Like a Fool

Long time ago, back in our teens,
I loved you like a fool.
Your face was haunting all my dreams;
For you I came to school.

I was so young and so naive;
In glasses, chubby, shy...
But what was it I wouldn't give
To have you sit nearby?

You didn't know, and didn't care;
You caught enough girl eyes
With charming smile, hypnotic stare,
And never thinking twice.

On me, of course, you didn't waste
Much thought of busy mind;
My name you mentioned with distaste,
And only to deride.

But years have passed; I've gained the skills
To build a dream career.
Took off the weight, put on the heels,
And victory seemed near.

And when I joined high business league,
On my first day of work,
I found that you're my new colleague
And felt my heartbeat jerk.

But maybe all is for the best,
For, finally, you see
That I have tossed away the past,
Creating whole new me.

No longer I need you to breathe,
Or shake when you come in.
I pass you by with lovely ease,
No goose bumps on my skin.

You too have outgrown, it seems,
That high school cool-boy look.
Away went all those silly jeans;
In came the suite, notebook...

The change is clear now, as we speak,
Discussing our big plans
To get promotions we both seek
And quickly be advanced.

But on occasion, through my mind,
Slips in heart's tiny mewl.
How can it be that, still, inside
I love you like a fool?