Carnal Innocence

Chapter 1: Reverie

"Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?" he murmured softly, his voice was honest and full of emotions that he had denied himself for so long.

She didn't respond to him. Her gaze cast away from him with misery etched onto every line of her lovely face. Confusion and frustration was dancing across her face. For a moment, he saw hesitancy in her expression, but he knew her eyes weren't deceiving. There was a look of longing, a desperate longing in her beautiful sapphire blue eyes.

He was silent for a moment, but the raw intensity of his stare on her almost made her squirm. She had insecurities of her own, fear of the unknown, fear of the emotions being exuberantly lively inside her body- and the desire she couldn't deny was coursing alongside. He moved towards her slowly until there was barely a breath of space between them. He bent his head and parted his lips a little, but not touching hers- just simply hovering, and almost drew in her breath, their life essence mingled together. The heat from his body moved freely around with the waves that was flooding through her and his strong masculine scent almost left her intoxicated.

She bravely, to her notion, met his gaze with one of her own- and was unable to break the eye contact with him, his hazel orbs were too enticing to miss. There was an open flush of desire lit upon his handsome face and those sexy lips of his were constantly twitching, fighting the urge to smile in amusement at her inability, her inability to be strong to resist the temptation of his. The air about them was thick with tension-filled lust and longing for each other.

"I'm a man," he whispered, a little too breathily even to his own ears. "I need to feel married to you."

There was that muted passion and undeniable tenderness washing over them.

She couldn't deny the rapid beating of her heart as his one hand rose, splayed across her back and gently pulling her closer to him. He marveled at the softness of her body underneath the thin, silky fabric of her nightgown, and she relished the warmth of his touch that was seeping through her skin. His other hand, reverently cupped her face, fingers lovingly caressed her soft flesh. The emotion and sensation was rushing through her, just from his touch, and it was nothing like she had ever experienced before.

"I know how difficult this is for you, it is for me too- because I always feel that sudden urge to feel you," his voice was thick with growing need, making her slightly light-headed. "When you and I...when we're alone in our room at night, I can't just pretend like I'm some kind of emotionless bastard or a man that is programmed without feelings."

She looked down, an attractive shades of scarlet invaded her fair skin. She knew what he'd meant.

"Every night, you would come out of the bathroom in an effing sexy nightgown. You would comb your long hair and put lotion into your arms, over your shoulders," he leaned closer, his voice was sliding over her ear like melted honey, too delectable to resist. "And I'm sitting in bed, reading or watching some sport news on TV- but that's not what I'm doing, I'm pretending. I'm watching you the whole time."

All at once, her breathing became quicker, her pulse was racing at a speed of light and a rush of heat was enveloping her as his whispered words of desperate desire was casting a spell of need about her.

"And when you climb into the bed beside me, I'm aware of you...of how your body moves beneath the cover, of how you breathe..." his hot breath was caressing her skin, making her sanity fled. She was lost in the world of his sensual words and the intimate images they were creating in their mind.

"It takes every ounce of strength and determination not to touch you...but I don't think I can do it anymore," his mouth parted, stroking the sensitive tender spot below her earlobe with his lips, and her eyes fluttered close in contented emotion and lust. "I want our marriage to be real. I want you as my wife for real..." he shifted to face her and paused for a moment. She knew she wouldn't dare to open her eyes and meet his hot gaze; it was too much for her.

"I want you so bad..." his bated breathing rustled against her mouth before he captured her lower lip between his.

The moment his lips descended upon hers, she became completely unaware of anything other than his mouth settling comfortably against hers and the need to convince him of her true feelings for him. His lips were soft against hers and his kiss was gentle and unhurried, suckling softly with edible tenderness she found herself giving in to him, letting the desire simmering through her- almost exploding, in every touch of his lips upon hers, with every gentle sucking and nipping, devouring the sweet taste of her.

She was determined to return his passion with everything that was steadily rising in her; she wound her arms around his neck, slid her fingers through his dark strands and leaned fully against his body. Her entire weight rested upon his solid form and she let her mouth falling open to accept his exploration, to savor the feel of his lips and allowing herself getting drowned in the taste of him on her tongue. The heated passion between them grew as their tongues sliding together, battling for dominance.

When he pulled back to search for the hesitancy in her face, she let out a small whimper and he knew they both wanted to re-establish their connection, evidenced in their heavy and labored breathing, the smoky glaze of their eyes and their moist-swollen lips parted, ready for another sought. He kissed her again; their mouths danced with one another, hot breaths rustled between them and as the urgency drew, he deepened the kiss and she willingly opened her mouth, allowing another erotic exploration of his tongue and letting him drank deeply from her.

Journeying from her mouth, he pressed sweet kisses hungrily along the column of her throat and her knees were getting weak and her thoughts were disoriented from the pleasure that was rising within her. She let out a soft moan as he gently nipped the tender flesh on her neck. He pushed the thin strap of her nightgown off her shoulder and fervently kissing the soft, exposed skin there. His mouth trailed down, drank in the sweetness riding along the swell of her breasts, just above the line of her nightgown.

"I love you..."

Her eyes flew open at her own words. She couldn't believe it. He was able to make those words came out of her mouth. He paused whatever he was doing and simply stared at her. His hazel-green eyes were dripping with raw sensuality and the emotion soared within him.

"Say that again..." he commanded against the lush softness of her mouth.

"I love you..." she almost choked at her own words.

"Say that again..." he whispered, teasing and touching her lower lips with his.

"I...I love you..." her voice heavy with passion she didn't even know it would come out from her.

And again, their lips locked; heavy breaths journeying between them and effortlessly, he swept her up into his loving embrace and cradled her into their bed. And once he laid her down on the softness of the duvet, he leaned over and whispered to her, "I love you too, ever since I saw you walking down the aisle in that beautiful wedding dress. At the moment we exchanged our vows, I knew I'm going to do everything to protect you. I care for you," he pressed a soft kiss on her forehead. "I love you so much."

She gave him a smile, a loving smile full of tenderness- because she saw the truth of his words in his eyes. She caressed his face softly, before his mouth descended upon hers again, the sensuous feel of his lips and the passion-drenched intimacy in his kiss and his every touch overwhelmed her. It turned into a long, hot, open-mouthed kiss and they were both lost in a haze of unforeseen, in a heated passion and in a spell of sensuality and erotic reverie.

Tonight was going to be their first night as husband and wife.

Hey-hey! This was just something I wrote out of boredom...and could be an excerpt of my new story but I'm still trying to work on the plot. Thanks for reading and tell me what you think :)

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