: heard a phone going off, he opened it. "Hello?"

Tips: " this Maimun?"

Arsenrios: "No, but can I help you with something miss?"

Tips: "Uh, yes. I just wanted to get a hold of him. Apparently he gave me the wrong number?"

Arsenrios: "No this is his number but he isn't here. He left."

Tips: "Oh, well, would you happen to know another way to contact him?"

Arsenrios: "Other than through mental contact there is no other way."

Tips: "I don't know how to do that. Well, thanks anyways." she sighed, "Can you just tell him Tips called? I got his letter."

Arsenrios: "Sure, do you want me to have him call back if he comes back?"

Tips: "Yes please. Thank you. Bye."

Arsenrios: "You're welcome. Good bye Tips." he hung up. "Poor girl." he said as he set it down and continued to work.

Grace: "What's wrong with the girl?" she asked while working.

Arsenrios: "She's trying to get in touch with Maimun."

Grace: "Who? Tips?"

Arsenrios: nodded. "Yes."

Grace: "Well why don't you contact him for her. You said a mental connection would work."

Arsenrios: "The problem is I don't have one with him."

Grace: "Then I guess she'll have to wait."

Arsenrios: "Probably that could be forever."

Grace: "I don't know what to do then."

Arsenrios: "Me either."

Grace: didn't say anything else and just worked.

Arsenrios: worked for a bit.


Arsenrios: "I'm going to look for him. You should get some sleep."

Grace: looked up, "Okay hun. Please be careful." she yawned slightly, covering her mouth, "I will in a bit. I just have a lot of catching up to do."

Arsenrios: "Well you will make more mistakes the longer you do it while you're tired." he warned and grabbed his jacket.

Grace: "True." she sighed, looking at the things before her. She set down her pen and got up and just crashed on the couch.

Arsenrios: left to search for him.

Grace: fell asleep.


Cheri: headed for bed, she was full which was weird to her; she lay on the ground and wrapped herself around in a ball. She couldn't sleep on the bed.

Grainne: "Night Cheri." she told her from the doorway. She watched her a moment, "Something wrong with the bed?"

Cheri: "I can't sleep in a bed; I never have not since the day I was born."

Grainne: "At least put pillows and things around yourself. Make it more comfortable."

Cheri: "Yes ma'am." she pulled a pill down and laid her head on it. "Good night."

Grainne: "I just wanted to say I won't be here tomorrow. I am going to meet up with my husband. But I will be back later in the day. Anything in the house is yours. Please be sure to eat three meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while I am gone."

Cheri: "Yes ma'am will do."

Grainne: smiled slightly, "Thanks hun. Good night." she made sure all the lights were off and then climbed into her own bed.

Cheri: set the pillow beside her and fell asleep.


Grace: was back to working on wedding stuff still. She felt she was almost done, but then again, when she was almost done with one thing there were plenty of other things to do. She really needed a maid of honor to help her with this.


Arsenrios: came into a cave to get a rest when he stumbled upon Maimun. "Maimun?"

Maimun: looked up. He stood ready to leave again.

Arsenrios: "No wait. Just listen to me a moment."

Maimun: stopped. He turned to look at him. He couldn't see well anymore. His eyes were gray, almost black.

Arsenrios: "Tips called. She wants to talk to you Maimun. She is not dead. You didn't lose her. Just give her a change. She is not mad at you anymore. You can come home."

Maimun: "You came all the way here to tell me that?"

Arsenrios: "Please Maimun." he handed him the phone. "Just give her a call."

Maimun: "No thanks. I am tired of being hurt Arsenrios, I can't take it anymore."

Arsenrios: "If you get hurt again you can kill yourself no strings attached."

Maimun: "Promise?"

Arsenrios: nodded and teleported them back to the house.

Grace: looked up, "Hi guys- wow, Maimun, you don't look so good."

Maimun: "Thanks, nice to see you too." his grey eyes looked around. He sighed and walked to his room.


There was a sound from Maimun's room like something had been thrown against the wall and broken.

Grace: "I think Maimun broke something." she muttered to Arsenrios, not breaking her focus on her work before her.

Arsenrios: sighed and got up.

Grace: "Do I have to come?"

Arsenrios: "I don't think so. Can you get Anne to bring him up some food?"

Grace: "Sure." she set her stuff aside and got up and walked over to Anne, asking her to get Maimun some food.

Anne: "Yes ma'am." she went and heated up some food for Maimun and then walked down the stairs to Maimun's room and gave it to him.

Grace: returned to the wedding planning.

Maimun: a few minutes later he came into the room where Grace was, looking better. His eyes were no longer grey. They were just their normal color. He grabbed a drink from the fridge.

Grace: "You look better." she complimented him, taking a glance. "Everything must be good now."

Maimun: "I had food. I look fine but I'm not actually that way." he sighed.

Grace: "Oh." she looked at him now, "Sorry...for whatever happened. Though I don't know what that is."

Maimun: shrugged, "Whatever. Losing the person you've been waiting for happens all the time. This is like my third time." he shrugged, "No biggie."

Grace: "Third time?"

Maimun: "Person, when I told Tips I was a Snyde, and just now when I'm acting 'psycho'."

Grace: "It wasn't your fault about Person. Do we even know for sure if she is dead? Perhaps you can, you know, not act psycho. That would fix that problem right there. And it seems she got over the fact of you being a Snyde."

Maimun: "And how do I do that?" he drank what he had taken out from the fridge.

Grace: "Well what are you being accused of being psycho for? Act the opposite."

Maimun: "It's not like one can just turn off pain."

Grace: "Then find a way to fix it." she suggested.

Maimun: nodded, "Alright." he sighed and sat down.

Grace: "Do you know how to do that?"

Maimun: "Nope."

Grace: sighed, "I don't know. Girls like flowers. Bring her some of that. Or if you know what she likes, do something she likes for her. Do things that a normal...human boy would do. And then put your own dragon/Snyde twist to it. That will really get her going."

Maimun: nodded, "I'll go get some flowers then." he stood and walked out the door.

Arsenrios: collapsed in his chair.

Grace: "Just don't do anything scary!" she called after him, "I was scared of Arsenrios for awhile there. Just keep trying. Arsenrios did. And now we're married!" she glanced at Arsenrios and smiled slightly, and then looked back down at her work.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly back. "I think we adopted him." he said amused.

Maimun: "Got it!" he yelled back in.

Grace: looked back over at Arsenrios, "Adopted him?" she asked slightly confused, "I guess so...I mean he is what? Supposed to be only nine or ten looking? You mean as parents, right?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Who else would go looking for days for some kid? And takes care of him? Honestly."

Grace: smiled slightly, "Yea, I guess." she looked back down, "Who would have thought, me having a kid. You and I being parents..." she mused.

Arsenrios: "Yup and the child being born at least two hundred years ago."

Grace: laughed slightly, "Wow. The child is older than one of its parents." she looked at Arsenrios again, "So technically, you shouldn't be married to me. That's like, against the law. Like you're an adult marrying a child, since I'm so young and you're so old."

Arsenrios: chuckled, "I think they make an exception."

Grace: smiled slightly, "Unless you lie about your age to be allowed to get younger women."

Arsenrios: smirked and shrugged, "Whatever works."

Grace: got up and walked over to him and kissed him, "Perhaps we can have our own REAL kid one day."

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed her back, "Someday."

Grace: sat on his lap and leaned her head against his shoulder, "So tired of wedding planning by myself. I need a maid of honor to help me with it. Would you happen to know any good decorators I can hire to make the reception and the wedding look how I wish?" her finger tip ran lightly up and down his chest over his shirt, "I have everything else done, like the photographer set, and we've got Jackson for the food. I just need a decorator now."

Arsenrios: he thought for a moment in silence. "I knew this decorator once, I'm pretty sure she is what you're looking for. Besides that she owes me so she's more inclined to do it. She's extremely good. Now if you want me to give her a call you'll just have to let me know what it is you think." he rocked her back and forth while speak and after he was done he kissed her forehead.

Grace: smiled slightly, her eyes closed, "She sounds like she'd be perfect, and I am sure she will be. Especially if you are the one referring her. You could give her a call. I'd be happy to meet with her about our wedding decorations." her voice was soft as she was enjoying being in Arsenrios' arms.

Arsenrios: "Alright I'll do that in a bit." he kissed her softly again, just resting his head on top of hers.

Grace: "I know." she smiled, her eyes closed, "Yuki can be my maid of honor. Think she'll mind helping me with the last few things to get ready for our wedding?"

Arsenrios: "I don't think she'll mind."

Grace: "Alright. Well, I just don't want her to be busy, you know...since she has her child and all."

Arsenrios: nodded slightly, "Well we can always ask her and if she thinks that it's going to be too much then we can get someone else.

Grace: "Like who?"

Arsenrios: "I don't know yet."

Grace: "Did you ever use that thing on my mom to make her fall in love with someone else? It's been a few days."

Arsenrios: "Yup, it's been done. She's in love with a guy named Tristen. I know that he will treat her right."

Grace: "And where is Nairne?"

Arsenrios: "In a blue ball."

Grace: smiled, "Good." she sighed and opened her eyes and sat up, needing to get off of him and get back to work, but not wanting to.

Arsenrios: "Do you want me to do it for you? I can get is done quicker."

Grace: "I need to send the invites off in the mail, then call up for the decorator. I think that's all except for..." she paused.

Arsenrios: "Except for?"

Grace: "Do we need dance lessons?" she looked at him.

Arsenrios: smiled, "I don't, but do you?"

Grace: "I am not a professional at it, but I don't think I'll embarrass myself." she laughed slightly.

Arsenrios: chuckled and kissed her, "Well that's always a good thing."

Grace: kissed him back, "Besides, what girl needs to know how to dance as long as she has a good lead? I've got you to guide me." she jumped off of his lap.

Arsenrios: chuckled, "Yeah but I wouldn't completely depend on me either."

Grace: "I like depending on you completely." she looked around, "Where is my mom?"

Arsenrios: "I'm not sure."

Grace: "Okay well..." she walked over to the table and opened her purse and started collecting the invitations. "I have to go to the post office to mail these off."

Arsenrios: "I'll run them there." he got up.

Grace: "Okay well, while you are gone can you give me the decorator number I can call her?"

Arsenrios: "Sure." he wrote it down on a piece of paper then tossed it to her.

Grace: tried to catch it but failed, and bent down and picked it up. "Thanks." she looked at the number for a second and then put it in her pocket.

Arsenrios: "You're welcome be right back." he took the invitations and ran out the door.

Grace: walked to the phone and dialed the number.

Woman: answered the phone, she had an accent and it sounded as if she was a very rich person. There was some murmuring in the back ground but you couldn't exactly hear or make out what the words are. "Hello? Catter's Eternal."

Grace: "Hello, I was calling to hire a decorator for my wedding?"

Woman: "Name?"

Grace: "Grace Elliot...using my husband's last name, that is. Or my...future husband. Depending on how you look at it."

Woman: was silent for a moment. "His first name would not happen to be Arsenrios would it?"

Grace: "Yes, it is."

Woman: sounded like she was smiling, "You are a very lucky girl. So what can I do for you? In the way of decorations."

Grace: "Well I have the pictures and everything. I just need someone to decorate it for me. I was going for a blue and white theme, since blue is Arsenrios favorite color and then my wedding dress is white. Something elegant and timeless."

Woman: "That sounds very lovely, when is it that you plan to wed?"

Grace: "February 29th. Leap year this year."

Woman: smiled, "Wonderful. Well at your earliest convenience I can come over and view what you have so far."

Grace: "I have plenty of time today if you wish to stop by."

Woman: "Now are you at Arsenrios' house or your own?"

Grace: "My own."

Woman: "Alright..." she snapped her fingers though over the phone it was faint. "Let's say about eight-ish?"

Grace: looked at the clock, "Sounds good. That's in a few hours."

Woman: "Alright see you then." she hung up.

Arsenrios: walked back into the house.

