I zipped at the barrier, in the azure world that surrounds me. I beat at the brown wood, just like I was trained to do so for so many years. Yet the ones around me made their marks with no hesitation. Swift and sure, the struck our target in one blow. Seceded in one shot.

I tried again. Now I got it. Less than perfect, just like usual. I look at the scars left on the barrier, dark and beaten, by my companions had done what I could barely do in one swing—and they did it perfectly, compared to my almost complete pound.

All the years I spent jumping and flipping about in a world made of clear blue glass, smooth and shiny, on the slightly worn crystal-esque floor of brilliant aquamarine. The years I spent training, 10 to be exact, and yet they still top me. Could it be that the pale, powdery shades of blue light filter through and they experience it more? Could those who've practiced more (perhaps two or three times a week) out do a person who's done this for her entire life?

We repeat the steps and I join them in perfection, copying their every move, since if felt unable to do it on my own. That was the way I did it. Move in sync with the one ahead of you. Don't be singled out. Don't let your years fail you, no matter how much they appear to.

Isn't it time that all those years paid off?

So this is a little angst about how I've been dancing all my life (ballet to be 100% accurate) and for some odd reason, I'm only mediocre at it, where as all the other girls are great at it. I guess they just are better because they take three different classes and I only take one type, but I just think it's a tad unfair that a person whose been dancing for two years is better than a person whose been dancing for 10. And I'm not kidding I've been dancing since I was three, and I'm 13. 10 years and all those other dancers are better than me. There are seven year old dance team members in my Jazz class who are better or exceed me. They're half my age! So, moral of the story is, despite the fact of my life-long devotion to dance, people who've only danced a year or two manage to do everything perfectly. Or at least, way better than me.

*sigh* Life sucks so bad in some ways, doesn't it?