Can you guess what it is?

I lay on a sofa stretching out and then curling up to sleep. I don't need a blanket as I am already warm. Heard only by my some one walks up to me and scratches my head lightly. In a soft hushed whisper she says to me "Have a good nap."

I turn my head away and close my eyes as she walks away.

Later that day I'm picked up and hugged. I say nothing, as I am sleepy.

After she putts me down and continues onto something she is working on I turn to my other side and fall back to sleep.

The time goes by and I get up and jump off the sofa. I sit at a door waiting.

The door opens and I run. The green grass blades and tall brown barked tress with blooming green leaves quietly sway with the soft gentle wind as the sun warms everything in its path. I run and chase a furry brown squirrel but it escaped. Later I found a chubby little chipmunk and this time it did not get away. I played with it waiting for the moment for it to stop moving. Before that could happened she ran up and grabbed me. She sat me down on a sofa in the house and ran off out side. I sat unhappily waiting for the opportunity. Once it came I ran out that door as fast as I could and looked for my prey. I stayed out looking until the sky turned black. I sat on a cold dark wooden porch until the door opened. I walked in voicing my displeasure and then found a spot to curl up in and listened to the noises around me.

End… yeah this was just a random thing I made… enjoy… and review what you think This POV is of.