Grace: "Wha- huh?" she hung up the phone, "I didn't even give her my address..." she said confused.

Arsenrios: "She doesn't need it."

Grace: looked at Arsenrios, "Oh okay." she smiled, "Got them all mailed?"

Arsenrios: smiled, "Yup all sent and ready."

Grace: "Good." she sat on the couch and relaxed, "Then I am done for now. Just need to get Yuki a dress."

Arsenrios: sat beside her, "Shouldn't be too hard."

Grace: "Nope, just something blue. Maybe silk."

Arsenrios: "She loves silk."

Grace: leaned to the side and laid her head on her arm over his lap, "Perfect then. It's all set. Just need to wait a month."

Arsenrios: "That's a very long time."

Grace: laughed, "It'll go fast."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I hope so."

Grace: "Mhm. When Yuki has time her and I can go shopping for her dress- I've already got my dress..." she smiled and said coyly, "And we can buy lingerie too."

Arsenrios: shook his head and smiled, "You tempt me so much." he whispered pushing her back and kissing her.

Grace: kissed him back, "What?" she said, "I already told you, little lace undergarments with string bikini underwear and lacy bra...almost see through." she smiled.

Arsenrios: smiled and shook his head and kissed her more. "Sometimes you are so crazy. You tempt me so much."

Grace: "Do I? Oh my apologies." she said, not sounding like she meant it.

Arsenrios: "Yeah right." he kissed her more and more seriously.

Grace: smiled and groaned slightly with pleasure, "Arsenrios don't the decorator is coming at eight."

Arsenrios: nuzzled her neck, "Do you really mean that?" he whispered.

Grace: "" she sighed with delight and closed her eyes again lightly.

Arsenrios: chuckled, "It's a simple question." he started to kiss her all over.

Grace: "I don't know what I did; I was just talking..." she said breathlessly. "I'm...not even wearing nice clothes."

Arsenrios: kissed her lips.

Grace: rested her hand lightly on the side of his face and kissed him back, an electric jolt of pleasure running through her body.

Arsenrios: brought her close to him.

Grace: "Really?" she said, more and more out of breath and hard to forth words or even cohesive sentences, "Are you picturing me in the lingerie?" she paused to breathe, "Is that it?"

Arsenrios: "Half of it, that and now you have this idea stuck in my mind." he kissed her ear and started kissing her all over her body again.

Grace: "Wha...ide...?" she managed to get out and was about to stop talking all together.

Arsenrios: "This idea. To love you completely."

Grace: she wondered, 'He never has before?'

Arsenrios: "Slowly and slowly I have loved you more and more so that it would not overwhelm you."

Grace: 'Will it...overwhelm me?'

Arsenrios: "I don't know yet." he started to undo her shirt.

Grace: her skin was all tingly and covered with goose-bumps; while her mind was getting more clouded her body was highly alert to what was going on. 'Maybe...I wa...nt to be...whelmed.'

Arsenrios: "Then that you shall be."


Grace: was having trouble breathing, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Arsenrios: "Do you have asthma?" he wondered while holding her close to him again.

Grace: "" she took a breath, "Do that...yes..." she put her hand over her face and pressed her hand and face into his side, blushing.

Arsenrios: "I'm sorry hon." he kissed her softly.

Grace: smiled slightly but complained, "No don't do that." she breathed, "I bet I'm sweaty, my hair plastered to my face. What's the decorator going to think?"

Arsenrios: "She'll think I lost control again, which I did." he shrugged. "She knows that I have control problems."

Grace: "What did you lose control with...around her?" she said, taking a breath. She moved her hand and looked up at him.

Arsenrios: "Biting."

Grace: "Biting her?"

Arsenrios: shook his head. "Nope."

Grace: "Biting other things?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yeah."

Grace: "Well that story won't work. You didn't bite me."

Arsenrios: "She knows I can lose control with other things."

Grace: "Have you done so around her before?" she paused, "With her?" she added.

Arsenrios: "I have loved only you. I am just saying there is a whole universe that I can get out of control with."

Grace: smiled slightly, "Was this you loving me completely, or still only in part?"

Arsenrios: "Still only part but almost complete."

Grace: "When will I get complete?"

Arsenrios: "When you no longer have asthma due to me loving you."

Grace: sighed, "I think I'll be worse on the wedding night so I guess I won't get it then either." she pouted.

Arsenrios: "Since the wedding night is special I will think about giving it to you then."

Grace: leaned up and then leaned on her forearms on his chest, "Think about it?" she moved up and inch and kissed him, "Do it." she whispered, kissing him again.

Arsenrios: kissed her back each time. "I will." he promised.

Grace: "Okay." she rolled off of him and walked up the stairs.

Arsenrios: watched her for a moment but seeing her bruises he quickly looked away, he closed his eyes. "I won't lose control again." he promised himself quietly. He soon wore a new set of his clothes.

Grace: "I'm going to take a shower!" she called to him as she walked into her room and grabbed some clean clothes.

Arsenrios: "OKAY!" he yelled back.

Grace: tried to hurry to the bathroom with her clothes so she could finish before the decorator got there so she would look at least a little bit presentable, but the insides of her legs hurt a lot. She tried to ignore it and just walked to the bathroom slowly and closed the door behind her. She set her clothes on the bathroom sink and then looked in the mirror at her naked body, wondering what was wrong.

Arsenrios: he covered his face with a pillow burying it in the couch. He was so stupid.

Grace: there was no clock in the bathroom so she opened the bathroom door a crack and peeked her head out, "Hun, what time is it?" she wondered if she had enough time before the decorator came to soak in the tub to relax her muscles and sooth the bruises. She didn't think much of them, it didn't matter to her.

Arsenrios: "Seven." he called.

Grace: "Okay." she closed the door again and turned on the water, adding Epsom salts and bubble bath, and stepped inside as the water still ran to fill the tub. She leaned back and closed her eyes and rested there, relaxing.

Arsenrios: stared at the ceiling. He wouldn't do it again; maybe it was best that in his previous marriage he didn't love her. At the time it felt silly but now he learned through pain why he did so. It would have hurt her. It hurt Grace which was something completely unbearable to him.

Grace: spoke lightly, though she knew Arsenrios could hear her, "I think there is room in the tub for two people." which indeed there was. It was a small Jacuzzi tub. She trailed her fingers over the water lightly making swishing sounds, her eyes softly closed.

Arsenrios: "If I did I would just hurt you again." his voice sounded pained.

Grace: "You're hurting me by not being in here..." she pouted.

Arsenrios: got up and walked in, he got undressed then got in.

Grace: opened her eyes and smiled at him.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, but the pain was still in his eyes.

Grace: "You can heal stuff; if it bothers you that bad just heal me. No harm done."

Arsenrios: "Yet I will still know that I caused them in the first place."

Grace: "Maybe I caused them. You ever think of that?"

Arsenrios: laughed dryly, "How so?"

Grace: "I am clumsy all the time. You know that. They were always there, you just didn't notice because prior to this moment you were always blinded by love and thought I was perfect. But now after you've almost loved me completely your eyes have been opened and you see me for who I really am. A clumsy girl who hurts herself by tripping and falling, like when I banged my head on the headboard on the bed before...all that good stuff."

Arsenrios: "I saw the little marks here and there, it was nothing like this."

Grace: shrugged slightly and tried to hide the wince when it hurt, "You have no idea what I did while you went and mailed invitations."

Arsenrios: "What did you do?"

Grace: "Got these bruises. You were just too distracted with the idea of having fun with me to notice them before this." she smiled.

Arsenrios: "Are you really lying to try to make me feel better?"

Grace: moved in the water slowly to sit by him. It was weird being next to him in a hot bath, since he was so cold. "Is it working?"

Arsenrios: "A little."

Grace: smiled, "Then yes, I am."

Arsenrios: "If it wasn't?"

Grace: "Then no I am not lying."

Arsenrios: "It's either truth or a lie."

Grace: "It can be both."

Arsenrios: "How do you figure?"

Grace: "Depends how you look at it. Like I told the decorator, depends how you look at you and I. We are either married, or we are not."

Arsenrios: "I see."

Grace: smiled, "Good." she reached across him and grabbed a scrubber and put some shower gel on it and lathering it up she rubbed it up and down her arms, then down her chest and stomach and around her back.

Arsenrios: "Need some help?"

Grace: "Sure." she held him the scrubber. Once he took it she scooted down in the water and completely emerged under it to get her hair and face wet, then came back up, rubbing her hands over her face and brushed her hair back.

Arsenrios: started to scrub her.


Grace: "Well Maimun hasn't been back in a long while."

Arsenrios: nodded, "It has been a long time." he agreed.

Grace: "Is it safe to say he moved out?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "I think so."

Grace: "This house is too big for just three people."

Arsenrios: nodded, "It is, though tomorrow it'll have five for a couple hours."

Grace: "What do you mean?" she asked confused.

Arsenrios: "I invited Maimun and Meisha over for dinner tomorrow night."

Grace: "Who is to make dinner? Me?"

Arsenrios: "Anne of course."

Grace: "Oh," she nodded, "Does she need help?"

Arsenrios: "Do you really want to help Grace?"

Grace: "I like to cook..."

Arsenrios: "Alright I'll talk to Anne about her getting some help."

Grace: smiled slightly, "I'd like that, but only if Anne does not mind."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I don't think she will."

Grace: "Okay. I'll make sure all the wedding stuff is in its proper place by tomorrow night then." she smiled, "One more week."

Arsenrios: smiled, "It's going to be so perfect."

Grace: "I hope so. Though I know as long as you are there it will be."

Arsenrios: "And likewise if you weren't there it wouldn't be a wedding."

Grace: laughed, "You're right, it wouldn't be. It'd be just a party...or something..."

Arsenrios: chuckled.

Grace: crumpled up a piece of paper and threw it at him, "Don't laugh at me!" she said, almost laughing herself.

Arsenrios: let it hit him, he chuckled more. "I'm laughing with you not at you."

Grace: "Sure you are." she got up, "Do you think my mom could come to dinner too?"

Arsenrios: "Umm...sure why not."

Grace: "It's just since Liam is gone and I'm practically gone all the time, and Neil is married off, she's alone."

Arsenrios: "What about that girl we got from Maimun? She's staying with her not to mention her boyfriend/husband."

Grace: "Oh my! I forgot about her. Well, I guess I don't need to invite my mom over for dinner."

Arsenrios: "What was her name again?"

Grace: "Umm...let me think." she walked to the kitchen to make tea.

Arsenrios: "Cheri perhaps?"

Grace: "Yep. That was it."

Arsenrios: nodded.

Grace: "Why did you want to know?"

Arsenrios: "Curious."

Grace: "I didn't know she had a boyfriend though."

Arsenrios: "Who?"

Grace: "Cheri. Or unless you are talking about my mom...oh..."

Arsenrios: "I was talking about your mom. What?"

Grace: "Nothing I just realized you meant my mom, not Cheri. Silly me."

Arsenrios: smiled a little, "Are you feeling okay love?"

Grace: "No...I think I'm lightheaded with all this wedding stuff. Wedding jitters maybe."

Arsenrios: "Then maybe we should wait to have dinner as a family then."

Grace: "Why wait?"

Arsenrios: "Because if you are feeling lightheaded then I think you should just relax."

Grace: "Well you said dinner isn't until tomorrow so I can relax then today." she took her cup of tea back out to the living room with her.

Arsenrios smiled, "Yes you can." he went and sat on the couch and leaned his head back.

Grace: "Do you want to watch another movie out of your million stash of movies?"

Arsenrios: "Sure though this time you should watch a chick-flick not one of my movies if you want to relax."

Grace: "How about a hallmark movie?" she turned on the television.

Arsenrios: "Sure."

Grace: "Hey look Love Comes Softly is on. I love that movie." she set the remote down and lay back against Arsenrios, watching the movie.

Arsenrios: wrapped his arms around her and brought her close. He kissed her temple and started to watch the movie with her.

