The world throws you down,
like pitching wild knuckle balls
down the plate
just waiting to get the chance
to laugh at you
when you swing and miss.

It's the moments when
the tears just can't help
but fall
that makes it feel as if
all the wind is knocked
straight out of you,
and your lungs strive to breathe
the sweet air.

But if the world has room to be so cruel
and the people behave so mean,
there is always some space for good
even if it's found under sheer darkness
reaching every corner of the place
we all call home.

There's always someone
who will be there
to pick you up,
rather it be the person who stands
next to you 110% of the way,
or the warm fuzzy teddy bear
that begs to be cuddled at night.

The point is that there's always someone
that cares about you,
and will always be there
ready to listen.

So the next time the world jabs you in the back
or tries to put you down,
wipe the wet rivers down your face
and scream the truth,
with the comfort and support
of the friends you have guarding your back .