"The Truth Behind It All - Eva" by Neo Nazi, April 2012

Disclaimer: All characters presented here are product of fiction. Any resemblances to real characters are of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: The National Socialist Movement (NSM) is currently the largest neo-Nazi group in the United States. This is due primarily to setbacks experienced by other major neo-Nazi groups in the country between 2002 and 2007.

The Truth Behind It All – Eva

In a large underground facility used for keeping cattle for the US Army, Wermer Hraas was moving nervously on the stage, speaking to thousands of white shirt men, all eager to fight for one cause – the Justice!

"U.S. taxpayers pay $3 billion annually to cover the birthing costs of over 300,000 anchor babies born to illegal aliens each year!" Wermer paused, eyeing his bald followers, pictures of great historical figures watching them from the walls. "This is just one of many rewards given to illegal immigrants who break our laws." Some wished to sing but the Security Guards silenced them. "To eliminate incentives like these …, would you support an amendment to the Constitution that required at least one parent be a U.S. Citizen in order for their child to be given citizenship at birth?" Loud roar followed with hands extended high up in the air.

"Our government currently grants citizenship to more immigrants than any other country in the world at a rate of over 1 million per year!" Someone tried to start the Freedom Salute, but was silenced by the Security. "They also spend millions of taxpayer dollars translating signs ...", someone whispered to him that the Police was gathering outside in large numbers. "… books and documents into languages other than English! Other than OUR mother tongue!" Heat was now becoming obvious. Some even started to kick and jump in their places, soon to be subdued by more experienced members. "This impedes assimilation which widens cultural gaps and further divides our country! OUR country!" Someone waved the US flag with the insignia all over it. "As sure as legal immigration contributes to America's success …, a lack of assimilation will lead to its demise." Wermer paused listening to someone shouting that the ADSL supporters and some other anti-Nazi protesters already gathered behind the police lines, provoking the Security. "Would you support a law that banned government use of your tax dollars for domestic translation practices like these and established English as the national language?"

Sweat and heat combination made the crowd slowly electrified. Wermer's eyes feasted on the sheer number that managed to come here despite the economic crisis and the overall disapproval of their ideology.

"Human trafficking organizations and some religious organizations are exploiting the U.S. work sponsorship program by brokering deals between immigrants …", Wermer eyed to see if the kikes have infiltrated some of their spies perhaps. To his utter amazement there seemed to be none. His heart pounded even faster for this could have been one of the most successful gatherings so far. "And work sponsors in which immigrants pay tens of thousands of dollars to enter our country. Why does this program even exist when we have 11% unemployment, 22% underemployment and 18 million green card holders already here taking American jobs? WHY?" He paused, letting the muscles and the emotions join themselves like some storm clouds. "We cannot afford to bring in more foreign workers to do jobs while we pay Americans unemployment and welfare benefits!" Security Manager winked at him that it was all "clear" and his proceeded in even more furious fashion, realizing that this could be IT! "Would you support a law that suspends 'Permanent Labor Certification' and temporary guest worker programs until both unemployment and underemployment fall below 8%? Would you?"

As he sipped some water the gathered soldiers of the Truth already got anxious, feeling trapped like mice in the underground facility, wishing to exit and expose themselves, dressed as they were – in black and white fashion.

"Wide-open borders threaten our national security and allow gang members, … terrorists …", someone tried to burn Israeli flag but was soon prevented by the Security Guards, "… criminals …", some KKK adorers threw some racial slurs in the air, elegantly trying to incite hatred towards the black American population that still managed to survive in the US despite all the secret rallies like these, "… and millions of illegal aliens to pour into our country illegally! Yes! You heard me well! ILLEGALLY!" Crowd was now going wild and the Security had trouble to calm them down. "Would you support a law that mandated funding to completely seal our borders via physical barriers and necessary personnel, including: ICE, Border Patrol, National Guard and U.S. military?"

Someone whispered to Wermer that the Chief of the Police wished to speak to him. He denied him that right, ordering to lock the doors in.

"The lives of American citizens suffer at the hands of illegal immigrants who steal our identities and drive down prevailing wage in order to enter the workforce! And why?" He paused, checking on his dress, sensing some secret cameras were screening him. "At the same time …", some police officers entered the underground facility but were kept at close surveillance by the muscled Security Guards. "The U.S. government refuses to secure the border and expects us to foot the bill for illegal immigrants who cannot support themselves." Police officers stirred, not believing what they were hearing. "Would you support a law that required everyone to get a passport or be E-Verified before they were allowed to vote, gain employment or obtain government assistance of any kind, including: food stamps, housing assistance, welfare, unemployment, healthcare, etc.? Would you?" Police officers suddenly felt weak, realizing, despite their greatest efforts, that this guy on the stage was speaking nothing but the plain truth.