Grace: set her tea on the table and watched the movie. After that movie was over and the next one was starting, Grace drifted to sleep.

Arsenrios: continued to watch the movies though he still held her.

Grace: opened her eyes when she woke up later. She looked up at him, "You like the movies?"

Arsenrios: looked down at her and smiled and then nodded.

Grace: "Wow my hunny likes chick flicks..." she giggled and patted his chest with her hand.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Yes I do."

Grace: "That's a nice change over. I guess you'll have to go buy more movies."

Arsenrios: nodded, "That I will."

Grace: sat up and got her cup and stood, "I better go see my mom." she walked to the kitchen, "Here Anne." she gave the cup to her, "Unless you'd like me to wash it."

Anne: "I've got it, thank you though Mistress Grace." she took the cup and started to clean it. There were some bags under her eyes that were starting to show from a lack of sleep.

Grace: "Anne what's wrong? Haven't you been sleeping well?" she asked kindly, noticing her eyes.

Anne: "Nothing's wrong I've just been slacking so I'm catching back up and haven't slept for a while."

Grace: "Give me something to do and I will, to help you."

Anne: "That's okay I've got it, go on to your moms."

Grace: nodded slowly, "Okay."

Anne she started to work again. Until she burned herself. She tried to recover quickly and keep working.

Grace: helped her and had her hold the burn under cold water, "Hold on." she went and got Arsenrios, "Hun come here please can you heal Anne's burn?"

Arsenrios: "She burned herself?" he got up quickly and got in the kitchen.

Anne: was back to work pretending nothing happened.

Grace: "Yes." she followed him in. "Anne show him please."

Anne: "I'm fine, I'm sorry I am being clumsy."

Grace: "It's okay. Please Anne. Arsenrios can heal wounds. He's done it before. Then I'll leave you to get back to work. I promise."

Anne: "I'm ok; it just scared me is all. It isn't the first time." she shrugged. "I'm alright."

Grace: looked at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: sighed.

Grace: "What?" she looked confused.

Arsenrios: "She's not going to let me help her willingly."

Grace: sighed, "Fine." she left the kitchen, saddened.

Anne: watched her, she looked down and held out her hand to Arsenrios, "I'm not going to get paid am I?" she asked softly.

Arsenrios: he held her hand, "You'll still get paid." he assured her.

Anne: "But master Arsenrios, I never did before." she whispered to him.

Arsenrios: "Things have changed Anne." He healed her hand.

Anne: nodded, "Yes sir, thank you." she went back to work again.

Grace: went to the phone and called her mom first to make sure it was alright.

Arsenrios: wrapped his arms around Grace's waist he kissed her cheek.

Grace: smiled slightly, still talking to her mom and the phone.

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed her cheek again, he nuzzled her neck.

Grace: giggled slightly. She tried to push him off half heartedly. He was so distracting she couldn't pay attention to her mother.

Arsenrios: chuckled, he started to whisper sweet nothings of love in her ear.

Grace: "I'm sorry mom...yea okay I have to go. Talk to you later." she hung up the phone quickly, "My mom was getting're evil."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I know, but what in the world could she be suspicious of?" he asked innocently.

Grace: "I don't minute I'm serious the next minute I'm giggling. You figure it out. You're older and wiser." she teased.

Arsenrios: smirked "I have no idea that's why I asked."

Grace: rolled her eyes, "Oh okay. Well I guess we will just have to figure it out together..." she turned her head and kissed him on the lips gently.

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed her back.

Grace: leaned back, "Since you had nothing in mind, I'll go now." she smiled and slipped out of his grip and walked off down the hall.

Arsenrios: "Now wait a minute." he caught up to her and wrapped his arms around her.

Grace: smiled, "That's not fair. You're using your Snyde strength to overpower me."

Arsenrios: smirked, "I'm evil, that's right."

Grace: giggled slightly, putting her hand over her mouth, "As about as evil as a person squishing a bug is deemed evil..."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Right."

Grace: kissed him again and wrapped her arms around his neck, "I know how you can be evil..." she said softly.

Arsenrios: kissed her back, "How so?" he kissed her neck then her ear.

Grace: suddenly she felt weak again and was distracted..."Ummm, like that." she breathed.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "Like what?"

Grace: put her hands on Arsenrios side's to steady her, "Like...that." she repeated, her eyes closed.

Arsenrios: "Like how?"

Grace: she didn't say anything.

Arsenrios: "Hon are you okay?"

Grace: nodded slowly and opened her eyes to look at him.

Arsenrios: "Sure?"

Grace: smiled slightly. The dizziness around her subsided, "Yea." she whispered and took a deep breath, "I'm fine, promise."

Arsenrios: "So how am I evil again?"

Grace: "Because you make me dizzy!" she giggled and pushed him away by poking him in the center of his forehead. She ran down the hall.

Arsenrios: ran after her, he picked her up and pressed her to the wall kissing her.

Grace: "That's...also not...fair..." she said, losing her comprehension again.

Arsenrios: smiled and continued to kiss her, "Why don't you stay here for a bit."

Grace: "Sorta...can't move...anyways." she said breathlessly, kissing him back, eyes closed.

Arsenrios: picked her up and held her to him.

Grace: let him do as he pleased.

Arsenrios: took her to the bedroom and loved her completely.

Grace: at some point she passed out.

Arsenrios: just held her and kissed her every so often.

Grace: moaned and opened her eyes, a soft smile to her lips.

Arsenrios: "Hello my love." he whispered in her ear.

Grace: looked up at him, "Hi." she said softly, licking her lips to moisten them.

Arsenrios: "I'm sorry I made you faint."

Grace: "You do it all the time." she said, her eyes sparkling, "I'm not sorry."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I'm glad."

Grace: lifted her hand gently, pressing her fingers to his cheek lightly. She skimmed them down his smooth, hard skin and a slow, small, tight lipped smiled spread on her face. She didn't say anything, but what could be seen in her expression, the softness of her eyes, was how much she loved him.

Arsenrios: smiled watching her.

Grace: smiled back.

Arsenrios: "I love you too."

Grace: sighed softly, "Do you think sometime after we are married I can be changed again?"

Arsenrios: "You're brother will just change you back again."

Grace: "He should stay out of our business once we are married for the public to know."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I suppose if you want to."

Grace: "You don't want to change me?"

Arsenrios: "I just want to make sure that you want it."

Grace: "I did before. And I still do. Sometimes I miss it. Like now." she motioned to the small space between them with the blanket in between to keep her warm.

Arsenrios: "I'm sorry hon."

Grace: "It's okay." she said softly and kissed his arm.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly.

Grace: sighed and rolled over and looked at the clock, then she rolled back over and looked at Arsenrios. She closed her eyes, though it was only late afternoon.

Arsenrios: just held her.

Grace: after a moment, her small voice spoke softly, her eyes still closed, "If you could do anything at all Arsenrios, what would it be?"

Arsenrios: "I would make you the happiest person and being in the universe."

Grace: "Aye." she giggled, "But I mean, as far as something you want. Please tell me."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Your happiness is something I want."

Grace: "I mean like a tangible object. Something you can hold. A material possession. Be it of this world or somewhere else."

Arsenrios: "You want an honest answer?" he asked after a moment of silence.

Grace: nodded, "Yes. Always honest, please."

Arsenrios: "This isn't really a material possession but...I think" he said slowly, he wasn't sure if that counted but to him it did.

Grace: smiled slightly and hugged him tightly as she moved the blankets separating them, "So do I. I have ever since Neil and Yuki had their child."

Arsenrios: smiled and hugged her back, "Then have one we shall."

Grace: "How about we try on our wedding night?"

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded, "I'd like that."

Grace: snuggled into him, even against the cold, and closed her eyes again. "I'll make sure you will."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "I love you so much." he whispered to her.

Grace: "I love you, too. More than you possibly know."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, he wasn't going to argue. He just held her.

Grace: "My mom said she'd like to come to dinner, by the way, and I am in no rush today because I am not visiting her today. Her and Cheri are shopping and going to a movie and just getting to know each other, so I said I wouldn't interrupt that." she said softly.

Arsenrios: smiled, "I'm glad." he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

Grace: "Mhm...seems so." she said with a small smile.

Arsenrios: "You're so perfect." he whispered in her ear.

Grace: let out a contented breath, "Even for a human?" she said softly.

Arsenrios: "No matter what you are, you're perfect."

Grace: "Being human again though, my perfect will fade as time passes and I age."

Arsenrios: shook his head lightly, "Never." he whispered in her ear.

Grace: "What about that thing you told me about before that will just stop my aging but not change me? Would you like that better than making me a Snyde?"

Arsenrios: "I'll do whatever you wish though I'd rather not have you go through the pain with the hunger."

Grace: "I don't seem to recall it being too much of a problem before."

Arsenrios: "You felt horrible before cause you killed people and bit Anne."

Grace: "But you fixed that, didn't you?" she said quietly and rolled over to look at him, "I thought none of them were dead." she bit the inside of her cheek.

Arsenrios: kissed her, "Of course I did."

Grace: kissed him back and sighed, "Good." she paused, "Perhaps then I don't want that again."

Arsenrios: "I can try to control you."

Grace: "Try..." she shook her head softly, "It'll be a huge risk."

Arsenrios: "I taught Maimun sort of, he's not that bad."

Grace: "Maimun is only part Snyde and then he is part dragon. I thought his parents taught him that and I really didn't think he would have had a problem...what do you mean sort of?"

Arsenrios: shook his head, "His mom died giving birth to him and after the death of his wife, His father didn't want anything to do with him and banished him from the family when he was a day old. Sort of being that fact that at the time I taught him I was evil so taking that into consideration."

Grace: "Evil," she whispered to herself, then she rose her voice, "You don't think you can teach someone as well when you aren't evil?" she paused, "Is Maimun's father still alive? That's so sad." she bit her lower lip.

Arsenrios: "I can especially now I was just saying that under the circumstances of me being evil he turned out alright. I'm pretty sure that he is."

Grace: "Well if you want, Arsenrios, we can try it again. But if you don't want to, I don't mind just being who I am and just not aging."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Alright we will but, after the ceremony."

Grace: "You'll change me after the ceremony? Is that what you mean?"

Arsenrios: "I'll change you whenever you want though I think it would be best if it were done like you were talking about earlier after we are married for show."

Grace: "What about the child you want to have?"

Arsenrios: "You can still have a child." he assured her.

Grace: nodded, "Then I leave the decision wholeheartedly up to you."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly and kissed her.

Grace: kissed him in return.

Arsenrios: "It is your body though."

Grace: "Yes but I trust you to take care of it."

Arsenrios: "Maybe that's a little too much trust." he said softly, thinking about something.

Grace: "I don't think so."

Arsenrios: "Please explain your reasoning."

Grace: "Why would it be too much trust? I trusted you since we've met in Russia and I haven't been disappointed yet so I don't think I will."

Arsenrios: he closed his eyes, "Just wait it's coming at some point or another I'm going to completely screw up and then you'll hate me forever."

Grace: put her hand lightly on his face and waited for him to open his eyes and look at her. When he did, she spoke. "Don't count on it." she leaned over and kissed him gently, reassuringly.

Arsenrios: kissed her back.

Grace: she was cold but she hid it well. She didn't want to move. Then she thought of something, "Arsenrios, can you change into the human form again?"

Arsenrios: "Sure." he closed his eyes and instantly he became warm and his eyes were green. "Grace you're cold." he tried to cause friction to warm her up a little.

Grace: smiled slightly, "Yea." she hugged him to get his warmth, "Haven't seen this side of you in awhile, just like I haven't seen your teenage side in a long while either."

Arsenrios: "That's probably for the best though I must admit I don't know how long I'll be able to stay like this."

Grace: "I know. You told me before." she admitted softly, "I'll just take what I can get when I can." she promised him.

Arsenrios: "Only this time I may not have a choice, I haven't hunted in a while so my power is weaker than usual."

