Long ago and far away
are the days of royal feasts
now she's scrambling through the deep dark forest floor
away from rabid beasts

Taken down from up on high
the bedraggled princess stands
her dress is torn and her only possessions
she carries in her hands

She's walked far in mud so deep
and the rain's soaked through to bone
the twisted tiara fixed upon her brow
last token of her throne

Soaked through upon his doorstep
the fair princess proudly waits
will he invite her in or turn her away
and hand her to the fates

Crossing through the old oak door
into his cosy abode
the prince admires her beauty, beauty of
this stranger from the road

Although you would not notice
if you didn't care to see
but he saw her face was tender and youthful
and none pretty as she

Staring back with deep intent
the princess sighed a deep sigh
his shoulders broad his face was warm and strong with
eyes as blue as the sky

"Come in and rest your tired feet"
the prince then graciously said
"We have room enough; the palace is warm with
a room to rest your head."

Hidden in the plush bathroom
the princess removed her gown
and with a cloth she washed her now coal black locks
back to a glowing brown

Sinking into the water
she washed the dirt from her skin
and with her hair fanned out in regal fashion
she recalled who she'd been

Before the cold and nightmares
when her world was warm and bright
before the witch and her purple curse tendrils
and everlasting night

Before she needed a kiss
one to free her from the spell
the spell that vanished her home and family
and left her in this hell

Her skin now clean and milky
she left the fragrant rose dew
wrapped in silk she padded softly down the hall
the silken robe askew

In his chamber the prince paced
back and forth across the floor
his only thought of the beautiful maiden
he then glimpsed through the door

He stopped in his pacing tracks
and his breath caught in his chest
her hair was flowing but her robe had slipped and
revealed her golden breast

Oblivious to the prince
the angel began to sing
a soft melodic tune filled with words of love
a song fit for a king

Entranced he stepped out the door
out into the hall's dim glow
the princess sank into his arms as they kissed
like they'd never let go

Her hair was braided up high
entwined with flowers of gold
her bridal gown was white and angelical
a wonder to behold

Under the floral archway
princess introduced as wife
the royal couple stand big hand in small one
prepared to share their life