So here it is everyone! The first chapter of the BL story I promised. This story of course was rated for future chapters. This first chapter is pretty mild, I mean you have to get to know some of the characters before they do it right? At least that's how a feel about it. I thought it was weird that I barely saw rock star BL stories (since they are the guys you would expect it from) so I wrote one of my own. I personally love the attitude of some rock stars so I made my own rock star so I can see how he would react in a potentially gay situation. Tell me what you guys think!

Alexander: A Rock Star's Love Affair

Track 1

I sat in the lobby of Blessed Recordswaiting to be called. After an entire month of training, fake smiles, tests and sour paychecks, I am finally ready to do what I've wanted to do since I was 22. Mind you I am 23 now, this is one of those jobs that just popped into my head and I wanted to try it out. I have trained –-if you were wondering- to be the manager of a rock star. I don't really care about who the rock star is, as long as he or she can sing.

My name is Daniel Luis, but everyone calls me Danny. Like I said before I'm 23 and will be turning 24 on the fifteenth of December. I have long red unruly (curly) hair that stops past my shoulder blades. Who knows? Maybe I'll cut it off once I get this job. I'm 5"9 thanks to my dad, and I have hazel eyes. And I live here in New York. Enough about how I look. I sound like I'm signing up for a dating site.

"Daniel Luis." The woman at the desk called.

I stood up and walked over to her. She looked up at me and I noticed that she had the features of a French woman. She smiled at me and I smiled at her. She looked down at the papers in her hands and I sucked in a breath.

"Mr. Luis-"

"Please, call me Danny." I nodded at her as she looked up at me.

"Danny… I'm afraid we don't really have a job for you right now." She said and suddenly I wish she was calling me Mr. Luis.

"W-What?" I know that's a dumb question but I just couldn't believe it.

My trainer had went on an on about how rock stars dropped their managers constantly and how I would be able to get a job easily. But here this front desk chick is telling me there are no jobs available. And now I don't have a job.

"All of our artists have managers and our new stars are still training so they won't get assigned one for at least a month." She said, she sounded sincerely sorry.

Not only do I not have a job, I won't have one for at least a month. I have rent to pay! I have food to buy! I have winter clothes to stock up on –since winter is coming fast. Without a job I'm going to get kicked out of my condo and freeze my ass off on the streets!

"But if you check back regularly," the woman tried to appease, "I'm sure there will be a job open later this week. Rock stars throw out their managers like skinny jeans that are out of style." She nodded.

That's all I could do. Check back every other day. I had quit my other job so my money flow has basically stopped now that I'm done with training. Check back every other day.

"Thank you." I smiled weakly at her and pity filled her eyes.

I turned and walked away, I really didn't need her pity right now. I walked out of the building to the parking lot. Check back every other day. Money flow has stopped. New winter coat hasn't been bought. Parents that have money they will gladly lend me. Pride that wont let me ask them for any. I sighed as I opened the door to my old school Cadillac. Car I had since I was 17. I am positive that I'm going to die if I don't get a job this week.

"So what you're saying is… you're jobless."

I stared at Mr. Obvious with as much anger as I could muster. After leaving Blessed Records I came home and sulked until my friend Richard –aka Richie, had come over to see why I wasn't answering my phone. He couldn't just let me sulk in piece.

"Richie I really don't have the energy to deal with your bullshit." I glared at him.

"Sorry, sorry, I was just assessing the situation." Richie said throwing his hands up.

Richie is 6'1 – (my dream height) with short dark brown hair that he usually spikes up. He has light brown eyes and mischievousness about him that pisses me off sometimes. Women love him (while they think I'm too sensitive) so he's pretty much in a relationship 24/7. It's like he cant stand being alone. When he doesn't have a girlfriend hanging all over him and his every word he comes and bothers me nonstop.

"Don't you have a girlfriend to worry about?" I asked and turned over pulling my blanket over my head.

"Nah, she moved back to France yesterday." Richie said in a tone very close to how I was feeling right now. Sulkish.

"Wow, that sucks." I peeked out at him to see that, yeah, he looked totally Sulkish right now.

"Yeah it does. I think I might have really liked her." Richie nodded.

"You know, I had never met her. What was her name again?" I sat up.

"Jossette." Richie sighed like a fool in love.

"Why don't you just go after… Jossette?" I asked.

"Well- stop trying to change the subject Dannie." Richie growled.

Weird growling freak. I pulled the blankets back over my head.

"You know, I can get you a temporary job where I work." Richie said and I could feel him plop down on my bed and make himself comfortable.

"I can't mix drinks, when I'm at a DJ booth a screw shit up-"

"You're a bit too feminine to 'bounce' anyone." Richie added his two cents.

"Shut the hell up." I said and kicked him.

Richie laughed, "But I guess you're right. All you could possibly do is stand outside of the club and bring in chicks that dig that whole girly guy thing." Richie sighed and I kicked him again.

"This is serious Richie. If I don't find a job by the end of this week I'm dead. My landlord will kick me out once he finds out my money flow has stopped!" I tried to drag Richie back to seriousness.