Grace: "You haven't eaten? In how long?" she leaned back, her comfort slightly disturbed by this news.

Arsenrios: thought about that, "Honestly I have no idea."

Grace: rolled away from him, "Go hunt now."

Arsenrios: shook his head, "I will later. I promise."

Grace: "I won't kiss you until you do."

Arsenrios: sighed and got up and got dressed as he did so his eyes changed to black for hunger. "I'll be back." he vanished.

Grace: wrapped herself in blankets to get warm and stay warm as she waited.

Arsenrios: about 20 minutes later he returned his eyes bright red he paused and they were green, he got back in bed. "There."

Grace: unwrapped herself and came close to him. She didn't want to know what he ate so she didn't ask. She just snuggled to him.

Arsenrios: held her close and kissed her ear.

Grace: smiled slightly, her eyes closed once again as she was so close to him she could smell his scent; the scent of a man...even if she was just a human.

Arsenrios: smiled watching her.

Grace: "If you are human does that mean I can beat you in an arm wrestling match?"

Arsenrios: smiled, "You could try."

Grace: "I could. Maybe Emer could return."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Maybe."

Grace: laughed and sighed softly.

Arsenrios: "What's wrong?" he asked softly.

Grace: "Nothing is wrong. I am sighing because I am content."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Good."

Grace: she didn't say anything; she just laid there with her eyes closed.

Arsenrios: laid his head softly on hers.


Maimun: arrived at the dinner Arsenrios was having at his place.

Meisha: when they went to the dinner, she was a bit nervous because she had never met Grainne or Arsenrios or any of Maimun's family and friends before.

Maimun: "This is Mali and Melanie." he told them showing their children.

Grainne: smiled slightly, "Maimun, what a pleasure it is to finally meet you. Arsenrios has talked about you plenty of times, as has Grace. Will you and your wife be at the wedding in a few days?"

Maimun: "I hope so."

Grainne: "You should come to visit more say these are your kids? Melanie and Mali? Cute names...may I hold one?"

Maimun: nodded, "You have to be very careful though because they might bite." he handed her Melanie.

Melanie: chirped.

Grainne: "Aww how cute." she smiled at Melanie, "You can call me Grandma."

Grace: walked out of the kitchen where she and her mother had been helping Anne to finish up dinner, and into the room where everyone was, having heard more people come in. "Wow, Maimun, long time no see. I'm glad you all could make it."

Maimun: smiled, "You're tellin' me." he hugged her, "Hi Grace."

Grace: hugged him back tightly, then she leaned back, "Hi Tips." she held her hand out to her.

Meisha: took it and shook it, "Hi." she smiled slightly, "Nice to meet you Grace."

Grace: smiled back and looked at the little dragons. "Your kids I presume?" she asked Maimun.

Maimun: smiled, "Yup your mom is holding Melanie. And this is Mali." she pointed.

Grace: "Are you two married yet?" she whispered to him.

Maimun: "No." he whispered back.

Grace: looked to Arsenrios, "Are Neil and Yuki going to be here too?"

Grainne: "I hope so, though I am not sure."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Then it will truly be a family reunion."

Grace: "I haven't seen my brother in a long time either. I wonder how their child is."

Arsenrios: "Yuki said they were coming."

Grace: smiled, "Awesome."

Grainne: "Yuki and I need to catch up." she gave Melanie back to Maimun. "Your children are very cute."

Maimun: smiled, "Thank you."

Grainne: looked to Meisha, "Dear, do you care to help me help Anne set the table in the dining room, please? We can get to know one another."

Meisha: looked over at Grainne and nodded, "Sure. I'd like that." she kissed Mali's head and then handed her to Maimun and walked off with Grainne into the dining room.

Grace: looked at Maimun, "I bet you and Arsenrios have lots of things to catch up on too."

Maimun: smiled slightly, "I'm sure that we do."

Grace: "Actually...where is my husband-slash-future husband?" she turned and looked around for him.

Arsenrios: smiled, he wrapped his arms around her. "Right here love." he whispered in her ear.

Grace: jumped and put her hand over Arsenrios hand, pressing it to her, "You SCARED me." she breathed, closing her eyes.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly. "I'm sorry." he said softly.

Grace: "No you're not." she giggled and leaned her head back to look up at him.

Arsenrios: smiled, "You know me too well." he whispered in her ear.

Grace: turned her head and kissed his cheek.

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed the top of her head.

Neil: opened up the front door, "Ick, I thought this was a family dinner. Not a family make out session..."

Arsenrios: "Kissing session implies I kiss the lips." he looked up, "Welcome Neil, Yuki." he smiled slightly and looked at the baby, "And who is this?"

Grace: looked over, "Neil!" she ran over to him and hugged him.

Neil: hugged her gently back, "Hi sis. Long time no see." he looked over at Yuki and the baby, and to Arsenrios.

Yuki: "This is Takayla."

Takayla: reached out to Grace and made little baby noises.

Arsenrios: came over and smiled and tickled the little baby, "Hello Takayla."

Takayla: giggled.

Grace: let Takayla latch on to one of her fingers with her little baby hand. "She is so cute." she said softly.

Neil: "Thank you." he let Grace step away from the hug and he looked over to Maimun, and smirked. He put his hand in his side pocket and fingered one of the many golden coins he still had that he had taken from Maimun's pile of gold the last time they were at Arsenrios house.

Takayla: she played with her finger.

Maimun: "Neil, I know you stole from me." he said as he turned to look at him.

Neil: "Actually, no, I gave them all back. Just buried them in the sand of the mermaid's pond, is all." he countered and pulled out the golden coin, "Here. Have a golden coin."

Grace: leaned down and kissed Takayla's little fingers, "How are you and Neil getting along with the baby?" she asked Yuki.

Takayla: giggled.

Yuki: smiled slightly, "We're getting along okay."

Grace: "Being a new parent is hard." she nodded.

Grainne: came out of the dining room, "Yuki!" she smiled and went over to her quickly and kissed her cheek, "I've missed you so, so much. Why do you not stop by and say hello? This is the first time I've seen my granddaughter." she looked down at the baby girl, "Hello precious." she said softly.

Yuki: smiled slightly, "I'm sorry Grainne, this is Takayla."

Grainne: "Hello Takayla." she looked at Yuki, "May I hold her?"

Neil: "If you're not going to take the coin..." he put it back in his pocket.

Meisha: walked out of the dining room.

Yuki: smiled, "Of course." she carefully handed Takayla to her.

Takayla: giggled.

Maimun: stopped himself from doing any reaction. He looked around with a smile on his face, and wrapped an arm around Meisha.

Meisha: "Is that...Yuki and Neil and their child?" she whispered to him while watching them. She took Mali and Melanie from Maimun and put them in the little carriers she had in front of her.

Maimun: nodded, "Yup."

Yuki: looked up and smiled, "Hi Meisha."

Meisha: smiled slightly back at Yuki, "Hi. Did you get to see my babies?" she asked, stepping over to Yuki a bit hesitantly, but she was trying to make a good first impression.

Yuki: "I haven't had the pleasure."

Meisha: pointed to the pockets on the front of her, to the blue small dragon and then to the red small dragon. "This is Mali, and this is Melanie." she smiled down at her little babies and kissed each of the tops of their heads.

Yuki: "Aww...they're so cute."

Melanie: stretched and yawned then looked to Yuki and chirped.

Grainne: was holding Takayla against her, "Everyone, if you would like to sit down at the table, dinner is served."

Meisha: smiled widely, "Thank you."

Yuki: smiled, "You're very welcome."

Meisha: "I am not sure if they will stay like this...or look like...your baby does as they get older."

Yuki: nodded, "That is definitely hard to say it would depend on who they take after."

Meisha: "Right now it seems more of Maimun, but...I don't mind it." she looked down at Melanie and wondered if she was hungry.

Melanie: looked up at her mom and made a whole bunch of chirping noises.

Maimun: came up beside her, "Someone's hungry." he said softly.

Meisha: looked at Maimun, "I'm glad you know what they speak. I wish...I did too." she looked back at Melanie and lifted her up into her hand.

Maimun: "I'll teach you." he promised.

Melanie: continued to chirp.

Meisha: "I'm getting it, Melanie baby." she sat down at the kitchen table and found some meat, though it was cooked, and put it on a little plate. She set Melanie on the table to get to the dish.

Melanie: because she couldn't walk she slithered over to it like a snake and bit it then chirped and backed away.

Meisha: "Don't bite me, okay? I didn't...I didn't bring anything with me." she confessed softly, watching Melanie.

Maimun: blew on the mini steak then felt it. "Go ahead kiddo."

Melanie: tried it again then started to devour it.

Meisha: watched Melanie, feeling like an idiot.

Melanie: soon she was eating the last little bit of meat off the bone.

Mali: chirped at her sister.

Meisha: got another piece of meat and, assuming it was hot like the other one, blew on it to cool it off as she took Mali out and set her down to eat her food too.

Melanie: chirped back, she curled up; having been fed she went to sleep.

Meisha: stroked Melanie's chin, "You sleep a lot, my baby." she scooped her up and put her back in the pouch.

Melanie: made little snoring noises.

Meisha: smiled slightly at her and then when Mali was done she put her back in beside her sister. Then she waited patiently for everyone else before she started to eat.

Soon everything was served and they started to eat.

Grainne: "Will you and Neil and the baby stay a bit?" she asked Yuki. "You can visit me and Cheri at home once dinner is done here at Arsenrios' place."

Yuki: she looked over to Neil.

Neil: "Do you want to?" he asked Yuki.

Yuki: she nodded, "Yeah if you didn't have something else planned." she wasn't sure what he had planned other then the dinner.

Neil: whispered to Yuki, "I'm only seventeen...I don't have a lot of things planned besides work to keep money for my family, sadly..."

Yuki: nodded, "We'll be able to stay." she told Grainne.

Grainne: smiled, "Lovely. Then both you and Neil and Grace can meet my new husband I hope."

Yuki: smiled, "That'll be exciting."

Neil: smiled slightly, "We can stay back in my old room."

Yuki: smiled, and shook her head.

Meisha: picked at her food and ate what she could.

Yuki: "Is something wrong Meisha?"

Meisha: shook her head, "No of course not."

Yuki: nodded.

Maimun: looked at her.

Meisha: looked at Maimun, "What?" she whispered.

Maimun: shook his head.

Grainne: "So, everyone, tell me about your lives. I feel I've missed so much."

Yuki: looked to Neil.

Neil: "Nothing really. Just having a kid..."

Grainne: "Oh." she frowned slightly. She was hoping for more information than that.

Yuki: smiled slightly, "If you call that nothing." she said softly.

Neil: "Well, it's..." he smiled slightly, "No. You're right. That isn't nothing. That's something. One of the most significant something's of my life. But I far as anything other than that, that's interesting."

Yuki: smiled watching him stutter she started to feed their daughter.

Neil: watched Yuki another moment, then looked at his mom, and then went back to eating. He would let other people do the talking.

Yuki: looked around for someone else to talk.

Grainne: looked to Maimun or Arsenrios to speak of their lives and enlighten her.

Maimun: "I started going to a university to be with Meisha." he smiled, "But now I get the chance to stay home with the kids."

Grainne: "Ah. What are you studying at the university?"

Maimun: "A little bit of everything."

Grainne: "I see."

Maimun: nodded and continued to eat his food.

Grainne: did the same. She guessed no one wanted to talk.

Arsenrios: "And we've been getting ready for our wedding."

Grainne: smiled slightly and looked up at Arsenrios. "Yes, I know. I am looking forward to that."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly.

Neil: finished his food.

Yuki: finished feeding Takayla then she started to eat.

Neil: "I hope my new step dad is better than my real dad." He whispered to Yuki.

Yuki: nodded, "I hope so too."

The rest of the week passed by quickly, and soon it was time for the wedding. Everything was set up as it should be.

Arsenrios: bought a tux and helped with whatever he needed, he was waiting for things to start; he was in his office pacing. He was like a nervous wreck though you couldn't tell from his face.

