I barely got any sleep last night. Part of it was because no one here looked like they wouldn't try to mug me. The other part is because I was afraid that Elice would find me and demand that I do nothing less than guarantee she won. This is my time to shine, not hers. But she has a way of making you do what she wants you to do. So I'll just make sure she never sees me. Now that I think about it, it'll be harder to avoid her with less people around. I'll worry about that later.

Everyone went to the place that freak that's running this thing tells us to go. He told us we would be given a crystal (which I'll admit was the most beautiful gem I ever saw,) that would tell us if we found our opponent. And if we defeated someone who is not our opponent, the both of us would be eliminated and the ones who were supposed to face them advance instead. I hope that ugly girl I saw before is my opponent.

I then found myself and a few other people in this area similar to the first day, but there was no big forest. I couldn't see any people outside of the group, and none of them set off my crystal. Perfect, I'm gonna actually have to look for my opponent. But fortunately, the ugly girl isn't in my group. Maybe she is my opponent.

My ore, or whatever he's called, then signalled us to start the competition. I decided to head to the right and hope that I find my opponent and that Elice doesn't find me. I ran into this other group of people, but none of them set off my crystal either. I kept walking for the longest time without any luck. I was getting really frustrated, when I then saw the ugly girl from before. But, sadly, my crystal didn't react. I'll have to wait till next time to defeat her.

After two more hours of walking, I finally found my opponent. She had a sword that was a little longer than most of the ones I've seen. Can you say overkill? She thrust her sword at me, but I slashed my fan at her after dodging her attack. She dodged it, and then knocked me down. I could not believe she did that! Did she know how hard it was to get dirt off of these clothes? I kicked her in the shin with all the force I had. She fell down immediately (it did help that I had heels). I then slashed her with my fan, and she disappeared.

I wound up in the place that ugly dude keeps on placing us after forcing us to fight each other. If all this fighting makes me break a nail, I'll have his head mounted on a wall. This better make me famous. I expect nothing less when I win this competition. No one, not even Elice can take that away from me.

That's when I noticed something weird. That dirt stain that appeared when I fought that one girl was still there. Now, I'm not one of those techy nerd dorks, but I know that virtual reality shouldn't leave stains on your clothes. What is going on here?

As I thought that, the worst possible thing of all things happened: Elice found me. She gave me the evilest look that was ever used. I bet even that Hitler guy's worst look didn't even come close to hers. And I knew exactly why she was mad at me: I wasn't devoting my time to her and her needs. She and her posse (which seemed to be short a person) walked right up to me. It was all I could do to not run away screaming in the other direction.

"Cecilia, why were you off gallivanting when we were off making sure the most valuable member of our clique would advance?" she yelled at me.

"Uh… I didn't know you were in this tournament," I lied. "I was in a different area, and there were a lot of kids here, so I couldn't help you."

"Well, now that I know you're here, I expect your full cooperation in the future if you know what's good for you," she said to me threateningly. "Tah tah," she then said as she and her cronies left.

I felt the biggest lump ever on my throat as I saw my chances of winning this thing go down the toilet. I wouldn't dream of going against Elice. She knows how to make people do what she wants them to do. And she made you beg for death if you went against her. I have no intention of letting her ruin my life. So, I went to bed prepared to do whatever Elice says. Just shoot me now.


I woke up feeling prepared for whatever Myorn had planned for us. He told us that this time, we were to hunt down a specific target, and a crystal was the only way we would be able to tell who our opponent was. Looks like I actually have to fight this time. Aw, crap.

I was then inside a plain that was similar to yesterday, but there wasn't a giant forest in the middle. I was around a lot of kids, but none of them were my opponent. I decided to head to the left and see if I could find my opponent. It took about an hour, but then I ran into Noran. Thankfully, he wasn't my opponent. We decided to walk together and discuss what we would do in the next round.

"We will have to be careful that we know who we're attacking if Myorn decides to literally leave us in the dark," Noran said.

"Good idea," I said. "How about this: if you're gonna snipe someone, make a bird call. If you hear another bird call, make certain you don't shoot in that direction. Otherwise, go nuts."

"Good idea," he told me.

Suddenly, my crystal started to glow. My opponent had a whip (I think I can guess her personality) and looked ready to use it. Noran left and I brandished my trident. I knew that I needed to muster all the courage I had. She ran right at me, but I moved out of the way and thrust my weapon at her. She dodged and tried to hit my face, but I ducked under at the last second. I managed to stab her leg, but it didn't defeat her. She managed to hit my arm, and I felt a stinging sensation where I was hit. Myorn must be going all out, but maybe he's overdoing it a little (but now that I think about it, it's no surprise he would make would be wounds hurt). My opponent tried to hit my face again, but I kneed her in the stomach, and then impaled her head. We both disappeared soon after.

When I returned, there were quite a few people left. Noran wasn't one of them, however, so I just decided to wait at our designated meeting spot until he returned. After an hours wait, I saw him appear and we decided to do more planning. Two hours later, Myorn appeared again.

