Started on this prequel for Rocked Like Me a while back, and now I've drawn a complete BLANK.

Initial Summary: They'd had a running bet amongst themselves to see who could 'bag' the new girl first. Needless to say, none of them won. She fell for the guy that seemed to have the least interest in her. Go figure. Prequel to Rocked.

None of the Above.

Burrell Smithson stared out the window, riveted by the way raindrops slid down the glass as though racing each other to the ledge. His fingers itched to sketch the patterns before him. Reaching up, he grabbed the pencil he usually had perched on his ear, his deep-set blue eyes intent on a singular raindrop that slowly trailed down after the rest.

The familiar voice, which he'd managed to ignore for the past five minutes, finally broke through Burr's wall of silence, which funnily enough occurred in his brain. It was an incessant thing, this voice. "Burr! Get it? Aye? Burr?" Danny wasn't going to give up until Burr acknowledged his presence. "Bro, you even listening?"

Exhaling audibly, and without bothering to verbally respond or even turn towards the source of the voice, Burr nodded. Before proceeding to sketch.

"This is why people think you're mute, man." Another voice piped up, this time Burr turned his head, to acknowledge the second speaker.

"Where's Jay?" Burr asked, choosing to ignore Peter's comment.

"You mean he didn't come back last night?" Peter asked. Burr shook his head. They'd snuck out of school last night to attend a house party, and although it wasn't unusual for Jay to spend the night elsewhere, it was unusual for him to not be on time for form class at least. Lynnfield Private School had around the clock security, sure, what private boarding school didn't? But when half of the night guards were pretty much related to you… it didn't hurt to take certain liberties. He'd barely had contact with his father's side of the family, even before the accident, but when he recognized one of the guards one night, he found that they seemed to just click. They were laid back and what little he could remember of his father; he found traces of in his cousins.

"You left early, Burr." Danny, not content with being ignored, stood up and leaned against the windowpane, all but blocking Burr's view.

"Laho." Burr muttered, he didn't know very much Niuean, thanks to his mother, but he was slowly picking up words here and there from his cousins. It's not surprising that the only words he knew were swear words. His inability to speak Niuean wasn't the only thing he had his mother to thank for, nope he also had her to thank for his name. Burrell.

"What's that mean?" Peter, who was doing pushups, asked from across the room. Burr was about to respond with 'dick,' but once again Danny's inability to act his age got in the way.

"Going all islander on us Burr?" Danny's beady brown eyes, which went well with his weasel-ish face, stared excitedly back at him. Unbelievable rage, always seemingly coming out of nowhere made Burr stand up and kick Danny's legs out from under him. It wasn't meant to be a very hard kick, but Danny went down like a sack of potatoes, anyhow.

"Aaaaaaach!" Danny yelped, and before Burr's rage made him kick him again, their door opened, admitting an egotistically grinning Jay.

"A hairline crack in the bone developed because of repeated blows against the bone is called a stress fracture." He drawled, grabbing his towel and leaving the room again. No one bothered to come to Danny's aid. Whether this was because everyone agreed Danny could use a hiding every now and then, or whether it was because they knew Burr wouldn't seriously injure their friend, Burr wasn't quite sure.

"Well, at least he won't be late for form class." Peter stood up, as there was a knock at the door, it opened before any of them could answer.

A girl's voice was the last thing Burr expected to hear. Especially considering this was the boys' dormitory. "I knew it, I knew I was being steered towards the wrong place but I went with it anyway." The girl stared at the sheet in her hand, seemingly unaware of the fact that the room she'd opened contained people. Two of which were staring at her as if she were a piece of meat. "I saw boys, too many boys for this to be the right building, gah Erin. You idiot."

Burr liked the way her hair fell around her shoulders, like each strand was delicately put in place. He couldn't help but do a quick outline of the way it fell. "You new, sugar?" Danny had recovered from his earlier pains and was leaning against the frame of the door, looming over the petite dark-haired girl. Burr found it interesting; there weren't a lot of people Danny could 'loom' over considering his 5 ft 8 height. The girl's Asiatic eyes moved from the piece of paper in her hand to look up at Danny.

"Clearly." She finally looked into the room, "Sorry, I'm looking for the fifth form girls' dorms?" Noticing the looks she was receiving from guys in the corridor she sighed, "Why wasn't I stopped when I walked in here?"

"Teachers are too busy having breakfast to care." Peter responded, "Just keep following the path you were on before you came into this building, it's the next one down."

The girl nodded, "Cheers. Thanks." She turned to leave, bumping into Jay on his way in, clad only in a towel. "Sorry." She murmured, looking up once before continuing down the corridor, unaware of how Peter and Danny's eyes were fixated on her bum.

"I'm Danny." Danny said, the sickly sweet smile he wore amused Burr so much he started sketching it.

"Bit late there." Jay said as he pushed past him, "Who was that?"

"New girl." Peter turned back. "Didn't get her name."

"It was Erin." Burr muttered, not bothering to look up from his notebook as he sketched, intent on finishing the weird thing Danny did with his eyebrows whenever the jerk smiled.

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