The blood runs freely down the cobbled street
after the crime has been carried out
a witness stands stoic and still
a man who was silent throughout

The killer on the other hand roars with
complete, unrestrained brutal laughter
at the crime he has committed
nothing but amusement after

The body is bruised and mutilated
cut and slashed and diced beyond compare
her clothes are torn and strewn about
and clumps cut from her auburn hair

And the crowd screams with appreciation
shouting praise to the maniacal man
the witness slinks to the shadows
just like when the shit hit the fan

The face of the girl has been left alone
the degree of her beauty intact
the trademark of the killer
the science of his murder exact

As the witness slunk into the shadows
and regretfully removed his ring
he turned and walked into the sunset
as the song birds began to sing

The crowds closed the space around her body
no-one but no-one noticed the hand
now lay far away from the girl
the other golden wedding band