Cold Shower In the Summer

It was deep into the summer. The time when the air is sticky and the heat sizzles up from the pavement. I'd awakened coated in a sticky film of sweat. Our air conditioner had been broken for over a month - naturally the hottest July on record - and there was just no way to stay cool while sleeping. I sluggishly rose from bed and wandered into the bathroom. I turned the cold water on in the shower and with no need to disrobe stepped into the chilling spray.

Outside the shower the heat radiated from everything but inside the shower I was cloaked in a sea of frigid droplets. I welcomed the chill that permeated my body and made its way to my bones. I ducked my head under the shower and soaked my hair throughly. I ran my hands through my hair repeatedly, allowing the water to soak in. It felt like icicles draining down my back and I sighed in relief. I picked up a bottle of my shampoo and squirted some into my right hand and set to massaging it into my scalp. The shower filled with the scent of tea tree and lavender - one of my favorite combinations. The tea tree oil cooled my scalp and sent a tingling comfort down my spine. The bubbles welled up between my fingers and oozed across my hands and down my forearms as I scratched at my scalp to get it clean.

I hopped back under the water and the cold was shocking this time as I rinsed the frothy shampoo from my hair. I let the water continue to run through my hair releasing the dirt and shampoo as I reveled in the frigid water. It was hard to go about the duties of showering as I was regularly distracted by the wonders of finding a cold oasis in this desert of summer heat. but, nonetheless, I poured some conditioner in my hands and wiped it through my hair. If I was going to stand in the shower forever at least my hair could benefit from it. I soaped up a loofa and went about scrubbing the grime associated with sweating most of the day off of my body. It was quite the project and I never really felt it was successful because I knew the second I stepped out of that shower I'd be coated in a new blanket of sweat. I rinsed myself and spent a few more minutes soaking in the cold before I could accept that I'd eventually have to leave the shower.

I stood under the shower head one last time to rinse the conditioner from my hair and then turned it off. The shower was immediately flooded with a miserably extreme humidity and I regretted turning it off. I opened the door and stepped out into the bathroom, it felt like opening an oven door and all I wanted to do was curl up in the shower and sleep with the ice cold water pounding against my body. Suddenly the bathroom went black, I felt around for my towel as I made my way to the door. Peaking out the door I could say that the entire house had lost power, that meant no fans, no freezer. The heat would be back in full