Once upon a time there was a Creature who lived more next to the world than in it. The Creature knew little of the world and cared even less for it. The world was full of ugliness, noise, staleness, bitterness, and pain; something better to be ignored than engaged with. For many years, more than can ever be remembered, the Creature existed more than lived this way, neither jovial nor depressed, never destroying, but never creating either.

Then, one ordinary day like any other, another Being interrupted the Creature's existence. The Being was very different from the Creature; it could be easily seen that the Being had experienced pain before, but there was more beyond just the hurt in the Being's face, joy and wonder were clear on its face. Whatever the Being had been through, good or ill, it had experienced life, something the Creature could not claim.

The Being moved to interact with the Creature and the Creature did its best to ignore the strange Being that had so rude to intrude upon the Creature's existence. The Creature wanted little to do with Life's ugliness, noise, staleness, bitterness, and pain.

But the Being would not leave the Creature alone and after it introduced itself, the Being went to work. It showed the Creature what more there was to life than just the bad, that the world had many faces that could be seen if one embraced them all. For the first time in its existence, the Creature experienced the world in all its forms. There was the ugliness the Creature knew of, but to balance the scales there was also great beauty. There was deafening noise so loud it forced others to scream, but in other areas there was glorious sound to engulf the dreaded noise. When faced with the staleness of the world the Creature was able to find a plethora of scents to purge it. When the world turned a bitter taste, there was an abundance of sweetness to combat it. When the Creature was forced to experience pain there was pleasure to outshine it.

The Creature let the Being's name roll over its tongue and teeth thoughtfully, like an incantation, Inspiration.

For the first time the Creature moved with the world and faced the bad armed with knowledge that there was good somewhere. The Creature started a great many something's and learning from Inspiration, the Creature earned its name.