Chapter 09 Kelly's Heroes

April 10, 1956

Major General Walter Kelly, Commander of the First Armored Division, sat with his head in his hands and looked at the walls. "I should have been a cartoonist" he said to himself. He looked at the caricature he had done of himself and some of his fellow cadets at the Citadel. "We have met the enemy and they is us." Read the caption.

"Damn Straight." He whispered to himself.

"What'cha say, boy?" said his father in law, Major General John Morrell, US Army (retired) as he stumped into the room.

Walt pointed at the TV, now sitting dark in the corner. "CONELRAD has declared that the US is now under the command of each military district. Each District Commander has the choice of fight or surrender…in effect, the US is now dissolved, and we're on our own."

John smiled. "Well, I sure hope you aren't planning on surrendering?"

"Uh, no." said Walt. "Not a chance. Ten thousand freaking tons of gold. The Reich would go nuts. I gotta wonder why we don't have Panzer Columns here al-freaking-ready." He frowned. "I mean, I have IVEY MIKE down there in Vault B, with JOHNNIE FIVE as the backup, but I really would like a better option."

"Well…I made a phone call this morning, boy. Made a few phone calls this morning." Said John. "I suppose I could complain about lousy phone service, but I guess I should be glad the phones are still working."

"uh…who did you call, dad?" asked Walt.

John's smile got bigger. "Old friend of mine. Real old friend. You might recall I got him and his men out of a jam in France, back in 1917."

Walt looked up sharply. "Hi.."

John interrupted him. "Let's not start naming names yet, boy." He grinned. "But let's start getting some rolling stock together. Bunch of railcars, and flatcars. Let's see how much of this gold we can move out of here and into a safer place."

Only a short one – I will revise and update this one – but – if you've read this far, I think you can guess where this story sub-arc is going…