"Why don't you just borrow some money from your parents?" Richie asked.

"Because they would give it to me and say 'don't worry about paying us back. You're still our son even if you moved out. And we love you.' It will make me feel all sorts of bad and plus, I have my pride." I said as I threw the blanket off of me and got out of bed.

Richie followed me out of my bed room as he said, "What about your sister? Doesn't she have that rich British boyfriend? And aren't they like, living in a mansion?"

I opened my refrigerator, "Yeah but-"

"Doesn't she still owe you money from her trip to England?" Richie asked as he finished off the Chinese food I couldn't finish at lunch.

I bit into a strawberry as I thought about the info he just reminded me of. I could ask my sister for money without my pride being fucked doggie style because she owed me money. I looked at Richie with appreciative eyes as he bit into my eggroll. He looked over at me and flinched.

"Don't look at me like that. You're giving me the 'no feeling'." Richie fussed.

"What would I do without you?" I smiled at him.

"Freeze your ass off on the streets." Richie nodded and took another bite out of the eggroll.

I walked past him deciding that I would thank him by not kicking his ass for saying that. I walked into my living room and picked up the phone. I dialed my sister's phone number and waited for her to pick up.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Hey Tiffany, how are you?" I asked as I looked out at my excellent view of New York madness.

"I'm fine; I actually needed to talk to you. I've always thought you had great timing." Tiffany said in her fake British accent she made up to appease her boyfriend.

"Yeah, well it's not always something to brag about so I wont." I said looking around my room.

She needed to talk to me. That meant she needed something from me. That's how it always was. My sister and I have a strict relationship.

Tiffany = I call you when I need something. Don't call me or my boyfriend unless someone died.

Me= I really wish you would call dad when you need something. Why the hell would I call you or your boyfriend? I have a life you know.

"You go first." She said, "Please don't tell me dad died after all that butter and bacon he has consumed over the years." Tiffany said in a worried tone.

I know its fake, "Nah, he's still chowing on butter dipped bacon." I answered.

"Then what is it?" she asked impatiently. She's about to wish she wasn't so impatient.

"You know that money I let you borrow when you first went to London?" I asked.

"…" of course she would say nothing.

"Well I need it back." I said after a few minutes of silence.

"Well of course you need it back." Tiffany laughed, "I can get that to you. But first I need you to do me a favor." She said.

I bit my bottom lip to keep from sighing. I saw this coming a mile away.

"My boyfriend and I got into a fight-"

"Did he dump you?" I asked a bit too fast.

"No." my sister practically snarled, "We got into an argument and I stormed out. I want to scare him a bit. Make him think I left him for good so that when I come back he'll be apologizing and buying me a new car." Tiffany said dropping the British accent.

"Ah, I see." I knew where this was going.

"I can't stay at one of our other houses because the staff will rat me out. So…"




"I need to stay with you Danny." She said quickly.

"Why can't you stay with Mom and Dad?" I almost yelled.

"Because! Dad will be all like 'I should have known you couldn't keep such a rich young man. And mom will be like 'I know your heart is broken but you have me. We can talk about it'."

"I thought you said he didn't dump you." I shot back.

"He didn't! But if I tell our parents that they won't believe me! They can't find out about this Danny." She fussed.

"Do you even realize how stupid this idea is? If you pretend you're leaving him he'll think you're leaving him-"

"That's kinda the point Danny. Keep up." she interrupted.

"You're really not pleading your case well Tiffany. Listen to me. He'll think you're leaving him and he'll think he's single. Any girl would gladly take your place." I explained.

Richie had came in the room and was devouring my strawberries as he watched me freak out. I glared at him as I saw only four berries were left.

"That's not going to happen." Tiffany said like she knew it all.

"How do you know?" I asked as I gestured for Richie to come over.

He came and I took the crate of berries away from him and gestured for him to go away. He stole another berry and jumped out of my reach before I could hit him.

"I just do. So will you help me?" she asked.

I sighed, "Will I get my money?" I asked.

"Is it all about money with you?" Tiffany fussed.

"Right now, yes." I answered and bit into a strawberry.

"Fine, yes you'll get your money. Just help me ok?" Tiffany asked.

"Ok." I nodded.

"I'll be flying in Friday night." Tiffany said and we both hung up.

"So?" Richie asked.

"So, I should kick your ass for giving me that idea. If I hadn't called her I could have just ignored her calls and she wouldn't be staying with me!" I picked up a pillow off of my couch and threw it at him.

Richie didn't even move as my awful aim did the work for him. He smiled as the pillow bounced on the ground and I glared at him.

"So her boyfriend dumped her?" Richie asked.

"She said he didn't. She's just coming to make him sweat." I sat down on the couch and raked my fingers through my hair.

"How long is she staying?" Richie asked.

"I don't know why I didn't ask." I gripped my hair and was very close to pulling it out.

"Well, I see you have other things on your mind now. And I have a full stomach. I'm about to go." Richie stood up and I sighed, "Don't sulk ok? You're making me feel bad." He said as he ruffled my hair, "Seya."

"Bye." I sighed.

One bad thing after another. Why me?