Beaten down
and thrown out of town
I lay here with my arms wide open
ready for whatever pain
your ready to dish out

Ill never be right
so hold on tight
this is a roller coaster ride

Let your blood flow
and mix with your tears
lets bring out your deepest fears
a single silver key
is what stands between you and me

Dont try to hold me tight now
Ill just run away and scream back at you,"How?"
Im not scared to stand up
but you are afriad of the reality
that perhaps I am right
and for once in your stupid life
you are wrong.

Shut the door on your way out
dont stand there just to scream and shout
Im not your little porclien doll that you can dress up
so just get out and shutup
Dont tell me what to do, you say
well then hear me out when I say:
I dont sit
I dont walk
I refuse to talk
To the girl who pushes me up
just to pull me down
so dont stand there and frown
I am me
its all I will ever be
so stop and see
that I dont need you
you and your hissy fits
you and your crazy words
you and your shelter
I only need me
and perhaps a star to see
and perhaps to wish on too
because this is not where
I will fulfill my dreams
your too busy pulling me apart from the seams
to know whats going on
to see me
the real me
the only person I wish to be.