The Story



::Chapter I::

It all started about 150,000 years ago with a war, a prophecy, and a child. The War of Crimson Tide, as it was so called, waged across the land, going on for centuries before this story took place. Many lives were spent and cut short, sent to the underworld for Hades to collect. Who was in this battle of the ages, you ask? Two of the most vicious families that belonged to the mountains and forest. One family, so titled the Wild Cats of Avrak Mountain, was composed of every major large cat known. The lions of Red Rock Pride ran this family with a lust for power and blood. The other family, known as the Wild Dogs of Sessharin Forest, was made up of wolves, jackals, foxes, others with the canine gene flowing through their veins. The Tasmanian Wolves of Primordial Breed led this family with power and a sense for peace.

However, both sides wanted each others territory for a simple mineral called 'Lirael's Tear'. You see, it was aid that these tears came from the being that created the universe. Thus, it was told, that whoever possessed these tears would hold the secrets and powers of the universe. With it, this ultimate power, the wielder of these tears would have the power to rule our world. And, of course, these two families wanted such power for themselves and this is what started the war in the first place. From what I've read in the archives and from what I've heard, an oracle came and placed herself in the midst of the fighting. It was said that she stopped it with a simple wave of her hand, causing an explosion between the feuding armies. When the dust settled, a figure stood in the center of the battlefield. She was dressed in a pale gold gown with wings of pure white protruding from her back and had hair of fiery red. She was mistaken, at first, for an angel.

Despite this appearance, however, that wasn't the thing which held the families captive with shock. Looking upon her face, the two armies could focus on nothing but her starlit eyes; a perfect mix of sapphire, white, and different hues of purple...a cerulean mixture. Still, the shock value of it all came from the voice she spoke with; it sounded as though many voices were coming from her mouth, all different pitches. One other thing played into this field of shock and surprise...the words of the prophecy. It was painfully clear, at that moment, that she was an oracle in the most celestial form that anyone had ever seen in our world. But, back to the prophecy. You're not doubt wondering what words left the oracle's mouth. Well...this is what she said to both families...

"Listen, ye children of this land. Listen well and understand. A year shall come when the war shall die eternally. And, two of thine souls shall bond. For born shall be a child of sacred unity...that will lead they people to a new age of dawn. Come what may in the beginning years, but no more blood will stain this land...for this child hold the key to thine future...and all shall soon bond and mend."

Ever since that day, there hasn't been a single ruby tear shed. The land was able to heal and flourish with rich, green vegetation but the prophecy was soon forgotten. The wild cats would never mate with the canines and the same was said of the dogs about the felines...that is until many years later when a proud saber tooth saved the life of a female wolf. Now, you're probably a tad confused about these families. You see...they weren't just dumb beasts of the wild. Some called them animal demons, some called them shape shifters, and others called them animal gods. Now, back to the couple; who were they? The saber tooth went by the name of Kronos Slievecarron of Avrak Vengeance. He was a very proud saber tooth yet humble, strong yet gentle, and wise in years but young in age. As for the female, she was a daughter of Winter's Eclipse and her name was Seraphine Ceilidh. She was a gentle, quiet soul and made the perfect healer to her people.

So, they became mates. It doesn't seem possible because of the families they came from, but it was "love at first sight". In this part of the tale, I'm going to remind you of the prophecy a little bit. It was said by the oracle that two souls would bond...and bond they did. It wasn't long, only a year, before the two lovers announced their mating and a year afterward...a child was born of both bloodlines. Whispers of this child brought the prophecy to the forefront of everyone's mind and everything changed for me. On the day of my birth, I was given two names...well, two first names. 'Nightshade' was given to me from my canine heritage and 'Serrin' from my wild cat lineage. I hated this, at first, but after a while it all made sense to me. Especially, sing I took on not one but both animal forms; a white and black saber tooth tiger and a pure white wolf. Once this was discovered, a treaty was formed between the feuding families. It was written down that I would be going back and forth to live with each family for five years at a time...if my parents allowed such a thing; yeah...they didn't. So, they became the treaty, in a sense. However, my time with them didn't last very long and things changed for me yet again on my fifth year of life.

