Time after Time

Lying in the dark and I think of you

I wonder, do you still think of me too?

I look at your picture, I see your face,

I hear you say her name

My heart stands still

You say I'll be ok

I know I never will…

You said if I fell you'd be there

You'd be waiting Time after time.

Well I fell and I hit and I stood crying

Time after time, Time after Time

The clock ticks its 2 a.m and I'm still

Awake forgetting you.

All those moments

Are gone for good.

You've put the past away,

I wish that I could too.

But I said I would be here I'd be waiting,

Time after time.

If you fell I would catch you

I'd be right here waiting.

Time after time. Time after time.

Secret moments…

Just stab and twist my heart

And then fade just like the dark.

Don't let me hold you back

From your new start.

I was there when you

Needed me, for the last


When you fell for her, yea I

Was there. It was the last time!

When I need you most you

Never had the time,

When I fell you watched me cry

Time after time. time after time