The sun shining is yellow,

The brave sky is blue,

The rose petals are gleaming,

Green leaves are covered in dew.


The hot sand is a mess,

The ocean glistening,

You are all sweaty,

And your children aren't listening.


They're all splashing around,

While one is not found

Why can't they all,

Just sit and play on the ground?


You sit there, eyes shut,

And before you start yelling,

The little bastards

They just quit rebelling


They sit on the ground

Whining and crying,

Calling out,

"The littlest is dying!"


Don't mean to sound dark,

But before you embark-

On the biggest of glistening seas-

Trying reading the signs that you see.

That one over there,

Says "Beware of shark!"


A/N: Don't forget to check out PE (Psychotic Explanation), as I've rewritten it (most of it, thus far)- mind you, in its original chapters.