If you are not aware this is a improved version of this chapter! I will be doing this with all chapters so please bare with me! :) and if you are new to this story, chances are that you are welcome and I hope the new version doesn't suck that much either! And I would just like to say the main character isn't based off me, but some of the other characters may resemble my friends personality wise ;) but you won't know hahah!

I ran through the woods trying to lose whoever or whatever was chasing me, I looked behind me to try see my friends but they were gone. I couldn't stop though, it would get me. I carried on running into the darkness, trying to avoid branches as I ran, but one tree root made my life flash before my eyes. The last thing I remember was seeing the dark shadow lunge at me..

"Allison, wake up you're going to be late!" I shot straight up, panting as I felt a drop of sweat roll down the side of my head. I've had this same dream for the past week, only this was the closest the dark shadow got to me. "Ally, did you not hear me? You're going to be late, come on you don't want to miss your last day of high school now do you?" My mother opened my curtains and let in a ray of sunshine almost, blidning me.

"Yeah okay I'm up!" I slowly got up out of my bed covering my eyes from the bright light that my room was now engulfed in. Like my mother said, it's my last ever day of high school! I didn't want to miss it.

With it being the last day, all the year 11's got to wear their own clothes rather than the nasty school uniform, grey skirt, white shirt, black blazer and dark red tie. I start my morning the same I do any other, going to the bathroom for a piss. After I finish my buisness I brush my teeth, I look in the mirror and groan, I have natural ash blonde hair, my eyebrows are a light brown colour though! It reaches the middle of my back and it's an absolute pain to look after, I grab a brush of the sink and attempt to un-tangle all the knots, after doing this I wash my face (I feel like some beuty guru from youtube going through my morning routine!) removing all sleep from my green eyes and any left over eye make up! I leave my hair wavey, usually I would straighten it but I'm in a rush! I line my tightline (top eyelid on the inside ;) with black eyeline and then put 3 coats of mascara on! Don't hate I love me some mascara, I then put on a pale powder, I don't usually bother with foundation for school! Finally I apply some Burts Bees mango lip balm and I'm ready to get dressed, after putting a fresh pair of undies on I put on my favourite pair of jeans which are black, my converse, a white t-shirt with a peace sign on and I put on my denim jacket because even though it's summer it's still a little chilly at some points because I live in England and the weather is so bloody unpredictable!

Yes, I should explain that. I live in a little town somewhere in the north of England, not going say where. If you don't know, here we leave school when we are 16 in May for study leave, and if you don't know what that is well.. I feel for you bro.

I live with my mum, yes she is a single mum and has raised me all by herself! Her name is Elizabeth, yes a very english name and no she isn't the queen. My mum is only 33, so yeah she was young when she had me and the guy who helped to create me buggered off when she told him the news. She's a cleaner so money is a little tight, but she does two cleaning jobs, one at night and one in the morning. I think she's super woman really! She has blonde hair as well but a darker shade than me and hazel eyes, she always says I have the same eyes as my dad and I think she hates that.. She looks older than 33, she has bags under her eyes from all the sleep she doesn't get and her hair is already got gret streaks!

"Bye mum!" I shout to her as I make my way through the door, "don't work yourself to death today!" As soon as I leave the house and start walking up my street my phone starts buzzing. "hello?"

"Where are you?" My best friend Lilly shouts down the phone. Lily is a bit smaller than me in height, she's like 5'3 and I'm 5'4 and she's skinner! She has mahongay, curly hair that is just past her shoulders and blue eyes; all he features are quite petite, she's like a little fairy! She's very pretty, sometimes I hate having her as a best friend just because of how pretty she is, that sounds horrible but I don't mean it like that! She's the one who always gets attention from the boys, if you have a pretty best friend you'll know what I'm talking about. I met Lilly when I was 10, she had moved to my primary school and we just became the best of friends!

"Well good morning to you to. I just got out my house I woke up late." I laugh down the phone.

"Well hurry up because the leavers mass starts in like 15 minutes."

"Oh no, I sure as hell don't want to miss that! Mr O'donnel speaking for an hour about life journies is what I've been looking forward to all week!

"I knew you'd forget. Nicole is giving a speech remember, about memories through high school. She's the presenting that powerpoint! Remember when she was going around collecting pictures from everyone in the year! You can't miss it Ally, we promised we'd be there."

"Oh yeah.. Oops, well try to stall for me and save me a seat! I'll try hurry up. Bye!" The fact that I live half an hour away from school doesn't put me in a very good position, walking was out of the question as I'm a lazy arse and plus by time I got there the assembly would be over. My only other option is bus, I don't have enough money to get a taxi! Luckily the bus stop is only at the end of my street.