There was a knock on his office door.

Arsenrios: walked over t the door and opened it.

Kah-Lee: smiled and waved at him, "Hi Arsenrios." she gave him a hug. "I'm happy for you."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Hi Kah-lee, thanks." he hugged her back.

Kah-Lee: "Now we both have our better halves with us." she said as she leaned back, still smiling, "Hopefully you guys didn't invite Kale and Cora did you?"

Arsenrios: shook his head, "No I don't believe so."

Kah-Lee: nodded, "Good. I can handle Keltic so it's fine." she shrugged slightly and then patted his arm, "See you outside then." she waved and then turned and walked away.

Arsenrios: waved back, he checked the time to see how much longer he had till he had to be at the altar.

He had ten minutes.

Arsenrios: nodded and went back into his office and paced the room some more for those five minutes then he went down and stood where he was supposed to.

Everyone was there in the seats provided for them outside. They waited, and soon the music started.

Arsenrios: turned and looked down the aisle.

Grace: turned the corner, walking down with Grainne's new husband at her side since her real father was gone. She was dressed in a long silken ivory white wedding dress that curved around her waist and flared at the bottom. It had spaghetti straps to help hold it up and was decorated with the most delicate pattern of pearls. Around her neck was a necklace her mother gave her to wear,- something old-, her small pearl earrings were what she had bought to match the dress,- something new-, and her small clip in her hair that helped to hold the long white veil over her face as she walked towards Arsenrios was a shiny, ocean blue color,- something blue. Her step father stopped at the altar, lifted her veil and draped it behind her and kissed her cheek lightly before taking his seat where he was supposed to as Grace turned to face Arsenrios. The most delicious red tint hit Grace's cheeks, and it wasn't from her makeup. She was trying to blink back tears as she was nervous and excited all at once. This is stupid; she thought to herself, we're already married so why should I be acting this way?

Arsenrios: offered a slight smile only she could see that he was nervous to for he only let her see it before he turned with her to the preacher man.

After they exchanged their vows, the famous words were spoken to Arsenrios; "You may now kiss the bride."

Arsenrios: smiled, "My pleasure." he bent down since he was taller than her and kissed her.

Grace: when he pulled back she was smiling widely and whispered, "At least I didn't faint that time." they both turned to the people and walked back out amongst claps and cheers to the limo.

Arsenrios: let Grace go through then he sat down and waited as the chauffer closed the door and got in and started to drive.

Grace: scooted close to him and held his hand.

Arsenrios: smiled and just put his arm around her.

Grace: "I don't know why feels more official, our wedding does." she sucked on her lower lip for a moment, her eyes watching ahead as the driver took them to the reception hall. Her voice was soft, "Like now since everyone knows we are officially married, we are more bound to each other." And she had a more calm heart because it seemed it would be harder for him to leave her if he wanted to; as was her constant fear. After all, she still couldn't get the idea wrapped around her head that he loved her as much as he did, and so she always thought about that even when they were married in the assassin wedding. Then, only he and Grace and a few people knew they were married, but now, everyone did. And she liked that more, possibly even loved it. She leaned against Arsenrios as he put his arm around her, trying to keep her dress smoothed down, "Sorry," she said with a small smile, trying to smooth out her dress, "This thing takes up so much space you can probably barely even see." she paused and glanced up at him, "No matter how good your eye sight is." she snuck a kiss on his jaw, as that was as far as she could lean up to reach for now.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Even from all the way up here?" he leaned down and kissed her, "It's alright my dear. You don't have to apologize and to be honest I'm not even sure what it is that you did." he admitted softly.

Grace: kissed him back gently, "Nothing," she said softly, "I was just apologizing in case your view was blocked from the dress." her eyes twinkled as she watched him, "You just wait until later, though. I've had plenty of time to plan this night."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I'm just looking forward to tonight." he smiled and kissed her again.

Grace: kissed him back again, closing her eyes a moment as their lips met and then opening them again to watch him, "Unless of course, it was your plan to take control of tonight. I totally understand, as...the official wedding night, and you are the man. I will be in total submission." she smiled slightly, "I don't mind you taking control, anytime." she watched him gently, "After all, you are my master."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I plan on it."

Grace: looked out the window as the driver pulled up to the reception hall. He opened her door for her and helped her out. She stood and waited for Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: slid out and closed the door and took her hand.

Grace: walked with him inside to the reception.

Arsenrios: looked around and let out a silent breath.

Grace: glanced over at him, "You okay babe?" she asked softly.

Arsenrios: nodded, "I'm fine." he whispered back.

Grace: smiled slightly, "Good. Because I can't handle both of us not being okay."

Arsenrios: "Are you not okay?" he whispered in her ear.

Grace: "Anxiousness and nervousness are not a good combination on a wedding day."

Arsenrios: nodded, "I see, well just try to relax."

Grace: took a breath and nodded, "Okay, for you." she let go of his hand and walked off to talk to people.

Arsenrios: went and started to talk to some of the other people.

Later they had their first wedding dance.

Arsenrios: realized he probably should have practiced dancing, but at least no one fell.

Neil: whispered to Grace as he and Yuki passed them, "At least you can dance."

Grace: giggled and looked at Arsenrios for a second and back to Neil, "Yea." she whispered back as they swirled by.

Arsenrios: "And this is why it's better if I don't dance." he whispered in her ear. He actually was doing pretty well, and looked like he had practiced for it was smooth and graceful and flowed from one stance to another. "Because I fail every time."

Grace: touched his cheek lightly with her hand, "You are doing wonderful." she assured him.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "So are you."

Grace: rested her cheek against his chest, feeling his breaths. She closed her eyes softly, letting him guide her on the dance floor, listening to the sounds of Pieces by Red.

Arsenrios: continued to dance with her.

After many hours of fun and dancing and enjoyable talk, the party reception was over.

Arsenrios: took her to the honey moon.

Grace: "Where are we going?" she wondered.

Arsenrios: smiled, "You'll just have to wait and see."

Grace: "On earth or off? Can I at least know that?"

Arsenrios: "Off."

Grace: "So why the airplane?"

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "This is no normal airplane my love." he whispered in her ear.

Grace: felt shivers running from her ear where he whispered to her, all down and through her body, "Oh." she blushed slightly. "Like a ship but with more luxury?" she looked for a window.

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed her ear. "Exactly."

Grace: her blush deepened at the feel of his lips on her ear and his warm breath, so different from his cool skin. She kept her gaze focused on the world outside the window.

Arsenrios: "Am I bothering you?" he asked softly.

Grace: "No." she looked over at him, "How could you bother me? It's our...official wedding night." her eyes sparkled.

Arsenrios: smiled, "I'm just making sure." he kissed her forehead.

Grace: smiled slightly and wrapped her arms around him and rested against him, closing her eyes gently, "How much longer?"

Arsenrios: "Just 10 more minutes." he promised and held her.

Grace: "I can wait that long." she said, though, being as comfortable as she was in his arms, she drifted to sleep for the remainder time until Arsenrios woke her.

Arsenrios: didn't wake her, he actually just picked her up and carried her to where they were going though half way in the middle it rained, he shielded her with his body from the rain.

Grace: opened her eyes, hearing the rain drops. She slowly became aware that she was being carried in Arsenrios' arms..."Arsenrios?" she asked sleepily, opening her eyes and glancing up at him them looking around at her surroundings to take in where they were and see if it was daylight or dark yet...

Arsenrios: smiled, "Yes it's me." it was too dark to see anything.

Grace: smiled slightly and closed her eyes, leaning against him again. Might as well close her eyes, she couldn't see anything anyways. "That's good. I wouldn't want to be carried by anyone else but you."

Arsenrios: "I'm glad." he carried her in one hand and opened the door and stepped inside.

Grace: opened her eyes, hearing the door open, and looked around to see where they were.

Arsenrios: they were in a luxurious hotel.

Grace: her eyes widened a fraction, "Wow. This may come close to being just as good as our first 'honeymoon'." she smiled slightly and looked up at him again.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Good. Hopefully it'll be better." he took the elevator up to the honeymoon suite.

Grace: "Better? As soon as I get out of this poofy, sight impairing dress I am sure it will be better." she giggled.

Arsenrios: smiled and set her down, "I can help you with that."

Grace: she wasn't able to blush anymore as her cheeks were already pink, "Yea..." she said softly.

Arsenrios: bent down and kissed her.

Grace: kissed him back, "Arsenrios," she said after a moment, "I'm sorry I am acting all shy. I mean it's not like we haven't done this before." she said softly. "But just the idea of an actual wedding...I guess."

Arsenrios: "It's okay I completely understand."

Grace: "Do you?" she asked softly, wondering if he knew how she felt or if he felt it too, even.

Arsenrios: nodded, looking into her eyes. "I do."

Grace: "Well...I...hmmm..." she paused a moment so as to divert her gaze from his eyes. It was making it hard to think and to talk. Which was so...sad in a way. But in a way also, it was good. Normally people had to be drunk to feel like this but...she wasn't. It was just her natural tendency to be as putty in Arsenrios hands when it came to him. "I do have that...lingerie I told you I was buying for our wedding. I have it...on. The...royal blue color that you like...and lace..." she licked her lips slowly and swallowed before looking at him again. Dear lord, she thought, her mouth was going dry again. This was almost as bad as when they first met and they first were intimate together. She lifted her hand and stroked his cheek delicately with the back of her fingers for a count of two seconds before dropping her hand again. It was too late to look away now, it was as if her eyes were stuck staring at him and his perfection forever. That was...fine by her.

Arsenrios: smiled, he leaned down and kissed her, just letting her get used to it, he planned to take it slow.

Grace: in the back of her mind, as she kissed him, she wondered if he was going to love her completely tonight, like he said he was going to before when they talked about it. Though...she wondered if he thought she couldn't handle it and so he wasn't going to...she didn't know...but the thought of him doing it did have her heart rate speed up and thud that much louder as blood coursed through her body.

Arsenrios: he pretended not to notice but he couldn't help but ask, "To much?" he wondered.

Grace: "No..." she whispered quietly, her eyes still closed.

Arsenrios: "Good." he slowly got into it and eventually loved her like he had before, completely and thoroughly.


Grace: was sleeping next to Arsenrios, her wedding dress off, the sheet around her, though it was so light you could see her royal blue lace lingerie a tad even beneath the sheet.

Arsenrios: held her to him, he just rested beside her.

Grace: opened her eyes slowly.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Good morning my love."

Grace: "Morning." she covered her mouth as she coughed, "Is there water somewhere?"

Arsenrios: handed her a glass of water.

Grace: took it and sat up, she took a sip and then a gulp and then drank some more. "Thank you." she set the half empty glass aside.

Arsenrios: nodded, "I hope I didn't make you sick."

Grace: "Sick?" she wondered what he meant.

Arsenrios: "Yes like a cold or something."

Grace: "How could you have made me sick?"

Arsenrios: "I'm not sure."

Grace: "I'm not sick. I was just thirsty." she assured him.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Ok."

Grace: "At least it's not as bad as when we first met." she smiled slightly.

Arsenrios: smiled, "That is definitely a good thing." he moved his head and kissed her forehead softly, "I love you so much."

Grace: "I certainly hope so." she snuggled close to him.

Arsenrios: smiled and held her closer.


Grace: "Do we have to go back home?"

Arsenrios: "I suppose not though Anne might get rather lonely."

Grace: "Oh yea...Anne." she said softly, "Well, then we should go home."

Arsenrios: "If you want to stay then we can. It's up to you."

Grace: shook her head, "'s up to you, really. Officially being married means you are officially my head." she smiled slightly amused, "No matter how strange that's the truth. Calling you Master or not, I will listen to you."

Arsenrios: "And I can't be a good head if I don't listen to what my wife wants."

Grace: smiled and laid back on the bed again, hands behind her head, just watching him, "Tell me then...Arsenrios. What is it that I want?"

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "I don't know you have yet to tell me." he kissed her.