I had JUST turned five years of age and the day, still very vivid in my mind, was gorgeous. The sky was blue, the flowers danced, the sun kissed my skin, and the breeze was lovely. We were in the meadow, my parents and I, enjoying the day. I remember feeling so happy, free and I was running from my father in a game of chase while my mother watched, smiling. It seemed like the most perfect day and the best birthday...until we returned to our home. All seemed quiet and normal which was saying a lot since there really wasn't anything normal in our lives. But, upon entering our home, my father had such a serious look on his face. It was rather frightening and I remember my mother taking me to my hiding spot. This spot was specially made for me in order to keep me safe in times of danger. What occurred next haunts my dreams to this day.

Everything wen from peace to utter chaos. The entire household erupted in screams, the sounds of swords clashing, and the sickening noise of bodies hitting the ground. From my hiding place, I could see everything, even with my tear filled vision. Something suddenly fell on the shield surrounding my hiding spot and I screamed as my mother's blood soaked face looked back at me. Then, another body hit the father landing face down in a pool of crimson. I would have been next to die if it hadn't been for the family guardian. His name is Chaos Uachtarain, my mentor. He hailed from the canine side of my family and I was lucky he got to me before the felines. But, at the time, I didn't care who rescued me. All I wanted, all I screamed and cried for as Chaos took me away, was my now dead parents.

Alright, I want you to picture, if you can, a five year old with no heart or soul. Imagine this child being so lost and haunted by the events that tore apart her family and by her parents lifeless bodies. Picture this innocent child now wishing for nothing but blood from the lust of vengeance she now had. That was me as Chaos led me away and left me with my other guardian and mentor, Torhment, Chaos' brother. He left me with this wolf and went back to give my parents a proper burial. The last bit of innocence, purity, and love left in me as I was taken to say goodbye to them was then gone. I placed a necklace of forget-me-nots upon their graves, said my goodbye, and turned to say a grim hello to my future...

Okay, let's skip ahead a few years into my teen years. These years were some of the strangest for me and some of my hardest. From the day I said goodbye to my parents, I trained for hours on was really all I had left in me at the time. Chaos and Torhment were excellent mentors, teaching me just about everything they knew. Then, I knew and had proof on my sixteenth year, that the Gods themselves were watching me for they sent their own "teacher" to me. Clearly, they knew of my power before I did and wanted to help it grow. This teacher gladly took the "child of the prophecy" under his wing and brought me to his school. Soon, I became Sensei's star pupil and held the most respect but also the most hatred from the other students. To make matters worse, Sensei wanted to show everyone else why I was his top student; he challenged me to a friendly spar. Looking back on this, I really believe that Sensei thought that I would never beat him in any kind of match. Well, he thought very, very wrong.

As the spar started, the moves were simple and it wasn't much of a challenge. However, as the demonstration progressed, the blows became fiercer, harder, and there was more power behind each strike. I got in a lucky shot when Sensei missed his strike that he had aimed for my ribs. The bo staff that I was using was brought down, quickly, by me and cracked sharply on Sensei's arm. The next thing I know, he's howling in pain; his arm was broken and he looked at me with pure rage in his eyes. I grew oddly scared in that moment and ran away, but I didn't get very far before searing pain exploded on my back. Sensei had sliced it open, the cut going from my right shoulder down to my left hip. The amount of fiery pain that came with this wound had me writhing on the heated earth in my blood. I couldn't even cry from how agonizing it truly was.

All I remember seeing after that was Torhment tearing Sensei to pieces...or trying to. Sensei managed to get away, heavily wounded though. I probably passed out from the pain since, instead of laying on the ground, I awoke in a soft bed near an open window. It was nighttime. I didn't know where I was, how I had gotten there, or who had brought me there. At once, though, I knew my back was pretty messed up. Trying to sit up felt like I was splitting open my wound and a fresh wave of heated pain assaulted my body. Anyway, after a few days of getting used to the pain, I managed to find my strength and get out of the bed. I remember that I went through an awkwardly designed house, my feet bare, and went outside where white trees met my eyes. From then, and many years following, I lived in the Wood of Znudi Dhiim [White Trees], the home of my canine family This was the beginning of a new chapter in my life...adulthood.

::Chapter II::