Evanco: The boy with a Fox's Tail

Introductory Legend


Long, long ago, there once existed a mighty kingdom of the name Oluteria. This kingdom was a peaceful, prosperous, and harmonious kingdom, living together with an equally mighty Guardian Forest that surrounded the borders, full of every kind of mythical creature imaginable, and home to the Furren, a race of anthropomorphic animal-people that resided within the trees of the Guardian Forest. Many of the men and women of Oluteria lived side by side with the Furren in equality and peace, and likewise, for centuries.

All it took was a single day for that to change.

One day, the great Founder King Olutes had summoned the prophets of the realm to his side when his heir had been born, and commanded of them to perform their art and show the future, and the visions they produced shocked the mighty king. They foretold that King Olutes would have his throne stolen from him by his own son, who would destroy the peace and herald an era of evil and darkness for the kingdom of Oluteria, only for him in turn to have his throne taken from him by a child who was also of royal blood, a child who possessed the power of kitsune fire, and who would bring an age of light and righteousness to the kingdom that stood even longer than the ages of his ancestors of the throne.

The king, outraged and frightened by these dark foreboding predictions, which would be come to known as the Prophecy of Foxfire, took action and cast the prophets out of his kingdom, and banished the Furren back to the Guardian Forest, which he dubbed the Furren Wood, and forbid anyone be they man woman or child from being with them, or near them, and any who violated this mandate would be deemed a traitor to the king and destroyed.

Unbeknownst to King Olutes, his humble farmer brother Chalaran had fallen for a fox Furren, a beautiful vixen by the name of Lauri, and he hid her within his farm, marrying her and loving her in the darkness of night many times over the years.

That love eventually came to produce child.

"Come on, come on, deep breaths, yes that is it, now push, push."

"I'm, heh, trying, unh, damn you."
"Now do not be cross with me, be thankful I was willing to be midwife and help deliver the baby. Why I am doing this defies even the reason of divine beings."

"I am, Melara, believe me I am, do you think they'll be okay? What if someone hears us, oh, hurry, before someone finds us out and kills us all!"

"Chalaran, control yourself, you of all people should know that the birth of young cannot be rushed, especially being a farmer. These things take patience, which you seem to now be lacking, now get something sharp to cut the cord, I seem to have misplaced my scissors. There now Lauri, I can see the head, come on, come on, one more good push should do it."


It is said that when the midwife Melara caught the child, she nearly dropped him when she saw the tail.

Thus, the boy Evanco was born.

Thus, his legend began…