Grace: kissed him back gently, "And here I thought you were some great mind reader or something..."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Maybe I am but I've decided that I'm going to ask first and on the last resort take it from people's mind."

Grace: "Perhaps this is the last resort because I'm not telling you."

Arsenrios: kissed her neck and he whispered in her ear. "Are you sure?" he whispered.

Grace: a tickle ran through her body, "Yea..." she said softly, not very convincing at all.

Arsenrios: continued to kiss her, "Positive?"

Grace: "Well...yeah...most definitely now. Whenever you kiss me...I don't even know what I think anymore."

Arsenrios: smiled, "I'll be good."

Grace: "Even when you are good, you are bad..."

Arsenrios: smirked, "I know."

Grace: snuggled to him again.

Arsenrios: smiled and just held her.

Grace: "So what are our plans for our honeymoon?" she asked softly.

Arsenrios: "You'll just have to wait and see."

Grace: "Alright."

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed her.

Grace: kissed him back.

Arsenrios: "I love you so much Grace."

Grace: "I love you too, Arsenrios."

Arsenrios: "You feeling alright?"

Grace: "Yes, why wouldn't I be?"

Arsenrios: "Just making sure."

Grace: "Are you feeling alright?" she asked him his question.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Of course."

Grace: "I wonder why I was ever scared of you."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Because of the people I hung around with." he suggested.

Grace: nodded, slightly, "Probably. But that's not fair of me to have judged you by outward appearance."

Arsenrios: "You were scared that's all. As you recall all of the others were scared of me too."

Grace: traced her finger on his chest, "Yea. I have a question."

Arsenrios: "Yes?"

Grace: "There were eleven other women there besides me. Why did you choose me to be...your company? I know you didn't love me then. So there must have had another reason." she asked softly.

Arsenrios: "Because you're the one I could relate to most. In the beginning it was more just randomly but after that first night I we were a like in a way. I knew you were scared of me and I wanted us to be friends I didn't want to push you to hard and I just wanted to get to know you at first." he spoke softly.

Grace: smiled slightly, "That's...very sweet of you. You are a gentleman." she kissed her finger and then put it on his chest.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly and kissed her forehead. "So much has changed since then."

Grace: "Yes, a lot has changed. But I like that it has. It gives us interest and common grounds in life."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Indeed."

Grace: "I supposed I should get dressed."

Arsenrios: "If you must." he whispered to her.

Grace: "Well...I don't have to I guess." she snuggled under the covers. It was sort of chilly.

Arsenrios: he wrapped her with more blankets.

Grace: "Thanks." she was feeling toasty warm now.

Arsenrios: "Your welcome my love."

Grace: smiled at him.

Arsenrios: smiled and kissed her again.

Grace: kissed him back gently.

Arsenrios: "Can I ask you a question now?"

Grace: "Sure. You can ask me anything you'd like."

Arsenrios: "Where the other girls treating you badly because I always asked to have you for company?"

Grace: "No. They were...relieved you didn't pick them. Though none of the girls thought you were a bad master. Out of the three to choose from you were the best to have. But still, they were betting on how long I was going to live."

Arsenrios: he smiled slightly, "You changed me so quickly."

Grace: "Are you saying if I hadn't, that they would have been right and I would have been dead?"

Arsenrios: shook his head, "No I could never hurt an innocent person but I was just commenting that in such a short time you changed me into this good person."

Grace: "No one can change unless they want to. And because you wanted to, that's why it worked." she smiled slightly.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Very true."

Grace: "Indeed."

Arsenrios: "And you are so special I wanted to change for you."

Grace: "Am I really worth it, so much?"

Arsenrios: smiled, "Of course."

Grace: leaned over and snuggled to him, despite the cold, "I love you." she repeated.

Arsenrios: "I love you too."

Grace: "Do you think we are going to over use those words?"

Arsenrios: "I don't think there is such a thing."

Grace: "I'm glad."

Arsenrios: smiled, "Me too."

Grace: laid there.

Arsenrios: held her close but made sure she had a lot of blankets to make up for it.

Grace: she didn't know what to do so she just looked at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: "We have a theater date in an hour so what do you want to do till then?"

Grace: pulled him down and kissed him.

Arsenrios: held her close to him and kissed her.

Grace: "Is this a fancy date?"

Arsenrios: nodded slightly, "Sort of."

Grace: "Then maybe I should start getting ready now. We only have an hour."

Arsenrios: "If you want babe." he kissed her slightly and then moved his arms.

Grace: "Not really, but if I must, I must." she said reluctantly and then sat up.

Arsenrios: "You could just stay with me."

Grace: "But don't you have to get ready for the date too?" she asked him.

Arsenrios: smiled and nodded, "I can do that in a half hour."

Grace: "If I got ready in a half hour I would look horrible. Probably how I look now." she frowned slightly.

Arsenrios: shook his head, "You look beautiful." he kissed her softly first on the lips then on her nose then forehead.

Grace: she closed her eyes softly, kissing him back when he kissed her lips, "Alright. I'll stay with you." she whispered. She didn't want to move away from him now.

Arsenrios: smiled, "I'm glad." he kissed her again pulling her on top of him. He pulled her closer.

Grace: she kissed him more and more.

Arsenrios: kissed her back, he cupped his hands under her chin.

Grace: she moaned lightly with the pleasure he was giving her with his kisses.

Arsenrios: kissed her face all over.

Grace: a small smiled appeared on her lips. She enjoyed this.

Arsenrios: he kissed her neck.

Grace: "Are you going to bite me?" she whispered, her eyes closed.

Arsenrios: "No I won't hurt you like that." he whispered back to her.

Grace: "Okay." she breathed.

Arsenrios: " want it." he breathed into her neck.

Grace: "You're tickling me a lot." she giggled a bit, feeling his breath. "I won't force you to do something you don't want to."

Arsenrios: "If you want it, I shall do it."

Grace: "What I want is to be like you again." she whispered.

Arsenrios: "My love we won't have time to go to the play and to change you."

Grace: "I know." she said sadly. She turned her head to kiss him again to just get his lips away from her neck so she could forget about it.

Arsenrios: kissed her back more and more, pulling her closer and closer.

Grace: she continued to kiss him.

Arsenrios: "Maybe when we get back." he whispered.

Grace: "Hmm?" she wondered what he was talking about.

Arsenrios: "Never mind."

Grace: she didn't say anything, just kissed him.

Arsenrios: kissed her back, after a while he pulled back, "We have a half hour." he whispered.

Grace: "Yea." she opened her eyes and looked at him.

Arsenrios: "Unless you want to just go in jeans."

Grace: "It's up to you."

Arsenrios: shook his head, "It's your decision."

Grace: she smiled slightly, "Well where are we going? Do we need to dress up?"

Arsenrios: "To a play remember hon?" he chuckled.

Grace: "No, I don't remember anything. Not when you're this close to me. What's your name again?"

Arsenrios: "Arsenrios." he reminded her and nuzzled her neck.

Grace: "Mmm...I love that name." she whispered, closing her eyes again as tingles filled her body.

Arsenrios: he smiled slightly, "I'm glad."

Grace: "Can your kind...the women...can they have babies?" she whispered.

Arsenrios: "Sometimes." he whispered.

Grace: "Sometimes..." she whispered. She couldn't think. "Arsenrios...please." she couldn't wait any longer; she needed his love now.

Arsenrios: "We might be late." he whispered to her. "You're not tired of me yet?"

Grace: "Never." she whispered back. She'd be late to a play any day if the time before was spent with the love of her life.

Arsenrios: he kissed her down her neck and the length of her body.

Grace: she moaned quietly as he kissed her. Whenever she got a chance, she kissed him in return.

20 minutes after the play started he was done.

Grace: "I...have to take a shower..." she mumbled as she had her face against his chest, snuggled to him. She hoped they made it to the play. She would feel bad if they missed it.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "So do I."

Grace: she forced herself to sit up. It was an effort to get up; she didn't want to.

Arsenrios: watched her.

Grace: there was some slight bruising on her skin when Arsenrios had gotten a little bit too carried away. They were a pale yellow for now. She yawned a bit and walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Arsenrios: he felt horrible, how could he have gotten out of control? He felt so stupid.

Grace: "Are you coming?" she called to Arsenrios. He did say he needed a shower too.

Arsenrios: "That's okay you go ahead."

Grace: "But you said you needed one." she didn't understand. "Aren't we going to the play?"

Arsenrios: "You're already one giant yellow mark."

Grace: she looked down at herself, "Just some spots. It's not bad- like before I don't notice it." she stepped in the shower, her voice obscured by water, "Come on, please?"

Arsenrios: sighed and got up and came into the bathroom and got in beside her.

Grace: she smiled as she washed her hair. "Hello. We almost ran out of hot water you took so long to come in here."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly and start to wash his hair.

Grace: once she finished washing she pecked Arsenrios on the cheek and then stepped out of the tub, drying off with a towel. She got a blow dryer and dried her hair off.

Arsenrios: he dried off his hair then went and got dressed.

Grace: she walked out into the bedroom and picked out a pair of jeans and a fancy top. After she got dressed she fixed her hair all up nice and then put on her jewelry and makeup.

Arsenrios: he combed out his hair and brushed his teeth.

Grace: once she was done she sat on the edge of the bed and slipped on her shoes and then waited for him, sitting there, watching him.

Arsenrios: he was finishing buttoning up his shirt though he had a white shirt underneath. He slipped on his shoes. "Ready?"

Grace: she nodded, "Mhm." she was still distracted by watching him.

Arsenrios: held his arm out to her like an old-time gentlemen would.

Grace: she smiled slightly and stood, taking his arm.

Arsenrios: walked with her to the play hall and thank goodness there was an hour delay so they had to wait for 10 minutes for it to start but that was alright.

Grace: she held his hand as they took their seats. "So what's it about?" she whispered to him as they sat down. She still held his hand. She was surprised they made it there and it was was like...a sign that she and Arsenrios were meant to be together prior to the play or something. She smiled to herself and almost laughed. She liked that idea a lot.

Arsenrios: wrapped his arm around her, "It's a mixture of all of Shakespeare's stories with twists."

Grace: she leaned against him, "This will be nice to see...romantic even." she said softly.

Arsenrios: smiled. "Indeed."

Grace: she watched as the play started.

Arsenrios: watched as well.

As the play wore on, two people, a man and woman, started to bicker a few rows ahead of Arsenrios and Grace, in hushed tones.

Arsenrios: listened to what they were saying.

"We have to go pick him up from the station." the woman was whispering to the man.

"These tickets are hard to get. I am not leaving to pick up our son who is leading himself on a bad track anyways. Spending a night in a cell will do him good."

"But Brice he just called and-"

"Well you shouldn't have picked up the phone during the play!" he snapped at her. "Then we wouldn't be having this discussion."

The woman stood with a huff and grabbed her bag, "I'm going. I'll take the car."

Brice grabbed her arm, "I don't think so Talen. Just sit back down and we can go after the play."

"The station will be closed and we won't be able to pick him up then!" she whispered with a whine, "Brice please."

Brice pulled Talen back down into her seat with a swift motion.

Arsenrios: growled slightly.

Grace: she looked over at him, slightly alarmed, "What is it?" she whispered to him. "Is the play upsetting you?"

Arsenrios: "No, it's people." he whispered back to her.

Grace: she stroked his arm lightly to try to calm him.

Arsenrios: he kissed her temple slightly, he was really tense.

Grace: she leaned against him and continued to watch the play.

Arsenrios: he watched the people that were talking earlier.

The man was keeping a firm grip on the woman's arm so she couldn't leave.

Arsenrios: he watched as an attendant came up and asked them. "Is there a problem sir and ma'am?"

The woman was going to say something but the man hardened his grip on Talen's arm, "No." Brice said to the attendant kindly with a smile, "No problem."

Attendant: "Very well." he turned and walked up the aisle.

Arsenrios: "Babe would you hate me if I knocked someone out?"

