It's funny how I ignored them,

Told myself to believe you,

I wanted to trust you,

Ya, I was starting to think you might be kinda cool,

Till you turned around and acted a straight fool!

Well babe; this here is the fire!

And you just poured the fuel!

It was like a prayer answered,

No more lonely,

Someone to hold me,

Maybe this could actually be real,

My own knight and shining armor,

You seemed to be a real charmer,

But then you hurt me and I felt the harm,

It's too late for sweet words,

You can't win me with your charm!

Cuz I've seen the darkness looming ahead,

They've sounded the alarm!

Now I've fled!

You said all those sweet words,

But tell me; how many other girls?

How many times have those same utterances been heard?

Wait! Stop!

I don't care!

Don't give me a blank empty stare,

Those lies you can spare!

The way you pretended to love me,

The way you pretended to care,

That was so unfair!

From the very depths of my soul,

I feel my heart being savagely ripped from it's chamber,

Nothing left but a gaping hole.

What was left of my trust you stole!

One last thing babe; before you go,

I just want you to know:

Today's battle you won!

Ya, you hurt me! Bravo!

Tell me; what do you think of these lips dripping with anger now?

Still kissable?

Well too bad! I find you despicable!

Hope your satisfied,

Because this information…

Well…it ain't classified.

Ill tell them all,

And in the end..I WIN!

Everyone will know,

There is no Prince Charming,

Just Prince Harming,

Now please, don't take this to be to alarming when I say…