"Buses have been delayed hunny." A random old lady says to me. "There's been a crash in town near the bus station."

"You're kidding me? Thanks for letting me know!" I smile at the old lady and start walking in the direction of my school. "All this just to get to school, who even am I anymore!" I'm about to give up and head home but then I hear a bike rev down the next street, I look turn towards the sound and I know straight away my lucky has changed! "Caleb!" I shout and run down the street. I've known Caleb since I was 8 years old, with my neighbourhood only being a small one everyone seemed to know each other, I can't remember exactly how we met but we've been good friends ever since! He turned 18 like last week so he's only really like a year or something older than us! He's got dark brown hair that's cut similar to Josh's from Home and Away, look it up if you don't know who that is! His eyes are like a grey colour, he's about 6'foot, he goes gym so he's quite muscley but not too much if you get me! He ride's a black and white dirt bike, it's pretty cool!"You have no reason to be up at this time, what are you doing?" I say as I approach him.

"You know me Al, early riser! If you wake up earlier you get a longer day and get more shit done."

"So what are you going get done now? Seeing as your heading out so early eh?"

"Nothing." He laughs, "I don't have anything to do here so thought I might go for a ride! I'll probably head into my dads bikeshop later help out abit."

"Oh right, cool!"

"Aren't you supposed to be in school?" He looks at me confused.

"Yeah." I drag it out. "But I woke up late and there was a crash near the bus station so that's delaying all the buses..."

"Why haven't you gone back bed then?" He rises his eyebrows questioningly.

"Nicole is giving a speech or something in the leavers assembly and I promised I wouldn't miss it. So do you think that maaybe you could give me a lift?" I look at him with puppy dog eyes.

"What's in it for me?" He smiles widely.

"Knowing that you helped a friend avoid dissapointing another friend!"

"Okay, okay" He laughs, "I'll give you a ride. Hang on I'll go get the other helmet."

"Thank you!" He comes back out with a black helmet, just like the one he had resting on the seat of the bike. I take it off him and put it whilst he does the same.

"Hop on then." I jump on the back and grab hold of the back. The engine starts and he speeds off up the street. It takes us around 20 minutes to get to the school.

"Thanks again!" I smile getting of the bike and taking the helmet off.

"You'll have keep that helmet with you, I have no where to put it." He says as I go to give it him back.

"Oh okay, well I guess I will see you tomorrow when you guys come pick me up for camping!" I smile as I get excited, me, Lilly, Nicole, Caleb, his two friends Matt and Aiden,my other friend Brooke and Lilly's boyfriend Dean are all going camping, it's something we've been organising since last Christmas.

"Have you and Jake made up yet?" Jake was my ex-friend, we broke up last week after going out since the beginning of year 10. It started off good like any relationship but we started arguing loads all the time, mostly about him constantly checking out other girls and about how I apparantly spent to much time with my friends and not enough time with him, when reality I spent every single weekend with him and saw him most days after school oh and he even goes the same school as me. We were that couple that would break up every week but get back together after a day, he always talked me into it but this time I haven't let him. My friends haven't given him a chance!

"No, we're over for good now! I'm so much happier without him!"

"Good. I never liked that guy."

"Caleb you don't like anyone!" I laugh.

"That's because everyones a dickhead." He says seriously but then laughs.

"Bye Caleb!" I wave and walk away.

"See you tomorrow!" I hear and then I hear his bike drive off. I walk in the the front doors of the school and sign in giving the reason I'm late. The woman at reception tells me everyone's already in the hall where the assembly is held and it's about 10 minutes in.

I open the door and everyone turns to look at me, as you do when someone walks in somewhere late. I close the door behind my quietly and look around try find Lilly, I see her sitting at the back with our 2 other friends, Georgia and Amanda. I smile at them as I sit down next to Lilly. The whole thing lasts about 40 minutes, after it's all done we get told we can do what we want untill the bell rings signalling that the day's activities are starting.We go to our usual spot outside, which luckily hasn't been taken over by other people wanting to sit out in the sun.

"Well Ally, I thought you weren't going be there!" Nicole says laughing as she sits down next to me on the grass. Nicole is slightly tanned with black hair, she's 5'5 and has a athletic body, she plays a lot of sport! Her eyes are dark brown, she's half portuguese and half english.

"I wasn't going miss your speech! Lilly would kill me." I wink and laugh.

"Why have you got a bike helmet?" Georgia asks. Georgia has light brown eyes and mousy brown hair.

"Oh Caleb gave me a lift, the buses were delayed."

"Did he now?" Lilly wiggles her eyebrows at me.

"Don't even start that!" I laugh, my friends seem to think that I like Caleb but I don't! Even though he is super good looking, and funny, and nice and... Shit.

"Jake was looking for you this morning." Nicole says.

