To live in my shoes
a bit too large
a bit too wide
to see what I see.

To shy away from the person
across half the room
the guy or girl that wont dare
look your way
and find you just standing there
in awe

To allow for screams and hatred
to fall into cracks
and bleed out as tears
flowing freely in the pillow
your head now lies on

To drown the noise of the world
through steel buds
and bass riveting music
letting the rampage
continue to spin your head
around and around

To speak with friends
without words
with nods
but with an instant electric current
a meaningful connection
between hazel and frost blue eyes

To have the power
to make others smile
or mend a broken heart
with wounded fragile hands

To be subjected to the corners
mute and pushed
but unable to say something back

To be worn and torn
trapped in a wooden box,
locked in a closet,
or thrown out the door,
the softness of my soul
will remain and linger
on the border of
life and death