"Brothers … why should I waist yours and mine time on bringing something that is already widely known?" He paused, another bald man with black leather belts and shiny boots stepped on the stage, crowd cheering him wildly, raising their arms high in the air as if he was some kind of the Messiah. "Comrades-in-arms … Jeff Sheep!" Already sweaty men became even wilder, Security desperately trying to prevent some to attack those lonely police officers that felt guilty for being sent like some spies. Jeff took a deep breath, looked around and then began in his powerful baritone.

"Sanctuary cities, state governments, and agencies of the federal government … who ignore existing immigration laws by adopting policies that favor their political ideology …, undermine the rule of law in America!" More cheers and clapping of hands. "As a result …", someone tried to sing national songs, but the Security soon calmed their eager spirits, "… repeat criminal aliens who are never deported continue to commit heinous crimes that are destroying the lives of American citizens! That's right!" He glanced towards the police who felt suddenly insignificant and small. "To hold our government accountable, spotlight elected officials who support sanctuary policies, …", there were now some rocks thrown at the rented facility, "… and tax Americans who vote those elected officials into office …", some clamor was heard outside, police desperately trying to prevent anti-gatherers attack the well-paid space area, "… would you support a law that held every applicable level of government financially liable to citizens victimized …", Head of the Security whispered something to him and his eyes sparkled for the moment, continuing, "… by repeat criminal aliens, if it can be proven that government failure to enforce the law resulted in the criminal alien's release which allowed the crime to occur?" Crowd now went wild, shouting and kicking, wishing to smash things around. Soon the Security Guards calmed them down.

"As Indo-Europeans …", crowd now went berserk, singing and cheering, staring at the prominent historical figures around them, feeling exalted and high due to the secret gas that was let in the air to induce the desired effect, "… we have more in common than not, and while we seek to preserve also our distinct tribes … be it French, German …", on this word some screamed as if they were possessed by the demons, " … Finnish or Scots … we have an interest in our culture continuing through preservation of both our race and our traditions." He paused letting the crowd and the police hear those hateful slogans that the gathered anti-protestors shouted outside, closing in towards the facility. "This is not an unreasonable request …, and does not need to be couched in some justification or emotional rhetoric …, but needs people to speak up politely and reasonably about it." Crowd calmed for a moment. "For the right to achieve its racial aims, it must be honest with itself and focus on this as its task!" There were many "yeses", shouting, arms lifted in the air, wild eyes and eagerness to do something about the national problem. "Any who cannot see why this is important are already without culture, and probably would be happier in the mixed-race republics of the Middle East!"

Jeff waited for the crowd to calm itself down, blonde boy steeping shyly on the stage.

"Do you see this boy?" Crowd exclaimed in a positive way, ready to follow Jeff almost to the pits of Hell if needed. "This is Matt Krauser of Drownes Elementary School, in Newark, Delaware. Matt … say something to your brothers ..." Matt gulped and shyly approached the microphone.

"Hi." His tiny voice echoed all over and the crowd accepted the word, repeating it and extending its meaning.

"Matt Krause has been verbally attacked by the Principal of this … school." Jeff paused, letting the national spirit arise. "His guilt was … he was opposing the foreign values of our society." Jeff paused, hugging Matt. "Should we let something like this happen to our children?" Matt left the stage, Security helping him out. Jeff grabbed he stage document holder. "Should we let such schools promote lies and poison our very national values? Should we?" Jeff waited for the crowd to roar in one wild "NO", anti-protestors already showing their rat-like faces on small windows above them. Police made an exit after they have received a message over their radios.

"What should we do about it then?" Jeff placed a hand behind his ear, staring wildly at the gathered crowd. "Should we close our eyes and pretend that it never happened?" Crowd now went wild again, some occasional fights already breaking off. "Should we let those outside infest OUR country and INSULT us – the true Freedom Fighters?" Crowd went even wilder with one large "NOOOOO!" Jeff paused, sneer escaping him. "So what are we waiting for then! Let's show those wimps who the true patriotic warriors are!"

Doors were soon wide opened on both sides and the eager, sweaty and ideologically ready men ran towards the broken police lines, various debris already hitting their faces and bald head skin, making them bloody, dirtying their white shirts.

After the underpaid police fled the scene, realizing that the massive outpour of the gathered men was like a stampedo, two opposing groups finally clashed, spilling blood on the green grass of America.

Some seagulls were flying overhead, oblivious to the petty human mishaps underneath.