"He was?" Nicole nods.

"He still thinks you two are going get back together."

"Well guess he's going be dissapointed then isn't he!" The bell rings as I say this. "Okay who knows where we have to go?"

"Here" Lilly says and hands me a piece of paper that has the days schedual on it. We don't have our usual lessons but things like dance, art, drama, creative writing, music, reading sessions, that kind of stuff.

"Well I'm going to dance first! Anyone with me?" Nicole says excitedly.

"Ew, dance. Count me out, I think I'll go to music!" I stand up brushing myself off.

"I'll come with you Ally." Georgia says.

"I'm going to dance with Nicole!" Lilly goes over to stand by her.


"I think I'm going head off to the baking class." She smiles.

"Ok, after the first 2 hours are up shall we all meet up back here for lunch?"

"Yeah!" Everyone agrees and we all head off in different directions.

"So Georgie what have you got planned for summer?" I ask her.

"I'm going to Florida spend 3 weeks with my Grandma and Grandpa. So playing bingo basically!" She laughs putting on false excitement.

"At least you'll get a tan!"

"I suppose!"

"Ally!" I turn around and see Jake coming towards us.

"Oh god... Hey Jake whats up?" I say when he reaches us.

"Can we talk?" He asks rising his eyebrows.

"We are talking!" I smile.

"In private.." He looks at Georgia.

"Oh okay, I get when I'm not wanted! I'll be over here if you want me." Me and Jake move over to some seats and sit down.

"So Jake, what's up?"

"When are you going quit playing this game? Can we just hurry up and get back together!"

"A game? I'm not playing a game Jake, we're done for good!" I say slightly angry.

"But we can't be done! It's us for christ sake Ally.."

"I should have done this a long time ago Jake, you ruined us when you had that little fling with Sarah, and Megan oh and we can't forget Lucy now can we."

"Sarah, Megan and Lucy mean nothing to me. I love you not them." He frowned.

"If you did love me you wouldn't have cheated. Don't try talk to me again Jake.."

"Is this about that Caleb guy?" He says as I stand up.

"What? Jake I just told you what this is about! Caleb has no part in this at all so leave it!" I walk away in the direction that Georgia went it.

"Hey" She looks concerned as I approach her, "Everything okay?"

"Everything is fine, I have a feeling Jake's finally got the picture."

"That's good then! Come one, lets get to music!"

The end of the day finally came around, instead of going into full detail I'll just put it like this, everyone hugged, everyone cried, we hugged again, cried more and then eventually we all went our separate ways. As soon as I get home I go up to my room and start packing, I switch the radio on, turn it up and get started. Half an hour later, I've got clothes all over my bedroom and I'm singing and dancing all over the place.

"I'm walking on sunshine, wooah! I'm walking on sunshine wooah, I'm walking on sunshine wooah and don't it feel good! Hey alright now and don't it-" I turn around after bouncing up and down to see Caleb standing at my bedroom door laughing his head off. "What are you doing here!?" I ask shocked.

"No, no don't stop on my account! Carry on, walk on sunshine!" He carried on laughing.

"Who let you in here?"

"Your mum did." He walks over to my bed and sits down.

"And you just decide to stand at my bedroom door and watch me like some creepy stalker guy?" I say jokingly.

"Hey, your door was open!" He puts his hands up in defense.

"I'll let you off then" I laugh, "What are you doing here anyway?"

"Come to see what time we need be ready for tomorrow?"

"Well Lilly is sleeping here tonight, she should be here soon. And then Dean is going drive here tomorrow about 9:30, then we're going drive over to Brookes house where Nicole will be aswell for about 10:15, then Aiden is meeting us with his truck?"

"Yeah okay, and me and Matt will meet you at that second petrol station on the map about 12:30?"

"Yep! That's right." I smile.

"Ohh Allison I'm here!" We hear Lilly sing as she runs up the stairs, "Do you mind giving me a hand brining my suitcases in... Oh Caleb your here that's perfect! Will you go out grab them off my dad and brother please?"

"Yeah sure." He laughs as he leaves the room.

"Oooh some quality time with Caleb eh?" She winks at me.

"Shut up, it's not like that. He wanted to go over what's happening tomorrow." I laugh.

"Yeah likely story. Hey why didn't you tell me about Jake?" She asks sounding annoyed.

"Georgia told you I'm guessing, there was nothing tell. Things are finally done with him, I was strong and stood up for myself!" I smile.

"Well good! I'm pissed you didn't let me know though."

"I'm sorry, I'll be sure to tell you straight away in future!

"Good you better!" She pushes me and laughs.

"Jesus christ Lilly! How much stuff do you need?" We hear Caleb coming up the stairs slowly.

