The End

Have you ever felt hot air blow off a highway on a summer day? That's what it was like when the world ended. The asteroid hit the city and the surrounding areas felt warm gusts of wind rush over them. The air was filled with the loudest crushing sound imaginable. No one knew what was happening and looked up lackadaisically from their smart phones and computer screens only to see a dust storm blowing towards them. The impact took down buildings and pulverized glass and these waves of destruction were sent flowing over miles of earth. The people were covered with dust like images out of Pompeii. Those that survived the blast waves just lay on the ground amongst the dead in varying states of shock. The heat dried out plants and bodies of water, animals and humans alike sought out cover as the heat waves dehydrated everything in their path. The people hid behind buildings and walls that did little to protect them from the on coming blast as it parched the land and its flora and fauna. The sky was the colors of a sunset and they quickly spread, swallowing up the blue and chasing away the clouds. Soon the sky was blocked out entirely from the particles floating in the air. Darkness fell over those still breathing and as they scrambled to find the ones they cared about they choked on the thick air. Saliva turned to muck as the people inhaled ash. The only light came from the fires that had broken out. People gathered in what little light and warmth they could find. They covered their mouths with bits of clothing anything to avoid breathing in the now toxic air. Though they tried to rebuild there was no stopping the end from coming up quickly. Whatever attempts to find some semblance or normalcy were soon lost to the new world that they lived in