Hey guys! Long time, no see!

Sorry it's been a while. I'm in the stage where I feel my novel is really progressing, sooo I'm making a big effort, rereading the 70 pages I have written so far countless times, and I have lists sprawled everywhere like crazy writing every idea I have down and trying to come up with new ideas for the plot line!

So thank you guys for being so patient, and I'll try to write and post as often as I can! Life is hard right now (not going to go into grand details), but there's a lot of big decisions that I am having to make right now and it's just not a great time for me to be writing all the time.

The main reason for this A/N though is to let you guys know that I am revising all of the chapters that I have on here, switching some things and adding more to it, so feel free in the mean time to reread what I have on here in its revised form and I hope it doesn't bore you guys to death! Haha ;)

Thank you all for the support and for those of you who are reviewing; it really helps inspire me to continue writing and not to give up on this novel altogether! So please review more often and hang in there, I'll get to ya when I can! 3

All my love,