You say im rude
you say im crude
and all little too stubborn

You say I mock
when I talk
when I hurt someone
i just get up and walk

But thats not true
of course you wouldnt know
that I am here
I am there
for everyone
and everything
I am a hero
a saving grace
but you tarnish my delectible path
so you feel my hateful wrath

Because for once in my life
I think id like to stand tall
and not be afraid to fall
when you scream at me with your bickering call

perhaps I am too raw
to realize that you will never let me go
I need a pass sighned by you
just for your trust
your trust that I deserve

I have one person
who knows me better than I do
and for once, I know that I can say "i love her too."
She gave me a silver key
A key you despise
A little trinket on my neck
that you wish to heck
so come on, stand for yourself
its all what we want to do
but dont tell me not to wear such a thing
your as bitter as the storms in spring
your crazy words have no hidden meaning.