"The 262,144 of you have made it to the next round. Beware; it will be harder than the last round. And again, half of you will be eliminated by the end of tomorrow. Now, feel free to do whatever you please until it is time to go to sleep."

After we finished planning, Noran told me he had something he wanted to do. I told him it was fine, and then decided to head to my room since there was nothing better to do. I'm willing to admit that this is kind of cool, but I can't truly shake the feeling that something is still wrong here. And I've got a bad feeling that I don't want to find out what it is.


I am so excited for the next challenge. This is the most fun I have ever had. Of course, I haven't forgotten that no one has ever escaped from this as far as I can tell, but I might as well have fun for once in my life while I try to get out. I admit, I wonder if that pink girl from before will try to attack me again, but there's no point dwelling on it. Next challenge, here I come!

The 524,288 of us that made it through yesterday were called into the main room by Myorn. He told us how we were to hunt for a specific opponent, and a crystal we were given would glow when we were near our opponent. That will make a sneak attack impossible unless my opponent is too distracted by something else to notice the glow. Fingers crossed, but I wouldn't get my hopes up on that.

I wound up in a strange plain with a group of random kids. They didn't set off my crystal, so I headed north-west of where I started. I found lots of kids, and saw a lot of battles, but I couldn't find my opponent. I had walked for three hours, and still no luck. Suddenly, my crystal started glowing. Realizing what that meant, I ungracefully somersaulted (studying for the vast majority of your life will do that to a person) away from an attempt to take my head off with a giant hammer. I drew my halberd, ready for the fight of my life, though my heart wouldn't stop pounding.

My assailant ran towards me, and I blocked his attack. But he easily overpowered me (note to self, sneak off to gym when the chance arrives) and I fell over. He tried to squish me, but I rolled out of the way, and swiped my weapon at him. Unfortunately, I missed, and it threw me off balance. He managed to hit me with his hammer, which sent me flying a little distance. When he ran at me, however, I was able to impale him with my halberd and defeat him. I could not believe that worked.

I arrived at the meeting room soon after and realized I was the last one to arrive, since Myorn appeared right after. He told us how we made it to the next round and how we should prepare for things to get much more difficult. I was ready for everything, but then I noticed something. The girl from before was being yelled at by a tall girl with long, blond hair, a mauve shirt and mauve skirt. The tall girl was accompanied by a group of other girls, and I could guess what kind of girl she was. I instantly disliked her. And I felt sorry for the other girl, despite the fact that she's gunning for me. But it wasn't like there was anything I could do, so I left them alone and went to my room. I went to bed when Myorn told us soon after. I wonder if I'll run into that girl again. I think she might need someone to talk to, because she did not look like she was that tall girl's friend.


I must admit, when Myorn told us we had to go after a specific person, it made me think that this challenge would be easy. All I'd have to do is keep an eye out for the one who would make my crystal glow, aim my arrow at him or her, and fire. I admit, it would help if they didn't notice the arrow until it was too late, but there's really nothing I can do about that. I'll just worry about how to win this challenge when I have to fight. I just hope I'm not forced to fight Lucius. I would, however, enjoy if my opponent was that bratty girl from yesterday. I can't wait to wipe that smug smile off her probably plastic face.

The plain didn't have any cover, which meant if I were to try sniping someone, it would have to be from behind and very far away from them. I decided to try to avoid contact with anyone to not draw attention to myself. But then I noticed Lucius, so I decided to walk with him. We discussed how we were going to handle some difficult situations, when suddenly his crystal started to glow. I had no choice but to leave him. I hope he makes it through.

After an hour of walking, I could vaguely make out a group swarming this one person, and I could immediately tell who they were. And I could guess the gist of what they were going to do. I tried to stop them, but one of the other girls defeated the lone kid. All of a sudden, I found myself inside the meeting room. The girl who that witch made cheat must have been my opponent. I hate winning like this, but there isn't anything I can do now.

I found Lucius, so we started talking about our game plan again. After Myorn finished his spiel, I noticed the witch. I told Lucius that I needed to go somewhere. I told me it was fine, and I went straight for the witch.

"How dare you cheat?" I said angrily to her.

"Oh, you again," she said, as if I didn't look angry.

"Do you realize that you caused one of your friends to throw away her chances at winning?" I said to her.

"So what?" was all she said.

"And do you realize that your selfish action guaranteed I would make it to the next round?" I said a little arrogantly.

"That's collateral damage," she calmly said.

"I don't know why Myorn lets you cheat like that, but it won't continue for long," I told her.

"Ha, you actually think you can stop me?" she laughed arrogantly. "No one in this planet is capable of stopping me. I get what I want, no matter what I have to do to get it. Now back off, or I'll make you wish you were never born," she said threateningly.

"I'm not afraid of some pompous witch who more than likely doesn't know the difference between plastic and real flesh," I told her.

Her "friends" just gasp.

"You're going to regret saying that. Mark. My. Words." She said threateningly, and then she and her group left.

I hate people like that. I will not let her win, even if I get eliminated with her. But I don't think I should involve Lucius, at least not yet. If she proves to be more of a threat, maybe I'll tell him. For now, I better get some sleep.