Sometimes when we're sitting down,

And you forget who we are,

You get this soft feeling

All about you

And your eyes melt and grow all sweet on me

Like you want to wrap me up

And take me home

And I get all shy, not even agreeing


(I don't think I would choose me either)

But still

You've got this little grin

And I keep blushing,

It feels like


Because you're smiling just like you know

Really, knowing


I don't think—

I'd want you seeing me then

Cause I'm vulnerable as a child

Wanting that soft feeling

All about me,

All the time

But I guess

That you're just looking,


You've never

Put me in your pocket

Or asked me to come away (with you)

And so I act blind (like you)



Pretending I don't notice—

The way your eyes

Light up

And dance

And sing songs to me.

Cause I don't want to get lost

In fields and meadows and clouds


You'll only leave me there

Come morning.