Grace: she was distracted for a moment by the play, "Huh?" she said and looked over at him, "Yes." she said softly.

Arsenrios: sighed, "Even if it was just for an hour or so and he was hurting his wife?" he whispered in her ear, no one other than her could hear just like before.

Grace: she frowned slightly, "I wouldn't want anyone to knock you out even if you were hurting me." she whispered to him.

Arsenrios: sighed, "Even if you wanted to go just for 20 minutes to pick up your son so I'm controlling you to stay there?"

Grace: "I never wanted to hurt you even in Russia. I'm just not like that." she even sometimes still felt bad about Liam.

Arsenrios: sighed, he really wanted to knock that guy out.

Grace: "You're sighing a lot." she noticed.

Arsenrios: "That's because I want to help that poor woman up there."

Grace: "Then do so, but do it gentlemanly."

Arsenrios: nodded, he got into the man's mind and changed it so he would let his wife go while he himself stayed at the play.

There was a barrier blocking Arsenrios. Brice turned around in his seat and his eyes narrowed at Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: he was looking at the play; he should have checked that before, it would have been smart just a tad.

The man turned back around in his seat and stood suddenly. He pulled his wife with him as he left the isle.

Arsenrios: watched him go.

Grace: she watched Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: he made no response he checked to see if the woman was human or not.

Yes, she was.

The man stopped and talked to an attendant for awhile and followed the attendant as he led him and his wife up to a set of balcony seats. Brice thanked the attendant and sat down in a seat, having his wife sit next to him, still holding her arm. He whispered something in her ear but Talen just kept her eyes on the play, upset with him. Brice rolled his eyes and went back to watching the play.

Arsenrios: looked back to the play he listened to what he had told her.

Brice: "You are catching the attention of others in this place. I brought you here for a date and something nice. You say I never do anything nice for you and now I am and you are ruining it." his voice was slightly angry.

Arsenrios: kept his thoughts to himself without realizing it he started to squeeze Grace's arm and once he noticed he let go, "I'm sorry." he muttered to her.

Grace: she winced and then rubbed her arm, "It's okay." she whispered to him. The bruise there would just take a bit more time to heal now is all.

Arsenrios: "I didn't mean to. I'll fix it." he promised moved his arm so that he couldn't hurt her again.

Grace: she held his arm again, "I'll heal." she said lightly, "Just enjoy the play please."

Arsenrios: put his arm around her and brought her a little closer then looked back to the play.

Grace: she stayed like that next to him for the remainder of the play.

Arsenrios: after the play was over he stood.

Grace: she got up with him, "I liked that a lot." she smiled slightly at him.

Arsenrios: he smiled at her, "I'm glad."

Grace: she took his hand and walked with him where he went.

Arsenrios he was walking to the exit doors, "Do you want to get some late dinner?"

Grace: "I would love that."

Brice pulled his wife with him out the doors of the theater.

Arsenrios: growled softly. "Good." she told her softly then went out the doors.

Grace: "What are you growling at?"

Arsenrios: "Just people."

Grace: "Are you hungry? Is that why?"

Arsenrios: "No not exactly."

Grace: "Oh." she didn't understand then.

Brice and his wife disappeared around a corner, walking to their car.

Arsenrios: took her to the car and opened the door for her.

Grace: "Thank you." she got in the car.

Arsenrios: "You're welcome." he closed the door and then walked around to his side.

Grace: she buckled her seat belt.

The car came flying around the corner and down the road, the tires skidding over the road.

Arsenrios: "He wasn't human." he said as he drove.

Grace: "Who?"

Arsenrios: "The man that was hurting his wife."

Grace: "There's a lot of those around." she guessed. "The world isn't just humans."

Arsenrios: "I know but nevertheless he had no right to treat her like that."

Grace: "I agree." she said softly.

Arsenrios: he sighed as he drove.

Grace: "I'm sorry I'm making you sigh a lot tonight."

Arsenrios: "It's not you it's that man."

Grace: "Then why don't you do something?"

Arsenrios: "I can't even get in his mind let alone stop him."

Grace: "Couldn't you just talk to them?"

The car that had flown by earlier was at the police station in the parking lot.

Arsenrios: "What's the point?" he glanced over to see what was going on.

The woman was arguing with a police officer about her son. It was Talen. Brice was sitting in the car.

Arsenrios: got in the police's mind to see what was wrong.

They weren't letting their son out. It was too late and the station was closed. Their boy would have to spend the night in prison.

Arsenrios: "Should I help them out?"

Grace: she looked over, "If you want..." she said, not sure what she was agreeing to.

Arsenrios: "Should I help her get her son out of jail for tonight?"

Grace: "Of course...he's not a criminal is he?"

Arsenrios: tried to see what he did.

The boy had caught a man's apple orchard on fire.

Arsenrios: "He caught an apple orchard on fire."

Grace: "So he's an arsonist."

Arsenrios: nodded. "But if you get the apple orchard owner enough he'd forget about it."

Grace: "Get him enough what?"

Arsenrios: "Money of course."

Grace: "So you're thinking of paying him off?" she guessed.

Arsenrios: "Yes. Exactly."

Grace: she smiled slightly, "How gentlemanly of you."

Arsenrios: he smiled slightly.

Grace: she looked back at the police station, "So where is the orchard place at?"

Arsenrios: "Umm…" he checked.

The woman was done fighting with the police officer and she brushed away some angry tears and huffed, walking back to the car where her husband sat waiting.

The police was thinking about the place down by Fenders Lane.

Arsenrios: "The place by Fenders Lane. Think I should help?"

Grace: "Sure. Why not?"

Arsenrios: let out a breath then pulled in, he got out. He looked to the police officer just keeping his eyes off the man in the car. "Officer wait a moment are you sure their son did something wrong?"

Talen: looked over at Arsenrios, hearing him speak. Her hand stilled on the car door.

The officer looked over at Arsenrios, "Yes sir. Who are you?"

Arsenrios: he pulled out his wallet and showed the man his badge. It told all his information that is needed for that. "Just another officer." just in case he needed a back route he checked to see if the officer was human.

The Officer was human. He looked at the badge and nodded, "Alright. Well, this woman," he motioned to Talen, "Her son had the bright idea of being destructive and so he caught a man's orchard on fire."

Talen: "I'm sure there's an explanation!"

Officer: "There should never be a reason for destruction, ma'am."

Arsenrios: "Did you talk to the boy to see what his side of the story is? I'm sure that she would teach her son to respect other people's property."

Officer: "Yes. Parents tend to try but teenagers these days are just rebellious. Sure, we've heard his side of the story. But the orchard farmer says differently."

Arsenrios: "What does the boy say?"

Officer: "He says he's been picking apples for the man for awhile, and he hasn't paid him. So to get revenge I guess, he decided to burn the man's orchard down."

Arsenrios: "When did this happen? Because just this afternoon I passed and everything was fine."

Officer: "It happened this morning. We checked everything out."

Arsenrios: "What offense is this for him?"

Officer: "This is actually his third offense. But he is a minor."

Arsenrios: "Community service is still open to him. If you just throw him in jail then what lesson are you setting? He needs to learn the hard work that is set in putting up that orchard. Why not let him out tonight then tomorrow send a couple officers out and make the boy replant all of the orchard that is destroyed and he has to supply the money for the new plants."

Officer: he nodded slowly, "That would work. But he will need to stay overnight in the cell. We can only let him out tomorrow morning."

Arsenrios: "They're only late by a half an don't think it was possible to let it slide? I know the computers and system hasn't been shut down yet." he influenced his mind more into that direction.

Talen: was watching them both closely, looking back and forth from Arsenrios to the Officer depending on who was talking.

Brice: opened up the car door and stepped out, his hand on the door handle.

Officer: he looked back at the precinct, "You know what, you're right. I'll go see what I can do." he looked back at Arsenrios and then to Talen and then Brice, "Excuse me." he went inside.

Arsenrios: smiled, and watched the officer go. He helped him get the job done to where he could be set free tonight.

Talen: "Do you think it will work?" she asked Arsenrios as they all waited.

Brice: watched Arsenrios with a scowl.

Arsenrios: nodded, "I'm sure, you have nothing to worry about ma'am." he looked to her then leaned on his car.

Grace: she got out of the car.

Talen: she waited and as she did, she looked to her husband. She opened her mouth.

Brice: looked at her sternly and held up a hand, "Don't even start." He got back in the car and slammed the door shut.

Talen: closed her mouth.

Arsenrios: slightly confused but decided not to question it. "Hi hon." he said as he looked to his wife.

Grace: "Did it work?" she asked.

Arsenrios: smiled and wrapped an arm around her, "Yes he's going to get him. We'll be able to go get dinner soon." he promised and kissed her softly.

Grace: she smiled slightly and leaned against him and looked over at Talen.

Arsenrios: looked over to Talen as well.

Talen: she leaned against the car as she waited.

Arsenrios: he looked back to Grace. "Hon what is it?" he whispered to her.

Grace: "Nothing I'm just waiting."

Arsenrios: nodded, "Alright." he whispered in her ear, "I love you." then kissed her on the forehead while he waited.

Grace: she wrapped her arms around his waist. "I love you too." She said softly.

The police officer came out of the precinct, "Alright." he pulled along a boy that looked like he was 16. "He's free."

Talen: "Dane!" she ran over to him quickly and hugged him.

Dane: "Hey mom." he hugged her back.

Officer: "So you know the deal about the orchard?"

Dane: "I don't want to do it!" he said as he leaned back, "The man deserved it!" he said upset.

Officer: "Then I'm afraid you have to go back into the cell."

Brice: he got out of the car again and this time shut the door.

Arsenrios: sighed, it seemed like a good plan.

Brice: "I told you the boy should just stay there." he said to Talen.

Talen: looked at him sadly, "No. He's our son."

Brice: "When he does stupid crap like this he is your son. Not mine."

Dane: glared at his dad, his arms crossed.

Arsenrios: sighed, "I'd like to talk to the boy privately please."

Officer: "Sure." he motioned Dane over to Arsenrios.

Dane: sighed and walked over to him.

Grace: she stepped away from Arsenrios.

Talen and Brice: watched them.

Arsenrios: put a hand on his back encouraging him forward, he looked at the boy trying to understand. "What's up with you? Do you know how much your mother has been worried about you?"

Dane: "The man deserved it. I've been picking apples for him for five months and he's only paid me once. He thinks he can get me to work for him for free. He thought wrong. And I am not planting his stupid orchard again."

Arsenrios: "How much was he supposed to be paying you?"

Dane: "One dollar every five gallon bucket I filled with apples. I've filled at least 250 buckets in those five months. He's only ever paid me fifty dollars."

Arsenrios: "How about I make a deal with you Dane? I don't think you're a bad kid and I don't want you wasting the rest of your life in jail. Are you willing to listen to my proposal?"

Dane: "Sure." he said slowly.

Arsenrios: "If you stay out of trouble then I will pay what that man owes you and replant his whole orchard. That way you don't have to do it and I know that you will never rot in jail.

Dane: "I still need a job."

Arsenrios: "I might have some jobs around my place that you could help with and I WILL pay you every time you come."

Dane: "Seriously? You'd hire a criminal? My father would think you were insane."

Arsenrios: "I'm serious. I believe in giving people second chances."

Dane: he nodded slowly, "What is it you would have me do?" he asked.

Arsenrios: "Just different things, for one I need a shed built so that'll take some time. Then there are a few other things."

Dane: "'ll replant his orchard as long as I just stay out of trouble...then I can get to go home?"

Arsenrios: nodded, "Yes, and I'll pay you what he owes you plus if you work for me."

Dane: he smiled slightly, "I'd like that."

Arsenrios: "Then I believe we have a deal." he held out his hand for a handshake for a confirmation.

Dane: he shook his hand.

Arsenrios: "We should get back."

Dane: he nodded and walked back over to his mother.

Talen: "So?" she asked him.

