Things have gotten weird lately. It all started in 2003. Out of nowhere, exactly 1,048,576 children between the ages of 10 and 18 went missing without a trace. The weirdest part is, they all were reported missing at exactly the same time. The scary part is that it happened when no one was looking at the victims. This naturally freaked everyone around the world out. But all the powers assured everyone that as concerning as this is, there was no way this could happen again.

They were wrong. In 2004, but at a different day, the exact same thing happened. This caused mass hysteria. Riots broke out in many different parts of the world. They were eventually quelled, and it was decreed that no one between the ages of 10 and 18 was aloud to be left alone. Nevertheless, there was one point in every year that followed where about 1,000,000 kids were left alone, and they disappeared as a result. One thing that was confirmed was that after the kids were taken, the rest were safe until January 1st of the next year. This has gone on for nine whole years, and not once have we avoided losing 1,000,000 plus kids.

It's 2012 now, and the phenomenon hasn't occurred yet. I've managed to avoid being taken for three years, and I'm going for number four. When my tenth birthday arrived, I felt like I was given a death sentence. When my older brother managed to turn nineteen before he got taken, it was celebrated as if they found out he survived cancer. I was jealous of him that day.

Things are pretty peaceful here in Toronto. I was just hanging out with my friends, when I remember I'm supposed to be home by 12. I tell my friends I'm headed home, and take my classic shortcut I always take. Suddenly, I remember that I could get taken. But I let it slip from my mind. I highly doubt it will hap-whoa, where am I? Who are all these people? What's going on he-oh my god! I've been taken!