I wasn't looking for a jump shot rebound

Score, still I found you

I wasn't looking for anything warm, soft, hot

At night, but I fell in you

And everything you made me want again

Made me hurt and wonder and dream again

And it was nice for a bit

Smiling that soft smile and biting my lip

I started pumping up, primping up, trimming up

Wanting everything right

I tried to tear down all these doubts

Fighting purple

Bruises, all over me for you

I let the pieces fall without

Sweeping the floor

This OCD, lonely girl making an effort to unwind

I didn't want to rush

And fly past lines I've crossed and been buried beneath

I wanted it all to come together

Without seams,

So I waited

Time slipping, sliding, moving

But you never found me in that place

Where everything is


And bright

And my company was never more than cheap grins and

Punch lines, I get sick of

Being the one who makes you laugh.