Dane: "The orchard will be replanted and it will be paid off." he looked to Arsenrios.

Arsenrios: nodded, "And since he is willing to do things then he can go." his eyes went from Talen to Dane, sending him a message to just go along with it.

Dane: he nodded and looked to the Officer.

Officer: "I don't want to see you back here or else it is jail time." he tipped his hat to them all, "Good night." he went back into the precinct.

Talen: she beamed and ran and hugged Dane tightly.

Dane: "Ouch mom..." he let out a breath.

Talen: let him go, "Sorry." she smiled at Arsenrios, "Thank you."

Arsenrios: nodded, "You're welcome." he looked to Grace, "Let's go to dinner."

Grace: nodded and opened up the car door.

Brice: he got out of the passenger side and walked around to the other side, "I'll drive. Get in the car Talen and Dane." he got in on the driver's side.

Dane: he got in the backseat.

Talen: got in the passenger's seat. She glanced at Arsenrios and then looked back over at Brice.

Brice: when he got in he started the car.

Arsenrios: he got in the car and waited for her to be buckled then he back out and drove down the road.

Brice: as soon as they pulled out he sped out of the driveway. He was talking in a harsh voice to his wife and son in the car.

Talen: didn't even look at him.

Dane: was arguing back.

But the sound of the car over rode their voice and soon the car was gone down the road out of sight.

Arsenrios: he drove to a restaurant. "Here we are at last."

Grace: she smiled slightly, "Good. I'm starved." she got out of the car.

Arsenrios: got out and locked the car then came around to her and wrapped an arm around her and opened the door for her.

Grace: she went inside with him. "That was very nice of you."

Arsenrios: "What was?" he asked as he returned to her side and gave the waiter his name and he took them to the table.

Grace: "What you did for the boy."

Arsenrios: he shrugged, "Nothing major."

Grace: she leaned up and kissed his cheek gently before she took her seat at the table.

Arsenrios: he kissed her softly the pulled out her chair for her and when she sat down, he pushed it in and came to his and sat down.

Grace: she looked at the menu, "So...what are you hungry for?"

Arsenrios: he thought, "I'm not really sure, though I must ask you a question. What is your favorite wine?"

Grace: she thought about it, "I've only ever tried the Ortman Family Vineyards O2 Series Sangiovese...when my mom gave me a taste. I thought it was pretty good. But I'm sure with your age you have more experience with the wines in the world. So I should be asking you that question."

Arsenrios: he smiled slightly, "This evening isn't about me though and you do have excellent tastes in wine." there was a wine that was brought to their table and poured for each of them. "Thanks." he said.

Grace: she took a sip of the wine and tasted it. She wasn't much of a drinker but for their date she would drink.

Arsenrios: he watched her then lifted the glass to his lips and took a drink.

Grace: she set the glass down and smiled at him and then went back to studying the menu.

Arsenrios: smiled back then he glanced down at his own menu.

Grace: she felt herself blushing for some reason. When she found what she wanted, she closed the menu.

Arsenrios: smiled and then closed the menu.

Grace: she looked around the place.

It was a very rich looking place, very rich with the culture that they were in.

Grace: "This will be expensive." she commented. She wasn't sure if she was comfortable with him spending so much money on her.

Arsenrios: "It's our honeymoon besides you're worth it."

Grace: she smiled slightly, "Thanks."

Arsenrios: smiled back, "You're welcome."

Grace: her blush deepened and she glanced over at a nearby table.

Arsenrios: he smiled slightly watching her look at the sophisticated people.

The waitress came and took their order before leaving them alone again.

Grace: "I'm not dressed right for a place like this." she whispered.

Arsenrios: "Yes you are." he told her taking her hand in his.

Grace: she smiled slightly, looking down at their hands. He always did make her feel special. Now when her heart beat faster, it wasn't out of fear. It was out of love.

Arsenrios: he rubbed his thumb over her hand he smiled slightly, he loved her so much she couldn't even imagine.

Grace: she just continued to watch their hands. His thumb created shivers in her skin as it ran over her hand, so she got goose-bumps.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "I'm still too cold, maybe I should just start to wear gloves." he smiled slightly.

Grace: "That would make you look mysterious." she giggled a bit, "It's alright though. I don't mind using the body heat I have to warm you when I can." she took her other hand and clasped his hand in between both of hers.

Arsenrios: he smiled a little, "You are...very warm." he said softly.

Grace: "It comes with being human." she whispered to him from across the table, with a smile.

Arsenrios: he smiled slightly, "One of the perks." he said and leaned across and kissed her softly then leaned back in his chair still holding her hand.

Grace: she kissed him gently back. "You're not afraid of P.D.A, huh?"

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "Of course not, I'm not afraid to let everybody here know that you're my wife."

Grace: "I'm not afraid for them to know that you're my husband either." she said, a blush on her cheeks.

Arsenrios: "Would you hate me if I proclaimed my love for you in front of everyone in public?"

Grace: her blush grew into a dark crimson red, "What do you mean? Here?" she glanced around at the people. They didn't look like they wished to be disturbed.

Arsenrios: he smiled, "Yes of course here, I want to make a pronouncement of my love to you with all of these people present."

Grace: "Alright..."

Arsenrios: he stood and took his fork and stuck the cup lightly so that it would make a dingy noise. Then he set down the cup and fork and waited for everyone's attention when he got it he smiled, "Hello everyone, I'm glad to have your attention. You see I wanted to do something special because me and my wife were just married a few days ago and so I decided to write a poem, now if you don't mind I'd like to read it." he paused and looked around and when no one stopped he smiled, "Excellent." he reached out his hand to Grace to stand.

Grace: "Oh my." she whispered and stood slowly up. He wrote her a poem. She tried not to faint. She wanted to hear this. She was happy and embarrassed all at once.

Arsenrios: he had already memorized the poem so there was no need for any paper.

"When I first saw you,

So long ago,

I knew that I loved you right from the start,

There were no conditions,

Or even hesitations,

And from that moment on I wished you were mine,

At first not showing it,

I longed for your company,

Your love and your kiss,

And now that we have gotten to know each other,

My love has only grown more,

With each passing day and each passing hour,

I love you Grace more than the flowers love the sun,

And from this moment on,

I'm always here for you,

No matter if its day or night,
I'm always here to say,

I love you."

Through some parts of the poem there was Awww's going through the crowd and at the end everyone smiled and clapped some had tears coming out of their eyes.

Grace: "Arsenrios." she whispered, her word choked. She herself was crying. She walked around the table and wrapped her arms around his body and just hugged him tight, "I love you too."

Arsenrios: he hugged her back and kissed her forehead, "You mean everything to me." he whispered.

Grace: "And you mean everything to me." she replied, looking up at him.

Arsenrios he wiped away some of her tears, "You're so beautiful." he said softly, stroking the side of her face.

Grace: she leaned up and kissed him. She was extremely light headed.

Arsenrios: kissed her back softly

Grace: after the kiss she still held his hand as she took her seat again at the table.

Arsenrios: he sat down too.

Grace: "I'm hungry." she whispered, glancing around at the people again.

All were back to eating and talking amongst themselves.

Arsenrios: nodded, within what seemed like seconds their food was placed before them.

Waitress: "Sorry about the wait sir and ma'am. Can I get you anything?"

Grace: "No thank you. This is good." she picked up her fork and took a bite of her food.

Waitress: she nodded and then went to serve other tables.

Arsenrios: he took a sip of wine then started to eat his food.

Grace: "This is really good."

Arsenrios: "It is." he agreed.

Grace: "Thank you for bringing me here."

Arsenrios: "You're very welcome."

Grace: she continued to eat. She took a sip of her wine again. She felt a little better, though she was still light headed. Maybe that was from the wine.

Arsenrios: "I didn't scare you too much did I?"

Grace: "No. I just don't think I'm used to a lot of wine and I think I might...get drunk if I drink much more."

Arsenrios: "Would you like some pop or water instead?"

Grace: "Do you think I should?"

Arsenrios: "I certainly don't want you to be sick."

Grace: "I don't want to be sick either."

Arsenrios: called the waitress over.

Waitress: "What can I get for you?"

Grace: "May I have some coke soda, please?" she asked the waitress.

Waitress: smiled, "Of course, I will be just a second." she quickly left and then brought back the drink, "There you are ma'am."

Grace: "Thank you." she took a sip.

Waitress: nodded and excused herself.

Grace: she looked at Arsenrios and smiled and then set down her glass and went back to eating.

Arsenrios: "Better?"

Grace: "Mhm." she said, unable to speak because food was in her mouth.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Good."

Grace: she smiled slightly as she ate.

Arsenrios: he quite enjoyed the meal and hoped that she had too.

Grace: soon she was finished with her dinner. She dabbed at her mouth with the napkin.

Arsenrios: "Good?"

Grace: she smiled slightly at him, "Of course." she set her napkin down on the table.

Arsenrios: smiled, "Good. Are you still feeling light headed?"

Grace: "If I was, it wouldn't be because of the wine." she said softly, a small smile on her lips.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly back.

Grace: "So what now, my lord?"

Arsenrios: "Now we can go home and then if you want we can do what we talked about before or if you'd prefer something else, that's doable too."

Grace: she blushed, "Nope. That sounds good."

Arsenrios: smiled slightly, "Then it's a plan." he called for the check.

Waitress: brought it right over.

Grace: once dinner was paid for she left with him.

Arsenrios: opened the door for her once the Valet brought the car around.

Grace: she kissed his cheek before she took her seat and buckled up.

Arsenrios: when she was done he put it into gear and drove to the hotel.

Grace: she leaned her head back against the headrest and closed her eyes.

Arsenrios: "Tired?"

Grace: "A little bit." she admitted.

Arsenrios: "Then why don't you go ahead and take a nap, I'll wake you when we're back at the hotel."

Grace: she nodded slightly, her eyes already closed. She doubted she could fall asleep before they made it back to the hotel. They weren't that far away. But she tried.

Arsenrios: he went to the orchards to survey the damage.

The whole place was scorched, fire trails left in the ruins of what used to be apple trees.

Arsenrios: he looked out at it, "I can fix that." he said to himself.

There was a light that turned on at the house by the orchard.

Arsenrios: he continued to drive to the hotel.

The light shut off.

Arsenrios: he'd do it as soon she was asleep.

Grace: she did fall asleep in the car.

Arsenrios: when he got to the hotel, he got out and carried her in the hotel and locked the car, he set her in bed and took off her shoes.

Grace: "Mmm," she opened her eyes slowly, "We are back?" she whispered.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly and nodded, "Yes hon." he whispered and kissed her forehead.

Grace: "Mmm." she smiled slightly, "Okay." the bed felt really comfortable.

Arsenrios: "Just go to sleep hon."

Grace: "I thought we were going to do something," she yawned, "Though."

Arsenrios: "Do you want to do it tonight or in the morning?"

Grace: "Morning might be better.'s up to you." she opened her eyes and looked at him.

Arsenrios: he stroked the side of her face, "I'll do it in the morning then. Go ahead and go to sleep."

Grace: she kissed his hand and held it as she finally did succumb to sleep.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly watching her.

The night grew later and later.

Arsenrios: he wondered if the orchard man was asleep yet.

Surely by this time of night he would be, along with the rest of the world.

Arsenrios: he duplicated himself and went and planted the trees without anyone seeing, in the farmer's mind he made sure that since it was replanted he would be alright with that and that he would not ask questions how it got planted.

The farmer never suspected a thing.

Arsenrios: he just lay beside his wife.


Grace: she opened her eyes and smiled slightly at Arsenrios, lifting a hand to stroke his face gently as he slept.

Arsenrios: smiled slightly and got a tighter grip around her waist.

Grace: she didn't want to wake him so she just snuggled to him and let him sleep.

Arsenrios: about a half an hour later, he woke up and stretched a little without hurting her.

Grace: she smiled slightly, "Long night?" she asked softly.

Arsenrios: nodded, "Like you wouldn't believe. I have no idea when I fell asleep."