"Well you don't know what the weather is going to be like!" She defends herself.

"Lily, am I going to even fit any of my stuff in Deans car?" I laugh as Caleb throws the 3 big suitcases on the floor.

"Well we'll just have to squeeze everything in the car as much as we can and then we can just put some things in Aidens truck."

"Okay, it better work!"

"It will don't worry!"

"Well I'm going to head off, it looks like you girls have some sorting to do." Caleb looks at the pile of clothes scattered all over my room.

"Okay, see you tomorrow." I say.

"Bye!" Lilly shouts after him. After he leaves she turns to me, "Right looks like we have some sorting to do! What have you packed so far?"

"The tent, sleeping bag, basically just all the camping stuff I need."

"Let's get sorted then!" She rolls up her sleeves and we get started. A 16 inch pizza, 2 bottles of pepsi, Mcflys Memory lane album and a tub of Ben and Jerries ice cream later, my bags are packed! I have 2 pairs of shorts (denim and white and blue stripy), my red polka dot bikini, a pair of skinny jeans, cropped skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, a cropped grey t-shirt, Tie-front red top, a baggy band t-shirt, a black hoody and a grey hoody and then a pair of converse, a pair of black pumps and a pair of flip flops. Then obviously all the toiletries, a few bobbles and a little bit of makeup and pyjamas!

"We have 5 bags between us... This is going to be difficult!" I laugh as we both fall back on my bed.

"That was more stressfull than packing my bags!" We decided to watch The Notebook and eat chocolate for the rest of the night, and we eventually fell asleep at 1:00 am... "Allison wake up!" Lilly was shaking me and screaming.

"What?" I ask sitting up and rubbing my eyes.

"It's 9:15! Dean is going be here soon."

"Oh shit!" We both jump out of bed, have a quick 5 minuet shower each and get dressed. In the middle of us both doing out hair my mum comes up to tell us that Dean is here. "Tell him come up and start putting the stuff in the car, can you help him please?" I say panicky.

"Okay, are you sure you need everything you packed though?" My mums asks.

"Yes!" We both reply.

"Bloody hell how much stuff did you two pack?" Deans eyes widen as he see's all the bags.

"Quit moaning and start packing!" Lilly tells him. 10:00 am and we're finally ready to leave. "I texted Brooke to tell her we're going be late, it takes at least 25 minutes to get to her house."

"Let's get going!" We jump into Deans car and make our way to Brookes. Lilly was spot on, it took us 25 minutes to get there, they were all outside waiting for us to arrive.

"Finally!" Brooke walks up to us as we get out the car. Brooke had brown hair with blue eyes, she's a slim girl with fantastic curves, she's the tallest one of the girls standing at 5'7.

"These two were taking forever to get ready." Dean says simply.

"Like always then." Nicole laughs.

"Aiden would we be able put some of our bags in your truck? With Dean's car being small all the luggage is weighing it down loads!"

"Yeah that's fine." He says as he walks over to Deans car and starts getting a few of the cases out and taking them over to his truck.

"Right, look's like we're going have to miss the first stop if we want meet Caleb and Matt on time." Dean says.

"Okay, so thats about 2 hours straight in the car?" Nicole moans.

"Yep, let's get going!" Me and Lilly get back in Deans car and Brooke and Nicole climb in Aidens truck. An hour later me and Lilly are squeezing our legs together.

"Babe are you sure there's no time to stop for a pee break?" Lilly asks Dean.

"Nope, you'll just have hold on till we get there, shouldn't be long now.." Another hour and a half we finally pull up to the second petrol station. As soon as the car stops we jump out and race towards the toilets, Brooke and Nicole doing the same thing. We all come out feeling relieved, we see Dean, Aiden, Matt and Landon all standing around the pumps.

"We're done!" Lilly says as we approach them.

"Was pissing all that was on your mind? You completely blanked us" Caleb laughed.

"Girls aren't as capable as holding in pee as well as guys Caleb." I reply.

"So where is it exactly we're going then?" Brooke asks confused as non of the girls have no clue as to where we are going. Aiden pulls out a map and a red marker pen.

"This is where we are right now." He says circleing a little area, "we go up this road, exit here, drive up this motor way, take this exit, go on to this dirt road, drive through here and this is where we are camping!" He draws a big circle on the map.

"There's nothing written down there though?" Nicole looks confused.

"It's a forrest, there's nothing around us but nature!"

"Where are we meant pee and shower then?" Brooke also now looks confused.

"You pee in a bush, we've brough pleanty of bog roll! And there's a river, clean running water."

"Oh my god." Brooke moans.

"There's nothing we can do about it now, lets get everything we're going need here and get going!" I say and everyone agrees, we buy what we need and put everything in Aidens truck.