They packed their bags early that morning. Grabbing an assortment of things that they thought would be important over the next few days. Clothes and toiletries, a camera. Nothing unnecessary like more than one pair of shoes and she didn't grab any make-up. This was about the adventure and about each other - not anyone else. When they were dressed they hopped in the car and set out without a destination. As the road zipped by they passed all the signs that listed cities they knew in favor of the obscure turns and places they'd never been. Weaving in and out of traffic to find the perfect place to turn off. They laughed and talked and when they were tired of that they just listened to music turned up loud enough to compete with the wind. As far as they drove there was always more road that appeared over hills or around the corner. Civilization was in their rearview as they sped faster into the distance, coming up on nothing but more desert and an absence of buildings. The sun rose high in the sky and the warmth beat down on their car.

They stopped at a dusty little diner for some greasy burgers and a quick break before they headed back out on the road. He took out a cigarette and hung his arm out the window breathing nicotine as they drove. She surfed the radio for a new song and then aimed her camera at the scenery. Snapping picture after picture of the angles of the rocks and the slanting sunlight that poured over the desert. The air was dry and warm and whipped through the windows and bathed them in heat. It was comforting like being wrapped in a warm blanket.

They pulled off at a scenic overlook for a minute to switch drivers, take in the view and snap a few pictures of the skyline. After getting a couple caffeinated beverages from the vending machine they continued on their adventure. Following roads that went with the landscape as opposed to through it. The roads they were on now were only sparsely populated by cars and their tires kicked up dust behind them as they went. Night began to creep into the edges of the sky, blasting it with vibrancy and many colors. Feeling their eyes getting heavy they pulled off at a little country motel. Parked and got the room key and explored every drawer in the room incase their was some sort of left treasure there. They found nothing and soon passed out in the bed and drifted into sleep. They awoke in the morning when the sun cut through the drapes and warmed their bodies and flooded their eyes. Groggily they began to dress and make crappy instant coffee to continue to fuel their journey. The packed their bags and headed out to the car. But there was no car. The car was completely gone. They rushed to the main office where the despondent fatso was of little use. They called the cops and waited anxiously for their arrival. When the police arrived they lazily searched for clues, questioned the two other people at the motel and then shrugged and decided to close the case. The cops gave the adventures a ride to the airport where they could rent a car. As they sat in the parking lot they looked over the map at all the places they hadn't gone. She touched his hand and he started the engine. They would return home.

All good adventures eventually end