Boy, I think I'm in lust with you.

Today, you put your hands on my back and

Your fingers curled a bit, I couldn't help imagining,

Thinking what that would feel like

Just you and me, in a dark room and your breath heavy.

I pressed myself against you, tried to make believe

Then maybe, you could feel what I was silently

Asking, moving my hands down your back

And how I fit my shoulders into your frame, we were

In a public place, wrapped inside some very private thing.

And I know it was we, not just me, I could hear your heart

Pumping faster than it would normally be.

And your hands were almost frantic, catching mine

As though they would change their minds, think clearly,

But we weren't, were we? your hands wrapping mine up

Like you just needed to do it. Quickly.

And there's a certain kind of want disguised in that,

This mutual undoing. We keep a safe distance away

As if the air is not unraveling, but

We've been breaking rules lately.

It's turning us into impulsive thinking fiends, my

Arms outreaching, Come to me. and I couldn't help

Catching you in over and over, wanting that feeling all over

Please. And a heavy lidded grin.

It's like previewing, a taste of what it could feel like

With your shoulders and your hands and your mouth

Right there with me, I can see it so clearly, behind my

Eye and oh you,

I'm just being friendly.